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Full text of "The Peerage of England, Scotland, and Ireland The peerage of England"

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P E L R A G E 


a f 

England, Scotland^ axid Ireland. 

VOi, I. 


J ■ — HB^^— t ^ 

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THE f'EW ^.O: r 



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y///'r >.r////r/ rr//,/, >^>y/ //^ ////// y-^/^/;/ 

Of the Three Kinodoms, 



PtuitecijorWOnen wFUrtStnet, LDavis mlToIhorn 
and J.Dehretf in Pn aidilly. 

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P E E R A G E 

O F 

England^ Scotland/ and Ireland; 

O R, 



K O B I L T r Y. 





Bli, '^-S, MJRRIj^CES, ISSUE: 








V P T. TT M E L 

T. O N D O N; 

PiUiJca forW. O^VEN, i a Flert Street : L.DAVIS, in Ilftlbornj. 
and J. DEBRETT in Piccadilly. 

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The matdrUd alterstions that natufally occufj in a few 
years, in die Peerage of tbcfe kingdoiQs, by Creationsj 
Extmdions, Births, Marriages, Deaths, and other changes, 
ftre fuffident reafons for producmg a correfted publicatioa 
on fo impocunt a fubjed. 

By the Conftitucion of England, the Nobility are (b 
blended with its.Govemment, that their refpeftiye hiftories 
become a general concern; yet the dii&culty of procuring 
the neceflary information, from thofe immediately con- 
ceraed, is feldom to be obtamed* Few, therefore, ' have 
attempted to write on the fubjed. It is evident, however, 
that no kind of flxidy is in higher eftimation, or pur- 
fued with greater eagernefs» 

From the numberlefs omiffions and errors that have 
been diTcovered in publications on this fubjcd, the Editor 
flatters himieit, the following flieets will be acceptable to 
the public; having, by every application in his power, 
endeavoured to obtain thofe materiab which might render 
it valuable. 


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t $ ) 

' He has cmbclliflicd thefe volumes, by prefixing a parti- 
cular hiilory of the iiluflriou^ Houfes, from wlience the 
prefent Royal Family of thefe realms derives its defcent ; 
the arms of the Nobility are deiigned and engraved in an 
improved ftilc ; and frontifpieces are annexed of his Ma- 
jelly, die Prince of Wales, and the Duke of York, by 
very eminent arciih. 

The Editor, for feveral years, has amufed himfelf Avkh 
difquifitions of this kindj though not originally with any 
defign of laying the refuk of his ftudy before the pubUc^ 
but on remarking die deficiencies md\ wliich publications 
on the prefent fubjed abound ; he prefumed to xyfftr a 
more comprehenfive account of the Nobility of the 
tliicc Kingdoms than any that has hitherto appeared. 
At the fame time it muft be allowed that in works of 
this kind, omiiiions and inaccuracies will unavoidably hap- 
pen, which the greatefl: attention cannot prevent* He 
hopes, however, that a general accuracy will atone for an 
-"•'•idental deficiency. 

0 9 TBI 




THE Antiq\nty, Dignity, nnd Importance of tlie ilhiArioQS 
Houic ot Hruiilwic have occalioned fuch extraordinary care 
to tr.iiifmit their nnnils to poilerity, and liave employed the pens 
ot iu jnanv ingcaious writers, in various languages and diti-erent 
parts of Eurf)pc, that we are therchy cnahled to trace it up to a 
very early pcnod with the greateil certainty. 

In tracing the origin of this ancient houie, it will be ncccflary 
to treat diiUndily of the lines of Witckind the Great, the 
Guelphs, Efle, and Billung, all of which, with their tmmenre 
poiTcHions^ became united in Henry iurnumed the Lion. 


which is the male-line, derives its origin from the Acflii, n noble 
Roman family in the time of Tarquinius Prifcus, who became 
king of the Romans 613 years before Chrift. 

This fiaimily retiring from Rome during the time of its repub- 
lican gOTernment, fettled themfclves at £fle, an ancient city in 
that part of Italy, which is now called the Venetian Lombard^, 
and from thence received the name of the Houfe of EHe* Their 
retirement is^ without doubt, the reafon that we have no fattf- 
fadorr account of them before the year of Chrift, 390, at which 
time Catus A£tius refided in the Caftle of £fte; he left a fon of 
the fame name, who rendered himfelf famous in the wars which 
the Emperor Honortus carried on againft the Wifi-Goths, who 
invaded ItHly in the beginning of the fifth century; his valour in 
the battle fought near Verona, procured htm the titles of Qua** 
tttor, Vir, Decario,.and Senator of Rome, and he became Prlnco 
of Efte in A. D« 402. At his death in the year 410, he left 
three fdns and one daughter, Flavins Adius, Caius Xillus, and 
AorelttM Adins, the two former died without iffiie^ as did aUb 
the daughter called Luxonia* ' 

Vql« I« Aurdius 

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Aurclius Aclius, the youngcfl fon, furvived and fucceeded h'\i 
father in the Lordfliip of Efte, but died in 4.18, leaving iffue by 
his wife Norca, three fons, Lucius, 'J ibcriusj and h oreftus; they 
acquired MonlclicOy Vicetiza, and Ir eltri ; alio buiic the city of 

Lucius declined taking any part ot the government at his fa- 
ther's death, upon whicli Tiberius Tuccccded thereto, and married 
Jucunda, daughter ot'Lavinius, and lil'tcr to Valerius RhutL-nus, 
by whom lie liad two ions, Marvcllus and Alphorius. l iherius 
died in 428, and uas ruccecdcdby his brother Forcllus, who was 
Prince of Efte and Adria. This unnatural luccclhon ot tlie un- 
cle in preividice to the fonsof the deceaftd Lord, occafioncdgrcat 
domcitiv: lcud;>, Icit i orcilu:* ihoul l fettle th.c Loidiliip uf^on his 
fon Acharinus, in fucii a manner as to prcvei\t the honours 
of the family reverting to the lawful heirs. But to reftorc 
that peace and harmony which had fo gicatly conduced to 
the a^t^iandilement of the family, 1 oreftus made fuch a partition 
of his lands in reverfion, as might not only accommodate all 
difierences for the prcfenty but prevent any difputes which might 
arife upon his deceafe* 

Foreilus overcame Attila, King of the HunS) in three hattle% 
but was mortally wounded in defending the city of Aquileia 
again him in 452, and died, in the year following. The dtvifion 
of the lands now took place to the fatisfadiion of all parties, and^ 
MarvelluSy eldeft fon of Tiberius, was Lord of Verenza, but 
, died A. D« 457, without iiTue, 

Alphorifius, fecond fon of Tiberius, was Lord of Feltri, and 
left three fons, Maximus who continued the race, and of whom 
hereafter, Sabinus who was governor in lUyria, and died A. -D* 
5 1 8, unmarried, and Tiberius who died without iiTue. 

Acharinus, the fon of Foreftus, by the fame partition, was 
made Lord of £ile and Monfelico. He firft married Gardena^ 
daughter of the King of Damafcus, whom he prevailed upon to 
embrace Chriftianity, and at her baptifm gave her the name q£ 
Ele6:ra, by whom he had a fon, Azo I* born A. D. 450. His fe- 
cond wife was Amalafuntha, daughter of Dictric, Duke of Fran- 
conia, and hy her he hadafonConilantius, horn A«D*'459. 

About this time Odoacer, King of the Heruli, attempted the 
conrjucll: of Efteand the other territories in the poiTefiion of that 
houfe, but wasoppofed hy Alphorifius and Acharinus with thd 
greateft intrei idity, and after feveral fkirmiihesa general en- 
gagement enfued near Lodi, in which Odoacer prevailed by a 
Uiperiority of numbeis, and the gallant defenders of their coun^ 
try both fell in the field of battle A. ]X 478. 

In confequence of this vI£lory, Odoacer foon became maftcr 
of all Italy, and driving Azo I. the fon of Acharinu?, from 
his inheritance, fcized upon the lands that ha4 b^n thA P^()^ 
,perty of the deceal'ed Lords* . « > 

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Azo I. retreated to the conrt of Theodo, King of Bavaria^ 

whofc daughter he afterwards married, but died without iffiic, 
A. D. 538, li.iving returiud to Eflc in 504. Conltantius, hnlf 
brother to Azo, was flain in battle by an oliiccr in the Icrvice ot 
"l iieodoric, King of Italy, in 538, a ftiort time before tlic death of 
Azo, He had been married to Autheiia, tiie daughter of a Go- 
thic Prince, hv whom he had a lon> BaHlius^ who dicfi ^64, and 
was the iaii 01 that line. 

Odoacer, King of the Mcriill, mentioned above, having wholly 
aboli filed the wellern Empire, aiul crccftcd thofe territories which 
arc eoniprifed under the general nuine of Italy, into a kingdom, 
was proclaimed the iirll King thereof, but was Hum in 402, by 
Thcodoric, who was employed by the Emperor of the Eau, and 
who became the fecoad King of Italy. 

Maximus, the fen of Alphoriiius f of whom we promifed to 
ipeak) taking advantage of the coofuuoo that enfuoi upon the 
above revolution, recovered the lands and honours to which he 
was the lawful heir A* D* 49^^ and died A. D. 538, legving iflue, 
Boni£ictus an'l Scverianus, the latter of which died unmarried* 

fionifaetus fucceeded his father in Efte^ and was flain in battle 
aeainfl the Goths, in 556* By his wife Eliza, he had one fon^ 
Valerianus of Efte, Lord of P'eltri, who by his wife Conftantla^ 
was father of two fons, Aldoardus and Gundclard, 

Valerianus wa- greatly difturbed after his accelli on to the prin- 
cipality, by the incurfions of the Longobards, and gained fcveral 
vidlories over them, but in a general engagement in 59O, he loll 
his life with a handful of intiepid troops defending his country, 
although defertcd by the i' ranks on the firft charge, on whofe 
affiftance he had built his hopes of fucccfs. 

Aldoardjs, his cldrfl fon, fucceeded him, and was Ircquently 
attacked by the Longobard^;, who endeavoured to delj)()il him of 
his dominioris, but when they found tlie brave defence which he 
made, ceafed to molefl him. He married the daughter of Sigel- 
hilf, coniVddc of Ti iaul, but died w ithout iliuc A. O. 638. 

^ nmdehirdus, brother, fucceeded him, and after\vards ac- 
cepted the Stadtholderihip of his kingdom, and had ahnoit a lii- 
premc authoritv. 1 Ic dird in 682, leaving two Ions, Aldoaidus, 
wliofe great-grandi'on /T ll.ardus was the Uil ol hislinei andHe- 
fihertus who cout.iiucd the tamily. 

Heribertus, youngeil fon of Gundelardus, was remarkable for 
a pious and exemplary life, he died in 694, and was fucceeded by^ 
his fon Erneft, who overcame the Longobards in fcveral battlcs^i' 
but was at laft flain by an arrow from their camp in 752, when 
they had befieged the city of Ravenna for near three years, 
whereby the Longobards entered upon the po^leffion of what . 
they had long toiled for. Upon theconqueA of this city endect 
the ^xmhate of the Greeks, which had laAed iSc years* 

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Henry I. fon of Erneft, was made Prince of Trcvifo, hf 
Charles the Great, King of the Franks, afterwards made Em* 
pcror, who alio erc6lcd the principality of Eftc into a Mnrggra- 
viate, in favour of Henry, from which time this family was ho- 
noured ^'''ith the title of Marggr.ivc>. 11c affillcd the Emperor 
in lubfluiTi^j; Dc lid' rius, the lait King oi the Longobards, and loll 
his lite in a tunuilt at 1 revilo. A, D. 780, Icr^ving illVie by his 
V. itc At-llia, a daughter, Martia, married to Ubeiorio Anteaoiio^ 
Doge uf Venice, and one (on, 

Bcr( n<:f:iriiis, who luccccded his father as Marggrave, but rc- 
fidcd chi'.tly in the court ot the Emperor Lewis, rurnamcd tlie 
Debonnair, He died at Parrs A. L). B40, leaving tdMce ions, 
I. Abaidus, who had no male ilTue; 2. Hunibald, wiiu became 
Marggrave of Camcnno and Spolctto, who died in 849, leaving 
iflue Godfrey, who had an only Ton, Adclongus, who died in 91 1> 
Vrithout iflue; and, 3, Otto T. Prince ot'Ellc, of that name. 

Otto I. was pat in poflTeflion of the city and Lordlhip of Com- 
inacio, by the Emperor Lewis, in conlideration of the fervicc 
donebv his father and himfplf. He died A. D. 898, having had 
ifTuc by liis wifeLada, daughter of Caladoccus, Conllablc ot Tri- 
aul, five fons. 

Sigfrid, tlic vcungofl: fon, was the continuator of tlic family, 
the ilTue of:".!! hs brothers hi inn loon extindf. He was Lord of 
I^ucpa and l^inna, and died m 9^4, bcuig iucccedcd bv lii.^ Inn, 
Azo 1 1. Marggrave of jNIilaa and Genoa, and Lord of PLiccntia 
and Reggio, alfo Imperial Vicar and Stadtholder in Italy ; after 
xnany warlike exploits, wherein he was generally vitSlorious, he 
died A. D. 970, leaving by his wife Hildcgarda, four ions, two 
of which died young. 

Theobald I. and Albert II. the other fons of Azo II. fucceeded 
their father9 and agreed upon a divt£on of his vaft poilcffions; 
MrelQiall fpeak of thefe two Princes diilin£tly. 

Theobald I* had a daughter Mary, married to her eonfiii 
Hugo III* fon of her nocle Albert, and three fons» of whom, 
the yonngeft named 6onifacius» fucceeded at his Other's death in 
1007) to thofe pofleflions which were appropriated to the elder 
'branch upon the above-mentioned divifion, made after the death 
of Af.o II. He firft married Richelda, daughter of Gifclberty 
Imperial Stadtholder at Verona, by whom li^ had no iflue; fe-^ 
condly, Beatrix, daughter of the £mperor Conrad 1I« whereby 
he acquired Verona, and the o&e of Imperial- Vicar in Italy. 
Conrad II. was fucceeded in. the Empire by Henry III. whofe 
enemies i^ere determined to free themfeWes from fuch an invin* 
cible obje6fc to their proceedings as was fionifacius^ and accord- 
indy in 1052, put a period to his life by a poifoned arrow* Ho 
IcU a daughter, Mathildis, folc hcircfs to a great part of Italy. 
She firft married Godfrey Gibbofnsi Duke of Nether i«orraia». 


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And SpolettO) v/ho died X076; decoMff Azo, grandfoo of Hugp 
HL; tHirdlYy Welpho VL from both of whom (ke was divorced* 
Albert II. the youogeft fon of Azo IL and brother of llieo- 
l>ald, mairied Adelheidj widow of Hugo, Count of Paris, and 
lifter to the Emperor Otbo IL by which^ and the fervim'bs 
rendered his Imperial brother-in4aw9' he obtained ten caftles Uk 
Lombardy, and became Count of Frybourg in Germany, 
died A. D. 995, and was fuoceeded by his only fttrvivii\g foo^ 

UugoIlL Marggrave of Eile^ Milan, Genoa, Tufcany, toil 
Stadtholder in Italy, who married (as before obferved) Mary^ 
daughter of his uncle Theobald. He oppofed the acceH^a of 
Uemy of fiavaria to the Im^pfirial throne^ on whofe exaltatifMt 
afterwards, by the force of arms, he was <^ligbd with his three 
Ions, to abdicate Efle, and ded tOAVoid the rage of the conqueror^ 
who purfued and made them captives; hut iiiAead of Hicri^ctng 
them to his refentment, hereinftated Hugo in his pofFeffions, and 
afrfeih conftitutcd him the Imperial Vicar in Italy. The fona 
werealfo fet at liberty, and received marks of the Emperor's fii« 
voon This quarrel originated by Henry's threatening the ex* 
tirpation of the Houfe q£ £fte, common policy, tlttrefodPe^ dt-* 
re^ed Hugo to prevent his accelTion to fuch pow^r as might CO- * 
able htm to fulfill thofc threats, which it was more than proba* 
ble'were carncilly intended, as there fubfifted an animofity be- 
tween their fatiiers, which the implacability of each rendered un- 
conquerable, but the Emperor's lenity changed Hugo from an 
inveterate foe to the finneftof friends. Hugo died A. D, 1014, 
ten years before the Emperor, by whom his death was greatly 

The three fons of Hugo wcrn, i. Obizzo, who ditd in 1046, 
w ithout ifTue; 2. Adelbrandinus, wlmfe only fon A70 was fecond 
huOirmd to Mathildis, tlie heirefs of the el Jt- r branch or the houfe ^ 
ofEfTc, hut the Pope difannullcd this marriage on account of 
their near rchuionihip ; 3. Azo III. called the Great, who, not- 
withftand'ng the fenioriiy of his brothers, became Marggrave of 
Efte. He married Cnnigunda, daughter and heirefs of Cjuclpho 
nr. Duke of Lower }?avaria, and Count of W cintgarden. Wt 
lhaii tkerciore proceed to ihew the antiquity and defcent of, 


which is derived from the Scythians, -who beini^^ driven by tht 
Goths from their fettlemcnt at tlie mouth of tiie Oanube, firft 
ered^ed a kingdom upon the borders of Germany, near the Ger- 
man fea. Upon their firft arrival they were called Newmaerae 
(or New Kindred), afterwards thcv went under tnc denomina- 
tion of Sicambn, and iaftiy of 1^ ranks or I ranconians. 

Maicomir, the firft King of the Sicambri, took poflc-flion of 
that country now caikd \v cil 1 neiiuiiJ^ Uuciuici, »uid ilolkiud, 

b 3 A. M. 


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« T H E P R E S £ N T 

A» M. 3573; he was anceflor to Fharamoii) Duke of Eaft 
Friefland, who married Argotta^ daughter and heirefs of Gene«' 
' bald, and grand»daughter of Marcomir V« the laft King of the 
Franconians; and died A* D. 430, being fucceeded bv his fon 
-Clodio> whodeceafed A, D« 445, leaving two fons, Merovseii8> 
anceftor to that race of monarch s who were ftiled the Merovin- 
gian Kings of France; and Albero or Adelbertus, Duke of Mo- 
bile; who died A. D. 491, and was fucceeded by his fon Van- 
bertus, who died in 528. Anibertus^his only fon, dying in 570f 
left a fon, Arnoldus, Mar^grave on the Schclde (from whom 
the Carlovingian Kings of !• ranee were ilciccndctl,) and a daugh- 
ter, ^Gcrtruda, married to Richemcrs, Duke of Franconia, by 
whom flie had a daughter, Gerber^a, who married Ega, Major 
Domus to Dagobcrt I. King of trance, their ifluc was a fott 
Erkembaidus, who died in 66 1* His fon LendUlus died 680^ 
leaving one fon Ethicus, furnamed Adelricus, who had the du- 
chy of AlfcUia, in which he was fucceeded A. D« 720, by his 
eldefl fon Adeibertus, and by hisgrandfon Eberhardus, in 741* 

Alfatia afterwards pafTedto thepofterity of Hetto, the younged 
ibn of Ethicus; and Warlnus, fon of Ebcrhardus, retired to 
Swahia, where he acquired the Lordfliip of AltorfFt now called 
Wcingarten, and from thciice was called Lord or Count of Al- 

Warinusdied in 780. His fon Tfcmbarr, married Irmintrudis, 
fifler-in-hiw to tlic Emperor ClT ^rlo'^tlu' (ircat, and had by her 
Guelpli I. from wliom his dcfccndants wcrr railed Cnielphs. 

Giiclph I. married v. Saxon lady, named Hedwig, by wliora hc 
had three Ions, and as many daui^hters, and died A. ] ). 820. 

Ethico, the cldcft fon, inht rited tlic countries of Altorffr nnd 
"Rnvenfbv.rt; as a foverelgn, hut at Icuvlh retreated to a convent, 
wluT'j lu tinifhed his days. He married Judith, daughter of 
Ethclwolf, King of England, by^vhnm Ire had two Tons, Hctm t 
1. and Bardo, flain hy the Normans in 8S0, alfo a daughter, wiio 
married Lewis the voiinger, King of Franconia, 

Henrv T. fucceeded his father, and was furnamed with the- 
<3olden Ciiarior, and by the gift of his bror'ircr- in-law, Lewis, 
became Duke of Lower Bavaria. By his wife Orian, Counted 
of Flanders, he had his fon and fucccelFor, 

Henry IL who died 030, having been married to Hatta, 
Countefs of Howcnu art, by whom hc )iad three fons, Rudolph, 
ills fuccefTor; Conr.ul, Bifhop of Conll uicc fiom (y^.;. to 975, 
and who was canonized bv ro})c ]niu)ccnt 11. in 1142^ aiid 
Ethico, Patriai( li lo a noble iami ly lUvSwcden. 

RLidulj>h L iuccccJcvi his fathiT, and died 940, leaving iflue 
by his wife Seclnirgis, ]3)uc{ie(^ of Swabia, an only daughter, 
married to Arnolph, nominal Duke of Upper Bavaria; their 
i^uc >vds Guelph II. CquiU oi AlLuiilt auJ Kavcafburgh, and 
» Duke 

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Duke of Lower Bavaria* He died in 98o> and was fucceeded hj 

hi^ ion Rudoljih 11. 

Guelph ill. fucceeded his father Rudolph 11. and married Ir- 
mengardis, filler to Cunegunda, wife of the Kmperor Henry II. 
by whom he had Guelph i V. who died about 1055, without iHlie ; 
and a d uighter, Cuniguiida, heiref: of Bavaria, and of the 
Gueljihic State;; flic married Azo (as before mentioned) 
Marggravc of i lk, whereby the blood 01 the Guclphifh line and 
that of the houic oi £lle were united in tiieu fon, 

Ciuclpli V. who began Lo reign as iirll: Duke of Upper and 
Lower Bavai ia, imiued lately upon the death of his father A. D» 
1097. He had thrie wives, firll, Ethelina, daughter of Otto, 
Duke of Saxony on liic Wcfer; lecondly, Judith, dai: ;litcr of 
Baldwin V. Count oi 1 landers, and lifter-in-law to VV lUiam 
the Cunqueroi ; thirdiy, 7\gnes, widow to the Enijicror Henry 
III. ill IC96, he enf'oged in the firft Crufade then entered into, 
for the recovery ol the Holy Land out of the hands of the lurks, 
and died in his return at Paphos; in the ifland of Cyprus, A. D. 
iioi, leaving two Ions by his fecond wife; alio a daughter, 
Adelheid, rnaj i ieJ aiii to ISighard, Burgravc of Rcgenfpuxgi fc- 
condly to Conrad, Marggrave of Landfberg. 

Guelph VI. his eldeli fon, fucceeded as Duke of Bavaria, nnd 
died in 1119. He nuuiied Matfiildis, the heirefs of the cKler 
branch of the houfe of Kile, from whom he was in a fliort liine 
divorced, as is before obferved, therefore having no iiFuc, the 
Dukedom of Bavaria devolved upon his brother, 

Henry III. furnamed Niger, who married Wulphildis, heirefs 
of Saxony, of the Biliung line. By this match he was entitled IQ 
the duchy of Saxony,' and aiTumed the title of Duke upon the 
death of his father-in-law Henry Magnus, the laft Dnke of the 
race of Biliung; but the Emperor Henry V* ftited upon the 
duchy as he had before done of the other eflates of MathildiSj^ 
yet it at length reverted to the fiunily, as will be leen» This 
rrince had, befides the Duchy of fiavaria, that of Spoleto, and 
the Marg;;;raviate ofTufcia, together with the principality of 
Sardinia* He died about 1 1 25, having had a numerous iilue« 

Henry IV* called Superbus, was his eldeft fon, and fucceeded 
him in the Duchy of Bavaria; by marrying Gcrtrudis, daughter 
of the Emperor Lotharius, fon to the Emperor Henry V. he had 
the duchy of Saxony reftored to him* He afterwards acquired 
the duchy of Brawnfweig (now Brunfwic) and the county of 
Korthdm, and by the Emperor's favour was inveftcd with the 
Marggraviate ofTufcia, and the other vaft pofleflions of Ma-* 
thtldis, the wife of Guelph, before mentioned. He was alfo de- 
iigned by his father-in-law Lotharius, as his fucceiTor in the 
eroptret infure which, he fent him at his death, A. D* 1137^ 
the Stown, fcepter, fword, nnd other inf.gnia of the empire. 
This precaution^ however, did not fucceed, for Conrad being 

b 4 crown^ 

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crowned Emperor by tlie Pope's legate, and Henry not only ff- 
turncdtlic inlignia, but was required to rclinquifh Nuremberg and 
fevcral tLT: 1 lories in Itnlv. The l.tripcrc^r alio declared it con-* 
trary to tiic conflitiuioii nt the Empire, tliat two duchies Ihould 
be bcid by one Prince, tlierctorc coimniuided Henry, who \va5 
poff fied of Bavaria and Saxony, to rel[iK|uilli the latter. Henry 
retuhng, was put to the ban of the P^inpirc, and !oft l!avaria by 
the dctuflion^of his own fubjc^ts; yet lie defended Saxony, and 
gave luch a fignal di^teat to the Emperor^s troops, that he re- 
quclted a congrcfs, which being granted, he corrupted one of 
Henry's attendants, and this brave Prince %vas poiloned, 0<5lo- 
• ber 20th, 1139, in the citv of Quedlingbui g, before the negotia- 
tibn had taken pl:xe. He left one fon, Henry Leo, in whofn, 
by the niHiri.ige of Wulfhildis, the line of Billung, and by the 
marriage of Cicrtrudis, tbc line of Witckind licing blended with 
the C'i]( Iphilh and the houfe of Kfte, it will be ncceflary to give 
ibmc account oi the anceilort^ of thofc lieneiFcs. 


HcrmannusBilhing, the fon of BiHung, of Stubcckcniom, a 
perfon of great eminence in Lunenburg, was created Duke of 
Saxony on the Elbe, A. D. 960, by the Emperor Otto L in 
Teward of tbc fignai fervices he had rendered the Emperor, He 
married Hildcgirdis of Weflerburg, by whom he had two fons 
and two daugfiters, and dying A. D. 973, was fuccecded by his 
cldeft fon Bcnno or Bernhard L who died A. D. lOii; when hi> 
eldeft foa Bernhard IL became Duke, he married Bertrada, 
daughter of Harold IL King of Norway, and died in 1062. Or- 
diilph, his eldcfl: fon, fuccecded to the Duchy, and died 1074. 
By his iiril wife Ciifebi, daughter of Olaus, King of Norway, he 
had one fon, Magnus, \vlio fuccceded his father in 1074, and dy- 
ing in 1 106, was the lal^ Duke of tlie Saxons of this race. By 
his fccond w iff, Sophia, daughter ot Gcy»a IL King of Hungai y, 
he had a d;uightcr, Wulfhildis, fole heirefs to thcdnke loni of 
Sax'ony, who wns married to Henry IL iunuuicd Leo, Duke 
Ol Bavaria as bciuic mLUtiuucd* 

The line or \\,ITEKIND the GREAT* 

» The ancient Saxons being more accu Homed to perform great 

actions than to record them in writing, has caufed great obfcurity 
in their hiflory, yet it is generally agreed, that the wlioie Saxon 
nation was governed by twelve Chieftains wlio were cliofen every 
year. Thefc cle6^ixl one from among themlclvcs wlio became 
tlicir chief judge, but had no further authority. When tliey had 
irairs^wiiich were faiixiiiaf to tlicmj, they chofc a Kiii^ who re- 

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Miitd fiich a»>tdiig as the war comiAudi, Imt wai aUiged t» 
reiign his prerogatiTe at its expiration. 

Witekind the Great was the \zAcle6ted King of the Saicons| 
in wiioie time Charles the Great, King of France, Italy, amlGer* 
manj, and at laft Emperor, rckMlved in the diet of VV orms, in 
772, to have a continual war againft the Saxons till they em« 
braced the ChriAtan religion. In 7^2, Witekind heing 4tC^ 
foSk£kd, o« frrdtpart of his territories, was conilratned to retir* 
from hit country, whereupon Charles the Great ma4e on oath, to - 
kill witiurat niaxy every Saxon that Oiould be takea, unlels ail 
the relations and particular friends of Witekind were Immediatelff 
delivered up to him. 1'he Saxons accordingly fent 4500 of 
their chief men, all of whom Charles the Great beheaded at Ver- 
dcn, and tranfpQrtcil fcveral thoiMnnds of the common fort to Hun- 
gary and 'I'ranlyivania, in order to dili/erfe this warlike people. 

Witekind, with th- al!ijliincc of the Danes, ventured another 
hattle the follow uil; year 783, hut v.'as totally overthrown, and 
with diftculty iaved his own pcrlon; this was the \a.i\ of fc^en- 
tccn battles W itekind fought againil Charles the Great, and mo- 
derate propofals were afterwards made, which Witekind accepted, 
and was baptifed with his whole family by Luiio, Bifhop of May- 
cnce, in the year 785. Charles the Great gave to him the du- 
chy of Angria in fitf, alfo created him Duke of Saxony, but 
obliged hmi to relinquilh the title of King. Witekind, in his old 
age, made war againl^ the Siievi or Siiabians, but being unable to 
bear the fatigues of war, wasiuliocat<,d in his armour by the great 
heat, and was buried at Angria in \\ eltj)!ialin, A. D, 807. He 
had two wives, the firll was Cicva, daughter of Siifrid, K'n^rr of 
Denmark, by wiiorn he had W ighert, his lucceflbr, and a daugh- 
ter, Hafala, wife of ik ruuitis, Lord of Belleniled; the fecund was 
Suatana, daughter of Zechius, a Prince in iiohemia, by whom ho 
had Witekind ii. ancellor to the Counts of Wcthin. 

Wighcrt, his eldell fnn, fucceetlcd hini as fccond Duke of 
Saxony, and iii.irried Sindacilla, thr dauglitcr of Rabod, Duke of 
!• rilo, by whoni he had two fons, Ui uno and Walbcrtu8, 

Bruno L at his fathcf<> death, in 825, becaujc tliird Duke of 
Saxony ; he reigned eighteen years, and was fucceeded I)y liis ion, 

Ludolph, who enlarged hie dominions, and in a great meafurc 
repoITeiTcd himielfof that indcpcndetice the Franks had defpoiled 
liis forefathers of, and was created (by the Emperor Lotharius) 
Great Duke of Saxony, ftmno II* eldeft fon of Ludolph, built 
the city of Brunfwk in the y«ar 86 1* Daneward, the fecond 
ton, eroded a caflletn that citv, which retains the name of Dane* 
wetdemb, and the youn^eft fan Otho^ fornamedthe Great, 
was In ^cb hi^ efteem with the Prince of Gennany, that after 
the death of Lewi* I V« the laft Emperor of thcCarlbvingtan lhie» 
they ele6ted bim Emferor in 9 1 2, but he refuled this dignity on 



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account of his advanced age^ and iccommctidcd Conrad L Dukd 
of Franconia, who was accordingly elected Lmperor. 

Otho died in 916, leaving iflue by his wife Luidgardis, daugh- 
ter of the Emperor Arnolf, a Ion, Henry, furnamed the Fowler, 
whoy on the death of Conrad, was by the Princes of the Empire 
ckc'cd Emperor in 919, He deiivered Germany from the op- 
prcil.oii of the Hunni, to whom it had been tributary from the 
icign of the Emperor Lewis IV. ajul to iecurc the Empire againA 
• foreign mvaders, he appointed IVIarggravcs or Ciovci iiors in its 
frontier towns. It is this Emperor alio to whom Cjcrniai\y owes 
its great number of cities, for bv Iiiscare many places were walled 
ill and fortified, both for their cleiciicc and the iecurity of com- 
jnerce; and that ' lie nobility might be inured to the exercilc ot 
;\rins in the time ui peace, he, in 93^, inlliiurctl tournaments, 
where evci y one gloried in ins aJdrcls, ana w h:ch, from 
that time, were held in Cjermanv for leveral ages vsilli great fo- 
leinnity. Alter a glorious reign, he died July 2, A. D. 936, aged 
69, of an apoplexy, and was buried at Quedlingburg; having been 
twice married, hrlt, to Hatburgis, the daughter of Erwin, Count 
pf Merfeburg, by whom he had one fon, l ancwardus, who was 
declared illegitimate, and the marriage diflblved on account of 
Hatburgis having been a Nun. His fecond wife Mathildis^ 
dayghter of Dietribus or Thcodoric, Count of Ringetheim and 
Oldenburg, was alfo divorced after {he had borne him the follow- 
ing children.* i» Otho the Great, who fucceeded to the Saxon 
dominions, was ele^ed Eniperor A* D* 936, and died 973; 2» 
Greberga, firil married to Gifelbert> Duke of Lorrain ; fecondly 
to Lewis IV* King of France, and died in 984; 3. Bruno» who 
died Bifliop of Cologn in 965; 4. Mechtild, abbeisof Quedling- 
berg; 5. Rixa, married to Arnulph II. Duke of Bavaria; 6* Hed- 
wig; 7. Henry, Duke of Bavaria; and 8* Adelheid, wife of Hugo 
the Great, Count of Parish 

Henry, juft mentioned, married Judith, daughter of Amolpfa, 
Duke of Bavaria, and was inveded with that duchy by his bro- 
ther the Emperor Otho, upon the demife of Berthold, brother to 
Judith. He had iffue, three fons, i. Henry Rlxofus or the 
Quarrellbmc, who fucceeded his father as Duke of Bavaria in 955, 
was expelled A. D» 975, reftored in 985, and died in 995; 2. 
Bruno, Marggrave of Saxony; Herman, Count of Northeim, in 
Hanover; and three daughters, i. Luitgard, wife of Hurchard 11. 
a Duke of Suabia; 2, Gerberga, Abhefs of Granderfheim; 3. 
Adelheid^ wife of Burchard, Count of Geifenhaufen. 

Herman, Count of Northeim, third fon of Henry, Duke of 
Bavaria, was called Duke of Saxony on the Wefcr, father of Sig» 
frid L who was fucceeded by his fon Sigfred II. Count of Nor- 
theim and Gottingen, father of Otho, Duke of Saxony on the 
VVeferi and Duke of Bavaria iirom lol^z to IQJO, he was flain 

A. D. 

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A* D* 10S3; learing iflue bj his wife Cuniza of Bavaria, four 
ions and thrt^ daughters, and was iucceeded by his eldfift ion, 

Henry Pinguis, who reigned Duke of Saxony eighteen years^ 
and by Gertraut, daughter of Ecbert I. Marggravc of Saxony, 
aodheirefsof the lands of Brunfwic (defcended in a dircdiline 
horn Bruno I. elder brother of Herman, Count of Northeim be* 
fore mentioned) had iffue, Otho, who died young; Herman, 
Archbiihop of Cologn, who died 1099; Gertraut, wife, firft of 
Henr^ !• Marggravc of Milhia; Iccondly, of Conrad, Eledloc • 
Palatue of the Rhine; and Richcnfa, who inherited the lands of 
Saxony, and was married to the Emperor Lotliariut IL A* D» 
•mjy hy whom ihe had an only daughter, Gertraut, who was 
heir^fsof Saxony, and by her marriage with Henry Superbus, as 
was obferved, the ancient line of Witckind the Great wat 
blended with thole of £1^69 the Guelph<, and «Billung, in the 
pcrfoii of 

Henry Leo, who, at the age of ten years, fucceeded his father 
Henry Superbvis, under the giiardianilui) of his uncle Guelph, 
whole co!^dLii!".t diirijig the minority of his ward was uniformly 
grciic and faithfui, but not attended with luccels equal to his 

Henry, in conjunction with Albert, Marggr.ivn of Branden- 
burg, defe.itrd Xiclotus, Prince of the Vencds (an inveterate per- 
fecutor ot the Chrillians) in levcral engagements, and conip H -d 
him to quit Mecklenburg. He next endeavoured to affcrt hii 
claim to the duchy of Bavaria, for which he was fummoncd to 
appear at a diet in Wartfburg, but refilled to comply therewith, 
and in all jirobability liad not the death of the Emperor Conrad 
put a ftop to the proeeedjngs, Henry would have been a great 
fufFerer. Frederick Barbaroffa, who was of the fame family with 
Henry, and very inuch his friend, was elcifi-.-d Emperor in 1 1 53; 
but his public entry into Rome being dilpuLcci, Henry, who 
made apart of the procellion, frrongly funjiorted the Emperor in 
his endeavours to loice Jus way, and was lo hajijiy as to refcuc 
him from under the feet of the enemy's cavah v. The reward 
of this fignal ferviee was a grant of feveral extraordinary privi* 
leges, and ujion his arrival in (iermany A. I ). 1 156, the Empe- 
ror reinftated him in the dueliv of Bav.iua. Henrv alio ob- 
tained tlic city and county of Hanover on the Lein, alio large 
poflefllons upon the Hartz, 

Henry, firft married Clementia, daughter of Conrad, Duke of 
Zaringen, by M'hom he had a daughter, Rixa or Richcnza, firii: 
married to rrcderic, fon of the Emperor Conrad III. ; fecondly, 

Canute, foQ of Waldemar L King of Denmark. Clementia 
was divorced, an objei5iion being made to their affinity, where^ 
upon Henry married Mathilda, eldeft daughter of Henry lU 
JCing of England, by whom he had ilTue, Maud or Mechild, 
nariied to Hsary Bttrewinj» Prinze of Wendep; Henry the Long, 


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fucceflor; Otho, afterwardt Emperor; William of Wrt* 
chefter, who contintied tfae raoe; and Lti^eruSy -who died A. Dm 

Henry Longus, of ZcUe, theeldeft fon of Henry Leo, wasbbrn 
A* D. Il70y^and fcicoeedccl his father Auguft 6, 1 195, He mar- 
Tied Agnes, daughter of Coorad^ Duke of 8val>ia) and heirefs of 
tlie Palatinate cA' the Rhine>.in fig^t of her mother ElizAbeth^ 
^ughter of Herman, Palatine thereof, and by this marriage be- 
came Palatine hi mfclf^ Agnes died A. D. 1204; and Henry, 
terwards married Agnes, Countefs of Landiherg; by the former 
he had one fon, Henry, who died A. D. 1212, unmarried; and 
by the fecond, two daughters, Ermengardis or Eiiche, married to 
Herman IV. Marggrave of Baden; and Agn^ to Otho the illuf- 
trious Duke of l^av ;ir?a. 

This Pr'ncc, for his attachment to his brother Otho, was put 
to rl;* ban ot the»Empire, yet lie hv^t poiTcffion of his dominions 
tintil his dcith. Hcturvi vcd liis two l>rot]u rs. and by that means 
TC-\iTiit?'d their poflcfiions, which by np;re€inent had been divided, 
and dying; in 1227^ ^^^^ his ciiate between his two daughters 
above mentioned. 

Otto or Otho, the fecond ion of Henry T.eo, in the partition of 
his fnthev's dominions, became poflVtred of Brunfwic, Nortlieim, 
and Cxottingcn ; alio by the favour ot his uncle, Richard!. King 
of Englandj he received Poilon and ( Tuicnne, in France. He was 
elected Emperor in 119S, hut was ohligt-d to reiinquifh that dig- 
nity to Pliilip II. after being twice defeated hy li m in the field J 
however, it was finally agreed hctvve<in them, that Philip fliould 
enjoy the Empire during his life, and to fecure the reverfion to 
Otho, who was to marry Beatrix, the daughter of Philip. In 
confcquence of this agreement, itpon the death of Philip in 1208, 
Otho was crowned Emperor by the Poj>e, who bound him hy 
oath to defend the fee of Rome and its poircflaons; notwithriAad- 
4ng this obligation, he feizcd on many pofTeflflons belonging to 
the fee ot Runie; for this breach ot faith the Pope excited the 
Princes of the Err.})i: e, who at rii.iC Iluic were extrcn-iclv k arfiil 
of the Papalexcommunication, to lland up in detcncc oi religion. 
The united forces of his enemies obliged Otho to abdicate the 
Empire A. D. iii2. He retired to his paternal feat at Hartz- 
burg, but would nercr deliver up the imperial infignia, nor re- 
nounce his claim to the Empire. He died witliont ifTue, May 
15, 12x8, enjoining his brother Henry to deliver the inftgnia 
to the fucceflbr in the Empire^ whom the Ele^ors Ihoulusi^- 

William of Winchefter, fumamed Longafpatha or Longfwori* 
the third fon of Henry Leo» was born in England, in 1 194» 
while his father was in exile; upon the partition of his father*^ 
]»oA, he obtained Lunenburg, with all the pofletidotis Iheil 
■QAtxed to that duch j« He owurned Heko^ 4a«ghttr of Wal« 


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R O Y A L F. A M I L y. l| 

AmtL King of Dentnarky and died June 25^ ili5> being foe* 
cccdcd by bis only fon. 

Otto riier,or tbe Itt&nt, bom 11049 wbo, upon tbe death of 
bis uQck Heary the Long, laidclaim to Brunfwic, allcdging that 
it was not in his uncle's ^^crwctf much Icfs in tliut ot his duugh« 
ttn% to alienate the duchy from their family« Notwith Handing 
the utmofl precaution ot tbe fon of the Emperor Frederick 11. 
Otto took the town hy Aorm, and from that time aflbmed tbe 
titie'of Duke of Branfwic. Pope Gregory IX. having excom* 
miaicated the Emperor Frederick ll.ofiercd to crown Otto Em- . 
peror in tl^ abfence of Frederick, who vvt ? in tbe Holy Landa 
but Otto refufcd this ofier, protefting, that bis opposition to tb* 
Emperor was to no other intent than the recovery of bis own 
right. This difintereftednefs of Otto fo pkafed the Emperor, 
that in a diet held at Mentz, Augu0.2i> 1235, he ere6led his do*- 
minions into a dochy, and Otto became the £ift created Duke 
of Brunfwic and Lunenburgh. He. died June 9, 1252, having 
been married to Mathilda, daughter of Albert IL Eledlor of * 
Brandenburg, by whom he had five fons and five daughters. 

Of the five fons, Albert and lohn divided their father's domi- 
nion<, the former taking Brunfwic and the hitter Lunenburg, 
but they afterwards were rc-united uj>on tlie failure ot ifTuein the 
younger branch; Otto died IJilhop of Fiihlcfheini in 1279; 
^id Conrad, Eiihop of Yerden, id 1303; and Uiric died an 

Albert the Great, the patriarch of the cider branch of the fa- 
mily, fucceeded his father, and reigned feventecn y^ars over 
Brunfwic and Lunenburg, but in 1269, he divided his patrimony 
with liis brother John, as before obferved. He acquired the title 
of Cireat by continual pruuis of his military virtue fuperior to 
moft of his co-tempoi :trir<;. At the age ot lixtecn he, at the head 
of the Bohemians and iirunfwickcrs, gave battle to the Hunga« 
rian army confiiling of 200,000 men (double his number), took 
their Kini^ prifoner, and gave a total overthrow to the whole 
body witli i nch a flaughter as is fcarce to he paralleled^ liillorians 
lay*that little more than 20,000 furvived the engagement, which 
continued for nine days iucceflively witliout intcrmiliiuTf . In 
12^8-, he look the fortrefs of Afieburg after a three years fiege, 
and joined the ciiates of that familv to thofe of the Houfe of 
Erunfwic ; he likcv;ifc reduced to (jhiJicncc the Calkle of VVol- ' 
tenf nttlc, which had afforded protection lo many of thole who 
dulpilcd his authority; in the mean time, Conrad, Count of 
Eberftein, and Gerhard, Archbifhop of Mentz, invaded the coun- 
try of Gottingcn, but Albert coming unexpedledl y in the dead of 
the night epon the leaders of this confederacy, took them pri* 
foners ;md prevented that efFution of hlood which muA have at<» 
- tended a formal engagement. Conrad, who was a vaiTal to AU 
b^ity and as fuchlua taken an oath of allegiance to hitn, was 

fentenccd , 

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14 T I I E P R E N T 

lentenced to be hanged by the feet till he was dead, which 
fcntcnce was accordingly executed (and he is faid to have lived 
five days in thr.t rituaticii) to the great terror of many others who 
were equally inclined to throw off the voke. Cicrhard was im- 
prifoned one year, deprived of Cvcilclwcrder, which was imme- 
diately annexed to the duchy oi Brunlwic> and fined 8000 
inerks of iilver. 

In 1263, Alhcrtmadc an attack upon the Marggrave of Mif- 
nia, when he was wounded and taken prifoner, in which fitu- 
ation he rciriaijiccl one ycnr and a half, when he procuretl his 
liherty hy :\ ranlom of 80,000 merks of iUver^ and the lurrender 
of eight important calllcs on the Werra. 

This Pi iiu c hrit married Lli/ahcfh, daug'iter of Henry V» 
Duke of Br:;l^nnt, hy wlioni he h:.d nciiiriic; rtcoiullv, Adel- 
hcid, fiftcr to Gi ro, Marggrave of Monrf rrat, hv v/hom he had 
a daughter, JMatiulda, tirlt niarricd to Eric V I. Kiiin; of Den- 
mark ; fcroiKlly, to Henry 111. Duke of Cilogau. Aiiolix fons, 
of whom [ Aiderus and Conrad were Knights of St. John the fjap- 
Ui\, and Otto a Kfiic^ht Templar, a^ui U iicn that order was abo- 
lifhed was made i'rovc ll of Hildciheim. The three other fons, 
were, Henry, Albert, and William, among whom their father at 
Bis death, which happened Auguil J5> 1279, divided his do^ 

Henrv, tl;e eldefl: fon, was fui named the Wondcvful, He 
had the jv. i;;cipalities of (iruli^iihaern ami Saltz Jci llaKIc n, the 
towns of Hamcln, Oftcrode, and liuck ifiadt, with a ili id })art 
of the Ipirituniitics of flrunlwic; hut his race became cxtaitft hy 
the death ui 1 iuiip ii. ihc thirtt-cntii Duke of Grubcnhagen, in 

William, the youngell of the three fons, had the cities of 
Brunfwic and Wolfenbuttcl, Gebberfhagen and Cianderfheim, 
with a third part of the fpiritualities above mentioned; but 
he dying without iflue in 1292, his poileffions lell to his brother 

Albert Pinguis, or the Fat, to whom his father had given 
Gottingcru the towns of Neidcck, Miiiden, Ottenfburgh, 5cc« 
the county of Northeim, and the lands between the Deifter and 
the Leine^ with a third of the fpiritualities of Brunfwic* He 
married Richenza orRixa, daughter of Henry, fentor Prince of 
Wendcn, by whom he had iflue, two daughters, Meehtild, Ab- 
befs of Ganderfheim; and Jutha, who died a maiden in 131 9; 
alfo eight fons, 

1. Erneil, who at the partition made between him and his 
brethren, received Gottingen in 131 8, the year his father died; 
but his iflue became extinft in 1463. 

2. Albert, Bifliop of Halberfladt, who died in 1358* 

3. Henry, Bi/hop of Helderfhci m, who died 1 362* 
4* Bruno, who died before his father. 

c. Ludcrus or Lutiier, Grand •Matter of the Teutonic Orde^ 
in rruffia, and died A. 1 334. 

6* Johi\| 

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R O Y A L F A M T L Y. tj 

6. Johiiy who was Grand-Mafter after his brothen 

7. Otto, the Liberal, who died without ifiiiein 1334* 

^. Magnus the Pious, who at length became Duke of Brunf- 
wic; he married Sophia, heirefsof Sangerfhaulen, Landfberg, and 
Peterfberg, daughter of Henry, Marggrave of Brandenberg. He 
died 1368, having had four fonsand as many daughters. 

Magnus Torquatus, hisyoungeft fon, continued the line; he 
obtained the furname of Torquatus or theChaincd, by wearing a 
fiivcr chain about his neck to fecure himfelf, as he faid, from the 
indignity of being hanged in a Icfs valuable binding. In 1373* 
he had an engagement with. Otto, Count of Schaumberg, who 
had marr-e! the widow of his brother Luderus; in which he dif- ^ 
mounted Otto, and while he was endeavouring to tak? liini pri- 
foner, a foldier of the Couin\s run Magnus through the body^ 
and thereby killed him on the Ipot. 

He married Catharine, daughter ot Waldcmar I. EIc6\or of 
Eran;!crihiirg (who after his deceafe married Albert, Duke of Lu- 
nenburg), and had iiTue, five daughters; i. Helen, wife of Al- 
bert, Duke of Mecklenburg, alierwards King of Sweden; 2. 
Agnes, tirll married to Ruffo, Count of Mansfield ; lecondly, to 
Bugiflaus VI. Duke of Pomerania-Stetiu; 3. Anne, wife of 
Mauritius, Count of Oldetihurg; 4, Sophia, wedded to Henry 
Sufpenfor, Duke of Mecklenburg; 5. Catharine, firft niarncd 
to Gcrherd 111. Duke of Slefwic; fecondly^ to Eric IV. Duke 
of Saxe-Lauenburg. • ' 

lir likewilefour fons; 1. Frederic, who joined Wolfen- 
butici to Brunfwic, but was flain June 5, 1400, returning from 
Francfort, where he had been unanimoully choien Emperor; 2» 
Otto, who died Billiop oflhemcn, 1406; 3, Bernhard; and 4. 
}[^iirv, who fucceeded to the fa -.i iv ixiirciuons, on the death of 
their brother i iLdcric without iiIlu male, and rukd m con- 
jundlion nine vears; at tlicendot whicli thev (contrary toalor- 
mer agreement made between them) divided liic l Jutes, whereby 
Bernhard, who continued the line, became Duke ut Lunenberg, 
and Henrv had Brunfwic for his fhare: but on the failure of 
iiTue, to the younger branch in 1634, th^ domiiiions were 
re- united. 

Bernhard purchafed the county of Hamburg) and joined the 
city of Ultzen to the duchy of Lunenburg; he entirely vanquifhed 
the family of Quit^ow, and added the city of Schnackenburg to 
his poiTeffions, by conqueft. In 13S6, he married Margarctf 
daugbterof WioceflausyEIedor of Saxony, by whom he had & 
daughter Catbarine, the wife of Caiimir VI. Duke of Pomerania 
and Stetii^ and tWQ fons. Otto and Frederic* 

Otto, furnamed the Warrior, being the eldeft fon, (iicceeded 
Ills father as Duke of Lunenburg) &c« 1434; alfo, in right of his 
wife Elixabethy daughter and heiiefsof Herman^ Count of £ber- 


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ilcin, fuccceded to that county. He died without iffne^ >445f 

and was iucceedcd by his brother^ 

Frederic, the Religious, who married Magdalen, daughter of 
Frederic I. Elector, of Brandenburg, by whom he had Margaret, 
wife of Henry, D\ikt of Mecklenburg Stargard, Bernhard II. and 
Otho, the MagiiLinimous. In- 1454, he marched to the relief of 
the clhzcns ot Munlier, then heficgcd hy Thcodoric II. Arch- 
btfhop C:i Culogn, but was taken priloner, and purch ifL'd lii*; free- 
dom m a ihorttime. In 1459, he retired to a iVionaO ci v ol i' ran- 
dfcan monks, which he had .founded at Zelle, leaving the go» 
^crnmcnt to hiscldell fon, 

Benihard 11. who had been clc£ied Pifhop of Hildelhcim in 
1452, whici* fee he ijuittcd forthe government of Lunenburg; he 
died without ifliie, and was lucceededin 1464, by hi&brotiier, 

Otho the Magnaniriioubi, who married, Sept. 28, 1467, Ann, 
Countcfs of Nafl'au, Vianden, and Dietz, by whom he had two 
fon«^» Henry, jun, born 1468, and William, who died a 
niiuur in 1480, Tlieir father died jaii. 19, 1471, leaving 
ihi m incapable of affvuning the reins of government, where- 
lipoa their grandfather, I rederic the Religious, again took 
it upon him, and cr^ntiiiu.. J a ble/ling to his country till his death 
in 1478, when hisgrandlcn, Hcnrv, j un. litcann- t!ic vvaidoJ his 
mother, who, although flie Ii .d, at.vr the of Otlio the 

Magnanimous, married Piulip, Count ot Cat/.eii Flnhop-cn, re- 
turned to Zcllc upon the death of her falhcr-in-law, and became 
Tccerit for the voune i ; mce. 

Henry, jun. v'js engaged in fcveral wars, particularly in con- 
jundion with John, Bifhop of HildeJlieim, againft his two 
coufms, Henry, fen. and Eric I. Dukes of Brunfwic, over whom 
they gained a complete vidVory near the tower of Peine, A. D. 
J ^19, m which Eric and the Biihop of Mmden, together with Wil- 
liam, the brother of Henry Bninfwiek, were taken prifoners. The 
Emperer Charles V, interpoiing, infifted that all hoftilitiet 
flurald'oedc, and that the princely prifoners ihonld be fet at U* 
berty, but the Gon^uerors^abfolutdy lefiifed to comply with the 
£niperor^s mandate* Thia contempt provoked Charles V*'to 
profcribe them, whereupon Henry, jun. divided his poflelfions 
among his childreni and, bv voluntarily refigntng th^ eovern- 
ment, prefervcd thedluchy nrom the rapacious dcfigns of his op* 
ponents, whd were f^'ot authorifed by the laws of the Empire td 
carry the fevere fcntence of the father into execution againft 
the Tons, who had n^t incurred the difpleafure ot the Emperor* 

Henry, jun. married Margaret daughter of Emeft, Ele£^or of 
Saxony,^ and by her had five fons and three daughters. He die4 
at Paris, 1^32. 

The daughters wtre^ t* Elizabeth, who died in I572> widow 
of Chafles, Dukeof Guddrei; a* Appoloma, wiiodiedunmar^. 


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ried; 3. Annc^ married to Maximus XL Duke of Pomeraniai 
Stctin, and died at btetin Nov. 6, 1 568. 

The fons were, i • Otto, whole line is cxtinft ; 2. Francis- 
Henry ; 3. Henry, who both died young; 4. Erneft the Pious, of 
Zellc; and 5. Francis, who ligned tnc Augfburg conteffionwith his 
brother Erneft, in 1530, and died unlvcrfally lameated, Nov* 
*3> I549» ^^cw months after his brother Otto. 

Ernell the Pious was bom Jan. 16, 1497. At the diviiion of 
the patrimonial cftatcs, upon the abdicntioTi of his father he luc- 
ceedcJ to Zellc. He declared hinifcH 111 favour of the Retorina- 
tion, and recommended tlie Lutlicran do6i:riiie to his fubjedls, • 
without the IcaA attempt to comjiel their aflent; for as he him- 
fclf was rcir/inccd by rcafon, he thought it his duty to publiili 
tliofe arguments which determined his opinion, that every one of 
his fubje<fts niiplit have the fame advantages of examiniTig the 
weak foundation upon which thc^do^riues of the KouiUh church 
were built. 

This candour and moderation had its dcfircd efFe£l, and men 
began to examine into the rife and progrefs of the Romifh doc- 
trine, a liberty from which they had before been precluded. 
Reafon foon prevailed, and Erneft had the fatisfa6tion of feeing 
the greater part of his fubje<Sis profefs themfelves Lutherans. 

At a diet held at Spiers, A. D. 1529, the Pope procured a mo« 
tioji to he made, to put in execution the ban of the EmfHce that 
had been puhliflied againA Luther, as likewife to extend it to all 
who adopted his religious principles. Erneft, with many other 
members of the diet, pi oteilcd againft this addition to the ban, 
w inch they oppoied with fuch zeai and intrepidity, that the Em- 
peror thought it not advifeable to gratify the Pope and his bi- 
gotted adlicrcnts. 

In 1530, the famous diet was held at Auglburg, at which Er- 
neft and the other Proteftant princes (as they were then firftde- 
nuauiiated on account of the above-mentioned protell) were pre- 
fent, and delivered in an account of their hiitli; which was fo 
eflentially dilfereiu from that ot tlie papifts, as to it^aveno room 
for the accommodation that was intended. 

Afterthe diet was clofed, the Pioteftants found it ncccfiary to 
unite their forces, and entered into an alliance oi fo extenlive a 
nature, that they became, with regard to any hoflilities their 
enemies might commit, but one people. This confederacy was 
tolailfor five years, and was, at the expiration of that term, re- 
newed for ten more. Erneft was the chief upon this occailon, 
and Indeed jnaft be reckoned one of the £rft and principal re* 

• He died January 11, 1 546* leaving the cfaara^r of a 
ifteady ^nd" valiant prince* His tflue by. his wife Sophia, daugh« 
ter of Henry^ Di^e of Mecfclenburgy were four fans and iue 


The daughters were, i. Margaret, married to John or Hans, 
Count of Mansfield; 2. Urfula; 3. Catherine, both died young; 
4. Elizabeth-Urfula, wife of Otto, Count of Holftcin-Schauen- 
burg; 5. Magdalen, married to Ainold, Count of Benheim; and 
6. Sophia, who died the widow of Poppo, Count of Henneberg, 
A. D, 1631. 

Of the fons, Henry the fccond was flain in battle at Sirerhau- 
Im, July 9, 1553, unmarried; and Francis Otto, the eldeft, dy- 
ing April 29, 1560, without iflue by his confort Elizabeth 
Magdalen, daughter of Joachim II. Ekdor of Brandenburg, 
the family pofleiiioiu thereby devolved upon his remaining bro* 

Henry and William, from whom are defcended the prefent 
^incely families of WqlfFenbuttel and Luneburg; the former 
from Henry, the latter from William. Thefe Princes reigned 
jointly for ten jean with remarkable unanimity, at length Hcnrf 
refined hit lhare of the government to his brother, 

Wtlliaiiiy who reigned aione over Luneburg (after the reiig* 
nation of hit brother) twenty-three years. His zeal for the Re- 
fbrmation induced him to compofe and publiih a creed intitkd 
Corfus DoQraut Ltmdurgicum, to which all candidates for holv 
orders were obliged to fubfcribe. He made confiderabk addi- 
tioos to his patrimonial pofleffions, and obtained the charadef 
of a fttous, juft, and pacific Prince* 

He married Dorothy, daughter of Chrlftian III* King of Den- 
mark, by whom he had fifteen children* 

The eiffht daughters were, i. Sophia, married to George 
Frederic^ Marg^rave of Brandenbun Anfpach, and died Jan* 
14, 1639; 2«0izabeth) married to I^ederie^ Count of Hohen* 
lohe, and died 162 1 ; ^. Dorothy, married to Charles-Palatine, 
•f Birckenftldy and died Aug* 15, 1649; 4* Clara, married to 
William^ Count of Swartzburg, and died July 18, 1658; 5. 
Anne-Urfula^ who died a maidui Feb. 3, 1601 ;^6« Margaret, 
loarried to John Cafimir, Duke of Saxe-Cobuig, and died Aug. 

1643; 7* ^^^Y* died unmarried 0€tm 21, lOio; and 8*Sy« 
billa, married to Julius Emeft^ Duke of Danneberg, and -died 
June 3, 1652* 

The fons were, Erneft, ChriAian, Auguftus, Frederic^ Mag- 
lius, Geoige and John, who all determined not to diminifli the 
grandeur of their family b^ partitioning their inheritance, at 
was .the ufual cuftom in Germany, but agreed, that the eldeft 
Ihould firft take poflcflion of the duchy and enjoy the fame dur- 
ing life; that at his death it fliould defcend to the next furviving* 
brother, and fo on ; they alfo agreed that (to prevent eompeti* 
tion among their refpe^ive heirs, and to prcferve harmony 
^ong themielves) only one fliouId marry* For this advantage 
they^iftlots^ and ibrtune favoured George; whieh agreement 

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k b V A L F A M I L Y; 

iril to pun^ally adhered to, that it excited the admifattofi of all 
Europe. * 
Of thefe brothers^ Magnos died Feb. 9, 1632^ and Johfl Nor* 
22, 1628. 

Ertiefty the eldeft Ton, bom Sept. io> 1599 9 coilleq^ence 
of the agr<*enien(y took pofleffion of Luaeburg and the eftates 
belonging to it. He ruled twenty-nine years, and died March 
a9> 161 u 

Chriftian, the fecond fon, firil became Bi(hop of Mindeii, an4 
was afterwards ele^ed Biihop of Halberftadt, but this he refigiied* 
He fucceeded to llunehurg upon the death of Emeft, and ait* 
nexedto his other poflc^Rons the duchy of Giubcnhagen, whick 
was adjudged his right by the Emperor^ A. D* 16 15* This 
brave Prince, though an experienced foldier, was fretj^uently de- 
feated, entirely owing to the difobedience of orders m the Ge* 
ncrals immediately under him, and, in an engagement near 
Floriac, when he was marching to the relief of Bergen-op- 
Zoom, then beficgedby the Marquis of Spinola, he loft his left ' 
arm, and wore a filver one tnftead of it. in 1624, he wasclcdled 
one of the Knights Companions of the moft noble Order of the 
Garter, and was inftalled by proxy Dec. 13, 1625. Some ac- 
counts place his deatfi in the year 1626, but others aflert st to 
have happened Nov. 1633. 

Auguftus^hts next brother, wa$ele6led Bifhop of Ratzburgh 
in 1610 ; and in 1633, fucceeded to the duchy of Luneburg. la 
1636) the Swedes over-ran the territories of this ancient 
houfe, and Auguihis died 06k* 1, the fame year, having a ihorC ' 
time before given up the regency of Lunehurg to his brother, 

Frederic, who in 1602, was prefent at the £unou8 (iege of 
Buda, and was made Dean of Bremen the fame year. In 1640, 
by means of his brother George, he cleared hisvduchy of the 
Swedes; and in 1642, upon the death of William, the laft of the 
line of Harbtfrg, the houfe of Lunehurg inherited that diftri^t* 
This Prince died Dec. 10, 1648, in the 74th year of his age^ 
and was fucceeded by his nephews, the fons of 

George, the fixih fon of William, who learned the military 
art under Maurice, Prince of Naflau, who was engaged in a war 
againfl: Spain. He afterwards entered into the fervicc of Chrif- 
tian IV. King of Denmark, who was then at war with Charles 
IX. King of Sweden, and was lionoiired with the rank of Cjc- 
neral in the Danifli army. He figned the confederacy of Lei p- 
fig ngainft the Emperor in 1631, and gave two (Ignal defeats to 
the Imperial forces \u the years 1632 and 1633 : lie likcwifefub* 
dued many ilrong forircfles belonging to the Kmpcror- 

The Swedes having given him a great difgiifi, he ligned th» 
treaty of Prague, A. D. 163 ^, in favour of the Emperor, whofc 
tyrannic principles he was afterwards fo fully convinced of, that 
iU formed a iecond alliance with the Swedes in 1640; but^ while 

ca he 


£d T H E P R E S E N T 

he afliiled ifi' 1639, at a banquet at Hildeihelm with Gcnenl 

Bannier, a monk admiiiiftercd poiioned wine to fcvcialof the 
(hicts aflcmblcd there. He drank hut little of it, yet it had fo 
fatal an efFe<5l that his ftrcngth vilibly abated from that time, 
and a fever put a period to his life April 2, 1641, in the midft of 
warlike preparations, which by his death were ia a great meafure 
rendered ineffectual. 

He married Annc-Eloanor, duiphtrr of T.cwis V. Landgi.ivr; 
of Heiie Darmitadt; and had liWw. tuur Ions and as many d;iiigli- 
tcrs. To prevent any altercation among his Ions, he, by his 
will, fettled the iuccclTion in the following manner : ToChrif- 
tian-Lewis, bis cldcll Ion, he left the principalities of Zelle and 
CSruhcnhagen; and to ( leorge-William, his fccond fon, that of 
CaienbtTp^; and, provided either of tlK-fc ihould die without 
ilTue, lohn Frederic, his third fon, fliould fupply his place, and 
fo on to Ernefl-Augnfliis, the fourth Ion. He further directed, 
that whenever a change ihould happen in tlie fucceflion bv death, 
theeldeft furviving brother fhould have it at his option which of 
the two dlvifions he would govern. It happened that every one 
of tbefe four Princes came luccefllvcly to the regency of one or 
Other of thefe divilions; but the three eldell dying without 
ilHie, the pi incipalities became re-united, and were enjoyed 
by the poikrity of the youageii brother, as will be ihcwu here- 

His daughters were, i. Magdalen, who died on the day of her 
birth; 2. Sophia-Amelia, married Frederic ill. King of Den- 
mark, whofe widow (he died Fel>. 20, 1685; 3. Dorothy -Magda- 
len, who died an intaiu Nov. 17, 1630; 4. Annc-Mary-Elea- 
nor, who died Nov. 13, 1636, aged iix ^caii wanting fevea 

Chrijli.m-Lewis, the cM.-fl: fon, luccLcdt. J Iiib iatlicr in Calcn- 
bcrg and Ciottingca, and tixcd his rehdcnce at Hanover the me- 
tropolis. L pon the death of his uncle Frederic he chole the 
principalities of Zelle and Grubenhagen, and relinquiflicd Ca- 
lenberg and Gottingen to his brother George-William. The 
Bi/hoprick of Walkcnreid was, by the peace of Weftphalia, in 
1648, conhrmed tothehoufe of Luneburg, and in 1650, Nieu- 
berg and feveral other places were recovered from the Swedes* 
. He died March 15, 1665, without ifiue by his wife; Dorothy* 
daughter of Philip, Duke of Holfteiii Glackfburg, and hU do- 
t^tntons devolved upon his next brother* 

George- William* bom Feb. 16* 1624, who chofe the IXike^ 
4oni of Zelle, agreeable to his fa'thei's will* In 1675, he obtained 
a ilgnal vidory over the French army commanded by Marlhal de 
Crequiy and reduced Triers, or Treves. In 1676) he fopced the 
Swedes to abandon Stade, which was exchanged at the peace 
of Nimegucm In 16S6, he rereftahliflied tranquillity in the 


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city of Hamburg; and in 16891 acquired Saxe Lauenborg upon 

the death of Julius-Francis. 

There fubiiiled a moft perfcdl fricndfhip between William, 
Prince of Orange^ afterwards King of England) and this Prince, 
George* William, on whofe advice and judgement the Prince of 
Orange fo much relied, that he regulated his behaviour towards 
tlie Englifh by it. And it was this friendihip that induced King 
William to endeavour at fettling the fuccefTion of England on 
the line of Brunfwic; and to (licw the earlicH mark of his eileem, 
upon his acceflion he honoured his friend George-William with 
the moA noble Order of the Garter, and he was inilallcd by his 
proxy (Lord Erne) June 5, 1694. 

The love and afFe(5^ion which the fiibjc^ls of the duchy bore 
to this Prince were <:onfpicuous in their fear ot lofmg him, and 
during hio lafl iHnffs, they crowded to the churches to pray for 
his recovery, as it their happinels depended only on the, conti^ 
nuance of liis reign. 

He died Aiigud 28, 1705, in the Sad vcar of his age, and leav- 
ing by his wifeEleanora d'Efmurs, dauglucrof Alexander d'Ol- 
brenle, nn only daughter oi Soplna-Dorolliy, tlie wife of his ne- 
p lie w G c ) I i;e-Lewis, afterwards King of Eng land, who. inherited 
his dominions. 

John Frederick, the third brother, began to reign over Calen- 
berg, Gottingen, and Grubenhagen in 1665, and died -at Augf- 
' burg December 28, 1679, ^S^^ 54 years. 

He married Benedi6la-Henrietta-Philippina, daughter of Ed- 
ward, Count Palatine of Simmern, by whom he had only four 
daughters, wherefore, for want of male iliuc, hispoiTe&ons fell to 
his brother Erneit-Augullus. 

His daughters were, i. Anne-Sophia, who died an infant 
1671; 2. Charlotte-Eclicitas, married to Reinald, Duke of Mo- 
dena, and died Sept. 29, 1710; 3. Henrietta-Mary, died young 
Sept. 4, 1687; and 4. W ilhelmina-Amelia, married to the Em* 
peror Jofeph, atul died his widow in the year 1 742. 

Erncft-AuguAus, the youngell fon of George, became Bi/hop 
of Olnainirg in 1662, agreeable to tiie terms of the peace of 
Weftphaiia, \vlK:i cl3y the Itoulc oi Mruiiiw ic ohraiiied the: alternate 
fuccefTion to that ijiHiopricj ihc citi/Liis wlio had iKliavcd n\ *i 
rcira^ory mnnner to his predeccflbii, and inorc than once dif- 
claimed all obedience to their Prelates, immediately fubmitted to 
him, which fingularmark of his eilcem induced him to take up 
his refidence at Ofnaburg, where he built a fine palace at his own 
cxpence; but upon fucceeding his brother, John PVederic, in 
the Hanoverian dominions, he appointed a regency at Ofnaburg, 
and changed his place of reddence to Hanover.. 

Soon after his aceifion to Hanover he abolKhed the Impolitic 
cnftom of dividing the patrimonial lands among the feveral fons^ 
SUdefl^bUfbed the right ofprimogeniture^ to which falutary re« 

" ^ c J gulatioa 

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gttlation George-WlUiam, of Zelle, whofeonly dauehter, So^ 
pht% was married to • the next fucceiTor tinder his lettiement^ 
readily concurred. 

The zeal which he fhcwed for the common caufc of the Em- 
pire in preference to his own dominions, which, for want of 
thofe troops wherewith he had augmented the allied army, were 
in danger from Chriltian V. King of Denmark, obliged him to 
dcftroy ihofc fortihcations which, at a great cxpence, and for 
wife purpofes, he had ere£Vcd. Befjdes this he had ventured his 
own perfon, and loft two of his childicn in the wars, whil^ three 
more were ftill hazarding tlaeir Jives againft the Turks and the 
French. Thclc Icrviccf made fuch an imprcflion upon the Em- 
. prror nnd many ot the ncigtibouring PrinceSj that, at a diet heldl 
at Auglburgli in 1689, in order to cleS. a King of the Pvomans, it 
was the opinion of moil of the members, that the Houfe of Lii- 
nehurg had merited a feat in the electoral co]lrc;e. 'i his honour 
would have naturally fallen upon his elder brother Cjcorge-Wil- 
liam,hut he declined it in favour of Erneft, and on Dec. 9, 1692, 
at a diet held at RatiiT>on, a majority of the rlrclors made this 
Teioiution, ** That in confideration of the great merits of his 
" Hlghnefs Erneft- Augullus, and of his predecciiors, as alfo of 
his power; the conllderahle of rank which he held inthcEm- 
pire; the great iuccours which he had already granted, and 
which he was willing to continue for the future; and for other 
great and weighty reafons, the dignity of Eledlor of the Romaic 
** Empire ihould he conferred upon him and his heirs male.'* 

In defiance to a proteft entered by the College of Princes 
againft thisrefolve, the Emperor gave the folemn invcftiturc of 
the c]c(fl:oral dignity to the plenipotentiary of Erneft-Auguftus; 
and afterwards tl^e eftabliflimcnt of this ele(^orate, with all the 
ftrength the law^ of the Empire can give it, was agreed to by the 
three colleges of the Empire, and the o&c^ of Arch Standard 
Bearer was alio annexed thereto. 

Erneft-Auguftus embraced this opportunity to obtain the Em» 
pcror's fant'tion to his a(fl of primogeniture before mentioned, in 
which application he liicceeded (o well, that all the partitions 
'u liic h from time miglit he nvndc of theeAatcs of the ele£to- 
rate were declarcti void. I he llatcs belonging to the c]e£lorate 
were exprefsly faitl Co be the principalities of Zcllc, Calcnberg, 
and Cj' ubcnhagen; the counties of Hoy a and Diepliolt, with all 
the territories, cities, and bailiwics belonging therexmto; and alt 
thofe pofTeffions which the two brothers Cieorge-William and 
Erneft-Auguftus at that time enjoyed. Befides the vote ob- 
tained in the college of cledlors by this new dignity, the Honfe 
of Brunfwic ftill retained three votes in the College of Prince^ 
for the above-mentioned principalities* 

He continued to fupport the allies with frefh reinforcementlt 
againft the Turks in Hungary^ likcwife in the Netherlands 


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where he fcnt 10,000 men within the two lafl years hefore the 
peace uf Riiwic, A. D. 1697, as ad. addufoato the body of troops 
he then employed in their rervice. 

Ernert died Jan. 23, lO^o, aged 69 years. He married Sophia^ 
dauglitcr ot t redcric, Eleiflor Palatine and King of Bohemia^ 
by h ii» vvitc Elizabeth, daughter of James I. King oi England. 

The iffue of thi:> marriage were, I. George-Lewis, ot whom 
liereattcr; 2. Frederic- Auguilus, flain in battle againll: the Turks 
Dec. 13, 1690; 3. Maxinuiian-William, P of 
the Impcnai aiuiy, who died at Vicuna in 1726; 4. Sophia- 
Charlotta, married to I rederjc I. King ofPruflia; 5. Charles-* 
Philip, killed in a battle againil the Turks and l artars in Alba- 
nia, Jan. 2, 1690; 6. Chriilian, drowned in the Danube near 
Ulme, in an engagement againd the French, July 31, 1703; and 
7. Ernefl-Auguftus, Bilhop of Ofnaburg, who was born Sept* 
17, 1672, created Duke of York and Albany in Great Britain^ 
and Earl of Uliler in Ireland, June 29, 17 16; eledted Knight of 
the Garter, Julv i, 1716, in veiled with the enflgns of that moft 
Aoble order at Hanover, December 26 following, and inftalled at 
Windfor, by his proxy Sir Adolphus Oughton, oa April 
1718, He oicd Augull 14, 1 7 28, nnmarriel. 

G«ii|;e-Lewit, the tldd3t ton of Augnftus, was bom May 2Sf 
i66a» At fixteenyears of ace be accompanied hit father at the 
fiege of Triers or Treves, and gave fignal prooft of valour and in« 
trepidtty rarely to he met with in one of his age. In 1676 and 
1677 he attended his father, and gave freih proofs of courage at 
the iieges of Maeftricht and Charleroy ; and in 1678 he amfted* 
in the vidory which the Prince of Oranec gained over Marflial 
Luxemburg, the French General, near Mons. In 1685 he ai^ 
lifted at the iiege of Neuheole!, which was taken by aflauit, and 
the Tnrkifli army repulfed with the lofs of 5000 Janizaries, In 
1686, he was very fcrviceable at the iiege of Bnda, the ^ipttal of 
Hungary, which the Turks refolutely defended, but the Imperial 
forces took it hy llorm in the very fight of the Turkifli army 
which was marching to its relief; which army was afterwardt 
^feated, and the c^paign ended with frefli conquefts* The re-* 
putation which he gained in thefe campaigns was acknowledged 
in 16B5, when the Emperor at Vienna prelented him with n 
iword richly fet with diamonds* 

In 16S8, a war broke out between the Empire and France^ 
which afForded freih opport\ini(ies of diftinguifliing l^is courage 
^d co^udt. 

In 1698 he fucceedcd his father, whereupon hie entered into a 
lea^e with King William III* 

In 1700, when by the death of the Duke of Glouccfter there 
appeared no immediate heir tq the crown of England, after the 
death of King William and his iifter-in-law, afterwards Queen 
^ne, his Majeily thought theintereftsof his/ub|e^s too nearly 

€^ * ^Omj^emed. 

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concerned in the appointment of a fucceffor not to remind them 
of it, whicli he did in inn Ipccch at the meeting of the Par iiamenC 
in February 1 701. 

' The Houfe of Commons, after the moA: folemn deliberation 
upon an affair o\ luch importance to the future polierit v oi t]\cfc 
kingdoms, rcfolvcil, Ihai the Princcls Sophia, IJuclicls IJow^- 
gcr ot Hanovci, be declared ihc next in iiicceflion to the crown 
of Enrland in the Proteftant line, after his Majelly, and thii 
Princeis, and the heirs of their bodies refpcclively ; and that 
** further limitation of the crown be to the faid Princcfs Sophia 
and the heirs of her body, being Protcftants.'* 
A bill being framed upon thefe refolutions Was fent up to the 
Houfe of Lords, where it pafled without amendment, and on the 
1 2th day of June, 1701, received the royal afTent; and his Ma- 
jeily King William nominated Charles, £arl o{ Macclesficid, to 
prefent to her Ele^oral Highnefs the ad of parliament, and to 
deliver the Duke, Geprge Lewis, the hahlt and ornaments of the ' 
tao£t nohle Order oi the Garter, into which he had been ele£ked 
on the i8th of that month| and he was inftalled by proxy oa 
March 13, 1702. 

King James IL died at St. Germains Sept. 5, the fame year, 
and the r rench King was prevailed upon to iiTue out orders for 
proclaiming his pretended fon, under the dile and title of King 
James III. of England, and the Ylllth of Scotland : as foon as 
the news of this extraordinary breach of faith reached King Wil- 
liam, an exprefs was difpatchcd to the Earl of MancheAer, his 
Mijefly's ambaflador at Paris, with orders for him to return to 
England without an audience of leave, and the French Minifter 
then reiid^t at London had directions to retire* ^ 

King William in his fpeech to his new Parliament, on the 
lad day of that year,' among other interefting matters told them, 
^ He need not prelsthem to lay ferioufly to heart, and to con(ider 
what further means miglit be ufed for fecuring the fucceifioa 
^ of the crown in the Protcdant line, and in extinguifliing the 
hopes of all pretenders, and their open and fecrct abettors." 
T!k Lords immediately drew up a loyal and fpirited addrefs to 
thiT King, in which they cxprcffed tlicir refentment of the French 
King's proceedings wiihrefpe6t to the Prctcndcr,and allured him, 
they were ready to rifque their lives and fortunes in defence of 
the Prctcftant fucceflfion. 

Tlic Commons were not negligent of fo fair an opportunity to 
ihew their zcnl. On Jan. 9, they refolvcd that leave be given to 
bring in a bill for fecuring his Majefty's perfon and the fuc- 
celllon of the crown in the Proteftant line; and for cxtingiiifliing 
the hopes of the pretended Prince of Wales, 6cc, &c. They 
likewife refolved to addrefs the King that he would inlcrt an ar» 
tide in all his treaties of alliance, importing that, " no peace 
ihottld be made with France until bis Majeity and the nation 



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It O Y A L F A M I L Y. 

^ lave tepmtion for the great indignity offered by the French 
*^ King, io owning and declaring the pretended Prince of Walei^ 

King of England, Scotland, and Ireland.*^ 

A$ a fortherXecttrity, two billii were pafledi one for the attainder 
of the pretended Prince of Wales, the other for obliging all per« 
fons to abjure him* 

King William died March 8, 1701-2, and was fucceeded by 
the Princcfs Anne, confort of Prince George of Denmark. Im- 
jnediately after, her Majefty, by an order of Privy Council, di« 
redled that the Princefs Sophia^sname (hould be inferted in the 
daily prayers of the church, upon which both houfes of Parlia- 
incnt addrefled her Majefty to return her thanks for her great 
zeal for the fncceifion of the crown in the Protcftant line* 

On April 4, 1706, George-AugUiLus, Eledloral Prince(George 
I. of Brunfwic Luneburg, and fon of George -Lewis) was eledled 
a Knight Companion of the moft noble Order of the Garter, 
whereupon the fovereign, by her commiflion under the great fcal 
of the Order, bearing date the 2 2d of the fame month, conftituted 
comrotiTioners to carry the habit and enfigns of the Order to the 
Electoral Prince, atid to inveft him therewith ; but there being 
no inllallation at \V Indfor till the ele6kion$ of William, Duke of 
Devonfhlre, and John, ])uke of Argyle, in 17 10. His moft fe- 
rene Highnefs was inftalied (by his proxy Charles, Lord Hali£uc) 
with them on Dec. 22d that year. 

The Queen, as a farther mark of her royal favour, was gracl- 
oufly plenfed, hy her letters patent, bearing date at Weftminftcr 
Nov. q, i;?c6, to create his Elc6^oral Highnefs, a Duke, Mar- 
quis, Larl, Vilcount and Baron of England, by the titles of J )uke 
and Alarcjiiis of Caitiln idgc, Earl of Miltord Haven, Viicoiint 
Nortf iallci ton, Baron oi l ewkeibury^ entailing the fame on the 
heirs male of his body for ever. 

The war which had broke out in confeqnence of the French 
King's proclamation of the Pretender having extended to the 
Empire, the military atf airs of which were lb affedt^d by mifma- 
nagement, that his Imperial Majelly readily agreed with the 
confederate powers that it was neccfTary to give the command of 
the army to forae Prince of diftinguilhed merit, whofe valour and 
prudence, joined to a large fhare^of autliority, might prove the 
means of retrieving its reputation. No one was fo likely to an- 
fwe r t he i r pu rpofe .1 > r [ 1 e Eledlor of H an over, whaat the earneft en- 
treaty ofall the aliitstook the command Sept. 13, 1707, and the fuc- 
ceiles which enfued fully confirmed the prudence of their choice. 

He continued at the head of the army till he could no longer 
brook the diiapjiuintments he had met with during the laft three 
campaigns, through the remiflhefsof the Princes of the Empire 
in fumifhing their promifcd quotas of troops, he therefore figni- 
ficd to the Imperial Court his determination to quit the army. 
'i'k^ Emperoi was grcuiiy alarmed at this refolution, and endea- 


vourcd to difltiadc him from it, promillng that he fhoiild be Tup* 
plied with what forces he p leafed ; but his Elc£loral High nt: is 
could not be brought to credit thefe afluranccs ; he therefore per- 
fifted in his refolution; yet continued to Hicw his'zeal for the 
caufe by leaving his troops with the army oi the Empire, while 
Thofe he liad with the allies in the Netherlands continued toie* 
cond them there. 

The office of Arch-treafurcr of the Empire becoming vacant by 
the proici iption of the Elc(flor of Bavaria, that honour was con- 
ferred (as liad been determined at a diet) upon the Elcdlor of Ha- 
nover, and has ever fince continued in that Houfe, A fpparatc 
j>e;^e between England and I ranee wms luarlv conciudcU, wlicn 
the Queen, on June 6, 1712, communicated the plan thereof to 
the Houfc Peers, and allured them that fhe had fecured the Pro- 
tertrtnt fuccellon, which i lancc had acknowledged in the Jlrongcft 
terms, and tltat the Pretender WOU Id be removed out of the 
French dominions. However advantageous this declaration 
might npjKar for the Houlc of Hanover, yet his Ele6Voral High- 
neis could not he prevailed on to be guilrv of a breach of faith to 
thL' allies: Mr. 'I homas Harlcy was lent anibaiiador to Hanover, 
before the conclufion of the [Kacc, to endeavour to pciiuadc the 
Elector it was his intereil to co-operate with her Majcllv, but his 
Highnefs {hewed that ,00 conGderation of private mtcicil could 
induce him to defert the common caule; for being urged to be- 
come a party in the feparate treaty, he replied, When it (hall 

pleafe God to call me to the throne of Britain, I hope to adk as 
** becomes me for the advantage of my people; till then fpeak 
** to me as a Prince of the German Empire, A fulpenfion of 
arms was declared between Great Bi itain and France in i2» and 
the peace was ratified at Utrecht in 17 139 vet the Elc^oral 
troops continued in the armies of the conicaetatod powers till 
tbegenenil peace in 1 7 14, 

The Vrtocefs Sophia died at Herenhaufen, June 8, 17 149 and 
,her Majefly Queen Anne departed this life in Augufl fbllowiiiff» 
whereby the right of his Ele^oral Highnefs to the Britilti 
•rownsy purfuant to the provifions made by Parliament^ took 
place, and he was accordingly, on the day of the Queen's deaths 
proclaimed King of Great Sritain, France, and Ireland, hcc* with 
the liiual ceremonies. 

The Houfe of Commons, to exprefs their loyalty to their new 
fovercign, paifed the civil lifl bill before his Majefly arrived its 
England, which was on September i8> 1714. The 'Archbifhop^ 
of Canterbury lent the King his hand when his.Majefty fet foot 
on fhore; the Regency, with the Lord High Chancellor at tjbeir 
head, immediately congratulate his Majcily upon his arrival; 
and every well-wifher to this country ex prefTed a Cmcere fatisfac* 
tion at the accefiion of this mofl (erene Houfe, from a convi(5lion 
that Britiih liberties and the Proteftant religion were then under 

a moil 


L^iyiii^ed by Googi 


R O Y A L F A M 1 L Y. %j 

^ moft fiuthful guardian, and that pofterity conld not be lietter 
fecnred againfl oppreffion and arbitrary power* 

Hit Majeily was married Nov* 2 1, 1682, to Sopbia^Dorotby, 
pnlj child of his uncle^ George-William/ Duke of Zelle, by 
whom he had tflue, George- Augudus, his fucceflbr ; and Sdphia- 
Porothy, who was married Nov. 28^ 1 7069 to Frederic-^WllUaniy 
siterwards Kinff of Prufitaj and died J u I y 5, 1757* 

The Rcml Confort of Ktne Geoigel* died at A&Iin, Nov* 7^ 
1726, N* S* and his Majcfly departed this life at Ofnaburg, June 
1 1, f 727, on his way to his German dominionsi in the 68th year 
of his age, and the 1 3th of his Britilh reign* 

George II. Auguttus, was born 0€t> 30, 1683. This Prince 
very early attended his father in the field, and thoroughly imbt« 
bed the principles of that heroic commander. In 1 708, he made 
the campaign with the allied army in the Netherlands, under the 

!reat Duke of Marlborough; at the battle of Oudcnardc, fought 
uly 9, he charged the houOiold troops of France fword in hand, 
|it tne head of the Hanoverian dragoons, and although his borfe 
was 0iot under him, and he was bereaved of the affilUnce of the 
commander of the iquaJmn, yet he bore all down bci^te him^ 
^nd led fevcral general officers as prifoners to the camp. 

Upon the acceffion of his Royal father to the Britifh domi- 
nions, his Electoral Highnefs became Aff the law of the land) 
Duke of Cornwall) without any formal creation, and as Prince 
of Scotland, was Hereditary Steward to that kingdom, Duke of 
Rothfay, Earl of Carrick, and Baron of Renfrew, titles fettled in 
1399 by Robert III. King of Scots, on the Prince his eldeft fottf 
perpetually appropriating thofe titles to the future Princes rf 
Scotland, as foon as horn; I have before mentioned his being 
created Duke of Cambridge, &c. and ele6led Knight of the Gar-^ 
tCFy in the reign of Queen Anne. He attended the King into 
Kngland, and onOcf>. 27, 17 14, was created Prince of Wales, and 
Earl of Chefteri days after he had taken his feat in the privy 
council, , . * 

On February 18, 1 7 14- 15, he was elc6kcd Governor of the 
South Sea Company ; on May 5 following he condelcended to 
become Captain-General of the Artillery Company, and on 
April 10, 1716, was ele^ed Chancellor of the Univerfity of 

In the year 17 16, he was appointed Lieutenant of thcfc king- 
doms during his Royal father's abfence upon a vifit to his Ger- 
man dominions, which. office he held from July to January, and ♦ 
had the happinf fs to meet with general approbation. 

He afcendcd tlie throne of Great Britain, and fuccceded in the 
F]e(£toraI dominions on his father's death, June il, 1727, and wa» 
prov^- ned 0£t. 11 following. 

Mis Majefty departed this life at his palace in Kenfington, 
0(i. 25, J 760, in the 77th year ofhis 9ge, and 34th of a glorious 

. reign. 

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Tcign* In a public capacity he was always confidcrcd as a Prince 

of the grcateft bravery, juilicc, and honclty, of a quick appreheii- 
fion and ready difccrnmcnt; he was an able warrior, aconfum- 
mnte Itatelman, and a benignant governor: in his privnre life he 
was remarkably temperate and regular, cheerful and locKihle, 

His remains were, on Nov. ll, interred ni the royal vauir un- 
der Henry the Seventh's Chapel, in \VeibninAcr Abbey, and the 
following inicripciou was eiigraVui on a iiiver plate, a&xed to the 
of the co&n : 


Screnifihr/i PotcntiiTimi ct Exceilenti/Timi MonarcbsB 

Dei Gratia, 

i>RlTANNIi£, FrANCI.H, ET •HlB£RNI^ RcgiS, 
Fidel Detenroris; 
Ducis LiiUNsvici et Luneburgi^ 
Sacri Romani Imperii Archi Thefaurarii, 
et Principis Eledloris. 
Obiit XXVO.DieOaobris, 
AntK. j;o:vaai M D C C L X. . 
.'^jbtatii iu£ Regnic^ue ^4, 

His Majcfty was mariicd on Auru:l 2, 1705, to Wi!helmin2'» 
Carolina, cldell daughter of lolin-l rtilcric, Marggravc ot Bran- 
denburg Anfpacli by kcuiid wife, Eleanor-Erdmuth-Louiia, 
daugliter of John George, Duke of Saxe Eifenach: £lie was born 
March I, 1683, and died at St. James s on Nov, 20, 1737, uni- 
Tcrfally regretted, as a Princefs of uncommon fagacity, and a 
moft extraordinary pattern of conjugal virtue.* Her remains 
were depofited in the royal vault above mentioned Dec* 17, with 
tlie following infcriptlon on a filver plate affixed to the co£n : 

Depofitum ' 
SeKnlilimae Principis CAROLINA 
Dei Gratia, Reglnse Confortis Avigaftiflimi et Potentiffiiai 
GEORGII Secundi, Dei Grat^:^ 
Magnae Britannia;, Francias, et Hibernias, Rcgi5, 
Fidet Defenforis, Ducis Brunfvici et Luneburgi, 

S. R* L 

Archi Thefaurarii et Principis Eleftoris 
Quse vixit Anoos LI V, Menies VDI, Dies 

XIX, ct 

Diem obi It XX Kovenibri& 


The children of their Majeftics Ring George IL and Qneen 
• ' ■ ' t. Frederic 


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R O y A L F A M I L , am 

f. Frederic- Lewis, Prince of Wales* 

a* Phncefs Anne, born 0(5l. 22, 1709, married March 14, 
1734, to his Moll Serene Highnefs, William-Charici-Hcaryj 
Prince of NaiTau and Orange, died Jan, 12, 1759, leaving ifluc. 

3. Princefs Amelia-Sophia-Ekonoca^ bom May and 
4iied unmarried 06V. 31, 1786. 

4. Princefs Elizaheth-Cnroline, born May 3O9 1715^ diedat St» 
James's December 28, 1757, unmarried. 

» 5. George*Wiiiiam> bom Nov. %^ 1717^ but did aot live three 

6. Wiiiiam*AuguiluSy Duke jof Camberlaud, of whom pre« 

7. Princefs Mary, born Feb. 22, 1723, married to his Serene 
Highnefs Prince I'rederic, of Helle CaliclyOuMay 8^ i740y and 
died Jan. 14, 1772, leaving ifluc. 

8. Princefs Louifa, born Dec. 7, 1724, married Nov. 30, X743p 
to Frederic V. Prince Royal, afterwards King ol Denmark; ibe 
diedDec.8, 1751, Icavin<T ilFue. • 

William- Auguilus, Duke of Cumberland, youngcA fon of 
King George n. was born at Lciceilcr-houle on Aj)rii 15, I72I« 
On the revival of the moft honourable Order of the Bath on • 
June 17, 1725, his Royal Highnefs wa, mftallfd firft Knight 
Companion of that Order. On July 27, 1726, be was created 
Baron ot the Iflc of Alderncy, Vilcount of Trematon in the 
county of Comwall, Earl of Kennnigton in the County of Sur- 
ry, XIarfjuis of Berkhatnlled in the County oi licrttord, and 
Duke of the Courty of Cumberland. On May 18, 1730, he was 
elcclcd Knight ot the moJl noble Order of the dai Lci , and on 
June 18 ioiJnvv ii\g vva*? indalled at \V indfor. The particular at- 
tention whit h p:i[d to tiu education of this Prince bv his 
RoY'il parents, \\ ho were ainpl) rewarded bv a proficiency that did 
honour to the preceptor, at the lame time lhat it difcovered au 
extenfive genius in the pupil. His talents were equally for the 
field or cabinet, in the former of which he was greatly en- 
couraged by his father, who early initiated him in all the theore- 
tical parts of military difcipline, of Which his Majeily was reputed ' 
to be one of the bed judges in Europe. 

On April 25, i7S9) appointed Colonel of the fccoud 

regiment of Foot Guards ; on February ao^ 1742-3^ he was pro- 
moted to the eomttiand of the firft regiment of Foot Guards, and 
on May 1 7 foUowiog he was, by his Majefty's command, intro- 
duced into the Privy Council, and took his feat at the upper end of 
the hoard on the King's left hand# 

His Royal Highnefs was advanced to the rank of Major-Gene- 
ral, on Feb. la, 1742-3, having attend^ his Majefly to the ^ 
allied army, began the pi^6lical part of war under his infpe£lion* ' 
Hit bravery at the battle of Dettingon is too well known to need 
any encomiumsi and tho wound which he received proved that ho 


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was equally endangered with thofe of his fellow foldicrs. Ort 
the i6th ot July the fame year, the Duke was conilituted Lku* 
tenant-Gcncral of his Majeily's armies. 

The dangerous fituation ot the Britilli .iiTairs upon tlic Con- 
tinent induced the King to appoint the Duke of Cumberland 
' Captain-General and Commander in Chief of the forcrs in 
the beginning of the year 1745. The battle of l^'onrenoy 
proved difadvantageous to the allies, yet by tlic diligent attention 
and prudent management of his Royal Highneff?, the enemy 
were in a great mcafure deprived of the bene iu ot tlieir vidtory. 

The uonatural rebellion which broke out in England about 
this time, was got to an incrcdiMe alarming hcic;]it, when :ht uni- 
^crfal voice othls country pointed out his Roycvl Higbnefs as the 
moft able and truif y oihcer to take the command agamil the rebel 
army* and thedecifivc vi<3:ory gained at Culloden, on April 16, 
1740* was entirely attributed to the prudent meafurcs taken by 
their Royal Commander. 

The univcrfnl acclamations of joy which attended his Royal 
Highncfs on the road to, and at his arrival in London, were 
crcatcr than can be conceived, and the gratitude of the people 
was demonllrated by their rcprefentativcs in Parliament, who 
pafied a bill, whereby an additional revenue of twcnty-five thou- 
fand pounds per annum w^as fettled upon his Royal Highnefs and 
his heirs male; and on July 12, he was appointed Ranger and 
Keeper of Windfor Great Park. 

On Jan. 3, iJAj^ his Royal Highncfs fet out for the allied ar- 
mv to the command of wliich he had been appointed by the 
unanimous confent of the Confederates. The courage of the 
Britifli and inaclivity of the Dutch, both of which in tlie battle 
of Val (this campaign) had been nicely attended toby the I'rench 
King, drew from that monarch this oblervation; "The Bri- 

tifh, I perceive, not only pay all, but tight all." 

Upon tlie death of Frederic, Prince of Wales, his Royal High- 
ncfs accepted the Chancellurihip of the Univerfity of St. An- 
drew's in Scotland, and that of Dublin in Ireland. On 0£t. 29, 
175 1 , he had a errant of the lodge and walks of Cranbourn-Chacc, 
in Windior-1 oreih 

In the laft war, which was declared May 18, I7|6, his Royal 
Hii^hnefs was appointed to command an army 01 obfervation, 
compofcd ot Hanoverians, Heflians, and other troops of the 
Cierman States, for the defence of the Ekaoral territories; bat 
aot being intended b)r a^ion, it was mnch inferior to that of the 
enemy, whofe encioachmentt oUised the Duke to give thent 
battle at Beakeficld, in which theTrenich were defeated; their 
numbers however were fo far fupcrior that it was impoflible fof 
the Duke's army to ftand againft them in thebattle of Haftenbeck* 
His Roval Highnefs, after that adion, which laid the £!e6korai 
dominions open to the enemy* retreated to Stade, and^ on Sept- 

• 8j COflK 

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8, concluded, at Cloiler Seveai a cotwentiosi forhUfathei^sQcr-^ 

nan territories. 

His Highnefs refigned all his military employments foon after 
his arrival in London, on 06^, ii, 1757. From that time he 
lived a private life, wherein he difplayed the benevolence of his 
heart by conilantly employing numbers of the poor in liis works 
and Improvements at Windfor ; and, in national coucerofi^ pro- 
ved himlclf a true patriot and lover'ofhis country. 

His tleath, which was fiiddcn, occnfioned by the fndden bufft-* 
ing ot a hlood veflel in the ]ic:ui, happened at his houfe in Upper 
Grofvenor-ftreet, London, on 06t. 31, 1765, and as he lived 
univerfally beloved, fo he died eqiially lamented. Hie remains 
were interred in the Royal vault In WcAminlter Abbey, with all 
military pomp and ceremony, on Nov. 9, following. On tlie lid 
of the coffin was a fiiver pUte^ on which was engraved the foi* 
Xowiiig inlcription: 


Iliuftriffimi Principis GULIELMT-AUGUSTI 

Ducts CuMBUi^.,et Due is Brunsvici 
ct LuNEBURGi, March ION IS de rkk amstead, 


Baronis Insula de Alderney; 
NobilifTimi Ordtnis Periscelidis, et Honoratifllmi 
Ordinisde Balneo h^qaitis; FiLiinatu tertii 


Georcii Secundi, Magn^ Britannia, 
I iCANci^ ct HiBERNTii-. Recis, Defun£li ; 
Obiit 31*' Die Oaohris, 
iEtatis fu^ 4^, 

Frederic-Lewis, Prince of Wales, was born at ILmovcr, fan, 
ao ; and baptized on Feb, 4, 1 706-7. On Dec. 24, 17 16, he was 
elei5f ed one of the Knights Companions of the moft noble Order 
of the Garter, and inflalled at Windfor (by his proxy Sir Sa- 
muel Lennaid, Knight and Baronet) on April 30, 17 18, and his 
Majefty taking into conil^eration his great merits was pleafed, 
«n July 15, 1726,10 create bim Baron ofSitaudon in the County 
0f Caernarvon, Vifcount of Lanncefton in the County of Corn* 
Wally Earlof Eltham in the County of Kent, Marquis of the Ifie 
of Ely in the County of Camhridg^, and Duke of the city of 
£dinbuivh in Scothnd. 

On Nov. 28, 1 727, he waaeonftituted Governor and firil Com- 
saiffioner for building the Royal Hofpital at Greenwich. Upon 
tbe demife of bit Royal Grandfather he was fent for into Eng'- 
land» and landed at Harwich on Dec* 3, 1728, (being the firft 
fimc of his coning into this kingdom); and by his Majefly*s 
I ~ command^ 



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|» TH£PR£S£NT 

command, being iiUroduccJ into the Privy-Council on Dec. i9» 
he took, his feat at the upper ciul ofthehti n cl, on liib Majefty's 
right hand. On fan. 8, 1 7 28-9, hearing then the titles of Prince 
oi Gicat Britain, 5:c. lie was created Pnnccot VV^alcs and Plarl ot 
Chcfter, and the next day received his luiiunons to Parliament, 
in confcquencc of which he took his feat in the Houfe of Peers, 
on the right hand of the throne of State, as was fettled by that 
ixobic Houfe, Die Mercurii, 30 Die Martii 1660 

Having been elcfted Chancellor of the Univcrfity of Dublin, 
be was OQ Tune 18, 1729, fwom into that oiHce, in prcfenceof the 
beads of that learned (eminary, who came over for that purpofe* 

An a«5fc having pailed in 1750 for the encouragement of the 
Britifii white-herring £(hery» and a charter of Corporation hav- 
ing been granted in confequence thereof on 0€U 1 1, that year» 
in which his Royal Highnefs was nominated Governor^ he went 
in date to Ftfhmongers Hall to reeeive the faid Charter* 

Hts Royal Highnefs was married at St* James's chapel on April 
27, 1 7^6) to Augufla, younger daughter of Frederic IL Duke of 
Saxe-Ootha* The iflue of this marriage were» 

I* Princefs Augufta, bom at St* James's Palace, July ^i, and* 
baptized Aug* 20, 1737. She was married at St. James's, knuary 
17, 1764^10 Charles- William-Ferdinand, hereditary Prmce*of 
fininfwic-Wolfeibuttel, and has ifiiie* 

2* George IIL WiUiam-FrederiCi our prefent moft gracious 

3* Prince EdwardpAuguftuS) Dukeof York, of whom hereafte^;. 

4* Princefs Elizabeth-Carolina, bom at Norfolk-Houfe in St« 
TamesVSquare, Dec* 30, 1740> and baptized Jan*. 24 following* 
She died Sept. 4, 1759, unmarried, 

5. Prince William-Henry, of whom hereafter under his title of 
Duke of Glouceftcr. 

6* Pince Henry-Frederic, the prefent Duke of Cumberland. 

7* Princefs Louifa-Anne, born at Leiccfter-houfe, March 8, 
1748-9, and baptized ^pril x following* She died May '13, 
1768, unmarried. 

8* Prince Fr^eric-Williara, born at Lcicefter-houfe, May 30, 
and baptized June 17, 1750. Hcdied December 29, 1765,unmarricd» 

9^ Princeis Carolina-Matilda, born (after the death of her 
Royal father) at Leiceftcr-houfe, July i r, 1751, and baptized 
the 22d of the fame month. On 06t, i, 1 7 66, her Roval H igh- 
nefs was married by proxy at St. James's to (Jhriilian VII, prefent 
King of Denmark. On Nov. 8, /he made her public entry into 
Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark, and on the evening of the 
fame day the Royal nuptials were folcmnized in the chapel ' 
of Chriitianburg. Her Majeily departed this hk at Zelle, May , 
10, 1775, lenvint; ifTue. 

The Royal father of this numerous progeny, from the time of 
his arrival, gave undoubted demonArations of zeal andattacli- 


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ment to the in^eref^s pf Great Britain. He received with the 
greatcft affability the deputies from different parts of the King- 
doin> who were commiflioned by their rcipedlivc curporations 
Xo prefent his Royal ,Highnefs with their freedom, lii parti- 
cular, he complied with the requeft of the worfliipful company of 
Sadlers in the city ot London, and became thqir nja^ler, which he 
continued to be the remainder of his life. 

His Royal Highnefs died March 20, 1750*1, and was buried 
April I 3 following, in the Royal vault in Weftminfter Abbey. 
On a filver plate aflixed to the Qoi^ii was this iafcription : , • 


Illuftriffimi Principis Frcderici Ludovici Principts Wallias, 
Principis Ele<5toralis et Hereditarii JBrunfyici et Luneburgiy 
Ducis Coraubiasy Rothfay, et fldintHirgiy 
March ionis Tnfulae de £1^, Comitis CssfkrlsRf Carricket Elduniy 
Viceconiitis Launceuony Baronif Henfrew, et Snaudon^ ■". 
' .DoD^i^i InfuJiu^uai) SeQefchaljs Scotia, . ^ . 
Nobiliffimi Ordinis Perifcelidjs Equitis, 
€^ a Siniftforibu9 Cpocilits MajelUti S^egiae, , 
Apadeaift Publinienfis Caaoeliari; 
Filii Prj mogeniti CelfiffioM Potentiffinl ot Excdlentiilipu 
Monai^hfle Qeprgii Secund^f Dei Gratia, 
Magn« BritanniflBf Francisy et Hibemie Regis, . 

• Fidei Defenforif. 
Obiit Vicefliino Del Martii, Anno MIXICL. 


Her Royal Higha^fs the Princeie Dowager of Wales departed 
this life»atCarkoii Houfe inPall-MaUoa Peb^.S, 1772, andjwat 
buried the 1 5th, in the Royal vault in Weilminfter Abbey. Th« 
iUvser plate upon her toffiawasinfcribed, 

IHuftriffimse Princi^flb AuovsTiB 
Reli^ Illuftriffimi Principis Frbderici 
Ludovici Principis Walli«s» et Matrit 
Illuftriffimi et Potentiffimi Georgti 
. Tertii, Dei Gratia, Manise Britannia^ 
Francise, et Hibernis Regis, Fidei Defcnforis, &c. 
Obiit Dei OaavoFebruarii, Anno MDCX^LXXIL 


His Royal Highnefs Edward- Auguft us, fecond fon of Frederic* 
Lewisy Prince of Wales, was born at Norfolk-houfc, March 14, 
1738-9, and baptized April 11 following. He was eledUd 
ICnight of the moft noble Order of the Garter, March 18, 1752, 
and inftailed at Windfor, June 4 following. On April i, 1 700, 

d his 

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his Royal grandfather was plcafed to grant^to him and the heirs 
male of his body, the dignities of a Duke of the Kingdom of 
Great Britain, and Earl of the Kingdom of Ireland, by the names, 
ftiles, and titles of, Duke of York and Albany in the former, 
and Earl of Ulfter in the latter Kingdom. He took the oaths 
and his feat in the Englifh Houfe of reers, in confequence of his 
fummonsby writ, on May 9, following; and two days after the 
acceflion ot his prefent Majefty (viz. 061. 27, 1760,) he was ap- 
pointed one of the Privy-Council, and being immediately fworn 
in took his place at the board accordingly. 

Having fhewn ao early inclination to the maritime depart* 
ment, he was appointed a midfhipman in the Royal Navy on 
July 5, 1758. 

Having gone through the inferior flations of midlhipman and 
lieutenant, he was on June 19, 1759, appointed Captain of hit 
Maiefty's ihip Phoenix of forty-four guns. 

Un March 31, 1761, his Royal Highnefs was appointed 
Rear-Admiial of the Blue, and was fworn urat the Admiralty 
on the 8th of neitt month* 

At his brother's nnptials, Sept. 8, 1761, hir Royal Highnefs, 
as chief fupporter to the Royal Bride, walked on her right hand; 
and at' the proceffion of the enfuing coronadon on Ae aad of 
that month, appeared in his robes as firft Prince of the blood* 

On Juiie 23, 1 762, he hoifted his flag at Spitbead on board the 
Princefs Amelia ^whereof Lord Hbwe was captain) and failed 
with the fleet unoer Sir Edward Hawke, upon a cruiee on the 
coafts of France, Spain, and Portugal, fh>m which he returned 
in Auguft following* 

His Royal Highnefs on the 28th of next month fet fail with a 
finall fquadron to the Bay of Bifcay ; and returning thence to 
Plymouth on OA. 30, waseleded High-Steward of that corpo- 
ration, and about the fame time was preferred to be Yice-Ad» 
miral of the Blue; on November 14 following he failed with a 
fleet under Sir Charles Hardy. ' 

His Royal Highneft on July 7, 1767, iet out for Aix-la-Cha- 
pelle, vifited the King of Pruffia, and feveral courts in Germany; 
and on the 27th was at the court of France, where he was mag- 
nificently entertained. From thence proceeded to Monaco, 
in the territories of Genoa. He was there feized with a malig* 
nant fever, of which he died on Sept* 17* The Royal corpfe ar- 
rived at the Nore on Odl. 30, from whence it was conveyed to 
the Prince's chamber at Weftminfter, and was interred on the 
evening of the 3d, in the Royal vault in Henry the Seventh's cha* 
pel with the nccuflomed ceremony. 

The infcription on the plate of his Royal HighnefiTs coffin- 
was as follows: 


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IlluAriffimi Principis Edwardi-Augusti, de^ 
Brunfwick Luneboui Ducis Eboraci et 
Albania, Comitis LitonijE, Nobiliflimi 
Ordinis Pcrifcelidis Equitis, Filii 
Sccundo Geniti Illiiftriffimi Frederici 
Principis Walliai ticlun6li, et Fratris 
AugurtiflTimi et Potcntiflimi Gftorgii 
Tertii, Dei Gratia, Magnae Hritaiini^, , 
Francise, et Hibeniix Regis, Fidci Defenforis. . 
Obiit XVll.Die Septembris, Anao Domini 
. >EtaLisiua; XXVJII. 

George III. Willian^-Frcdcric, chlcll Ton of Frederlc-Lcwis, 
Prince of Wales, born May 24, 17 ^8, O. S. and baptized |uac 
21 at Nortolk-Houlc. Succeeded lus father in the titles of 
Prince ot Great-Britain, Eledtoial Prince of Brunfwic Luneburg, 
Duke of Edinburgh, Marquis of the Ifle of Ely, Earl of Carrick 
and Eltham, Vifcount of Launccflon, Baron of Renfrew and 
Snaudon,Lord of the Iiles,and Steward of Scotland; but the du- 
chy of Cornwall was merged in the crown. On April 20, i75i> 
bis Majefty in council held at St. James's ordered letters patent 
for creating his Royal Highnefs Prince of Wales, &c. He had 
been (in the Ufe*time of his Either) elected a Knight companion 
of the moft noble Order of the Garter on June 22, i749> and tn- 
ftalled at Windfor July 12, 1750, by his proxy WiUiam, Earl of 

At a general court of the proprietors of the Britifli Herring 
fiihery, held on December 3, i753» Royal Highnefs was 
defied governor thereof andgracioufly acquiefced in the choice 
thcY had made in his fiivonr. 

On the death of his Roval grandfather the crown of Great 
Britain, &c. devolved on nis Royal Highnefs on OA« 25, 176c, 
and he was proclaimed on Sunday the a6th with the nfuai fo- 

His Majefty was married at the chapel in St. James's palace 
on Sept. 8t 17611 to her Serene Highnefs the Princeft Sophia- 
Charlotte of Mecklenburg -Strelitz, youngeil daughter of 
Charles-Lewis-Frederic» Duke of Mecklenburc;-Strelitz,by hts 
confort Albertina-Elizabeth, daughter of Emefi-Frederic, Duke 
of Saxe-Hiidburghaufen ; their Majefties were crowned at Weft- 
minder on the 22d of the fame month, by Dr. Thomas Seeker, 
Archbiihop of Canterbury, who alfo married them. By his faid 
Royal confort, who was bom May 19, 1744, his Majeftj has 

u George-Auguftus-Frederic, Prince of Wales^ Duke of 
Cornwall, te. 

2. Prince 

Uiyiiized by 


2. Prince Frederic, Duke of York, ^c. 

3. Prince WiUuun-Hcary, Duke ot Clarence, he* 

ij. Prince Edward, born 2d November, 1767; Knight of thd 
Garter, '1 liiJik , aiul St. Patrick, 

5. Prince Erncil-Augullus, l>oi a ^tli Juacji^ji. Kiiight of 
the Garter. 

6. Prince Augullus-I ledciic, born 2ytli January, I773j 
ivnlgiiL of the Garter. 

7. Prince Adolphus-Frederic, born 24111 February, I774» 
Knight of the Garter. 

8. Prince Odlavius, born 23d February, 1779, ^^^^ ^^^^ 
3dMav, 1783. 

9» Prince Alfred, born the 22d September, 1780, and died 
20th Auguft, 1782. 

The daughters ares 

1. Princefs Charlotte^AuguAa-Matilda, born 29th Septem* 

ber, 1776. 

2. Princefs Sophia- Augufln, born 8th November, 1 768» 

3. Princefs Elizabeth, born i2d May, 1770* 
4* Princefs Mary, horn 25th April, 1776. 

5. Princefs Sophia, horn 3d November, 1777* 
6* Piincek Amelia, bora 71^ Auguil^ ^7^3* 

T H & 

. kj 1^ jd by GoogI 

I : . N 

C O A T 

T. H £ 

D : 


TO.* T «-E 



E . X. 

x\ R M S 



O F 


Prince of Wales 
Duke of York 
Duke of Clarence 
Duke of Glouceller 
Duke of Cumberland 


Abingdon, Earl 
Albemarle, Earl 
Amheril, Lord 
Ancafter, Duke 
Anindely Lord 
Afiilmmhain, Earl 
Afliburton^ Lord 
Andley Lord 
Aylefburvy Earl 
Aylesfbrdy Earl 
Bagot, Lord 
Bath, Marquis , 
BAthnrft, Earl 
Beaufort, Duke 
Beauliev^ Earl 






Bedford, Duke 
Berkeley, Earl 
Berwick, Lord 
Bolinghroke, Vifcount 
Bolton, Duke 
Boringdon, Lord 
Bofton, Lord 
Botetourt, Baronefa 
Boyle, Lord 
Bridgewater, Duke 
Briftol, Earl , \ , 
Btownlow. Lord ' 
Brudeneli Lord 
Buckinghamliur^, Earl 
Buckingham, M^^uis 
Bulkeley, Lord * 

Byron, Lord 


: i 

I 2 



• 12 


* 40 








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Cadogan, Lord , 31 

Camden, £arl ^% 
Camelford^ Lord 3^ 
CardiflFe, Lord 35 
Carlifle, Earl ' li 

Carleton, Lord 40 
Carteret, Lord 39 
Chandos, Lord 30 
Chatham, Earl 26 
Chatham, Baronefs 33 
Chedworth, Lord 32 
Chefterfield, Earl , 11 
Cholmondley, Earl 14 
Clarendon, Earl 21 
Clifford, Lord 30 
Clifford, Weftmorlaad|&€« 27 

Conyers, Lord 
Cornwallis, Earl 
Coventry, Karl 
Courtcnay, Viicount 
Cowpcr, Earl 
Craven, Lprd 

Darlington, Earl 
Dartmouth, Earl 
Delaval, Lord 




















Denbigh, Earl 
Derby, Earl 
Defpencer, Lord 
Devonfhire, Duke 
Digby, Lord 
Dinevor, Baronefs 
Doncafler, Earl 
Dorchefter, Lord 
Dormer, Lord 
Dorfet, Duke 
Douglas, Lord 
Dover, Lord 
Ducie, Lord 
Dudley and Ward, Vifcount 25 
Edgecumbe, Eari 23 
Effingham, Earl 17 
Egrcmont, Earl 18 
Eliot, Lord ^39 
Effex, Earl II 
Exeter, Earl 10 



40 ] 

Falmouth, Vi fco titit 
Fauconberg, Earl 

Ferrers, Earl 
Fitzwilliam, Earl 
Foley, Lord 
Fortefcue, Lord 
Gainfborough, Earl 
Gage, Lord 
Grafton, Duke 
Graham, ^Earl 
Grantham, Lord 
Grantley, Lord 
Greeilwich, Baronefk 
Grey, Marchionefs 
Grey of Wilton, Lord 
Grofvenor, Earl 
Guildford, Earl 
Hamilton, Vifcount 
Hamilton, Baronefs 
liampdcn, Vilcouat 
Harborough, Earl 
Harcourt, Earl 
Hardvvickc, Earl 
Harrington, Earl 
Harrowby, Lord 
Hawke, Lord 
Hawkefbury, Lord 
Hay, Lord 
Heathfield; Lord 
Hereford, Vifcount 
Hertford, Earl 
HiUfborough, Earl 
Holland, Lord 
Howard of Walden 
Howe, Earl 
Hungcrford, Baronefs 
Jcrfcy, Earl 
Ilchefter, ]'>arl 
Kenyon, Lord 
Kerr, Earl, 
King, Lurd 
Lanldown, Marquls 
Leeds, Duke 
Leicefter, Earl 
Leinfter, Vifcount 
Lonfdale, Earl 
Loughborough, Lord 























at , 


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t 41 


Lovaine, Lord 39 
LoTcl and Holland^ Lord 34 

Macclesfield) Earl 16 

Malmfbury, Lord 42 

Manchefler, Duke 6 

Mansfield^ Earl 21 

Marlborough, Duke 5 

Maynard, Vifcount ^ 25 

Middleton, Lord * 3^ 

Milton, Loi4 54 

Montagu, Duke 6 

Montagu, Vifcount 24 

Mont ford, Lord 31 
Mount-Stuart, BarQncfs 33 

Ncwcaftlc, Duke o 

Korfolk, Duke 4 

'Korthampton, H.irl lO 

Northumberland, Duke 6 

Norwich, Earl 22 

Onflow, Lord 31 

Orford, Earl 17 

Oxford, Earl . 14 

Pelham, Lori 3*3 

Pembroke, Earl 9 

Petetlx>rough, Earl 10 

Petre, Lord 29 

Plymouth, Earl ^2 

Pomfret, Earl t6 

Ponfonby, Lord 32 

Porchefter, Lord 3? 

Portland, Duke 6 

Portfroouth, Earl 1 7 

Poalett, Earl 13 

Powys, Earl lb 

Radnor, Earl 20 

Rawdon, Lord 38 

Richmond, Duke 4 

Rivers, Lord 36 

Rochford, Earl 13 

Rodney, Lord 38 

Romncy, Lord 31 

Rutland, Duke 5 

Sack vi He, Vilcount 25 

St. Alban's, Duke 4 

St* John, Lord 28 



Saliibury, Marqula S 

Sandwich, Earl n 

Sandys, Lord 39 

Saye an4 Scle, Lord 2B 

Scarborough, Earl 13 

Scarfdale, Lord 33 
Sb n ft c ^bu ry. Earl 

Sherborne, Lord 40 

Shrewfbury, Earl q 

Sydney, Vifcount SO 

Somcrs, Lord 3^ 

Somerfet, Duke 4 

Sondes, Lord 33 

Southampton, Lord 37 

Spencer, Earl aO 

Stafford, Marquis 8 

Stamford, Earl 10 

Stanhope, Karl 13 

Stawell, Lord 32 
Stourton, Lord 

StraiFord, Earl 14 

Strange, Earl ai 

Strange, Baroneft 29 

Saffield, Ijord 41 

Suffolk, Earl 9 

Sundridge, Lord 35 

^nflex, Earl 15 

Talbot, Earl 21 

Tankerville, Earl 14 

Teynham, Lord 29 

Thanet, Earl n 

Thurlow, Lord 36 

Torrington, Vifcount 24 

Townibend, Marquis ' 8 

Tyrone, Lord 40 

Uxbridge, Earl 21 

Vernon, Lord 34 

Waldegrave, Earl 16 

Wali^olc, Lord 31 

Waiiingham, Lord 37 

Warwick, Earl 1 7 
Wentworth, Vifcount 25 

Wcitmorcland,Earl 10 
Wiiloughby de Broke, Lord 28 
Wiiloughhy de Erefby, 27 

Winch^lfca, Earl 11 

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of the 

Peers and Peeresses 


'^//' 7/- ■ 

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DuJie of^ Olou center 

J Google 

D U K£ S Of £N^ L A N D 




y Google 

Di KEs OF England 






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Digitized by Google 

Digitized by Google 

AfARoiT^ssEs OF England 

^ I Googl( 

Earls of England t 

Digitized by Google 

10 Eabxs of England 

Digitized by Google 

Earls of Et^glakd // 

Dirfitizod f V Google 

m Earls of e^noland 

6'f/his/'f>n'//''A Plymouth 

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, Google 


Dar/rnoa/A Tfi/UrnM 

Y^tJmmt.t' MtuUm ft 

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Digitized by Google 


, Google 

. . . • . 

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KARLS of Evglaxd 

n Chester De/a/Mir 


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Rari.s of England 

'IT . . UM^m*- Mutism J« 

Digitized by GoogI 

Earls ok£xgl.\:nd 






Vise oi: NTS OF England 


Bit// mfftfohe 

lorn Htf ion 



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jlru/tflf/ of Wnftii>ur 


Te vnJuim 



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Bauons of Rxoland 



r 1 

1 ipsy' 




Barons or enolaxij 


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BAR.ONS OF England j, 

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M Barons ofExgi^\xd 

V MfawM LXydmiJi 

Digitized by Google 

Barons ot England 






Am Ji erst 

II,. XfiuLm ft 

Digitized by Google 

Barons of Exgl.vxd 





Lou^h horoiicik 

Digitized by Google 


sa Barons of Enoi^nd 

Digitized by Google 

(^rn/ e^e Wt/fon Somers 

Digitized by Google 

Baroxsof England 

Digitized by Google 

Barons or England 44 


Digitized by Google 

/2 Barons OK ENGi^wD 

Digitized by GoOgle 


Digitized by Google 

r I 

I . 


Digitized by G(v 

T « fi 

P £ £ R A G £ 




THE mod high, puiflant, and moft illuftrious Prince 
Ctrkat Britain*, Prince of WALES, Ek£toral Prince of 
Bruiifwick-Liincnbuigh, Duke of CORNWALL and Rothc- 
fay. Earl of Chcller and Carrick, Baron of Renfrew, Lord of 
the Ifles, Great Steward of Scotland, Captani (jeneral of the 
Honourable the Artillery Company of London, High Steward 
of Plymouth, he. and .i Knight of the Garter. 

His Royal ilighncls was burn Augull i?,, 1762, and oil the 
17th ot the lame month, hi^ Majefty ordered letters patent for 
creating him Prince of Wales and Earl of Chefter, and he took 
feis feat in the Houfe of Peers Nov, 1 1, 1783, and at the Privy 
Council the 21ft of the faiiic month. 

Arms.] Are thofe of his Majelly^ difierenccd by a label of 
three points, argent, in chief. 

Crest.] Oa z crown of one arch, compoied of croflb pat> 
tee, fleun'de-lxti and ftrawbcrry leaves, a lion of England^ 
enmned with a like evomnf and charged on the breafl with a 
label, as in the atnis* 

SuppORTBRt,] Are thofe of his Majefly, the lion crowned as 
thecreft^ and both gorged with a label of three points* 
Motto*] IcbDinu I ferre* 

• Sdivard| iStic Black Prince, was the ftril Duke of Cornwall created 
in perpetuity to his 1 ciis; by virtue of wliich the cldeil fon of the 
of cngland is Bukc ot Cornwall, as foon as born. 
• The Earldom of Cliclicf is by creation, h\ letters patent, and iiai beta 
annexed to the eldeft fon of the King-of En^and ever lince T147* 

The, title of Hereditary Steward 0? Scotland, &c. were titles annexed by 
Kobert ITT. 1599, to the clde^ Prince of Scotland as foon as born» and have 
• continued fo ever fuice. ' ' 

Tbe rifle of Prince of Wales was firft confen^ en the infant ibn of Bd« 
Ward iaS4i aodlua asm bm beflowed but on the hdr U the throne. 
Vouh DUKE 

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t a 1 

DUtE ojr YOSLIC ■ 

q^HE moft ilbftrioQS Prince FJIEDERICK, Dnke of YORA 
^ and ALBANY in Great Brttoin, and Earl of ULSTER m, 
Irfl^nd; Biijiqp of Ofn^burgb in43emianyy,Knight.Ckf theG^rr 
tpr ind Kni^t of the Bafh, kc^, fccond foa «f his M<^efly» ^c* 
a Lieut. General in tlie Army^ CoL of the fecond regiment of 
Foot Guards, or Coldftream Regiment, and Prefident of the 
Lock Hofpital. iii^ Koyal Hi^'nefs was bom Aug. i6, 1763, 
;aid was created to the above titles, Nov. 27, 1784, andelei^ecl 
Biflu^ Qt Ofnabif rgh, Feb. 27, 1 764. Uomaxriod. 

Arms.] The fame as the Royal Arms, except in the Efcut" 
clieon, furtout, argent^ rnhkh is charged with a Cathariner 
Wheel, gala, as the enfign of his Biihoprick ; and in chief a 
label of three points charged with a fteur-de-lis, azurey on the 
middle point, wirli acrofs on each of the other four, guUs, 

CREstJ The fame as the Priiide of Wales's, but charged with 
a label at thiec points, asthearins, on the breail. 

SuppORTUs.] The fame as the Phaocof Wales*Sy diarged 
with a label as the cred as colkredt 

8&AT.} Oaclands, in Surry. ^ 



f^HZ moft illuflrious Prince WILLIAM-HENRY, D&ke 
of CLARENCE, and ST. ANDREU^s in Great Britain, 
and Earl ot MUN8TER rn Ireland, Knight of the Garter^ and 
Knight of the Thiille, third fon of his Ms^eftyi aCa|tt9tin in 
the Royal Navy. His Royal Highnefs was bom Aug. Zf^ 
1768, and was created to* the abovs titles May 169 ij9q. 

Arms, Crfst^ and Supporters.] The fame a» the Dnke of 
York, (wcept the badge of the Bilhoprickv • 


THE moR illuftrious Prince WILLIAM- HENRY, Dw£« 
of GLOUCESTER and EDINBURGH, in Great Britain^ 
and Earl of CONNAUGHT in Ireland, by patent Nov. i^, 
1764; next Brother to his Majefty; Gen. of his Majefty's 
Forces; Col. of the firft 4Kf Foot Gnacds, Chancellor of 
the Univerlity of Dublin | RaD|pr suvd Kodfev 9i Windfor Fa- 

Digitized by CoogI( 

2)UK& or CtiOlJCEStEltt % 

ieA and Cranbourn Chace; Ranger of Hampton Court Park, 
Warden and Keeper of New-Foreft m^.Hampfhire^ &o« and 
Kuight of the Gartcr/in 1762. He was bom Nov. 2c, 1743, 
and was created Duke and Earl as abovey Nov. ly, 1 704. He 
was marrM Sept. 6y 1766, her Ladyfhlp'^ lioute in Pall 
Mall, bj the Rev. Robert Morton, her domeftic chaplain, t(» 
Marta» Countefs Dowager of Waldgrate, daughter of the lata 
Sir Edward Wilpdle, Knight of the Bath* by whom he has had 

Sophia-Matilda, born May 29* 17 73- 

Carolihs^Auovsta'^MaILia, bora June 24, 1774, died 
Klaith 14, 1775. 

WiLUAM-F&BDEUCK, bpm at Rooe, Jan. 15, 17 76* 

AnBls, Cr^st, and SbppORtBRS.] The lame as thofe of hit 
Kfajeily, differenced with a label of five points, orgeHtf thi 
toiiddle point charged with a fleur-de-lis, msure, the other fout 
With a crofs, ^uUs* 

CbiBF S£Ats«] Cranbourh and Hampton-eonrt Lodges, ii| 
^ddkfex ; and Lyndbtirft, iii Hampfliirt* 


THE moft illuftrious Prince HENRY-FREDERICK, Dnke 
of CUMBERLAND and- STRATHERN in Great Bri^ 
tain, Earl of DUBLIN in Ireland ; fecond Brother to his Ma- 
jefty. Ranger of Windfor Great Park, and Admiral of the Whit« 
S<]uadron,nKnight of the Garter, and PreiLdent of the Military 
School at Chelfea; was born Nor. 7, 1745, and was created 
l>nke and Earl as above, 06^. 18, 1766. His Royal Highnefs 
tnarried in 0£k. 2, 177 X, the Hon. Anne Hortoii, widow of 
Chriftophcr Horton, Elq. of Catton Hall, in the county of 
Derby. Her Royal Highnelii is daughter of the late Right Hon* 
Simon Luttrell, Baron Irnham and Yifcbunt Carhampton, of thd 
kingdom of Ireland, defcendedfrom the Luttrclls, Barons of Irn« 
ham, in Lincolnfhire, in the reigns of the Edwards ^d Henrys* 
Arms, Crests, and Supporters.] The fame as the Duktf 
of Gloticcflcr's, differenced by the latel. 

Chief Seats.] Great Lodge in Windfor Park; andCahnott 
iPark in Hampihire* 

t % PUK£S, 

Digitized by 

£ 4 ] 

O U K £ S. 

HE inoft noble Prince CHARLES HOWARD,r Dtfke ot 

> NORFOLK, Earl MarAial, ani hereditary Earl Marflial 
of England^ Earl of Arundel, Surry, arid Norfolk, Baron of 
Mowbray, Howard, Stgrave, Brewle of Gower, Fitz-Alan^ 
Warren, Clun, Ofwaldeffre, Maltravers, Grcyftock, Fumival 
Verdon, Lovetot, Strange of Blackmere, and Howard of Cal^ 
tle-Riiihg; Premier Duke, Earl, aiid Baron of England, next the 
blood royal, and chief ofthe£unilyof Howards,* He fucceded 
his father Charles the late Duke, Aug. i, 1786* Born March 
15, 1746 ; married July 7, 1767, Mary-Anne, fole daughter and 
heir of John Coppinger, Ell^. of Ballyvolane in the county of 
Cork, in Ireland, who died in child-bed without ifTue, May 28* 
1768, • He married fecondly, on April 2, 1771, Frances, only 
*daufrhter and- heir of the late Charles Fitzroy Scudamore, Efq. 
of Home Lacy, in Hercfordfliire, by the repudiated Duchefs of 
Beaufort, (only daughter and heir of James Vifcount Scuda- 
more of Ireland) by whom he has no iflue* 

Several of our gencalogiils have endeavoured to fct forth 
the antiquity of this great and noble family, deducing tlicir de- 
fcent from the Saxons ; others from Anbcr, Earl of Pafly in 
Normandy, an attendant on William, whofe dcfcendant po^Ief-* 
fing the caflle of Howard in I'lintfliire, called it his Denne^ 
tvhich to this day ts called Howardcn ; from him defcendcd 

Wit T,T AM Howard, Judge of the Court of Common Pleaa, 
who had fummons amongil the reft of the Judges to fevcral Par- 
liaments held in the reigns of £dw» I* and IL He married Alice, 
daughter of Sir Edw. I itton, and was fuccecded by Sir John, 
his fon, who fcrved Kirig F.dward II* in his wars againft the 
Scots and French, and died in 1331, the 5th of Edward HI* 
He married Jonn, daughter of John de Cornwall, and was fuc- 
cecded hy Sir John, his fon, who in lOth Edward III. was Ad-- 
miral of the King's fleet, and a Knight Banneret, and aflifted at 
the liege of Calais. He married Alice, daughter and heir of 
- Sir Robert de Boys, and was fuccecded hy Sir Robert his fon, 
who in 2d Richard II. was committed to the Tower for detain- 
ing Margaret de Norford from Lady Alice Nevil, her grand- 
mother; and dying in 1389, 12th Richard II. left iflucby Mar- 
garet, daughter of Robert, Lord Scales, another Sir John, who 
was retained to ferve King Richard IL for life; and he marry- 
ing to his firfl wifr, Margaret, daughter and heir to Sir fohii 
Phii7c, of Tofts, in Norfolk, Knight, by her had a fon. Sir 
John, who dying ia hi& iathcr's lii'e*timcj left iiTue by Joan, 


Digitized by Google 


daughter of Sir Richard Walton, Knight, Elirabelh, his fole 
daughter and lieir, who married John Vcr^, \\?,t\ of Oxford, 
by whom the title of Lord Scalci, went into thai tumily ; but 
the faid Sir (ohn, l iilit-r of tins laft Sir John, marrving to his 
fecond wife Alice, daughterand heir to Sir William 'rendering, 
ot Tcnderingliali in Suffolk, Knight, by her had Sir RcijLTt his 
heir and fucccffor. He married Margaret, eldell daughterand 
co-heir of Thomas de Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk, fo created 
in 1397, by Elizabeth, h< irefsof Fitz-Allan, Earl of Arundel 
and Surry, (Son of jolm, Lord Mowbray of Axholme, by 
Elizabeth his wife, daughter and co-heir to John, Lord Se- 
grave, by Margaret his wife, Duchefs of Norfolk, eldcft of the 
two daughters and co-heirs of Thomas de Krotherton, Earl of 
"Norfolk, 5th fon to King Edward I. but eldeft by iiis fecond wife 
JMargaret, daughter of Philip the Hardy, King of France) and 
by her had Sir John his heir, and a daughter Catherine, who 
was the fecond wife of Edwatd Nevil, firft Lord Abergavenny; 
and the faid Sir Robert dying in his father's life-time, the faid 
(firft Duke) ,Sir John, liis fon, fucceeded his grandfather. In 
tlie 1 2th of Edward IV. he was l uinmonedto parliament among 
the Batons of England. In the j8th of Edward IV, he waa 
snade Conftable of the Tower of London, and the next year. 
Captain Cicneral of the King's fleet againft the Scots, and Knt. 
of the Garter, On the 28th of June 1483, he was made Earl 
Mar/hal of England, and created Duke of Norfolk, and at the 
coronation of King Richard ITL was High Steward of England 
for the day. He was then likewife made Lord Hiflh Adiniial 
of England, Ireland, and Aquitain, for life ; but the next 
year, being placed in the front of the King's army at Bofworth 
r ield, was there il.nri with the King, Aug. 22, 1485, and was 
attainted the iH Henry VII. HeniiHTud ift Catherine, daugh- 
ter to William, Lord Moline, and by licr had Thomas hishcii .— 
Anne, man to Sir Edward Gorges, Knt,' — Ifabel to Sir Ro- 
bert Mortimer, Knt. — Jane to Sir John 'I'impei ly, Knt.- — Mar- 
garet, to Sir John Windham, Knt. anceflor of the Earl of 
Egrcmont. And bv his 2d wife, Margaret,- daughter to Sir 

iohn Chedworth, Knt, he had Catherine, married to John 
tourchicr. Lord Berncrs. 
(2d, D.) Thomas his heir was Efquire of the body to King 
Edward I V. and was retained to ferve him in his wars, and ia 
the I ft of Richard III. at the time hU father was made a Duke, 
was created £arl of Surry, and though he took part with that 
King, being taken prtfoner at Bofworth, yet after above three 
Tears impHfonment in the Tower> did King Henry VIL reeeivo 
Atoi ioto favopr^ and made him one of his Priv^r Council, and 
in the 4th of that reign^ he was reftored to his title of Earl 
^f Surry t In the X5th Henry VIK he -attended the Kin^ 
«nd Queen to CsIm^ tbq next year hi was mde L^-High 

B 3 Tiet* 

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Treafurer of England; and after\vard.s Knt. of the Garter, In 
the fi[ il Hen. Viir. he was again appointed one of the Privy 
Couacii and Lord High Treafurer; and the next year was made 
Far! Marfhal of England for life. In 4th Henry VIII. he was 
With that King at the taking Therouennc and Tournay; an4 
afterwards being fent General agninft the Scots, routed their 
army at Flodden-t ield^ where King James IV, was (lain (in 
this battle, his fon Thomas, Lo: \1 High Admiral, attended him, 
and his other fon Edmund led the van) and for that fignal fer- 
vice, had a fpecial grant from the King to himfelf and the heirj* 
males of his body, of an honourable augmentation of his arms, 
x\z* to bear on a bend in an efcutcheon, the upper lialf of a red 
lion, (depicted as the arms of Scotland) pierced through the 
jnouth with an arrow, together with a grant of 29 manors. 
He was alfo advanced to the dignity of Duke of Norfolk, which 
title John his father (deriving his delcent through the heirs fe- 
male of Mowbray, and Segrave, iroin Thomas of Brotherton) 
did enjoy ; and the next yeat had a new patent for the office of 
Lord Treafurer ; and dying in 1524, was buried at Thetford^ 
He married to his firfl wife, Elizabeth, daughter .uid fole heir- 
to Sir r rcdcrick Tilncy, Knt. and widow of Humphrey Bour- 
chicr, Lord Bernel^, and by her had eight fons and three daugh- 
ters, whereof Elizabeth was ir,:.rried to Thomas Vifc. Rochford 
afterwards Earl of Wiltlluic and Ormond, a;i!i vv is nKTilKr of 
i\nna Bullen; Murial, hril, to lohn Grey Vifc. Liile, and fc- 
condly to Sir Thomas Knavct, Knt. aiid Marv, to Henry Fitz— 
roy, Duke of Richmond, natural fon of King Henry VIII, 
And by his fecond \Vife, Agnes, daughter of Hugh, and fifler 
>nd heir to Sir Philip Tilney, Knt. he had four fons, and four 
daughters : of which, Anne was married to John Vere, Earl of 
Oxford; Dorothy to Edward Stanley, Earl of Derby; EVn^ 
beth, to Henry Fitzwalter, Earl of SufTex ; and Catherine^ firft 
to Sir Rhefe ap Thomas, and after to Henry Daubeney, Earl 
•f firi^water* Of the fons by the 2d marriage, which were 
lrf>rd8 Williain, Thomas, George, and Richard, the eldeft waai 
created fiaron Howard of Effingham? and the 2d having 'mar<i 
ried the Ladj Margaret Douglas, daughter to Marearet Queen 
of Scots, by the Earl of Angus, and niece to King Henry, waA 
attainted of treafon, upon fnfpicion of afpiringto the crowo^ 
imd died in the Tower, 29th of Elizabeth. Of the fons, hf 
Elizabeth Tilney, his firft Vrlfe, which were Lords, Thomas, 
Edward, £tfmi;nd, Henry, John, CharUs, Henry, and Richard, 
the fire latter died young ; but Lord Edmttnd was MaHh^l of 
liqrfe ill xh^ battle of Flodden-Field 5th Henry YIIL and inar-» 
iMtQ his ad wife :| daughter of Thomas Th^ys, Efq. by whom 
1^ h^i np iflne 3 hot hy his ift wife, who was Joyce, daughter 
to Sir Richard Colepepper, of Hollingboume lii Kent^ Knt« 
'Wl t}K?c foti^ frf^ 4ac|lit<!tt, Qf tfet^ daughters;^ MAr-i 

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l^ret married Sir Thomas Arundel, Knt. (grandfather to Tho- 
mas, the ift Lord Arundel ofWarduur) Catherine was 5th 
wite of King Henry Vlll. MAty married Ildmund Traffordj 
Efq. Joyce to John Staiiny, Efq, and I In Ik! 10 — Bay n ton, 
Eftj. and the Ions, winch were Henry, Sir George and Sir 
Charles, all died without ifluc. Lord Edwaid the 2d fon, b)f 
Elizabeth TilncT, his hri[ wiiv, wis a perfon of the greateft 
account of his time, iidcI was Knt. of the (jaitei. In tlic 7th 
of Henry VIL he was in the expedition made into Flanders, in 
beiialf of Maximilian the Emperor; in ilie iil of Henry VIII, 
he was made ftandard bearer to that King, and in the 4th Lord 
High Admiral of England, at which time he convoyed the 
Marcjnis of Dorfet into Spain, in aid of the Emperor I- erdinand^ 
iigainft the French; and having with his fleet cleared the Teas 
from enreraiesy he landed m Britanv, did great execution in th^ 
coutttrT> and brought «waj rich ipotU; he Ukewife fouglit and 
took £ar Andrew Barton the ftnona Scottifii pirate, 3d of 
Hcnrj VIIL hnt afterwards refolving to attempt the French ta 
their harhoorty be entered a galley and boarded the Admkal of 
the French gallies: but the grapplings giving way, the galliot 
flueeced afnader, and left him in the hands of his enemies ; when 
in the heat of the a^on he was thrown over-board, and died 
without iflhe, the 5th of Hmry VIIL having married Alicdt 
filler to Henry Lovely Lord Morley, widow of Sir William 
Parkeff Knt« Having donfe with. the youogar branches^ I now 
proceed with 

(«l D.) Thomas, eldeft fon by Elizabeth Tilney the xft wlfe» 
In the 5th Henry VIIL upon the death of the Lord Edward 
his brother, being then Knt. of the Charter, he wa^ conflitated 
Lord Admiral in his Aead. Upon the invafion of King James 
IV, of Scotland, be landed a veteran troop of 5000 men, and 
joined his father, the Earl of Surry, then General of the Engw 
iiih Army; and fent a meffage to that King to juAify Sir An* 
drew &rton's death* At the battle oT Flodden- Field, witb 
his younger brother Sir Edmund, he commanded the vm- 
guard, where he behaved him^^eif with exceeding gallantry ; 
amd feeing his faid brother in diftrefs, came with Sir Edward 
Stanley to his fuccour. In confideration of which great fcr- 
vices^ he in the faid 5th of Henry VIIL was created Earl of 
Surry; and upon a difpute in parliament concerning his place 
there, it vrjis declared, that he ihould fit according to his crea- 
tion, and not as a duke's eldeft fon. In the 12th Henry VIIL 
he was conftinited Lord Deputy of Trelnnd, where he fuppreflcd 
the irruprinn of the 0*N(':tis and O'Carols ; atterwnirls he per* 
formed ni r.v i «»'nal lerviccs in France, and was conftitute^l l>(>rd 
yi\^h Trc iliircr nf KnsTland, and made Ciencral of the King's 
whole aiinv, dcficjQcd to march againii the Scots; and all in 

his §3^f§ kk-iufm Vpon bis ^ther'» dcatbt ^iH^ 

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again made General of the army raifed to advance into Scotland, 
in uidcr to iti the young' king Ircc, whom the Dukcot Albany 
kept at Stirling; and afterward attended King Henry into 
France. He was likewife fent ambaflador to the King of 
France, to attend him to Nice, and commune with the Pope on 
his delay, touching King Henry's divorce from Queen Cathe- 
xincy and in the 5th Henry VlIL he was, appointed Earl Mar« 
lhal of England and Viceroy of Ireland, In the i8th Henry 
VIIL he marched to the amftance of the Earl of Shrewih^iry, 
towards fupprefling that memorable infnrre^bion in YofkAutCp 
called the Pilgrimage of Grace : hot after all thefe great fer- 
Vices and honourable charees, by the iniinuating perfuafions of 
fotae of the nohility, whobore him nogpod-wil^ the King wis. 
fo '£lr miflfid and incenfed againft him^ that he not only com^ 
fnanded him prifoner to the Tower» hut gave orders for feining; 
his goods, and gave notice to his ambaiudocs abroad, that he 
and his fon had eonfpircd to take upon them the govemmeat 
during his life, and after his death, to get the prince into their 
hands ; for which, heing both attainted in parliament, his fon 
loft his head, and the Doke had fared but little better, had not 
' the death of the King prevented it. And fo implacable was the 
inalice of his enemies, that though a pardon was given by pro- 
clamation, at the beginning of the feign of Edward VI. to all 
perfons for what crimes foever; yet was he, with five others^ 
particularly excepted, and continued prifoner till difcharged by 
Q^Mary, in i553. He married firfl Anne, daughter to King 
Edward IV. by whom he had a fon Thomas, who died young. 
By his fecond wife, Elizabeth, daughter to Edward Stafford, 
Duke of Buckingham, he had twD fons, Henry and Thomas; 
of which, Henry was Earl of Surry, and was beheaded as above- 
mentioned ; but Thomas the 2d fon was reOored in blood, the 
ift Queen Mary, and in the i i\ Eli/abeth advanced to the title 
of Vifc. Howard, of Binddn, m the county of Dorfct. He 
married firfl, Elizabeth, youngcft daughter and co heir to John 
Lord Marney, of Bindon ; adly, Gertrude, daughter to Sir 
William Lyte, of Lyte's Gary in the county of Somerfet, KnU 
3dly, Mabel, daughter to Nicholas Burton of Carllialton, in 
the county of Sui ry, FJ q ; by whom he li.ul Frances, who firft 
married to Henry Pranel, v intner of Loiulon ; 2dly, to Ed- 
ward Seymour, Earl of Hertford ; and liillly, to Lodowick. 
Stuart, Duke of Lennox. By his 2d, he had one fon, Charles 
Lyte, alias Howard, and a daughter Grace, married to Mildmay 
the fecond Earl of W e lim ore! and, and the fatd Charles Lyte had 
a daughter Anne, married to Sir William Thorneyhurt, of the 
county of Kent, Knt. and by his firft had four fons, Henry, 
Thomas, l rancis, ami Ciiles. and a daughter Grace, married tQ 
John Horfey, Efq. and ot tiie fons, the clJeft, 1582, fuccecd- 
fd hizn in Uie ucIq of Vile, iiiadon, but died without iiTue^ as 
•u. ^ did 

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did Thomas his brotht^T and heir, who was Knio iit of the Garter. 
His other brothers Ivjing dead t)ctore, wcrclurii to ilcnry, Lail 
of Surry, who was bcht^aded. He married 1 ranees, daughter 
to John Verc, Earl of Oxiord, and by her left two fons, and 
three daughters ; whereof Jane was married to Charles, Earl of 
W'cftmoreiand ; Margaret, to Henry Lord Scroop of Bolton; 
and Catherine to Henry the 7th Lord Berkeley. Of the fons^ 
which were Thomas and Henry, the latter, with his faid three 
iiflers, wat reftored in hlood the lift of Elizabeth, He was ono 
«f the PriTy Council to King James L by whom he was created 
Lord Howard of Mamhil], in the county of Dorfet, and Earl of 
Northampton; and made Lord PrivT Seal, Warden of the 
Cinque Ports, Knt» of the Garter, and Chancellor of the Uni- 
irerfity of Cambridge, where (in K ir.g\ College) he had his edu- 
cation, and afterwards founded and endowed no lefs than three 
hofpitals, Ytz. one for twelve poor women, and a governor, at 
Rifing in Norfolk; another for twelve poor men, and a gover- 
flior, at Clnn in Shropfhire; and the 3d &t Greenwich, in Kent, 
for a governor and twenty poor men, of whom, eight are to be 
chofen out of Shotiham in Norfolk, his birth-place* This Earl 
died unmarried on the 1 5th of June, 1624, and was buried in * 
an ancient chapel in the caftle at Dover* We now return to 

(4th D.) Thomas the elder bi other, who upon the death of 
Tiis grandfather Thomas, Duke of Norfolk, fucceeded him in his 
honour and eftate, theadk of his grandfather's attainder being re-» 
pealed, as before-mentioned. In the ift Elizabeth, he was made 
Knt. of the Garter, and two years after conllituted Lieut. Ge- 
neral for the northern parts of the realm ; but in the 1 1 th of tliat 
reign the Queen began to fufpedl him as too much inclined to 
the Queen of Scots, whom it was reported he defigned to marry ; 
to which marriage the Queen being averfe, the Duke retired into 
Norfolk, with a refolution, notwithAanding, to purfue his for- 
mer courtlhip ; which being difcovcred, he was imprifoncd the 
14th of that reign, and the next year brought to his trial, when ' 
his charge amounted to high treafon, viz. That he had con- 
fpired the dethroning of the Queen, and bringing in forei^ 
forces ; that he had applied to tlic Pope and Spaninrds for that 
purpoie; and that he endeavoured the enlargement of the Queen 
of Scots ; Yor which he was found guilty by his Peers, and on the 
ad of June, 1573, beheaded on 'Power-hill. He married firfl: 
Marv, daughter to Pki^ry P itz-Alan, Earl of Arundel, with 
whom he had the manor and caifleof Arundel, in SulPcx, (which 
continues in his family to this day) and by her had Philip, his 
heir ; by his 2dwi^ who was Margaret, daughter and fole heir 
of Thomas, Lord Audley of Walden, he had Thomas, the fir ft 
Earl of Suffolk of this family, fummoned to ParliaiTient as Lord 
Howard of Waldcn, in 1597, and 1601, in the life time of hi* 

iachor, aad was the auceilor mati^rnally of ihc prefcnc 1 ord 


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Howard ot Walden ; Williarrij from whom the ],.irl of Cnrliflc 
is delccndcd ; and a daughter Margaret, married to Robert back- 
villc, Earl of Dorlct, 

Philip, his eldeft fon, was Earl of Arundel, as owner of Arun- 
del Caftle, by defcent from his motJicr, and was hv tl^it title 
fommoned to the Parliament held the 23d of Eli^Lal cth, and 
afterwards by fpecial adi was rcilorcd in blood by the fame Par- 
liament ; but not long after, by the contrivance of Robert, Earl 
bf Lcicefter, and Secretary WaKingham, he was confined to his 
boufe ; and endeavouring to go beyond fea for fecunty and de- 
votion, l>eing at his embarking betrayed by fomc of his fcrvants, 
was apprehended, and fent prifoner to the Tower ; and foon 
•Iter a charge was brought againft him in the Star-chamber, for 
fupporting Romiili Pricfts, and holding correfpondence with Je- 
foitey and other fraiterous people, who confpired the ruin of 
thdr prince and country ; for which lie was £ned lo^oool. and 
t« fnffier imprifooRient during the Queen^s pleafufe. But it 
foms this feverity was not fnfScient; ibr, in 1590, he was tried 
for high trealbn by hie Peers: the paniculars cf the treafon 
XfWf his contra^ing a ftridl frteiidihip with Cardinal Allen^ 
and ParfonS) the Jefnits^ for reftoring the Romiih religion : that 
he was privy to the excommunicating Hull of Pope Sixtus Quin* 
tas^ and that he caiifed mafs to be Taid for the fiiccels of ihe 
3panifh Armada; and being found guilty, he had fentence of 
death pronounced againft him ; but being remanded to the Tower^ 
his execution was refpited. He is faid to have fpent the T€- 
matnder of his lift in exerciles of aufterity and devotion^ aii4 
died a prifoner in 1595. He married Anne, daughter to Tho^ 
tnas, and fifter and coheir to George, Lord Dacres of GUlifland, 
by whom he left Thomas» his only child» who was reftored ia 
Mood by the Parliament, i Jac. I. and to all the titles of ha^ 
lK>ur and precedence loft by his Other's attainder, and was en-* 
Hailed Knt. of the Garter, 9 Jac. h and in 10 Jac* L was con- 
flituted Earl Marlhal of England for life ; and in the aoth of 
the fame reign, advanced to the title of the £arl of Norfolk $ 
hot afterwards obtaining leave of the King to travel, died at Ve^ 
fiice, O^oher 4, 1646. He married Alathea, daughter and co- 
(leir^to Gilbert Talbot, the 7th Earl of Shrewftiury, and by her 
left two fons, Henry and William ; of which Henry was L.or4 
.Mowbray and Maltravers, and William was Knight of the Bath ; 
fk$ alfo in 16 Car. I. created Baron of Stafford, having married 
t1ie Lady Mary, fifter and fole heir to Henry Lord Stafford, an4 
fhe it the fame time was created a Baroitefs. Henry Lord Mow- 
bray, who fucceeded his father in his honours, was alfo Earl 
Marfhal,and marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Efme Stuart, Lord 
d'Aubignie, and Earl of March, aftetwards Duke of Lenox, hf 
her had nine fons, and ttvo daughters ; whereof Catherine waa 

HiJirrjccl to John Digby^of OothuiHi 6f<itiUi4EU«rt)^Uito Alen^ 


under Mnc^lonnel, grandfon to Sir |aincs Macdonncl, brother to 
Randal the i irll, harl of .Yntnni, in Ireland ; and of tlie nine 
fons, which were Thomas, Henry, InccefTive Dukes, as here- 
laftcr ; Philip, a Cardinal of the church ot Rome, aiul Loid Al- 
moner to Qvicen Catherine, Conlort of Charle?^ IL who tUed at; 
Koine, )unc 16, 1694, in the 65th year of his age, Charles, an- 
ccllor of the prdrjit iJuke, who married Mary, eldell daughter 
and co-heir of Geo. Tatterfhall, of P inchainpflead, in Berks, 
who (lied Nov. 7, 1695, leaving ilTue two fons, Charles nn4 
Flenry, the youngelt of whom died voimc; ; n?id Charles their 
lather dying March 31, 17 13, having been Jeated at Greyftocke, 
in Cumberland, was fucceeded by his (on Charles, who died 
June 10, 1720, having married Mary, daughter and coheir of 
Jolin Aylward, Elq* who died 06^. 2, I747> having had three 
daughter^, Mary, Catherine, and Frances, all of whom died un- 
married; and three fons, Henry the eldell, and Thomas the 3dt 
fon, died unmarried, and the 20 fon Charles, fucceeded in 1777 
to tho title of Duke of No-rfolk, &c. on the death of the late 
Duke. — i albot, Edward, Francis, all three died unmarried. — 
Bernard married Catherine, fifter to his brother Charles's lady, 
by whom he had ilfue three da\jghters, Elizabeth, Mary, and 
Catliermc, who all become Nuns, and died at BruiTels ; and two 
fons, Bernard, who married Anne, daughter of Chriftophcr Ro^ 
per, 4th Lord Teynham, by whom he had iflue, ift. Bernard, 
who died young; 2d. Henry, of Sheffield, in Yorklhire, Efq, 
horn April 9, 171a; but died Nov. 11, 1787 ; married 06V. 30, 
1764, Juliana, 2d daughter of Sir William Muiineaux, Bart, by 
whom he has three Ions and two daughters now living, viz, 
Mnry-jBridget, born in6i, married to the eldeft fon of the 
prefent Lord Petre; Juliana-Barbara, born 1769, married t^o the 
prefcnt Lord Petre, and is mother-in-law to bar elder fifter; Bcr- 
jiard-Edward, born 1765, the prefcnt heir to the Dukedom ; 
Henry -Thomas, born Odt. 1766; Edward-Charles, horn 1774,— 
Efmc, the youngefl, died in 1 728, having married, and ha4 
iffue, only a daughter, who died unmarried in 1736, 

(5th D.) Ttiomas the eldeft, on the 17th of April, 16^2,' 
fucceeded his i.ulicr in his honours and titles of i^ari ot Arua- 
lU:!, Surry, and Norfolk; and in 1661, the 13th Charles II. was 
reiioicd to the title oi Duke of Norfolk ; but he dyin^ at Padua, 
In Italy, 1678, unmarried, the title dcfcciulcd to 

(6th D.) Henrv his brother, who on the 27th pf March, 
21 Car. II. was created Lord Howard of CafUc-Rifing, in Nor- 
folk; as on the 19th of 06^ober, 1672, he w as created Earl of 
Norwich, to him and to the heirs male of his body ; .ind alfo by 
the fame patent had granted the office and dignity of Earl Mar- 
jfhal jof England, to him, ?ind to the heirs male of his body ; an4. 
pn default of fuch iffue, to the heirs male of the body of Tho-, EmI pf Arun^^l; Hf^^J Nprfplk, grandfather pf thd 

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V ]»UK£ OF nohfole: 

faidHcnrV) Lord Howard; and for default of fuch iflue, to the 
heirs male of the bodv of the Lord William Howard, ofNa - 
Wortli, in the countv of Cumberland, youngcH fon of Thomas 
3 )uke of Nortoik, (v. liO was bclicadcd 14 Eliz.) and fur default 
oi lucii iflue, to Charles Howard, Lord Effingham, and Earl of 
Nottingham, aiul the heirs male of Ills body. He married to his 
firil wife, the Lady Anne Somcriet, clcU;. ciaughter to Edward 
Mart[i: is of Worcefter, by Elizabeth Dumber, his firil wife, tiie 
Lady Aiuic Soiricrfet, eldeft daiiglitcr to Ed^said rvlai juib of 
Worcefter, bv Eliz^ab. .h Dormer, lili> ^.rit witc, and by lier had 
two fons ami tlirct tUraghtcrs ; aad-by Iiis feconj, vvliowas jane, 
daughter of Robert i>ickerton, Efq. he bad George llou.nd, 
who married Arabella, dauglUcr aiid lole heir to Sir E^lnuinJ 
Allen, Eart. widow of Francis M homfon, of Humbleton, jn 
county of York, Efq. — James Howard, who died a Ijacliclor^ 
being drowned in Auguil, 1702, attempting to ride ovfji Snt- 
ton-Wafh, in Lincolnfhire. — Frederick Henry How nd, who 
married Catherine, daughter to Sir Francis Blake, of iht county 
of Oxford, and reh(5b of Sir Richard Kennedy, Kart. by whom 
fhc had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Sir William iJudley, 
Bart, this lady died in January, 1731 ; and the faid P redcnck 
jiedon the i6th of March, 1727.— Catherine and Anne, both 
Nuns in Flanders; but the Lady Philippa married William 
Standifli, of Standilh-Hall, in the county of Lancafter, Efq. and 
died in Jan. 1683. Of the daughters by the firA wife, which 
were» Anne-Allathca, Elizabeth and Frances^ the latter was 
narriedto the Marqnis of Valparefa, a Spanilh Count in Flan- 
ders; the 2d, to Alexander Gordon, Marquis of Huntly, in 
' Scotland, who was created Duke of Gordon; ihe died in July» 
1732, and the eldeil died ii^ her infancy* The fons were . 

(7 th D.) Henivy and Thomas, the eldeft on the 29th of Jan* 
1677, wasfummoned to Parliament by writ, by the title of Lord 
Mowbray* On Jan* 11, 1683, he fucceeded his father in all his' 
honours* . His Grace married the Ladv Mary Mordaunt, daugh^ 
ter and fole heir to Henrv Earl of Peterborough, from whoqo^ 
Rafter be had been married near 20 ye^irs) he procured a divorce 
m Parliament, for incontinence, which in 1700, pafled both 
Houfes, and he (having no iflue by her) was enabled to marry, 
again; but dying as above, and Jeaviug no iiTue, we (hall now 
fpeak of his brother, the Lord Thomas Howard, who at the 
coronation of King James the Tid* as Lord of the Manor of 
Workfop, in the county of Nottingham, claimed to find the 
King a right-hand glove, and to fupport' the King's arm, while 
he held the fceptre, which being allowed, he performed that fer- 
vice* In 1685, he was made mailer of the robes of King James 
IK and being of th^ Romifli religion, was in great eiteem at 
Cpurt at that time; upon King Jameses withdrawing himlelf into^ 
f*iancey. thi^Lord accolnpaiUcd l^im thitbcTj. and foop^after at;) 

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ttnded him mto Ireland; tet in hts rctuta toBfefty wa$caft 
ftway in November, 1689* He (in O^ober, k68i) married * 
Mary>£Uzabeth» daug)iter and folc heir to Sir John Savile* of 
CopU y, in the county of York) Bart, and by her^ whodied Dec. 
lOy 1732, left five fonsand a daughter Mary » married to WaI-« 
ter Afton, Baron Ailon, of Fori'ar, in Scotland,' but died tn 
J 7 23 : and of the font, which were Thomas, 8th Duke of Nor^ 
folk*— Henry died unmarried, Nov. 229 1 720—Edward 9th 
Dulw. — ^Rkhard died. unmarrted«-^Philip the youngcll, on thm 
7th Jan. 1 7 25, married Winifrede, daughter of Thomas Stoner^ 
of WatUngton-Park, in the county of Oxford, £fq* and by .her, 
who died in Pcb. 173 19 had a fon named Thomas, born Feb» 4» 
J 728, and died in Jan. i763» and a daughter Winifrede, bora 
Aug. 31, 1726, married 06t. 8, 1749^ to William Lord Stont^ 
ton, and died July 15, 1754* He married, 2dly, 17399 Harriot^ 
daughter of Edward Blount, of Blagdon, in the county of Devon^ 
£fq* filler to the late Duchefs of Norfolk, and widow to Peter 
Prolt, Efq. of Antwerp, by whom, whodied 1782, he had illue^ 
Anne, born on the 29th of Auguft, 1742, married April 19, 
X762, to Lord Petre, and had tflue; and Edward, born in Ja- 
nuary, 17449 died Feb. 7, 2767 ; and the faid Philip, died Jan. 

t3, 1750. . 

' (Sth D.) Thomas, the elded of the fatd five fons, who was 

horn Dec 7, 1684, fucceeded his uncle Henry, in 1701, and in 
1709, married Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir Nicholas 
Shirburne, of Stonyhurfi, in the county of Lancafier, Bart, but 
died without tflue, Dec. 23, 1732 ; and her Grace married again 
in Augttftf 17349 to Peregrine WiddringtoUi £fq. and died in 
hcpt, 1754. He was fucceeded by 

(9th D.) Edward, his brother, 'the 9th Duke, who was 
born 16S5, and married Nov. 6, 1727, Mary, fecoild daughter 
and co-heir of Edward Blount of Blagdon, in Devo|i, Efq. Her 
Grace died without iflue, May 27, 17739 and his Grace furvived 
bertili Sept. 20, 1777 ; when the title and eftatedevolved on 

(lOth D.) Charles, his diftant coufin, grandfon of Charles 
Howard, fourth fon of Henry Frederick, Earl of Arundel> 
Norfolk, &c. (as in page tx.) His Grace was born Dec. i, 1720, 
and married, Nov. 8, 17399 Catherine, fecond daughter and co-*- 
-beir of John Brockholes, Efq. of Clayton, in Lancafhire, (de- • 
Icended from Lord Scroope of Bolton, Knight of the Garter 
ill the reign of Qpeen Elizabeth) born April 50^ 17 18, and 
died Nov. 21, 17841 by whom he had iflue two daughters^ 
!Miry, born June 1742, and died in 1756; and Catherine, whot^, 
€iied an infant ; and one ion, Charles* His Grace died Aug. 
1786, and was fucceeded by 

(nth D.) Charles the prefent Duke. 

CiiEATiONS.] Baron Howard, by writ of fummons to Par- 
liamenty O^* IS» <47Py |0 Edward IV* alfo 19th of Aag[nfty 

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H bukE ol^ NORFOLK:. 

1472. Created Earl Marihal, Earl of Surry> and Duke of KoiM 
folk, Tune 28> 1483. i Richard 111. con£riiied£ari of Surry, 

November, 1492. 8 Henry VIL and again 13th of May^ 
1509. I Henry VlII. again Earl of Surry, and Duke of Nor- 
folk, iftof Feb, 1513, 5th Henry VllK Earl of Arundel, in the 
county of SuiTex, a feudal honour, or local dignity, the only 
one in the kingdom, as adjudged in Parliament, 8th July, 1433^ 
iith of Henry VJ, by inheritance and pofleifion of the CaiUo 
of Arundel only, without any other creation ; alfo by fum- 
inons to Parliament, Jnn. 16, 1580, 23 Elizabeth, by defceht 
originally, as well before as after the Conqueft, by King Henry 
I. confirmed by King Henry II. and alfo 27th June, 1 189, ift 
Richard I. Created Earl of Norfolk, June 6, 1644. 20 Car. L 
Baron Howard, of CaiHc Riling, in tlic county of Norfolk, 
M:^rch 27, 1669, 21 Car. il. H^'redirary Knrl Niarfhal, 0<ft. 
19, 1672, 24 Car. II. Duke of Norfolk by Act of Parliament, 
livith nn entail upon the lieirs maK , ;ind tiivLTs limitation^;. May 
S, 1661, T3Car. 11. Barofi Mowhray, by writ of fummons to 
Parlianitnt, ()th March, 1678. 31 Car. II. and iikewife ii 
March, i«\^9. 15 Charles L by defceut originally, 8th June^ 
1294, 22d of Edward I. 

Arms,] Qiiarterly four coats, firfl r^v/rx, abend between fix 
crols crollets fitchy, argent^ with an augmentation, viz, on the 
upper part of the bend, an incfcutchcon, ory charged with a dcmi- 
lion rampant, pierced througli the mouth With an arrow, with- 
in a double trcfllirc, countcr-floWLTed with ilL'urs dc li^', guUSf 
and is the paternal coat of the iliuHrious family of Howard, 
id, Guh-u three lions paflant-guardant pale- ways, or, Isabel irt 
chief, of three points, arrnit, for the name of Brothcrton* 
gd, Cheque, or, and a-zure, for Warren, anciently Earl of Surry. 
4th, GuU'Sy a lion, argent, armed and ian?^iiid, o'zurey 
for Mowbray, ancitntly Duke of Norfolk ; and hclnnd the 
whole, two truncheons, or Mnrihal's Haves in faltire, ©r, ena- 
melled at cacli cv\^y fable y having the King*s arms engraven at the 
"Upper, and his own at the lower end, the badge of his high 
Ofiice, given to Thomas Mowbray, and the heirs of tiis body- 

Crest.] On a c h ape a u, rr//rr, turned up, ermirUy a lion pauant 
guardant, his tail extended, gorged with a dacal coronet, argenty 
as defccndcd from Margaret, daughter and heir of Thomas de 
Brothcrton, Lari of Norfolk, fiftli fon of Edward I. 

Supporters.] On the dexter iide a lion, and on the finifter 
a horfc, both argent , the latter holding a ilip of oak^ fru6ted^ 

Motto,] SqIq "jirtus invula. Virtue is dlonc invincible. 

Chief Slats.] At Arundel Caftle, in Sufiex ; Workfop 
Manor, in the county of Nottingham ; Dcepden, near Dorking, 
Sui rv Greyilock Cailie^ ia Cumberkad; and Home Lacy, in 


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I^HE innf} noble Prince EDWARD SEYMOUR, Duke of 
of SOMERSET, Baron Seymour and Baronet, bora Jan. 2^ 
17 17-18, fucceeded hw £»lhet the late Duke, Dec, 15, 1757, 
and is unmarried. 

William de St. Maur, fProgenitor of the ScTMurs) ,hf 
the aid of Gilbert, Earl of Pembroke^ recovered Wendy and 
Penhow, (parts of the coanty of Monmouth) from the Weldt 
nation, the aad of Henry III. From him defcended Sir John 
Seymour, who ferved King Henry VIII; in the wars in FrancQ 
and Flanders, and in the 4th of tliat reign, for his gallant be* 
haviour, at the liege of Tlv rouenne, and the battle of th& 
Spurs, had the honour of Kt. Baiii^crct conferred upon liim. Ho 
died in 1536, nnd left liiue, by Margaret ]iis wile, daughter ta 
Sir John Went worth, of Nettlefted, in SutFolk, fix li)ns and 
tour daughters ; of which daughters Jane was married to King 
Henry VOL and was mother of King Edward VI. Elizabeth 
t]ie 7(1 daughter was firft married to Sir Henry Ughtrcd, Kt- 
2 liy, to Gregory Lord Cromwell ; and laftly, ro John Lord St; 
John of Bafing, afterwards Marquis of Winchefter; and Do- 
rothy, to Sir Clement Smith, Kt* And of the foas, John tho 
eldcil died unmarried. 

(ift D.) Edward, the 2d U n, was created Duke ofSomerfet. 
Henry the 3d, was Kt. of the Bath, Sir Thomas, the 4th, in the 

t 5th Henry VIII. was Marflial of the forces. In the ill: of 
dward VI. he was created Lord Scyinour, of Sudlcy, made 
Kt. of the Ciaiter, and Eord High Admiral of England, and 
married the Lady Catherine Parr, wiJdw of King Henry VlII, 
The other fons, which were Anton s and John, died young, Ed-^ 
ward, attcrwards ]3uke of Somerict, iii the 24th Henry VllI, 
wus created V ilcount Beauchamp ; and on the iSth of OiStohcr^ 
1558, he was created Earl of Hctttord. In 1547, the King, 
lying on his death-bed, he was appointed one of his exceutors ^ 
and on the ift of February, 1547, was unanimouily clefked Pro- 
testor of the realm, and Governor of the King's perfon, until 
he (hould accomplifli the age of 18 years. On the loth of Feb* 
following, he was chofea Lord Treafurev of England, as alfor 
the 15th of the fame month, created Baron Seymour* The 
next day he waa created Duke of Somctfet ; but this Duke feU 
hj the ax, throujj;h the pride of his ad wife, Anne Stanhope, 
^ugbter to Sir ^watd Stanhope, an^ heir to her mother, Eli- 
zabeth, fiHer to John Bourchier, Earl of Bath,^ and great grand-^ 
4mghter of WiOiam Bourchier, Earl of Ewe, In Normandy, by 
Anne^ btswtft^ daughter and fole heir to Thomas of Wood' 
ftock, Dnkeof Glottcefter, 7th and youngeft fon of King Ed^- 
wi^d IIL Thomas, LordSudley, the Lord High Admirai, hro* 


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ther to the Duke, having married Catherine Parr, Qucea 
Dowager to King Henry Vill. the Duchefs of Somerfct eft vied 
the marriage, as Lord SuJley's wife ciaiaied precedence before 
her, and poiTeil'ed the Duke her hufband, thnt his brother 
fludicd his ruin, and to get tlie Proted^orliup out of his hands; 
which by the artihce of Jolm Dudley, the ambitious Earl of 
M arwick, took place ; and tlie Lord !Sudk v being arreltcd, was 
impriloned in the Tower, tried, and condemned by Ai5l of Par- 
liament ; and on the 20th of Mnrch, 3d Kdward VL hchc;ulcd^ 
by a warrant under his own brother's hand, i he iJukc, hav- 
ing thus ligned his brother's death, created a great hatted in the 
people again It him ; befidcs, another thing helped to con firm 
the public iiatred, his pulling down a church, and twoBiihops 
)ioiifesin the Strand, to make way for Somerfet-houfe, and 
runiingthe ftceple, and molt part of the church of St. John of 
Jcrufalem, to carry on the building, 6cc. boon after being 
charged with deliguing to murder the aforcfaid Earl of War- 
wick, and feveral of the nobility, he was fent to the Towrr, 
and was tried and found guilty of felony, and fentenced to l^e 
hanged ; and two months after, the violence of his enemies, not* 
withllanding^ the King's delire to fave him, d'.cw him to Tower- 
feill, where on the 2.d of January {^ih of Edward VL) he loft 
Ibis head. He mnrried fir/l Catherine, daughter and co-heir 
to William Filloi. Uy this lady he had three fons, John 
who died young. — Sir Ldward Seymour, of Bury-Pomeroy, in 
the county of i Jcvon, and of Maiden-Bradley, in the county of 
Wilts, Kt. — Henry, who was an officer in the licet, which beat 
the Spanifli Armada; and his fecond wife was Anne Stanhope, 
before-mentioned ; by her he had Edward, his heir, and i\x 
viaughteis ; whereof ^Vnne, was hrlt married to |ohn Dudley, 
efdefl fon of the bcfore-meiuioned Earl of Warwick, w hich Earl 
was then Duke of N'ortliumberlnrid, and idly, to Sir Edward 
Unton, of \\ adicy, Berks, kt. oi the Ijatli. — Nlargaret and Jane 
died unmarried. — Mary, was firll marritd to Andrew Rogers, 
fon and heir to Sir Ricliard Rogers, Kt. and 2dly to Sir Henry 
iV vton, Kt. — Catherine died unmarried. — Elizabeth became the 
2d wife of Sir Richard K iiighi Iv, c*t l aulc'Iv, in the county of 
Korihampton. Kt. Ed\vaiLl, who luccfcdcd, 'tcing (iifpriircfTcd of 
all titles bv tlic artaiiidcr ot his lather, 111 ilic ^th of Edward 
VL Ic) continued to the ift ol Eliz. when he was advanced to 
the title of Lord iieauchamp, and Earl of Hertford, He mar- 
ried Cathcriiic Grey, daughter to Henry Duke of Suffolk, and 
lilK r to the lady Jane Grey ; but flie being nearly allied to the 
Quc^cn, and difccrned to be with child, was, in the 5th of that 
reign, committed to the Tower, though fhe acknowledged her-^ 
Iclt to be his lawful wife ; and he returning from France, where 
he had gone with the Queen's leave, and owning his marriage, 
wa^ like wife imprifoued 'witli her^ where ihc was iooa brought 


uiyiii^LU by LiOOQle 


*o bed of a fon, and aftcrYrards of another, by connivance of the 
keeper. He was hereupon crnfured in the Star-chamber, 
for violating a maid of the Royal Blood; 2d« for breaking pri- 
fen ; b.ftly, for lying with her again ; to which he anfwercd^ 
that having lawfully married her, antt the prifon-doors ftand- 
ing open, he came to her in herfadnefs^to comifoithery and pay his 
conjugal debt; nevcrthelelS) he was fined 5000 pounds, and 
kept a prifoner for nine ycar5> and ihe till the time of her deatlu 
'1 he validity of this marriage being afterwards tried at Common- 
iawy the miniftery who married them, appearing in court, and 
other circumildnce^y the jury agreeing, of which John Digby, 
Efq. was tbreman, found it a good marriage* This Earl lived to^ 
be an aged man ; and by the Catherine aforefaid, his firft wife, 
he had Edward, his heir apparent, who was Lord £eauchamp;- 
by his 2d and 3d wives, who were Frances, daughter to William 
Howard, Lord Effingham, £i\ct to Charles, Earl of Notting* 
ham; and Frances, daughter to Thomas Vifc Howard, of Bin-* 
don, he had no iflue. 

Edward, Lord Beauchamp, in the 6th of James I. ob- 
tained letters patent, granting that he and the heirs male of his 
body, immediately after the death of his father, fhould be Barons 
of Parliament, and have place and voice there ; as alfo other 
letters patent, for the enjoyment of the title of Earl of Hert- 
ford ; but died in his fatlicr*s life-time, 1618; having married 
Honora, dauglitt r \n Sir Richard Rogers, of J^rainftoii, in the 
county of Dorfct, and l)y licr had three ions and a chui^hrcr of 
her name, married to Sir t'erdinand Sutton, Knt. of the Jiath, at 
that time he ir apparent to Edward Lord Dudley, by wliom Ihc 
had a dauehtcr Frances, Baronefs Dudley, wifr of Mwnhle, who 
was created Lord Ward; and of tlie fons, wliich were Edward, 
Sir William, and Sir ! rmicis; the cldell, who died in t6i8, 
the fame year as Ins father, married 7\nne Sackville, daughter to 
Robert, the 2d Earl of Dorfct ; but left no iiTuc, and ihe married^ 
adly, Sir Edward Lewis, Knt. 

(2d D.) Sir Willi AM Seymour, Knt. 2d fon, upon tlie death 
of his grnndt.iihor, Edward, Earl of Hertford, fuccceded hnnin 
his honours. In 1640, the i6th Charles 1. he was created Mar- 
quis of Hertford, and was reftored to the dignity of Duke of 
Soiiierlet ; and died on the 24tli of Odlobcr, 1O60. He married 
firft Arabella, only child of Charles Steward, 3d ion of Matthew 
Earl of Lennox, (by Elizabeth, his wife, 2d daughter of Sir 
'W'illiam Cavendifh, of Chatw.orth, in the county of Derby, 
Knt. but flie being coufin german to King James I. and fecretly 
married \Tithout his privity or confent, thcv were both com- 
mitted pnloiiers to the l ower of London, where (he ended her 
life, without iflue, Sept. 27, 1615; but his Grace marrying to 
his fecond aifc Frances Dcvcrcux, cldcll: of the two daughters 
of Robert Earl of Eilbx (the great favourite of Queen EUzabethy 

C and 

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and fiftcr and co-heir to Robert Karl of Eflex) by her hnd five 
fons and three dauglitcrs, whereof Frnnces*was fiiil mari icd to 
Richard Molincux, the 2d Vifc Mohncux, in Ireland ; 2dly, 
to Thomas \V rottcilcy, Earl of Southampton, Lord HighTrca- 
furcr of England ; and hi^ly, to Conycrs Darcy, the 2d Earl of 
Holdcrnefs. — Mary, to Hcncac:c Finch, the 2d Earl of Win- 
chcllca. — Jane, to Charles iioylc, Lord Clifford, fon and heir to 
Richard, Earl of Burlington, And of the fons, which were 
William, Robert, Henry, Edward and John ; the two cldcil 
died unmarried, and the 4th in his infancy ; ami Henry the 3d, 
who died in his lather's lite-time; but having mariicd Mary, ti- 
de R daughter to Arthur Lord Capcl, of Hadham, and by her, 
who afterwards married Henry the ift Duke of Beaufort, left 
iffue William, fucceHoi lo his grandfather ; and a daughter Eli- 
zabeth, married u> Thomas Bruce, Earl of Aylcfbury. 

(3d D.) WiLi i AM, who 01^ the 24th of O^oher, 1660, 
fucceeded his granJiather, died on the 12th Dec* 1671, unmar- 
lied ; whereupon 

(4th John, his uncle, tlic ^tli andyoungeft fon of William 
Duke of Somerlet, lucceeded iiiii., and married Sarah, daughter 
to Sir Edward Alilon, Knt. but he dying on tlie it^tii of April, 
2675, vviilioul lilue ; we come now to 

Sir Francis Seymour, Knt. 3d fon to Edward Lord Beau- 
champ, by Honora his wife, already mentioned, which Sir 
Francis, in 1642, the i8th ot Charles I. was created Lord Sey- 
mour ot Troubridgc. He married to his 2d wife, Catherine, 
daughter to Sir Robert Lee, of Bidfey, in the county of Wai - 
Avick, Knt. by whom he had no ifTuc; but by hi^ tii lt, who was 
Frances, daughter and heir of Sir Gilbert Prinne, of Allington, 
in Wilts, Knt. he had Charles, his heir ; and a daughter F ran- 
ees, who was married to Sir Williain Ducie, of I'ortworth, hi 
the county of Gloucefter, Knt, of the Bath. 

Charles, who in 1669, fucceeded his father as Lord Sey- 
mour of Troubridge, married to his £rfl wife, Mary, daughter 
and folc heir to Thomas Smith of Soley, in the Parilh of Chil- 
ton, in Wilts, by whom he had a daughter Frances, married to 
Sir George Hungcrford, of Cadenham, Wilts; and by his ad 
wife, who was Elizabeth, daughter to William Lord Allington, 
of Horflieath, in the county of Cambridge, he had five fons 
and two daughters ; whereof the three eldeft fons, and the eldeft 
daughter died young; hut the 2d daughter Honora, was married 
to Sir Charles Gerrard, of Harrow, in Middlefex, Bart* and 
died in May, 1731. The fons whjch furvived were 

(5th D.) Francis and Charles; the eldeft fucceeded to the 
title of Duke of Somerfet, (but not to the title of Marquis of 
Hertford) and in the year 1678, being bafely murdered in Iu)y» 
a fleet of (hips were fent from the King of England to demand 
latisfa^on for the death of fo gtcat a fubjct^; and thereupon 



leveral perfons were hanged in 9&gf. This Duke dying un- 
married, was fucceeded by . " 

(6th D.) Charles, his brother, who marryifig to his firft 
wife the Lady Elizabeth Percy, widow and relidl of Henry 
Cavendiili, Earl of Ogie9 only Ton and heir to Henry, Duke of 
Newcaflle, fole daughter and heir to Joceline Percy, the liih 
and lail E^rl of Northumberland, by her ^who died in Nov. 23^ 
17229) hod three fons and four daughters* Of the daughters^ 
which were, Elizabeth, Catherine, Anne, and Frances. Eliza- 
beth married Henry O'Brien^ Earl of Thomond, in Ireland, 
Yi£c» Tadcafter, in England; flie died April the 2d, 1734, 
without iflue«— Catherine married July 2 1 ft, 1708, to Sir Wil- 
liam Wyndham, of Orchard- Wyndham, in the county of Somer- 
fet, Bart, but died in April 1731. — Anne married Peregrine-Hide 
Ofborne, Marquis of Carmarthen, (3d Duke of Leeds) and 
died in child-bed four days after her mother, viz, on the 27th, 
aged 31. — And Frances died unmarried, May the loth, 1720, . 
Of the fons, which were, Algernon, l'':irl ot Heitford; Charles 
and Percy. Charles died on the 3d ot |an. 1711, aged 26; but 
the eldelt, on the death of his mother, v. ho was heir to the Ba- 
ronies of Percy, Lucy, Puniings, Fitz-Pain, Bryan, and Lati- 
mer, was called up to the Houfe of Peers, hy the title oi Lord 
Percy, on the 4th of Feb. 1726. His Graee married to his 2d 
wife, Charlotte Finch, 2d daughter to Daniel Earl ofWinchel- 
fea and Nottingham, and by her, who died Jan. 21, i773> 
two daughters, Frances, born July 8, 1728; who married the 
late Marquis of Granby, by whom Ihc was mother of the 
Lite Duke of Rutland, and died 1760; and Cliailotte, bara 
the 2ifl: of Sept. 1730, married the late Earl of Avlesford, His 
Grace died Dec. 2, 1748 ; and was fucceeded in his honours, 
and his real eAates, by his only furviving fon, 

(7th D.) Algernon, Earl of Hertford, who married Fran- 
ces, eldefl of the two daughters^ aiul co-lieirs of Henry Thynnc, 
fon of Thomas Vifcovjnt VV^evmoatli, and bv her, who died 
Julv 7th, 1754, had one fon, Cicorge Lord Jjeaueliamp, born 
Sept. iith, 1725, who died on his travels in 1744; ;iiul one 
daughter Elizabetli, married in July 1740, to Sir HuL!;h S.mth- 
fon, Bart, late Duke of Northumberland, and his Majeity was 
plcafed to grant to his Grace the dignities of ilaron Warkworth 
and Earl of Northumberland, to hold to him and the heirs male 
of his body, and iii default of his ifTue, to Sir Hugh Smithfon of 
Stanwick) in the county of York, Bart, and the heirs male of 
his body, by Elizabeth his ivife, daughter of the laid- Duke ; 
and in oefaolt of fuch iflue» to her lady (hip and her heirs male# 
His Majeily alfo was pleafed to grant \into his Grace the digni« 
ties of Baron of Cockermouth» and Earl of Egremont, in tho 
county 6f Cumberland, and to tlie heirs male of his body^ and io 
de&ult of fuch U[uc, to his nephew Sic Charles Wvadhamy o£ 

C a Or- 

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Orchard- Wyndh am, in the county of Somerfet, Bart, and the 

heirs male of his body, and in default of fuch iflue, to Percy 
Wyndham Obrien, of Shotgrove in the county of Eflex, Efq. 
brother of the faid Sir Charles, afterwards Earl of Thomond, m 
Ireland, and the heirs male of his- body. His Graqe died at 
Percy Lodge, near Cohibrooke, on the yth Feb. 1750, whereby 
the titles of Northumberland, and Baron Warkworth, defcendh 
cd to Sir Hugh Smithfon, Bart, the late Duke of Northum- 
berland. The titles of Earl of Egremont, and Baron of Cock- 
ermouth} to Sir Charles Wyndham, Bart. The Baronies of 
Percy, PoiningS) Fitz-Painj^ Bryan, and Latimer, to Elizabeth 
Smithfon, wife of Sir Hugh ; and the titles of £arl of Hertford, 
Vifc. Beau^hamp of Hache, and Baron Seymour of Tron- 
brtdge, became extind^ ; but the titles of Duke 9|f Somerfet, and 
Baron Seymour, devolved on 

(8th D.) Sir Edward Seymovr, Bart, who was defccndcd 
from Sir Edward, eldeft furviving fon of the Prote^kor, by his 
firll wife Catherine, who was poflefled of a good eftate at Berry«» 
Pomeroy, in Devonfhire, purchafed by his father of Sir Tho- 
inas Pomeroy. He had a grant from King Edward VL of feve- 
ral lorJfhips in the county of Somerfet, and being a great oeco- 
nomift, he purchafcd Maiden^Bradley, in Wilts, and the ma- 
nor of Totnefs, in Devonfhire. He married Jane, daughter 
of John Walfhe, Efq. one of the Juftices of the Common Pleas, 
and died May the 6th, 1593, whom he had Edward his heir, 
who was one of the knight? of the fhire, for the county of De^ 
von, in feveral parliaments, and wa$ advanced to the dignity o£ 
a Baronet, June 99, 161 1 ; having married in 1570, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Arthur Cliampernoun, of Dartington, Devon, 
Knt. by whom he had iiTue feveral foas axid daughters, and dying 
Apn\ IT, i^H3, was fucccedcd by 

l:iir Edward Sfvmour, his cIdcO fon, who died about the 
year 1^)41. By E)orothy, daughter of Sir Henrv Killigrew, 
of Earocli, in Cornwall, Kniglit, had fix fons and five daugh^ 
ters : Elizabeth, married ift, Francis Courtenay, nf Powder- 
ham, Devon, Efq. adly. Sir Amos Meredith, of Ajhlev, Chc- 
fliire, Kart. — Mary married Sir Jonathan 'I rclawncy, Bart.— • 
Margaret, to Francis Trclawncy, Efq. brother of the faid Sir 
Jonathan. — Anne married Dr. Stourton. — The othei daugh- 
ter mairicd Sir 1'. Hail, of the county of Wilts, Knt* Of the 

Sir J'.DWARD, the eldefl, fuccecded his father . — Henrv, the 
fecond fun, was of great note in the reigns of King Charles I. 
and II, 1 le died the 9th of March 16S6, in the 74th year of hi^ 
ap^e, and was l)uried at Langley; having married firfl, Eli/nbeth, 
daughter oC Sir lofepli KiHigrev,% Knt. and widow of W illiam 
Ba/Tet, ot Clavert()n. in Somerict, Efq. and flie dving without 
ilxue ia June 167;; he aiarxied adly, Urlula, daug^ht(;r of Sir 
• ' Robert 

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Ro^^!ert Aufleii, of Bexlcy, in Kent, Bart, and widow of George 
Stawrl, p^lq. brother to Ralph Lord Stawel, by whom he had 
an only fon, Henry, born the 20th of Oct. 1674, who at 7 
years old, m coniideration of his father's approved loyalty and 
fervices, (and while he was living) was by King Charles II. 
created a Baronet, and to his heirs male, reraaimlLi to his fatlier, 
and his heirs male ; which Sir Henry Seymour, Bart, died un- 
married in 1714. — Thomas Seymour, thiid fon of Sir Edward 
and Dorothv, married Anne, daun-ht^r of Sir Richard Ander- 
fon, Knt. and left ifTue Edward, Clerk of the Hanaper, 1695, 
who had two fon s and three daughters; ift, Henry, who was 
killed in a duel ; he married a daugliter of J, Tregonwcll, Efq. 
by whom he had Edward Seymour, who manietl Henrietta, 
daiigntcr ot ihc late Governor I^hippi., by whom he had no iliue; 
and a daughter married to Sir Robert Monro, Bart, and died in 
1732. 2dlv, Edward, who in 17 10 was chofen Member of 
Pariiameiu tor ShakiLurv, hul died loon after o\ .1 fever, wliich 
he got at his ek<ftion. — John and RoI>Lrt, 4th and ^tli Ions of 
Sir Edward and Dorothy, died both w iihout iflue. — Sir Jofeph 
Scvmour, Knt. 6th fon, married Bridget, daughter o( Sir Rich- 
ani Anderfon, and had ifTuc, Henry and Anne. 

Sir Edward Seymour, the eldeil brother, bom in 161 1, 
was Vice Admiral of tbe eounty of Devon ; and dying in 1689, 
leitifliie by Anne his wife, daughter bf Sir John Portman, Bart* 
one daughter Elizabeth^ married to Sir Jofeph Tredenham, of 
Tregony, Cornwal, Knt, add five fons; Sir' Edward his fuccef* 
for^— *John, a Colonel in the army, who married a daughter of 
Sir Richard Kenedy.^Hagh, Captain of the Refolution Fri- 
gate, and was killed in the Dutch wars.~William> who died 
iinmarried.»Henry» 5th fob| heir to his uncle Sir William 
Portman, Bart* wherry he became poileiled of the large inhe« 
litance of the Piwtmans^ at Orchard and Portman, in Somer* 
fetfl&trCf and aflumed the name and arms of Portman, by a& of 
Parliament, purfuant to a fettlem€kit of the faid Sir William* 
He married id, Penelope, yonngeft daughter of Sir William 
Haflewood of Maidwell, in the county of Northampton, Knt* 
and co-heir to her brother Peter Haflewood, Efq* her other fifter 
Elizabeth being wife to the Lord Vifc. Hatton : his 2d wife 
was Millicent, daughter of William Fitch, of High-Hall, in 
Dorfet, £fq. by neither of which had he any iflue^ and died in 
Feb. 1728; hts reliffc afterwards married T. Fowneiy Efq. 

Sir Edward Seymour, Bart, fifth of that name in lineal 
fttcceflion, eldeft fon of the laft Sir Edward, made a coniiderable 
figure in the Houfe of Commons In four feveral reigns* He 
was one of the firft gentlemen in the Weft, that joined the Prince 
of Orange in 1688; and on the acceffion of Queen Anne, he 
had an offer of a patent for a Baron of the realm, which he de- 
clined in fiivour of Francis the elded furviving fon of his fe- 

C 3 cond 

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cond marriage. He died Feb. 17, 1707, in the 76th vrnr of 
age, and was i)uricd at Maiden -Bradley, in Wiltfliii c ; h iving 
married firft, Margaret, daughter and co-heir to Wiil iam Waic, 
Knt. Alderman of London, by whom he had two Ions, Sir 
Edward, his fiicceflor ; and William, a Cieneral of Marines, 
who died without illue 1727. By his fecond wife Letitia, 
daughter of Francis Popham, of Littlecote, Wilts, tlq. he 
had lix fons and a daughter, Anne, married to William IJerk- 
ley, Efq. father of W' illiam-Honry Bcrklcy-Portinan, Kfq. 
Tne fons were, Pc^pliam Conway, killed in a duel by Colonel 
Kirk. — Francis, who, alter the death of his brother Popham, 
took the fur name and bore the arms of Conway, and on the 
17th of March 1703, was created Baron Conway, and his ion, 
upon the dcccafe of the late Duke of Somcrfet, was created Earl 
of Hertford. — Charles, to whom the Barony of Conway was 
limited. — Henry. — Alexander. — John; all died unmarried. 

Sir Edward, thecldeft fon by the 6ril marriage, who fuc- 
ceeded to tlie title and eltate, died Jan, 1 741, aged 80. He 
married Lctitia, iole daughter to Sir Francis Popham, of Little- 
cote, in Wilts, Knt. ot the Bath, and had illiic four fons and 
eight daughters ; viz. Sir Edward.— Francis, who married Eh z-a- 
beth, Vilcountefs Hinchingbroke, mother of the prefent Earl 
of Sandwich, and onlv daugliter of Alexander Popham, of 
Littlecote, Ehj. and had iifue two fons, 1, Henry, who married 
July 24th, 1753, Carohne, only daughter of William Earl 
Cowper; which lady died june 2, 1 773, leaving (n-nrgiana, 
born Jan, 31, 1735, married Sept. 1775, Williain Danhy, jun, 
Elq. of Swinton, in Yorklluie; and Caroline, horn Dec. 31, 
1756. He married, sdly, 5, 1775, Madam Louifa de 

Panthon, by whom he has ilTue, a Ion Hen: v, horn Nov, io» 
1776. 2. Francis, who died an ininnr ; aiul 3. adauirhtei Marv, 
who married Nov. 3, 1758, John BaiJcv, Klq. ot Sutlon, in 
Someiletlliire, and had ifl'ue. — Alexander, u ho tiicd unman led 
April 1 73 1. — ^William, who married Eliy.abcth, daughter and 
heir of Mr. Hippve, of Froom, in Sonicrieilhire, and died 
without iiTue, Of the daughters, Letitia, married to |o!iri 
Ciapper, Efq.— Margaret, to Richard Jones, of Ramfl:)urv, 
Efq. — Elizalicth, to Henry Hungerfoid, of l itield, Elq. — • 
Anne, to William Scroggs, of Chute Lodge, Elq. all in the 
county of Wilts, which Anne died in Feb, 1755, — Helena, died 
unmarried, — Mary, married the Rev. Mr. Hammond. — Jane, 
married William Coleman, of Gornhey, Devon, Efq. — Cathe- 
rine, married Philip Fahr, of Briftol, Efq. 

Sir Edward, their elder brother, late Duke of Somerfet, 
married Mary, fole daughter and heir of Daniel Webb, of 
Munckton* Farely, in Wilts, .Efq. the niece and heir of Edward 
Somner, of Seend, in Wilt$, Elq. by her Grace, vfho died in 
Jaa. 1768, he had ifTue foar fons, £«dwardj now Duke of So* 


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aierfet.— Webb, who inherits his grandfathers eftatc at Monck- 
ton^ Farley ; married Nov. ii, 1769, Mary Anne, the only 
daughter and heirefs of the late John Bonnell, Efq. ofStanton- 
Harcourt, in Oxfordfhire; by whom be has had iiTuey i* Ed* 
ward, who died in his infancy, 2* Webb, who died young, 3. 
£dward»Adolphi]s, bom Feb. 7, 1775 ; and 4. Webb- John, born 
• Feb. 7, 1777,— William, called to the Bar, a Barrifter at Law, 
born 1744, married June 5, 1767, Hefler, fole jieirefs of Joba 
Maltravers, Efq* of Melkfam, in Wilts; and has iflue, two 
fons, Edward^ born May 3, 1768; William, born March 28^ 
1769; and one daughter, Hefter, bom Nov, 24, 1770. — Fran- 
cis, Dean of Wells, married Catherine, daughter of the Rev. 
Mr, Payne, and filler to the Countefs Dowager of Northamp^ 
ton, by whom he has ifTue ; i. Edward, who died unmarried* 
23d June 1775. 2. Francis. 3. Mary, who married in Sept. 
1773, John Hyde, Efq. of Eaft-Greenwich, one of his Majefty's 
Judges of the Supreme Court of Calcutta. 4. Catherine, wno 
married In Jane 1776, John Newton, Efq, of StafFordflilre, 
and was divorced in 1782. 5. Frances, married Nov. 1784, 
Thomas Bouet, Efq. of Wellington* — And bis Grace had 
daughter Mary, married Sept. 21, 1759, Vincent Bifcoe, 
Efq. of London, and died in July 1762. His Grace dying the 
15th of Dec. 1757, wasfucceeded byhiseldeft foa 
. (gth D.) Edward, the prefent Duke of Somerfet. 

Creations.] Baron Seymour, by letters patent, Feb. 15, 
'546, (i Edward VL) and Duke of Somerfet the day follow* 

Arms.] Qiiartcrly, fir ft and fourth, or, on a pile, be- 
tween fix fleur-de-lis, azure^ three lions of England; an augi 
• ment.ition granted by King Henry VIIL (on his marriage w^itK 
theLritly Jane Seymour;) fecond and third, the paternal coat of 
Seyino\ir ; ^ulesy two wings, conjoined in lure, tips downwards^ 
•r. (Plate IV.) 

Crest.] Out of :\ cUicul coronet, cr, a phoenix in flames^ 
proper^ in memory oi King Edward VT. 

Si'PPORTrRs.] On the dexter ficle an \mlcoi n, ar^eut, nrmed, 
crcilcd, and gorged, with a ducal collar, to which is affixed a 
chain, or* On the finifter a bull, azurcy collared, chained and 
hoofed, as that ori the dexter. 

Motto.] Foy pour devoir. Faith for Duty. . ' 

Chief Seats.] At Maidcn-Br:icllcy and Seend, in Wilt- 
fhire; and Beiry-rouieroy^ and Totnefs CaAle, iu Devon** 

C4 LEN* 

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[ t4 1 


*T^HEmoft noble CHARLES LENNOX, Duke of RlCtf- 

MU.\Jj in England, of I>ennox in Scotianu, Au- 
bipiv in France, (conhriiud at i'niis in 1777.) Earl ol Ma-.cii 
2ntl D^rnlcy, ijiiroii of Scttrington and Turhoiron, Km. ot 
the G.^ri'.r ; born 22, 17 ^5, fucccedcd Charles, the late 

Duke hi^ father, Aug. S, 1750; and April i, 1757, was mar- 
ried to Mary, tlaughur to the late Earl of Aykiljui y, by Caro- 
line, daugliter of fohn, late Duke of Argyl, who afterwards 
married, idly, to Seymour Conway, brother to the Earl of Hert- 

The firft of this noble family was Ch.Trles, furnamed Lei^ 
nox, only natural fon of King Charles 11. by Loufa de Quc- 
rouaille, a French lady, who in 1660, came into England, as 
an attendant on the Prince fs Henrietta- Maria, Duchelt of Or-» 
leans, fifter to King Charles II. and by that King, on tbe 19th 
of Auguft, 1673, wa« created a Pccrels, by the title of Bare- 
nefs Petersficld, Countefs of Fareham, and Dachefs of Portf- 
inouth) all in the coanty of Southampton, and by Lewis XIV* 
Duchefs of Aubicny in France. 

(I ft D.) The fatd Ch A^RLEs, furnamed Lennox, was born 
on the 2oth of July, 1672, created Duke of Richmond, &ۥ 
* 1675, and died on the 27th of May, 1723, aged 51* He mar* 
ried Anne, eldeft daughter to Francis Lord Brudenell, (who 
died before his £ither Robert Earl of Cardigan) widow of Henrj 
Lord Belaflilc, and by her, who died on the 9th of Dec. 1722^ 
had one fon and two daughters; Iiouifa, who married to 
James, Earl of Berkeley; and died leaving iflue, 15 Jan. 17 16, 
aged 23. — ^Anne, in Feo. ^T^y married William-Anne Keppel, 
Mrl of Albemarle; and left iflue. His Grace was focceeded by 

(2d D*) Charlbs, the late Duke, born May 18, 1701 ; 
murried in Dec* 1719, the Lady Sarah Cadogan, eldeft of the 
two daughters and co*heirs of William Earl Cadogan ; and bj 
her, who died Aug. 25, 1751, Kehad four fons and eight daugh- 
ters, viz. -Gcorgina-Carolina, born March 27, 1723; and mar- 
ried in May 2, 1744, to the late Henry Fox, Lord Holland^ 
only brother to St«;phen Earl of IlcHeftet ; was created a peereis 
of Great Britain in 1762, and died July 24, 1774; leaving if- 
fuc«<— A fon, who died immediately after his birth, Sept. 3^ 
i724«--<-Loui(a-Margaret, born Nov. 15, 1725, and died itk 
May 1 7 28.— Anne, bom 27, 1726, and died the fame year.—- ^ 
Charles, Earl of March, bom Sept* 9, 1730, who died the 
fame year. — Emilia, born 0£l. 6, 1731, married Feb. 7, 1747, 
to the late Duke of Leinfter, in Ireland; by whom flie had if- 
fue» After wJioie death ihe married, 2dly, to William Ogi^» 

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I>JK:E of RICHMOND. ftj 

£fq, by whom Ihe has iflue. — Charles, dow Duke of Rich- 
mond.— George-Henry, born Nov. 27, 1737, married in 1759, 
to Louifa Kerr, daughter to William, the Earl of Ancrnm, in 
Scotland, hy whnin he has ifTuc, i. CharL-*;, born 1764, aCoI. 
in the army, married S^-pt. 9, 1789? Charlotte, daughter to the 
Duke ot (iordon. 2. Louiia, barn 1760. 3. Amcli:^, born 
J 765, maf^iL-i! Aug. 19, 1784, George-Cranheld l^Tkelcy, 
hrotlter to the Eaiiof jkrk-eley. 4. Georgiana, born 111 1765, 
married April i, 1789, Lord Apiley, foii of Earl Balhurlh— 
Margaret, born Nov. 16, 1739, ^ind died Jan. to, 1741.— 
Louifa Auguftn, horn Xov. 24, 1743^ married in Jan. 175H, to 
Thomas ConnoHy, Efq. of CalUetown, in Ireland. — Saiah, 
bom Feb. 14, 1745, married June 2, 1762, to Sir Charles Bun- 
bury, Bart, from u hoin fhe was divorced, without having ilTuc, 
in 1776, and Ihc married, 2dly, in Aug. 25, 1781, to the Hon. 
Mark Napier, uncle to the prefeiit Lord Napier of Scotland, by 
whom fhe has iffue a fon, l^orn Aug. 1782. — Cecilia- Margaret, 
born Feb. 14, 1740, and die<l unmarried, Nov. 21, 1769. His 
Orace w as Duke of Aubignv in France, Nov. 14, 1734. On 
the 18th Jan. follow ing, he wa:? conftitutcd Mafter of tlie 
Horfc to his ■Vlajefly ; and the next day fworn of ilie Privy 
Council. In Sept* 173^, he was chofcn Mayor of Chichefler, 
and High Stewaid in };in. 1749; and a\ 1 eb. 1750, was nuule 
Colonel of his MajeAy 's royal regiment of Horfe-Guards. He 
was alfo a governor of the Charter-houfe. His Grace died Aug, 
1750, (his Duchefs died Aug. 25, 1751,) and was fucceedcd 
hj his eldeft fon, 

(3d D.) Charxxs, now Duke of Richmond, &c, who in 
June 1753, was made a Captain of a company in Lord Bury^s 
regtmcitt of foot; in June 1756, Lieut. Col. of Lord Charles 
Hay's regiment of foot; and in May 1758, appointed Col. of 
the 72d regiment of foot; his Grace being prefent at the battle 
of Minden, feught on Aug. i, 1759) received the particular 
thanks of Prince Ferdinand of firunfwick, for his condudl and 
Intrepidity in that a£bion. His Grace married on the ifl of 
April, 1757, Mary, daughter of the late Earl of Ayleftury 
by the 3d wife, daughter of the late Duke of Argyl, now the 
wife of General Conway ; who is Baronefs Bruce in her ovr,xi 
right, but has never claimed it. 

Creations.] Baron of Sittrington, in the county of York, 
Earl of March, (a title derived from the inarches in South 
Wales) and Duke of Richmond in the county of York (Englifli 
honours) Aug. 9, 1675, the 27th of King Charles II. As alfo 
at the fame time created Baron of Methuen, Earl of Darnley^ 
and Duke of Lennox (Scotch honours.) 

Arms.] The arms of King Charles II. within a bordure- 
compone, argent and gules ; the firft charged with verdoy of rofes 
•f the fecondj barbed and feeded, /r^fMr, (Plate IV.) 


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Crest.] On a chapcau, gulcsj turned up ermine^ a lion paC* 
fant guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet, gu/csy and 
i^orgtd with a collar^ compone, couater-charged, a& the bordure 
in the coat. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide an unicorn, armed, crefled, 
and hooftcd, argent* On the finiftcr, an antelope, aniicd, cref- 
ted, and hoofted, as the dexter; each iupportcr gorged with 
a collar, com pone, gules and ermine, 

MoTTOj En la rofe jejicurie, I flourijli in the rofe, 
' Cbi£F Seat.J At Goodwood, near Chichci\er> in Suflex* 


of (tRAFI'ON, Eail of Euiloii and Arlington, Vifcouiit 
Thctford aiid \\ ich, on ot Arhn(:^toiA ;liu1 Sudhurv, Knt, 
of the Charter ; l>orn S^^t. 28, 1736; luccLcdcd lua graatli.ithLT 
Charles, the late Duke of Grafton, Mav 6, 1757; and on |.uu 
29, 1756, married Anne, only child of Henry Liddel, late Lord 
Ravenfworthy by which Lady (who was divorced in 1769, and 
ibon after married John Fitzpatrick, the prefent Earl of Upper 
Oflbry, in Ireland, by whom {he has iflUcy) he had iflbe, Geor- 
gina, born May 8, 1757, and married June 4, 1778, John. 
Smyth, Efq. of Heath, in Yorklhire.— George-Henry, Earl of 
EuAon, born Jan. 17, 1760, married Nov. 16, 1784, Anne- 
Horatio, daughter of the 2d Earl of Waldesrave, by the prefent 
I>uchef$ of Gloucefter, and (Ifter to the preient Countefs Walde- 
grave.p-*-A fon bom, 1761, who died foon after*^-Charles, born 
July 17, 1764. In May 4t6, 1760, his Grace married, 2dly, 
Blizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Wrottefley, Bart* dean of 
Windfor, niece^to the Duchefs of Bedford and Earl Gower, by 
vhomalfohehas iflbe; Henry, born March 22, i770«?^>ChaN' 
lotte, born May 14, lyyi^Auguflus, bom June 2, 1773.-* 
Frederick, bom Sept. 16, I774.pȣlizabeth, born O^. 19^ 
1775.— Louifa, born July 13, 1777. — Augufla, born Feb. 19, 
1779.P— Frances, born June 28, i78o.^William, born May 
1782.— John-Edward, born Sept. 24, 1785. — Caroline, bom 

t^^yS' 17^1* — Harriot, born April 8, 1784.— Ifabella, bom 
low 8, 1786. 

The firil of this noble family was, 

(ift D.) Henry Fitz-roy, 2d natural fon to King Charles 
II. by Barbara Villiers, Duchefs of Cleveland, born the 28th of 
Sept. 1663, was created Baron of Sudbury, Vifc. Ipfwich, Earl 
of Eufton, and Duke of Grafton; but in the reign of K. Wil- 
liam and Q. Mary, being at the ficgc of Cork, under the cqn* 
du A of the Earl of Marlborough, as he was leading up a party to 


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an alTault, he received a wound by a Ihot, which broke two of 
his ribs, on the 2 ill of St ptember, 1690; of which he died on 
the 9th of October following. He married (on the iftof Aug. 
1672) Ifabelhi, only child, and heir to Henry Rennet, Earl of 
Arlington, Vifc. Thctford, (by IfabcUa of NalTau, his wife, one 
of the daughters of Lewis of Naflau, Lord of Hevertwaert* 
natural Ion of Maurice Prince of Orange, and Count of.Naf- 
fau, and liiler to Henry of Naflau, Seignior de Auverquerque, 
Maikr of the Horfe to K. William, fatlxer of Hcury,^Eari of 
Grantham) and by her had 

(2d D.) Charles, liis only child, Inte Duke of Grafton, 
Imrn Oct* 25, 1683, and in right of his mother, w lio died Feb. 
7, 1723, in tlie 56th year of her age, was Baron of Arlington 
«iid V ilc. '1 hetford, her father having been created Baron Ar- 
lington, of Arlington, in the county of Middlefex, March 14, 
1603, if) Car. n. and Vifc, Thetford, in tb.c county of Nor* 
folk, ^iid ot Arlington, Apnl 22, 1672, with liiiiitation 

to the heirs of his body lawfully begotten. In 1713, he mar- 
ried Henrietta Somerfet, daughter to Charles, Marquis of 
Worccftcr, (eldcft fon of Henry Duke of Beaufort) by Re- 
becca, fifterto Richard, late Earl Tilney, and by her, who 
died on the 9th of Aug. 1726, had iflne three km and three 
daughters, viz* George, Earl of Euilon, bom Aug* 24, 171 5, 
who married in Sept. 1741, Dorothy Bovle, eldelf daughter to 
Richard, Earl of Burlington. She dieo in April, 1742; he 
died in Jt^ly? ^7479 leaving no iflue ; Augufhis was Captain 
in the Royal Navy, bomO^. 16, 17 16, who in March 1734, 
married Elizabeth, daughter of CoL VVtlliam Crofby, Lieut. 
Governor of the Leeward Iflands, (who after his death mar-* 
ried James Jefferies, £iq. one of the commiffioners of the cuf« 
toms, by whom ihe had ifllue feveral daughters* Mr* TcBferiet 
died in Aug* 1686, and his lady, Dec* 21, 1788.) He died 
May 24, 1 741, leaving tflue, two fons, Auguftus-Henry, now 
Duke of Ciraftdn; and Charles, the prefent Lord Southampton^ 
fb created by his prefent Majeily, (vide Lord Southampton) bom 
in July. 1737. — Charles, bom April 28, 17 18, who died July 
29, 1741, on his travels, at Milan. — Carolina, bom April 89 
1722, diedJuneaS, 1784, married in Aug. 1746, to William, 
Earl of Harrington, by whom ihe had iflue the prefent Earl, 
&c. — Henrietta, bom June 8, 1723, died Auguft 1735. — Ifa- 
bella, bom July 19, 1726, died Nov. 10, 1782 ; married to 
Francis Seymour^Conway, now Earl of Hertford, in May 29, 
1741. His Grace dying the 6th of May, 1757, was fucceed* 
ed by his grandfon, 

(3d D.) Augustus-Henry, now Duke of Grafton. ' 

Cki vTiONs.] Baron of Sudbury, Vile. Tpfwich, and Earl 
of Luikouj all in the county of Sufiblk, Aug* x6^ 1672, 24 


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Car. IT. and Duke of Grafton in the covotj of Northamptony^ 
Sept. II, 1675, the 27th of that reign. 

Arms.] The arms of King Charles II. with a battoa iinif' 

tcr-componc, argent sLnd azurc^ (Plate IV.) 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gufcs, turned up ermine^ a lion paf- 
fint-guardant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet, azmre, and 
gorged with a collar counter-compone, argctn and a-zHrt, 

Si'ppoRTERs.] On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, tfr, 
crowned wirh a ducal coronet, axure^ and gorged with a collar 
counter-coinpone, argent and a%ure^ Oil the iiniiler^ a grey- 
bound, argent^ gorged as the lion. 

. Motto.] Et dccusct prctiumrc^tm At once the ornament and 
reward of virtue. 

Chief Skats.] At Wakefield-Iodge, in Whitlehury-foreft, 
in Northamptonihire^ and Euilon^hall, in the county of Suf- 


THE mofl noMe HENRY SOMERSET, Duke of 
BEAU 1 CRT, Marquis and Earl of Worcefter, Earl 
of Glamorgan, VilLour^t Grofmont, Baron Herbert, Lord of 
Ragland, Chepllow and Gower, all in the county of Mon- 
mouth ; as alfo Baron iicaufort of Caldccot-caille ; L. L. D. 
bom 06^. 16, 1744, fucceeded his father Charles, the late 
Duke, who died ^s'ov. i, 1756, and married Jan. 2, 1766, 
Elizabeth, daughter of the late Admiral Bofcawen, by whom 
he has iflue; Henry-Charles, Marquis of Worcefter, bom 
Dec. 9.4, 1766. — Charles 11 cnrv, born Dec. 12, 1767, mar- 
ried [une 7, l/oo, IJ.iz.ibctli, fourth dai:i:hter ot t lie l:ite and 
fifler to tlic jii L iLnt \ iicount Courtcnay. — Huiuy-Eiiward, born 
Dcc. 23, 1768; who died young. — Narborne-Bcrkeley-Henry, 
born May 4, 177 1. — Elizabeth, born Feb. ii, 1773. — Fran- 
ces, born April 3, 1774. — Henrietta, born July 9, 1775.— 
Robert-Edward-Henry, bom Dec* 19, 1776. — Arthur-John- 
Henry, bom Feb. 12, 1 7 8o«-^A daughter born May 31, 1786* 
—A Ton bom Aug. 1 7 8 7.— Another fon bom 2,17 88. 

This tlluilrious family derive their genealogy, by the male 
line, from Geoffiry Plantagenet, Earl of Anjou, fon of Foulk, 
King ofjemfalem, and grandfon to Foulk Rechin, Earl of 
Anjou, lourain and Maine, by Maud the Emprefs, his wife, 
daughter to Henry L King of England, fon of William the 
Conqueror, 7th Duke of Normandv, in defcent from Rollothe 
Dane, (whence it is obierveable that their progenitors have 
flouriihed with the titles of Kings, Dukes, Marquifles, and 
Earls, and have not defcended to a lower dignity for above theft 
700 years) and lineally fprung from 


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John of Gaunt, Duke of Lancafter, King of Caftile and 
Leon, 4th foil of King Edward III. which Duke caufed all hit 
children by Catherine Swinford, daughter of Sir Pain Roct, 
alias QuyeO} King of Arms, and widow of Sir Otes Swinfordy 
Knt* (afterwards his wife) to be called Beaufort, from the 
caAIe of Hcaufort, in Anjou, the place of their nativity. By 
the faid Catherine Swinford he had three fons', and a dau^ter 
Joan, 2d wife of Ralph Nevil, the £ril Earl of Weftmoreland ; 
of the fons, which were John, Henry, and Thomas ; the latter 
was created Duke of Exeter and Earl of Dorfetj the 2d was 
Biihpp of Winchefter; and 

John the eldeil was created Earl of Somerfety 20th Richard 
II. He married Margaret, fifter and co-heir to Edmund Hoi- • 
land, Earl of Kent, and had four fons and two daughters; JoaOy 
the eldefl, married to James L King of Scotland, and Marga* 
*ct, to Thomas Court^nay, the 7th Earl of Devonfhire. Of 
the fons, which were Henry, John, Edmund, and Thomas, 

Hknry the eldeik dying unmarried, i^it his inheritance to 
his brother 

John, who luccccdcd him in the Earldom of Somerfet ; and. 
in 1443, ^^^^^ created Duke of Soinerlet. Hi- iiKirried Marga- 
ret, daughter to Sir John Ijcauchamp of BIctioe, in the county 
of Bedford, Knt. and had an onlv daughter of her name, wlio 
was married to Edmund Tudor, Earl of Richmond, (the eldell 
fon of Owen ap Meredith ap Tudor, and Catherine of France, 
Queen of Englanrl, dowager to King Henry V.) and by him 
was mother to King Henry VII. but dying without iffue niale> 
was fucceeded by 

Edmund, his next brother, who was Earl of Mortein in 
Normandy, and Nlarquisof Dorfct in luigland ; he was after- 
wards created Duke of Somerfet, and llain at the battle of St. 
Alhans. Pie married Eleanor, 2d daughter and co-heir to Ri- 
ch, rd Keauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and had four fons and iivc 
daughters; Eleanor, the eldeft, was the 2d wife of James But- 
ler, Earl of Ormond and Wiltlhirc. — Joan, tlie 2d, was hrft 
married to the Lord Howth, in Ireland, and 2dly, to Sir Ri- 
chard Fry, Knt. — Anne, the 3d, was married to Sir William 
Pafton, of the county of Norfolk, Knt. — Margaret, the 4th, 
to Humphrey Stalford, Earl of Stafford, and adly, to Sir Ri- 
chard Durcl, Knt. by whom £he had a daughter of her name, 
who u :i<; married to Thomas Touchet, Lord Audley, from 
whom iS defcendcd the ore lent Lord Audley. — Eli/.al)etli, the 
5th daughter, was luaiiied to Sir Henry Lewis, Knt. Of the 
fons, which were 

Henry, EJaiund, Jolin, and Thomas; the eldefl fucceeded 
his father in the dukedom; but he having uo lawful ilTue, the 
honour devolved upon 

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Edmukd, his next brother ; but he dying without i^ue, ' as 
£d John and Thomas his brothers, we fliall now return to Hen- 
ry the eldeily who bore the title of Earl of Mortein in his fa* 
thcr's life- time, and was taken prifoner at the battle of Hexham^ 
in Northumberland, by John Nevil, Marquis of Aiontacutc^ 
and there (on April 3, 1463, the 3d of Edward VI») beheaded 
Ibr his adherence to the hoafe of Lancafter^ leaving i£ue 
Joan Hilly or De la Montaign, an only natural fon, 

(lilE.) Charles, who afTumed the fumame of Somerfet, 
and was Lord Chamberlain to King Henry VTIT. and by him 
was created Earl of Worcefter, and died in 1526 ; having married 
jft, Elizabeth, daughter and heir to William Herbert, Earl of 
Huntingdon, and Lord Herbert of Gower and Chcpllow, by 
which appellation he had fummons to Parliament, Nov. 26, 
1508, 22d or Henry VII. His 2d wife was Elizabeth, daughter 
to Thomas Weft, De La War, and his 3d was driughter to Ed- 
ward Sutton, Lord Dudley ; but by her he no ilTue. By 
his 2d he had two funs, and a dauirlucr, Mary, married to Wil- 
liam Lord- Grey, of Wilton. Ot the Tons, which were Sir 
Charles nnd Sir (Teorge bomcrfct, the latter married ift, Marv, 
daughter and heir to Sir Thomas Bowiays, ot Pcnhow, in the 
county of Monmouth, Knt. and 2cl1v, Helena, daughter of Sir 
Walter Hendley, of Cranbrook, in Kent, Knt. who after his 
deceafe married Sir Thomas Fane, of Bullon, in Kent, Knt. By 
his ifl wife, the faid Charles, Earl of Worcefter, had Henry his 
fuccelTor, and a daughter Eli/abrth, married to Sir joiin Sa- 
vage, of Clitton, JKnt* from whom dciccnded the late Earl 

(2d E.) Henry who fucceedc!, married Elizabeth, daughter 
to Sir Anthony Brown, Knt. (by i>ucy, daughter and co-heir to 
Jolm Nevil, Martjuis of Montacute) and had four fons and four 
daughters ; Eleanor, married Sir Thomas Vaughan of Tretour, 
in the county of Brecknock, Knt. — Lucy, to John Ncviic, 
Lord Latimer, whofe dauglitcr Elizabeth, married Sir John 
Dan vers of Dantfey, in Wilts. Knt. whoic daughter Dorothy 
married Sir Peter Ofborn of Chickfand, in the county of Bed- 
ford, Knt, father by her of Dorothv, wife of the famous Sir 
William Temple, Bart, and of Sir John Ofl^orn, Bart, anceftor 
of the late Sir Danvers Olhoi n, Bart. — Anne, to Thomas Per- 
cy, 7tli Earl of I\ortliumberland. — [anc, to Sir Edward Man- 
fel of Margmn, in the county of (ilamorgan, Knt. from whom 
defcendcd Lord Manfel. — Of the fon«, which weic William, 
I'homas, Francis, antl Charles. Francis loll his life on Sept, 
10, 1547, at Muffe I borough-field againli; the Scots. Thomat 
died in the Tower, and 

(3d E.) W iLLiA>T, fucceeded his father in the earldom of 
Wnrccfter, 8:c. ail 1 :i nrrted Chriltian, daut!:hter to Edw.ini the 
lnil LuidiSuiihi and dying on 1 cb. 21 f i^Sb j by her he left 


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£ldward his heir, arul two daughters; Elizabeth, married to 
"William Windfor, Elq, the 7th and voiingcft I'oii of Wiiliam 
the 2d Lord Windfor, ancellor of the Earl of Vlvmouth ; and 
Lucy, to Henry Herbert, fon and heir to Sir Thomas Herbert 
of \V ynellon, in Monmouthihire, Knt, 

(4th E.) Edward, who in 1588 fuccceded his father, died 
March 3, 1627, leaving iflue by Elizabeth, daughter of Francis 
Haflings, the 2d Earl of Huntingdon, eight fons and feven 
daughters. Of the daughters, Elizabeth, married Sir Henry 
C luiidtord of Hemiled, in Kent, Knt. — Catherine, to Williaiu 
the 2d Lord Petre. — Anne, to Sir Edward W inter of Lidncy, 
in the county of Gloucefter, Knt. — Frances, to Sir Williani 
Morgan ot I.anternam, in the county of Monmo\ith, Knt. by 
whom llic mother of Sir Edward Morgan, ii^ii. — Maiy 
died an in taut. — Blanch married Thomas, the fecond Lord 
Ai uiulcl of Wardour. — Another, Catherine to I homas, the 
lixth Lord WniJlor. And of the eight Ions, Edward the 
youngeft married Bridget, daughter and heir to Sir William 
whitmorc, of Heighton, in the county of Chcfter, but died 
without iiTue.—Chriftopher the feventh, died at about five yean 
old*-- Charles the* fixth, was made Knight of the Bath witti his 
Brother Edward, and died in December^ 1665, having had if- 
fue by Elizabeth, daughter and heir to Sir WUliani rowel of 
Lhanpylt, in the county of Monmouth, Knt* three daughters, 
whereof Elizabeth roamed Francis Anderton of Leftock, in the 
county of Leicefler, £fq« Mary died unmarried ; and Frances 
married Sir Henry Brown, of Kiddington, in the county of Ox^ 
ford, Bart.— -Francis the fifth, died very youne, as did Charles 
the fourth*— Thomas the third, was created V ifcount Somer- 
fet, of Caihel, In Ireland, where he married Helena, reli6fc oi 
Thomas Butler, the tenth Earl of Ormond, and daughter of 
David Lord Barry, Vifcount Buttevant, (by Helena his wife^ 
daughter to David Roch, Vifcount de Rupe and Fermoy in that 
kingdom) and by her had Elizabeth his daughter and heir, who 
was never married.— William Lord Herbert, the eldeil fon, dy- 
ing in his father's life-time, unmarried. 

(5th E. I ft M.) Henry, the fecond fon, in 1637 became 
heir. This noble Lord, in 1641, obtained the title of Earl of 
Glamorgan in South Wales, and was treated Marquis of Wor- 
cefter, and died in December 1646. He married Anne, 2d daugh- 
ter of John Lord Ruflel, fon of Francis, fecond Earl of Bedford^ 
and by her had nine fons and four daughters ; of whom Wil- 
liam, the third fon, Henry the fourth, Thomas the fifth, and 
Charles the fixtli, t'rederick the feventh, Francis the eighth, 
and James the ninth, all died very young, or unmarrii-d ; as did 
FJi/abfth, Anne, and Mary, the three eldcll daughters; but 
another Eli7.abeth, who was the fourth and youngell daughter, 
juarrkd ir rancis i^iown^ th<; tUUd Viic* Montague* Of the 

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two eldeft fons, which were Edwartl and Sir John ; the latter « 
miirricd Mnrv, daucyhter to homas the firil Lord /\rniidcl of 
Wnrdour, by whom Ke had three ions, Henry Sonierlet, grand- 
father oi Edv.ard Somcrfet, who died in 171 1, without iiTae 9 
1 homas, who died 1676 ; and Cliarlcs, who leit ifliie. 

(2d M.) Edward the eldeft Ton iuccceded his father in i046» 
He married to his flrft wife, Eli/.ahLth, daughter to Sir W illiam 
Dormer, Knt. who died in the life-time of liis father Robert 
Lord Dormer, of Wengc) and by her (who died on the 31 ft oF 
May, 1665) had one fon and two daughters; and his <ecr>iid 
■wife was \jargaret, daiu^hter and co-heir to Henry O^Brien, 
the 5t]i I'^ari oflhoirjoiij, in Ireland; ihc .lied in 1681. The 
ilaughtcrs by his iii'X wife were, Anne, married Henry Howard, 

' the iixth 1 Aike of Norfolk ; and Elizabeth to William rlcrbert, 
iViarii'jis oi Pow is ; and 

(lil D.) Hi:ni<v tlicir brother, on the 3d of April, 1667^ 
fucceeded his faihei ; and on the fecond of December, 1602, 
he was created Duke of Beaufort, and died on the 21ft of Janu^* 
ary, 1699, in the 70th year of his age. He married Mary, et- 
deft daughter of Arthur Lord Capcl, fiftcr to Arthur £arl of 
Eflex, fon of William the fecond Duke of Somerfet ; and mo- 
ther hy him of William the third TOuke ; and' by her (who died 
on the 7th of January, 1714, in the S5th year of her age) had 
^ve fons and four daughters* Of the daughters, which were 
KUzaheth, Mary, I-lcnrictta^ and Anne ; the latter was married 
to Thomas, afterwards Earl of Coventry, and had a warrant of 
precedence, dated Nov. 30, 1699, the iith of William III. to 
take place as daughter of the Duke of Beaufort, notwithlland- 
tng her marriage. — Henrietta was firft married to Henry O'Bri- 
en,^ eldeft foil by the fecond wife to Henry Earl of Thomond; 
and fecondly to Henrv Howard, thefixth Earl of Suffolk, and 
died on the loth of AuguA, 171 5. — Mary married James But* 
ler, late Duke of Ormond, and died in November, 1733.— Eli? 
r ibeth died in her infancy. Of the fons, Henry the cldcft, 
Edward the third, and Henry the fourth, died young.— Arthur 

I the fifth, marrying Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir W il- 
liam Ruilcl, of Eanghcrne, in Carmarthen/hire, Bart, (and wi- 
dow cf Hugh Calvclcy Cotton, of Cumbermere, in Chefliire, 
>>art.) by her had a fon Edward, born Jan. 27, 1692, and three 
daughters ; Mary, Elizabeth, ami Anne ; Mary was married to 
Alt'^ernou Grcville, fecond Ton of i oulk G^ville the fifth Lord 
jjrookc. — Arthurdiedin julv, 1743* 

Cii Aiii.r?, Marquis of H orcelter, the fecond fon, leaping 
OLir of his coach, to avoid the danger he was in from the unru- 
lineli. of his horfcs, ruruiingdown a ih cp hill, broke hiii thigh 
bor.e, of which lie died tiirei- days after, vi/. on the 13th of ]u!v^ 
i(>( 8, in the 38th vear oflu^ -^ j, in his father's life-time. 'I his 
ncbk Lord juarried KvlxiCti*, filler to Richard Earl Tilnev, 


and by her (who afterwards married to John, Lord Gran* 
VtUtf fecond ton to Joho, Earl of Bat^, and died on the 27^1 of 
July, 17 12} aged 44) had three fons and three dnugliters. Tha 
daughters were, Mary, -Elizabeth, both of whom dtedyoung ; 
and Henrietta, married to Charles Fitzroy, Duke of urafton^ 
smd died on the 9th Aug, 1726. The fons were, 

(2d D.) Henry, Charles, and John ; the latter died on the 
31ft of Dec. 1704; the fecond on hts travels at Rome, March 
4, 1 7 10, aged twenty -one ; and the eldell, who was bom on the 
sd of April, 1684, on -the 21ft of Jan. 1699, fuccceded hi« 
CTandfather in the Dukedom* He married (in 1702) Mary^ 
nfter to Lionel, Duke of Dorfct, but fhe dying in childbed on 
the 18th of June, 1705, and leaving no ifTue, he on the 26th df \ 
Feb. 1706, married to his fecond wife Rachel, fecond daugh-^ 
tcr and co-heir to Wrotthclly Baptift, Earl of Gainftorbugh, 
and by her he had three fons, Henry, late Duke, bom March 
26th, 1707. — John, who died young,— Charles Noel, bom Sept* 
12, 1709, of which birth flie died the next day ; and to his third 
wife the faid Duke married Mary, daughter to Peregrine, Duke 
of Leeds, but by her (who married fecondiy, John Cochran, Eari 
•f Dundonald,) had no iflue : and dying on the 24th of May, 
1714, was fucceeded by 

(3d D«) Henry his eldeft fon ; who on the 28th of June, 
1729, married Frances, only child and heir to Sir Jnmcs ScuJa- 
more, of Home-Lacy, in the county of Hertford, Eart. Vifc* 
Scudamore in Ireland, by Frances his wife, only daughter of 
Simon, Lord Digby, by whom he had no iffue. In 1730, an a6k 
was paffed in parliament for permitting his CTrnce and his Du« 
chefs, and her children, to take the additional fumame, and 
bear the arms of Scudamore, purfuant to a fettlement made hji 
her Grace's father. He was divorced from this lady%March 2^ 
1744, (who married 2dly, Hon» Charles Fitzroy, by whom^ 
who died 1 782, flic had a daughter Frances, married to the pre- 
fent Duke of Norfolk ; and dying Feb. 24, 1745*6, leaving no 
i£ue, was fucceeded by 

(4th D.) Charles-Noel his brother, who May i, 1740^ 
married Elizabeth Berkeley, daughter to the Vifcountefs dowa- 
ger Hereford, by John Berkeley, of Stoke Gifibrd, in Gloucef- 
terlhire, Efq. now Baronefs Bottetourt, being only fifter and 
heir to Korhonne Berkely, Baron Bottetourt, who died in 1776, 
(Sec Baronefs Bottetourt) by whom he had iflue, Anne, born 
March 11, 1740-41, and married, Sept. 10, 1759, to Charles, 
the late Earl of Northampton, and died at Naples in June, 
1 763, leaving iflue. — Elizabeth, born in 1742, and died May 10, 
1760- — ^Henry the prefent Dukc^^Rachel, born Iti 1 746, who 
died young. — Henrietta, bom in 1748 ; married, April 1 1, 1769, 
the late Sir Watkin William Wynne, Bart, of Wynnftay, 
and died July 249 following.— Mary Ifabella^ born AuguA 
Vou L D 1756^ 

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J 756, and married D?c. 26, 1775, to the late Duke of Rut- 
land. His Grace di^d 06l« 28, 1756^ and was fuccecded by his 

(5th D.) Henry, prefent Duke of Beaufort. 

Crt ATioNs.] Baron Jure Uxoris, and by letters patent, Nov. 
26, 1506, (22 Henry Vll.) originally by delcent and writ of 
fummons to parliament, July 26, 146 1, i Edward IV. Earl, 
I cb. 2, 15 1 4, 5 llci:ry VI [I. Marquis, Nov. 2, 1642, iS Car* 
I- and Duke of Beaufort, Dec. 2, 1682, 34 Car. II. 

Arms.] Qiiarterly, the arms of France and England, with- 
in a horduic-componc, argent and<72«/^. [Plate IV.] 

Crest.] A portcii'lis, or, nailed, azure; chains of the y?/y7. 
• Supporters. On the de\-^cr (ihz a panther, argent, fpotted 
with various colour , tire iliiiiiig out oi his mouth and cars, 
proper, go;;;cd witli a collar, and chai!i pendant, sr. On t!\e 
finifter, awyvcrnt , v-yt, holding in his mouth a iiinilcr-hand 
coupcd at the wriii, proper. 

Motto.] Mutare vilumerejpernom 1 fcorn to change or to 

Chief Skats.] At Badminton, in Gloucclicriliirc ; Chcp- 
iluw-calUe, in MoumouthiI^ire> and Nether liayen^ in Wilts. 


npHE moft noble AUBREY BEAUCLERK, DuVc of Sr. 

ALBANS, Earl of Bur ford. Baron of Hcddington, and 
Baron Vcrc of Hanworth, in Middlcfcx ; born June 3, 1740, 
married May 4, 1763, Catherine, daughter of the Earl of Bef- 
borough, by whom, who died Sept. 3, 1789, he has ifluc Au- 
brey, Fnrl of Burford, born Ang. 21, 1765, married |uly 9, 
1788, Mifb Mofes. — Willi am, born Dec. 18, 1766, — "Catlic- 
ripe-Liizabcth, born I cb. 20, 1764. — iiiuelia. — Caroline.-— 
Gcorrina. — Vrcdcric. 

Tlie ixviX of this noble family was, 

(lA 1).) Charles Bkaitclerk, eldeft natural fon of King 
Charles If. by Mrs. Eleanor (iwin, born May 8, I ^^70, was 
created, in 1676, Baron uF Hcddlnj'^ton anl ji,ail of ikirford, 
and in 1684, iJakc of St. Alban^. On the i/rh of April, 1694, 
he married Diana Vere, cldefl: daughter and eo-Lw-ir of Aubrey 
xle Vere, the l.i'l I'arl (.{ Oxford, ar.d l)y her, who di^ ci in !an. 
7741, had nine lun^; ^ud three daughlci.^, who died uuiiiar^ 

(2d D.) CiiAi'.LL^, the fecond Duke wn^ born on the 6th 
of April, 1696; on the lith of Mav, 1726, he fuccecdcd his 
flithcr ; the 13th of Dc-c. 1722, man; i Lucv, daughter to 
Sir Joan vVerdoa of Hulljpurt^ xii L'Liki, Bart, aiidby her, who 

DUKE o» St» ALBANS. 3{ 

died on the 2d of Nov. 1752, had i flue one fon, George, born 
June 25, i730> wlio became the third Duke, as hereafter; and 
one daughter, Diana, born 20, 1725, married Feb. 2, 

1761, to the Hon. and Rev. Shute Barrinoton, jjrefent Bi/hop 
of Salifburv, and und in 1766; and George, born June 25, 
1730. — William, tlie 2d Ton, was born \l;iv 22, 1698; who 
iti 1722, married Charhitte, daughter and co-heir of Sir John 
Werden, Bart, by whom, who died June, 1 745, he had ifTue, 
!• W iliiaiii, who died at Eaton-lchool. 2» Charles, a C.(donel 
in the army, who married Mifs Eli7.a!>eth Jones, hy which 
lady, .who died Dec. 5, 1768, he had ifl\ie a fon George, born 
Dec. 5, 1758, the late Duke ; and tlie Colonel died in 1775* 
^. Charlotte, married to John j)rummond, Efq. Banker at Cha- 
rmg-crofs, nephew to W iiiiam, \ ileount Stratliallan, by whom 
ilic had ifTue, Charlotte, who m;i: ricd her coufm Hen rv Beau- 
clerk; and uthcv chiliiren. 4. C;'.r()linc, married (icneial 
btr ill iam Draper, and died in 1778. — Vere, born July 14, 
1699, late Lord Vere oi Hanwouli; to which title he was 
created March 28, ^J^o. His h)rdlhip married Mary, eldeft 
daughter .uul co-heir of 7'homas Chambers, ot lianworth, Elcj, 
bv whom, who died in 17S3, he had ilfue Aubrcv, the prefent: 
Duke. 2. Mary, born Dec. 4, 1743, married 0<^^. 2, 1762, to 
Charles Spei^cer, Efq. brother to George, the prefent L uke of 
Marlborough, and lias ilFue. Befides thele, he had three fons 
and a daughter, who all died in their infancy. His lordlluji 
died 0£l. I, 1 78 1, and was fucceeded in the title of Lord Vere, 
by his furviving fon ; who, on the death of George the late 
Duke, on Feb. 16, 1787, fucceeded to the Dukedom, and is the 
prefent Duke.— Henry, born Aug. 11, 1701, married in Dec* 
1738, Maria, fifter and heirefs of Ncvil, Lord Lovelace, by 
whom, Avho died March 1708, he had iflue a fon Henry, (who 
married Nov, 24, 1769, his coufin Charlotte Drummond, which, 
lady died March, 1774, leaving iflue ;) and fix da ug liters. Dia- 
na, born June 24, 1741* Henrietta, born Nov. 26, 1742. 
Mary, born Nov* 25, 1743, and married July 6, 1782, to the 
Rev.' Mr. William Walter, of Harrow. Charlottey born 0€l. 
24, 1746. Martha, born Dec* 12, 1747. Anne, born 061. 9. 
1749.^ He died in 1 761.— Sidney, born Feb* a7, 1703; mar- 
ried Dec. 9, 1736, Mary, daughter of Thomas Norris, of 
Speak, in the county of Lancafler, £fq* and die^ Nov. 23^ 
1744, leaving iflue, one fon, the late Topham Beaticlerk, bom 
ill 1749, who married in 1767, to Diana, fifler of the Duke of 
Marlbyrough, and died in 1780, leaving iflue feveral daughters, 
the youngefl was married April 8, 1787, to Lord Herbert, the 
ddeft fon of the Earl of Pembroke.-^-<jeorge, born Dec* 26, 
1704, Lieut* Genera! of his Majedy^s forces, married Mifs 
, Margaret Bambridge, and died in 1768, without ifliie*-^y-* 
Qonr, born in 1 708^ died an infant.-«Jame^ late Biihop of He- 

D z refold^ 

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lefofll, bom 1709, ilied munarried, 0£^. 28, i ySy^-^Aubrey, 
bom jn 17 1 1, kiUed at Carthagena, in 1740, having married a 
daughter of Sir Henry Newton, Knt. and widow of Col. Alex- 
ander ; which lady died O^* 30, 1755* His Grace' deccaiing 
July 27, 175I9 was fucceeded t>y bis tided fori, 

(^d D*) George, born June 25, 1730, who married Od« 
aa, I7|2, Jane> fole daughter and heirefs to Sir Walter Roberts 
Qf Glaflenbury, in Kent, Bart, by whoin, who died Dec* 16, 
1778, hehadnoiflue, and his Grace died Feb* i, 1786, when 
he was fuccetded by his grand-nephew George, the grandfon of « 
bis next brother w ilHam* ' 

(4th D.) GioftOB, the late Duke, born Dec. 5, 1758, who 
died unmarried, Feb. 16, 1786; when the title defcended to hit 

(cth D.) ^uiREY, Lord Vcre, the prefentDuko. 

Creations.] Baron Heddington, of Heddington, ^and Earl 
of Burfbrd, both in the county of Oxford, Dec* 27, 1676 ; iS 
Car* II* and Duke of St* Albans in the county of Hertford, 
Jan* 10, 1684; 35 Car* 11* 

Arms*] The arms of King Charles II* with a baton fmlAer, 
ptlet, charged with three r^es, argent^ feedbd and barbed^ /r»- 
fer. (Plate IV.) 

Chest.] On a chapeau, iwZri, turned up srmine^ a lion paflant'- 
guaidant, or, crowned with a ducal coronet party pei fttde, «r- 
pMt and guksy and gorged with a collar, guU.ty charged with three 
rofes, argent^ feeded and barbed proper. 

SvppORTSRs.] On the dexter fide, an antelope, ergcntj armed 
andungukdy ir. Onthefinifter^ a greyhound, or gent, gorged 
andunguled, as the other* 

Motto.] Jufpidum meitoris mn* A pledge of better timet. 

Chief Seats] At Windibr, in Berkjihire; and at Crawley, 
in Hampflure. 


^TpHE moft noMe HARRY POWLETT, Duke of BQI*,. 
* . TON, Marquis of Winchefier, Earl of WiUfliire, Baroa 
" St* John of Bafing, premier Marqui: of England ; born Nov. 6^ 
1713, fuccceded his brother, Charles, the late Duke, July 5, 
S765. He married Mifs Nunn, of Eltham, in Kent, who died 
in May 1 764, leaving a daughter^ Mary, married to John^ Vi(c* 
Hinchinbroke, and died March 31, 1 779. He married fecondlj 
April 8th, 1765, Catherine, fifler to the prefcnt Earl of LonU 
dalei by whom he has two daughters ; Catherine, born in 17669 
jnarriedSept. 19, 1787, Lord Bernard, fgaof thtEari^ Oav- 

lipgtPo«-»^Aaiiiub bwijniyfit 

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Of this ancient fiunilj, wlncfi originally took its Aifnami 
from the lordiSiip of Powlect^ in tlie county of Somerfet, wa$ 
Sir lohn Powlett» Knt, who died in the reign of King Richard 
II» hating ifliie hf Eltuibeth, daughter and heir to William 
€}|edl» of Crediy in the county of Devon, Efq* two fons» Sir 
Thomas Powletti Knt* from whom is defcendcd the prefcnt 
Earl POWLfiTT ^ and William th6 Progenitor of this h* 
milji and a daughter Dionifia, married to John Popham^ Efq* 
This William marrieil Eleanor, fifter and heir to Sir Ellas Dcla* 
mere of Noney-Caftle, in thecounty of Somerfet, and of Fiiker* 
ton Delamere^ in the county of Wilts, Knt, and by her had a 
fott Sir John, who married^ Conftanc^ daughter to Hugh 
Poynings, grand-daughter and co-heir to Thomas Poynings^ 
Lord St. John of Bafmg, and was father of another John, whck 
iucceeded him. He married Eleanor, daughter and co**]ieir 
to Robert Rofs, of Gedney, in the county of Lincoln, JEfq. 
and had a daughter Margaret, married to Sir Amias Powlett, of 
Hinton St. George, and a fon. Sir John Powlett^ Knt. whd 
marnring Elizabeth, daughter to Sit William Powlett, of Hin* 
fon St. George, had iffue,, Williani.— -Sir Geofge, who marri* * 
cd a daughter of William, Lord Windfor, by whom he had i 
daughter married to Walter Lambart, L^fq. and one fon Wil* 
liam, whofc daughter and heir Eli/aheth married Oliver St* 
John, of Bletfoe, who was created Earl of Bolingbrolce.— Ri* 
chard, who married Eli/abeth, only daughter and heir of Peter 
Cowdrey of Herriad,* in Hants, Efq. whole grandfon Sir Richard 
married Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Wallop, Knt. and left 
two daughters, of which Lucia married Sir Thomas Jervois of 
Chilmarfh, Salop, Sir John married 2dly, Barbara, daughtet 
of Sir John Hampden Powlett, whofe only daughter and heir 
Elizabeth, married Ppncis DoWfe of Collingboume, in WiltSf 

(ift Ld. and E. and Marq.) William, eldeft fon and heir of 
Sir John, was by K. Henry IlL created Lord St. John, of Ba- 
fmg. He accompanied that King at the taking of Bologne, 

and was one of the King*s executors, and one of the council to 
K. Edward VL In the^d of Edward VL created Earl of Wilt- 
fhirc ; in the 4th, made Lord High Trcafurer of England ; and 
in the 5th, created Marquis of W'incbeAer. He built the beau- 
tiful and magnificcnr feat called Pafmp:, in thccountv of South* 
ampton, and living to fee one hundred and three perfons of th^ 
i/Tuc of his own hcxly, died in i «;7?, in the 97th year of his age. 
By his 2d v.'ife W'inifridc, d ntchter to Sir John Bridc;e9, Knt. 
Lord Mavor of London, and ^v^do\v ot Sir Richard SarVvil'c*. 
Knt. he had no iffue, but by his firft wife F.H'/ahcHi, daui;!iter 
to Sir William Capel, Knt. he had four Ions and four daugh-» 
ters, of which Alice married Richard Stawell, Efq.-— Marg: 

m to Sit WiUiam Berkeley, Knt.— Miurgery to Richaod WaU 

D 3 lei> 

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ler, Efq.-— Eleanor to Sir Richai^l Pccklall, Knt. And the 
fons were full, jolin, Ltnu St. John. — 1 homas, 
tlic daughter and co-heir to Thomas Moor, ot iMelpalh, in the 
counlv of Dorfet, EUj. — Chidieok, ot Wade, in the coiintv' 
of Southampton, (iovernorot rortiniouth, married ill, Anne, 
dan^];hter ot Sir Thomas White, of South-VVarnehourne, Hants, 
and had ilTue W illiam Powlett, of Wade, Elq. who inanied 
Dow label, daughter of James Paget, Efq. 2dly, a daughter of 
Edmund Knevit, of the county of Eflex, Efq, and had iflue 
Thomas Powlett of that county, Efq.— Giles, was anceftor ta 
Bernard Powlett, Efq. whofe daughter and heir, Eii/.abeth, mar- 
ried Thomas Holbeck, of Filongly, in ihe county of W'ar- 
wick, Efq. and their daughter and heir^ Mary, married Edward 
Lord Leigh. ^ . " 

(2d M.) John, who during his father's life-time was fum- 
moned to parliament as Lord St. John, fucceeded his father. 
He married Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir to ftohert Wil- 
loughby. Lord Brook, and had four fons and two daughters ; 
^ary, married to Henry, Lord Cromwell, Baron of Oakham^ 

Swhom (he had a daughter Catherine, married Sir Lionel 
>Uemache^ Bart* ancefior to the Earl of Dyfert ; and Eliza- 
beth, firft to Sir William Courtenaj, Knt* and afterwards to 
Sir Henry Ouchtred, Knt* Of the Ions, which were 

(3d M.) William, Sir George, Richard, and Thomas. The 
eldeil, who in his father's life-time was fummoned to parliament 
by the title of Lord St. John of Bafing, on Nov. 4, 1572, fuc« 
ceeded him in the title of Marquis of Winchefter, 6lc. and ha- 
'ving married Agnes, daughter to William, Lord Howard of 
££Bngham, by her had William his heir; and two daughters; 
Anne, married to Sir Thomas Dennis, Knt. and Catherine, to 
Sir Giles Wroughton, Knt. 

(4th M.) William, who on Nov. 24, 1598, fucceeded his 
father, married Lucy, daughter to Thomas, Earl of Exeter, 
and had fix fons, William, who married Mary, daughter to 
Antony Brown, the 2d Vifcount Montague, but died in his fa- 
ther's life-time without iflue ; and ike married 2dly, William 
Arundel, £fq* ad fon of Thomas, Lord Arundel of Wardour. 
^Thomas the 2d fon died unmarried. — Charles and Edward 
left no iflue. — Henry, the 4th9 had iiTue, Francis, who married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Richard Norton, and heir of Sir 
John Norton, Bart, and had iflue, Norton Powlett, of Rother- 
field, Hants, Efq. who by Jane, daughter of Sir Charles Mot- 
ley, of Droxford, Hants, had ifliie eight fons and three daugh- 

(5th M.) John, the third fon, on the 4th of Feb. 1628, fuc- 
ceeded his father as Marquis of Winchefter. In the wars be- 
tween K. Charles L and tlie Parliament, he made a garrifon for 
J^i$ Mfijcfly of his Ene feat of Baling ; >ut it being taken, and 



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atove 400 perfons withhimfelf in it, it was burnt to the ETOund; 
he called the houfe Love-loyalty, which name he caukd to bo 
written with a diamond in every window* He died on the 5th 
of March, 1674, having married three wives ; ift Jane, daugh- 
ter to Thomas, Vifc, Savage, and by her had Charles his fuccel- 
for ; Ills 2d wife was Honora, only daughter to Richard Jiourk, 
Karl ot CIafirickard, in Ireland, and Hlarl of St. Albans, in Eng- 
land, bv i ranees, 'hicr and heir of I'rancis Walfingham, 
Knt. and widow 1 rlt of Sir Philip Sidney, and 2div of Sir Ro- 
bert iJcvcTL^ux, Karl of Efllx; and bv her had four fons, of 
which only two lived to maturity, viz. lohn, who died unmar- 
ried; and r rancis, who left an only daughter and heir, married 
to tlic Rev. Mr. Nathan Wright, of Englcticld, Berks, fon of 
the Lord Keeper ; and three daughters, of which Frances mar- 
ried Lewis de Ricardie ; Anne, to John, J^ord Helaliifc of VVor- 
laby ; and Honora died unmarried. To his third-wife he mar- 
ried Ifalulla, daughter to William Howard, Vifc, Statiord> but 
bv licr ii ad ?io ilfue ; fo that now we return to 

(ill D.) Chap LFs his eldeft fon and heir, bv bis firft wifc> 
who was created Duke of Uolton, March 9, 1^89, ill W. and 
^I. and tiled on Feb. 26, 169^. He married Chrilliana, cldeft 
daughter to John Frccheville, of Stavely, in the county of 
Derhv, F q. afterwards created Lord Frechevillc, by whom he 
had an only fon John, who died in his iiitancy ; hut hv his 2d 
wifeM.ii v, one of tlic natural daugliters of Fmanuel Seroop, 
F'-arl of Sunderland and Ford Scroop of Bolton, and widow of 
Henry, 2d fon of Henry Cary, Earl of Monmouth, he had two 
fons, Charles, Marquis of vVinchefter, who fucceeded him ; 
William ; and three daughters ; of which, Jane, married John 
Egerton, Earl of Bridgwaten-^Mary died unmarried* — Eliza- 
beth married Toby Jenkins, of Grimnon in the countv of York, 
£fq. Of the fons, William the youngeft, died on the 25th of 
Sept. 1729, in the 63d year of his age* He married tft the 
Lady Louife Armelius de Caumont dela Force^ only daughter 
to the Marquis of Monpouilon in Holland, who was a young- 
er fon to the Duke de la Force in France, and by her had two 
fons and two daughters ; and by his 2d wife Anne, daughter 
and co-heir to Randolph Egerton, of Beteley in the county of 
Stafford, £fq* who died in Nov. 1737, lie had a daughter Hen- 
rietta, who married William, 3d fon to Charley, late Vifcount 
Towoihend: and of the daughters by the lil wife, which were 
Mary and Jane ; the eldefl married Richard Parfons^ Earl of 
Rofs, in Ireland. And of the fons, which were William and 
Sir Charles- Arnaand ; the latter, was on the 26th of June, ' 
1749, inftalled a Knt. of the Bath. He married in June, 1738, ' 
the widow of William* Daihwood, of Northbrooke, Oxford^ 
Ihire, Efq. and died Nov. 14th 1751. William, his eldeft bro- 
ther, having married Aaabella Bepnet* daughter of Charles tho 

D4 xft ^ 

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id Earl of Tankerville, by whom he liad a Ton Wiliiam, born 
on the 9Lh of Nov. 1729, and a daughter Anabclla* Haviog 
done with this branch wc return to ' 

(2d D.) Charles, Marquis of Wincliefter, who in 1699 
fucccLckd his father; and died on the 2 ill: of Jan. 1722, having 
had iifue as follows : by his ift wife Margaret, only daughter to 
George, the 3d Lord Coventry, whom he married July the 7th, 
1679, he had no ifliie ; but by his 2d, Frances, daughter of 
"William Ranifden, ot Byrom, in the county of York, Efq. 
grandfather of Sir NV illiam Ramfden, Bart, he had two fons and 
two daughters ; and in 1697, mairyinp at Dublin to his 3d 
wife, Henrietta Crofts, daughter to James Scot, Duke of 
Monmouth, by Eleanor, voungcft daughter to Sir Robert Need- 
ham, of Lambeth in Surry, Knt. bv lier (who died On the 27th 
of Feb. 1730,) he had n fon, NalFau, born June 23, 1698, wlia 
in Dec. 1 73 1 J married Ifebella I'ufton, voun frcil daughter and 
co-heir of the late Earl of Thanet, i>v wlioin he had fevcral 
children, of whom one onlv lived to matuj ity, lfab( lla, wiio 
married to the Earl of Egmont. NalFau Powlett died Aug. 
24th 1 74 1, and his lady married Sir Francis Blake Delaval. 
Of the daughters of Charles, Duke of l^olton, by his 2d wife; 
Mary married' ill:, Charles O'Neal, of Ireland, Efq. 2uiy, 
Capel Moore, Efq. 7th ion ui tlcnrv, the ill Earl of Droghc- 
da ; and Frances to John Mordaunt, by whom Ihc had the pre- 
fcnt Earl of Peterborough. And of the fons, 

(3d D.) ChArles, M.irquisof Winchcfter, was called up 
by w rit to the Fioufc of Peers, as Lord St. John of Raiuig, 
and lucceeded liis father as 33uke in 1721. In 1713, his Ciracc 
rnarried Anne, daughter and lolc heir to John Vauglran, Earl 
of Carberrv, in Ireland ; alfo Baron of Emlyn, in the county of 
Cann irtlu M, !)y his 2d wife Anne, daughter of George, Mar* 
qui^ ot iialitax, by Dorothy Spencer, daughter of Henry, the 
nrft Earl of Sunderland, l)ut not cohabiting with her, had no 
ilfuc by her. Her (iracc died Sept. 20, 17^1, aud he foon af- 
ter married Mrs. Luvinia Fenton, who died jan. 17th, 1760, 
by whom he had no legitimate ifl'ue; and his Grace dying on 
the 26th of Aug. 17 54, was fucceeded by his brother. 

(4th D.) Hai.rv, who married Catlierine, daughter of 
Charles Parry, of Oakfield, in Berkfhire, Efq. by whom he 
had iflue, Charles the late Duke. — Harry, the prefent Duke.— 
Henrietta, married July 12th, 1741, to Robert Colcbrooke of 
Ghilham CafUe in Kent, Efq. and is deceafed. — Catherine mar- 
ried June 4th, i74^> to William Afhe, of Heytefbury in 
Wilts, Efq. who dying July 11th, 1750, flie married adly in 
Feb. 1755, Adam I>rummond» £%« and deceafed in 1775. 

(5th D.) Charlbs» Duke of Bolton, focccedcd his father 
Od. 19th, 1759, but died without iflue July 5th| i765> where* 
tapon the honours devolted on his brothei ^ 

<6th D.) 

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DUKE or' LEEDS. 49 

(6ih D.) Harry, now Duke of Bolton. 

CREATiONi.] Baron St. John of Baiing, in the county of 
Southampton, March 9, 1538, 30 Henry VI Tl. Earl of the 
County of Wilts, Jan. 19, 1549, 3 Edward Yl. Marquis of 
Wincheftcr, in the county of Southampton, Odh 12, 1751, 5 
Edward, VL and Duke of Bolton, in the county of York^ 
April 8, 1689, the ift of William and Mary. 

Arms.] 6' • 4', three fwords in pile, their points towards the 
bafe, argent y the pomels and hilts, or. (Plate V.) 

Crest.] On a wreath a mount, verty from whence a falcon, 
rifrng, ory gorged with a ducal coronet, guUsy thecrcft of Lord 
St. John^ of Baiing, as defcendant of an l^eir female of that ta- 

Supporters.] Two hinds^ purpure^ femi of eftoils^ 
gorged with a ducal coronet, or. 

Motto.] Jymez loyauUL Love loyalty. 

Chief Seats.] At Hackwood-park, and Abbotftonc, in 
Hampfhirc; Bolton-hall, in Yorkfhirc ; at Hook-park, in the 
count V of Dorfet; at Edington, in Wiltihire; and Eling ia 


Duke of f.EEDS, Marquis of Caermarthcii, Earl of 
Danby, Vilcount Latimer and I^iimhlaine, Earon Oiborne of 
Kiveton, ami a Baronet ; fuccecdtd his father riiomn'?, the late 
Duke, March 23, 1789. He was horn fan. 29th, 1751 ; and 
marricti in jiily 31, 1773, Amelia D'Arcy, onlv furviving 
child ot the late Earl of Holdernede ; bv whom he had ifTue 
Georgc-William-Frederick, born [uly 25, 1775, who on the 
death of his mother (Baronefs Con vers) Jan. 26, 1784, fuc- 
ceeded to that Bnrony, and is the preletU Baron Conyers.— • 
Kranci<:-GodoIphin, born Ocl. 11, i/^?; — Mary-Hennetta, 
born Sept. 7, 1776. The Marquis's marriage was dilfolved by 
a^of Parliament, in May 1779, when her Ladvfliip foon af- 
ter married Mr. Byron, by whom fhe had iffiie, and died in 

1 7 84. His GrocQ married fecondly, 06t« I4> 17389 Mifs An* 

This tamilv, which is o\ r^rcit antitjuirr, was for fome time 
feated at A/lifor<l, m Kent, of which john On:)orne, Efq. who 
in the 12th of H'-nry VI. was returned in the lift of the C!;en- 
try ot the faid county, as alfo afterwards was Richard Ofborne ; 
who married Jane, filler and heir to Everard Broughton, of the 
county of Weltmorland, Efq. and by her had Sir Edward Of-c 
borne^ Knt. who in the 2 j of was iiord May.or of Lon- 

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4» DUKE o? LEEDS. 

don. Fie married Anne, (laugliter and l.oii to Sir William 
Hcwet, alfo Lord Mayor nt Loiulon in that reign ; and by her 
hnd Sir Hcwef Ofhorne, who ir.arncd Joicr, daughter ot Tlio- Fleetwood, Kfc]. M:iflrr ot ihc Mint, and by her, who nf- 
tciw.ird^: mnnicd Sir Peter tut iivillc; had if^ic Alice, mar- 
ried to Cnriiloplicr VVandestord, Elq. by x-hoin ihc had 
Chrif^opficr, who was created ViTr, Caf:!; rr)n;„T, m Ireliintl, 
and a Ion Edward, Avho luccceded hini, ;tn i in 1620 was created 
a Karonct. He married ift, Margaret, cUk\l dau^^Iiter of Tho- 
mas, Vifc. Fauconbcrg, by whom be bad a fon Kdward, who 
died in his infancy ; 2d!v, Anne, c.n.ghterto 1 horn as VVahnf- 
ley, Efq, (by Ele.mor hi wile, ilaugliter to John IJanvers, of 
Dimtzey, in W ihs, hv Klizabetii liis wife, youngeft- daughter 
of John Nevil, l^o- d Latimer, and co-heir to her brother John 
Nevil, Lord Larimer,) by bor had 

(ift D.) Thomas, his liucuiTor, who adhcrino^ to the royal 
inferef}, in order to the rciioration of King CharKs II. was by 
that King made Treafurcr of the Navy, one of the Privy- 
Council, Lord High Treafurer of England, Vifc. Diimblaine, 
EarcMi of Kivcton, Vifc. Latimer, Earl of Danby, and Kiit, of 
the C larter. Me was alio in favour with the Prince of Orange, 
who, upon his acccilion, created him a Mai\uiis arM Uiikc. He 
married Bridj^et, i!d daughter bv the hrit v.ifc of Montague 
iurtie, Earl of Lindfcy, and !>v her had thr.e ions and llx 
daugliters, and died juiy k^uh, 171 2, 1.; ilu Sift ycr.r of 
ac:c. Ot the daughters, Elizabeth died iniir.arricd, — Anne, 
the ad, was firit married to Robert Coke, of Holkham, in Nor- 
folk, Efq. anceftor to the Earl of Leicefter ; and adly, to Ho- 
ratio[x>le, Efq. uncle to Robert, the brft P'arl of Oxford, 
of that family ; and died on the ^th of Aug. 1722, aged 64.— 
Bridget, the 3d, married firft, Charles Fitz-Charles, Earl of 
Plymouth, natural fon of K. Charles IL by Mrs* Catherine 
Veg, daughter of Thomas Peg, of YelderOey, in the county of 
Derby, Efq, hut hy him, who died on the 17th of 0<Sk. 1686, 
at Tangier, ihe had no ifliie; and 2dly, to Doctor Philip Bi£re» 
Btfhop of Hereford.— Catherine, to James Herbert of Kingfey, 
in. Bucks, Efq. fon and heir to James, a younger fon to Philip, 
Karl of ' Pembroke.— *Marrha, to Charles, fon and heir to John» 
Earl of Bath.*^And Sophia, the youngeA, Br ft to Donatas, 
Lord Ibrican, grandfon and heir apparent to Henry, Earl of 

''lliomond; and afterwards to WiUiam, Lord Lempfter, by 
whom ihe was mother of the late Earl of Pomfret* And of the 
fons, which were Edward, Thomas, and Peregrine; the id 
died an infant, and the eldeft, who was i^iled Lord Latimer^ 
married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter and co-heir to Simon Bennet 
of BechamptODf in the county of Bucks, Efq. a branch of the 
Earl of Tankerville's family^ and by her had two fon«; but 

they dying young, * 
. ' (2dD.) 

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DUKE ov. LEEDS. 4^ 

(2d D.) Peregrine Ms brother, became heir. In ^is fa- 
ther's life-time, he was created X ilc. l^uniMnine, in Scotland, 
on the lui Lender of his father's patent; and on tlie I4tli of 
March, 1690, was iunimoned to parliament, by t!ie title of 
Lo.d O^hoinc, of Kivettm; and died June 25tb, 1729, in ihi: 
7 ilk year of his age. He married Bridget, only daughter and 
heir to Sir Thomas Hyde, of North Mims, in the county of 
Hertford, Knt. (who lurvived him, and died March 8th, 1734) 
by whom he had two fons and two daughters, whereof Bridget 
married the Rev. Mr. Williams, prebendary of ChicheAer, and 
died in Feb. 1 755 ; and Mary was firft married to jfienry So- 
merfet, Duke of Beaufort; and 2dly, to William Cochran* 
the 4th £ari of Dundonald, in Scotland. Of the fons> Wil-^ 
liam-Henry, the eldeft, who was bom in July, 16919 died of 
the fmall-pox at Utrecht, the 9th Aug. 17 1 1, aged ax ; and 

(3d D.) Perec RiNE-HYDE, the youngcft, born Nov. 11, 
1691, vy^ho Jan. ai, 17139 was fammoned to parliament aa 
LordOiborne, of Kiveton, fncceeded his father. He married 
I ft, Elizabeth Harley, daughter to Robert, Earl of Oxford, 
and by her, who died Nov. 20th, 17 13, aged 28, he had afoa ^ 
Thomas, Marquis of Caerniarthen, late Duke, of whom ihe 
died in child-bed. By his 2d wife, Anne, (who died Nov^ 
27th, 1722,) 3d daughter to Charles, Duke of Somerfet, he 
had afon who died young; and in April 1725, he married to 
bis 3d wife, Juliana, daughter to Roger Hele of Halewell, in 
the county of Devon, Efo. but by her had no ifTue; fhefurvi*^ 
vinghim married Charles, Earl of rortmore. His Grace dying 
on the 9th of May, 1731, was fucceeded by his only fon 

(4th D.) Thomas, late Duke of Leeds, horn Nov. 6, 17 13, 
married June 26, 1740, Mary, you ngeft daughter of I rancis, 
Earl Godolphin, by whom, who died Aug. 3, 1764, he had 
iffiie a fon, born 1741, who died an infant. — Harriet, bom 
I7if4, died young. — TKomas, late Marquis of Caermarthen, 
born 1747, who died Aug. 15, 1761.— Francis-Godolphin, the 
prefent Duke, who was called up by writ to the Houfe of Peers 
in 1776, during the life-time of his father, by the title of Baron 
Oiborne of Kiveton, on the death of his father, March 23, 
1789, aged 76, fucceeded to the dukedom, and is 

(5th D.) Francis-Godolphin, the prefent Duke. 

Creations,] Baronet, July 13, 1620, i James I. Vifcount 
Dumblaine in Scotland, July 19, 1673, 25 Car. II, Baron Of- 
borne of Kiveton, in the county of York, and Vifc. Latiracr, 
Aug. 15, 1673; ^'^''^ Danby, in the county of York, June 
27, 1674; Marquis of Caerniarthen in the principality of 
Wales, Aiwil 20, 1689; l^ukc of Leeds in the county of 
York, May 4,^1694, the 6th of W illiam and Mary. 

Arms.] Quarterly, ermine^ and azure ^ a crofs, or. [Plate V.J 

^RSST.J On a wreath, a tygcr paiTaiit, argcnu 


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Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, on tlie 
finilkr, a tygcr» ardent, each gorged with a ducal coroaety 

Motto.] Pax in hello. Peace in war. 

Chief Seats.] At Noith-Mims in Hcrtfordfliire ; at Kivc- 
ton, Hart-hall, and Thorp -hail, and Walter-hall, all ia the 
county of York. 


npHEmoftnoMe FRANCIS RUSSEL, Duke of BED- 
FORD, Marquis of Tavillock, Earl of Bedford, iUion 
HufTcl, of Cheney s-l'horni.augh, and Baron HV) .viand, of 
Streatham in Surry ; was Iu)rn July 22^ 1765, and iuccccdcd 
his grandL.tlicr January 14, 1771. 

' 1 his ancient family \\.\\^ l^cen of long kaiuuii-, 11 1 the county 
c\ \ 'orl'et, where tl^y wcic pgiiLikd oi lome lordihips ior many 
age* paii. 

John Russel wa^ coiuiabic of Corfe-caftlc, the ^ih Hen. III. 
and had lifue, 

Ralph liis heir, whofcwifc wasTfahcl, daughter and co-heir 
to ]amcs dv: Newmarch, one of the ilarons of that age, and 
a dclccndant of iJernaul dc Ncvvmarch, one of the Conqueror's 
follower's into England* The fon and iuccciror of this Ralph 

William Russel, who in 1284, the 12th of Edward I. ch^ 
taincd a charter for a market every Thurfday in the year, and a 
fair, on the eve, day and morrow on St. Mattliew, at his ma- 
nor of Kingfton, commonly called Kingfton-RiifTel, in the 
County of Dorfet, which lordfhip is enjoyed to this day by tha 
chief hranch of this family ; the fame having hccn held by 
SSerjeanrry, viz, to be cup-bearer to the King, at the four prin^ 
cipal feafts in the year. He married Jane, daugliter to Robert 
Peveral, and had imic 

Theobald his heir, who married Eleanor, daugliter and 
'co-heir of Ralph de Gorges, a Baron in Parliament in the reign 
of K. Edward II, by whom he had iOTue ; Theobald, who took 
the name of Gorges, from whom the family of Gorges, now ex-> 
iftingin the county of Hereford defcendeo.— Sit Ralph, whofe 
ibm Theobald, and John, died unmarried.-— Maiirice, who had iP* 
file Sir William Runci, Knt* who died unmarried ; and two davu^lt* 
ters, f fahel, wife of Stephen Hatfield ; and Margaret, wife of Gil- 
hert Dennys, who Wem hein to Margery, daughter and heir of 
Sir William their brother. We now return to the iflbe of Theo» 
Md B^ufTel, by his ad frife Eleanor^ daughter and heir of 

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John de U Tower, by whom he had William his heir, who mar* 
fied the daughter and heir of Muftian, and had iiTue Hcnry^ 
whole fon John, by £lisabeth> daughter and heir of John He-* 
ringham, Efq^ had iflue Sir John RuiTcl, Knt, fpeakcr of the 
Houle of Commons in the 2d and loth Henry VL who by 
Alicey daughter of -^^Preuxmere^ had iflue James his heir; < 
Thomas, and two daughters; Alice^ married to — Trenchard^ 
Ef^. father of Sir Thomas Trenchard^ Knt. and Chriiliaa 
to Walter Cheverell, Efq. James the eldeft, had by Joan hij. 
wife^ two daughters, Elizabeth, married to Nicholas Boremont, 
£fq.f and Thomaifin, married to Robert HuiTey of Shapwick, 
la the county of Dorfet, Efq. and 

(ift£.) John liis heir, who was born at Kingflon-Ruilel ' 
albrefaid, refided at Berwick, about four miles from Bridport^ 
m the faid county of Dorfet, and being a gentleman of excellent 
accomplifliments, became the foundation of that honour, which 
afterwards accrued to this noble family. In 1498, Philip, Arch« 
duke of Auftria, only fon of the Emperor Maximilian, being ' 
bound for Spain, having married the heicefs of that kingdom, 
Joan, daughter of Ferdinand and Ifabel, King and Queen of 
Caftite and Arragon, and meeting with a violent ftorm in his 
paflage from Flanders, he was obliged to put on /bore at Wey* 
mouth; whereupon Sir Thomas Trenchard, who lived near 
that port, accommodated him in the heft manner he could, till 
fuch time as he had fent to court to acquaint K* Henry VII* 
. with his arrival ; and inviting Mr. Ruilel, who was his neigh<* 
bour and relation, to wait upon him at his houfc, the Archduke 
was fo taken with his converfation, that he defired he might 
enjoy hit company at court, then at Windfor, whither the 
King had invited that Prince to come ; and Mr. Ruflel being 
recommended to the King by the Archduke, as a gentleman 
fitly qualified to ferve him in fome coniiderable Aation, he was 
thereupon taken into great favour. In the 15th of Henry VII [» 
he was made Knight Marfhal; and afterwards employed in fe- 
vcral negociations to the Emperor Charles V. the French King, 
Pope, and Duke of Lorrain ; the 29th of Henry VWl. he was • 
nude one of the Privy Council ; and on the 9t!\ of M .i:ch the 
fame year, was created a Baron of this realm, and that he migiit 
t^t better fupport the honour conferred upon him, that Prince 
took the firft opportunity to augment his fortune, and in 3iil of 
his reign, upon the diiTolution of the monafleries made a grant 
to him, and Anne his wife, and the heirs of their bodies, of the 
whole fcite and circuit of the rich abbey of TavcAoke, in the 
county of Devon, alfo of the borough and town of 'I 'avcllokc, 
and of the manors of Hun Iwikf, Morewell, and Morewel^ 
ham, Milton> Abbot, alias MeUonlegh> Lamerton, Hole, Bren- 
ton, Wyke-Dabernon, Petcrllav . Ottrovv : li .s Ott. rve, 

Whitchurch and Newton; Wtlh the hundtcd oY Huddt^wyi;r, 

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otherwife called the hundred of Taveftoke; as alfo the reftoiy 
aiid vicarage of Taveiloke. He had likewife divers other lands 

given him in the counties of Devon, Somerfet^ and Bucks. 
He was, on the 19th of Jan. 3d Edward VL created Earl of 
Bedford; and dying the I4(h of March, 1 555, was buried at 
Cheneys, in Bucks; an eilate his lordfhip had in right of hit 
wife, Anne, daughter and folc heir to Sir Guy Sapcot» Knt. 
widow of Sir John Broughton, of Tuddington, in the county 
of Bedford, Knt. which lady furviving the Earl, bequeathed 
her manor of Thornhaugh to her j-randfon Edward, Lord Ruf- 
fel, and the heirs male of his body, from whom the prefunt 
Duke is defcended. John Earl of Bedford was fucceeded by his 
2d but eldeil furviving fon, 

(ad £•) Frakcis, who, at the coronation of K. Edward 
VL was made Knt. of the Bath ; in 1549, he was chofen Knight 
of the fhire for the county of Northumberland, being the ftrft . 
iniiance of a peer's Eldell Ton fitting in the Houfc of Com- 
mons; and died 1584. The Earl ioundcd a fchool at Wo- 
burn^ and by his will gave 20I. per ann. for the maintenance 
of two ^oor Ih.dcnts of divinity in Uniyerfity College, Ox- 
ford, called the 1 ,.u 1 of Bedford's fcholars, to be nominated and 
appointed ])y his heirs for ever. By his 2d wife Bridget, daugh- 
ter to Joi.n, Lord Hulfey, (widow ii\ of Sir Richard Morrifon, 
and 2dly of Henry Manners, Earl of Rutland,) he had no ifTuc; 
but by liis firll, who was Margaret, filler to Oliver, the firft 
X.ord St. John of Bletfoe, he had fourfons; Edward, John, 
Francis, and William; and three daughters, Anne, married to 
i^m! : Dudley, Earl of Warwick. — Elizabeth to W^iUiam 
Bourcliicr, Earl of Kath. — Margaret to George CliiFord> the 3d 
Earl of Cumberland, by whom flic liad a daughter named 
Anne, who was nfarried ift to Richard Sack vi He, the 3d Earl 
of Dorfet, and 2dly to Philip, Earl of Pcnjbroke. Of the fons, 
£dward died without ilTue, having married Jane Sihilla, daugh- 
ter of Sir Richard Alorrifon, and was fummoncdto Parliament 
in the life-timeof his father. — ]ohn the 2d fon married Eliza- 
beth, daughter to Sir Anthony Cook, of (Tuldy Hall, in Elfex, 
Knt» widow of Thomas Hobby, of Biiliam in Bcrkfliire, 
Knt. by whom he had two daughters, Elizabeth, who died un- 
married ; and Anne, married to Henry SomcrG. t, who was crc-j 
ated Marquis of Worxefter; and her father died 1484, in lits 
father's lite-time; as did Fi 'ir-^ his infant fon. — Francis, 3d 
fon, was alfo fummoned to Paihament 7 Edward VI. in the 
hfe-time of 'i!S father, and married julian, daughter to Sir 

iohn Fofter, Knt. by whom he liad a ion Edward; but the faid 
rancis being llain on a day of truce by the Scots on the borders, 
Ju:ie 27^ *5^S» rather dying the day following^ the 


(3d E ) 

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(3d E.) Edward, fucceeded his grandfatlier. He married 
Lttcy^ cldeft fifter and co-heir to John, Lord Harrington of 
Elton; but dying on the 3d of May, 1627, without ifil % wc 
return to Sir William Rufiel, Knt. the 4th and youngcit fon 
of Francis, the 2d Early who was created Lord Rulicl ot Thorn- 
baueli, and having married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of 
Htrnfy fon and heir of Sir Richard Long^ ofShengey, in the 
county of Cambridge, Knt. left » 

(4th E.) Franci* his heir, who fucceeding Edward his 
couiin, he, in 1630^ became the principal undertaker in that 
great and chargeable work of draining the fens, called the 
Great Level, and fmce Bedford Level, wliich extend into the 
counties of Northampton, Cambridge. Huntingdoii, Norfolk, 
and Lincoln. He married Catherine, youngclt daughter and 
co-heir to Giles Ihidgcs, Lord Chandos, and had lour fons, 
and as many dui<;I.:^rs; whereof, Catherine was married to 
Robert Greviiie, the 2d Lord Brook. — Anne, to Geo. Digby, 
F.arl of Briftol. — Margaret, ift to James Hay, Earl of Car- 
liflc, and 2dly to Edward, Earl of Mancheiler. — Diana, to 
Francis, tlie I A: Earl of Bradford. Of the fons, which were 
\^ illiam, Fiancis, John, and Edward, the latter marrying Pe- 
nelope, daughter to Sir Mofcs Hill, of Hillfborough, in the 
kingdom of Ireland, anccilor of t!ic Marq. of Downihire, widow 
of Sir Wil'iam Brooke, Knigiit of ttic Batli, by her had a 
fon Edward; and a daughter Letitin, v. ho married to Thomas 
Chcik, of Pergo, in Eflex, K(i\. and by him had a daiightcr 
Anne, who \^'^s their heii ; aiid being married to Sir lliomas 
Tipping, of WJuatticld, in tlie county of Oxford, Bart, and 
dying Jan. 21, 1728, left two daughters, Catheiinc married to 
Thomas, Lord Archer ; and Letitia to Samuel, Lord Sandys; 
and the faid Edward, fon of Edward and Penelope Hill, went 
over to the Prince of Oian^e, in Holland, with wliom he re- 
turned the famevcar; and upon that Prince's advancement to 
the throne, was niadc one of his Privy Council. In 1691, he 
was Admiral of the blue iquadron, and afterwards was adv.mcv'd 
to t!ie command of the whole navy, and made trc.ifurer of the 
fame; and was, on tlie 7th of May, 1697, created Baron Shin- 
gev, in the county of Camhrid^Ci \ ifc. Bartleur, in the duchy 
of Normandy, and Earl of Orford, in the county of Suffolk. 
He married Margaret, voungefl daugliter to "William, tlic iirlt 
Duke of Bedfoul, but having no lilue, and dvin!.i^ on N'-)V. 26, 
1727, in tlie 75th year of his age, left his iinc iiouie in Covent 
i»arden to Lord Aiclier, and his fine feat at Chipentiam, in 
Cambridgefliire, to ihc Lady 1 ipping, his neice. — -fohn his bro- 
ther, 3d fon of the Earl, was a Colonel in the civil ^vars for 
K. Charles L and after the Refloration, was made Colonel of 
the iiril regiment of foot guards^ and died unmarried ; as did 
I rancisy the zd fon. but 

(ift D.) 

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(iftD.) William the cideft, on the 9th of May, 1641, 
fucceeded his father, and was the 5th Earl* On the iiihof 
May, 1694, he wa^i created Marquis of Taviflock, and Duke 
of ^dford; and in the year 1695, having fettled all things in 
reference to his grandfon's marrying Mrs* Elizabeth HoWland, 
a great fortune, it was thought proper, for the honour of that 
alliance, to create him Baron Howland, of Streatham in Surry, 
on the 13th of June in the fame year, and he died on September 
7, 1700. He married Anne, daughter^to Robert Carr, Earl of 
Somerfet, and hy her had feven Tons and three daughters;- 
ifvhereof Anne died unmarried*— '-Diana was married firntoSir 
Grevil VcUTcy, of Compton Verney, in the county of War- 
wick, Knight of the Bath, fon of Gr( vil Verney, Efg. by Eliza- 
beth, 5th daughter and co-heir of Thomas, the id Vifc. Wen- 
man; and afterwa is to William, Lord Allington.— Margaret > 
married F.dward Rufiel, Earl of Oiford, before-mentioned- 
And of the fons, which were Francis, John, William, Edward, 
Robert, James, and George; the latter married Mary, daugh- 
ter and heir of Mr. Pendleton, merchant of London, and 
left a fon William, who died unmarried. — James died on the 
22d of June, 1 7 12, aged 67, and left, by Elizabeth his fecond 
wife, an only daughter, Trephema, (or Tryphano) wife of 
Thomas ScawcTij of Carihalton, Efq. — Robert married Letitia, 
widow of Tho. Chock, of Pergo, ElTcx, Efq, and died Wlth- 
'Out iflue. — tldward died on the 21ft of June, 17 14, without 
ifTuc. — Francis t lie eldcft died in 1679, unmarried.— John the 
2d died in his infancy. — But William, the 3d fon, on the 21ft 
of July? 1683, was beheaded in Lincoln's-inn Field?;, (in his 
€ither*s lite^time) for his inviolable integrity to the Proteftant 
interest. He married Rachel, 2d daughter and co-heir to Tho- 
mas Wrotthefly, Earl of Southampton, and widow of Francis 
Laughan, elde& fon of Richard, Earl of Carherry^ and by her, 
who died Sept. 29, 1 723, aged 87, left iffue one fon, Wrot- 
thefly, and two daughters, Rachel, married to William 
Cavcndilh, Duke of Devon fh ire ; and Catherine to John Man- 
ners, Duke of Rutland. In May 23, 1695, the faid 

(2d D.) Wrotthesly married Elizabeth, only daughter and 
heir of John Howland, of Strctham, in the county of Surrv, 
Efq* by Eli/alxth his wife, haif-fifter to Sir Richard Child, 
Bart, nrft Earl Tilney, and on the 7th of Sept. 1700, fuc- 
ceeding his grandfather, became Duke of Bedford, and died of 
the fmall pox May 26, 1711, in the 31ft year of his age. By 
his faid Duchefs, (who died at Streatham of the fmall-pox, June 
29, 1 724, aged 32) he had ilTuc three fons and two daughters, 
Rachel married ift to Scroop, late Duke of Bridgewater, and 
adly to Sir Richard Lyttlcton, Knt, of the Bath, biotherto 
the late Lord Lyttletoii, and died 1777. — Klizabeth married to 
William^ Earl of Efiex, and died June 8, 1784* Andof tb4 


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foils, which were William.— WroUheily*-^Jolin« Theeldeft 
died in his infancy. 

(3d D.) WrotTIIESLY, who was born in I 70S, fuccceded 
his father. He married on the 22d of April, 1725, Anne, only 
daughter of the before- mentioned Scroop, Duke of Bridge- 
water, by Klj/.abeth Churchill, 3d daughter and co-heir to john^ 
I3uke of Marlborough; but by her, (who married 2dly, Willinm, 
Earl of Jerfey, and died 1762) had no illue. He died in Spain, 
Ocl. 23, 1732; and the hpapur dcfcended to his only furvi- 
. ning brother,' 

(4th D.) John, late Duke of Bedford, born Sept, 30, 17 10, 
who, 06t. Ti, 1731? married Diana Spencer, filler to the late 
Ouke of Marlborough, by whom he. had ilTiie a fon, who died . 
tlie 6th of Nov, 1732, the day he was born, and her Grace 
died on the 27th Sept. 1735. In Ai)ril, 1737, his Ciracc 
married 2dlv, Gertrude, eldcll daughter of John, Earl Ciowcr, 
.by whuiu he had ilIuc, Carolina, born in Jan. 1743, manied 
Aug. 23, 1762, to George, prefent Duke of Marlborough, and 
has ilTue. — Francis^ Marquis of Taviftock, born Sept. 26, 1739^ 
who died March 22, 1767, by afallfiom his horfe. He mar- 
ried June 7, 1764, Elizabeth) daughter of WilHam.-Anne, late 
Earl of Albemarle, who died in Q^ober, 1768, and left three 
fons; Francis, the prefent Duke.-4-John, born 6th July, 1766, 
iparried March 20, 1 786, Gcorgiana-Elizabeth Byng, aa daagh* 
Icr of Vifbount Torrington, by whom he has had a fon, bora 
1787, who died an inrant ; and another fon, born May 13^ 
.1788. — William, born Aug. 20, 1767, marriedjuly 11, 1789, 
Charlotte, daughter of the Earl of Jeriev. The. late Duke 
died Jan. 14, 1 77 1, and was fucceeded by nis grandfon* 

(5th D.) Francis, thc*prefent*Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Ruflel, March 2, 1538; Baron How- 
land, June 13, 1695; Earl of Bedford, Tan, 19, 1550; Mar« , 
t^uis of Taviltock and Duke of Bedford, May 11, 1694. 

Arms.] Arg&it\ a lion rampant, guUi\ on a chief, JabU^ 
three efcallops. of the firft. [Plate V.] 

Crest.] Qn a wreath, a goat paflant, ^gent^ armed, ot\ 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion; on the finifler, 
an antelope, both gules ; the latter gorged with a ducal coUar> 
chained, armed, crefled, tufted, and hoofed, or. 

Motto.] Cbe fara^ far a. What will be, will be. 

Chief Seats.] At Woburn-abbey, in Bedfordihire; ThQm« 
j^ugh, in Northamptonfhire; and Cheneys, in Bucks* 

VquI. E • CAVEN- 

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'ipHE mod noble WILLIAM CAVENDISH, Duke of DE- 
VONSHIRE, Marquis of Hartinc^toii, Earl of Devon- 
n.ii c, Earon CiivendiOi; of HarcUvick, and Knight of the Char - 
ter, born December 14, 1748, and luccr-LtU il his fatlier, the late 
Duke, Odh2, 1764. He married June 7, 1774, Georgiana, eldcll 
daughter to the Elarl Spencer, by whom he has ifluc Cieorgiana, 
born July 12, 1783.— ElizAbcth-Henrictta, born Aug. 29, 1785. 

Thh great and illuftrkHW family was denominated from the ' 
lordlhip of Cavendifliy \H the iiouNty of Suffolk ; which Ro-> 
gcr, a younger "fon of the anciei^t family of the GernoAs ac- 
quired by marrrage ; and his fon (as was ufual in thofe time$)r 
took the name of Cavendilhy as will hereafter appear* The 
Gemons, who took their name from Gernon« a caftle in Nor- 
mandy, were of great note in Norfolk and Eilcx ; being lineally 
deicended from Rob* de Gernon, a famous Norman, who jflifted 
William the Conqueror, in his invafion of this realm ; and in 
reward of his fervice, had grants of feveral (ordihips* This 

Robert de Gernon gave the church of St* Peter, in Glou^ 
ceAer, the church of Wmterbourne, the church of Beverftroke, 
and half the lands thereunto belongings to the abbey of Gloa* 
cefler. His fon and liebi, 

MATtiiEwde Gernon married Hodierna, daughter and co- 
heir to Sir XVilliaui Snckville, whofe brothe r Robert was an- 
ce»lor to Lionel, Duke' of Dorllr, and by licr had ifluc, 

Ralph de (lernon, who by his wife, whawas After to Si f 
William firewfe, Knt, had a f<m, 

Ralph, who was founder of Lee's Priory^ in Eifex* He 
died in 1 248, leaving iflae, 

William, his heir, v,ho died tlie 43d Hen. TIL and left 
ifluc bv Eleanor his wife, ttvo fons. Sir Ralph de (jernon, 
Knt. whofcgrandfon kit two daughters his co- heirs; and Geof- 
frey, from whom is defccnded the noble family of Cavendiih* 

Geoffrty, in the reign of Edward L was Hiled of More- 
nail, in the Peak, in the county c;i Derby, and wa3 fuc- 

cectU d by 

Roger hU (on and heir, who w. is f^'nted at Grimfton-Hall, 
in Suffolk, and died 1318, liaviiicr n> u ricd the daughter and heir 
of John Potron, Lord of Cavendilh, bv whom he left ifTue, 
John, Rorer, Stephen, and RIchardj who all took the name 
of Cavendifli. Ot ihefe fon?, 

RocFR the 2d marrietl Alice, da»ig]irfi l<» Cieoiii v de St rat- 
ton, with whom he had the Manor of btratton^ and iioai hint 



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Sir RicTiARD Cavendish, who vras knighted, and after the 
death of Henry Duke of Suffolk, (who died without iffue July 
14, the 5th of Edward VI.) was found to be one of his co- 
heirs, viz. foD of Richard Cavendifh, fon of AuguAine Ca- 
vendifli, who married Elizabeth, eldcft daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Brandon, Knt. grandfather of Charles Brandon^ Duke of 
Suffolk* This Sir Richard Cavendifh had iffue 

William Cavendish, of Trimley St. Martin, in Suffolk, 
who dying jn 1572, poffeffed of the ancient inheritance of his 
anceilors, viz. Grimiion, Stratton, and other manors, left 

Thomas, his Ton and heir, under age, who married Mary, 
daughter to Thomas, Lord Wentworth of Nettlefted, and had 
i^e feveral fons and daughters, viz* \V illiam, Auguiline, Tho« 
mas, Mary, Margaret, and Anne. This Thomas was the fa-* 
mous navigator, and was the third perfon, and the fecond Eng- 
liihman, who failed round the globe; Stephen Cavendilh, third 
fon of Roger 4e Gernon, was Lord Mayor of London, and 
died without iffue. 

John Cavendish, eldeft fon of Robert de Gernon, was 
conllituted Chief Juftice of the King's Bench, 39 Edw. Ill, 
He had two wives, Rofe and Alice, and left iffue two fonsand 
a daughter Margaret. Of the fons, 

An drkw, the eidci^, fi^cceeded him; but he dying without 
iffue in 1395, 

Sir Jofiv, his brother, who kilk-d Wat Tyler, in Sir.irh- 
fieid, became heir. He fcrvcd under King Henry A', in his 
wars in France, and was in the famous battle of Agincourt; 
and marrying Joan, daughter to Sir William Clopton, had three 

William, Robert, and Weaker, of which the eldefl mar- 
ried |ohn Staventon ; and dying in 1433, left a fon 

Thomas, whofe wife was Catherine Scudamore, and by he^ 

he had a fon, 

Thomas, who married Agnes, daughter and co-heir to 
John Smith, of Popbrook, in Suffolk, Efq. and by her had 
three ions, George, William, and Thomas, and a daughter 
Mary; and dying in 1524, was fucceediid by George his eldeft 
fon, who was feated at (jelmsford, in Suffolk; and was father 
of William Cmvendijh, Efq. who had two fons, William and 
Ralph, who both died without iffue. Thomas Cavendilh, 
youngeff of the three fons of Thomas and Agnes Smith, was 
one of the Knights of St. John of Jerulaiem, but died unmar- 

Willi A \T, the 2d brother, was, in the 27th Henry VIIL 
knighted by liis Majeftv, and afterwards made one of his Privy 
Council. He married inil Anne, daughter to Edward Boftock, 
I)y he had a Ibn John, who died young, and two 

d-iughtcrii, iVnne, married to Sir Henry Bainton, Ki^iighr, and 

£ Z C-ithCr 

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Catherine to Thomas'Brodk} £fq« fon of Thomas, Lord CoK* 
ham* By his fecond wife Margaret, daughter of 1 hoinas Par* 
kcr, of Pollingford, in the county of Sufiblk, he had no ifibc) 
but taking to his third wife; Elizabeth, daughter to John Hard* 
wick, of Hardwick, in the county of Derby, Efq, (by Eliza-* 
beth his wife, daughter and co-heir , to Tlioinas Leak, of I^oaf- 
land, £fq«;ind at length co-heir to John H i 1 v ick her brother) 
by that match made a great addition to his fortunes; for fht 
being firft married to Robert Barley, of Barlcv, in the county 
of Derby, Efq. who died foon after, without \iVuc, flic got his 
large cftatc fettled on her and her own heirs, which by the faid 
Sir William Cavendilh, her fecond hufband, were three fons 
and three daughters. She afterwards married, 3dly, Sir Wil- 
Tiam St. T.o; and, 4thly, George Talbot, fixfh Earl of Shrcwf- 
bury. Of the daughters, w!\ich were Frances, Elizabeth, and 
Mary, the latter was married to Ciilhert Talbot, fcvcnth Earl 
of Shrewfbiiry ; the 2d to Chnrlcs Stuart, Earl of Lennox, 
(younger brother to Henrv, Lord Dai nicy, fnthcr to King Jamej 
L who were ion^ of Matthew Stuart, l .arl ot Lennox, hv Mnr- 
gnrct h\s wife, daughter to Archibald Douglas, Earl of Angus, 
:t!i(! Margaret his wite, daughter to King Hcnrv VII.) by whom 
ilic was mother of Arabella Stuart, wlio licnig i:.t;rried to Wil- 
liam Scvmour, fecond Ion to the ]])iike of Sonierfet, without 
the privity or confent of King Jaines T. that King caufed them 
to be imprifoned in the Tower off .onilon. where llie died Sept. 
15, 161 5, without iffue ; hut Franc<s, married to Sir Henry 
Pierpoint, Knt. was mother of Robert, ill Earl of Kingllon. 
The fons w^ere, • - 

Henry, William, and Sir Charlcii; the yoitngeft was featedl 
i*i \W'lbcck, in the countv of Nottingluun; and mairyingCa- 
tlierine, daughter and heir to Cutlihert, Raron Ogle, afterwards 
heir of that houfe, and in i62tSj 4 Car. I. declared Haronefs 
Ogle; by lier had William Cavendifli, his heir, who in 1620, 
was advanced to the degree of Baron Ogle, and Vifc. Mans- 
held, and on the 17th of March, 1627, 3 Car. I, was created 
Earon Cavendifh, of Bolfover, and Earl of Newcaftle upon 
Tyne; he was alfo, O^, 27, 1643, created Marquis of New- 
cahle* On the 16th of March, 1664, f6 Car. Ii. he was ere* 
ated Curl of O^le, and Duke of Newcaftle, and died in Jan« 
r676, l«avili|; iflbe by Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir td ' 
William BailSt, of Blofc, in theconnt?^ of Stafford, Efq. Henry 
-hls/ucceflbr ; and three daughters, whereof Jane was married 
to -Charles Cheney, of Che^am-Bov^, in the county of Bucks* 
•—Elizabeth to John Egerton, Earl of Bridgewater»<— Frances 
to Oliver St. Jotm, £fc|. afterwards Earl of Bolingbroke^ Hen* 
ry, who, in 1676, fucceeded his father as above, married Fran- 
ces, eldcft daughter to William Pierpoint, of Thorelby, Efq* 
2d fon to Robert^ Earl of Kingfton, and by her had Henry hi» 


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«ify fon, who was ftikd Earl of Oglc> and he marrying Eli- 
xabetli, fole daughter and heir to Jocelinc Percy» Earl of Nor- 
thumberland, he thereu|>on afTumed her name, and bore her 
arms; but died in hU father's life-time, 1680^ without iiTue ; 
and his father dying on the 26th of July, 16(^1, without liTue 
male^ his honours became cxtiui^l, and his h\c daughters be- 
came his co-heirs. Elizabeth was tirfl married to Chrillophcr 
^Tf^nk, Duke of Albemarle, and atterwards to Ralph, Lord 
Montague, created Duke of Montague. — Frances to JohnCamp- 
i»cll, cldeft fon of the Earl of Breadalbane, and died 1727.— 
Margaret married to John Holies, 2d fon to the Earl of Clare, 
afterwards created Duke of Ncwcaflle. — Caibciinc to Thomas 
Tufton, Earl of Thiinet. — Arabella to Charles Spencer, Earl 
of Sunderland. We now return to the two eldell fons of Sir 
William Cavcndifh and Elizabeth Hardwick, his third wife be* 
fore-mentioned, of which Henry the eldeft married Grace l al- " 
hot, youngeft daughtei to George, Earl of Shrcwfbury ; l)ut liis 
father (who began the noble pile at Chatfworth) dying in the 
4th :\nd 5th of Philip and Mary, and the laid Henry dying 
Without ifTue, on the 12th of 0(ft. 1616, \V iUiam, his brother, 
became heir to the whole cilate. His mother, as before-men- 
tioned, inanied to her third hulband, Sir William St. Lo, 
owner of a great eliatt*, wliicii, in articles of marriage, flie took 
care Ihould be fettled on her; and accordingly having no child'- 
hy him, ihc lived to enjoy his whole eflate. In this third wi- 
dowhood, not having yet loft her charms of wit and beauty, 
flic captivated the then ereatell luhje£l ot tfie realm, George 
Talbot, Earl of Shrcwlbury, wh.oni Ihe brought to terms of 
the greatcft honour and advantage to hertelt and children; for 
he not only yielded to a coniiderablc jointure, hut to an union 
of families, by taking Mary her voungcfl tKuiu liter to be the 
wife of Gilbert his Ion, and afterwards his hcu ; and giving 
(jrace, his youngefl daughter, to Henry her eldell fon. 

(ift Earl.) William, wiio became heir as above, w^as, hy 
King James I. by letters patent, dated May 4, 1605, created 
Bafon Cavendifh, of Hardwick, in the county of Derby; and 
on the 7tli of Auguft, i6iH, Earl of Devonfliirc. This noble » 
Earl, by his fecond wife Elizabeth, daughter to Edw. Brough- 
ton, of Caufton, in the county of Warwick, Efq. widow of 
Richard Wortley, of Wortlcv, in the county of York, Knt. 
luJ a fon John, who was made Knight of the Bath in i6i6^ 
and died foon after ; but by his hrll \\ :fe Anne, daughter and 
heir to Henry Kighly, of Kighiy, in the county of Voik, [ J^. • 
he had three fons and three daughters, whereof Mary iho 2d, 
iiiid Elizabeth the 3d, died young; but Frances, the eldeil, was 
married to Sir William Mavnard, Knt. created Lord Mavnard. 
Of the fons, Gilbert the ciddl, and James the third dying 

E 3 (2d 


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(2d EarL) William the ad, of} the 3d of March, 1625, fuc- 
ceeded his father, and was married to Cliriilian, only daughter 
to Edward, Lord Bruce, of Kinlofs, in Scotland. This noble 
Earl departed this life at his houfe near Bidiopfgate, London^ 
(where Devon fliire-fquare is now built) on the 20th of Juoe» 
1628, having had ifTue by her three fons, and a daughter AnnCf 
married to Robert the 3d Earl of Warwick. Of the fons^ 
which were, 

(3d Earl.) Wilt r AM, Charles, and Henry ; the latter died 
young; and the 2d, who was Lieutenant-Gcneral of horfe, un* " 
dcr hi^ coiifiii the Marquis of Ncwcafllc, in the civil wars, 
was ilaiii at ( r;iinfl)orough, in 1643; but the eldcft, who fuc- 
ceedcd his tatlK j , m.irricd Elizabeth, 2(1 (1nuj!;hter to William 
Cecil, the 2d Earl ot Salill^ury, and hy her (who died Novem- 
ber 1689) h:i<l two fons and a daughter, named Anne, whowai 
firf> married to Charles, Lord Rich, only Ion to Charles, Earl 
ot Warwick ; and adly* to fnlm, the 5th Earl of Exeter, and 
died on the i8th of June, 1703. Of the fons, Charles the 
youngeO, died on the 3d of March, 1673, ""married ; but 

(Hir>)uke.) Willi AM, the eldeft, on the 25th of Nov. 1684, 
fuc( ceded his father. On the 14th of Feb. 1689, he was ap» 
pointed one of tac Privy Council, made Steward of the Houf- 
hoid, and Lord Eicutcnant andCuflos Rotuloruni of thecounty 
of Derby ; and on the 3d of March being eledlcd a Knight of 
the Garter, was inftalled on the 14th of May following. At 
the coronation of King William and Queen Mary, he was made 
Lord High Steward of England for the day, and carried the re- 
gal Crown, next to the Bii)le and the King's perlon. On the 
1 2th of May, 1694, he was cieated Marquis of Hartington 
and Duke ot Devonlhire. He died Aug. 18, 1707, in the 67th 
TOUT of his age. He married Mary, 2d daughter to James But-* 
jer, Duke of Ormond, and by her, (who died July 31, 1710) 
he had three fons and a dauirhter, Elixabeth, married to Sir 
John Wentwoith, of Brondi worth, in the county of York, 
]Bart. And of the fons, which were, 

(2d Duke.) William, Marquis of Hartington; Henry, and 
Tames. The eldeft fucceedcd his father, and the youngeft died 
i)ec. 14, 1751, having married Anne, daughter to Elihu Yale, 
Kfq. and by her (who died June 27, 17.^4) had an only fon 
William, who in March, 1731, was iiiarncdto Mifs Barbara 
Chandler, daughter to the iiiihop of Durham, and died in 
luly, 1751; and a daughter, Elizabeth, married to Richard 
CiiauJkr, Ion to the iiiihop ot iJurham, in Feb. 1732, 

who has fince changed his name to Cavcadilli, by an a6l of 
parliafvient in 1 7 52.— -Henry, 2d fon, married Rhoda, only fur- 
viving daughter to William Cartwright, of Ayno, in the county 
of Northampton, Efq. (by Urfula his 2d wife, daughter to Fer^.. 
diasLndo^ Lord Fairfax^ of Cameron^ m b^oUandj and dying on 


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ihe toth of May, 1700,. by her (who died on the 2At1i of Jan» 
1730,) left a daughter Mary, married to John, Earl of Weft- 
morland. William, who was the 2d Dukc^ married Rachel^ 
eldeftof the two daughters of William, Lord Rufiel, who was 
Mieaded in 1683, and by her (who dioii Dec* 28, 1725) had 
four fons and fix daughters. Of the daughters which were 
Mary, Cathei inc, and Diana, died iJnnvirried. — Rachel, mar^ 
ricd Sir Win. Morgan of Tredegar, in the county Monmouth^ 
and died June 18, i78o.-^Eli«#J)elh nianrHCvl Bit Thomas Low- 
ther of HolJcer, in the county of Laqcaflci , Hart, and died in 
Tune, 1737. Of the fons, which were Wiiliajn, Marquis of 
hartingtoii; Jamee, Charles, and JoIki; <lie latter died on the 
tpthof May, i720,— Jaincs dial in Nov. 1741 And Qiarjes, 
who married Anne, 4th daughter to Henry, Duke of K-ent, 
died the aoth of Sept. 1733, having two fons, Frederick, and 
Henry. i 

(3d Duke.) William, the eldcft fon, was bom Sept. 269 
1698, ^nd fucceedcd his father 4th June, Hi^ Grace 

married on the 27th of March, >7i8, Catherine, fole daughter 
and heir of John Hofkins, of the county of Middlefcr, Efq. and 
by her, who died May 8, ^777, had iflue four fons and three • 
daughters, viz. William, the late Duke. — Georgc-Auguftus, 
bom April 8, 1728, who died April 28, 1783. — Frederick^ 
bom Aug. 17, 1729, Gen. of his Majcflv's Forces, and Col. in 
his 34th Reg. of Foot.--- John, born Od. 22, 1732.— -Caro- 
line, horn i7i9, married 1739, to William, Lord Duncannon^ 
now Eaf] -of Kefhorough, in Ireland, and Lord Ponfonby m 
the co<unty -of Leicefter, an.d died 20th Jan. 1760, leaving imie. 
— Elizabeth, horn 1727, married in OiSlohirr 1743, to John 
Ponlonby, brother to the Earl of BcfboroiH^li, and has iffue.— -» 
Rachel, born 1727, who died 1783, married 1743, Horace 
^Vnlpolc, Efq. now Lord Walpolc of Wolterton, niid had IfTue. 
HisLordihip dying Dec. 5, 1755, was fucceeded by i^is cldeil 

(4th Dvl;c.) William, the late Duke of Devon ihi re, born 
in 17 20, who on the 13th of Juni-, 1751, was called up to the * 
liouleof Peers as Baron Cavendifli of Hardwlck. His Grace 
married i-n March, 1748, Charlottr, fole d.iughtcr and heir of 
Richard, EnrI of lUirlinc^ron and C nrk, which Lady died Dec, 
8, 1754, kaving iliiif, William, the prefent Duke, — Doro- 
thy, born Aug. 27, 1750, married to the Duke of Portland, 
€th of Nov. 1766, and has iflue.— Richard, born June 19, 
1752, and died Sept. 12, 17B1, immarried.-— George-H,enrv, 
born Feb. 27, 1754, married I'el). 25, 17 12, Betty Conipton, 
niece of the prefent, and daiighterof the late Earl of Northamp- 
ton, hy wliom he has iiTue a fon, born Jan. 10, 1783, a daugh- 
Vfi, bojjx Juae 12, 1786 ; and another ^aughter^ bom Nov. 1 1, 

b.4 ■ • 1287 

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1787, and a Ion horn Nov. 6, 1789. His Grace died ttp 
1764, and was tuccccded by bis cldcft Ion, 

(5th Duke.) William, the prcfcnt Duke. 

Creation?.] Baron Cavendifh, N'lay 4, i^'05; Earl of De- 
vonilrire, Aug. 7, 1681 ; Marquis of Hartinglou, and Duke ot 
Devonfliirc, May 12, 1694. 

Arms.] SabU; three harts heads caboilied> argent^ attired^ 
«r, [Plate V J * ' 

Crest."! Una wreath, a fnakc nowcd, proper. 

Srpi'ORTERs.] Two liarts, each gorged with a garland or 
fprig ol roles, proper ; attired, or. 

Motto.] Cavcndo tutu<i. Secure by caution. 

Chief Sfats.] At Cliailwortli and Hardwick, m Dcrby- 
iliire ; and Chiiwick^ in Middkrex, 


THE moft noble GEORGE SPENCER, Duke of MARL- 
BOROUGH, Marquis of Blandford, Earl of Sunderland 
and Marlborough, Baron Spencer of Wormleigbton, Baron 
Churchill of Sandridge ; and a Knight of the Ciarter ; bom Jan* 
28, 1738, fucceeded his father Charles, 06^* 2o, 1758, and 
inarrieci July 23, 1762, Caroline, only daughter of John, late 
Duke of Bedford, by whom be has iflfue, Caroline, bom 0€tm 
27, 1763. — Elizabeth, bom Dec. 20, i764«-^George, Mar- 
quis of Blandford, born March 3, i766.*~Charlotte, bom OA* 
J 8, 1 769.-»Henry, bom Dec. ao, tyyOt-'-'-Anne, born Nov. 
5, 1773. — Another fon, born Dec. 30, i779*-»*Ainelia-Sopbia» 
bomOa. 8, 1785. 

In the 18th of William * the Conqueror, lived Robert Ic 
Defpenfer, who was Steward to that King, brother to Urfo de 
Abctot, and at the time of the general furvey, held four lord- 
ihips in the county of Warwick, fifteen in tlie county of Lin- 
coln, and feventccn in that of Leiceftcr; and in the reign of 
Henry L'WiLLiAM ie Defpcnccr, his fon, was alfo fteward to 
that King; and to him fucceeded Tuurstan, whofe fon At«- 
MARicK was iherift*of Rutland, in the reigns of Henry IL and 
Ilichard L and marrying Amabil, daughter to Walter de Chef- 
nie, had iiTue two fons, Thurilan and Almarick, and a daugh* 
tcr married to William Bardolph. The faid fons were both in 
arms again A K. John, who gave the lands of Almarick, their 
father, to Ofbert Giffbrd, one of his natural fons. Contcmpo- 
rnrv with thefe, was Hugh le Defpencer, anotlier fon of the 
firit mentioned Thurflan. To wliom fucceeded ,Hugh his 
i^randfon (fon of Thomas) who married Olivia, a daughter of 
rhilip BalTet of Wycomb, ia Bucks^ widow of Roger Bigod, 


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Earl of Norfolk, by whom he had a fon Hugh, and a daughter 
Eleanor, married to^ Hugh de Courtcnny, father of Hugh, the 
firfl Earl of DeivQii» ana was fucceedcd by Hugh his ion, called 
Hugh D^fpencer, Senior^ to diftinguifh him from Hugh his 
foil) who had always the addition of Junior, the two great fa- 
vourites of K. Edward II. the one Earl of WincheAer, and the 
other Earl of Gloucefter, Hugh the elder, who was created 
Earl of "Winchefter, 15 Edward III. married Ifabel, widow of 
Patrick Chaworth, daughter of William de Beauchamp, Earl 
of Warwick. Hugh the fon, married Eleanor, eldeft of the . 
three daughters, and co-heirs of (nlbcrt de Clare, Earl of 
Gloucefter, by Joan his wife, daughter of King Edward 1. and 
was created Earl of (jlouccflcr. Hut Hugh rlic elder was exe- 
cuted ill the 90th year of his age, and Hugh tlie younger was 
executed at Hereford ; having liad illiie, Huj^h, Kcl'A nrd, and Ctil- 
bcrt ; HTid a daughter mnrricd to ilichard, Earl nt Arundel, 
againlt will, being under age, ntul afterwards divorced, 
]!!eanor his wife, was kept prifoner in the Tower of London, 
With her cluldren, but attcrwards married William 1 i Zouch, of 
Mortimer; nod HucH, her cldeft fon, getting mtc) rl.c favour 
of K. Edward III. was in the wars of (lafcoigue and Scotland, 
and was made a Knight Banneret. He was (liled Lord of Cila- 
morgan, and had luuiinons to parliament from the i2th to the 
22d Edward III. He married I'Ji/aheth, danolifer of William 
Montacute, Earl of Salifbury, and widow of Cules <le Baddlef- 
mcrc, and died 8th Feb. 23 Edward III. without iffiie. We 
now return to Edward his brother, who married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Henry, Lord Ferrers, and left four ions, Edward, Tho- 
mas, Henry, and Gilbert ; and dying 16th Edward III. lefc 
Sir Edward his heir, who was alfo heir to his uncle Hugh. He 
was iummoned to parliament from the 311! to the 39th Edward 
III. and dying the 49tli of the fame reign, left Thomas his heir, 
then two years of age; and four daughters, Cecily, who died 
young; Elizabeth, married Ul, to John Arundel, and 2dly, 
to the Lord Zouch; Anne, to Hugh Haft in gs, and afterwards, 
to Thomas Morley ; and Margaret, to Robert f errers; and' ' 
Elizabeth his wife, daughter of Bartliolomew de Fiurgherili, 
furvived him, Thomas, their iieir, was in the 21ft Rich. IE 
created Earl of (iloucefter, hv reafon of his defcent from Gil- 
bert de Clare, Earl ot Cilouceller. He married Conflanee^ 
daughter of Edmund de Langley, Duke of York, fon to King 
Edward III. and beheaded by the rabble the ift of Edward IV. 
He left one fon Richard, who iiKuricd Elizabeth, eldeft 
dauehter of Ralpli, Karl of W Lihnorchuul, and died 7, . 

1414, being then hut 14 veais ot age, and left no iffue ; and 
his widow m in cd Henry Percy, tlie tiril F.arl of Northumber- 
land. He alio left two d.iui;litrrs, l^h/.abetli, who died an in-» 
fant ; aiid iUbcl, maiiAcd ill, Kiciiaid Beauchamp, Lord Aber- 
gavenny ; 

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I^Lncnnv ; aitcrw.irds tari of Worccftcr; and 2<lly, RicharJ 
Bcauchamp, Earl ot Warwick ; by whom ihe had Henry, IJukc 
of Warwick ; who Uk aa ouiy daughter that died in her iii- 

Having done with the jiniKipal, \vc return to GroFFREY, 
brother to Hugh, aiid ion ot the tirll mentioned Thurftan. He 
4lieil in X251, leaving JOHJH his heir, who married Joan, dauglv- 
terof Robert Ic T.ou, by whom lie had no iilue ; but by another 
wife, he left W illiam his heir, who was fucceeded by John 
bis heir, who was Efquirc oi tl^c body to K, Henry V. He 
left ifiue, by Alice Deverell his wife, Nicholas his heir, who 
by Joan Pollard his wife, left two fons, Thomas and William ; 
whkh Thomas was father of Henry Spencer of Badly, ia 
the county of Northampton, Efq. who took to wife Ifabel, 

daughter and co-heir to Lincoln, and liad tour Ions, 

John, Thomas, William, and Nicholas ; and was lucceedcdby 
hi«ekUil ion joHN Spencer, who married tlie daughter and licir 
of War! ted, by whom he had three fons, W illiam.—* 

John Spencer of Hounel, in the county of Warwick, whofe 
daughter Elizabeth married Sir John Grevile, elder brother of 
John Fulke, anceftor of the Earl Brook.— Thomas Spencer of 
Jiadly, whofe foa Thomas left four daughters, co-heirs to Wi4«> 
liam their brother. 

WiLi.tAM^ ^ldt£t Con and ^ir of John, mamed Eltzabethy 
fiiler to Sir Rtchanl Empfon, Knight ; and had iilue two fons, 
John and Thomas, and a daughter Jane ; and was fucceeded by 

Sir JoHV his eldeft fon, who died in i$t2» He married Ifa-r 
bel, daughter and co-heir to Walter Gnmnc of Soittcxfieldy in 
the county of Warwick, Efq* by whom he had ilfue. Sir Wil- 
liam«^Anthony, who died without ifibet — -lane, wife of Ri- 
chard ICnightly, Efq* foa of Sir Richard Knightly*-^Iiabel, 
married to bir Nicholas Strelly.^Dorothyi married to Sir Ri^ 
chard Cate{by, and was fuoceoled by his eldeft fon, 

William, who married Sufan, daughter to Sir Richard 
Knightly, and by her had Sir John Spencer, Knt. his fucceflbt* 

Ifabel, married to Sir John Cotton, from whom defcended 
Sir John Hynde Cotton, Bart.-<*^Jane, married Sir Richard 
ridges. — Dorothy, to Thomas Spenfer, Efa. — Anne, to Sir 
John Goodwin*-- <-Mary, to Thomas Bowles, Efq. He died the 
22d of June, 1532, and was fucceeded by his fon, 

Sir John Spencer, who married Catherine, daughter to Sir 
The. Kitii»n, of Hengrave, in Suffolk, Knt. and had five fons and 
iix daughters ; of which Margaret, married ill, Giles Al ling- 
ton, of HorAicath, in the county of Cambridge, Efq. and 2dly, 
to Edward Eldrington, Efq.^ — Elizabeth, to George Cary, Lord 
Hunfdon. — Catherine, to Sir Thomas Leigh of btoncleigh, in 
the county of Warwick, Knt.— Mary, to Sir Edward Alton ot 
TijuU^ in thp county of Staibrdy Knt«^Ani|c^ ift^ to WiU 

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DUKE OF M A 11 L B 0 R O U G H. ^ 

liaoBy Xiord Monteagle ; adly^, to Henry, Lord Comptan; and 
3dly, to Robert Sackville, the 2d Earl of Dorfet. — Alice,, ift^ 
to r ccdinando Stanley, Earl of Derby; and 2dly, to Thomas 
EgertoOy Vifc. Brack ley. And of the Tons, Thomas the ad» 
left ait only daughter Alice his heir, who married Sir Thomas 
Lucy.-- r-Sir William, 3d fon, was of Yarnton, in the county of 
Ox/ord, whofc fon Thomas was created a Baronet by Jamei 
L anceflor of Sir Charles Spencer, Knt. — Richard Spencer, 
4th fon, was of Offly, in the county of Hertford, whofe foa 
John was created a Baronet by King Charles I, which family is 
extindt. — Edward 5th fon died without iirue> and their father 
died Nov. 8, 1586. 

Sir John the eldeft, who fuccecdcd, was knighted by Queen 
Elizabeth, and he marrying Mary, daughter and fuir to Sir 
Robert Cateliae, Knight, Lord Chief JuiUce of EagisLod, bf 
. hcrh^id 

( 111: Lord.) Robert his heir, who was alfo knighted by the 
faid Queen, and was by James 1. created Lord Spencer, of Worm- 
lelghton, and died Ocl. 25, 1627. tic n^nrricd Margaret, 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Francis Willoughby, of Woola- 
ton, in tlie county of Nottingham, by whom he had four Ions 
and three daughters ; Mary, married to Sir Richard Andcrfon* 
—Elizabeth, to Sir George Fane, of Bvirrtan, in Kent, Knight, 
5th fon of Francis, the ift Earl of Welrmorelaiul.-— Margaret, 
who died unmarried. The fons were, jol^n, who died before 
his father. — VV i 11 iam.- —Richard. — Sir Pldvvard Spencer, Knt* 
who married Mary, widow of Sir William Reade, of OHerly^ 
in MiddlefcK, Knight. 

(2d Lord.) William, the 2d, fucceedcd ; and marrying Pe- 
nelope, daughter to Henry Wrotthclly, Earl of Southampton, 
by her had fix fons and feven daughters ; of which Eliy.abctk, 
was hrft married to John, Lord Craven, of Ryton ; ^dly, to 
Henry, third fon of Thomas, Earl of Beiklhire; and lafily, to 
VViiliam, Lord Crofts. — Mary died unmarried. — Anne, mar- 
ried Sir Robert Townfhend. — Catherine died unmarried. — • 
Alice married Henry, the lii Earl of Drogheda, in Ireland. — 
Margaret, to Anthony-Alhley Cooper, the ift Earl of Shaftef- 
bury. — Rachel, born after the death of her father, died young. 
Of the fons, RobLi t, the 2d, was created Vilcount Tiviot, in 
Scotland; and having married Jane, daughter of Sir Thorny 
Spencer, of Yarnton, in the county of O xiord, Eart. died 
without iffue. — William, 3d fon, who was of Afhton, in the 
county of Lanca/ler, married Liizabetb, daughter of Dntton, 
Lord Gerrard of Bromley, by his 2d wife Elr/abeth, ':;cl daugh- 
ter and co-heir of Henry, 5th Earl of Thomoiid, and had ififuc 
a daughter Elizabeth, married to Robert Helkcth, Efq. whofc 
^Aughtcf and lici^ Liii^tl^cUi, m^rnvd the iatcEarlof Derby.--^ 


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Richard, Thomas, and John, died unmarried; their f^bther dy^ 
jBg Dec. 1 9, 1636, was luccc-c'(]( d by 

(3d Lord and ill: Enrl.) Hlnry his cldcft fon, who was 
Tiiilcd to the dignity ol Kiirl of. Sundi-rhnid, June 8, 164^; but 
on the 20th oi Scjit. following, he was (Iain at tlv. hnttle ok 
Newbury, in the 23d year of his age. He married Dorothy, 
daughter to is.ul»cft Sidncv, Karl of Leicefter, by whom he 
fiad a daughter ot her name, who was mariicd to (Tcnrn;c Sa- 
- mile, Marquis ot Halifax, by whom Ihe had a daughter Anne, 
married to John \ aughaji, Earl of Carbcrry, in Ireland, and 
l/ord Vaughan, of Emelyn, in the county of Carmarthen, 
whole (huighttr and lii-ir Anne, mairied Charles, DukL of Bol- 
ton ; a daughter iVnclope, who died unmarried; and an only 
ion RohcTt, Thcii mother married, 2dly, to RoK^rt Smvthc, 
©f Sutton in Kent, Ek]. ot the Viicount Strangioid's tauuiy, 
in. Ireland, by whom me hud iffuc Knheit Smvthc, who had 
ifluc Henry, father of Sir Sydncy-Statiord bmyiiic, Kut* late 
Ciiief ilaron of the Exchequer. 

(2d Earl.) RoHKRT, in 1643, fucceeded his Uihcr, and dy- 
ing on the 28th ot Sept. 1702, left iffuc by Anne, 2d daughter 
fo (icorge Djgby, Earl of liriiiol, two fons, viz, Robert, who 
died unmarried. — Charles his heir ; and two daujrliters ; ui w inch 
Anne, married James, Earl of Arran, aftcvwaids Duke of Ha- 
jniiton, in Scotland ; and Elizabeth^ to Donagh Macc^ ty, Eari 
4Kf Clancarty in Ireland. 

(3d Earl.) Charles fucccciled, and died on the 19th of April, 
1722, in the 471!) ycai of his age, having married ill, Arabella 
Caveiidiih, y\\ dauglitcr, and co-heir to Henry, Dukcof Ncw- 
caftle, and by her had an only daughter Frances, who, on the 
U7th of Kov. 17 I 7, was mairied to Hcnrv, late Eai 1 of Car- 
lille. He married adly, Anne, 2d ii.iUgiucr and co-heir to 
John, Duke ot Marlborough, and hv her, w!io died Apiii 15, 
I7i{!, lour Ions; Rohcit, who dud 1:1 his infancy. — Ro- 
bert late Larl. — Charles, who bccjine Duke of Marlhoi oii-ii, 
horn Nov. 22, 1706. — Jolui Spencer, horn M iv 1:;, 1708, who 
in.'.rricd I' ebruary 14, 1734, GeorL;;n.i, 3d dasjghtet to the 
LAc ¥/m\ Ciranviile, and dying |une 19, 1746, left iliue cue 
ton, Iplm, fincc created Eai I Spencer \ and a daughter horn in 
.May 1735, who died at 6 years of age. Hii iady akcrvvards^ 
married William, Earl of Cowpcr, and died Aug. 21, 1780. 
His Lordfhip alio had two daughters, Anne, married William, 
late Vifcount Batcman ; and Diana, married, in OcL I73i» 
|ohn, Duke of Bedford, but died in 1736. The faid Earl, mar^ 
l^ied to his 3d wife Judith, daughter to Benjamin Tichbourn, 
Efq. by her had a fon, William, who died April 22, 1722 ; and 
a daughter Margaret, wh6 alfo died in her infancy; and the 
Earl dying, as before-mentioned, left his Lady with child of 
another fon^ named George, of which ihc was dclivcrpd on the 


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Itth of September; but hie died on the 23d 6f March, 17239 
«ndin 1739, the Countefs, his motheri married to Sir Robeit 
button. Knight of .the Bath, and died in May 17, 1749* W« 
I20W return to 

(4th Earl.) Robert, who fucceeded hit father, and ^ymg 
in the 28th year of hts age, on the t7th of November^ 1729^ 

• (5th Eari, tA Duke.) Chahles, his next brothei'^ b6:ame 
the cth Earl, and by the death of Henrietta Godolphin, Du« 
chefs of Marlborougn, who was his mothei^s eldeft fifter^ a&4 
eldeil daughter of John, Duke of Marlborough, the 24th of 06U 
i733> without iflue male, the titles of Duke of Marlbproligh^ ^ 
Marquis of Blandford, Earl of Marlborough, and Baron of 
Sandridgc, devolved on him in right of his, mother, who wa« 
ad daughter of John, Duke of Marlborough. As his Grace** 
principal titles are derived from him, it will be neceflary to givft 
an account of his family : John, firft Duke of Marlborough^ 
was the fon of Sir Winfton Churchill, of Wotton-Baffet, ia 
Wilts, by a daughter of Sir William Drake, of Alhe, in tlie 
county of Devon, Bart. Sir Winilon had feven fons and f^ut 
daughters; the three youngeft died in their infancy; Arabella, 
the eldeft, had iffue by King James IL James Fit/.-Jaraes, Duke 
^f Berwick; and a daughter Henrietta, n^arriedto Henry, Lord 
Waldegravc ; and the laid Arabella afterrvartls married to Coi» 
Charles Godfrey, and by him left two daughters ; Charlotte^ 
married to Hugh, late Vifcount Falmouth ; and Elizabeth, to 
Edmund Duncb, Efq. Of the fons, which were Winfton, 
John, George, Charles, Montjoy, Jafper, and Theobald ; the 
latter, who was in holy orders, died unmarried Dcc» 3, 1685 1 
and Winfton, Montjoy, and Jafper, died young ; the other bro- 
thers were Charles, who was General of her Majefty's Armies ; 
and married Mary, daughter and fole heir to James Gould, of 
Dorchefter, but left no iflfue by her, who married 2dly, Mon- 
tague, the 2d Earl of Abington ; and George was an Admiral 
of her Majefty's fleet. 

John, of whom we are princtpallv to treat, made fome 
campaigns under the gteateft generals • of thofe times, wizm 
Turrtnne, Condc, and Luxemhurgh. Upon his return to 
England he was made Lieut. Col, not long after which King 
Charles created him Baron of Aymouth, in Scotland ; but this 
honour died with him. King James afcending the throne, he 
was, in the firft vr ir of his reign. May 14, 168^, created Ba- 
ron Chiirchillj ot Sandridge, in the county of Hertford ; hut 
all thclc honours were not fufficicnt to bring him into the mca- 
lures of the court-party, againft the did^atcs of honour and 
conlcicncc ; and all hrinrr rcntly for the liappv Rcvolv.tioii that 
foon followed, he, with the Duke of Cji aUon, andniiinv others 
«C the ProttfXtant nobility, left the King, and went over to tlic 

3 Prince 

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Prince of Orange. King William and Queen Marv were no 
fooncT on the throne, but he was created K:irl of Mm Iboroueh; 
the fame year lie commanded the ErigUlli forces in Flanders, 
and in 1690, was fent General of the forces to reduce Cork and 
Xinfalc, wliich lervice he performed with great difpatch and 
conduct ; the next year he made a campaign under King Wil- 
liam in Flanders, who, at length, in 1701, appointed him Gen. 
of the foot, and Commander in Chief of the Englifli forces in 
Holland. In 1 702, he commanded the army in Flanders, 
where he took leveral unportant places, and on his return to 
England was made Marquis of Blandford, and Duke of Marl- 
borough. In 1704, he marched to the Danube, routed the 
I rencli and Bavarian forces at Schellenl^ergh, and afterwards 
gave them a total defeat at Hochllct ; was made a Prince of the 
facrcd Roman empire; and on lus return to England had the 
honour and manor of Wooduock voted to him, and the next 
^ear fettled hv act of jtariiamcnc with 50O0I. per annum out of 
the Poft-Oihcc, to him and his heirs. In the year 1705, he 
marched to the Moilellc, returned to the Netherlands, raifed 
the ficge of Lifle, and forced the French lines. At the end of 
this cnmpnign he made a toi:r to Vienna, where the Emperor 
made him a grant of the lonlihii) of Mindleheim in Suahia, for- 
mci!v portcfTed by Duke Mnxi-.nihnm, uncle to the Duke of 
Bav.aia ; iiom wl^.ich time he vras dillinguinred by the Aile nnd 
title of Prince ot Mindleheim, and was afterwards invefted 
tliereii), and a<hriitted hv iiis plenipotentiarv. Mi. Stepney, to 
fit and vote in the collecre of pi iiiees. In defeated the 

French and Bavarian forces at the Rami Hies, and gained tlic 
whole country of Brabant to the allies. In the year 17CS, he 
with Prince Eugene, defeated the French and Spani/h army aC 
Oudenarde, covered the fiege of Lifle, fuccoured BrufTcls, then 
bcfieged by the Duke of Bavaria ; and retook Ghent and Bru- 
ges ; and in the year following, they gained a glorious vi<Slory 
at Malpiaquet. In 17 10, they took the cities of Douay, Be- 
thune, St.Venanty and Aire* In 171 1, tbe Duke forced the 
i'Vcnch linesy which thev looked upon as impenetrable, and - 
took Bouchain in ilght.ot tite enemy, though 100,000 Arong : 
Botwithftandme all thefe ferviccs he was removed from all his 
employments, Dec. 31, 17 1 1 ; but after the arrival of his Ma** 
jeAy King George I« his Grace was declared Captain General of 
all the forces* He married Sarah, daughter of Richard Jen- 
nii gs, of Sandriflge, in the county of Hertford, Efq. by whom 
he had lITuc John, his only fon, horn in i6oo» ftiled (after his 
father was made Duke) Marauis of Blandford, who died at 
Cambridge in 1703, alfo four aaughters; Henrietta, married to 
Francis, Vifcount Rialton, late E^rl of Godolphin ; and her fa- 
ther dying Tune 16, 1722, without ifiue male, his titles^ ex- 
cept that oi Lord Aymouth^ defceoded to the iaid 


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HE^IRIETTA, Countefs of Godolphin, his eldeft dauglitcr, 
%ho had two fons, William and Henry, thci latter of which 
died young; aiid three daughters. William^ who was ililed 
Viicount Rinlton, and alter the death of his grandfather was 
Marquis of Blandford, married April 25, 1729^ Maria-Cathe' 
rlna, daughter of Peter Yong, a burgo-mafter of the province 
of Utrecht, and fifter to the Countefs of Denbigh. He died 
without ifluc Aug 24, 1731, and ihe married after his deceafe, 
to Sir William Wyndham, Bart, and this Lady lived till Sept* 
1779, but died without iflue by either marriage ; and his mo- 
ther dying 0<£t. 24, I733» without iiTuc mnle, the titles devol- 
ved on Charles, eldeft furviving fon of Anne, 2d daughter of 

John, Duke ot Mnrlborough, which Lady died April 15, 1716, 
aving married the Earl of Sunderland, as before-mentioned. 
The other daughters were FJr/abeth, married to Scroop, Earl, 
afterwards Duke ot Kridgewater, and died March 22, 1713-14.— 
Mary, married to John, ]')uke of Montague, by whom he had 
two daughters, llabcila, married ift, to William Montague, 2d 
Duke of Mnnrhcflcr, hv whom llie liad no iflue; and 2cilv, to Sir 
Edward Huiley Montague, Knight of the Bath, now Earl Beau- 
lieu, by wliom ihe had iflTue, and died 17B6. — Mary, married 
to George, Earl of Cardigan, who al fo takes the name of Mon- 
tagu, and has fmcc been created Duke of Montagu, His latcf 
Grace, Charles, the fon of Anne the 2d daughter, on the 23d* 
of May, 1732, married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas, Lord 
Trevor, by whom he had iffuc, I^iana, born the 4th of March, 
1735; married in Sept. 1757,10 the Lord Vifcount Boiinghroke, 
from whom fhe was divorced, having^ had illue, and afterward^^ 
married to Topham Beauclerk, fon of Lord Sidney Bcauclerk, 
by whom fhe was ictt a widow with feverai daughters, March 
1!, 1780.— Elizabeth, born the 29th of December, 1737, 
nurned to Henry, Earl of Pembroke, March 13, 1756, and 
has iflue, Cicorge, the prefent Duke.— Charles, born 31ft of 
March, 1740, married 2d of 06lobcr, 1762, to Mary, only, 
fifter of the Duke of St. Alban's, and has iflTue, John, born ]n\y 
6, 1763; W illiam-Robert, Elizabeth, and Catherine. — Robert, 
born 8th May, 1747. On Julv 25, I7c;8, his Grace was ap- 
pointed Commander in Cliief of all the Britifii Forces that were 
intended to ferve on the Lower Rhine ; and Aug* 29th follow- 
ing, General over all the 1 cot Forces; but his Grace dying at 
Miinftcr, ii\ Oc tober the fame year, wai fuccecded by his fon, 
(6th Karl, and 3d Oukc.) Cjeorgf, the prefent Duke. 
Creations.] Bcuon Churchill of Sandridge, in the county 
of Hertford, May 14, 1685, i |nc. II. Baioa Spencer, of 
Wormleighton, in tlie count v of Warwick, July 21, i^)-^, 
I Jac. L Earl of Marlhorough, hi the county of Wilts, April 
9, 1689, 1 William and Mary, pari of Sunderland, June 8, 
t6j3i Car. L and Mar^ui^i of Jjlandford, in the county of 


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Dorfet, and Duke of Marlborough, Dec. 14^ ijoz^ i Queai 


Arms.] QiiartcHv, ift and 4th quarterly, argent and guk^^ 
in t!ic ''d and 3d a tfLt, or; over all on a bend, Ja^ic, three ef- 
caliop ihells of the tiril; lor Spencer. Second a?id third, /^v^/r, 
a lion rampant, mgent^ in a canton ot the iecond, the crofs of 
England; for Cluirchill. [Plate V.] 

Crest.] In a ducal coroner, or, a grvphon's head between 
two wings ere6t, argent^ gorged with a plain collar, guks^ aiid 
beaked, ofthehrft. 

Supporters,] On the dexter fide a gryphon party per fefle, 
argent and or ; on the fniider a wvvcrn, argcnty their wings ex- 
j>anded, each having a plain colfar and chain, fahle^ and tlieir 
collar charged with three efcallop fliells, as in the coat. 

Motto.] Dicu defend Ic droit* God defends the right. 

Chief Seats.] At filenheimj in Oxfoidlliaej and at Lang* 
lej, in Bucks* 


npHE moft noble JOHN- HENRY MANNERS^ Duke of 
^ RUTLAND, Mai^is of Granhy, Earl of Rutland, Ba- 
ron Roo$, <^ Hatnlake, i nx(but and Bel voir. Baron Manners, 
of Haddon, fucceeded his father, who died Od. 24, 1787* His 
Grace was born January 3, 1778. 

HenrV dc Manners, in the 25th of Henry IL paid ttghtj 
marks for livery of hts father's lands in Northamberland ; and 
from him defcended, 

Sir Robert de Manners, of Ethale, in the faid county; who 
married Aliva,. daughter and heir of Sir Henry Strather^ of 
Newton Gleiidal, and had iflue. 

Sir John de Manners, who by Alice, widow of William oe 
W itchofloe, had one fon. 

Sir John de banners, who married Joan, daughter of Sif 
Robert Ogle, and had ifTuc Sir Robert, his heir ; John, who is 
buried at St» Mary's church, Warwick ; and Gilbert, 

Sir Robert the cldcft, married Eleanor, daughter of Tho- 
mas, and cldeft of the three fifters and co-heirs to Edmund 
Lord Roos, lineally defceilded from Robert LordRoos, of Hara- 
lakc, by If.ibel fiis wife, only child and heir to William de Al- 
bini, Lord of Belvoir, who was dcfccnded in a dirc<5^ mnle line 
from Ruheit dc Todeni, a nohle Norman, the builder of jj'cl- 
voir cafiie, in the reign of William the Conqueior, and by her 
had iffue two fons, Cicorge and Edwan! ; and two daughters, 
Elizabeth, married to Sir WiUiaui i airia^^^ and Cecily, to Tho- 

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mas Fairfax, Tons of Sit Guy Fairfax, Juord Chief Juftice of 

the court of Commpn Pleas, 
(ift Lord.) George, his heir, who, in right of his mother^ 
. was Lord Roos, in the 4th Henry VIII* accompanied that King 
in the iiege^ of Therouenne and Toumay ; but died the next 
vear. He married Anne, fole daughter and heir to Sir Thomds 
St. Leger> by Eleanor his wife, cldeft fifter to King Edward IV« 
and widow of Henry Holland, Duke of Exeter ; and by her 
had five fons, Thomas, Sir Oliver, Anthony, Sir Richard, and 
John; and fix daughters; Elizabeth, married to Thomas Lord 
Sands, of the Vine, in Hampfhire. — Catherine, to Sir Robert 
Conftable, of Everingham, in the county of York. — Eleanor, 
to John Bourchier, Earl of Bath. — Cecily, died unmarried*-- « 
Margaret, married firft, to Sir Henry Strangeways ; adiy, to 
Robert Heneage, Efq. grandfather of Elizabeth, who was cre- 
ated Countefs of Winchelfea.— Anne, mnrried to Sir Henry Ca- 
pel, of Raynes, in Eflcx. Of the fons. Sir Richard married 
Margaret, daughter of Sir Robert Dimock, of ScrivaKby, in 
the county of Lincoln, widow of Richard Vernon, Efq. by whom 
ihe had Sir George Vernon, whore fole daughter and heir, Do- 
rothy, married Sir John Manners, fccond fon of Thomas, Earl 
of Rutland ; but the faid Margaret had no iflue by Sir Richard, 
who married, 2dly, the widow of Sir William CofFyn, of Port* 
ledge, in the county of Devon, by whom he had imie one fon^ 
one John ; and wa<; fncceeded by his eldefl: fon, 

(ad Lord, ift Earl.) Thomas, Lord Roos, who had fpecial 
livery of all the manors, calllcs, and lands defcended to him 
from the T.ndy Eleanor, his grandmother, and was on the 28th 
of June, is^55 crcntcd E;n 1 of Rutland; and had thereupon aa 
augmentation to his ancient arms, by reafon of his defcent from 
the fiflcr of King Edwnrd IV, He married fiiil, Elizabeth, 
daughter to Sir Robert Lovel, by whom he had no iffuc ; 2dly, 
Eleanor, daughter to Sir William Pafton, by whom he had five 
fons and fix daughters, and died on the 10th of Sc])tembrr, 
1543. Of the daughters, Ger trude married George Talbot, tlie 
6th Karl of Shrewlbury.-— Anne, to Hcnry^ Ncvil, Earl of 
'WcftmoT land. —Frances, to Henry Nevil, the 4th Lord Abcr- 
avenny. — Catherine, to Sir Henry Capel.— Elizabeth, to Sir 
ohn Savage. — Ifabella died young. And of the fons, which 
were Henry, Sir John, Roger, Sir Thomas, and Oliver ; tlie 
latter died tw^enty years of age ; the 4th married Thcodofia, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Newton, Knt. and left Charles his 
heir; and two daughters, Anne, married to William Vavafor, 
of Hailew^ood, in Yorkfliire, Efq. by whom file had Sir Tho- 
mas Vavafor, created a Baronet the 4th Car. L Sir John, the 
2d fon, was fcatcd at Wivcrton, in the county of Nottingham, 
but taking to wife Dorothv, daughter and co-heir to Sir George 
Vernon, of Haddon, in tiic county of Derby, Knt* before men- 
VoL. I» X tion«dft 

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*«6 ' .DUK£ OP RUTLAN0. 

tioned, (who, for his magnificence and hofpiuIity, was callctl 
King of the Peak) he became poiieiicd oi ih^i mauor ; of whom 
hereafter; and 

(2d Earl.), Henry, the eldeft, fucceeded his father, and mar- 
ried firft, Margaret, daughter to Ralph NevLl, Earl of Weft- 
xnorland, and had two fons, Edward and John ; and a daughtA 
.Elizabeth^ who married Sir William Courtenay, of Powdcr- 
lani) in the county of Devon. his fecondwife^ Bridget, 
jdaughter to John, Loid Hiifley^ of Sleaford, in the county of 
Xincbln, andwi<bw of Sir WiUumt Moriifdn, (who afterwar4t 
"manied Francis, E^rl of Bedford) he had no iflae* 

(adEarlO Edward the. eldeft, on September 279 156^, fuc- 
^ceicoed hU uther, and married lubel, daughtet ot Sir Thomas 
Holecraftf of Vale-Royal^ in the county of Chiefter» and had a 
daughter Elizabeth, who ifiras married to Sir William Cpctly 
2 Lord Burleigh, fon and heir to Thomas, Earl of Exeter, by 
^whom ihe had William Cecil, Lord Roos; but he died in Itah^ 
*]n 16 1 8, without iflue; and the (aid Edward dying on the X4tn 
of April, I C87, without iflue male, 

J (4th Earl.) John, his brother, became hbir, and died FeK 
tf 1588, leaving iflue by EUzafaieth, daughter to Francis CharJl- 
';ton, o^ Appley, in the county of Salop, ^fq. nine , fons and 
four daughters; Bridget, Frances, Elizabeth, and Mary; of 
Srhom the ehleft married Robert Tirwhit, of Kettleby, m the 
county of Lincohi, £fi|> the 2d, to William, the third Lord 
.Willoughby of Parham; the 3d, to Emanuel, Lord Scroop, of 
'^Bolton, and Earl of Sunderland, but had no iflue; andMaxy^ 
who died unmarried* Of the fons, who were 
, (5th Karl.) Roger, Francis, Sir George, and fix more, wKo 
JJied without iflue. The eldeft fucceeded his father, and mar- 
'jied £lizal)eth, daughter and heir to the famous Sir Philip Sid* 
uey, hut dying the 26th of June, 1612, w*ithout iflue, 
. (6th Earl.) Francis, his brother, became heir; as the title 
ef Lord Roos, then enjoyed by Sir William Cecil before mcn- 
'.tioned, as fon and heir of Elizahctli, fole daughter and heir of 
Tdward, 3d Earl of Rutland, who had that title by deCcent from 
Eleanor, grandmother of Thomas, the firft Earl, could not 
julHy be enjoyed by himfelf, he procured a fpecial patent, bear- 
ing date 22d July, i6i6, whereby, iri confideration that he was 
then poflefled of the land and barony of Hamlake, it was de- 
clared that he fhould therefore he accepted and called Lord 
Roos, of Hamlake, and that his fon nnd heir ihoufd alfo enjoy 
the fame name and title ; to whom alio the title of Lord Roos 
xeverted by the death of this Sir William Cecil, and after- 
wards of (leorge, Duke of Buck;nghim, without ifTiie. He 
married ftrll, 1 raiiccs, daughter and co-heir to Sir Henry Kne- 
* vit, of Charlcton, 111 Wilts, by whom he had one only child, 

Catherine^ married £rA to George Yillicrs^ JDuke of Bucking-' 

z _ bam. 

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h?.rn, wliofe fon George, Duke of Buckingham, claimed the . 
title of Lord Roos, and was allowed it; but dying witliout 
ifiue, it returned to the Rutland family, as before mentioned ; 
and 2diy, to Randolph Macdonnel, Earl of Antrim, in Ire- 
land : by his fecond wife Cicely, lifter to Nicholas the firft 
Earl of Thanct, and widow of Sir £dward Hungefford ; he had 
two fons, Henry and Francis, but they both died in their child- 
hood; and the laid Earl Francis dying Dec. 17, 1632^ wiciiouc 
iflue male, 

(7th Earl.) George, his next brother, fuccceded him in his 
.honour and cftate. He married Frances, daughter of Sir Ed- 
ward Gary, lifter to -Henry, the firft Vifcount Falkland, and 
relict of Ralph Baflie, of Stanfted, Hcrtfordftiire, Efq. and died 
Without ifluc the 29th of March, i74i» We now return to Sir 
JoiiN Manners, fecond fon of Thomas, the firft Earl, which 
riir john niari ying Dorothy, daughter and co-heir to Sir George 
Vernon, as before mentioned, bv her had Sir Georce Man- 
ners; john^ who died at the age oi 14 years; and Sir Roger, 
who died unmarried; and a daughter Grace, married to Sir 
Francis Fortefcuc, of Salden, Bucks. Of the fons, the eldeft ' 
raarricd Grace, fecond daugliter to Sir Henry Pierpoint, and 
<fiftcr to Robert, Earl of Kingfton, by whoni he had John his 
-heir; Henry and Roger, who both died young; and live daugh- 
ters; Elizabeth, married Robert Sutton, afterwards Lord Lex- 
ington.— Eleanor, to Lewis Watfon, Lord Rockingham.— Fran- 
ces, to Nicholas Saunderfon, Vifc; Caftleton, --Dorothy, to Sic 
Thomas Lake, of Stanmore, Middlefex.— Marv, to Sir Saclc- 
villc Crow. Their father dying in April, 1623, was fuccecded 
by his eldcft fon, 

(8th Earl.) JoHK, who fncceedcd George, Earl of Rutland, 
and married Frances, daughter to Edward, I.ord Montagu of 
Boughton, aiul h id four fons, George, Edward, and Roger, 
who all died young ; John, the third fon and heir; and feveri 
daughters, of which Frances married John Cecil, the 4th Earl 
of Exeter.— Grace to Patrick, Vifcount Chaworth, in Ireland; 
and 2dly» to Sir Willian^ Langhorn, of Charlton, in Rent, 
Bart. — Dorothy, to AiUhonv, the fecond Earl of Shaftflmry. 

-Eli/.aheth to jamcs, the fecond Earl of Anglefea.— -Margaret 
to lames Cecil, the third Lail of Salifbury. — ^Annc to Scroop^ 
Vifcount How, in Ireland. — Mary who died young. * " 

(9th Earl and ift Duke.) John, who was heir to the Stii 
"^Earl, was fummoncd to Parliament by writ, April ^.9, 1679, 
• by the title of John, Lord Manners, of Haddon; but his father 
iiying on the 29th of September, the fame year he became the 
9tb£arl. He w» by Queen Anne, on the 9th of March, 
1703, created Marquis of Granby and Duke of Rutland. He 
-wnricd firft, Anne Pierpoint, ekieft datigfater to Henry, Mar« 
'^yiit lrf Dwchilltr; but woi divorced from her- by fentence of 

Fa the 

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the Spiritual Court, her ifTuc difahlcd by '.\c\ nf paili.imcnt t# 
iiihcnt any of his latids or honourji, and j;e alfo enabled to 
marry again. His fccond wife was Diana, daughter to Robert 
Earl of Aylefbury, and widow of Sir Seymour Shirley, of Stan- 
ton-Harofd, in the county of Lciccftcr, and had no iffuc by 
her except a fon, who died the fame day he was bom, aod orjf 
whom ihe died in childbed. He, on the 8th of Januarv, 167^, 
took to his third wife» Catherine, daii|rhter to Baptift Nod, 
Vifcount Campden; and hj her, who died Jan* 24, 17339 had 
two fons and two daughtera«-->-Catherine, manied John Lord 
Gower*^ Dorothy, to fiapttft Noel, Earl of Gainiborough# 
And of the fons, which were 

(2d Duke.) JOKK, bom in 1676, and Thomas-Baptift ; the 
fatter died the 29th of June, 1705, nnmarried; and the cldeft^ 
fiiGCeeding his father on the loth of Jan. 171 1, was the fccofid 
Duke* He married firft Cathennei fccond daughter to WiU 
liam. Lord RufTel, who was beheaded in 1683, and lifter to 
Wrotthefly, Duke of Bedford; and by her, (who died the Jlifc 
C£^ober 171 1) had five fons and four daughters, John, the 
3d Duke*— William, bom Nov. 13, 1697, died May 23, 1772. 
^Thomas, who died unmarried, 1723.— Edward, who died 
*young in 1693. — Catherine, married 0<5V. 17, 1726, to Henry 
relham, Efq. brother to the Duke of Newcaftle, by whom 
ihe had the hite Duchefs of Newcaftle, and the late Lord 
Sondes, and Other children, and died in i78o.^Rache], who 
died in 1721, unmarried; — Frances, married in 173a, to Rich^ 
ard Arundel, Efq. 2d fon to John, Lord Arundel, of Trerice, 
and died without iffue in 1769. — Elizabeth, married to Johr> 
Monkton, Vifcount Galway, of the kingdoon of Ireland; aod 
died March 22, 1739, leaving iflue. — Wrotthcfly, died an in- 
fant. His Grace married Jan. i, 1713, to his fecond wife, 
Lucy, filler to Bennet Shcrrard, late Earl of Harborough, b|r 
whom he had ilTnc, Sherrard, who died nniiiarricd, 1742.— 
Robert, a Gefural in the army, died May 31, 1782, nn;ed 64, 
having married Jan. i, 1756) Mifs Mary Digges, by Vv honihc 
has had, i. Robert. 2. John- James, born Jan, ii, 1763. 3. 
George, born Nov. 12, I7<^3» 4« Mary, born Nov. 20, 1756, 
• married Jan. 31, i77I> Ncfl^it, Efq. of Dirleton, in Scotland, 
and has iiiue, 5. Lucy, boin Jan. 2, 1758. — Henry, who 
died in 174*;. — Charles, died December 5, 1761. — fames and 
George, wlio boih died young. — Carolina, mairied firft, in 
1734, to Sir Henry Harpur, iiart. 2dly, July 18, 1753, 
Kol'-rt Burdett, Bart, and died Nov. 10, 1769. — Lucy, born 
April 19, 17177 and married 1742, to W illiam (iraham, Duke 
of Montrofe. His Grace dying Feb. 22, 1721, was fuccecdc^ 
by his Ion, 

(3d Duke) JOHTs', the third Duke, who died May 29, 1779, 
and wa^^ lu<.cvi;aeu by his ^randfoa. H4& Griigc was bum Ottm 

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DUK£ or RUTLAND. €$ 

Qi, 1696 ; and on Aug. 27, 1717, married Bridget, only daugL- 
tcr and heir of Robert button, Lord Lexington, by whom, 
"Whodied in 1734, he had iflue five Tons and fix daughters, alj. 
of whom died young, except John, late Marquis of Granby, 
horn Jan* 2y 1721^ died 0€t. 18, 1770, in the life-time of his 
^ther; married Sept. 3, 1750, Frances Seymour, eldeftdau^h-* ' 
ter of Charles, late Duke of Somerfet, aunt to the Dochefiof 
Northumberland; by which Lady, who died Jan. 25, 1760, be 
liad iflbe, John, LordRooi) bom Aug. 22, 1751, died June 3, 

1763. — <}harles, late Duke of Rutland.^Francesy born March/ 
24, 1753, manied July 9, 1772, to George, Earl of Tyrcon-* 
jiel, from whom ih^ was divorced in I777> and married adly, 
06k. 28, 1777, Hon. Philip Anftruther, 2d fonof Jane, Baro* 
aiefs Newark, of Scotland, by Sir Alexander AnArutheri &afft« 
^Catherine, born 1756, died vouag.-«Robert^ born Febriiary 
6, 1758, died i782.*~Robert button, bom Feb. 2, 1722, die4 
Kov. 27, 1762, unmarried.-^George Sutton, bora March 8, 
2723, who took the name of Sutton after the death of his bro« 
iber Robert, and died Jan. 7, 1783* He married Dec 17499 
to Diana, daughter of 1 hom^s Chaplain, of Blankley,* in tho 
County of Lancailer, £fq. by which lady, who died May 13, 
1767, he hadifiiie> 2. George, born Aug. i, 1751* 2. John, 
l)orn july 12, 1752, now in the army, married April, 1778^ 
Mifs Manners, by whom he has iiTue. 3. Robert, bom Jan* 
5, 1 754,' in the navy. 4. Charles, born Feb. 17, 1755, mar-t 
ricd May, 1778, Mlfs Thornton, and has iffuc. 5. Diana^ 
married 1778, Thomas Dickens, E(^9 -6. Harriot, died an 
infant. ' 7, Loui fa Bridget, born 1761, married, andhasiffue. 
8. William, died an infant. 9. Thomas» born Feb. 24, 1756^ , 
20. Francis, born in 1763, in the army. 1 1 . Charlotte, bom 

1764, married June 16, 1789, Mr. Lockwood. la. Mary, 
born in 7766. His Lordfhip married 2dly, February 5, 1768, 
Mifs Mary Peart, by whom he had a daughter, bom Auguii 
4, 1770. 

(4th Duke.) Charles, the late Duke, was born March 15, 
1754, mnrrifd Dec. 26, 1775, Mary-Ifabelh, fifter to the pre- 
fcnt Duke of Beaufort, by whom he had ifTi'r Js^hn I]enry, 
the prefent Duke. — Ifabelh, born Sept. ^o, ^ 7 7^« — Catherine-* 
M^rv, born April 29, 1779. — A fon, born 06K 24, 1780.— 
Another fon, horn Dec. n, 1781. — William-Robert-Albyne, 
born May i, 1783. His Giarc tiirj while T ord Lieutenant of 
Ireland, 06t. 24, 17B7, whcu he was fucceeded by his cideii 

(5th Duke.) John-Hfvtiy, the prefent Duke. 

Creations.] Baron Roos, &c. Kov. 12, Earl of 

Rutland, June 18, 1525. Marcjuis of Granby, and Duke of 
Kutlandy March 29> 1703. 

F 3 ^KMS.J 

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Arm S.I Or, two Inrs, azures a chief, qoatterlr of tho^^ 
fecondy vA guks^ the firft charged with two flcurt de us^of tho 
frfly and the laft with a lion of the Jamff which chief was 
anciently guies^ and the charge thenon la aa hatAirzrf avg« 
mentatioOt flitwing his defcent from tho hlopd royad of King 
Edward IV, [Plate V,]t 

Cuar*] On a chapeau, gules, turned up with trmm,^ a pea- 
COdc in pride, proper* 

Supporters.] Two nnicomS) mgent ; tlieir hom% cidla» 
XufUy and hoofs, or. 
' MoTTO«] Pwry parwrnr* In order to acccompliih it. 

Chief Seats.] At Haddon*Hall» in Derbyflure ; Bdvotr 
CaftJe^ in LincolnAure* 


T^HE moR noble DOUGLAS HAMILTON, Duke of 
BRAKDON and HAMILTON, Mar<iui5 of Hamiitoa. 

and liaron of Dutton. 

See DuK£ of Hamilton in the Peerage of Scotland. * 


THE moft noble BROWNLOW BERTIE, Duke of AN- 
CASTER and KESTEVEN, Marquis and Earl of Lind- 
fey, bom May i, 1729, fucceeded his neplicw Robert, the late 
Duke, July 8, 1779. married firft, Nov. 1762, Henrietta, 
daughter and heircls of C jcorge-Morton Pitt, Efq. of Twicken- 
ham ; hut by liLT, wlio (liL'd April 23, 1763, he had no illue. 
He nKiiTicd 2dly, fan. 2, 1769, Mary-Anne, daughter of ATa- 
jor Layard, and hai iiTiic one daughter, Mary-Eli^beth, bora 
July 24, 1/ 7 

This family is faid to have come into England with tho 
Saxons, from a place called Bertiland, on the borders of Pruf* 
fia ; and of it was 

Leopold de Bertie, who in the reign of King Etheldred, 
was owner in a town in Kent, called Berfted, fo named fron^ 
himfelf; but he having a quarrel with the Monks of Canter- 
bury, about their tjthe, (wherein his eldeil fon was killed) he 
complained to the King in hopes of redrefs, which Alphegus, 
Archbilhop preventing, he folicited Suene^ King of Den* 


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ftarky to invade the rtahot and affifiinj^ him thereto> he be- 
ileged aiid took Canterbury, making pnfoner the Archbiihop» 
He, And the death of his fon was revenged, (in the year 

MI 4,) by murdering every tenth Monk in the Abbey; but 
heldred afterwards prevailing over the Danes^ Barbachin^ 
the only fon of Leopold, was forced to fly to Robert| King of 
France, for fan^uary> where his pofterity remained till the 
year 1154, when 

Phxi.iv de fiertie coming over with King Henry IL that 
Kinc;, for his valour, reftored him to his ancient patrimony of 
Berfted* He had iflue Martin, father of Robert ; wnoib 
ion William had iflue Edward, &ther of 

Jb&OME, who, hearing a Monk exclaiming at church agalnft 
the murder committed by his anceilor, rufhed in upon him and 
^ flew him; for which ram a6l he was excommunicated by the 
Archbiihop ; but going to Rome, he there obtained abiblutioi^ 
auid afllerwards b^ame a great bene&6lor to that church ; to 
him fucceeded * 
' RofiEET, father of another Robert, who by a daughter ^ 

• Pepper, had iflue 

Thomas fiertie, Efq. who by a daughter of ■ Say, of 
the county of Salop> had a fon 

RicTiARD, who raarried Catherine, only daughter and heir 
to William, the laft Lord Willoughhy, of Ercfbr, cider bro- 
ther to Chriftopher, father of William, the firft Lord Wil- 
loughbv, of Parham, and widow of Charles Brandon, Duke 
of Suflolk, but this great Duchefs being mod zealous for the 
Reformation, drew both hcrfelf and her hufband into danger, 
fo that they were forced to fly beyond fea, fettling in Poland • 
till the death of the Queen. During the lime of their travels, 
this lady had a fon, whom by renfon of his being horn abroad, 
was chriftened Peregrine; and hiul alfo a daughter, Sufannah, 
married to Reginald Grey, Earl of Kent, and afterwards to 
Sir John Wingfield, Knt. This 

(ift Lord.) Peregrine, in the Parliament of the ill of Eli- 
zabeth, 1559, was made free IXnizen ; and upon the death of 
Catherine, his mother, in 1580, claiming the dignity of Lord 
Willoughhy of Ercfby, was admitted tu take his feat in Par- 
liament, the 1 6th of January following. He married Mary, 
daughter to John Vere, Karl of Oxtord, hy Margaret his fe- 
cond wife, and fiflcr ind heir of tlie half blood to Karl Ed-^ 
Wiiid ; and dying in 1601, left fivt. (on*;, and a daughter Ca- 
therine, married to Sir f .ewis Watlon, afterwards Lord Rock- 
ingham ; and ot the ions, which were Robert, Pereerine, 
Henry, Vere, and Roger ; the eldeft fucceeded his father. This 

(2d Lord, ift Earl.) Robert, in the ifV of James L making 
hU claim to the Earldom of Oxford* as alfo to the title of 

f 4 LofA 

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Lord Bulhcck, St:^ndford, and Badlcfmcrc, and to the office of 
Lord High Chamberlain of England, as Ton and heir to Mary^ 
folc daughter ot the great family of Vcrc, after much difputc, 
had judgement in his behalfj for the office of Lord High Cham- 
berlain : and the fame vcar took his feat above all the Bnrons. 
In the 2d of Charles ], lie was advanced to the dignity of Laii 
of Lindfey; and m Aii'2,. ?.2, 1642, being cholen General of 
tlie King'i forces, at the breaking out of the Civil War, he on 
tlic 23d of Odt. following, received his death-wouud at the 
battle of Edge-hill. He married Elizabeth, only child of Ed- 
ward, the firft Lord Montagu, of Boughton, by his iirfb wife; 
and by her, who died Nov. 30, 1654, had nine fons; of which 
Montagu and Roger were made Knights of the Bath, and the 
latter was manicd to Urfnla, da\jp;hter and heir of Sir Edward 
Lawley, and left afonR -htrt, v^ho died without ifluc, — Ro- 
bert, 3d fon. died in 1608. — Sir Peregrine, 4th fon, married 
the daughter and co-heir of Mr. Daniel Harvey, and left ifTuc 
Elizabctii, his only daughter and heir, married to William, 
Lord Widrington.. — Francis, 5th fon, was killed in the King'$ 
fervice in Ireland, in 1641. — Robert, 6th fon, born Januaiy I,. 
i6i9j ftrfl married Alice, daughter of Riclmrd Hninard, Kfq. 
sdly, Elizabeth, 2d aaughrer of Sir ]olm i^ciiact; and '^dly, 
♦ Mary, daughter to Robert Halic) , Elq. and reli<?^ of joha 
Crofbie, Efq.— Henry, 7th fon, loll his life in the King's fer- 
vice, at the battle of Newbury. — Veic, Siii iua, died unmar- 
ried. — Edward, 9th fon, born Ocl. 17, 1624, died Dec. 25, 
l686. And having alfo five daughters; Catherine was married 
to Sir Wjlliani FaSon, Bart.— -Elizabeth, to Sir Miles Stapyl- 
ton, Knt.*Anne, died unmarried. — Sophia, married to Sir 
Richard Chaworth, who was beheaded ; and afterwards to Sir 
Abraham Shipman, Knt.] 

(2d Earl.) Sir Montach, his cldeft fon» married ifJt Mar<> 
tha, 3d daughter to Sir William Cockain, of London, KnC* 
and Alderman, and fifter to Charles, the i(l Vifcount CuUen, 
of the kingdom of Ireland, widow of John Rarafey, Earl of 
Holderiiefs, and by her had five fons and three daughters. And 
by his fecond, who was Bridget, daughter and fole heir to Ed- 
ward Wray, Efq. by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir to 
Francis, Lord ^orreys, Earl of Rerkiliire ; he had two fons and 
a daughter Mary, who was married to Charles Dormer, Eari 
cf Caernarvon* And of the fons by the 2d wife^ which were 
James and Henry ; the latter married Philadelphia, daughter 
to Sir Edward Norris, by whom (he had iflue two fons and 
and three daughters; of which James the eldeft married Eliza* 
bcth, daughter of Roeer Harris, of Wincheiler, Efq. by whom 
he left ifTue qne fon, Norris Bertie. Charles-Montague Berti^ 
the 2d fon, was late Redlor of Uffington, in the county of 
J«iiicola« Of the danghten of the £^L £iesmor and Anne, 


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4icd unmarried; and Catherine married Francis Clark^ £fq* 
who left ifluc one fon, I rancis ; and the faid Henry married to 
his sdwifoi a fifter of Sir Henry I etherftone, Batt. by whom 
he left no ifiue; and died at Cheflerton, in Oxford^llire, iti 
December, 1734*— Jamef, the eldeft fon by the 2d wife, who 
was Lord Norrevs, bv clefcent, in right of his mother, was crea- 
ted Earl of ARrNGtON. Of the daughters by his firil wife, 
which were Elizabeth, Bridget, and Catlicrine, the cldeft mar- 
ried Baptift Noel, Vifc. Campden ; the ad to Sir Thomas Of^ 
borne, Knt. afterwards Duke of Leeds ; and the youngeft to 
Robert Dormer, I'fq. Of the fons by the ift wife, which were 
Robert, Peregrine, Richard, Vere, and Charles; the latter 
married Mary, daughter to Peter Tryon, widow of Sir Samu- 
el Jones, and by her had two fons and two daughters ; of which 
Elizabeth, the eldeft, Was married to Charles Miidmay, Lord 
Fitz-Walter ; but Maria died young;, as did Thomas theeldeft 
fon; but Charles married Mary, daughter and heir to John 
Norborne, Efq. and had ifTue one daughter, Sufanna, married 
to Edward Hales, Efq. brother to Sir Chriftopher Hales, Bart, 
and three fons; !• Cliarles, married Bethlheba, daughter of 
pr« Mead, by whom he had ifliie five fons, Charles, Richard» 
James, Montague, and Vere, 2. Peregrine, 2d fon, married 
Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Payne, and had a fon Pere- 
grine, born in 1739« $* Norborne, 3d fon, was Re61:or of 
Weft-Deeping, in the county of Lincoln. — Vere, 4th fon of 
Montague, Earl of Lindfey, died unmarried, as did Richard 
the 3d fon ; but Peregrine, the 2d fon of the Earl of Lindfey, 
marrying Sufan, daughter to Sir Edward Monins, Bart, had 
two daughters, Bridget, wife of John, Earl Powlett; and Ma- 

3V who wasmnrricd to Anthony Henly, Efcj. and afterwards to» 
cnry Bertie, Efq. 3 1 inn of James, the iftEarl of Abingdon. 
To Montagu, the 2d Earl, who died July 25, 1665, fuccceded 
(3d Earl.) Robert, his cldeft fon ; who marrying Mary, 2d 
daughter and co-heir to John MafTingbred, of London, Mer- 
chant, by her had one daughter, Arabella, who married Tho- 
mas Savage, Earl Rivers ; but taking to his 2d wife, Elizabeth, 
daughter to Philip, Lord Wharton, hy her had five fons ; and 
by his 3d wife, wiio was Elizabeth, daughter and fole heir to 
Thomas Pope, K:irl of Downe, in Jrcland, and mother of the 
ift Earl of i^itcbficld, he had one Ion and one daughter, Charles 
and Elizabeth, wbo botli died unmarried. Of the five fons by 
the fecond wife, whicli were Robert, Peregrine, Philip, Norris, 
and Albemarle; the latter died in Jan, 1741-2. — Norris died un- 
married. — Philip died unmarr-rd, April 15, 1728* — ^Peieglinc 
» died without ilTue, July ic, 1711. 

(ift Duke.) RoBKRT, the eldeft fon, on the 8th of May, 
1701, iucccctled his father. He was in 1690, called up by writ 

to the Houi'c of PcciSj a« Lord WUloughby of Ecefby. Un the 

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29th of December, 1706, he was created Marquis of Lindfcj? 
ajid oil the 2Qth of July, 1717, created Duke of Ancaflcr and 
Heftevcn. He married ift, Mary, daughter to Sir Richard 
Wynne, by whom he had iflue, Robert, who died unmarried.— 
Peregrine, his fuccefibr— Elizabeth*— Eleanor. — Mary, died 
tuioiarricd. He married adiy, Albina, daughter of Williain 
Farringdon, £fq. of Chiflehurft, in Kent, by whom (who mar« 
tied adly, James Douglas, Efq. and died July 29, 1745) he 
liad iflue^ Vere, who died Sept* 13, 1768, having married 
Mtfs Anne Cafey, and left iiTue two daughters, Albina, mar- 
ried to George Hobart, Efq. brother to the Earl of Bucking- 
hamfhire; and Louifa, married April 19, 1778, to Charles 
Stuart, Efq. 4^1 fon of John, Earl of Bute*— Montague, who 
snarriol Anne, daughter of William Piers> Efq. ihe died 1782* 
He died Dec. la^ 17539 leaving two daughters, Augufta^ mar* 
tied to John, late Ean of Wenmorland, and died in 1766 ; and 
Frances*— Robert, born Nov* 14, 1741, mariried April ia 
S762, Mary, daughter of Montague, late Vifcount Blundell, 
and widow of Robert, late Lord Raymond, and died March 
10^ 1 7S2«— Thomas, died July 21,, 1749* — Louifa, married La 
1730, to Thomas Bludworth, Efq. and is £nce dead* 

(2d Duke.) Peregrine was horn April 29, 1686, and on 
March 16, 17 15, fummoned by >^Tit to the Houfe K)i 
Peers, by the title of Lord Willoughby of Erefby, and oq 
July 26, 1722, fucceeded his father* His Grace married Jane, 
* daughter and co-heir to John Brownlow, of Belton, in the 
county of Lincoln, Bart, and by her, >vho died in Sept. 1736, 
had five fons and five daughters, Robert and George, who died 
infants.— -Peregrine, his lucccQor, the third Duke*— Albemarle^ 
—Brownlow, the prefent Duke. His daughters were, Mary^ 
married to Samuel Greathead, Efq. and died April 24, 17749 
leaving iflue*— Albina, married to John Beckford, Efo. on 
March 8, 1744; and died without iflue in March 1754.— Jane, 
married to Major Matthews, andhasifTue. — Carolina, married 
March 31,* 17M> to George Dcwar, Efq. and died June 13, 
1774, leaving ill ue. — Anne, who died in Auguft, 1735* His 
Grace dying the firii of Jan. 1742, was fucceeded by his eldeil 

(3 ! Duke.) Peregrin'e, married firft, May 22, i735> 
zabeth, daughter and fole heirefs of William Blundell, Efq. of 
Bafingfto^ie, in Hampfhire, and widow of Sir Charles Guntcr 
^icol, Knight of the Bath, bv wliich Lady, who tiicd Dec. 
1743, he h:u1 no ifTue. He married fccondly, Nov. 27, 1750, 
Mary, daughter of Thomas Panton Efq. of Newmarket, by 
whom he had iflue ; Peregrine-Thomas, horn May 21, 1758, 
and died Dec. 12, 1 758.-— Robert, the late Duke. ---Mary.— 
Catherine, born April 15, 1754, died unmarried April i, 
i767**'i^riiciUa-S<u:baca*Eli:&abcch, the prefent ^Axwv^h JyEref- 

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Z-^.— Georgiana-Charlotte, born Augufl 7, 1764. — A fonwho- 
ilicJ before baptifm, Sept. 1759. Grace died Aug* 12^ 

IfjyBy and was iuccceded by Ins only ion, 

(4th Duke.) Robert, late Duke, born Nov. 4, 1756, and 
dying fuddcnly July 8, 1779, unmarried, was lucceedcd in the, 
Barony of D'jEresby by his eldeft filler, the prefent Baronef*^ 
(vvhofe hufband. Sir Peter Burrel, Bart, in her right officiates 

Lord Great Chamberiaia of England) and in hi& other ho*, 
ijours by his uncle, 

(5tli Uuke.) Brownlow, the prefent Duke, 

Creations.] Earl of Lindicy, Nov. 22, 1626, Mar^ui% 
Dec. 21, 1706, and Duke, June 29, 1715. 

Arms,] jirgent, three battering rams, barways, armed ani 
garniihed, azure, [Plate VI,] 

Crest.] On a wreath, the bull of a King (named Barbiconl 
couped at tlic bi eaA, proper^ crowned tlucally, or, bciag the crcft 
of the Barons WiUoughby. Their creft, as Bertie, is a pioe« 
tree, proper. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a pilgrim, or fryar, vefted 
in ruiFet, with his llaii" and pater-nofter, cr. On the fuiifler, 
a favage wreathed about the temples and middle, with ivy, aU 

Motto.] Loyalte me oblhe. Loyalty binds me. 
Chief Seatj),] At Gnmiiiiorpc, and Uffingtoa in the coun-^ 
Xj of Lincoln^ 


BLNTINCK, Duke of PORTLAND, Marquis of Tich- 
field, Vifcount Woodftock, and Baron of Cirencefter, borii 
April 14, 17^8, fucceeded his father William, May 1, 1762, 
and married, "November 8, 1766, Dorothy, filler to the Duke 
of Devonlbire, by whom he has iffue, Wi I Ham-Henry -Caven* 
diih. Marquis of Titchfield, born June 24, 1768, — ^Two fens, 
who died infants, — ^William-Henry-Cavendifli, born Sept, 14, 
1774. — Charlotte, born 3, i775« — ^Mary, born March 13, 
1778. — ^William-Charle»-Auguilii9-C;avendifli, born in May 
1780.— WilUam-Frederick-CSiveadiflt, born Nov. 2, 1781.— A 
daughter bom OGt. 1786. 

'Diis Duke is ^fcended from a very ancient and noble familj' 
in the United Provinces o^ Holland, of whkh wa« 

(ift Baronet an^ Earl.) William Bentinck, who in hiv 
youth was Page of Honour to Witltam, Prince of Orange. 
Jn 1677, he was lent into England, by that Prince^ to folicit a 
match with Mary, eldeft daughter to Tames, then Duke of 
York I and on the 4th bf November enfuing, tbey bdiig mar- 

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ried, the faid Mr. Ikntlnck, was on their Majefties acccf!ion, 
made Groom of the Stole, and Privy Purfe to his Royal MaU 
ter, a Lieut, Gen, of his Majefty's Army, Colonel and Captaift 
of a Regiment of Dutch Horfe, one of his Privy Council, 
Gentleman of the Horfc, Baron of Cirenccller, Vifc. Wood- 
ftock, nnd Earl of Portland, And the next year, being ap-' 
pointed lii^ Mnjcfty's Amb:ilTadoi Extraordinary to the Court o<f 
France, he hUcd that employment with equal honour to the 
Kirig, ;iTid tliL' liiiti/h Nation, and cuit fh. one. the mafrnihccncc 
and pomp of all the moft fplendid cir.bAHics ever beheld at that 
Court, and was one of the molt cclcluated Statcfmeii of hii 
time. He married ift, Anne, fiilcr to Edward, Earl of Jer* 
iey, by whom he had iflue three fons and five daughters, vi3B# 
William, who died in his infancy. — Henry, fecond fon, after- 
wards Duke of Portland.— Alfo another WiUiara, who died 
young in Holland^Mary, eldeft daughter, married to Alger* 
tion. Earl of £flex» and after hisdeceafe to Sir Concert D'arcy, 
only brother to Robert, late Earl of Holdernefs^Anoa^Mar* 
garetta, fecond daughter, married to Monfieur Duyvenvorde^ 
one of the principafnobles of Holland.— Frances- Williamina» 
third daughter, married to William, Lord Byron^ and died 
March 31, 1712.— Eleanora, fourth daughter, died unmarried^ 
Ifabefla, youngcft daughter, married to Evelyn Pierpoint^ 
Dtrke of Kin?fton, and died on February 23, 1728. Hit 
|x>rd(hip, on May 16) 1700, married His fecond wife, Jftne^ 
iRxth daughter ol Sir John Temple, of Eaft-Sheen, in the 
county of Surry, Bart, fiftcr to Henry, Lord Vifcount Pal* 
merfl?on, and widow of Jobii) Lord Berkeley, of Stratton ; and 
by her, (who died March 26, 1751) had two fons and four 
daughters ; William, on^ of the nobles of Holland.— Charles- 

John, an Officer in the army of tlie States-General, who died 
'cb. 1779.— Sophra, married March 24, 1739, to His Grac# 
Henry dc Grey, Inte Duke of Kent. — Elizabeth, married to Dr. 
}Fenr\' Egerton, Birtiop of Durliam, h rot her to Scroop, Duko 
of Bridgewater, and died 178c.— Harriot, married to Jamc» 
Hamihon, lateP^rl of ClanbrafTil. in the kingdom of Ireland. — 
jBarharn, married to William, late Lord Godolphin, and died 
^P' il ^$9 i75^> and the Earl dying on Nov. 23, 1709, in the 
.62d year of hh age, was fttcceeded by Henry his Ion, by Anne, 
his I ft wife : which 

(iR Duke.) Hknry was created Marquis and Duke, and 
nade Captain-General nnd (jovemor in Chief of the Ifland Jn- 
maicn, ^\!^c^e he d.ied (at St. Jago) July 4, 1726, in the 45th 
Year of lii^^as^. He married on the 9th of func, 1704, Eliza- 
beth Noel, eldeft daughter and co-heir to "Wrotthefly-Raptif^, 
Karl of (iainfborough, and by her, who died in March, 1737> 
had William, late Duke of Portland. ---(icorge, a Colonel of 
Foot, bom JUec* i? i5> and died March a, 17 59.*^- Anne, mar- 


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jried to Lieut. Col. Daniel Paul, died in Jan. 1749.— 'Ifabellf^ 
married Nov. 8, 17399 to Hcnr^ Mocik» Efq* of Ireland, ani 
died Feb. 178^, leaving liTtte; l!abeUa> married to the prefent 
Marquis of .Waterford^ by whom ihe has iiTae* Amelia» mar* 
rie4 to Jacob Arrao Van Wafiea^» one of tho noblet of Hol- 
land, died to Jan. 1 756* • 

(ad Dukjc«) William, the lajte Duke, was bom in March, 
17099 fucceeded his father Henry, July 4, 17 26, and married 
July II, 1734) Margaret-CaveDdiih-Harley, only daughter and 
heirefs of £dward| Earl of Oxford and Mortimer, by whom, 
whodied July 17, 17S5, he had iflne, Elizalieth, born Jun^ 27, 
1735, married May 22, 1759;^ Thomas, the prefent Marquis 
of Bath, and has iflW. — ^Henrietta, bom March 6, 1736, 
married May 28, 176^^ to Lonl Grey, now Earl of ^tamtord, 
and has tfloe* — ^William-Hen ry-Cavendiih, the preCimt Duk^« 
—-Margaret, born July 26, 1739, ^^"^ died unmarried, Apal 
dB, 1756* — Frances, born April 9, 1741, who died in March, 
1742* — Edward-Cliarles, born March 3, 1744, married Dep. 
sS, 2782, Miis Cui iiberland, e|deft daughter of Richard Cum-* 
berland, £fq« And his Grace. dying May i, 1762, was fuc* 
ceedcdby ... 

(3d Duke.)r Will^am-Henry-Cavendish, the prefent 


Creations.] Baron of Cirencefter, Vifc. Woodftock, and 
Earl of Portland, April 9, 1689, i William and Mary,, and 
Marquis of TichBcld, and Duke ^ of Portland, July. 6, 1716^ 
a Geo. I. ' 

Arms.] -«^zKr^, acrofsmolinc,' [Plate VI.] 

Crbst*] Out of a Marquis's coronet, two arms conn- ' 

tCTi embowed and vefted, guUs; gloved, or; and holding each 
. an oftrich-feather, argent. 

Supporters.] Two lions double quevee ; the dexter, prefer ; 

the other, fahle* 

Motto.] Cra'igne% honte. Fear difgrace. 
. Chief Seats.] At Bulflrode, in Buckiughamihire, and Wei- 
beck, in No^inghamHure* 


TH£ moll noble WILLIAM MONTAGU, Duke and Earl 
of MANCHESTER, Viicount Mandevilie, Baron Mon- 
tagu of Kimbolton, fucceeded his lather George, Sept. 2, 17S8; 
.born March 3, 1768. 

The firft of this noble family, (who took their furnamc from 
41 iharp'poiaud oaoutuaii)^ in Latin^ de ^io;^to acuto, in the 


L.iyuizcd by Google 

*7S btTKE or MANCH£ST£IL. 

•county of Somerfet) was Drogo de Montagu^ whofc arms wcrC| 
MZurCy a gryphon fegreiant, or* 

To him fucceeded William de Montagu, and to him Ri- 

" CHARD, who was fucceeded by Drogo, and Drogo by W il- 
liam ; and he by another William, who all bore the arms as 
jdx>ve : but Simon, the fon of the laft William, and Bcrta bis 

•wife, changed them to argent, three fafils in fefs, gules; and 
having married Aufricia, daughter to Fergufius, King of the Iflc 
of Man, defcenddl from Orry, King of Denmark, had two 

' fons, 

William and pinion, whereof the eldeA married Elisabeth, 

• daughter of Peter de Montfort, of Beaudefert, in the county bf 
Warwick, and hadibor fons, John, wliodied beA>re hU father; 
WilliaiB, heir to hU ^ther; «mon, Bifhop, firftof WorceAer, 

• and afterwards of Ely, who began huildine the hdautiful' chapel 
m the North £de of that cadiedral, aMbeftowfid great fan$ 

•thereon, but his death prevented his finifliing it« Sir Edward, 

• «4th fon, was Governor of the caftle of Werk, mder his bro- 
ther, the Earl of Sali(bary, -which- caftle enduved a •fliemonMe 

' fiege the i jth cpf Edw. IIL which gave lik to th^ ftory of ^e 
King's falling in love with the 0>fintefs of Saliibury, and to the 
cftablifhinent of the Order of the Garter. This Sk fidwaikl, who 
was a Knight Banneret, had fummons to Parliament among the 
Barons, and having married Alice, daughter and co-heir CoTho* 
mas Brotherton,"Earl of ' NoHFolk,^ 5th fon . of K* Edw. I. bid 
Iflne an only daughter Joan, married to William de Ufibrd^ 
Earl of Suffolk. 

William, his eldeft furviving brother, fucceeded hU €itiier» 
and was created Earl of Salilhurv, 11 Edw. III. He wufalfo 
King of the Tile of Man, and died Jamiary 30, 1 3 44. He car- 
ried Catherine, daughter of William, and lifter and heir to 
Otho, LotVl GrandiK>n, by Sibylla, daughter and heir of John 
de Tregoz, a great Baron, by whom he had iftue two ions, 
William and John ; and four daughters ; Sibylla, married to 
Edmund, fon to Edmund, Earl of Arundel; rhilippa, toRo« 
ger Mortimer, Earl of March ; EIi«abeth» to Giles^ Lord 
Baddlefmere ; and Agnes to John de Grey, fon and heir of Ro* 
ger. Lord Grey, of Deftrencloyt* 

William the eldeft, who fucceeded his father as Earl of Sa* 
Itftmry, coittraded marriage with Joan, called the Pair Maid 
of Kent, daughter to Edmund Plantagenet, Earl of Kent, third 
Ion of King Edward L ; but Sir Thomas Holland alledging, hi 
his petition to Pope Clement VL a prior contract from her with 
him, and that the Earl unjuftly withheld her Irdm him, the 
Pope gave judgement aeainft the Earl, who thereupon marri^id 
Elizabeth, daughter and afterwards co-heir to John, Lord Mo« 
hun, and by her had a fen, WtlHam, who was unfortwiately 
ftain at Windfor, 6 Richard !L by his own hand, in a tilting; 

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and the Earl his father dying 3d of June, 20 Richard il, we rc* 
turn to 

Sir John his brother, wiio married Margaret, daughter and 
heir of Sir Thomas Monthcrmer, by Joan of Acres, daughter 
of King Edward I. in whofe right he had fummons to Parlia- 
ment from 31ft Edw. to 13th Rich. TI. when he died. He had 
ifTue four fons, [diiii, his heir; 1 lioinas, Dean of Salifbury; 
Richard, and Simon, anceftor to the late Duke of MON- 
TAGU; and three daughteis, Sibyl, Catherine, and Marga- 

Sir John, the cldcfl: Ton, fucceeded his Ton in the Enrldonx 
of SalilLury ; a:ul la the ift Henry IV. was beheaded at Ciren- 
cefler on January 5. He married Maud, daughter to Sir .\daiu 
Francis, widow, lirll of Jolm Aubrey, and adly, of S r Allan 
Boxhull, Knight of the Garter, by whom he had Tliomas his 
heir; Richard, who died without iflue ; alfo three daughters, 
Anne, rnarncj hril to Sir Richard Haakford, Knt. bv whoni 
(he iKid a chuighter, married to Thomas Butler, Earl of Or- 
mond ; 2dl v, lo Sir John Fitz-Lew is, Knt. 3dly5 to John Hol- 
land, l^ irl of Huntingdon, and Duke of ExCter ; AI iry, 2d 
daughter, married William, Lord i eirers, of Groby; and Lli- 
zabeth, 3d daughter, to Robert, Lord Willoufrhby of Ere 11:) y. 

Thomas, who fucceeded his father as Earl of Salifbury, 
married Alianore, 4th daughter to Thomas, and fifter to Ed- 
iTiund, Earl of Kent, and was killed at the of Orleans the 
6th of Henry VL leaving an only daug!itrr Alice, wlio was 
Countefs of Salifbury. She married Sir Richard Ncvil, wlio 
in her right became Earl of Salilbury, and had by her two fons, 
John and Richard ; John became Marquis of Montagu, and 
married Ifabella, daughter of Sir Edmund Inglelhorp, but was 
Ilaiii at Barnet, and died without iflue. To him fucceeded 
Richard his brother, who alfo was Earl of Salifbury and War- 
wick, and was called the Great Earl of Warwick ; he married 
^Anne, daughter to Richard Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, but 
was likewife ilain at Barnet, and died without iflue alfo. 

Having done with this line, we now return to 

Simon Montagu before mentioned, who married EUzabeth, 
daughter and heir of William Boughton, of Boughton, in the 
county of Northampton, and had Thomas heir, who married 
Chriftian, daughter to Thomas Baflet, and had 

John his heir, who married Alice, daughter to William Hoi- , 
€0t, by whom he had > 

William Montagu, who married Margaret^ daughter to 
Qiriftopher Bonling, Efq. and had 

Richard Montagu, who married Agnes, daughter to Wij^** 
Sam Snelling, and had 

Thomas, who married i^nes, daughter to William Dudley, 
1E%; hj whom he had John, who died withoilt iflue, and 


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Edward, who in i 539 was made Lord Chief Juflicc of Eng* 
1and> and died \n I55(). He mnrrird tiiil Elizabeth, daughter 
of William Lane, Elq« and liad three fons, Ralph, ThomaJ, 
and Robert, who all died young; and three daughters, Dowfe, 
married to Sir Edward Wat Ton, anccllor 10 the late Marquis of 
Rockingham; Anne, to Jolin Roufc, Efcj. ; Amey, to George 
Lynce, Efq. His leeond wife was dauglitcr of George Kirk- 
ham, Eiq. by whom he had no ifTut: ; but bv his tliird, who 
was Eleanor, dauglitcv of ]o]m Roper, Efq. anccftor of the 
jRird Tfv, !ic Imd live fons and fix (l"jc:hters; Pdizabcth, 
married hril to Rici.ard Cave, Efq. fon oi bir Thomas Cave; 
and adlv, to William M:>rkham, Efq. ; Eleanor, tn George 
Tyrrell, Kf(|. ; Tfabclh, to Bri;in J^afcelles ; Mary, to VV'illKim 
Watts, Efq. ; Margaret, to Robert Wood, Efq.; Agnes, tojohfl 
Lane, Efq. Of the fons, which were Sir Edward, Roger, Simon, 
Thomas, and Williairt*, 

Sir Edward the eldeft, fucccedcd his fatlier ; and died january 
a6, i602. By Eli'/abetli, cldcll daugfiter to Sir James Harring- 
ton, he had eight fons and four daughters ; Lucy, married Sir 
William Wray ; Sufaa, to Sir Richard St^ndei ; Elizabeth died 
young : Theodofia, was married to Sir Henry Capel, from 
whom the Earl of EfTcx is defcended. Of the fons, Henry the 
f ldei\ and Thomas the youngcll died in their infancy ; and of 
the furviving, which were Sir Edward, Sir Walter, Henry, 
Charles, James, and Sir Sidney; from the latter is defcendei 
the prefent Earl of SANDWICH; James, who was in 1616, 
Bifhop of Winchefter ; Sir Charles married firft, Lettice, daugh- 
ter of Henry Clifford, Efq. but by her had no iflue ; and adiy, 
Mary, daughter of Sir William Whitmore, by whom he had 
iflue three daughters, his co-heirs; ift. Elizabeth, wife of 
Chriftophcr, Lord Hatton ; id. Anne, wife of Dudley, Lord 
North; 3d. Mary, wife of Sir Edward BvOie, ofStanuead, in 
Eflcx, Knt. From Sir Henry defcended the prefent Duke of 
MANCHESTER and the late Earl of HALIFAX. Sir Wal- 
ter married Anne, daughter to Sir Henry Morgan, Lii^, and 
died without ilTue, * ^ 

Sir Edward, who was heir to his fatlier, on the 29th of 
June, 1621, was created Lord Montagu, of Boughton, and died 
the icth of June, 1644, in the 82d year of his age. He mar- 
ried hrft, Elizabeth, daughter and fole fieir to Sir John Jef- 
freys, by vvliom he had an only daughter of her name, who 
was married to Robert Bertie, Earl of Liadfey, ancellor of the 
Duke of Ancaller. By his 2d wife Frances, 2d daughter of 
Thomas Cotton, Efq. he had three fons, Edward, his heir; 
William, who was Lord Chief Baron of the Exchequer, (and 
died 1707, in the 89th year of his age) having married Mary, 
daughter of Sir John Aiibrcv, bv wliom he had iflue William, 
IQrtio married Aiiae, dau|^lua and iuic heir of Richard EvelyOy 

. £ffi 

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Efq. alio a daughter — firft married to-^^ Dradce, Efq* 
andadlyt to Samuel Trotman, Chrlflopber, who died 

iinmariied ; and daughter Frances^ Who was married to John» 
8th Earl of Rutland. The faid Edward, Lord Montagu mar-* 
lied ^dly, Anne, daughter to John Crouch, £fq* and widow of 
Sir Ralph Hare, by whom he had no ilTue* 

(2d Lord.) Edward, who was the 2d Lord Montagu, m^ir*^ 
riec Anni:, daughter and fole heir to Ralph Win wood, of Dit'*; 
ton-I^ark, in Bucks, by whom he had Edward his eldeil /Ihaa^ 
who was (lain in the attack of the Dutch £aft India fhijpiii^^a. 
the port of Bergen, in Norway, Auguft 3, 1665,. ''^ 
year of His age, unmarried; and Ralph his fucceflbt; alfoEli'* 
Kibeih, married to Sir Daniel Harvev. 

(3d Lord.) RalVh, who was the 3d Lord, was created Vifc. 
Monthermcr and Earl of Montagu ; a^ on the 12th of April, , 
1705, he was created Marquis of Monthermer and Duke of 
Montagu; and having married firft, Elizabeth, daughter to 
Thomas Wrotthefly, Earl of Southampton, and widow of Jo-. 
Celine Percy, the tith Earl of Northumberland, he had three 
fbns and one daughter; but by his fecond wife, who was Eliza-. • 
beth, eldeil daughter and co-heir to Henry Cavendifhe, Duke 
of Ncwcaflle, and widow of Chriftopher Monk, Duke of Al- 
bemarle, he had no child. This ladv died at Newcaflle-Houfe 
in Clerkcnwell, the 28th of Auguft, 1734. Of the iffiie by 
his firfl wife; Anne, was firft married to Alexander Pophara, 
Efq. bv whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, marrict! to Ed-» 
ward, Vifc. Hinchinghroke, by wliom fhe hnd the prefent Earl 
of Sandwich ; and llic mrsrried 2dly, Francis Seymour, Kfq. ^ 
brother to the Duke ot Somcrfct; nnd the fecond !iiifl>nnd of 
the faid Lady Anne was Lieutenant-Cicnrral Daniel Harvey, 
who died in September, 1732, and flic died in January, 1742. 
Of the fons, which were Ralph, Win wood, and John; the el- 
deft died at 12 years of age, and the Iccond about 20; but the 
youngeft, who on the gth of March, 1709, fucceedcd his fa- 
ther, was the 2d and ]M\ Duke of Montagu; he married Mary 
Churchill, fourdi and youngeft dauglitcr and co-iieir to John^ 
Duke of Marlborougli, and by her, who died May 14, 17 51, 
had three fons, John, George, and Edward-Churchill, who all 
died very young^; and three dauglitcrs, viz. Ifabella, who mar-, 
ried William, Duke of Manchclicr, by whom flie had no iflue, 
but afterwards married to Edward, Earl Beaulieu ; Eleanor died 
an infant; Mary married George, Earl of Cardio;an, now Duke 
of MontHgu ; but his Grace dying July 5, 1749, \v;Lhout iifue 
male, the honours became extinch We now return to 

(tfl Earl.) Sir Henrv, 3CI brotlier to Edward, iiril Lord 
Montagu, of L'ouc;hton ; 01: the 19th of December, 1620, who 
, Vas crt ;itrd H:iT oiu)f KiniLolton and Vifc, Mandcvllle, and after- 
Wardi Earl of iMuiitiicAcr. tie married Catherine, 2d daugh- 

Vol. !• G tcr • 

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tcr of Sir William Spencer, 3d fon of Sir George Spencer, of 
Aithorp, anceftor of the Duke of Marlborough, and had four 
fons and two daughters ; Elizabeth, v.'n«^, hrl\ married to Sir 
Lewis Maniel, Kiit. nnceflor to the late i^ord iSIanfel ; and 
adly, to Sir Kdward Sebright. — Lucy, was married to Henry 
•Hare, Baron Colraine, in Ireland. His fecorui wife was Anne, 
daughter and co-heir of Williani Wincor, 1 J.|. and vi low of* 
Sir I.conard Holiday, by whom he hud no ilFuc ; bur by his 
third wife Margaret, daughter of John Crouch, Elq. and widow 
of John Hare, tLiq. he !i:id a fon Cicorgc, from whom dcfccnd- 
ed the late Earl of HALIFAX, and a fon Sidney, who died 
unmanied; as likewife a daughter Sufan, married to Lord 
Chandos. Of the fons by the firft w ife, wliirh were Edward, 
Walter, James, and I^cm y ; the lafl: died without ifTue. — jamcg 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Robert Bavnattl, In \vl>n;n ilic 
had iffue fcvcn fons and a daughter M.u y, mat i icd to I homas 
Ewer, Efq. and dying in February, 1665, w.:s fiicceedcd l)y 
Jntnes his fon and heir. — Walter embraced the Romiili religion, 
and was an!>ot of Pontoife in France. 

(2d FaiL) Ed\Va.RD the eldell, was called nn hv writ to the 
Houfe of Peers, in his father*s life-time, 1626, by the title of 
Lord Klmbolton. He died the 5th of May, 1671, having mar- 
ried hrft Sufan, daughter to John Hill, Ef(j. by whom he had no 
iflue ; 2dly, Anne^ daughter to Robert Rich, tiu: 2d Earl of 
Warwick, and by her, who died Feb. 14, 1641, he had Robert, 
his heir; and 2 daughters, Frances married to Henry, fon to 
Dr. Robert Saunderfon, Hiihoj) of Lincoln ; and Anne, to Ro- 
bert Rich, Earl of Warwick and Holland; and 2dly, to Richa/d, 
the uth Earl of Clanrickarde. He married to his 2d wife, Eflex, 
daughter to Sii 1 homas Check, and w iduw of Sir Robert Bevill; 
and by her, who died Sept. 28, 1658, he had fix fons, Edward, 
Henry, Charles, Thomas, Sidn<^y, and (leorge ; and two daugh^ 
tcrs, 1 nix and Lucy. The cldelt married Henry Ingram, Vif- 
count Irwin. His 4'J\ wife was Eleanor, daughter to Sir Rich- 
ard W oillcv, and widuw hril ot Sir Henrv Lee; and 2d!y of 
Kobert, the .d Earl of Warwick. His 5th u iie was Marg;irer, 
daughter to I rancis. Earl of iiedford, widow of James Hay, 
Earl of Cailiile ; but by neither of the lall had any iii'uc. 

(3d Earl.) RoDEiiT, in 1671, fucceedcd his f.ither ; he mar- 
ried Anne, Miter to Sir Chriflopher Ycl\ rton, anccftor of 
thL' ]-".arl SuiUx ; a ul by lier (who uf t^r\v;ir<i.s n-i.irried Charles, 
Earl oa" I hilir.ix) ii.ui live fons and lour il.'iighteis ; Aiuie, mar- 
ried to j.une:lloward, the 3d Earl of Sviinlh. — Catherine, to 
Samuel Edwin, Efq. but died a widow, Dec. 29, 1731. — i^liza- 
beth j to the Lor d Chief Baron Montagu, To wlimn f!ie was 2d 
vviil-, and died in January, 17^5. — Ekuuui. Aud oi the ious, 
wliich were Ed v. Aid, licnry, 

t 4th 

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(4th Earl^ ift Duke.) Charles, Robert, and Heneage, the 
€wo eldeil died young ; Robert, died in 1693, tmmarrled; He-> 
h'^age, died at Venice in 1698, unmarried; and Charles, on the 
14th of March, 1682, fucceeded his father, and was thei|lh 
Earl. On the 30th ot Aprils 1719^ he was created Duke o£ 
Manchefter, and having married Dodington, youngeft daughter 
to Robert Greville, Lord Brook, by her, who died Feb. 6, 1720, 
h:Ki two fons, William and Robert ; and four daughters, Anne, 
Dodington, Elizabeth, and Charlotte ; whereof the latter, on the 
I I'th of^June, 1724, was married to Pattee Byng, after Vifcount 
Torrington, and died September 14^ 1759; eldefl died 

tmmarried. Of the fons, 

(2d Duke.) William, who was born in April, 1700, on the 
20th of J.'nuary, 1722, fucceeded his father as Duke of Man- 
cheftcr. On the i6th of April, 1723, his Grace married Ifa- 
beila, eldeft of the two daughters of John^ Di:k • of Montagu ^ 
and dying without ilTue at cath, the 21ft of Odtober, 1739, ^® 
was fucceeded by liis only brother; and Jiis Lady married 2dly,. 
in 1 743, Edward-Huircy Montagu, Earl Beaulieu, by whom ihe 
had iflfue, and died 1786. 

(3d Duke.) Robert, Duke of Manchefter, wag married 
on April 3, 1735, to Harriot, daughter and co-heir of Edmund 
Dunch, Efq. who dying in Oclober, 1755, left iflue, George, 
the late Duke. — Charles Greville, born May 29, 1741, and died. 
Jfan» 1784, married Sept. 26, 1765, Elizabeth, daughter ( f James 
Bullmer, Efq. by which Lady, who died Dec. 29, 1774, he had" 
idue, George^CharleS, -and. fcvcral other thildrcn.^ — Caroline^ 
born Feb. 19, 1736, and married ii) July, 1775, theHon.Capt, 
Herbert, of the Royal Navy, and bas ifTue. — Louifa, born in 
July, 1746, and died uin^nrried* This Duke dying May 10^ 
1702, was fucceeded by his fon, 

(4th Duke.) George, the late Duke, born April 6, 1737^ 
married 0£i. 23, 1 7 62* Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Sir James 
Daihwood of Kirtlington, in Oxfordftiirc, Bart, by whom he 
bas had ifl\ic, George, Vifc. Mandeville, born Nov. 11, 1763^ 
and died Feb. I3, 1772. — William, Vifc. Mandeville, who fuc- 
iceeded to the Dukedom. — George-James, born in Aug. 1769, 
and died May 17, 1770. — Frederick, born Nov. 8, 1774.— -Ca- 
roline-Maria, horn Aug. 10, 1770.-— Anne-Maria, born 0(5t» 
50, i777> His Grace died Sept* ly 178B, and waa fucceeded by 
his eldeli furviving fon, 

(lyth Duke.) William, the prcfcnt Duke. 
Arms,] Quarterly, inll: and fourth, ars;tfity three lozenges^ 
cdnjoini d in fefs, guics, within a border, Jablt ., for Montagu J - 
fecpnd and tliirj, rr, nn eagle difplaycd, tw/, beaked and mcnh 
bercd, ^uUs^ for Monthermcr. [PI arc VI.] 
Ca£$t«]| On a wreathi a gryphon's head coupeti^ $r ; wings 

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lO'/engcs, gulcs* 
Sup>ORT£%s.l Onthed^tcr {iile» an antelope, or; armed| 

Motto.] Difpomndo m nou nmtamh m By placing not by 

changing mc« 

CtiiEFSEAT*] At KimboltoaCaftle, in the county of Hun- 



Duke of DORSET, Earl of Dorfet and MiddleTex, Ba- 
ron Buckhurft, and Baron Cranfield, fucceeded his uncUCharles^ 
the late Duke, January 6, 1 769, was bom March 259 1745* 

, Of this noble faijiily, wjvich is of French extr»flipn> and wera 
liords of the town of Sackville> in Normandy, from .whence » 
they took their fumame, was 
Herbb. AN de Sackvijlc^ who accompanied William the Can- , 

Jueror in his- invadon of England, and had Jflue three fon^* 
6rdan, Sir William, and Sir Robert ; and a daughter Avice, - 
married to Walter, Lord Alfage, and Huehville, in,NFtorman- 
dy. Of the fons, Jordan died in Normandy ; but Sir WiUiam^ 
the fecond fon, refidin^ in England, had by Albreda, his wtftr, 
three daughters his co-heirs ; whereof, Hodierua„ married Mat- ' 
th'ew de Gernon, from whom The Duke of Devonftire Is def- 
cended. — Agnes, to Richard de Anneftye.-^Beat^ix» to Wulian^ 
de Clanville, Lord of Bramholme. 

Sir Robert, ^the 3d fon, left iffue by»LettIcc, daughter ta. 
Sir Henry Woodville, I^nt. four fons. Sir Jordan, Stephen, 
Nigel, and Helias* 

Sir Jordan fuccectlLcl his father: he married Ela, daughter 
to Ralph de Derc, Lord of the Manor of Buckhur/l, in Sul- 
fisx, with whom he liad tlie faid manor, and by her had fix 
foris, which were . Sir Jordan, Richard, Sir JelFery, Raiph;^ 
Guy, and Warren. 

Sir loRDAN, the eldeft, was a Baron in the. reign of King 
Richard I. and married Clemcntia, daughter to John Vercj Eari 
of Oxford ; and dying in the 9th of King John, without iCue, ^ 
was fucceeded by 

Richard his next brother, who wasr^lfo aBarpn^ ,but dy<* / 
ing: without ifiue likewife, the cftatc devolved on 

Sir Jefff.ry, who married Conftance, daughter tO'Sir Ed- 
QI)«|i/lBrogk| ¥k»U by whom he had two fonS|^ Jordan and Guy; 


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and a daughter Joan, married to Sir WiiliaoLSt. Xxger, au-* 
CcHor to the Lord Donerailc. 

JORiJAK, the elcieft, married Maud Nomaaviile, by whom 
he had William and i>ariholomcw. 

William, who fuccecdcd his fatlicr, marrying Clara, daugh- 
ter to Mattlvew de Haftings, by her had a ion, 

Sir Jordan, who died in 1272. He married Margery, 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Robcri d'Agniloii, and by her had 

AxDRLw }.is heir, who niariied Enny utrudc, daughter to 
Sir Roger IMiiiyn -^ ; li:iJ ilTue another 

Sir Ay;oRE\v, who died In the t^ih ui Ldw. ii. He married 
Joan iVIor timer, and left 

Sir Andrew his heir, who married h: Joan, T iV. r and hcif 
to John de la Beeche, and had three Ions, Sir A;id:c \v, lohnj 
and Sir Thomas; whereof the cidtft died before \\h latlur, 
without iflue ; and John marrying Agnes, daughtc* to Sir Tho- 
mas HoO| Knt. and dying without ifTue alio, l^iomas, the 
voungefl became heir. Sir Andrew married adly, joan Burgcis, 
by whom he had a daughter Alice, who was married to Jolui de 
la Zouch ; anci a ion, 

Sir Thomas, who rocceecle^ and died in Dec. 1432. 
oiarried Margaret, daughter to Sir Edwar4 I^dlingruge, and 
had five Tons and four daughters ; Joan, Catherine, Alice, and 
£lizabeth, which laft married William St. John ; and Alice to 
fceginajd Malyns. Of the Pons, .which were Andrew, Ilicliai d, 
William, Edward, and John. 

Akd&ew dying in his £ither^s life-time, left lilfue by Agnes 
his wife, ' 

Anbi^ew, who fucceeded his grandfather; but he dying 
without idue, 

Edward his uncle, became heir. He married Margaret, 
daughter to Sir Richard WakehurU, and dying on the 20th of 
Henry VL left 

Humphrey Sackville his heir, who married Catherine^ 
daughter to Sir I'homas Brown, anceftor to the Viic. Monta- 
gue, and dying, the 24th of January, 14885 left fix fons and[ 
two daughters ; Elizabeth and Catherine. Of the fons, Edward 
the 4th had by Joan, daughter to Sir Roger Kinafton, Wil- 
liam, his heir, who died the 19th of May, 1556, leaving a fon 

Richard the ekleft fon, married Ifabel, daughter of John 
Diggs, Efq. and had four fons and fix daughters, and died on 
the i8th of July, 1523. , Oi the daughters, Joan, married Joha 
Parker, Efq. Mildred, ' married Sir William Fitz-William y 
Mary, to Robert Roberts, Ef^}. ; Catherine, to Sir John Baker; 
Margaret, to Sir Thomas Palmer; and Ifabella, the youngcft,- 
was the laft Priorefs of St. Mary's, Clerkenwell, Arid of the, 
fons, which were John, Richard, John^ and Edward ; the 2d 

Gr 3 John 

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IG DUKE OF D O R S i. i . 

John was a prieft; Richard, married a daughter of Thomas 
Thatcher, Efq. by v ^om he left Anne his only child andheir^ 
who married Henry Shelly, Efq, and the eldelt, 

John, fucceedcd his father, rle married Anne, daughter ta 
Sir William Boleyn, (filler to Thomas, Earl of Wiltfhirc and 
Ormond, father of Qi Ann Boleyn,) and by ]»cr had fcveral (oni 
and daughtets, whereof Anne was married to Sir Nicholas Pel- 
ham, anceftor to the late Duke of Ncwcaftlc ; Ifabcl, to Johif 
Aihburnham, ancertor to the Earl of Alhburnham ; and Mary* 
to John Lunsford, Efq. The foijs that lived to maturity, 
were, i. Richard; 2d Chriftopher, who married Conftancc, 
daughter of Thomas Colepeper, Efq. and had John Sackville,. 
Efq. whoip wi(e was Joan, daughter and heir to John Downton, 

• Efq. 

Sir Richard, the eldeft fon, married Winifred, daughter ta 
Sir John Bridges, and hy hrr, who married adly, William, 
Marquis of Winclicllcr, had Thomas, his heir, and a daughter 
Agnes, married to Crrcgory Fines, Lord Dacrcs. 

(ift Baron and Earl.) Thom as in i 5^^6, Succeeded his father. 
Was in 1567 created Earoii l-)uckh urTt, and in 1603, Eart 
of Dorfct, and died fuddcniy at the council-mhlr* ."^t V\ hire- 
Hall, April 19, 1608. He married Cicely, daughter to Sir 
John B:iker, and by her had four ions and three daughters^ 
Anne, married Sir Henry Glenham ; Jane, to /Viithony Brown, 
Vifcount Montague ; and Mary, to Hcnrv, the 7th Lorc\ 
Abergavenny; an4 the fo^s, wer^ Robert, Henry, Wtlliain» 
and Thomag. 

(2d Earl.) RoKKRT, the eldelt, fiiccc tied his father, and 
died on the 23d of Feb. 1609. By his 2d wile, Anne, daugh- 
ter to Sir John Spencer, and widovy firft of William, Lord 
!MonteagIe; and adly, of Henry, Lord Compton ; he had no 
iflue; but by his firll, who was Margaret, only daughter to 
Thomas Howard, l^uke of Norfolk, he had three daughters 5 
©f whom Winifred died in her infancy; Cicely, married Sir 
Tdcnry Compton; and Anne, firfl to Edward, "Earl of H'jrt- 
ford, and afterwards to Sir Edward Lewis, Knt. Of the fons, 
which were Thomas, Richard, and Edward ; the eldeft dyiiig 
in his infancy, 

(3d Earl.) Richard, the fecond fon, on the 23d of Febru- 
ary 1609, fuccccded his father, and marrying Aanc Clifford,^ 
ible daughter and heir to Cieorge, the 3d Earl of Ctnnhcrland,^ 
(by Margaret, his wife, youngcfl child to Francis R ullll, the 
2d Earl of Bedford) by her, (wlio married ^dly, Philip, the 
4th Earl of Pembroke) had three fons who died infants, and 
two daughters, Margaret, married to John Tufton, Earl of 
T hanet ; and Ifabella, to James, tliC 3d Earl of Northampton; 
but dying on the zZth of March, 1624, and leaving^ no iflu© 

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' (4th Earl.) Sir Edward, his younger brother, fucceeded* 
He married Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir George Ctirzon 
(by Mary, his wife, filler and ible heir to Sir Richard Levifon) 
and dying on the 13th of July 17 56, left two fons, Richard his 
heir; and Edward, who married 'Bridget, Baronefs Norrevs, 
daughter and fole heir to Edward Wray, Efq. (2d fon to air 
William Wray, of Glcntworth,) but in 1645, being taken pri* 
foner by the Par]ia.nent forces, was killed, leaving no iffue; 
and his Lady was afterwards the 2d wife of Montague, Earl of 
Lindfey, by whQ.n fl':e was mother of James, the firft Earl qf 

(5th Earl.) Richard, Lord Buckhurfl, marrying Frances 
Cranticld, eideft of the two daughters of Lionel, Earl of Mid- 
dlefex, by Anne, his 2d wife, daughter to James Bret, Efq, (by 
Anne his Avife, iifter to Marv, Counts fs of Buckingham) and 
at !t !!c;rh fole heir to Li'>nel, Earl of Middlefex, her brother, by 
her had feven fons and i\ \ daughters 5 and died on Aug. 27, i677« 
Of the daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, and Catherine, died young; 
Mary, wasfirlt married to Rc' : r ?;( vie, the ad Karl of Orrery ; 
and 2dly, to Richard Boyle, Vifc. Shannon, both of Ireland ; 
Anne, to Alexander Hume, the 4th Eiirl Hume, in Scotland; 
and Frances, to Sir George Lane, created Vifc»Lanefborough, in 
Ireland, by whom fhe had a daughter Frances, married to Henry 
Fox, Efq. and had iflue, George-Fox Lane, Efq. and Sackville 
Fox, Efq. alfo two daughters, Jane and Anne. Of the fons, 
Edward, the fCcond, died unmarried ; Richard, the 4tfa, died isK 
Aug. 17 1 2, without iflue; and all the rell died young, except 

(6th £arl«) Ch arles, Lord Buckhurft, who fucceeded his 
father in 1677, and being pofTeffcd of the cftatc of his uncle 
Lionel, Earl of Middlefex, v ho died in 1674, he was on the 
4th of April, 1675, created Earl of Middlefex, and Baron, of 
Cranfield, in the county of Bedford, He married, firft, Eliza- 
beth, daughter to Harvey Bagot, Efq. (a younger fon to Sir* • 
Harvey Bagot, Bart.) widow of Charles Berkeley, Earl of Fal* 
mouth, by whom he had no iiTiie. His ad wife was Mary> 
daughter to James, the 3d Earl of Northampton, and by her, 
who died Auguft 16, 1691, he had Lioncl-Cranficld SackviiJe, 
his heir ; and a daughter, married to Henry Somerfet, Duke of 

(ifT Duke.) Lionel, firfl: Duke ofDorfet, who was born on 
the i8th of Jan. 1688; on the 2C}th of Jan. ^706, fucceeded his 
fatl^.cr in the Earldom of Dorfct and Middlefex ; and on the. 
13th of June, 1720, was advanced ro the dignitv of a J)uke» 
Jfi Jan. 1709, Ills Cirace married Kli/abcth, daughter to Licut» 
(Jen. Waltcr-Philip Collycar, brother to David, liul of Port- 
inorc, in Scotland, and by her, who died Jan. i, 1768, his Grace 
bad iflue ; Anne, born 1709, who died on the 23d of March, * 
i^22| in the igih year of' her age. — ChacieSj^ the late Duke — > 

Ci 4 EU»** 

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Elizabeth, born 17 12, who on the 6th of Dec. 1726, was mar- 
ried to Thomas Thynnc, Vifc. Weymouth, but uicd bet'ore co- 
habitation, June 29, 1729, while his Lordlhip was on his tra- 
vels.— John-Philip Sackvillc, born June 22, 1713; and mar- 
tied in 1744, Frances, 4th daughter of John, Earl Gowcr, iiller 
of the prefent Marquis of Stafford ; by whom, who died June 
26, 1788, he left 111":!', John-Frederick Sackvillc, the prefent 
Duke; and a dau.gluer Mary, born Api.l i, 174^; marricc] April 
^o, 1767, to the Kai 1 of I'haiiet, and died in Sept. 1770, k-avuig 
jffye, George, the late Vifc. Sackvilie.— Carolina, burn March 
6, 1717-18, married July 27, 1742, to Jofeph Danicr, Efq. 
iince created Loid Milton, by whom flie had ifl'ue, and died in 
March i775« His Grace dying Odlober 9, 1763, was fucceed^ 
id by his ion, 

(2d Duke.) Charles^ bom FeK 25, 171 1, who married ia 
1743, Grace> daughter of Vifc. Shannon, and (he died. May 
loth, 1 763, without iflue. His Grace alfo dying, Jan. 6, 1769, 
was Succeeded by his nephew, 

(3d Duke.) JoHN-Fit£D£RicK, the prefent Duke. 

v^HEATiONS*] Baron Buckhurft^ in the county of Suflexs 
June 8, 1567^ 9 Eliz. Earl of the county of Dorfet, March 
I5> <^0S> I J^^* Baron Cranficld of Cranfield, in the 
county of Bedford, and Earl of the county of Middlefex, April 
4' i^75» 27 Car. IL an^ Duke of the county of Dorfet, June 
13, 1720^ 6 Geo. IT. 

Arms.] Quarterly, «r, and guUsm a bend over all. vair/« 
[Plate v.] 

Cr£st«j Out of a ducal coronet, pr, and eiloUe of eight 
points, urgent* 

' Supporters.] Two leopards> argentf fpotte4» fakU^ collar* 

ed, or. 

Motto.] Jut numquam tattis, Mtt ferficu Either never aU 
tempt or accompli/h. 

CH.;^r Srat.] Knowie, in Kent. 


THEmoft noble FRANCIS EGERTON, Duke of 
BRIDGEWATER, Marquis of Brackley, Earl of Bridge- 
water, Vifcount Brackley, and Baron of Ellefincre; was born 
May 21, 1726, fuccccded tiie late JDuk^, John, .hi« brother, ia 

J748; and is unmarried. 

Jn the rcien of WilHrim the Conqueror, 

Roi f RT 1 It/ Iliigh was Baron of Malpas, but leaving no 
iffucmalc, th s Baronv came at length, by marriage of the heir, 
fcmaie^ into this faoulj, of wiu&h was 


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John de Bel ward de Mai pas, who live4 inth^Moi? of Wit-' 

Rufus. i o him fuccecded, 
Willi AM his ion, who was living, the I2lh oi Henry L aa4 

was lather of another 

William, who lived in the reign of King Stephen an4 
Henry II. and was Baron of Mai pas in right of his mother Le- 
titia, daughter and heir to Robert Fitz-Hiigh, as appears by 4 
grant to Richard, youngeft fon of this William. The laft- 
mentioned William married Beatrix, daughter of Hugh Kivili- 
ock, the 5th iiarl ot" Chcfter, and eo-heir to her brother Ranulph, 
Far! of Chefter, and had three Ions, David, Baron o[ Malpas; 
Robert, from whom the preieuc iuAsi of Cj^QLi4.0Np£L£Y 19 
defcended ; and Richard. 

David, who was ililedDan David de Malpas, and fomctinic^ 
Le Cierc, from his being Secretary to the Karl of Chrlicr, 
married Margaret, dai!y;!uer aiul heir to Ralph ap Eynion, and 
his ions were, ift, Sir William; 2d, Philtp; 3d, rcter, fur- 
named Thurneton.. Sir William, who was Bajoa of Malfo^ 
left no legitimate ifTue ; but 

Philip his next brother, was poflefled of the manor of Egci- 
ton, near Malpas, and had (according to the cultom of that 
age) the fiirnamc of Egertou; and dying before his brother 
VVilliam, leU a fon 

David de Malpas, alias d'Egcrton, who continued the chief 
line, as next heir to his uncle ; and marrying Cicely^ daughter 
and heir ot Randal de 1 horneton, liad 

Philip his heir, who left iix Ions, David^ Urian^ JBryan^ 
John, Richard, and Pliilip. 

David, the cldell, marrying Ifabci, daughter to Richard 
Foullliurft, had iiluc Philip, Urian, David, and Robert, 

Philip, who hicceeded his fither, married Ellen, daughter 
to Sir John St* Peter, and had a fon David, wiio leaving no if** 
fue male, his uncle 

Urian, fucceeded as Lord of Egerton. He married Ame- 
lia, daughter to John Wai"burtou, Eii^. and by her had a fon 

John, svho was father of 

Sir |OHX Egerton, who niarried Margaret, daughter to Sir 
John Fitton. nnd leit ilTue, Philip, VViiiiam, Ralph, Hugh^ 
aiid Peter ; whcreoi 

Philip fucceeded hiai, and was father of il>, William, wha 

had no i flue ; 2d, John; 3d, Iv.Jph. This 

Sir Rali ii n^i. rried Mars;aiLr, davigluer and heir to l^alph 
Baflct, of Hloic ; and troni that uKuria^c defcended 

Sir Rich Aki) Egci tcn, of Rjdi< y, in Chefhire, who married 
Alice Sparks, of Bichui tun, in Chelliire, and had ifluc a fon. 
Sir Tliomas, and u daugfitcr I-il i/ahcih, married to Peter War- 
Inirton, of Arlev, in Chefliirc, Bart. 'Ahoie ion Sir George 
Vafburton^ wa^ iicaccd a Baronet in i66q« 

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(ift Baron and Vifcount.) Sir Thomas Egerton, was hf 
Queen Elizabeth innck- Solicitor-General ; and afterwards At- 
torney-General, and Mailer of the Rolls. In the 38th of Eli- 
zabeth, he was made Lotd Keeper of the Great Seal; and by 
K* James J. in the i ll: of his reign, was created Harou Ellefmerc, 
and made Lord Higli Chancellor of England; and in the I4th» 
he was created Vitc. Brackley, and dial in 1617, aged 70. He 
married ift, Elizabeth, daughter to Thomas Ravenfcroft, of 
BVetton, in the county of 1^ linr, Efq. and had two fons, Sir 
Thomas and Sir John ; and a daughter Mary,- married to Fran- 
cis Leigh, of Newham-llegis, in the county of Warwick, 
Knight of the Bath, father of Francis, Earl of Chichefler. He 
married adly, Elizabeth, daughter to Sir George Moor, of the 
county of Surry, Knt. widow of John Wooiey, Knt, and 3dlyj 
Alice, daughter of Sir John Spencer of Althorp, in the county 
of Northampton, Knt. and widow of Eerdinando, Earl of Der- 
by ; but by neilhcr'of tliefe had any ifTue. Sir Thomas, the 
eldeft of his two fons, died in Ireland in 1599, before liis father, 
leaving iffuc, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter to Thomas Vc- 
nables. Baron ot Kinderton, three daughters ; Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Thomas Dutton of Dutton, in the county of Cheftcr ; 
Vere, to William Booth, fon and heir of Sir George Booth of 
Dunham -Maffcy, in the faid county, Bart, from whom wat 
delcended the late Earl of Warrington ; and Mary, to Thomas,^ 
Lord Leigh of Stonely, in the county of Warwick, but having 
no iiTue male, 

• (id Vifcount, and ift Earl.) Sir Jotfv, his brother, who 
■was created Earl of Bridgcwaicr ; and having married Frances^ 
Stanley, 2d dauu;hter and co-heir to Ferdinando, Earl of Derby^^ 
(by Alice Sprnccr his wife, above-mentioned) had four fons, 
ift, James; 2d, Charge?, who both died in their infancy; 3d, 
^ohn, Vifc. lirackley, lii.s iucceffbi ; 4th, Tlionias, who died 
unmarried; ant! r!ev( n daughters. Oi whom Fiances the eldeii, 
was married to ^ir 'ohn Hobart, of Blickling, B \rt.— 
Arabella, to Olivtr, Loid St. John, fon and heir apparent to 
Oliver, Karl of Kolmgbrokc. — Eli/ahcth, to David Cecil, the 
3d Earl of i.ACtcr. — Vlary, to Uicliaid, the 2d Lord H^rhcrt,^ 
of Chrrhnrv. — Penelope, to Sir Robert Napier of Luton Hoo, 
in [ii.;iv)rdihjre, I'art. — Altec, to Richard Vaughan, Earl of 
Cnrherry. — ^C'atf cnne, to William Courtecn, Efq»— Magdalen^ 
to Sir Gcrv;^'e Cutler, Knt. 

(id Ear].) fOHN, 3d ion, who on the 4th of Dcccinber, 
1649, fucceedc<l hjs fatlier, married lEIizahpth, ad daughter to 
William Cavcndifh. then Earl, afterwards Manjuis and Duke of 
Newraftle, and bv her, who died june 14, r663, had fix ions. 
and thrcf dauiiliters; ot which, Jolm luslKir, ar.d William, 
were made Knichts ot tlic ilatli, at the coronation oi- King 
Ciiarie*i iL ^uid Lliz.akccL W4J» married to Rvbcri Sidney, Vife. 

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Cuke op b r i d g e w a t e r. 

X/iAe, afterwards EaTl of Lciccftcr, who had iflue by her Philip^* 
John, and Joceiine, all Earls of LeiceAer, who left no i^ue; 
and Thomas, who married Mary, one of the daughters and co- 
heirs of Sir Robert Reeves ofThwates in Suffolk, Knt« and died 
on the 27tJ^ January, 1729, leaving two daughters his co-heirs; 
Mary, the widow of Sir Brownlow Sherrard, Bart, and Eliza- 
beth, the wife of William Lorry, of Turville-Park in the 
county of Bucks, £fq. Frances the eidciKt, and Catherine the 
youngcft daughter, died in their infancy; as did Henry the 6th 
ion. — Sir William the 2d fon, married Honora,fifter to Thomas, 
Lord Leieh of Stoncly, by whom ! c bad ifTuc, John, who died 
young; Jane, Mary, and Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; and 
Honora, married to Mr, Bagot: and the faid Sir William dying 
in 1 69 1, his Lady afterwards married Hugh, Lord Willoughby 
of Parham. — Thomas, the 3d fon, married Efther, dauglucr to 
Sir John Biithey, of Addington in the coinity of Bucks, Knt. and 
had ifluc John Egerton, of Tatton-Park, in the county of 
Chefter, Efq. whole only fon and heir, Samuel Egerton, Efq, 
died 1780, Thomas, who died unmarricil. William, D. D. and 
Man waring, who died an infant ; and Eli/abcth, married to the 
Reverend Mr, Leigh, Rector of Whitchurch in Shropfhire.— 
Charles, the 4th fon, married Elizabeth, eldell daughter to 
Henry Murray, Efq. by Anne his wife, Vifcoantcfs Banning of 
Sudbury; which Elizabeth was the widow of Randolph Egerton, 
Efq, fhe died Jan. 30, 1712, as he did Dec» II, 1717, without 
ifi\ic. — Steward, 5th fon, died unmarried. 

(3d Earl.) Sir |on>j, the eldeft fon, born November 9, 1646, 
on tlie 1 6th ot October, 1686, Succeeded his father. He mar- 
ried I ft, Elizabeth, d:\ughtcr and fole heir to fames Cranlicld, 
Earl of MiddlefeXj by whom hit had only one fon, John, and 
one daugliler, who died in tiicir ini.mcy ; hut hv his 2d, who was 
fane, eldcfl dauplucr to Charles the ill j)ukc ot Holtoii, he had 
leven fons and two daughters; Mnrv, marriLiI William, T.nrd 
I5vion. — j jiraheth to Thcmn.'', Lord Paget. Ot the fcvcn Ions, 
Cliarics, Vile. Kracklcy, and 1 homas, were both unfortunately 
burnt in tlu-ir hudb by the great fire p.t Hridgewatcr-houfe, in i^ar- 
]>ican, in April, 1687. — Scroop, tlu- 3d, on the i6th of March, 
1701, luccec'ded his father in tlic Karidom. — William, the 4th 
fon, married Anna-Maria, daughter o£ Sir (ieorge Saunders, 
and died Julv 13, 'yS'*-. leavin;; ifRic three daugiiters, Jane, 
Henrietta, and Anne. — Henry 5th fon,^ taking holy orders, was 
made one ot the canons of Chrift-Church in Oxford in 17 16, 
beiMc; then Re6tor of \\ Intchnrch in Shropfhire, and one of his 
Majefly's chaplains : and on the fecond of February, 1724, wajL 
confecrated Hilliop of Hereford. He married Dec. 18, 172O, 
Eli/abeth-Ariane, daughter of William, Earl of Portland, by 
whom, who died 1780, he had ilTue five ions : ill, john, Bi/hop 
9! Duii^aoij^ wha married in, N^v. 1748^ .^lUie-Sophia, daughter 


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of the Duke of Kent, by his fecond wife, Sophia Bentiiick, daugb* 
tcr to William, £arl of Portland, by whom he had two fens, 
John, born Aug. 29, 1749, a Major in the twentieth Regiment 
of Dragoons, married Jan. 14, 1783, to the daughter of Samuel 
Haynes, Efq. and a daughter Frances, married 1774, to Sir 
Abraham Hume, Bart. William, 2d fon of the Bifhop, was a 
Col. in the army; died March 26, 1783. He married Aug. 15, 
J 75 1, Mifs Mary Kirkc, by whom he had three daughters; 
Arian-Margret ; Elizabeth-Mary, married to Monf. Saladin dc 
Cran^, on Feb. 19, 1784; and Ifabella-P' ranees, married March 
18, to Richard Maftcrs, Efq. Major of the 24th Regiment of 
foot. The Bifhop married idly, in April, 1782, Mifs Boughton 
of Durham, filler of Sir Edward Boughton, Bart, by whom he 
Jind no ifTuc, and died Jan, 18, 1786. The reft of the children of 
Henry, l::te Biihop of Hereford, were Henry, Charles, James, 
and Anne: and their father died in April, 1746. — John, 6th 
fon of the Earl, and next brother to the Bifliop, was page to 
the Duke of Gloucefter, and died unmarried. — Charles, 7th and 
youngeft fon, died Nov. 7, 1725, having mairied Catherine, 
youngcft daughter of Francis Grevillc, Efq. and fifter to Fulk 
and William, Lords Brook, who died July, 17355 bv whom he 
had iflue ; i. Scroop, who married Mifs Sarah Pope, by whom, 
(at his death, April 23, 1767) he left iffue two fons and two 
daughters, viz. 1. Scroop, (whofe only fon Dodington, died 
Sept. 12, 1773O Dodington, Elizabeth. 2. Dodington, who 
married Catherine, daughter of the Lite Edward Gerrard> Kii^* 
of Sali{\>ury. 3. Catlicrine, wlio died unmarried. 

(ift Duke.) Scroop, the 3d ion, who fuccecdcd his father as 
above, was born Aug. 11, 1681, and June 13, 1710, was created 
Marquis of Bracklcy and Duke of Bridgewaicr, He married 
ill, Elizabeth Churchill, 3d daughter and co-heir to John, 
Duke of Marlborough, and by her (who died on 22d of March, 
1714, in the 27th year of her age) had John, Vifc. Brack ley, 
born Fi bruary 3d, 1704, and died on the 30th of January 1719: 
another fon, who died foon after he was born ; and Anne, born 
Dec. 19, 1705, who married April 22, 1725, ift, Wrotthcfly, 
DuVe of Bedford; and 2dly, June 1733, William, Earl of Jerfcy, 
and died April 15, 1763, leaving iflue. On the 4th of Auguft, 
1722, his (jrace marrying to his 2d wife, Rachel, filler to the 
faid Wrotthefly, Duke of Bedford; had by her, Louifa, born 
April 30, 1723, married March 28, 1748, to Eord Vifc. Tren- 
tham, now Marquis of Stafford, and died March 14, 1762, 
leaving ilfuc. — Caroline, born May 21, 1724. — Charles Mar- 
quis of Brackley, born June 27, 1725, who died May 2, 17 31. 
— John, the 2d Duke, born April 29, 1727. — William, born 
January 15, 1729, and died next month. — 1 homas, born April 
18, 1730, and died an infant.— Diana, born March 3, 1732$ 
married. March 9, ^7Si> Frcdexi^kj late Lord Baitimpre, and 


iicd July 18, 175^, without ifliic, — Francis, the prcfent Duke 
His Grace dying on nth of January, 1745, fuccccded by 
his Ton John; and her Grace married 2oly, in Dec. i745> Sir 
Rkhard Lyttleton, Knt, of the Bath, brother to George, late* 
Lord Lyttleton^ and died in May 22, 1777, without ilTuc by. 

(2d Duke.) John, died March 8, 1748, umnarxicd, and was 
fucceedcd by his only furviving brother, 

(3d Duke.) Francis, now Duke of Bridgewater. 

Qt£ATioN$.] Haron Ellefmere of Etietmere in the county of 
Salop, July 17, 1603, ^ J^^» ^* Vifc* of Brackley, in the county 
of Northampton, *&ov. 7, 1616, 14 Jac* !• Earl of BnJgc- 
water in the county of Sonierfet, May 17, 15 Jac. I, Marquii 
of Brackley, and Duke of Bridgewater, June 13, 1720, 6 Geo. I. 

AuMs.] Jr^ent, a iion rampant, guks^ between three pheoos 
heads, jrJu. [Plate VI.] 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gules, turned up, ermine^ a lion ram« 
pant of the Jitjiy holding a pheon, cr^ headed and feathered, 

SuppORTEHs.] On the dexter fide, a horfe, argent, gorged 
with a ducal coronet, or* On the fimller, a gryphon fegreant^. 
«r, gorged, with a plain eollar, and chain, a%ur^» 
'Motto.] Sk, donee. Thus, until. — 

CUi^w Seat. ] At Afhridge in the county of Bucks* 


1; TON, Duke of NEWCASTLE-UNDER-LINE, in the 
County of Stafford, Earl of Llncolh, Knight of the Garter; 
was born April 20, 1720, fucceeded his brouter George, as Earl 
of Lincoln, April 30, 1 7 30, and fucceedcd to the title of Duke ' 
of KewcaAle, upon the death of Thomas, the kte-Duke, No- 
member 17, 1768; having married Odkober 3, 1744, Catherine, 
f Ideft daughter to Henry Pelham, brother to the late Dttke of 
Newcaftle, by which Lady, who died July 27, 1760, he had • 
ifltte, George, born November 26, 1745, and died in Auguil, 
I75au— Henry, Earl of Lincoln, born November <, 1750, who 
married In May, 17759 Frances, daughter of the £arl of Hert'* 
ford, and ^tA Prober 22, i ; ;8 ; by which Lady he had a foiK 
Henry Pelham, born Dec* 23, 1777, who died Sept. 1779; and 
a daughter Catherine, born April 6, 1776.— Thomas, prcfent 
Earlof Lineohi, boitn July 17&2, married Jan. 25, 1782, Mario, 
voongeft daughter jof chie late and filler of the prefent Earl.t>f 
Harrington, by whom he had Anna-Maria, bom Aug. i, 1783 ; 
V4 ^ Jobit^'Pclhaii^' bom; Jan* 31, 1785 ; aaA^nodierfoif 

N % Feb, 

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f4 ' t)UkE OF NEWCASTLE* . 

Feb. 23, 1786.— John» born September 13, i755» who died irt 

October, 178 1, unmarried. 

ift Baron.] Sir Thomas Pclham, December 29, 1706, waj 
created fiaron Pelham of Laughton, and died the 13th of Feb» 
1712. He married hril Elizabeth, daughter to Sir WiUiam 
Jones, Attorney-General to King Charles II. and by her, who 
died Odl. 13, 1681, had two daughters ; whereof Lucy died iii 
1689; and Elizabeth, was the tirll wife of Cliarles, Vifc, late 
l^ownfhend. He married adly, Grace Holies, 4th and youngeft 
daughter to Gilbert, Earl of Clare, and lifter to John, Duke of 
Kewcaftlc, and by her, who died in September, 1700, he had 
two fons, Thomas and Henry, and five daughters. Of the 
daughters, Grace married George Nnvlor of Hurlt-Monceaux, 
in Suflex, Efq. and died in April, 1710.— I- ranees, married Chrif- 
tophcr W^andcsfiii (I, Vifcount Calilccf^sncr in Ireland. — Garth- 
vrr:;ht, married David Polhill of Ottord in Kent, Efq.— -Lucy 
married Henry Clinton, Earl of Lincoln. — Margaret, married 
Sir John Shcllrv, of Michel-Grove in SufTex, Kart. and died 
Xoveinher 23, 17^8. Hcnrv the toiingcfl Ion, died on the 6th 
of March, 1754, having on the 29th of October, 1726, married 
Catherine iN Tanners, eldcft: daughter to John, Duke of Rutland, 
hy whom, who died 1780, he had two fons and four daug'itcr?, 
y'r.r, Catlierine, horn on the 24th of fulv, 1727, and married to 
f ' iiry, the prclcnt Duke of Newcaiile. — 1 ranees, born on tlie 
18 th of Au^uil, 1728, married in October, 1 7 52, to Lewis Wat- 
fon, Lord Sonde*;.— -lluMuas, horn on the 25th of Ovftoher, 
1729, died on the 28rh of Noveniher, T739. — Henry, born in 
Aprily 1736, died the day before his brother.— Grace, born in 
Jan, 1734. — Mary, born ia Sept. I739« — Lucy and Dorothy 
are both deceafed. 

(2d Baron, ift: Earl, and Dlike.)THOMA§, theeldeft fon of Tho- 
Inas, Lord Pelham, born July 21, 1694, on February i ^th 1712, 
fucceediiig his father in his honours 5 alio by tlie laft will and' 
teilameiit of his uncle, John Holies, Duke of Newcaftle, who 
died July 15, 171 1, became poflciTed of the inilk of his great 
cftate, on condition that he and his heirs fliould bear the name 
and arms of Holies. On the 26th of October, 17 14, he \va« 
created Vifcount Pelham of Houghton, and Earl of Clare, witli ' 
remainder to Henry Pelham, his brother, and his heirs aialc; 
mid on the 2d of Auguft, 1715, Marquis of Clare and Duke of 
Kewcaitle, with remainder as before, and was alfo created Diikc 
of Newcallle-under-Line, w ith remainder to the Earl of Lincoln, 
the i^rcfent Duke, November 13, 17^9, and Baron Pclham of 
Stanmcr, with remainder to Thomas Pclham, Efq. now Lord 
Pelham, May 4, 1762. On tlic fecor.d of April, 17 17, he mar- 
ried Henrietta, cldell daughter c/f Francis, Earl of Godolphin, 
by Henrietta lii'^ w ife, eldell of the four daughters and co-hens 
o| Joha CUurcUili, Duke of Mailbufouj>h. — Ii«r Giace died 

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tjth. July 1778; and the Duke having deceafed Nov. 17th, 1768*. 
without ifTue, the title of Duke of Newcaftle-under-Line de- 
volved to Uenry^ Karl of Lincoln: to whofe family we now 

This family takes its name from a place called Clinton in the 
Valley, (now Glimpton) three miles north of Woodflock, and 
is delcended from William de Tanker vilie^ C^hamberlain of Nor-* 


W iLLiAM had three fons, who accompanied William the 
Conqu( ror in his expedition. They were Ofbert, Renebald, 

^nd William ; of which the fecond had, by gift from the Con- 
aueror, the lorilfirq) of Clinton in Oxford/hire, and his dcfcen- \ 
oants afTunied that name. He had two ions, Jeffrey and WI!-* 
liam, of wliich the former was highlv in favour with King 
Henry I. who gave him great pofTefhons. To liim fuccecded 
Icffrey liis only fon. He married Agne*^, clauglucr of Roger,- 
Karl of W^'lrw!ck, bv whom he had Henry his only fon, who 
marrying Amicia dc Bidun, died without iflue; and W illiam, 
brother to Jeffrey his grandtather, ])ecamc the next heir 
He had lifue Osbi p.t, who by Margery, daughter of WilHatn , 
de Halton, had iiTue Osbert, who died the 7th Henry 111.' ' 
leavinsr WTwc 'I'tiomas his heir in his minority. Ho married" 
Ma/.ara, ^la 1- 'itrr ;md heir of James de Bifege, and had iflue fiv«& 
lions, Th^nas, John, Ofbcrt, VV lUiam, and James. Thomas,' 
the eldcfly married Maud^ daughter of Sir Ralph jBracebrigg> an4 
had iituc. 

(ifl Lord.") JoTTN dc Clinton, who married Ida, one of the 
daughters and co lieirs of W illiam dc Odingfells, Baron of 
Maxtoke, and had two ions, John his heir, anil VV illlam; whicll 
William was made J^arl of Huntingdon in 1337, luit tl) Ing in 
13^4, without iflue. Sir John de Clinton, Kait. his brother's Ion, 
became his heir. 

(^d Lord.) John, elder brother of tlic faid William, was 
fummoncd to Parliament, among tlie Earons, the 6th Edward 
111. and by Margery, jiaugluer of Sir William Corbet, had Sir 
_ Jolm above-mentioned, who had fummons to Parliament from 
the I ft of Edward III. to the 20th of Richard II. in which year 
he died. He married Idonca, eldeft fifter, and at length co-heir 
<jf Willi am de Say, fon and heir of JeflVey Lord S.iy, hv Maud, 
daughter of (hiy Beauchamp, Earl of Warwick, and had three' 
fons, Sir William, Sir 1 liomas, and Edward. 

Sir William Clir.ton, Knt. dying in the life-time of hi^ 
father, left iflTuc by Eli:«^abelh, daughter of Sir William Dein- 
court, Knt. by Alice, fifler of Ralph Neville, the 31/1 Earl of 

(3d Lord.) William, who was heir to his grandfathct ; and. 
thereupon bore the titles of Lord Clinton aud Say, which their 
foilcrity Goa(iau«d iu ihcir Utie, althgu|;h John, his fon and 


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1)UK£ or N£WCASTL£^ 

Kelr, by deed hearing date the ift of I^ovttribcr 2>, fifenry Vt. 
granted and confirmed to his kinfman Sir Jamb Fienes^Knt. thei\ 
Loi'd Say and'Sel^ and to his heirs and awgns for ever, the name 
and title oi* Lord Say; which James defcended from the youngefl 
iider'and co-heir of the aforeilild William de Say, was an ancef- 
tbr of the preient Lord Say and Self* The faid William^ 
£ord Clintbfi' and Say^ was fummoned to Parliament from the 
23d Richard IL to the 9th Henry VI. inclufivc; and dying the 
3pchof luly, the year following, left iifue by Anne, reli<Skof 
Sir Fouke Fitzwarryn, Knt. and daughter of Willbm, Lord' 
Botrcaux* ^ 

f4th Lord.) John his fon, who married EIi;^beth, dautfhtertt* 
Kichard Finnes, Lord Dacres of the South, ,and died t^e 24th 
ofSeptember^ 1464, and leftafon, 

(5th Lord.) John, who married Anne, daughter of Sir Johar 
Morgan of Tredegar, and died the 28th of Feb. 1483, leaving, 

(6th Lord.) John his fon, who fuccceded him, and ferved the 
Ring in his wars of France; but he dying the 4th of July, 15 15, 
and having married Mary^ natural daughter of Sir Edwani' 
Poy nines, left 

(7th Lord.) Thomas, hiis heir, who the next year had fuin* 
tiions to Parliaihent, but he died the 7th of Augufl, 1517, in the 
ftSth ye-ir of his , leaving by Joan, his wife, 

(lit EarL) Edward, his heir, born in I5i2. On Ae 4th of 
May, 1572, he was created Earl of Lincoln; but died on Jan. 
16, 1585; having married xft, Elizabeth^ daughter to Sir tohn 
Blunt, widow of Gilbert, Lord Talboys, and concubine to King 
Henry VII L by whom he had three daughters ; Bridget marri^ 
to Robert Dymock, Efq.— Catherine, to William, Lord Bo- 
rough, whofe daughter married Sir Richard Bulkeley^* •Pene- 
lope, married to Sit Edward Satidys.-^Mnrgaret marrtol Charles,' 
Lord Willoughby qf Parham. By his fecond* wife, Urfula, 
daughter to V^illtam, Lord Stourton, he had thr6e (bns and two 
daughters ; Frances married to Giles Bridges, Lord Chandos.^ 
Anne, to William Ayfcough, Efq. but by his third Lady, who 
was Elizabeth, daugliter to Gerald, Earl of Kildare in . Ireland 
he had no iifue. The fons by the fccoAd'wife were Henry.~ 
Edward, who died unmarriea.— Thomas^ wb(^ married Mary; 
dJiughterof John Tirrel, Efq. 

(2d EarL) Hbnry, the eldeil, fucceeding liis father, married: 
firtt, Catherine, daughter to Fraitcis, the Tccond EAt\ of Hun- 
tingdon, and had two fons, Thomas, and Sir Edward, of whom" 
hereafter; and a daughter, Eli/:i!)eth, married to Sif'AAIiur' 
Gorges, of Filley in Devon, Efq. and fecondly, Elizaljeth, 
doughterto Sir Richard Morrilon, widow of William^ fon an'd 
heir-apparent of Henrjr, the firft Lord Norreys of 'Ry^C^^' by 
whom he had^two tbiis> Sir ifkHtf. anU Robeilu 

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(34 Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, in the firft of King' 
tames I. had funrnnons to Parliament as Baron Clinton ana 
fhjj arid fncceeded his father in 16 18. He married Elizabeth, 
daughter and co-heir to Sir Henry KneVit, and hy her had eight 
fons and eight daughters ; wheredf Elizabeth was mslrried to 
John Berresford ; Frances, to John Gorges ; andSufan, to — 
Humphreys* Of the fons, Henfy and Thomas died young. 

(4th Earl.) Thjeophzlus, Edward^ Charles, Knevit, Robert, 
fiind John ; the third on January 1 5, 1618, fncceeded his ikther ; 
be married Bridget, daughter to William, the firft Vifcount 
Say and Sele, and had a fon Edward, and fix daughters.—- Catha^ 
Hne married to George, the firft Lord Delamere.— Bridget an4 
Lucy hoth died unmarried.— -Arabella married to Robert Roll^ 
Efq. — Margaret married Hugh Bolcawen, by whom he ha^ 
Dne daughter, Bridget, on whom (in right of her niotheff, who 
was at length co-heir to her father Theophilus, aiid her fifters 
leaving no furviving iflue) the Barony of Clinton devolved ; 
and thefaid Bridget marrying Hugh Fortefcue, Efq. ofFilley 
in Devon, had iflue Hugh Fortefcue, Efq. who dtl th6 i6th of 
March, 1721, was called up to the Houfe of Lords as Lord 
Clinton ; and on July 5, 1746, was created Earl Climtok, and 
Baron Fortefcue; and dying unmarried Ma^ 2, 1751, the 
fiarony of Clinton returned to the Earl of Lmcoln ; and hi% 
brother, by another mother, became Lord Fo&T£scu£ ; the otheir 
dau^hter^ were Mary and Judi(h« 

£dward, their brother, dying in his father's life-time, left 
ifllte by Anne, daughter to John Holies, Earl of Clare, a fon^ 
^5th Earl.) Sir Edward, who in 1667, fucceeded his grand- 
£itrxcr; he married Jane, daughter to Peter de Gallierci Lord 
of Verulie in Frante, and dying in Nov* 1692, without iflhe^i 
the. Baron/ of Clinton devolved as above. 

We ildw returti t6 Sir Edward Clinton, Kt. jfounger brother ' 
to Thomas, the third Earl, who married Mary, £ltigfater of 
Thomas Dighton, Efq. and had ifTuc Sir pRANtii, who married 
Prifcilla, daughter to John Hill, Efq. and had Sir Francis his 
heir, and I homas, and a d^ughter^ Prifcilla, married tO WU-' 
Ibughby D'EWcs, Efq. 

(6th EarK) pRAlircis, upbti the death of Edrl Edward becaiiu^ 
£iirl, and died the next veslr. He married ift, Elizabeth, daugh« 
ttt of Sir William Ktlligtewj Knight, by whom he had a (oh; 
Francis, who died an infant; fecotidly, Sufan, daughtet to 
Antony Pennifton, Efq. and by her, whb died Sept. 3, i'j20p 
he had two fons, Henry his heir, and George ; and a daughter 
Sufan, married to Robert Booth, Efq. and died in Jiily, 17^4. 
George, the 2d fon, was an Admiral of the Navy. He married ; 
Anne, daughter of Peter Carle, a Major-Gencral; by whoby 
V'ho died Aug. 5. 1767, he had throe fons and three daUffhters^*^* 
^ whom one Ton and one daughter died in their infancy ; Mary» 
. Vol.. U H the 

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the furvivlng daughter married Robert Roddam, Efq. an Admi- 
ral in the navy, and died Dec. 9, 1750. Henry, the furviving 
fon, is a Knight of the Bath, and a General in the anny, lie 

married in Feb. 1767, Mifs Harriot Carter. 

(7th Earl.) Henry, married Lucy, fifter to Thomas Hol- 
ies Pelliam, Duke of Newcnf^le, and dying on the 7th of 
"Sept. 1728, in the 44th year of his n^^c, by her, who died July 
20, 1736, left two fons, George his iucceflbr, and Henry; and 
three daughters, i^nne^ Lucy, and Caroline; whereof the latter 
died Dec. 19, 1728. 

(8th Karl.) iuovA.r^ who fuccccdt-d his father, dying on 
the 30th oi April> 1730, in the 13th year of hi» age, was fuc- 
tceded by 

(9th EarL o.<\ Duke.) Henry, who alio fuccccdcd to the 
title of the Duke of NcwraOIc, njxtn the death of XhomaSy the 
late Duke, and is the jMcfcnt poiidlbr of the title. 

Crt ations.] Earl of l,incoln. May 4^ 1572; and Duke of 
J^ewcaillc, "Nov. 13, 1756. 

Arms.] Jr^cfity i:x crofscroficts titchv, 3, 2, and ly/aifU; on 
> chief, azure, tv:o mullets pier ccd, or. [Plate VI.] 

Crest.] In a ducal coronct> ^ulcs, ilve oArxchfeathcrs^ ar^mi^ 
bandt d, azure » 

Sui roRi LRs.] Two greyhounds, argent^ their plain collar* 

and lincf, K^f '*-'^* 

■ Motto.] Loyal te mi home, Loyaltv is not afli.^.med. 
• Cui£F S£AT«] Clumber Park, in NottiUghamihire* 


THE moft noble HUGH PERCY, Duke and Earl of NOR- 
THUMPERLAND, Earl Percy, Baron Warkworth, oi 
Warkworth Caftlc, and a Baronet, in right ot lus father ; and 
j3aron Perry, LucY) Poynii^gs, I' itz-Payne, Pryan, and Latlmtr, 
in light of liis moLhcr; and Knight of the Garter. Born Aug. 
t4, 1742. Manieil, fiifl, July 2, 1764, Anne Stuart, iliiiJ 
daughter of jolin, 1 :nl (finite, by n\ liom he had no ifi'ue, aiid 
from whom he \va.«. divorced in » 7 79 ; and inarriecl fccondly, May 
■25. 177O5 Fraiices- 1 ulia Jjurrcll, thiid daughter of Peter Burrcll, oi 
'J^etkenhani in Kent, Kl(|, bv \vhom he hath had iflue Charlotte, 
born July 3, 17S0, who died May 3, 1 78 l.---El;7,abeth, born 
J)tc ?-^. 1 781.— -Julia, boin May 2, 1783. — A fon, Hugh, 
and a d«4ughtcr, tvv.ns, born April 20, 1785.— A fecond fon born 
^une 24, 1787. — A third fon, born June 16, 1789. His 
^■Jrnce fuccccdcd to liia njother'.s honours ilk 1766^ and to iholc 


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This noble family is defcended from Mainfred, a Normsui 
'Chieftain, who made irruptions into France in the 9th Century $ 
and his poilerity fettling in Normandy, took their name from 
their domain of Percy in that province. William de Percy^ 
with his brother Serle, accompanied King William the Con-* 
queror in 1066, from whom he had grants of eighty-fix manors 
in YorkOiire, thtrty-two in Lincolnfhire, &c. and is expr^fsly 
ftjlod a Baron, in records of that and. the following reign* 
The grandfon of this William dying without iflue, in the reijgn 
of King Henry IL his daughter and heir, Agnes de Perc^^ 
married Jofceline de Lorrain, fon of the Duke of Brabant, and 
brother to Queen Adeliza, fecond wife of King Henry L and 
by exprefs flipulation took the name of P£RCY, but retained 
tne arms of Brabant, which originally were, a lion rampant^' 
oztfre, iince borne by the Percy family, quartered with the 
ancient arms of Percy, azure, five fufils in jfefs, or, ' Jofoeline 
was lineally defcended in the male line from the Soirereigns of 
Brabant and Hainault, by a marriage with the daug^hter and 
lieir of Charles, Duke of Lorrain, (Ton of Louis d'Outremer^ 
King of France) who was the laft male defcendant of the £m« 
peror Charlemagne, and who was true heir to the crown of 
France, ufurpcd by Hugh Capet, 

From Jofceline had defcended fix Lord Percys in lineal fuc*^ 
ceflion, when the lafl of them having intermarried with th# 
Royal Family, (Lady Mary Plantagenet) had two fons, who 
both became Earls, viz. i. Henry, created Earl of Northum« 
bet land on July 16, 1377, i Rich^d IL and, 2. Thomas, cre- 
ated Earl of Worccfter, Sept. 29, i397j 21 Richard IL Thii 
laft was alfo Lord of Ilaverford ; but left no ifTue, being be- 
headed after the battle of Shrewibury, fought by his nephew 
againft King Henry IV. 

(tft£arU) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, was in 
the reign of King Richard II. Earl Marflial of England, and in 
that of King Henry IV. he had the office of Conflable of 
England for life, and was made King of Man, to hold this ifland 
to him and his heirs; but entering into rebellion againfl the 
latter, whom he had helped to t!ie Crown, was (lain, in 1408. 
He left ilTue by his firft wife, Margaret Neville, three fons; of 
whom the cldell:, Sir Henry Percy, Knt. furnnmed Hotfpur, 
was a moil diftinguifhcd Chieftain of tluit ac^c, and after a Iharp 
ftruggle for the crown, was flam at ]!;uileficld, near Shrewf- 
bury, on St. Magdalen's eve, 1403, leaving ilTue by Elizabeth 
Mortimer, (grand-dan^litci nf Lionel, Duke of Clarence, fon 
of King Edward III.) one \nu Hc nrv, who was fecond Earl of 
Northuniberlunc! ; and one flaughter. Henry, hrft Earl of Nor- 
thnmbcrland, married fecondly, (without ifine) Maud, Baronefs 
Lucv, Counrefs DowaiTer of Angus, who conveyed her great ' 
poiie^ons and Boioniai honours to this Earl and his poikrity. 

H a Thi* 

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This Earl^ as alfo his brother and fon, were all Knights of the 
Garter; but after their rebellion, their names were expunged 
from the lifts, their blood attainted, and their Earldom and Ba- 
ronies extinguidied, till 

(2d Earl.) Henry Percy, fon of Hotfpur, was reftored to the 
Earldom of Northumberland, &c. in 141 4, by King Henry V. and 
tn 1450, conftituted Conftable of England, by King Henry VL 
in whofe caufe he was ilain in the firfl battle at St. Alban*8 in 
1455. % Eleanor Neville, grand daughter of John of Gaunt, 
he had iflne nine fons and three daughters* One of his fons, 
Thomas, was created Baron Egremont in 1449. His eldeft fon 

• (3d Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, who in 
his father's life-time fat in Parliament as Baron Poynings, hav- 
ing married Eleanor, heirefs of that Barony, as alfo of the 
Baronies of Fitz-Payne and Bryan* He was ilain at Towton- 
jfield in 1461, where he commanded for the Houfe of Lancafter, 
leaving iiTue, beiides three daughters, one fon ; and was at- 
tainted and deprived of the Earldom, till his faid fon, 

(4th EarL) Hekry Percy, was reftored to the Earldom of 
Northuraberlan}!, &c« in 1469, by King Edward IV* by whom 
he was alfo made a Knight of the Garter ; as he was afterwards 
King Richard III* Lord Great Chamberlain of England, in 
,1483, miring an attainder of the Vere family. In the fucceed^ 
ing reign, he was flain in a popular tumult at his houfe in 
-.Yorkfhire, in 14S9 ; leaving ifTue by Maud, daughter of WiU 
iiam Herbert, Earl of Pembroke, four fons and three daughters ; 
f$f whorii the eldeft, 

- i^th Earl.) Henry Algernon Percy, Earl of Northumbet* 
tanu> was a Knight of the Garter, and aiflinguidied for his great 
magnificence and patronage of the Arts and Sciences, eflabllAi- 
ing a Profeflbr of PhilolopKy and Gramnrtar in his monaftery 
at Alnwick. Hedied'in 1527, leaving ilTue by his wife Catha'- 
rinc, daughter of Sir Richard Spencer, Knt. and ot Eleanor, 
daughter and heir of Edmund Beaufort, Duke of Somcrfet, three 
ions and two daughters. Of thefe, the fecond, Sir Thoinas 
Percy, Knt. was executed for rebellion in i 537, ami his two Ions 
iUtaintcd, I'liomas and Henry, whowtTi- afterwards rt'lbj>rcil, aiid 
fucceflively became Earli ul 2sonhumbcriaiid. The cidcft fon 
ioi the 5th Earl was 

(6th Earl.) Henr> Alg-nion Percy, Earl of Northumber- 
land, and Kuiglit oi the ijarti:r. He had been an admirer of 
Queen Anne Jiolcvn, hut afterwards man ied Mary, daughter of 
George, Earl ot i:>lHevvibury, ai^d tlicd without iffue in 1^37; 
when, his nephew being nndcr ait under, he left all his cflatcs 
to the crown, and the Earldom was extinguifhed for twenty* 
years. For wliich, and his early great cxpcuces, J>e has been 
^iicd the uutliriuy EarL At kogth - 


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(7th Earl.) Thomas Percy, nephew of the laft Earl, being 
Tcftored in blood, in the 4th and 5th of Philip and Mary, 1557, 
became Earl of Northumberland, &c. and in the following reign 
Knight of the Garter; bur ialiaig into rebellion, was beheaded 
at York, in 1572; and leaving by his wife Anne, daughter of 
Henry Somerfer, Karl of Worccltcr, only ibui daughters, his 
honours and ci\:\tc pafled by intaii to 

■ (8th Karl.) Hkkry Percy, Earl of Northinnhcrhmcl, 6cc. • 
brotlicr to the 6th Karl, He being fufpedled of favouring; MarVi 
Queen of Scots, was found ihot dead in the Tower in 1505J 
leaving ilTue by his wife Catharine, eldeit daughter and co-heir 
of |ohn, Lord Latimer, (trom.which marriage the future Earls 
of K'orihumberland were ftiled Barons Latimer) eight fons and 
three daughters. The eldeft fon was 

(9th Earl.) Henry Percy, Earl of Northumberland, Knight 
of the Garter. After diftinguilhing himfelf againil the Spanifh 
Armada in 1588 ; in the following reign lie, thougli a firm Pro- 
teilant, was accufed in the Star-chamber of favoring his kinfman, 
Thomas Percy, who had been concerned in the Gunpowder 
Treafon, and was fcntenced by that arbitrary Court to pay 
^,oool. and to be confined for life in the Tower, where he wa« 
imprifoned fixteen years : during which, he devoted his time to 
learning and the faiences, being attended by the moft eminent 
fcholars, chiefly mathematicians, who were called his ]VI:igi ; 
and he Ailed Henrv the Wizzard. He died in 1632, having had 
iffue by his wife, Dorothy, fifter to the favorite Karl of KfTeXj 
four fons aiul two daughter"?. Of the fons, two only attained t3 
manhood, viz. the fecond Ion, He nrv, who ]>eing created l^aroii 
Percy of Alnwick, in 1643, followed tlic fortunes of King 
Charles 11. dying in exile, without ifTue ; and thr eMeft-, 

(lOth Earl.) Algernon Percy, Earl of Northum! iland, 
and Knight of the Garter, who was called up to the Houle of 
Lords in his father's life-time, by writ, in 1626. In 1637, he 
was conftitu ted Lord High Admiral of England, and in 1639, 
Gcneraliflimo of the army againft the Scots. At the corona* 
tion of King Charles IL he officiated as Lord-High ConAable 
of England, and died in 1668, having married two wives; 
Anne, daughter of William Cecil, Earl of Salifbury, by whom 
he had five daughters; and fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Theophilus Howard^ Earl of Suffolk, who lived to 1704^ by 
whom he had only one furviving fon, viz. 

(i ith and lafl Earl.) Josceline Percy, Earl of Northumber- 
land. He marrying Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir of Thomas 
Wrotthefley, Earl of Southampton, went abroad on his travels, 
and died at Turin, in 1670, leaving only one daughter, ttis 
Lady married fecondly, Ralph, Lord Montagu, who was after* 
yaras of Montagu ; by whom ihe had iiTue, Joho> Inte; 


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I>ake of Montagu; and Anne, grandmother of tho prefeat 
Earl of Sandwich* 

Lady Elizabeth Percy, fole heir of the Baronial honours 
and eftates of her houfe, was firft wife of Charles Seymour^ 
Duke of Somerfet^ by whom ihe had feven fons^ and fix daugh- 
ters (only one of whom left ifTue, viz. Catharine Seymour, wife 
of Sir William Wyndham^ Bart, whofeeldeil Ton Qiarles, Earl 
of Egremont, had the pofleffions of the antient Earls of Northum- 
berland, in Suflexy York&ire, and Cumberland), Her Grace 
died in 1722, on which her eldeft furviving fon, 

Algernon Seymour (afterwards Duke of Somerfet, in 1748) 
took his feat in Parliament, as Baron Percy, &c. in 1722. He 
married Frances, daughter and coheir of Henry Thynne, only 
fon of Thomas, firft Vifcount Weymouth, by whom he had 
ifluc only one daughter; and one fon, George, Vifcount Beau- 
champ, wlio dying unmarried, in i / 44, all tUc Baronial honours 
of her father^ (together with the eilates ot the anciciit Earls 
Percy, in Miwdkicx-, and N ui uiumbcrland) dclccnded to his 
only daughter and hcii, Elizabeth, late Duchefs of iSotthum- 

Having; given his Grace's maternal defccnt, wc iball give that- 
of Ills paternal as follows: 

The late Duke was defcended from a very ancient family, 
which from the time of the Conqueft, hath been fcated in the 
North-Riding of Yorklhirc, and derived their names from their 
original polTeifion of Smythton or Smetiiton in that diiui^i:, 
which name they long retained unaltered; and of this family, 
was Elias Smethton, who, about the reign ot Kin|; Edward !• 
w'x*^ Lord Prior of the Knights Hofpitallers of St. John of Jeru- 
lalem, which is fufTicient to fliow how refpe(5table this family 
was at that period, for the Prior ol tliis order was re<]uired to be 
'A Gentleman of the cleareft defceiit, and fat in Parliament as tho 
i^iemier Baron of this realm. 

The name continued to be written Smetliton or Smythton, 
down to ihe reign of King Edward III. but t]irn removing to 
• Yafford, and purchafmg Lands at Newlomc, (both not far irom 
their orit^inal refidence) they bv an rnlv tranfition, common in 
that age, began to write their name Smvthson, or Smitson, 
and fo it occurs on feveral antient deeds dated in ann. 4, 15, 16, 
King Richard II. and in 4, 9 King Henry IV, Here the fa-' 
mily continued feated till the reign of Queen Elizabeth, when* 
Anthony Smyth fon, Efq; ofNewfome aforefaid, married Elea- 
nor, daughter and heir of George Catherick, Efq* by whom be 
inherited Stanwlck, near Richmond, which hath ever flnce been 
the chief feat of this family. This ancient family of Catherick, 
Inure for one of the quarters in their paternal coat, the fame 
aims (with difference of colour only) that had been borne by the - 
antient Earls of Richmond and Siretagne; which, as appears 


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■frnm a broken raonumcnt now extant in Stanwick Church, they 
h-Ad received by marrying the heirefs of a family, that was 
cither dcfccnded from a younger fon of one of tliofe Earls, or 
froiu one of their principal officers, who had received a grant of 
their arms, with the above diUintStion. Anthony's fon finally 
became head of this antient himilv, viz. 

(il> Knronct.) Sir Hik;tt, created at the Refloration, a Ba» 
ronet, Augiili 2, 1660; and died in 1670, having married Do- 
rnrliy, daughter of Jerome Rawfthorne, ofPIaiftow, in EfTex, 
Kiq. by whom he left ifliic three foiis, viz. Sir Jerome Smith-* 
fon, Hart. — Ajithony, father of Hugh Sinifhfon, Efq. who left 
his eft.ites at i otteiiham, niid Armiiie, to liis Cirace. — Hugh, 
whole grand daughter Anne> married Thomas, late Earl of 
bt afford. 

(2d Baronet.) Sir Jfkome died in 1684, having married 
Mary, daughter and heir ot Edward AV'ingate, Efq. by whora 
lie had ilTue one daughter, Dorothy, wife of Thomas PullcinCj* 
of Carlton, in Coin, Ehor. Elq. and his only Ibn and heir. 

(3d Baronet.) Sir HrcH, who died in 1729, having had 
iflue by Elizabeth, daugliter of Marmadukc, the fecond Lord 
Langdale, two fons, Hugh and Langdale ; nnd four daughters, 
who all died unmarried. Hu-;li dying unmarried; Langdale, 
fecond fon, efpoul'ed Philadelphia, daughter of William Revclev, 
of Nevvby-Whilk, in Com. Khor. Kfq. and dying in his father's 
lite -time, left a daughter Dorothy, who died unmarried, and one 

(4th Baronet.) Sir Hrc.iT, who fuccccded hi*; grandfather, 
and was the late Duke, wiio died June 6, 178b, aged 74, and 
was fucceeded hy his fon Hugh, in the Earldom and Dukedom, 
and in the Barony of Louvain, bv his fon Algernon ; which had 
been held by the Percy family through feveral gene rat ions. The. 
Earldom, however, had b<fen foifeited; but the Barony re- 
mained in tfie Percy faiTiilv until it became veiled by marriage, 
in Algernon, Duke of Somerfct ; who, among other honours 
had conferred on him, by (i( ()r;^e II. in 1749, the Earldom of 
Northumberland, with remainder to Sir Hugh Smithlbn, of 
Stanwick, in the county of York, Bart, his then fon-in-Iaw ; 
who, having married, luly 18, 1740, Elizabeth Sevmour, daugh- 
ter, and at length Ible heir of Algernon, Duke of Somerfet, who 
died Feb. 7, 1750, fuccecdcd to the Earldom of Northumber- 
land, and IJarony of Warkworth; as did bis Lady to the Baro- 
nies of Percy, Lucy, Pay ni fig*?, Fit%-Payne, Bryan, and La- 
timer, which the faid Duke had inheiited from his mother Eli- 
zabeth, daughter and fole heir of Jofceline Peicy, the eleventh 
and laft Earl of Northumberland, who died in i67o.-^Sir Hugh,* 
now become Earl of Northumberland, by a(f> of Parliament 
pdfied in the year 1790, took upon him the name and -arms of* 
fercy; and was aiterwards advanced to the dignities of Earl 

H 4 Pcrcj^ 

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Percy, ^nd Duke of Northumberland, by patent, 061. J 8, 1766^ 
He was alfo on |an. 30, 1784, created Lord Lovnine, Baron of 
Alnwick, with remainder to his fLcond Ton Algernon and his, 
male ifTue, to whom it dcfcended on tlie death of the late Duke, 
jiy lie r Grace, who died Dec. 5, 1776, aged 60, hi^ C iracchad 
ifluc, two fons, and one daughter, viz. Hugh, tiic pre lent 
Duke.— Elizabeth- Anne-Frances Percy, born April 6, .1744> 
who died May 27, 1 761, unmarried. — ^Lord Algernon Percy, now 
T^nron Lovaine, was born Jan. 21, 1750; married June 8, I775r 
Jvlifs Ifabclh-Sufanna Burrell, fecond daughter of Peter Burrell, 
Efq. and fifter to the Duchefs of Northwmberiand; by whom he. 
he has had iffue. See Lord Lovain*e. 

Arms.] Quarterly, hift and fourth, or, a lion rampant, 
cz-urc, the ancient arms of Brabant : fcconJ and third, azurr, 
iivc fufjls in Icfs, cr, the ancient arms of Percy. [Plate Vli.J 
Crest.J On a chapcau,^«Av, turned up cnn\nc, a iioai llatantj, 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a lion, azure; on the, 
fmiftcr, an unicorn, argent^ ducally collared, chaiuedj horned, 
and hooted, or. 

Motto.] Efpcranre en Duu, Trufl in God. 

Chief Seats.] Sion Houfc, near Brentford, in Middlcfcx; 
Alnwick-Caftle, \^'nrkworth-CaAle, and Prudhoc-Caftlc, in 
Northumberland ; Stanwick and Arminc, in Yorklhire; Wer^ 
Tington, in Dcvonlliire ; and Northumbcriand-iiyuie, in Weft-; 


* Duke of MONTAGU, Marquis of Monthermcr, Earl of 
Cardigan, and Baron Brudenell of Stanton-Wivill, born in 
1712, fucceedcd his father, July 5, 1732, as Earl of Cardigan, 
and was advaticed to the dignities of Marquis of Monthermer, 
and Duke of Montagu, 061. 28, 1766 ; and Knight of the Gar- 
ter ; having married July 7, 1730, Mary Montagu, youngeft 
daughter, and one of the co-heirs of John, Duke of Montagu ; 
after whofe deceafe, his Grace took the name and arms of Mon- 
tagu. The Duchefs died May 2,- 1775, having had ifTuc, John, 
Marquis of Monthermer, born March 18, 1735? created May 
7, 1762, Baron Montagu of Boughton, ana died April 11, 
' 1770, unmarried- — ^Elizabeth, born May 29, 1743, married 
March 20, 1767, to the Dake ofBuccleugh, and has ifTue*-' 
Mary, bom Sept. 6, 1750, died Tune 28, i75i.-:-Hcnrietta, 
born July I ij 27539 and died April lo, 1766. 



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D U K E o F M O N T A G U. 105 

*• His Grace was in 1786 created Baron Monta^ of Bougb'*^ 

tpjif with remainder to Ms grandfon, Henry-Jamet-Montagiiy 

the fecond fon of Henry, Duke of Buccleugh* 

. In the reign of King Edward I. Wilxiam Brudenell died 

^ifed of Doddington, iA the county of Oxford, and diven^ 

bj>d$ in Berks and Bucks, and left two fons» 

. Richard Brudenell, of Aynhoe, in the county of North* 

^mpton; and Henry, who fucceeded him at Doddington. 

Tq Richard fucceeded 

William, his fon, whofe wife was Agnes, daughter and 
ible heir to Thomas Grove, of Agmondeifaam, in Bucks, by 
Alice ^is wife, daugluer and heir to Walter Le Raan> by 
Margaret his wife, daughter and heir to Sir John Blacket^ eS 
paftletqn and Saltford, in the county of Oxford, Knight; and 
by her he had three foos; Edmund^ William, and Henry 
and two daughters, Margaret and Alice. Of the fons, Edmund 
theeldefty left no ifliie* — Henry the ^d, who was of Agmon- 
4e(ham, married Eleanor, daughter of Hugh Prefton, Knight, 
by whom he had three fons; Edmund, John, and Robert; 
whereof Edmund was anceftor to thofe of that name at Sharde* 
lois (now the feat of the Drakes) which terminated in a daughter 
and heir; Elizabeth married to Thomas Cheyne, Efq. and 
from Robert defcended the firudenells, ot Stokc-Maudcviic, 
if\ Bucks. We now return to 

William, the 2d fon of W^illiam and Agnes Grove, who 
mnrricd Agii' s, daughter and co-heir to Roiicrt Bulilrode of 
Hughely, in Bucks, with whom he had that jnauoi, and hu: 

Edmtnd his Iieir, who m;ti::^il lull Agues, daiiglucr and 
heir to Thonins Dipdcn, and luid .111 only daughter Alice, who 
was iiiai i ied to Richaid U^lkr; Init by his Iccond witc Phi- 
lippa, daughter to Philip EiiglciiLid, he had four ions, 

and two d.iugiiters ; Joan married to Sir lohii Ewerhy ; and 
Elizabeth, hrll to John l irriiigluurj, Eitj, and fccondly to joiiii 
Cheyne, Efq. Of t!ie foHs, wh-cli were Drue, |olin, Edmund, 
and Sir Robert BrudencU, ot Dean, in the county ofNorth- 
ampton. Drue, the eldeft, Aicceeded his father at Chalfont 
St. Peter's, and died the 14th ot March, 1479 » having married 
Eleanor, daughter to John Biou^hton, of Toddington, in the 
county of Bedford, and had Iivl- Ions, and four daughters ; Ifa- 
bclla, married Richard Ifliam, 'lAq. — iVgncs, to john Abraal^ 
of Inchinfieid. — Joan, to John Norris. — Elizabeth, to Henry 
Broughton, of Warwicklhiic, J'^fq. Of the fons, which were 
F.dmufid, Robert, John, Thomas, and George ; tlie huter was 
a pnelL — Robert died without ifl'ue. — Edmund fucceeded his fa- 
ther at ChaUont, and mnrried Jane, daughter to Richard Haw- 
kins, of T>orulon, and iiy her had a daughter Fliypbcth, married 
tp 5ii Kobat Drury^ auccftor ot Sir Drue Drury, of Rid- 


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dlefworth, in Norfolk ; who iCas created a Baronet the 7th of 
Majf 1627* The faul £(iinund> her father^ having no iiTue mate^ 
wc return to 

Sir Robert, his father's brother, in the 12th of Henry VIIL 
Chief- Juilice of the Common Pleas ; and died the 30th of 
Tan* 1531* By his fecond wife Philippa, daughter to 
Power, of Blcchcaden, in the county of Oxford, he had no 
iflVie; hut by his iirft^ who was Margaret £ntwi fell, coufin and 
co-heir to Sir Bertram Entwifell, Vifcount of Brickbeck, and 
coaftabie of Confiance, in Normandy, and widow of WiUiam 
WivUl, of Stanton Wivill, in the county of Lekefter, be had 
two ions, Sir Thomas his heir ; and Anthony, who was of Clap*> 
ihomeand Finedon, in the county of Northampton, and Pack* 
ington PigQt, in the (onnty of Warwick. He married Jane, 
daughter to Erlington, of Hackney, inMiddleiex, and by 
ber had five ions and thiee daughters, viz* Margaret, wife cHf 
Palmer, of Sonthweil, in Nottinghamflitre ; Anne, and 
Rebecca; Edmund his heir; George, Robert, Thomas, and 
.William, who died nnmarried, — Thomas, who was of Glafton, 
married the dansghter and heir of Thomas Warner, and by her be 
bad two ions, and two daughters, Anthony, Edmnnd, Anne, 
and Eli'/:abeth. — ^Robert, the third ion, was a merchant- 
George, iecond, was married to — — ^ Freeman, and by her had 
Paul Brndenell, who had ifluc, Anthony, William, George, and 
Thomas, Edmnnd^ the eldeft fon of Anthony , Brndenell, of 
Clapthorne, &c* was feated at Stanton -W*iviU, in the conncj of 
Leicefter; and he marrying two wives, firft, Anne, daugnter 
of John Chancey, of Edgecotc, in the county of Northampton, 
* Efq. by her had no ifTue ; but by Elizabeth, his fecond, who 
was tiauehtcr of William Burnell, of 'Winckbourne, in the 
county oi Nottingham, Efq. he had two fons, and two d 
ters; whereof Agnes was mnrrird to John 1 Jacket, ot Hai.luii- 
Gf.iiigc, ill tlic county of Derby, EiVj. — FVances, to Roger 
Hurt. And of ilic Jons, Robert died young. — Tliomas fuc- 
ceeded luo father, lie iiiurricd firll, Dorothv, diuightcr to Heiuy 
Smith, ofWithcock, in ihc cnvnitv otLeic< ltcr, and had 

four fons, and three daughters ; Anne, manied to William 
Ormc, of Hanch-Hall, in tht; county of Stafford, Gentleman; 
Lucv, to Charles Agarde, ofCroxh^^U, in the county of IX^rhv; 
Dorothy, to Jolni ijiowne, of Strctton Tdludd, in the county 
of Leiccllcr. And of the fons, which were Thomas, Edmund, 
Robert, and Richard, the latter married Eliraheth, eldefl daugh- 
ter to Walter Littleton, of Sarcdon, in the county of Stafford, 
d <:lor of the civil law. — Robert was a merchant in Spain, — 
Edmund, who died Sept. 30, 1637, married to his firft wife Ca- 
therine, fecond daughter to Sir Edward Littleton, of the county 
of Stafford, Bart, and by her had two ions, Edward, and Tho- 
mas; and by his fecond^ who was Mary^ daughter to Thomas 

d Staveijy 

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Stavely^ of Lekefter, Efq. he had Mary, Robert, and Cath»*' 
rine ; which Catharine was married to George Alfop, of Church- 
Langton, in the county of Leicdler, and died March 4, 1684; 
but Mary, her fifter, died unmarried.~Thonias, the eldeft (on of % 
Thomas and Dorothy Smith, marrying Elizabeth, daughter to 
Nathaniel Humphreys, of Barton, in the county of Northamp- 
ton* EXqm by hci had four fons, and ^tve daughters; ThomaSf- 
Charks> £dmund, Richard ; Mary, Jane, and Elizabeth, died 
iafiuits; a fecondMary, the wife of Edward Pricey of Norfolk $ 
and Dorothy^ the wife of Robeit Baker, of Litchfield. Thus 
having ' done with the defcendants of Anthony Brudenell^ 
yrangeil fob of Sir Robert and Margaret Entwilell, we come 
now to 

Sir Tromas the eldelL He married Elizabeth, daughter tia 
Sir William Fitzwilliam, and dying on the 15th ofMardi^ 
1548, by her had five fons, and four daughters, Elizabeth, Lucy* 
luUaiiy and Mary ; the latter was married to Nicholas Hare^ 
Efi}.— Julian, to John Harrington, of Witham.— Elizabeth, the 
eldeft, was married to Richard Griffin, Efq. and fecondly, to 
Francis Smith, Efq. Of the fons, who were 

Sir Edmund, Thomas, John, Robert, and William, the 
youngeft died without iflue ; the eldeft, who was knighted, died 
Feb« 24, 1 5S4. He married firft, Agnes, daughter and heir to 
John Bofiey, of Hougham, in the county of I^icefter, Efq. by 
Agnes his wife, daughter of Thomas, Lord Burgh, by whom he 
hadnoiflbe; but by his fecond, who was Etheldred, daughter to 
Femley, and widow of Anthony Roane, Efo. he had 
a daughter of her name, who was married to Sir Baul Brook, 
of Madeley, in the county of Salop, Knt. but the faid Sir 
Edmund dying without iflue male, 

Thomas, his next brother, became heir, and married Anne» 
daughter of Robert TopcliflT ; but he dying without iflue, 

JoHKy the third fon fucceeded. He married Mary, daughter 
to Robert Everard, of Shenton, in the county of Leicefter, and 
by her had a fon Robert, who died young ; but leaving no iflue, 
Robert, the fourth fon of Sir Thomas and Eliza&th Fit%^ 
William fucceeded. He married Catharine, daughter to Jeffrey 
Tavlard, and by her had three fons, Thomas, William, who 
dieu without iuue, and John, who was Lord of Okeley and 
Petton, in the county of Bedford, and of Gamlingay, in the 
oounty of Cambridge; and a daughter Chriftian, married to 
Alexander Thorold. 

(ift EarU) Thomas, the ddeft fon^ who was feated at 
Osan, was, in 16 11, created a Baronet; and afterwards was 
created Lord Bnidenell, and Earl of Cardigan, and died in 
April, 1644. He married Mary, fourth daughter to SirThomaa 
Trefliam, ofBuAiton, in the county of Northampton, (by Me-* 
liiUy daughter to Sir Robert Throckmorton, of Coughton, In 



Warwickfliirc, by Elizabeth, da^ightcr of John, Lord HuiTtry, 
Teli6k of John, Lord Hungcrford) and had three {bns and a 
daughter, of her name, who in 1630 married to John Conftable^ 
tbe fecond Vifconnt Dunbar« in Scotland; and of the fon9^ 
which were 

• (2d Earl.) RoBKUT, Edmund, and Edward, the latter died 
young; the fecond on the 15th of Aug« 1652, unmarried; and 
the eldeft fucceedcd his father. He married firll, Mary, daugh- 
ter to Henry Conilabley Vifconat Dunbar, and by her had a 
daughter of her name, who was married to the Earl of Ktimoul^ 
in Scotland ; and taking to his fecond wife Anne, daughter to 
Thomas, Vtfconnt Savage, had Francis, Lord Brudenell, bit 
heir apparent, who died before him; and Jofeph, who died an 
ktfant; alfo three daughters ; Anna-Maria, firft married to Fran- 
cis Talbot, the eleventh Earl of Shrcwlbury ; and fecondly, ta 
George Rodney Bridges, of Keynfham, in the county of Somcr- 
fct, Efq. and ciicd the 20th of April, 1 702. —Catharine, to 
Charlci;, Earl of Midtllcton, in Scotland. — Dorothy, firft to 
Charles Fane, the third Earl of Weflmoreland; and afterwards- 
to Robert, Vifcount Dunbar, in Scotland. 

Fkakcis, Lord Brudenell, who died before hh father, in 
1698, married Frances, daughter to James Savile, Earl of Sul^' 
fex, and had two Tons, and three daughters ; Mary, married to 
Richard, the fifth Vifcount Molincux, in Ireland.— Anne, firft 
to Henry, Lord Bellafife, of Worlaby; and fecondly, to Charles 
Lennox, the firft Duke of Richmond. — Frances, the youngcft, 
^as firft married to Charles Levingfton, Earl of Newburgh, in 
Scotland; and fecondly, to Richard, LordBellew? in Ireland.— 
Of the fons, which were George his fucccflbr; and James, feated 
at Stockton-Hall, in the county of Lincoln, who died in Aog« 
} 7 46 ; having married Sufan, daughter of Bartholomew Burton, 
ot LulFcuham, in the county of Rutland, Efq. by whom he had- 
ffiue, firft, George Bridges Brudenell his heir; Auguftus, fe- 
cond fon, who died in the lOth year of his age, in March, i735» 
and two daughters, Caiolina and Louifa, which laft died in Aug* 

1^46, and 

(3d Earl.) George, cideft fon of Francis, Lord Brudenell, 
who, in 1 703, fuccceded his grandfather as Earl of Cardigan. He 
married Elizabeth Bruce, eldeft daughter to Thomas, the laft 
Earl of Ayleftjury, and dying on the 5th of July, 173a, by her, 
who died in 'Pec. 1745, left iflbe four fons, and two daughters; 

Frances, married July 27, 1749, to Oliver Tilfon, Efq. * 

Mary, firft to Richard Powis, Efq. by whom /he had ilTuc, 
Elizabeth, married May I9, 1760, the Hon. Thomas Townf- 
hend, and Mary, who married April 19, 1 762, the Earl 

Courtown> in Ireland ; and their mother married fecondly. 
Tune 20, 1 7^0, to Thomas Bouldby, of the Bifliopric of Durham, 
Kiq« The Tons were, George his fucceflbn^Jaxncs, who was 


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In created Baron Brudenell. — Robert, who married in 

Feb. 17(9. — Anne, daughter of Sir Cecil Bisfhopp, Bart, and 
died Oa« 10, 1768, leaving liTue: Firft, Robert, born April 
26^ 1769. Second, Augufta, bomJniyS, 1760. Third, Char- 
lotte, born Feb. 18, 176a. — Thomas Brace the youngcfr, who» 
in Febraary 1747, fucceeded his uncle the Earl of Aylefbury, 
^ Baron Bruce, of Tottenham, in the county of Wilts, am 
fince created Earl of Aylefbury. 

(4th Earl, I ft Duke.) GzoRCB the eldeft fucceeded, and was 
created Duke of Montagu, and is the prefent Duke, n 

Creations.] Baron Bradenell, April a6, 1627, Earl ^ 
Cardigan, April 20, 1661, Marquis and Duke, Odt.aSj 1766, 
Baron Montagu ofBoughton, in 1786* 

Arms.] (^arterly, firft grand quarter counter quartered, 
the firft and fourth, argent^ three lozenges conjoined in tefs, ^uks^ 
within a border, fahky for Montagu ; fecond and third, er^ an 
eagle difplaycd, vert, beaked and membered, for Monther* 
iner. Second and third grand quarter, /Mtf a lion rampant, ar^ 
lenif and in a canton of the fecond the crofs of England, tor 
Cliurchill : the fourth as the flrll. [Plate VII.] 
. Crest.] On a wreath a gryphon's head couped, or, with 
.wings indorfed and beaked, fable. 

. Supporters.] On the dexter fide a gryphon, ^r, beaked, 
winp;ed, and four legs, fahle. On the finiltcr a w . vc. n, r/^/^'y, 
coiLii L-d, or, wings expanded, ^'iJf J, charged on the brcaii. 111 a 
cajitoii, iizurey with St. Andrew's crofs, argent, 

jVIOTTO.] Sptcfcmut aptndG, Let u ; he lee n by our a.^^inns. 

CfiiEF Seats.] AtDc .ui, m Northamptonilurc; at iiiack* 
heath, in Kent; and at VV ixidibr-caftle, as coiiilablci and at 
Rkluuoiid, la Surry. • 

M A lU 

« • 


[ no J . 




V'HE moft noble JEMIMA DE GREY, Mardiioneft 
^ GREY9 and Baronefs Lucas of Cnidwell, bom 1722, 
only daughter of John^ Earl of Breadalbane, by Amabella Grey, 
ddeft daughter and co-heirefs of Henry de Gtey> late Duke of 
Kent ; fucceeded to the title of Marchionefs Grey» Uc^ on the 
death of her grand£ither Henry, late Duke of Kent, June 5, 
1740. She married May 2?, tnefame vear, Philip, now Earl 
Hardwicke,. by whom flie has iflbe two daughten, 

Amabella, bom Jan. 22. I75i> married the i6th of July, 
1772, to Alexander, Lord Polwarth, created Lord Huroe» of 
Berwick, who died without iffue, 1781, and the title became 
extindl. — Mary Jemima, born Feb. 9, 1756, married Auguft 
17, 1780, to the iatc Lord Grantham, by whom ilic liad ilTuc, 
aiiti tlicJ Od:. '20, 1788. 

This noble familv is ilcfcendcd from RollO or Fulbert, who 
was CIkuiiIjci l.iln to Robert, Duke of Normandy; and of his 
gift, hud the calllc and hc iioiir of Crov, ia Picardy, ironi 
whence his poftefitv aflumed their .furname, which was after- 
terwards written de Circy. Which Rollo had a daughter, Ar- 
ietta, mother of W illiam the Coiujuuor; and a fon, John, 
ftiled Lord de Croy ; and he marrying Adcla, daughter and one 
of the heirs of William Fitz-Ober, fon of Ofbert, bv furname 
Crefpen, the fon of Herfacl, whofc father was a noble Knight 
of Danifh cxtra£lion, by her had Sir Arnold de Grev, Lord 
of Walter-Eton, Stoke, and Rotherfield ; who marrying Jo- 
anna de Pontdchnrche, had Anschetil de Grey, (who in tiio 
20th of William the Conqueror, when the general fu rvey 
was made) was poiielTed of divers lands in the county of Oxford 
and Bucks, He left a fon Richard, who was father of Axs- 
CHFTIL, whofe wife was Eva, daughter and heir to ^4dwin, 
Earl of Devon, and by her he had John, his heir ; and another 
fon, who, in the reign of King John, was Archbiihop of Can^ 
tertnirv; hnt the Pope prevailed with the Monks to choofe Ste- 
phen L :iii!;ton, a Cardinal of Rome, fo that he never obtained 
the Pall, thoii:;h the King fci'/ed on the good> and lands ot the 
^Tonks whom be baaiihed, and forbad Laogton entrance into 
the realm. 

John his elder brother, had by Hawis his wife; Sir Robert, 
his licir. — VV alter, Bifliop, lit of Litchfield, adly of Worceftef) 
and from thence tranflated the 17th of King John, to the fee 
of York, to which fee he gave the houfe called York- Place, 
AQVi Wh)ite-haU.— ;Heory \ and two daughters £ £va^ jnarrled to 


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William Briton^*— Agnes, was mother of John D'Oyly of Stoke 
D'Oyly, in the county of Northampton. Sir Robert married 
Beatrix, dauglitcr and heir to William de St. Luke, and by 
lier had Walter de Grey, anceftor to the Barons Grey, of Rjh» 
thcrheid> which became extin^l the i ith of Riciiard Ji» 

Hekrv de Grey, 3d fonv married Ifolda, daughter and co« 
hejr to Hugh, and niece and co-heir to Robert Bardolfy aad had 
three fons, viz. Richard Grey of Codnovrci in the county of 
Derby, whofe dciccndants were Barons Grey of Codnovre, ot 
Codnor, which terminated in Ilcnry, Lord Grey, wbo.died 11 
Henry VI L without lawful ifluc ; but from Henry his natural 
ion, theCircys of Langley, in the cotfnty of Lciceller, aredei^ 
Cended. — John.— William de Grey of Landford, in the county 
of Nottingham, and of Sandacre, in the county of Derby, 
vhofe edate defcended to the family of Leek, Earl of Scaridaley 
by an heir female. 

John, the fecond fon of the faid Henry» dying in the 5th of 
• Eldward L left ilFue by Emnui) daughter and heir to Geoffrey 
Ac Glanvile, a fon, Reginald, and a daughter married to Ro- 
i>ert de Tacfhall ; and the faid Reginald married Maud, daugh- 
ter and heir to Henry de Longchamp, a great Baron, and died 
the i&o£ Edward II. leaving John, his fon and heir, who dy- * 
ihg the 17th 'of Edward 11. left ilTue by Maud, daughter to 
Ralph, Lord EafTct, of Dralron, Henry, his heir ; from whom ' 
4cfccndcd William Lord Grey, and Arthur Lord Grey, whofe 
Xon Thomas, the laft Lord Grey, of Wilton, being one of tho 
confpirators with Lord Cobham, Sir Walter Raleigh, and 
ptbers, in their dcfign of feizing King James L and the Prince, 
and to take them firli to the Tower, and thence to Dover-Cal- 
tle, tliereby to obtain a toleration of religion, was attainted of 
treafon, and remained a prifoner in the Tower till his death, 
J lily 6, 16 14: and his eilate at Whaddon, in the county of 
bucks, was given to Sir George Villiers, who was created fiaroa 
of W^Liddon, and Duke of Buckingham* 

Roger de Grey, 2d fon to John de Grey, and Maud his wife, 
sparried Elizaheth, daughter to John, Lord HaAings, of Berga* 
venny, hy If::bcl, one of the daughters and co-heirs to William 
\'alencc. Earl of Pembroke, and his pofterity became heirs to 
John de HaAings, Earl of Pembroke, and John his fon and heir 
was contracted to Anne, daughter to Sir William Montagu, 
(afterwards Earl of Saliibury) and dying in the life-time of bis 
^ther ; and his father dying in the 27th of Edward IIL 

Regxnaz^d, 2d fon of Roger, fucceeded, and had fummons 
to all the parliaments, and died the lath Richard II. He mar* 
tied Eleanor, daughter to John, Lord Strange, of Blackmcre,' 
and had 

. Reginald, his fucceiZbr) who was famous for his di(]fmtes 
ViA Qw<A Gl<0doiir^ c^jaccrnmg tJic fituation of their lands, 


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.Its M A k C .H I O >} £ S S GREY* 

fiy whom, being at length overpowered^ he became pnibner to* 
the laid Owen> and paid a great fum for his redemption. He 
died the 19th Henry VL having had two wives, Margaret* 
slaughter to WtlHam, Lord Roos, by whom lie had a Ton, jolm ; 
♦ and by hit Ad wife, Joan, daughter and heir to WiUiam, Lord 
ifiMcy of Aftlcy, in the county of Warwick, and widow of 
Thomas Raleigh, Efq. he had three fons, of whom Edward, the 
cldeft, married £lizabeth| daughter and heir to Henry, fon of 
William, Lord Ferrers, of Groby, whereby he became heir to 
the faid Lord Ferrers, and bore the title of Lord Ferrers of 
Grohv, afterwards Grey of (irohv, and his defcendants became 
Eai ls of STAMFORD. — John, the id, was of Barwcll, m the 
county ot Lciceftcr. — Rohcrt, the 3(1, was of Fnt'icl.!, in Staf* 
fordlliirc. He hail alio by li s 2d wife, a dauglitor, Klennor, 
m u l ied to lliuiii Lucy, ui Chcilccote, in tiic cuunty of 
W.uvvick, El([. * 

Jonx, clJcit fon by the iirll wife, <^lyin^ in his father's life- 
time, left ifTue by ConAance, (only daugluer to John Fiolianii, 
Duke of Exeter and Earl of Huntingion, widrnv of Tlioinas, 
LordMowbery, fon of I'hoinas, Duke of Norfolk,) iMloiund.— • 
Thomav, who in the '>8th Hcnt v VL was created Lord (-irey 
• ofRugcniont, in the eountv of Jn dford, and died without iHue. 
— Ahcc, married to W illiam Kiivvet, Efq. 

(ifl l%ar!.) l',oMiM>, the elder brotiicr, in 1441, the 19th 
Henry VL lucri edcd his- grandfather, and i'l the 5th Edward 
IV. was created Knrl of Kent ; and died in 1489. He mar- 
ried Catharine, ti aii?Jircr to I lenrv Peicv, 2d Earl of Nor ' 
thumberland, and had ipur fons and two daughters ; of which 

(2d Earl.) Gi:oiu;E, (the eldel} fviryiving) fucccedcd Iiim, 
and married firfl-, Anne, daui;fiter to iltchard Woodville, Earl 
Rivers, by whom he iiad a Ion Richard, his fucceffor ; and bv 
his 2d, who was Catharine, daugliler to Wlllinm Herbert, L:!rl 
of l^rinhroke, he !iad Sir Henrv C'l ey, of W'rell, in the counts'' 
of i^Lclford, fucceiibr to his half brother Richard. — Cicorge. — > 
Anthony C'rey, of Branfpeth, of the BilliDpric of Duriiam, 
whofc grandfon at lefigth fuceeeded to the Earldom, bemg the 
lOtli l\arl ; alio two dau[;!iters, of whom Anne married 
]ohn, Lord ili;!'" v, w*hofe daughter Agnes married Sir liuru-S 
phrev Brown, Knt. one of the Juiiicesof the Court of Ccin- 
mon Pleas:, whole daughter ar^t] co-heir Chi iftinn, nmrried Sir 
John Tufton, Bart, and was nioth r of N icholas, the lil £arl 
of I'hanet ; but tlieir father ilviog in 1506, 

(3d Earl.) Richard, by his ill wife, fuceeeded him. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter to Sir William Huflcyv and dy-' 
jng on the 3d of May^ ^$^49 vvilhottt the £arl4om de^* 

tended to 


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(4th Earl.) Sir Henry Grey of Wrcft, his brother by tho 
halF-blooU, who having married Anne, daughter to John Blen- 
nerhafTet, and having^ut a fmall income, declined to take upon 
him the title of Earl, as diJ alio 

(5th Earl.) Henrv his ion; but this laft Henry having mar- 
ried iVIargaret, filler to Oliver, the firft Lord St. John of Blet- 
4hoe> had three fons, Reginald) Henry, and Charles, of whom, 

(6th Earl.) Reginald, the eldelt, in the 13th Eliz. 1571, 
rc-aflumed the title of Earl of Kent. He married Sul'an, daugh- 
ter to Richard Ikrtie, Efq. anceftor of the Duke of Ancalter, 
t>y Catharine his wife, Duchefs of Suffolk, and dying on the 
17th of March, 1 753, without ilTue by her, virho afterwards 
married Sir John Wing£eld, Knt. 

(7th Earlt) Henky, his next brotlicr, became heir, and mar- 
ried Mary^ one of the daughters of Sir George Cotton, of Cum- 
bermere, in the county of Cheitcr, Knt. and widow of Edward 
Stanley, the 3d Earl of Derby, but dying on the ill of Jan* 
161 5, without iiliic alfo, 

(8th Earl.) Charles, his next brother, fucceeded him, 
and married Sufan, daughter to Sir Richard Cotton, and by 
her had a fon Henry ; and a daughter Sufan, who married to 
Sir Michael Longuevilie , and dying in 1623, was fucceeded by 

(9th Earl.) Henry his fon, who married Elizabeth, 2d 
daughter and co-heir of Gilbert Talbot, the 7th Earl of Shrewf- 
bury; but dying in 1639, having no iffue, the title of Earl (by 
reau>n of the entail on the heirs male) dcfccndcd to 

(loth Earl.) Anthony Grey, then Re<5tor of Burbache, in 
fhc county of I^eiceller, fon ot' Geotge, fon of Anthony, 3d 
fon to George, the 2d Earl ; but upon cLiim made of the dig- 
nity of Lord Grey of Ruthyn, by Cli.u les Longuevilie, fon 
jind heir to Sir Michael Longuevilie, by Sufan his wife, fiftcr 
and heir to Henry the laftEarl of Kent, who died without ifTue, 
as hath been obferved. Anno 1640, it was adjudged to Mr. Lon- 
guevilie, from whom is defcended the Earl of Suflex. This 
Anthony matried Magdalen, daughter to William Purefoy of 
Caldecote, in the county of Warwick, Efq. and had five fohs, 
and as maky daughters, viz. Henry.— John.— 7 heo phi 1 us.— 
Job. — Nathaniel.— Grace, married to James .Ward, Efq.— 
Magdalen, to John Brown of Slrctton, in the county of Derby^ 
Efq. — Chriftian, to the Reverend Mr. Burdet. — Patience, to 
Mr. Wood of Lubenham, in the county of Leiceller.— Prifcilla* 
^Theophilus, died unmarried March 29, 1679, aged 74 ; and 

(nth Earl.) Henry the eldefl, in 1643, fucceeded his ia-^ 
thcr. He married firft, Mary, daughter of Sir William Couc- 
teen, Knt* by whom he had iiTue Henry, Lord Grey, who died 
in 1644. riis 2d wife was Arabella, widow to ILenry Fane, 
Efq. 3d fon of Francis the ift Earl of Weitmorland, dauglitcr 
and heir to Sir Anthony Benn, Knt. Recorder of London, (by 

VOI..L I ' Jane 

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Jane his wtfe, daughter to John Evelyn 'of Godfton^^ in Sultyi 
Efq.) and by her (who furvived her monument 45 years, and 
died on the tyth of Aug. 1698, n^cd 92*,) had iflne, Henry^ 
who died in 1644.— Anthony his heir.— And a daughter Eltxa- 
hcth, married to fianifter. Lord Maynard* 

(i2th£arL) Anthony, who in' April 165 1, fucceeded his 
father', married Mary, daughter and folc heir of John, Lord 
Lucas, Baron of Shenfield, in the county of ESkx; who on 
the 7th of May 1663, was created Baronefs Lucas of Crodweil, in 
Wilts, and to her heirs male and female, by the Earl of Kent ; 
and by her, who died Nov* i, 1702, the (aid Earl had Henryi 
his heir ; and a daughter Amabella, who died Not* 26, 1 702. 

(13th £arl, i(l Duke*) Henry, who on the 19th of Auguftf 
1702, fucceeded his father, married firi^, Jemima, eldeft daugh- 
ter of Thomas, Lord Ciew of Stone, and by her (who died July 
27, 1728) had four fons and feven daughters, viz. Anthony, born 
1 L'b. 21, 1695-6, married April 17, 17 18, to Mary Tufton, 
fourth UaiiglUcr of Thomas, J^aii of Thanet, and died July 21, 
1723, and Wis Lady iiiarrird John, ]Mar(juis ot Stal-lbid, and dud 
1785. — Kenry, born April 1, 1697, died Dec. 4, I7i7« — Lucas 
(]icd young. — Gcorj^c died young. — Amabcll:i married, 1/21, 
lohn Campbell, Earl of Hreruhillrane in Scotlund, and died 
March 2, 1727, leaving an only daughter, ]cininui, tlie prefent 
Marcliionels. — Jemima married |ohn, firft Earl of Afliburnham. 
— Menrictta, born Odl. 20, 1709, died fan. 4, 1717. — Anne 
married Charles Cavcndiili, brother to William, Duke of De- 
vonihirc, and died Sept. 20, 1733. — Marv married in ATarch 
1744, Dr. Gregorv, Canon of Chriil-Church, Oxford, and died 
Jan. 10, 1761. — jane died an infant. — Caroline died an infant* 
On Alarch 24, 1729, liis Ciiace married, 2dly, Sophia Ben- 
tinck, daughter to \Villium, Earl of l^ortland, by whom (who 
died lime 14, 174B) he had one fou and one daughter, viz. Cieorgc, 
born Aug. 22, 1732) and died in February following. — Anne- 
Sophia, borr. Jan. 17, 1730, mnrried 1768, Dr. John Egerton, 
late Kifliop of Durham, eldell Um of Henry, Btfhop of Here- 
ford, brother to the firli Duke of V*ridgewater. His Grace, May 
g, 1740, was created a Marquis of ( ireat Britain, by the title of 
Alarquiii de drey, with remainder to the prefent Marchioncfs 
and her heirs male, and dying |an. 1740- 1, was fucceeded by 

(lA Marchioncfs.) Jemima, the prcfcut Marchionefs^ who 
is alio Count els of Haidwicke. 

Creation*'^.] iJaronels Lucas, of Crudwell, in the county of 
Wilts, May 7, 1663, 13 Car. 11, Marchioners Grey by letters 
patent May 19, 1740. 

AaMs.'J Barry of fix pieces, arnm and azure^ the arms oC 
Grey. [Plate VlL] 

Supporters.] Two wvverns, cr, their wings difclofed* 

Chi£F S£at4 At Wreit<-Hpufe» in Bed^miihire. 


t "i J 


TEMPLE, Marquis of BUCKINGHAM, Earl Temple, 
Vifcount and Baron Cobham ; as well as Enrl Nugent, \n ire- 
land, and Ktiight of the Ciai ici ; bom }uac 17, i 7 5 y, luccccded 
his futhcr bcpt. 12, 1779^ Englilli honours ; and to the 

Irifli on OtS^, 13, 1788; was declared Lord Lieutenant of the 
kingdom of Ireland fuly 31, 1782, to whom the inilitution of 
the order of St. Patrick owes its origin. In 1 784 was advan- 
ced to the dignity of an Englifli iVIaiijuis, and a fecond time 
declared Chief Governor of the kingdom of Ireland. On April 
12, I775> he married Mary, fole daughter and heir to Rohert, 
Earl Nugent, w hole honours were entailed on his iord/liip and 
his heirs; by whom he has ifluc Richard, Earl Temple, born 
March I, 1776. — George, born Dec. 30, I788,— Mary, born 
Julys, 1787. 

This family of Grenville, Crranville, Greinville, or Grene- 
vvlc, been refident of Woi N^ii in Biickinghamfhire from the 
time of Henrv L a coUaLcral branch of the Granvillr?; in the - 
county of Devon, whofe defcent is deduced from Koilo the fiilt 
Duke of Normandy. Richard Granville, who came Into Eng- 
land with William the Conqueror, m?j ried n dnn^htcr ofWnlter 
GiiTord, Earl of Buckin^frim and [.oiiguevi iic, by whom he 
h.ul two fons, Richard, aiiceifor to the Earl of Bath; and Ro- 
bert, nnccAor to the prcfent family, vvho h:v:\ iiTuc two fons, 
Rohert the youngellj; and the eldelt, (jerard, who married Dio- 
nvlla, daughter to Henry do Turbeville, fleward of Gafcony, , 
!)y whom he had four fons,, viz, William, Robert, Reginald, 
and Ralph. 

William the eldeft, Was fheriff of Ox ford fh ire 1289, and 
left two fons^; Henry, who died without iiTue ; and John, who 
was living in 1274, and married Agatha^ daughter of Walter 
de BorgO) but left no male iflue. 

Robert the youngell, ion of Robert, gave to the abbey of 
Nutley certain lands, and was living 1190, and had two fons, 
viz. Gerard his heir ; and William, who in 1113, attended King 
John to Poi6^oii« Gerard the cldeft fon left iiliie Richard de- - 
Grenville, living T212, who left iflue two fons, Euftace hisheiry 
and Silvcfler, and a daughter Alice. Eullace was knighted 1272, 
and had a numerous ilFue ; Gerald the elded died without iflue; 
Richard the fecond fon, before 1 300, married Joan, daughter 
of William, Lord Zouch of Harringworth, and died 135I9 
leaving two fons and three daughters : the elded of the tons, 
Wittiaoiy was his heir, and 1327 was dikd, Lord Wotton. He 

I a nMkr* 

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married Agnes, daughter of William Writhan, and by her^ w!m> 
was livii'tg 13889 has iflue two fons, Thomas and Wtlliam ; Tho« 
mas died 1402, leaving ifTue, by Elizabeth Moreft, three fons, 
viE.^John and William left no heirs; Richard the eldeft, I40i» 
married Chri ft ian Loncelove, and dying before 1428, left iflue 
two fonsy Eudace and John* Euilace the eldeft fucceeded, and 
in 1435 ^'as retumed as one of the principal gentlemen in 
Buckinghamfliire. He married Margery Brian, by whom he 
had no iiTue ; and he married fecondly, Elizabeth, daugliter of 
Baldwin Bottclcr, Kfq. who became heirefs to her brothers. He 
died in 1480, leaving iiTue by her Thomas, who died without 
ifibe; and Richard, the eldelt fon, his fuccefTor, who married 
Joan Lyttelton, and died 1517, leaving iilue Edward; Cieorge, 
who died u ithout iffue ; Anne ; and F ortune. Edward fuc* 
ceeded, ar. 1 a is flicritf of Bucks and Bedford in 1527, and 
married i label I, daughter ot Thomas Denton, Efq. and dying 
1536, left iffue by her five fons, and a daughter Mary, who 
died young* Edward the cldcd left no male heir. Richard tht 
fecond Ion was born Oclohcr 28, 1527, married Mary^daughtcr 
of JohnGifFard, El'q. whom he had iffue four Ions and four 
daughters, and dying Nov. 7, 1604, was ifuccecdcd by his (econd 
fon Richard, (theeldefl, Edward, dying without iffue) who was 
born July 4, 1567, and married Frances, daughter of Thomas 
,SaunderS| Efq. by whom, who died 1647, he had iffue four Tons 
and two daughters, and dying in 16:8, was fuccceded by his 
eldeft fon Richard, born Och 8, i6x2, the flieriff of Bucks in 
1641; who married fjr A, 1634, Anne, daughter of Sir William 
Borlacc, Kiu. who died 1646; ?dly, Elinor, daughter of Sir Ti- 
mothv Tyrrcl. and widmv of Sir Pt' 1 Temple, Knt. and by 
her, who died 167 1, liad no iffue. He died 1665, leaving iffue 
by his hrft lady a daughter and an only fon Richard, who was 
htgh iliorit^ of Bucks 1671 ; and married Eleanor, daughter of Sir 
}-'eter I'emplc, his firll coufni, by which lady he had iffue a fon 
and three daughters, and dying 1719) was fucceeded by his only 

Richard Grenville, of Wotton, Efq. born ajd of March 
1677-8, was baptized lOth of April following; helerved inPar- 
li.iment for Wcndover, was afterwards chofen to reprelent the 
town of Hucking!»ara, and died 17th of February, 1726 7. In 
1710, he married Hefter, fccond daughter of Sir Richard Tem- 
ple of Stow, in the county of Buckingham, Bart, and lifter to 
Sir Ricliard, created Vifcount and Baron Cobham 23d of -May, 
1718, to him and his heirs, remainder in default thereof to his 
{jfter Hcfler (irenville and her heirs male; remainder in default to 
his third lifter ChriAian Lyttleton and her heirs male ; his Lord- 
ftiip departing this life at iiis I'cat of Stow, 15th of Sept. 1749» 
the aforefaid dignities, with his eftates, devolved on his faid 
fiilcjT Hefler> tbea th^ widow of Richard Grenville pf Wotton, 

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Elq* And his Majefty was pleafed to grant to herLadyfliip the. 
dignity of a Countefs of Great Britain, by the name, llylc, and 
title of Countefs Temple, with remainder of the dignity ot Earl 
Temple to her heirs male, i8th OfSlober, 1749. Her Lady/hip 
dcceafed at Bath 6th October, 1752, having had ifTue feven , 
fons and one daughter, when the honours devolved to her fon 
Richard. The daughter, 

Hcfter, married 6th Nov. 1754, to the Right Hon. William 
Pitt ; 5th October, 1761, flic was created Baroncfs of Chatham, 
in the county of Kent, with remainder to her heirs male by her 
faid hufband, who was created Earl of Chatham 30th July, 1766, 
and died at his feat at Hayes in Kent iith May, 1778, poiTef- 
fing the efteem and veneration of his country. His iiTuc by 
his faid Lady were^ John, now Earl of Chatham, born lOthi • 
September, 1756, appointed in 1788, firft Lord of the Admi- 
ralty ; the Right Hon. William Pitt, born iSth May, 1759, 
Member of Parliament for the univerfity of Caml)ridgc, a mem- 
ber of the Privy Council, Chancellor of the Exchequer, and 
firil Lord of the Tr^afury in Great Britain; James-Charles, ' 
bom 24th April, 1761, died in Dec. 1780, unmarried; Hcfter, 
born 19th OiT^obcr, 1755, married to Charles, the prcfent Earl 
Stanhope, and died in 1780 ; and Harriot, born 15th April, 1758^ 
who married the fon of Lord Eliot, and died 1786« 

The furviving fons of the Countefs were, 

Richard, Earl Temple. — George, whofe fon George fuc* 
ceeded to the riile. — Henry, born 4th April, 1714, died 1716.— - 
James, born Feb. 12, 1715, was for fome time one of the Lords 
Commiflioners of Trade and Plantation, and Deputy Paymafter 
of his Majefty's Forces, which he refigned 1755, was one of the 
Lords of theTreafury 1757, and till 1761, having held feveral ele- 
vated departments of Government, He died 1783, having married . 
Mary, daughter of James Snuth, Efq, and by her, who died i 
has two fons, James and Richard. — Henry Grenville (whole . 
twir> brother died foon after his birth) \\ as baptized 15th Sept* 
17 1 7, died 1784. He was conftituted Governor of Harbadoes 
in September, 1746, where he married, nth 0(£lober, 1757, 
Margaret, fifter to John Hodgkinfon Banks, TSq. and by her 
had a daughter L^n nil a, born 10th Auguft, 1758, and married to 
Charles the prefent Earl Stanhope, March 10, 1781. — Tho- 
mas, born 4th April, 17 19, was chofen to the Britifh Parlia* 
ment in December, 1746, for the borough of Bridpo;'t; was a 
Captain in the Navy, in which flntion, in the defeat of the, 
French fleet, May 1747, he loft his life. 

(ifl Earl.) Sir Richard, the eldeft fon of the Countefs, was 
born Sept. 26, 17 1 1, and was retviriird for the town of Buck- 
ingham at the general elet^icn in i734> and in the fucceeding 
parliaments fat as one of the Knights of the fhire, and agai^i 
for the ioid town of Buckingham, until he fucceeded to the 

' 1 3 / peerage 

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eerage on the death of his mother, Od. 6^ 1752* In 1756, 
wasfirft Commiifioner of the Admiralty, in 1757, was Keeper 
of the Privy Seal, and was fwom of the Privy Council 175B, 
in 176c, wac knighted, chofen a Kniglit of tne Garter* He 
married May 9, 17379 Anne, daughter and co-heir of Thomas 
Chambers, of Hanwdrth, Efq. by Mary, elded daughter of 
Charles, Earl Berkeley,, by whom, who died April 7, 1777, he 
had a daughter Elizabeth, born Sept. i, 1738, and died in 174a, 
ami his Lordfliip dying Sept. 12, 1779, without ifluc, wasfuc- 
ccc4cd in his honours and eftates by his nephew, the fon of his 
brother George, .who is the prefcnt Earl. 

George Grenville was born 06t. 14, 1712, and ferved in 
Parliament for the town of Buckingham from 1741, to the 
time of his dcatli, Nov. 13, 1770, during which time he bore 
iome of the nicii conlidcral^lc Ofliccs of State. 

In 1749, he married Elizabeth, filler to Charles, Earl of 
Egremont, and daii[ilitcr ot Sir William Windham, Bart, by his 
"Wife Catharine Seymour, daughter of Charles, Duke of Soraer- 
fct, by which Lady, who died 5th Dec. 1 769, he left ifluc, 

Richard Percy, born 12th March, 17^, who died yoimg. 

Cyeorci:, who fucceeded to the honours, and is the prcfent 

Thomas, born Dec. 31, 1755, army. 

"Willi AM- Windham-Grenviiic, horn a^th 0(^, 17^9, was 
loint Paymaflcr of the Forces, a ConnnifTioner of the Eail-In- 
dia Board, a Lord of Trade and Plimrations, a Member of his 
Maicflv's moft honourable Privy Ci^ incils in Cireat Britain and . 
Lcland ; Rcprcfentntivc in Parliament for the county of Buck- 
incham, late Speaker of the Britifli Houfe of Commons, and id 
3789* one of his Majcfty's principal Secretaries of State. 

Charlottj% horn 14th Sept. 1754, married Dec, 21, I77I> 
to th^ ^nte Sir W atkin-Williams Wynne, Bart. 

p_.Li/,A tu:TH, born 24th 061. 17^9, married T2th April 1787, 
to John-Jofhua, Earl Carysfort, and hath a daughter, born 13111 
^larch, 17S9. 

HrsTiR, horn in 1760, married to Hugh Fortcfcuc, the prc- 
fent Earl I'oitefcue; and 

Catharixk, horn in 1761, married to Richard- Aldworth 
Neville, of Biilingbcrc, in tlu- county of Berks, Efq. heir appa- 
rent to the barony of Braybrooke, pow poflcfled by Lord How-^ 
ard, qf Walden, by whom fhe has iffue four fons. 

The family of Temple, from whoni his Lordfliip is mater* 
Hally dcfcendcd, \s given under the title of Vifc. Palmerfton. 

But, as his prefent Lordfhip derives the title and eftate of Kuf 
gent by his marriage with Mary, daughter of th$ l^tc £ari 'S^'- 
fpntj we {haii fubjoln an accoupt of that family. 

Sir Thomas Nugent, Knt.* was feated at Carlanftown, in 
Ike coonfy of W^^m^^itbi ^ <naft4e4 Eliz^^beth, daughter of 

' Geot 

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Ueo. Fleming, Efq. fecond fon of James, Lord Slane, and by 
her had fcven fons, and one daughter; and was fucceedcd by Ro- 
hoity his eideil fon, whofe fon and fuccciTor was Edmond, who 
married the daughter of Chriflopher, ninth Lord Killeen'; and 
fecondly, Mary, daughter of —— Cufack ; and dying 1599, 
left iiTue by his laft wife three fons, and was fuccceded by his 
fecond fon Robert, who had a fpecial livery of his inheritance) 
July lO) 1629 ; and married the daughter of KeddghGeoghegan, 
of Syonan, in Weftmcath, Efq. and left two fons, Edmond his 
heir; and Matthias Nugent, of Cloontidufly, in WeAme^th, 
Captain ia K* James's anny; who married Catharine, daughter 
ofRobv 1 1 Nugent, of Clonigeragh, fecond brother to James Nu- 
gent, of Ballynae, and had Robert his fucceffor at CloontidufiV, 
^ ho married Elizabeth, daughter of Captain George Barnewall, 
of Creve, in the county of Longford, and had iflue two fons and 
feveral daughters* 

. Edmonb, who fucceeded at Carlanftown, had three grants of 
lands under the 9/6ts of fetclement ; was Member in K. James's 
^Parliament for MuUiiu^ar; nuu-ried Clara, daugliter of Robert 
^Cufack, of Rathgarei Efq* and he died Nov. i, 1704, having 
iffue^ Robert, Michael, Chrtftopher ; Margaret (married to John 
Chevers, of Macetown); Anne (to James Reynolds of Lough« 
fcur, in the county of Leitrim ; and by him, who died in 1729, 
bsd George Reynolds, Efq. Anne, and other children) ; Mar* 
tha (married to Ignatius Palles, of Clonbakuk, in Cavan) | 
Frances (to Edward Nusent, of Dungoniine^ in the faid county, 
£fq. and had Alice and Grace) ; Mary-Anne, who died unmar^ 
ried 19th Dec. 1744, and was buried at St. James's, Dublin; 
Mary, (married to Edward Nugent, ofDonoucr, Efq.); Eliza- 
beth, (to Garrett Darditz, of Gigginftown, in Wcftmeath, 
Efq.) ; and the youngeft, to Mr. Mapothcr, of the county of 
Rofcomon, who died witliout iflae. 

Robert, the eldeil Ton, by lettleinent, dated July 3 and 4, 
1699, mm: led Mary, d.tu^;!iter ofSir john Fleming, ofStohol- 
muck, in the county of ^'k.ith, Liq.; but dying without iffuc 
in Feb. 1728, wasiucceeded hv his brother Michael, w lio mar- 
ried Mary, fifth daughter of Rol>ert, Lord Trimlcfton, and dy- 
ing fuddenly 13th May, 1739, having had iflue by her, who died 
in Sqit. 1740, two fons and three daughters, Edmond, who died 
at Buda, in Au<^uft 1736, aged 21 years; Robert, created Earl 
Nugent; Mary, (married in 1748, to Henry, third fon of Ge« 
odry Krownc, of Caillemagarret, in tlie county of Mayo, Efq. 
and has iflTue one daughter, Mary married to Cicneral O'Don- * 
nell) ; Clare, (married in 1740, to George Byrne, of Cap- 
panteely, otherwife CornclTs-Court, in thQ county of Dwbiim 
Ef<|.) ; and Margaret unmarried. - ' 

Robert, the fnrvlving fon, was chofen In "Mav, 1 741, and 
in 1747, aMemb^r oftbeBritifh Farliameai lor St* Maw^, in 

I 4 Cornw^j 

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Cornwall; in November 1747, he wa« made Comptroller of the 
Prince of Walcs't Houfhold ; 6th April, 1754, appointed a Lord 
of the Treafury; in 1759, of the Vice-Treafurers of Ire- 
landy which he refigned 29th July, 1765, and 1 6th Dec. 1766, 
was conlHtuted firiiLord of Trade and Plantations, which rc- 
iigmng, he was again made a Vicc-Trcafurcr of Ireland, 14th 
June, 1768, in whicli ilation he continued tiil 1782, and was 
fworn of the Privy Council of hoth kingdoms. In 1767, he was 
advanced 10 the peerage of Ireland by the titles of Baron Nugent 
of Carlanllown, and Vifcount Clare, purfuant to Privy Seal, 
dated at St, James's, 9th Dec. 1766, and by patent, 19th Jan.' 
and lie was further advanced to the dignity of an Earl of the 
kingdom of Ireland, by the title of Earl Nugent, with remainder 
in default of iifue male to George Grenviirc-Nugcnt-l'emple, of 
Wotton, in thccrmt ty of Hvickingham, Efq. 2ili July, 1776. 

He married firll, I4rh jiily, 1730, Emilia Plunket, fccond 
daughter of Peter, the fourth Fail of Fingall; by her, who died 
16th Aug. 1731, he had a fon Edmond, l ieutenant Colonel in 
the f.i fl regiment of foot guards, who died unmarried at Bath, 
in May 1 771. —On 23d Match, I73f>, he married fecondly, 
Anna, daughter of James Craggs, Efq. Poft-Mafter General, 
fiAcr and heir to James Craggs, and rclidt of Robert Knight, 
of Gosfield-Iiall, in the county of Eiiex, Efq. Secretary for the 
Leeward lilands ; by his marriage with this Lady, having ac- 
quired a confiderable eftate, he affumed the firname of Craggs^ 
but flie d'jccafing without iflue, he married thirdly, Jan, 2, 
1757, Eli/abeth, Countefs Dowager of Berkeley, a|id dying 
O^* 13, 17B8, left ilTue by his fecond marri^^e, Mary, the pre- 
fent Marchionefs of Buckingham, on whom his eftate and title 

Creations.] Vifcount and Baron Cobham, 23d Mav, i7i8> 
4 Geo* I. Earl Temple, 18 0£t. 1749, 23 Geo* II* flarl Nu- 
gent, of the kingdom of Ireland, 21 July, 1776, 15 Geo* III* 
and Marquis, of the town of Buckingham, in the county of 
Buckingham, in 1784, 24 Geo. III. 

Arms.] Quarterly, fix coats, firft, vert^ on a crofs, orgem^ 
6ve tortenuxes, for Grenville. Second, a lion guardont, <w- 
gent J for Buckingham* Third, guUs^ three lions pafTant, 
for Normandy. Fourth Quarterly, fit ft and fourth, tr, an 
eagle difplayed, fabUy fccond and third, argent^ two bars, on 
each three martlets, •r, for Temple. Fifth, gu/cs, on a chevron, 
tfr, three lions rampant, fablt^ for Cobham. Sixth, Ermine, 
two bars, guUs, for Nugent. [Plate Vlli»] 

Supporters*] Two Cockatrices, vert, combed and wattled; 
gitles. i\vcM\ (TO rged and chained, *r. 

Crest.] A cockatrice, with wings expanded, virty combed 
|md at tied, gu/es. 

Motto.] Tmpla quam sUU&a ! Temples how beloved ! 


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•Seats.] Stowe^ and Wotton, in the county of Bucking- 
ham ; GosfieId-Hall> in the county of EiTex ; ami Carlanilown^ 
in the county of Weilmeath, 44 miles from Dublin* 


npHE mofl noble WILLIAM PETTY, Marmais of 
LANSDOWN, Vifcount Cain© and Can fton, and jBaron 
Wycomb ; and alfo Earl of Shelburne, Vifcount Fitzmaurtcef 
and Baron Dunkerton, (Iriih Honours) ; and Knight of the Gar-* 
tcr; born 1737, fucceeded his father, the late .Lord, May 14,' 
1 76 1. He married Feb. 3, 1765, Sophia, daughter of John^ 
£arl Granville, by^his fecond Lady, Sophia, daughter of Tho- 
mas, Earl of Pomfret ; by which Lady, who died in Jan. 177 
aged 25, he had iflue, John Henry, Vifcount Fitzmaurice^ 
bom Dec* 6, 1765; and a Ton William, who died Jan. 27,- 
.1778* His Lordfliip married fecondly, July 19, 1779) Louifa 
Fit^patrick, After to the Earl of Upper Oilory, by whom* 
who died Aug. 7, 1789, he had a ion born July 1780 ; and a 
daughter bom Dec. 8, 1781. 

This noble Lord is, by the paternal fide, a branch of the illus- 
trious houfe of Fitz-Gerald, being the fecond fon of Tbomas, 
Earl of Kerry. And by the mouier*s £dc, is defcended from 
Anthony Petty, of Ramley, in the county of Southampton, clo- 
thier; whofe eideft fon, Anthony, died 1649; and his daugh- 
ter married to James Kapler, nephew of Sir Gerard Napier, of 
Middle Marfhail, in Dorfet, Baronet. The youngefl fon, 
William, was born May 26, 1623, ^^^^r education at Ox-^ 
ford, went to Caen, in Normandy, where he learned the French 
tongue, lludied the Miithcmatics, and other Unlvcrfity learn- 
ing; and in 164), rcrurniiig into England, and futtling at Ox- 
ford, was Deputy Profeflbr of Anatomy in tliat Univcrfity, 
having the chair 1650 in his own right, and thence commencing 
Do(5\or ot Phylic, was one of the college ol* that faculty in 
London the lame year, and in 16^1, Mulic Profeflbr ot Grelhani 
College. In 1^)52, was ; ii tcd Phyfician-General to ilic 
snny in Ireland, and pra61iled phyiic in Dublin. He had a pa- 
tent to he one of the Surveyors ot Ireland, upon wliich, hie fct 
fail for Dublin ; and in 1654, began to furvey thecountrv, w inch 
he finifhcd with exadtnefs in ten months. After the Reiloration 
of King Charles IL he was knighted in t66i; and when the 
Royal Society was fet up, was cliuieii p ellow, and afterwards 
made one of the council belonging to it. He was a great pro- 
moter ot experimental philolophy and mechanic inOruments, of 
which he was an admirable inventor : they, together with his 
trcatife of Political Arithmetic, and other works of curiofity, 




proved vriy honourable to himfelf, and ufeful to the nati^* 
\ic received icvcral conridcrable cmploynicnts under govcriH 
mcnt, and died of the gout, Dec. i6, 1687. 

(lit Baron.) He married Eliz-abeth, daughter to Sir Har- 
drels Waller, Knt. who, by Charles ]I. was created Baroaefs 
Shelhurne for life, Dec. 31, 1688, and /he died 1708, leaving 
iffuc. by bir William, three fons and one daughter, viz. John, 
born 1669, who died 1670. — Charles her lucceiTor. — Henry, 
created Earl of Sheiburne. — Anne married Jan. 14, 1692, to 
'I homas, Earl of Kerry, and died in Nov. 1737, by whom fke 
had Jotin, late Karl of Sheibnme. 

(zd Baron.) Charles was at the fame time with his mo- 
ther, crc.itcd Baron of Shclburne, but had his eftatc, with his 
mother's and brothers, fequeftered in 1689, but in the firft Par- 
liament after the Revolution, had it rcftored. In June 1690^ 
be married Mary, daughter of Sir John Williams, of Keot^ 
£art. but dying without liTue in April 1696, the title became 
extin£l; and his Lady married fecondly with Lieut* Gen* 
Conyngham, father of the late Earl of Conyngham ; and thirdly 
with Robert Dalway, Efq. Colonel of Dtagoons, and dying 
Dec« IQ, 1710, leftnoiilue. 

(3d Baron, and i ft Earl.) Henry, his brother, in the 11th 
of William IIL vras honoured with the barony of ^^Ibume, by 
a new creation in 1699, and in 1704, was appointed one of the 
Privy Council to Queen Anne, as, in Sept. 1714, he was for 
George L in whofe £rft year he was chofen Member of Parlia- 
ment fior Great Marlow, in Bucks, and in the fifth, created 
Vifcount Dunkerron, and Earl of Shelburne, 17 18; and his 
Lordfhip, 1699, marrying Arabella Boyle, daughter to Charles, 
Lord ClifiFonf, and fifter to Charles, third Earl of Cork and Bur- 
lington ; by her, who died Nov. 1740, had iflue, William, who 
died 1701. — Charles, who died young, — James, Lord Dunker- 
ro^i. — Anne, born 1700, married 1722, Francis Bernard, Kiq. and 
ciicd 1727. James, ViTcount Dunkerron, married Elizabeth, 
iiiiLi (and co-heir with the Viicountels Windlor) of Sir James 
Claverinjr, of Axwell, in the bi(ho])ric of Durham, bv whom 
he h:iu a 1^)11 janu s, who died in April 1742, and Ins n\other in 
Aug. loUowmg. Lord ])u[ikcrron, died Sept. 17, 1730; and 
his father, the Karl of Shelburne, on Apul 17, 1751, when the^ 
title b( c.ime cxtin<^l, till his Majefty was pleafed to revive it 
by a new creation in the pcrfon of his nephew, 

(2d Far!.") John, fccond Ton of Thomas, Karl of Kerry, as 
before nx iuioned, who, being made heir to his uncle^s large 
eft ate, took the furnameand arms of Petty; was created Vifcount 
p it/.-Mauricc, and Baron of Dunkerron, 06t. 7, 1751, and 
Earl of Shrlhijrnc, in the county of Waterford, June 6, 17;'^, 
at'.d wa<^ created a peer of Great Britain, in Mav 17, 1760, by 
the title 01 Baroa o£ Wycombe, m. the county Bucks^ 


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His LorJfhip ill i eb. 16, 1734, married Mary, danghter of 
his uncle, Colonel illiam Fit^-M«iu ice, "by whom, who died 
Dec. 9, 17S0, lie hud ifTuc, Mary and Anne, wlio died infants. 
Willium, the prefent Marquis, — 1 homas, born July, 1742, 
who retains the name of Fitz-Mauricc, married Dec. 21, 1777, 
Mary Obriea, only furviviiig daughter of Munoiigh, late £arl 
of Inchiquin, by Mary Hamilton, Countcls of Orkney, and 
by her has IfTue, a fon Thomas, born Odt. 9, 1778. His Lord* 
fliip dying May 14, 1761, aged 55, was fuccecded by his eldeft fon, 

(3d Earl.) William, the prefent Marquis, to which title he 
was created Nov. 30, 1784, 

Creations.] vifcount Fltz-Maurice, and Baron of Dun« 
kcrron, in the kingdom of Irebnd, O^. 7, 1751, 25th George 
II» and Earl of Shelburnei in the county of Waterford, June 
26, 1753, 27th George IL Earl Wycombe, Vifcount Calne, 
and Conftone, and Baron Wycombe, in the county of Bucks, 
May 7, 1760, 34th of George ]I. and Marquis of LaniilowB^ 
Nov. 30, 1 784, 24th of George III. 

Arms.] Ermine, on a bend, azure^ a magnetic needle pointing 
at a pole ilar, or ; he alfo fomcclmes quarters, argent^ a faltire, 
ptltSf and a chief, ermine^ with a crefcent for difieitefice. 

Crest.] On a wreath, a fagitary, proper^ 

Supporters.] The dexter, pegafes, ermbte^ bridled, crinedy 
wioged, unguled, or, charged on the ihoulder with a fleur de 
lis, ozure* The finifter a griffin, cr* 

Motto.] Vcrtuu ttcn verbis* By hiavcry, not by words. 

Chief Seats.] At Chipping Wycomb, in the countj of 
Bucks; and BowWood, nearCaloe, mWiltihir<^. 


* Marquis of Stafford, JEarl GOWER, Vifcount Trcntham, 
and Lord Cower, Baron of Stittenham, and Baronet, born 17179 
facceeded his father Dec. 5, 1754* He married firft in 1744, 
Kllzabetb, daughter of Nicholas Fazakcrley, Efq« of Lancamlret 
by whom, who died May 19, 1745, he had a fon, John, born 
May 14, 1745, who died the fame day. He married iecondly, 
March 31, 1748, Louifa Egerton, daughter of Scroop, Duke of 
Bridgewater, by which Lady, who died March 14, 1761, he had 
iffue, Louifa, born 06^. 22, 1749, married Dec. 27, 1777, 
Archibald Mackdonald, Efq. brother to Lord Mackdonald, of 
Ireland, by whom Ihe has ifTuc. — Carolina, born November 2, 
'753? ^"^^^ married March 22, i //^^ ihe Earl of Cailide, and 
has ilTue. — George G ran v:11l> Lcvcfoii, Earl Gowcr, born Jan. 
flj iy^8, maiiicd Scptcmbex 4, ^']^^ tiie ^ou|iuis of Sutherland, 

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i£4 MAR QJi rs o» STAPFORb. 

by whom he has iflTiic — Anna, horn Fchriiarv 22, 1761, married. 
Feb. 5, 1784, to the Hon, and Rev. E(l\VarJ Venablcs Vernon* 
His Lorcliliip married May 23, 1768, his third wife Sufanna, 
daughter ot the F.arl of Galloway, by whom he lias Granvillc- 
Levcfon, born 1773. — Gcorgina, born April 23, i769»-»^Char« 
Jotte, born June 11, 1771. — Sufan, born 1772. 

Srr Allan Gower of Stittcnham, at the time of the Norinan 
, Conquelt, was Sheriff of Yorkfliire; and from him, in a dire^ 
' line, the family hath continued their feat at Stittenham to the 
prefent time* 

Sir Edward Gower, married Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Robert Conftable, and had two fons and three daughters, Catha- 
rine, Agnes, and Barbara. Of the fons, Richard the 2d, married 
^g'nes» daughter of William Leving, and had iflVie Edward, 
Thomas, Francis, and Ralph, 

Thomas, eldeft fon of Sir Edward, was Marfhal of Berwick, 
in the ifl of Edward VI. He married ift, Anne, daughter of 
John Malevcr, Efq. by whom he had no iffue ; 2dly, Barbara, 
daughter of John Baxter, Efq. and by her he had four fons^ 
.Thomas, Henry, William, and Edward; and three daughters) 
Sarhara, ifabella, and Jane. 

Thomas, the eldeft fon, fncceeded his father, and married 
Mary, daughter of Gabriel Fairfax; by whom he had iflue Tho- 
mas, Robert, Edward, Frances, and Elizabeth. 

(ift Bart.) Sir Thomas, the eldeft fon, was created a Ba- 
ronet, and married Anne, third daughter and co-l^eir to John 
Doylcy, Efq. and had fevcn fons. 

(2d. Bart.) Srr Thomas, the eldeft, married^ ift Elizabeth, 
Itfter to Charles the ftrft Earl of Carlifle, l>v whom he had no 
ifttte ; 2dl^, Frances, daughter of Sir John Levefon, and lifter 
and co- heir to Sir Richard Levefon of Trentham, in the county 
«f Stafford, and by her had, Edward. — ^William*Levefon.— « 
Frances, married to Sir James Wood* 

Edward died in his father's life-time, and left iftoe by 
Dorothy, daughter of Sir Thomas Wentworth. 

(3d fiart.) Sir William-Levefon, ad fon, marrying Jane, 
daughter of John Granville, Earl of Bath, by her had three fon^ 
]ohn, Richard, and William ; and two daughters ; Catharine 
married to Sir Edward Windham ; and Jane to Henry, late Earl 
of Clarendon and Rochefter. 

(ift Enrd.) loHN, the eldeft fon, was created, 1703, Lord 
Cio vcr of Stiitciiham, and dying Sept. 10, 1709, left iffue by 
Catharine, tlanghtcr of John Manners, the firfl Duke of Rut- 
land, four fons .t!ul two (l:iuf;litcrs ; Catharine, who died on tlic 
^Otli of April, I 7 12.— lane, who was married to Jolin Probv, 
Efq. of Elton-Hall, ill 1 f uiit in^donfliii e, and died June lo, 
1726, leaving ifTiie, |n]^n, attervvards crt.iled Eord Carvsford in 
irehuid) and other cluWrui.— John, the lute Eurl. — VV iil .1, 

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MAR Q^U I S o f S T A F F O R D. la^ 

married May 26, 173O9 Anne, daughter of Sir Thomas Grof* 
* Veilor, Bart, of Chelhire, sftid died December 13, 173I9 leaving 
iflue a daughter Catharine, who died December 13, 1756.—- 
Thomas died unmarried Aug. 12, i727.-- Baptifl, who die4 
Aug. a, 1782, aged8i» 

(iftEarl.) John, the eldeft Ton, fucceeded his father, and 
was created an Earl, 1746* On the 19th of March, 1712, he 
married to his firft wife, Evelyn Pierpoint, daughter of Evelyn, 
Duke of Kingfton, and by her, who died June 27, 1 7 2 7, had [(tatj 
John, who died in July 1 723.— William, who died April 14, 1 739, 
**^ranviHe*LeYefon, now Marquis of Staflt»rd.— Richard Le* 
vefon, died O^ober 19, 1753, unmarried. — Catharine, who died 
an infant*-— Gertrude, married to John, late Duke of Bedford, 
by whom Ihc had iflue. — Mary, to Sir Richard Wrottcfley, 
Bart, by whom fhe had iflue, the prefent Duchefs of Grafton, 
the Lady of the Heflian Ambaflador, and other children, and 
died 1 78 1. — Jane, died in May, 1737, unmarried. — Frances, 
married Lord John-Vhilip Sackville, father to the jirefcnt Duke 
of Dorfet. — Elizal>eth, icd to Earl Wjldegrave, and died 
Apiil 28, 1784. — Evelyn, niair i-d flrfl, 1/44? to ]ohn, the late 
Liirl of Upper Oflbry, and had liW.c ; aiter whole deaili <lie mar- 
ried 2dly, to Ricliard Vernon, Efq. by wliom flie had iflue alio. 
The Earl married fecondly, 1733, i^^^^^^op'^j daughter of Sir 
John Sronehoufc, and relift of Sir Henry Atkins, hv whom 
(who died Aug. 19, 1 735,) h^ had a daughter Penelope, horn in 
June 1733, who died in March, 1734. The Karl married 1736, 
to his t)iird wife, Mary, daughter of Thomas, Earl of Thanet, 
and relict of Antliony (irev, Earl Harold, brother to the prefent 
Marchioncfs ( irey, and only Ion of the late Duke of Kent, who 
died 1723; and hy her, who was horn 170T, and died Feb. 19, 
1785, had iflue, Mary, who died young. — 1 homas, born in 
Augull: 1738, died in 1 740. — John Levefon, born in 1742, an 
Admiral in the Navy, married July 6, 1773, to F rances l)of- 
cawen, niece to the Earl of Falmouth, and daughter of Atlm. 
Bofcawen, by whom Ihe has ifl\ic, a fon, born 1774. — 'i iioinas, 
horn June 4, 1743, who died an infant. His Lordlliip dying 
the 25th of December, 1754, was fucceeded by his cldeit furvi- 
vinjg fon, 

(id Earl.) Granvilll-Leveson, now Marquis of Stafford. 

Creations.] Lord (tower, of Stittenham, in Yorkfliirc, 
March t6, 1703; V il'count Trentham in the county ofStatlbrd, 
and EarlOower, the 8thof Jaly, 1 746, and Marquis of Stadbrd, 
Feb. 28, 1786. 

Akms.] Quarterly, htil ;ind fourth, harry of eight, argent 
and guks; over all, a crols-riory,^^/^/^, for Ciov/er. Second and 
third, aTutre^ three laurel leaves ere<5l, or, for Levefon, [Plate 

Crkst*] Ooawreath^ a wolf paflantj ardent; collared and 
cbatoedjV* Sup- 

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Suppo&TEiis.] Two wolves, argenti each having a collar and 
cbahi) or* 

Motto.] Frangas, nonflems. You may break, but ihali noc 
hend me« 

Chief Seats.] At Trentham, in thecounty of Stafibrd; and 
at Stittenham, in V orkihire* 


npHE moft noble GEORGE TOWNSHEND, Marquis and 
Vifcount Townflicnd of Ravnham, and Baron Townfliend 
of Lynn Rtsgis ; and Baronet ; born February ^8, 1724, and 
fttcceeded his father the late Vifcount, March 12, 1764^ He 
ma'rried firft in Dec. Charlotte, only daughter of James* 
Karl of Northampton, (<tnd Baronefs Ferrars of Chartiey, in 
right of her mother) by which Lady, who died Sept* 14, 1770, 
he had ifllie, George, bom April 18, 1753, created 1784, 
Earl of ^icefterfhire. — John, bom January 1757, married 
April 10, 1787, Mifs Pointz, and by her had a daughter 
born Feb. 1, 1788. — Frederick-Patrick, bora Dec* 20, 1767, 
died 1775.— -Charlotte, bora October 15, i754> ^nd died 
March 12, 1760. — ^Caroline, died an infant* — ^Franc^, borii 
March 28, 1 76 1, and died May 11, following.— -Charles, born 
Jan. 6, 1769. — Elizabeth, born 1766. His Lordfhip marrioi 
fecondly, May 19, 1773, Anne, daughter of Sir William Moht-» 
gomery, Bart, by whom he has, Anne, born Feb. i, 1775. — 
Charlotte, bom March 19, 1776. — Honora-Maria, born July 6, 
1777. — ^William, born Sept. 15, 1778.— and another fon, born 
September 73, 1785. 

The family of TownHiend hath loiig ilouriflied in Norfolk. 
Sir Roger Townihend, in the reign of Edward V. was made Chici 
JufticL- of the Common Picas. He married Anne, tiaii^iircr of 
Sir \V'ilIirini I'rewfe, by whom he luul a numerous liluv. Tlie 
fons w eic ; Roger, vsho died \\ iihout iiiLic, — John.-— Sir Robert, 
who was Chief Juitice of Chcflcr. — George.— rhonias. — Giles, 
fohn, the fecond fen, nnrricd I.Icanor, daughter of Sir johii 
Heydou, and had ioiir fons, of whom Richard, rlic cideil-, mar- 
rictl Catharine, daughter of Sir Humphrey Krown, and by her 
bad Sir Roger Townihend, who by Jane, youngcil daughter of 
Sir Mich:**:! Stanhope, who afterwards married Henry, the 
fcventh Lord Berkeley, had ifluc, i. Sir John. 2. Sir Robert, 
who married Anne, daughter of W ilham, Lord Spencer, but 
died without iffue. Sir John nmrried the daughter of jNathauiei 
Bacon, and by her had, 

(ift Baronet.) Rocek, wlio in 1617, ^S^^ of James 1. was 
created a Baronet, and died January i636.-^«Stanhop&.-« 


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Ellx.ibcthj niarricd to John, Elq. Sir Ro^er, the, marncd Mary, daughter of I loi.^cc, Lord \ cic, and Uf 
her (who atterwanls married Mil iin iy, the fecoiid Earl of W'eft- 
morclaml) had Sir Roger, who died in liis minority ; Sir Horatio; 
and five daughters ; Mary, Jane, Anne, Elizaheth, and Vcre ; 
whereof the latter was married to Sir Ralph Hare; Anne, to 
"William Cartwright, Efq. Jane, to John Wyndham, Eicj, and 
Mary, to Thomas Lord Crew : And 

(ift \ liconn.) Sir Horatio, their brother, in 1661, was» 
created Lord I'ownfhend, and in 1682, Viicount 'I'ownflicnd, 
and died 1687. He married firll, Marv, daughter of Edward 
Levvknor, Ijq. by whom lie luid no iiTuc; fccondly, Mary, 
daughter ol Sir Joi'eph Alhe, by whom he had three ions, 
Charles, Roger, and Horatio ; whereof the latter died 4, 
175T5 Icavinfr a draighter, married to Lord Burk'ig!i, elded Ion 
of the }Lsivi ot iixetcr* Roger died May 22, 1709, unmarried ; 

(2d Vifcount.) Charles, the eldeil, fuceceded his father. 
By his fecond wife (who wa> Dorothy, fifier to Robert, I'.arl of 
Orford, and who died on the 29th of March, 1726) he had ifl'ue 
five Tons and two daughters; George, an Admiinl in the navy, 
born 17 15, died in 1769, — Auguiltus, decealcd in 1746. — 
Horatio, died in 1764.— Richard, horn Sept. 8, 172 1, died an 
infant. — Edward, in holy orders, who married in May, 1747, 
Mary, daughter of Brigadier-General Price, by whom he had 
one Ion Edward, who married in 1789, Louifa, tlic daughter 
the late Sir W. Milncr; and five daughters; Mary, Eiizal>cth, 
Henrietta, Lucy ; and Charlotte, married May 12, 1773, John 
Norris, Efq. of Norfolk; and fecondly, to William Fanquier, 
Efq, He died Jan. 27, 1764.— Dorothy, married 1742, to Dr. 
Spencer fCowper, dean of Durham, brother to William, Earl 
Cowper, and died May, 1779. — Mary, married March 17, 1753, 
to Edward Cornwallis, Efq, uncle to the prefent Earl, and died 
without iffue, Dec. 29, 1776. And by bis firll, who was Eliza- 
beth, fecond daughter of 1 homas, Lord Pelham, half iifter to the 
late Duke of Newcaflle, he had four fons; and a daughter Eliza- 
^ beth, married to Charles, late Earl Cornwallis. The fons by the 
firil wife were, Horatio, hom Ang. 13, 1699, and died an tn- 
£int. — Charles, his fuccefTor. — lliomas. — William.— Roger, • 
died Auguft 7, 1760. William, the fourth fon, born June 9, 
1702, on May 29, 1725, married Henrietta, daughter of 
Lord William Powlett, who died Jan. 11, 1755. He died in 
Jan. 1738, leaving Iflue, !• Charles,' married Augu A 1777, Mifs 
Annabella-Paulett Smith, and has tfibe, a fon born Sept. 26, 
178s, and another fon, bom Feb. 2^, 1786. 2. Caroline, mar- 
ried the Hon. Frederlck^ Cornwallis, late Archbifliop of Can- 
terbury, 3* Anne^ married Charles Hedges, Efq. and died 1758. 
4» Dorothy, married Burton Allen, Efq. 5. Henrietta. — ^Thomas, 


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3d fon, bom June 2) 1701, and died 1780, having married May 
^9 173^9 Albana, daughter of Colonel John Selwyn; and by her, 
who died in 1739) he had three Tons and two daughtersy i* 
Thomasi born 17339 the prefent Vifcount Sydney, a. Charks, 
born in 1736. 3. Henry, killed in Germany in 1762. 4* Al- 
binia, born in April 17 SS* ^nd married in April, 17C2, to 
George^ late Vifcount Middleton of Ireland, by whom ue had 
ilTue. c. Mary* 

(3d Wcount.^ CHARt£8, the eldeft, on the 24th of Mav, 
'1723, waV callea up by writ to the Houfe of Peers, and in the 
fame month married Audrey, djiughter of Edward Harrifon of 
Ballt) in the county of Hertford, and by her, who died 1 788, 
had iiTue five fons and a daughter; George the prefent Mar- 
quis.— -Charles, who married dept. 15, 1755, to Car6line, eldeft 
daughter of John, late Duke of Argyl, widow of Francis, Earl 
of Dalkeith, now Baronefs Greenwich, and died Sept. 4, 1767, 
leaving ifluc; Srr Baronefs Greenwich. — Edward died June 25, 
1 73 1. — A fourth fon died young. — Roger, Lieutenant- Colo- 
nel in the army, who was killt d |uly 2;, 17 59? aged 28, at 
Ticonderago. — Auihcv, manicJ Robert Ohikj Elc]. ot Dcvon- 
fliire, and tlicd Feb. 1781. Mis Eoicl/hip fucceeded his hither 
in June, 1738, departed tliis Hie March 1 2, 1764, and was iuc- 
cceded by his eldeft fon, 

(4th Vi (count.) (ii"()RCEj the prefent Marquis. 

Crlaiioks.] Baron, April 20, 1661 ; Viicoujit, Dec. 2, 
1682; Marqnis, 0(5\. 27, 1787. 

Arms.] Jzufr,^ chevron,^r between three efcaiiop ihellsi 
flr-^w/. [IMate Vlll.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a buck, /abh'y attired, proper. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a buck, fable i on the 
finifter, a grevhound, argent^ 

MoiTO.J Hitc ginn 'i inaementafidis. This faith will be of 
fervice to our def'cendants. 

Chu k Seats.] At Ruynham-Hail ; and at Stiffcay-Hall, in 
the county of Norfolk. 


n^IU: inoll noble JAMES CECIL, Marquis and Earl of 
^ SALISBURY, Vifcount Cranburn, and Baron Cecil, of 
Eflenden, was born September. 1 748, iuccecded his father the 
late Earl, September, 1780, married December 2, 1773, Mary- 
Amelia Hill, 2d daughter of Wills, Earl of Hilfborough, by 
whom he has ifluc, Gcorgiana-CharloHa-Augufta, born Maiph 
20, 1786, to whotn tjjcir MajclUes and the Princes Royal ftooi 
Sponfors.— Another daughter was born July 13, 1789* 


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The dcfcent of this family is under the title t>£ Cecily £arl oC 
Exeter. ^V]Hiatll, Lord fiurleigh, married two wives j by the 
firil he had ThomaSy who was created £ari of Exeter; and by 
thefecond had 

'(ilfc Ear!.} Robert, who was created Earl of Salifburyi^ ■ 
He juarried Elizabeth, daughter to William Brookj Lord Cob- 
haiii> had a Ton, WiUjam ; and a, daughter Frances, married to 
Henry, Lord ClitFord, the laft Earl of Cumberland^i 

(2d EarL) Wii^x^iam, on the 24th of May, 161 2, fucccedcd 
hU father in his honours. He married Catharine Howard^ 
Toungell daughter to 1 homas, the lil Earl of Suffolk, and had 
eight Tons, James> died an infant.-— Charles. — Robert. ---Philip* 
— William, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas 
Lawley, 3a rt.— -Algernon, mnrrlcJ Dorothy, daughter of Stand- 
ford "Ncvilc, Kfq. and died 1677, leaving a daughter Dlanaj^ 
married to John, eldeil fon of Sir Edward Turner, and died 
March 7, 1736, leaving ilTue ; from whom the Turners 
Panton-houfc, Lincolnfliire, are defcended.— Edward,— David* 
Alio four daughters; whereof Anne was married to Algernon 
Percy, the loth Earl of Kortliumberland.— Elizabeth, to Wil- 
liam Cavendi(h, the 3d Earl of Devonfliire. — Catharine, ta 
Philip, Lord Lifle.— Mary, to William, Lord Sandes. 

Charles, Viicount Cranhourn, the eldeft fon of the Early, 
dying before his father, 1659, left iflue by Jane, daughter and 
co-heir to James Maxwell, Earl of Darlton in Scotland, feven 
fons, and five daughters; Catharine, married William, the third 
Earl of Kinnoul, in Scotland. — Frances, married Sir William^^ 
Bow yer, Bart. — I)iana. — Penelope. — Elizabeth, — Philip, one of 
the younger fons, married Nichola, eldcft daughter Qf Sii; Charley 
Hamilton; the other Tons died unmarried, except 

(zd Earl.) Jajvies, the fecond fon, who on the 3d of Dec* 
1668, fuccceded his orandkuhtT, and marrying Margaret, 5th 
daughter of John Maniurs, the 8th i.atl of Rutland, by her 
had five fons% and tivc d.iiiglitcrs ; Catharine, married to Sir- 
George Downing, B:irt. -—Frances, to Sir William Halford.-v-i 
Mary, to Sir Willia'Ti Forrcflcr, and died in April, 1 74.0. — 
Margaret, ift, to John, l ord Srawcl ; and 2dly, to Richard 
jfones. Earl of RaneL?gh, in Ireland, and died on February 21, 
1728.-— Mildred married ill, to Sir Uvcdale Coibet; and 2dly> 
to Sir Charles Hothani. The Tons were, lames, Robert, Wil- 
liam, Charles, and George. Robert married Elizabeth, daughter 
and heir of Ifanc Mennil, Efq. widow of Willinm Halo, Efq, 

(4tli Earl.) Jamej^, ilie elded, in 1683, f^coeeded his father. 
He married Frances, daughter to Simon BeiUiOt) Ef^ and by 
her, who died July 8, 17139 had a fon^ 

(5th Farl.) James, who in Decfmbcr 16, 1694, fucceedcfj 
him, and married Anne Tulton, 2d daughter to I homas, Earl 
Thanct, 9q4 b^d iiflfuc by her^ w.hq. 4ic4 A^ril aa, i757> 

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MAR CLU, I S o F B A T H, 

JameS) Vifc. Cmboutn ; and WilHaiii> who died in 1740; alb . 
three daughters; Anne, married to William Strode, Efq. and 
dttd m July 1752 ; leaving tflue, Cathanne, married on the 
J 5th of February, to John, late Earl of Egraont in Itt* 
tod, and died, leaving iflue, 1 752 : and Margaret, who died in 
Mai^, 1752, unmar/ied* Hit Lordihip dyin^ on the 9th of 
Odcher, 1728, aged thirty-feven^ was fucceedrd in hi^ Kohourt 
and eiUtett by 

(6th Earl.) James his only fon, the late Ear], honi O^. 20, 
17139 married in 1743* Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Keef, 
Efq* of Hertfbrdlhiie, and by her, who died Feb. 3, 1776^ he 
had iflue, James, the pre(ent Earl, who was created a Mar^aia 
Adgi 18, 1789. — ^Anne, bom March 6, 1746. — ^Bennett, bom 
Time -22, 1747, ajnddiedNov. 18, 1769. His Lordfliip dying 
Sept. 1780, was facceed^d by his only (on, 
; (7th Earl.) James, the prefcnt Marquis. 

\VREATipi?8.] Created Baron Cecil of Effendon in the county 
of Rutl^ftd, May 13, 1603, i Jac. I, Vifcount Crai^bourn, in 
the county o/Do^fct, Aug. 20, i6p4; and Earl of the city of 
Salifbury, in the county of Wilts, May 4, 1605^ 3 Jac. I. Mar- 
i^uis ot Salifbury, Aug. 10, 1789. 

AuMS,] Barrv of ten, atgcni and ar^Lurc^ over all fix cfciit- 
cheous, 3, 2^ and i, fablc^ each cluirgL;d with a hou lamp^nt ui 
the fitJci, a crcfccnt tor difference. [Plate VI I L] 

• CiiiiST,] On a wreath, fix arrows, or, heads and feathers, 
^genty girt together with a bandage, or beh, uznrfj^ 
cjri and over thofc feathers a morion-jcap, /ropir. 

Supporters.] Two lions, trmine, 
' Motto.] Sao Jed Jcrio. Late, hut ferioufly. 

Chief Skats.J At Hatfield, in Hertford/Kire; Cranhoura- 
Hoiifc, in P9rfct{hirc; au^l (^^ckrw9Qd, ij^ the co^^iity of ^len- 


'r^HE Mofl Noble THOMAS TH YNNE,' M..rquis of 
^ BATH, Vifcaunt Weyjnovithi and Baron Thynnc, o£ 
Warminfler; Knirrht of the Gattcr, and jBaronei ; born Sept, 
13, 17^4. fuccccdcd Thomas, the late Vifcoimt, his father, Jan. 
12, 1751; and married May 22, 17<;9, Eli/.ahLtU Cavcnd;fh 
Bentinck, cldefl: daughter of the iatc lAikc of Portland, by whom 
he had iffnc, Louifn, horn Mrnrli 25, 1760, married Dec* 
3, 1781, the prelent Karl of Ay Icstordj and hns ifTuc. — Char- 
lotte, born Nov. 7, 1761, died May 19, 1764. — Henrietta, born 
TsJov. 17, 1762; married Aug. 28, 1784, Lord St. Afaph, fon of 
the £ari of Aihburahain«^---Sophia^ bom Dec. 18^ i763»*—Tho« 
^ '« ' mas. 

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MAR Q^U IS o ? B A T H. i3f 

mas, bom Jan. 23, 1765. — Two foiis, twins, ftill-born, Juno 
25, 1766.— Maria, horn Aug, 1, 1767, died March 30, 1768. 
— -rfabella, born 0£l. 11, 1768,— GLOige, born Jan. 23, 1770. 
—Frances, born March 20, 1771, tlied in 1782. — John, born 
Dec. 25, 1772. ---Elizabeth, l>orn Aug. 10, 1775, died three 
days after. — IViary, bora May 17, 1778.— Caroliae, bora Au^% 
31', 1781. 

This family, arcoKling to the account of ourbsft hifiorianSy 
cime into Enghind lu the reign of King John, bearing the fur- 
name of iioi if L-vilc, 

John Boiut vile, was named John le Thynnc ; and from him 
(who lived in the rt i^n of Edward IV.) the name of Thynn« 
was derived to the fanniy ot Boutcviie. He married [oan, daugh-^ 

tcr of Boulder, by whom he had ifTue thicc Ions, William, 

Roger, and '{'hotnas. William married Joan, daughter of fohri 
Higci^ms of btratton, and h:\d ilfue 7"hoiTias and VV liiiam. Tho-* 
mas married Margaret, daughter of Thomas Eyncs, Efq. by 
whom he had Sir John Thynne, who built Long-Leatc : he 
married firfl, Chriftian, daughter of Sir Richard Greihatn, an4 
by her had John, his heir; trancis, Thomas, and three daugh- 
ters; Anne married to John Coles, Efq, Dorothy married ta 

iohn Strangways, Efq. Elizabeth, to Sir John Chamberlain, 
lis fecond wife was Dorothv, daughter of Sir William Wrough-* 
ton, by whom he had five (ons, Henry, Charles, Edward, WiU 
liam, and Egremont ; and two daoffhtert, Catharine, and Gre^ 
fham. He died May 21, 1580, and was fucceeded by Sir John^ 
hiseldeft fon, who married Joan, daughter of Sir Rowland Hfy« 
ward, and by her had a fon Thomas, and two daughters ; Do- 
rothy, married to Rofcarrock, Efq. and ChriiUan to Sir 

Francis Leigh. Sir Thomas married two wives; firft Mary^ 
daughter of George, Earl of Caftlehaven, by whom he had two 
ions, Sir James and Sir Thomas; of whom the cldeft fucceedecl 
htm ; but he (who married Ifabclla Rich, daughter of Hcnry^ 
Earl of Holland) dying without ifiue, Sir Thomas, his brother 
became hetr ; he married a daughter of Dr. Baienquell, and had 
iflbe one fon, Thomas, and two daughters; one married to. 
Mr. Baynton, and the other to ,Mr. HalL Thomas, their bro- - 
ther, fucceeded his father ; he was jnarried or contraAed in 
marriage to EtiKabeth, only daughter and hetr of JoiceHne Percy^^ ' 
the lait Earl of NorthumWrland, and widow of Henry, Earl of 
^le, fon of Henry, Duke of Neweaftle, afterwards the wife of 
Charles, Duke of Somerfe^; on which l«ady^ account he was 
bafely murdered, hy the contrivance of Count Conningfmark, ia 
his coach, iii Pall-mall, on Sunday the 12th of Feb» ^682, by three 
' nflaffins, who weie all executed vchere they eeramitted the 
The male line of this bransch ^us expiring^ we return to Sir 
Thomas Thynne, his grandfather, who oiarried to his fecond 
wlfcjCajtharinc, daughter of Charks iio.w^r4,. by whom he had[ 

Z Henry* 

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Henry^Fredertck Thynne, Bart, who married Mary, daughur 
of Thomas, Liord Coventry, and by her had three fons and two 
daughters; of whom Catharine, the youn^eft^ was married to 
John, VifcQunt Lonfdalc; aad Mary, the cldeft, to Sir Richard 
How. The fons were, Thomas, James, and Henry Fr^d^rick ; 
James died unmarried March 15, 1709, at Long-Leate ; and, 

(lA Vilcount.) Thomas, the eldcil, fuccccvling, was created 
a Baron, and Vircoiint Weymouth, with limitation, in failure 
of heirs> to his brothers. He married Frances 1 inch, lUIcII 
daughter of Hencagc, Earl of Winchelfca, and by lier, who 
died April 17, 17 12, aged 63, had a Ion Henry, and a daughter 
Frances, married to Sir Robert Worflcy, Henry, his Ion mar- 
ryinj^ Grace, daughter of Sir George Strode, by her had tw3 
dauglitcrs, Frances and Mary; of whom the youngcil married 
Wiiliam (j revile, Lord Brook, but died March 20, 1720; and 
the clJcft was the .widow -dowager of Algernon Scvmour, Duke 
of Somcrfet. But the faid Henry, having no ifiue male, and 
dying on the. 20th of December, 1708, in his father's life-time, 
the title, after his father's deceaie, the 28th of July, 1714, de- 
fccndrd to the heirs of Henry-i- rederick, before mentioned, liis 
fafh( r's vov.ngcr brother; who marrying Dorotliv, dau-^hter of 
F rancis Philips, Efq. by her had Thomas, who dud on the 24tli 
of April, T710; John, who died in 1708; Dorothy, mr^rried to 
^oh:i, late Lord C^hcdworth ; and Mary, who died in 1710. 
'Fhonias, their brother, married Mary, daughter of Edward, 
Earl of [erfev, whom he left witli clnld of 

(2d Vifcount.) Thomas, fucceflbr to Thomas, his grand- 
father's brother; and his Lordftiip, on the 6th of December, 
1726, married Eiizabetli Sackvillc, daughter of Lionel, Duko 
ofDorfet, who died before cohabitation, on the 29th of June, 
1729, whilft his Lordfhip was on his travels. But his Lord- 
fliip,' marrying in July, i733> ^ohis fecond wife, Louifa, fepond 
daughter of John, Ute Earl Grenville, had ifTue, Thomas, 
the prefent Marquis. — Henry-Frederick, born Nov. 17, 1735* 
who was, heir to the late Earl Grenville, and thereupon took 
the name of Carteret, and in 1784 was created fiaron Carteret. 
(See Lord CWr/^rr/.^—r James horn Dec. 2;;, 1736, when Ihe died 
in child bed ; and her (ba James died on March 19, 1741. His 
Lordflilp dying Jan t^, i7Si» was fucceeded by his cldeft fon, 
' (3d V ifcount and 1 11 M a i (j u i s.) Tho mas, the prcfen t M arquis* 

CiiEATiQiis.] Baron and Vifcount, Dec* i.i> 1682* Marquis^ 
Aug. 18, 1789. 

Arms.] Barry of ten, w and fable. [PlajCck YIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a rein deer, or. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a rein deer, i*"} gorged with 
a plain collar, /^^Ar ; 0x1 the fmiller, a lion, gtiles. 

Motto.] j^ay i$nnf caufi. 1 have a good caufe. 

Chief Seats.]. At l4ong*Leate, in Wiltfliire; at Draytoii^ 
Bai&t, in Warwickfliire ; and at Botsfield, in Salop. 

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t m 3 
iB A R L Si 


tHE Right Hon. CHARLES TALBOT, Earl of 
:ind WATERFORD in Ireland, and Baron Talbot, Strange, 
of Black mere, Furnival, Verdun, Lovetot, Giflard ofBrimf- 

fieitl, Comyn of Badenagh or Badenock, Valence, and Mont- 
chenfy, horn March 8, 1754, fuccecded his uncle George, the 

h:c Karl, July ^i? i 787. 

(ji CH REY in the time of Henry T. held t\^c^ty 

Kiiighu Ices of that Kinc^, and aave half his Lui Jihip of Wio- 
tham in Kent to tlic Monks ot Rocheller. 

In the 3d of King StL'|)lu'ii, he held out tlic c:il^le of Here- 
ford, ao^ainft the King, iur Aiaud the Empiefs, and was fuc- 
cecded by 

Hugh, his hrother, who took a Monk's liahit in the monaf-- 
tery of Beaubeck in Normandy, and was fucceeded by 
Richard, his Ion, who was fiither of 

GiLBLkT, who in the 5th Richard L was Governor of the 
cMc of Ludlow, and was fucceeded by 

RicHAKD, his ion. He married Aliva, fifter to Philip Baflet, 
of Wiconib, in Bucks, Chief Juilice of England, and by her 
was father of another 

Gilbert, who marrying Gundalina, daughter of Rheefe ap 
Griffith, Prince ot South Wales, ciianged his arms, which were 
Bendy of ten pieces, Argent and Gules, and bore the Lion 
rampant, or, in a field, guUs, with a border ingrailed of the 
fird, it being the arms of the faid prince* To him in 1274, 

Rich ard his fon, who married Elizabeth, daughter to Joha 
Comyn, of Badenhaugh in Scotland, and had a fon 

Gilbert, who on the 30th of Edward ill. fucceeded him, and 
had fuminons to Parliament from the 4th of Edward 111. to the 
10th of Richard II. when he died. He married firft Patronilla, 
daughter to James Butler, Earl of Canipk and Ormond ; and 
fecondly, Joan, daughter to Ralph, Earl of Stafford; by his 
^ft wife he had a fon, 

^ Richard, who fucceeded him, and rtiarrled Ankarct, daugh- - 
tcr to John L'Eftrangc of Biackmcre, and had four fons : Gil- 
bert, who married firic Joan, daughter of Thomas of Wood- 
ftock, youngcft fon of King Edward III. and co-heir to her 
brother Humphrey, Duke of Buckingham, by whom he had no 
ifl^ue ; and fecondly, Beatrix, an illegitimate daughter of John, 
iu.of ^H'tugal^ vvidqw of Thomas» Eariol: Arundel, by yrhoax 
. »• * ^ ' K J be 

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k34 B A tl L o r S H R"E W S B U R Y. 

Be left one daughter, Ankaret, his heir , who died in the fourth 
year of her age ; and his wife^ the faid Beatrix, married to hec 
third huiband, John Holland^ Earl of liuntingdon. His other 
hrothers were John, his fucceflbr; Richard, who in 1417 was 
confecrated Archbilhop of DubUri, and died in 1449; ^ 
Thon\as, who was of Wrockerdine, in the county of Salop^ but 
'died without iflue. 

(ift Earl.) John, the fecond fon, who continued the line on 
the death of Ankaret, fole daughter and heir of Gilbert his elder 
brocher, had livery of all the lands whereof ftk€ i^ed feifed as 
heir to her father ; and which defcended to her as heir to Sir 
Thomas, her uncle; and havihg milrned Maud, ddeft of the 
two daughters, and co-heir of Sir 1 homas Nevil, Knt. by Joan, 
daughter and heir of William, Lord Furnival, Verdon, and 
I^Lickmere. On the aoth of May, 1442, he was created Earl 
of Shrew fbury, and on the 17th of July, in 1446, he was cre- 
"arcd Earl of Waterford and Wexford in Ireland. He was like- 
wife Steward of England and Marflial of p rance ; he was made 
Adniirai oi the Englifh ficcr, and next year Lieutenant of Aqui- 
taine, but marching to relieve Chatillon, lie was killed by a 
canon ball, and his army routed July 20, 145 after he had pre-' 
fcrvcd that kmgdoni to Henry VL for 24 years ; aj\d his fon Sir 
John, (the fecond of that Chriflian name) who Vitas then Vif- 
count Liflc, was flam w ith him. 

By his fecond wife, Margaret, eldcft daughter and co-heir to 
Richard ikaiichamp, Earl of Warwick, by Elizabeth his wife, 
daughter and heir of Thomas, LoTd Berkeley, and by her mo- 
ther's fide Lady Liile and Tyes, he had iffuc Sir John Talbot, 
created Baron Liflc, of Kingflon Liflc, Berks, July 26, 2 2d 
Henry VI. alfo ViccLifle, 30th 06k. 30th Henry VI. who was 
flain with him as before mentioned, and two daughter?; Eliza- 
beth married to John Mowbray, Duke of Norfolk; ainl Eleanor 
to Thomas Butler, of Sudley-caftle, in the co\intv of Gloumfle r, 
Kfq. and the faid John their brother, who on the faid 26th ot 
July, 1444, married |n;\n, one ot the daughters and co-heirs to 
Sir John Chcdder, Knt. by her had Thomas Talbot. Vifc. Liflc, 
flain at'Wotton Under Edge without iiTue ; and Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Edwaid Grey (fecond fon of Edward Grey, Lord Ferrers 
of Ciroby) who w as crc;ited Vifc. Lifle, ift Pvichard III. and Mar* 
garct, wife of Sir George Vere, Knt* were his co-heirs. 

By his firll wife Maud, before-mentioned, he had three fons \ 
Thomas, who loft his life at the battle of Bourdcaux ; Sir John 
his heir; and Sir Chriftopher; and a daughter Joan, married to 
James, the 5th Lord Berkeley, (being his third wife) by whom 
he had no iiiue; and fecondly, to Edmund Hungerford Efq. 
. (2d Earl.) Sir JoHV, who fuccccded his father, was, With 
his brother Sir Chriftopher, flain in the battle of Northampton, 
fichtiocfor thehouie oC Luicafter, Jtily 10^ 146011 He mar- , 

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-Ticti fifft, Catharine, daughter of Sir Edward Burnel, foa of 
ilugh. Lord Burnel ; but (he dying without ilTuc, he married 
Ibcondly, Eliz^iheth, daughter to James liutlcr. Earl of Ormond, 
^nd by her had John his heir.— Sir James Talbot, Knt. who 
died without iffue. — Sir Gilbert Tnlbor, from whom the prefent 
Eirl of Shrcwfbury is dcfceiided. — Chnilopher, Archdeacon of 
"Cheftcr. — ^George. — Anne, wh'c of Sir liciuy VdrooOv^Mat* 
^aret, married to 1 nomas Chaworth, Klq. 

(3d Earl.) John, was Chief Juftice of South-Wales; and 
died on June 28, 1473, ^^''^v^^^g i^^^" Catharine his wifie^ 
daughter to Humphrey J^tafFord, Duke ot Buckingham, George 
his fucccflbr, aged five years; and Thomas, who died without 
ilTue ; and a daughter Aoae^ mairicd to Thomiu Butkr^ the 
LlA Baron of Sudley, 

(4th Earl.) George, died on the 26th of July, 1542* 
Having married firft Anne, daughter to William, LordHaftings^ 
9nd by her had, Henry, who died young. —Francis, his hoc* 
— John and John, who died in then infancy.-— William.--^ 
Richard, both died without ilTiie. — Margaret, Anne, Dorothy, 
Mary, Elizabeth. The latter was married to William, Lord 
Dacres of Gilleiland.— Mary to Henry Percy, fixth Earl of 
Northumberland.— Margaret, to Henry Clifford, Earl of Cum- 
berland. His Lordilxip marrying to his lecond wi i-, Elizabeth, 
One of the daughters and co heirs to Sir Richard VValdcn, by 
her had John, who died you n^^.-— Anne, who was firil married 
to Peter Compton, Efq. by whom he had ifTiK', Henry, Lord 
Compton, anccftor of the Karl of Northainpton ; and lecoodly^ 
to William Herbert, the firft Earl of Pembroke. 

(5th Earl.) Franc by the f rfl wife, who fucceeded hit 
father, died on the nil of September, 1567; having married 
Mary, daughter to Tlioma?, Lord Dacres ot Gillcfland, and by 

her had, George, his heir. — Thomas, who died unmarried. ->» 

Anne, firA married to John, L>ord Bray, and fecondlj^ to Tho^ 
mas, Lord Wharton. 

(()th Karl.) Gforcf, was fuminnncd to P:iilinmcnt in the 
life-tnnc of his tiuhcr. In the 1 5th Elizabeth, he was Lord 
High Steward for the trial of Thomas Howard, Duke of 
"Norfolk; and nftcr his death wn? cnniVitiited Rarl-Marlhal of 
England. Bv h:s fcrnnd wife, KliznlKth, daughter to [ohii 
Hard wick, o^Harduuck, in the county of Derhy, Efq. 'widow 
ill: of Robert Barley, Efq. idly of Sir William Cavenuiili, of 
Chatfworih, in the county of Derhy, Knt. nnd 3dly of Sir Wil- 
liam St. Lo,) he had no ifl'ue ; f)ut hv his hru, who was 
Gertrude, daughter to Thomas, the hrit Earl of Rutland, he 
had four fons and three daughters; Catharine was married to 
Henry Herbert, the fccon;! Earl of Pembroke.— Mary, to Sic 
George Sttvile. — Grace, to Henry Cnvendlfli, Efcj. The fons were, 
FraBcifi*-— Gilbert«-^Edward. — Henry. The Utur married EH^ 

K 4 zabcxhf 

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tfi ^ARL OF S*REWSBt)ltV. 

Eabeth, daughter to Sir William Rayner, by whom he had twO 
daughters ; Gertrude, who married Robert Pierpoint, Earl of 
Kingfton; and Mary, to Sir William Airmine, Francis, the 
cldert fon, having married Anne, daughter of WiUiamj the 
Earl of Pembroke; and dying before his father without iflue^ 

(7th Earl.) GlLB£&T the fecond, who had luininoiis to 
-Parliament, as a Baron in his father's life-time, became heir ; but 
dying on the 8th of May, 1616, left i flue by Mary his wifie> 
dau^ter to Sir William CavendiOi betbre-mentioned, three 
• daughters, between whom the greateft part of his ellate was di- 
vided. Mary being married to William Herbert, the 3d Earl 
of Pembroke, — Ell/abeth, to Henry Grey, the 9th Earl of 
Kent.— Alathea, to Thomas Howard, Earl of Arundel. Having 
no furviving iCue male, hts honour devolved upon ki« bro^ 

58th £arl.) Edwak n, who married Joan, eldeft daughter 
co-heir of Cuthbert, Lord Ogle; but dying Feb. 18, x6i8, 
and leaving no furviving iflue, we now return to 

Sir Gilbert Talbot, third fon to John the fecond Earl, who 
was Knight of the Garter. He married Elizabeth, daughter of 
Ralph, Lord Grayftock, widow of Thomas, Lord Scrope, hj 
whom he had iflue. Sir Gilbert, and Sir Humphrey ; which lat- 
ter died without iifue. He married, fecondly, Ethdred, daugli- 
ter of WilHam Cotton, £fq. (widow firft, of Thomas fiarton, 
Efq. and fe<;6ndly, of Sir Richard Gardiner, Lord^Mayor of 
London,) by whom he had liTue Sir John Talbot, of Albrigh* 

Sir GtLBBKT, the eldeft fon, married iirft, Anne, daughter 
and co-heir of Sir William Paf^on, by Anne, third fifter and 
co-heir to Edmond Beaufort, Duke of Somerfet ; and fecondly, 

Elizabeth, rcli€k of Wyntcr. He left iflue by his firft 

wife, three daughters ; Margaret, wife of Robert Newport, Efq. 
»*"Eleanof, wife of Jeflrey Dudley, Efq. — Mary, married flrfl^ 
to Sir John Littleton; and fecondly, to Thomas Aflley, £fq.— ^ 
' Humphrey and Waiter, who both died without iflue. 

Sir JoHif Talbot, their uncle, married firft, Marguct, 
daughter and heir of Thomas Troutbeck, Efq. by Edith, daugh-* 
ter and heir of Sir Baldwin Leftrange, by Margaret, daughter 
and heir of Robert Molineax, Efq. third fon of Sir Richard Mo- 
lincuXj.Rnt. and left iflue, beildes other children, John Talbot, 
bf G ration, Efq. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, daughter 
of — — Wrotthefiey, from whom dcfcended a numcruui poilc- 
rity, and particularlv the- prefent Lord TALBOT. 

foHN Talbot, of Grafton, married 1 ranees, Uau^liicr of S?r 
John Giffard, by her had Joun, marritd to bir John Ijowcaj uud 
a fon 

who mariicJ L-illurine, daughter of Sir Wiiii^im Pcire, 
and kit Uvu lur.i^, 

(9th Earl.) 

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lARL o> SHRE.WSBURV; • i^f 

fcjxh Earl.) G£04iGC, who upon thedeith of Edwar€, xhi 
^thEaxiy Succeeded to the honour ; :^ndjoho» The fiidGeoige 
dying in 1630 unmarried, the title. defctflsdcd to » 
(loth Karl.) John Talbot,^ bis brother's fba> by Eleanovf 
daBghter and co-heir to Sir Thomas fiaikervUe, who had alfii 
two other fofWy Thomas and Gilbert ; and two daughters ; Marv 
^ukd Cath urine, married to James Pool, and died on Feb* 
^657* This John, the xoch Earl, by his fecond wife, Frances^ 
daughter to Thomas, the £rft Lord Arundel of Wardonr^ had 
iSuCf Thomas, — John, Who died young. — Bruno.— Anne, <mar- 
ried to Sir Thomas Hammer, Knt. By his ilrl^ wife, who wai 
Afary, daughter to Sir Francis Fortefcue, he had four .fons and 
three daughters; Frances married to Sir George Winter.—Ca* 
tharine, to Thomas Whetenhal, Efq. — Mary*, firft, to Charles 
Arundel, £fq« and (econdly, to Mervin, Earl of CadUehavcTu 
The fonswere, George— Francis.— Edward. — Walter,- Ed- 
ward was killed at Marflon Moor, in tiie King's fervice; and 
George, the eldeft, who married Mary, daughter to Percy Her- 
bert, Lord Powys, dytngbeforc his iatlier without iflue, 

(iith Earl.) F9>akcis the iecond^ fucceeded to the honour^ 
Feb.Sy 1653, but died of a wound he received in a duel with 
George, Duke of Buckingham, Marcli 16, 1667. He married 
firft, Anne, daughter and heir to Sir John Coniers, by whom 
he h id ilfue Coniers, who died young ; and Mary, married to 
Thomas Stoner, Efq. and by his fecond, who was Anna-Maria* 
daughter to Robert Brudcnell, the fecond Earl of Cardigan, hft 
had two Tons, Charles his heir, and John, who was killed in a 
duel by Henry, Duke of GrafDon, on Feb. 2> 1686, in the 21ft 
year of his age. 

(lath Earl.) Charles, who fucceeded his father, was on 
the 30th of April, 1694, created Marquis of Alton, and Duke 
of Shrew fbury. In 1705, he married Adelhida, daughter of the 
Marquis of Pallioti, of Bologna, in Italv, delcended by the mo- 
ther's fide from Robert Dudley, Earl o^ Leicefter, the great fa- 
vourite of Q. Elizabeth, hut dying without Iffuc, on the iftof 
Feb. 17 18, the titles of Marquis and Duke became extin^, but 
that 6f Earl chfcendcdto 

(r3th Earl.) Gilbert, theeldeft fon of Thomas aforefaid, fon 
of John, the loth Earl, and he died in December 17339 where* 
upon the title devolved on 

(14th Earl.) GxoROE, eldell: Ton of George, (next brother 
to Gilbert) who on the iithofM i cb, 1719* married Mary, 
daughter to Thomas, ,Vifcount FitzwilHani, in Ireland, by 
whom, who died Sept. 20, 2752, he had ilFuc li ven fons and 
three daughters, viz. George, the late Earl. — Charles, who 
died April 7, 1776, having married M ry, daughter and co-heir 
to Robert Alwyn, of Traytbrd, in Sufiex, Efq. and hy lier, who 
died in child-bed, June 8| IJSO^ had a daughter Mary, born 


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JaneS^, iJS^y who died July 12, 177 !• He tnamcd fecondlyf 
April 7, 1752, Mary, daughter of Sir George Moftyn, of T*- 
lacre, in Flintihire» Bait, by whom he had iiTue, Charief^ the 
prefcntEarl, born March 8, i754*— George-Jofeph, bomxjt^p 
died Feb. 7, ij^^^Trzcf^ married Mi^y 23, 1789, MiftClal^ 
to% of Latham^ ia Lanca(hire«— Jo)m-Jofeph.«-Aiiiie» iriMi 
died young. — Frances. — Barbara, married April 9, 1780^ Ftm^ 
^s-Forte£i2e Turvilie, of Litchfield, £fq. — Catharine-Mary^ 
i^Juliaiia^Elizabeth. — ^Thesefa. — Anne-Mary» who died Jan* 
17, 1775.— -Charlotte-Mary, who died tn 1775. — Joho> the 
£arr« third fon, died April 5, 175S1 ttnmarrted^^Jamts.'^'^ 
Thomas.— -Francis, married April 20) S761, AiuUt dau^ter 
ef Thomas, £arl of Fanconherg; who died Sept. 15, 1768^ 
without tflue; and he marrkd, fccondly, May 18, i772» Mar> 
garel*FraBoe8» only daugh^r of William Sheldoo» of Weftoiu 
in Warwkkflitre^ by whom ht hat tfloef i. George» horn March 
118) 17739 and died Jone 7th fidlowing. 2* £iiz&th-Matgacci» 
hocnMay 20t 1775. 3. France^ born Dec* i, 1777. 4. Ano* 
ther daughter bornO^. 1779* Another daughter Nov»24« 
178a; aiul another fon bom 0€U 9» 1784; and a dauber 
bomMav 14, 1788* — Gilbert) who died an infant. — Barbara, 
theeldeft dauglttery married tune 30, 17449 to lames. Lord 
Afton,. and died at Paris in November 1759* — ^Mary^ married 
Tuly 0, 1749, to Charles Dormer, £fq* fon uind heir to John, 
l4«d Dormer, and died May 15, 1753, ^^^^^ng UTue. — liucj, 
is unmarried. 

(15th Earl.) George, the eldeft fon, fucceeded, and wai 
delate Eari, born Dec. xi, 1719, married Nor. 21, 1753, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Lord Dormer, by whom he had no iifuc, 
and died July 22, 1787, when he waa fucceeded by his ue* 

( 1 6th Earl.) Charles, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Baroii Talbot by writ, June 5, 1330. Earl 
of Shrew ibury,' May ao, 1442. Earl of Wexford, and Waur-* 
ford, July 17, 1446. 

Arm^.] Guksy alioa rampaxit, within a border, eug railed, 
cr. [Plate IX.] 

Crest.] On a cliapeau, turned up, ermine^ a iion, er, 

his tail extended. 

Supporters.] Two talbots, irrrj-fwf. 

Motto.] PrcjixPaccompUr* ^eady to perform. 

Chief Seats.] At Ifleworth, in MiddlefcK; at Alton-- 
caOile, in StaffordUiirtf ; and at Heathorpc, near Wood^odt^ in 

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t 139 1 


^ DERKY, anil Baronet, fucceeded his grandfiithcr the late 
' Earl, Feb. 22, I766« He m^nied 23d June, 1774, Elizabedi 
Hamilton, fifler of the prcfent Duke of Hamilton, by whom ha 
hst$ two children, Edward, Lord Stanley, born Apfil da^ I775« 
—Charlotte,' bom 06k. I, 1776. 

Of this ancient and noble family, who took their furnimo 
from the Lordihip of Stanleigh, in the Moorlands, Stait>rdihi(e» 
are the Stanleys of Hooton^ in Chefhire, who have been feateJ 
there for many ages, and from whom defceaded 
Sir John Stanley, Knt. eminent in the time of K. Richard If* 
In the reign of K. Henry IV. (upon the forfeiture of Henry 
Percy, Earl of Northumberland) he, with his brother William^ 
being fcnt to ietze the lOe of Man, obtained a grant in fee of the 
iiud ifle, caftle, and peele, or pile, ancienLly called Holm* 
town, asalfoof all the regalities, franchifes, and rights thereto 
belonging, to be holder of the faid King, his heirs and fuccef> 
ibrs, by homage, and the fervicc of two falcons, (the iilandthen 
abounding with fuch birds) payable on the days of their con>na<« 
tions fo that from the reign of the aforefaid King, till Feb. 1 736, 
(excepting the interval that Lord ? airfax had it, during the lat» 
civil ware) the Earls of Derby have had an abfolute jurifdi^oit 
over the people and foil ; and were immediate landlords of every 
man^seftate, (fome few Barons only excepted) and refennng 
their homage to the crown of England, had a full and ample att<*v 

He married Ifabel, d aughter nnd heir to Sir Thomas Latham, 
Knt. and by her had Sir John his fucceflbr, and Tliomas, who 
married the daughter and heir of Sir John Ardern^ which branch 
is extinA* 

Sir JoHti, who fucceeded, had by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
John Harrington, Sir Thomas.— Sir William, who manied 
thc-Countcfs of Worcefter. — ^Sir John, anccftor to the preient 
Sir John Stanley, Bart.— James, Archdeacon of Chc&ire.**^ 
liabel, married to Sir lohn Warren. 

Sir Thom as left iitue by Joan his wife, daughter to Sir Ro* 
bcrt Gouihill, Knt. Thomas his heir; and three daughters; 
Margaret, married to Sir William Trovitl>eck.-— Eli^be»h to 
Sir Richard Molinca:^.-- -Catharine to Sir John Savage; andia- 
ihc firft of Edward iV. 

(tft Earl.) Thomas the fon, had fumraons to Parliament, 
among the Barons. He married firft, Eleanor, daughter to 
Richard Neville, Earl ofSaliibury, fiAer to the great Earl of 
Warwick, by wfaom ht had ioas, and iaas daughters ;_his 

1 fccond 

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(econd wife was^MOTgaret, daughter and heir to John Beaufort, 
Duke of Somerfet) widow of iUmund Tudor, Earl of Rich- 
mond, .'and mother to King Henry VIl. but by her he had no 
iiliie, and died in 1504. The daughters by the firil wife were, 
Alice.-*^atharine.~Anne.~Margarety who married to Sif 
J»hn Oibaldefton; but the other three died young. Of the fons^ 
Thomaa the eldei^ Richard the fecond, and William the fourth, 
died young.— --James, the iixth, wasfiiihopof £ly«~£dward| 
the filth, was Knight of the Garter, and in the fifth of Henry 
VIII* for his fervlce at Flodden Field, was made Lord Mont* 
ca^Ie. He married Mar^ret, daughter and heir of Sir G^rge 
Vernon, and had iflue Thomas, Lord Monteagle, father of 
IVilliam, Cord Monteagle, who leaving an only daughter and 
heir, Elizabeth, married to Edward Parker, Lord Motley, 
their fon and heir, William, in right of- his mother, was Lord 
Monteagle, who revealed the powder-plot againft King James !• 
This Lord having married the Countefs of Richmond, was fuf- 
peSed as a well-wiiher to the Earl her fon, and was therefore 
denied leave to retire into the country, till he had given up 
George his fon and heir as a ho ft age, left he fliould ftay in thofe 
parts on purpofe to join with the Eail at his landing : wh.fih, as 
appears by his fi ding with him at thctlay of buttle, was bis real 
defign; and King Richard ill. being ilain in Bofworth Field, 
Lc tliL'ic let ihccruwii, foii:Ki iunfiiglt the tpoils, upon ihc Larl 
of Richiiioiid's head, and i)ruLlaiui'. d hini King bv the name of 
Henry VII. wlio in the fir ll; vcar cA his reign m.»dc hwii Lord 
High Stew ard of England, and ci caicd him Earl of Derby. 

Ge6rge, his eldcft furviving fon, having marri<_(J Joan, 
daughter and heir to |ohn, Lord Strange of Knockyn, had 
thereupon fumn^ons to Parliament by the title of Lord Strans^e. 
He lefc iifue, Thomas, — Sir James Stanley, from whom the 
prefcnt Earl is defcended.— -Jane, married to Sir Robert Shcf- 
£eld, — Elizabetb. 

(2d Earl.) Thomas, who fucceeded his grandfather, mar- 
ried Anne, daughter to Edward, Lord Haftings, and fifter to 
George, the firft F^arl of Huntingdon, by her had John, Lord 
Strange, who died before him. — Edward bis heir.— Henry, 
who died young. — Margaret, njarricd to Robert Radciuii Earl 
of SuiTex. 

(3d Earl.) Edward, who in 1521, fucceeded his fatli^% 
marrving firft, Dorothy, daughter to 'Li 10 mas Howard, the 
fccond lJuke ot Norfolk, by her had three fons, Henrv, Tho- 
mas, and Edward ; and four daughters; of which Anne, was rirlt 
married to Charles, Lord Stourton, and after to John Arundel. — ' 
Elizabeth, to Henry Parker, Lord Morley.— -Mary, to Edward, 
Lord Stafford.- --Jane, to Edward, Lord Dudley. Of the fons, 
Henry the eldell fucceeded his father, I'he other two were 
knighted i Sir Tbomas married MaigareC| davgbier and co^icir 

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EARL of DERPY. I^i. 

of Sir George VernoOy by whom he had a Ton, Sir Edward Stjui« 
' If 7, Knight oftheBathj who married Lucy Percy, third daugh* 
ter and co-heir of Thomas, the feventh Earl of Northumberland, 
and had a daughter his co-heir, married to Sir Kenelm Disby^' 
Knt»~Sir Edward was feated at Eynfhaai, in th« county of Q|:<7 
fiard* The Earl wrried, fecondly, Margaret^ daughter to El-^ 
lisBarlow» Efq. and by her had two daughters,. Catharine mar-^ 
tied to Sir Thomas Knevit, Knt. — Margaret, firflto Sir Joha 
Jermyn, and afterwards to Sir Nicholas Pointz* His tlurd wife, 
was Mary, daughter to Sir George Cotton ; but by her^ ( who^ 
afterwards married Henry, the feventh Earl of Kenti) be had KkQ 
iCue, and diedon the 24th of 0£^« ^572. 

(4th EarL) Henry, his eldeft fon, by his firA'^wife, fuc- 
needed him. -He married Margaret,^ only c^iid to. ^epry. CUf'i 
ford, Earl of Cumberland (by Eleanor A4S| wi^/eco^'U.w^tcj^ 
and co-heir to Charles Jmndon^ t>ulce' of'SufroIk/ 
. the French Queen, third iaugh tec ^o King Hc^ory yL*)/9n4 
dying Sept. 25, 1593, left two fons, . ' 'X^.**' * 

. (5th Earl.) Fekdinando, and William. The eldcft futv* 
cccdcd his father, and marrying Alice^ daughter to Sfr John 
Spencer, of Althorp, by her, (who afterwards married Thoinas,,' 
Vifc. ]!r;vcklcv,) had tlirce daughters hh heirs; Anne, the 
tldcll, w uS muii itd to (irey ihidges, Lord Chaiulos, and sdly, 
to Mci v:ii, Larl of Caillchavcn.r— Frnnccrs the Iccoiul iiiari ied Sir 
John Kgwiion^ who was created Earl of Bridgcwatcr. — Eliza-, 
iicih, the youiigcll, married i.oid Haitiiigs, afterwards Earl of 
Huntingdon. The faid Ferdiiiando had no Ion, and died AprU 
16, 1594, 

(6th EarL) William, his hrothcr, hecame heir to the Earl* 
dom; he married Eiizaheth, cldeil daughter to William, Lord 
Burleigh, and filler to the Earls of Exeter and Salifbury, hy 
whom he had James his heir; and three daughters ; Anne, was 
firu married to Sir Henry Portman, Bart, and afterwards to 
Robert, Earl of Ancram ; but a difpute arifing between the 
faid William, Earl of Derby, and the daughters of his brother 
Eerdinando, touching the title to the Hie of Man, he purchafcd 
their feveral claims; which agreement, together with the King's 
frerti grant, was ratified by a<5l of Parliament, July 7, the 7th 
of James I. To him, on Sept. 22, 1642, fuccccdcd 

(/th Earl.) James, his fon, who was beheaded at Bolton in 
Laiicalhirc, Od^obcr i ^, 1651. He marrit:d Charlotte de la 
Tremouillc, (daughter to Claud, Duke of I remouillc in France, 
and Charlotte Erahaniina de NiiiFau, his wife, daughter to the 
renowned Count Wiiham of Naflau, Prince of Orange, and 
Charlotte of Bourbon his wife) and by her had Charles his 
fucceflbr; and three danghters ; Henrietta-Mary, gnarried to 
William, the 2d Earl of Stafford. — Catharine, to Henry Pier- 
point. Marquis of DorcheAer*— ^Amejia-^ophia^ to Joha, Mar- 

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mii of Athol, in the kingdom of Scotland, who fisceecded to* 
the title of Baron Straiige of Knockyn, in right of the f^id 
Amelia-Sophia liis grandmother. 

(8th Earl.) Ckarl£s> who foeceeded, marrieA Doro^bc?- 
Relcna, daughter of Baron Rupa, a German nobleman f and, 
i^fing on the arft of December, 1672, by -her left William- 
Ricliard-Gcorge, hit heir.— •Robert, who died unmarried. 
James, the lOth Earl.—Charles.-— Charlotte, married Thomas 
Savage, VifcountCoIchcftcr, cldcft fon of ThomAs, Earl Rivers^ 
-—Mary who died unmarried* 

(rth Earl.) William-Richaed-Geougf., who luccecdcd 
hisi irhcr, married Elizabeth l^ntler, daughter to 'rhoma";, Larl 
of Oilury, and lifter to James, Duke 6f Ormond, by whom he * 
had James, Lord Strange, who died be to: c him (at Venice) un- 
married.— Henrietta, firft married to John Anncllcv, the fourth 
Earl of Anglcfea, and fccondly, to John, Lord Aihburnham. — 
Elizabeth, who died April 24, 1714. The Earl, their Ulher, 
dving Nov. 5, ] 702, without furvivmg liiuc male, 

(lOthEail.) James, his brother became heir. He married 
Mary, daughter and fole heir to Sir William Morlcy, anil by 
^er, who died March 29, 1752, had a fon William, who was 
horn Jan. 31, and died the 4th of March, 17 10; and his Lordfliip 
dying without iflue, Feb. t, 1736, the Barony of Strange, and 
LordHiip of Man, devolved on James Murray, Duke of Athol, 
in Scotland, Ion and heir of John, Marquis of Athol, by Amt - 
lia-Sophia his wife, daughter of James, Lord Stranp^e, the It- 
vcnth Earl of Perbv ; and the Barony of Stonlcv, and EarMoiu 
of Derby, devolved on Sir Edward Stmlcy, of HickrrflatT, Bart, 
dofccndcd from Georgr, Lr^rcl Strange, fon of '1 homas, the hrft 
Karl of Drrhv, whole fecond fon, oir James Stanley, married 
the filler of Sir Pcrcival Hart ; and had iffue, Sir George, and 
Henry; the former of whom had ifTuc two fons, Edward and 
Henry, who both furvived him, b^it died without ifTue male.— 
He^^RV, fecond fon of Sir James, became the chief heir male of 
this branch, and marrying Margaret, daughter and heir to Pe* 
ter Stanley, of Bicker ffafF, in the county of Lancai^er, left two 
fons, Edward, and James ; which 

(ift Bart.) Sir Edward, who wasof BickerftaC was etc* 
Uted a Baronet June 26th, 3 Car. L He married firfl Catharine^ 
daughter of Sir Randal Manwaring, by whom he had only two 
daughters. He married fecondly, I fab«(^ daughter to Sir Peter 
Warburton, by whom he had fix ions. 

(?d Bart.) Sir Thomas the eldcft, married Mary, daughter 
of Peter Egerton, and dying in May 1653, left two fons, Sir 
Edward, and Peter, and one daughter, married to ■ Braid* 
j^aigh, of Pennington, in Lancafhire, Efq.— -Peter the youngeft 
fon, married Catharine, daughter of Colonel Rigby, by w hon\ 
iie had i^vic, Thc^s bis <vily fon and h«i^^ inJip ^Mrried Ca-> 


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£ A R L o f D £ R B «4s 

tharine, daughrer of Anthony Parker, Ef^ by whom he had 
t^tet fons, Charleiy bom in 17 15; Thomasi bora in ifij i an4 


' (3d Bart.) Sir Edward Stanley, Bart, the cMeil Ion, ^md 

heir, was born i<i 1643, and married in 1664, Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Bofwell, tfq. and dying 0<5l. 16, 167 1, Icftiifuc 
one fon and three daughters; Mary and EHzabetb, died unmar- 
ried; and Batbaray married to the Rev. Mr^ Zachary Tay^* 

'(4th Bart.) Sir Thomas Stanley, Bart, the only fon, was 
born Sept. 27, 1670, and in 1688, married Elizabeth, daughter" 
and heir to Thomas Patten, Efq. who flying about fix years af- 
ter; he married, fccondly,' Margaret, dnu^hter of Tiioaia^ Hoi- 
croft, Efq. and reli£l of Sir Richaid Standifh, by whom he had 
ilTue, and died May 7, 1713. He had iflue by his tirft Lady, 
four fons, ^i^dward, born Sept. 17, 1689.—- Thomas, *^9<3i\ 
and died young — John, born in 1692, married firft, Alice, 
daughter of Edward Warren, Efq, and fecondiy, Mrs. Sarali 
Earic, of Liverpool; and died 1781* — William, born ini6^ 
died young. * 

' (5th Bart, nth Earl.) Edward the eldeft, was the late 
E-jri of Derby, the titles devolving to him, on the death of the 
tenth Earl of Derbv, April 13, 1736. He married, in Sept. 
1714, Eli/.abeth, only daughter and heir of Thomas Hefketh, of 
Ruiiord, in Lancafhirc, Efq. and by her, who died Feb. 24^ 
1776, !ie had four fons nnd levcn daughters. James, born Jan. 
7j 1717, married March 17, 1747, to Liicy, one oi' the three 
daughters and co-heirs ot Hugh Smith, ot AV ciild-hail, in EiTex, 
Efq. and by her, who died Feb. 7, 1759, had iffue, firft, Ed- 
Ward-Smich, the prefent Earl ; lecond, I homas, born Sept» 
'753> and died 1779; third, James, born 1754, and died 1771; 
fourth, Elizabeth, born 1748, married July 28, 1779, to Tho* 
mas Horton, Efq.; fifth, Lucy, born 1750, married April 2 Cf 
177a, to Jcflfery Hornby, Efq.; fixth, Harriot, born 1750,' 
married June 3, 1778, Sir Watts Horton, Bart. ; feventh, Lou« 
ifa, born >750» and died 1769. His Lordfliip died in his father^a 
life- time, i(l June, 1771. The other fons of the flarl were, 
Thomas, born July ao, 171S, died young. — A fon, who died, 
unbaptized, March, 1719. — Edward, born June, ^73^9 and 
died April 20, 1745* The daughters are, Elizabeth, born 1715, 
married March i, 1746, to Sir Feter Warburton, Bart, and died 
Sept. 2, 178a — Mary, bom Jan. t7i7«^rabel!a-Dorotheaf 
born Feb. 9, 1 7 2 1 -2, s nd died July a l, 1 786«~Margaret, bom 
1723, who died March 9, 1776.— Jane, bom April i726«— >- 
Charlotte, married to Gen. John Biiigoyne, and died without 
iiTue, June 7, i776» — Barbara, who dved an infant; and tho 
^rl dyin|; Feb. 22, 1776, Was fucceedeii by his grstudf^jQ^. 
(lath l:<arl.i E^vrAKn4fAn^^ the pr^lentJ^urV 


m m 


J, Creations.] Earl of Derby, 0£^.,27, 1485. 

Ar.M3,] Jrgcnty on a ben4> .»i5«>v, .three bucks, heads ca< 
boOLca, t?>-/'tPIatcIX.]* • ' •* . ^ . • . 

. CREsivjf Qn a. chapeau,^v/<'i,. tjjrned up, ermine^ an eagle 
with ^ingscipaadec^.^fir^ preying upon, aa infant in its cradlei 

"Si^ppoRTERs.] ,On the dexter fide, a gryphon; on the fmif- 
ter, a buck',' both hrl ducialiy collared, and ch;^inedy^zicr^» 

moT\o,y ' Sam changer. Without changing. 
_Chief Seats/} ^ ^t Jinoweily and i^iqk^rli^} botl^ in tbo 
^(iynty of LancalcQf , ' ^ 


1> R O K E and Mofitgorncry, Baron Herbert of CardiiF, 
Rofs, Kendal, Parr, Fitz-Hw^hj Marmign, St, Quintin, and 
Herbert of ShifrlAttJ'; was' born July 3, 1734* and fuccccdtd 
Hen ry^ the late £ac]^ his. fa^ther^ Jajnuary 9> ^75^* His JLord- 
iTilp married, March 13,' 1756, Elizabeth, fccond daughter to 
Charles^ the late Duke of Marlborough, by whom he has had 
ilTue, a lliH-bbrn diUil J'urie 9,^ i7^8.---Georgc, Lord Herbert, 
bortf Sppt. II, 1759? niarricd Jlpnl 8,' 1787, Mifs Beauclerki 
oan^K da\ighter of the lat^ Topham Beauclerk, by whom he. 
as imic a fon, born March 26, J788,*-^harlotte, born July 
iS> i773> and died Apri 1*1 784. ' 

'In the dcfccnt' of Herbert, Earl of Powis, it appears thrt 
WitLiA'M, Earl of Pembroke, had natural iiTye by Maud, 
daughter of .Adam ap Howcl Graunt. 

• Sir RicWard Ji*rbcrt> of Ewyas, who marrying Margaret, 
daughter and heir of Sir Matbew Cradock, had ifliic. Sir Wil- 
Jiarn, his heir* — ^Sit George, who married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-lieir o( Sif, Thomas Berkeley, and had a numerous liTue. 
-^nr Thoroatf, /rom whom dcfccnded Sir Arnold Herbert : and 
the legitimate 'tiiale line of the faid Earl ceafing, 

: (iff Earl.) Sir William was in the 5th of Edward Vl. 
created Lord Herbert of Cardiff, and Earl of Pembroke, By his 
2d wife, Anne, daughter to George Talbot, the 4th Earl of 
Shrcwfoury, and wi^^o^y of Peter Compton, Efq. he had no ifluc; 
but by Anne, his firfl wife, daughter to Thomas, Lord Parr^ of 
Kcnfjal, fiflcr to Catharine, the 6th wife of King Henry VIIT* 
and fiflcr and co-heir ^ William Parr, Marquis of Xoithamp- 
ton, tSrc. he hr. I two fonr. ; aiul n daughter Anne, married ta 
Fi.^ac.:, Lord Taihot, fori ami hcjc aiijiaimt to Cicorgc, thc- 
6th ]:larl of Shrewjfburv. The fons were, Hciirv aiid I cl'.var^ 
from the eldcfl, who cu th<j i jth oi" Alaich i^^^j fucce^dt4Jii"J» 

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£A9L op F£M3RQKB*> f4{ 

Is descended the prefent EarL— Sir Edward the yotuigdlf iw- 
ried Mary, daughter and fole heir to Thomas Stanley, £fq[. and 
by her had Sir Willipm, who on the 2d of April, 1629, 5 Car, 
L was created Baron of Powis ; alfo George, John, and Edwaid; 
and eight daughters, Elizabeth, Anne, Joyce, Frances, Catha- 
rine, jnnc, Mary, and Winifred, W hich William, Lord Pow- 
is, married Eleanor, youngeft daughter to Henry Percy, the 
8th Earl of NorthumI)erland ; and dying on the 7th of March> 
1655, by her left Pwicyhis heir j and two daugliters, Cathaiine, 
married firlt, to Sir Robert Vaughan, and idly, tu Sir famcsi 
Palmer; and Lucv, 2d daughter, married William Abington, 
Efq. The faiii Percy, Lord Powis, marrying Eliza!>:th, daugh- 
ter to Sir Wi]lia:ii Craven, by her had VVilham, tiic 3d [>ori 
Powis, a;id a Jaii^^hter i\Larv, married to George, Loid Talbot, 
• cldeil Ton of Jolin, the loth Lari of Shrewfbury. William, who 
on the 19th of Jan. 1666, fucceeded his father, and was the jd 
Baron, was on tlic 4.tli of April, 1674, 26Car. IL created Earl 
of Powis; and on the 2^thof March, 1687, following, created 
Vifcount Montgomery, and Marquis of Powi^ ; and by King; 
James IL after hi: abdication, was advanced to the titles of Maf- 
quis of Montgomery, and Duke of Powis, which titles, (he 
being outlawed) were never allowed; and he died at St. Ger- 
mains, on the 2d of June, 1696. He married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter to Edward Somerfct, Marquis of W^orceflcr, arvd left iffuc 
William his only fon ; and rive daughters; whereof Mary was 
firft married to JJ^ichard Molincux, Efq, and 2dlv, to F rancis 
J]ruvvnc, the 4th Vifcount Montague in England, — ^Frances, 
married Kenneth Mackenzie, Eari uf Seaforth. — Anne, married 
Francis Smith, Vifcount Carrington. — Lucy, died unmaiiied.-*— 
Wiiiitrcd, married William Maxwell, Earl of Nithfdale. Wil- 
liam, (only ion of William, who was outlawed, and died in 
1696) was on the i ith of April reftored to the titles of Marquis 
of Powis, he, and his father's attainder reverfed ; and marrying- 
Mary, daugliter and co-heir of Sir Thomas Prelton, Bart, by 
her, who died January 8, 1794, had twofons, William Vifcount; 
Montgonjery ; and Kdward, who, on the 7th oi J^'ly, i7.'^4> 
pBarried Henrietta, daughr r of lames, Earl W^aldegravc, and 
dying in November following, left his lady with child of a daugh- 
ter, bqrn in fune 1735, named Barbara, married March 30^ 
IfS^i to the late Earl of Powis. The laid Marquis had alfa 
fix daughters ; Mary. — Elizabeth. — Anne, the 2d wife of Hen- 
ry, the 6th Lord Arundel, of Wardour.-r— Henrietta^ — Thcrefa* 
married to Sir Robert Throckmorton, Bart, and died in June, 
1723. — Charlotte, married ift, tp Edward Maurice^ Efq* and 
adly, to Edward Williams, Efq. and died Dec. 9, i75i- Theip 
father dying in O^. 174^1 was fucceeded by his only fon Wii- 
i'ain, who was the 3d Marquis of Powis, but dying on the 8th 

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eftate came to Henry- Arthur Herbert^ late Earl of Fowk* Wo 
now return to 

(ad Earl*) Hehry, eldeft fon of Willtani) Earl of Pembroke, 
who in 1569, fticceeded his £ither, married firft, Catharine, fc- 
cond daughter to Henry Gray, Duke of Suffolk, (by Frances, 
daughter to Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk, and Mary the 
French Queen,) from whom he was divorced. By his 2d Udy,^ 
Catharine, daughter to George Talbot, the 6th Earl of Shrcwl- 
bury, he had no iffue ; but taking to his 3d, Mary, daughter to 
Sir Henry Sydney, (by Mary his wife, daughter of John Dud- 
ley, Duke of Northumberland) by her he had two fens, Wil- 
liam, and Philip; and a daughter Anne, who died voung:. 

(3d Earl.) Wii LiAM, wlia luccecdcd his fathei, n^ irrv:nor 
Maiy, the cUk-ft daiieluer, and co-hci r to Gilbert I'albot, th^ 
leventh Earl oi Shrcwlljury, liaj a ion Henry, who died an in- 
'£ant ; and dying Apt i! 10, 1630, without furviving ifTue, 

(4th Earl.) Fhii ip, Ins I rnther, was on the 4th of May, 
1605, created Baron of Shui land, and Earl of Montgomery. 
^ By his fccond wife Anne, fole daughter and heir to Cieorge Clif- 
ford, the third Earl of Cumberland, widow of Richard Sackv ille, 
the third Earl of Dorfet, he had no ifluc; hut hv his hril, who 
was Sufan, daughter, and at length co-heir to Edward Verc, 
Earl of Oxford, by Anne, daughter to Ford Burleigli, had 
feven icns and three daughters ; Anna-Sophia, married to Ro- 
bert Dormer, Earl of Caernarvon. — Catharine, and Marv, dif J 
unmarried. — James, — Hen rv,— Charles. — Philip. — W iUiam. — 
fames. — John. The latter married Penelope, daughter of Paul, 
Vifcount Banning.— James married Jane, daughter to Sir Robert 
Spiller, and his fon James, married Catharine Ofborne, fourth 
daughter of "l'hf)m:is, the firfl Duke of Leeds, whofc fon Philip 
married Mariamnc, iiikr to Charles, the third Earl of V\'inchel- 
"fea. — ^The cldefl, ]ames, and Henry, died young.— Williain 
died unman icd. ---Charles married Mary, only daughter to ( ieo. 
Villicrs, the great Duke of Buckingham, (by Catharuie, his 
Hrft wife, only daugliter and heir to Francis Manners, the tixth 
Earl of Rutbnd, by Francis his firfl wife) but died before his 
father, and before cohabitation. His Ladv (who afterwards 
married, fecondly, James Stuart, Duke of Richmond and Len- 
nox, bv whnm he had a daughter Mary, marr'red to Richard, 
Karl ot Arran ; and thirdiv, to Thomas Howard, Efq. hrothet 
"to Charles, Earl of CarlifV) had by patent, dated 311! Aug. 
of Charle s L the title ot i^uchefs of Huckinghaai> granted toe 
her in catc of failure of ilTue male of her father. 

(5th Earl.) pTTiLTP, his next brother, became heir, and in 
1652 fuccccded his father. He married firft, Penelope, fole 
daughter ahd heir to Sir Robert Naunton, Knt. widow of Paul 
"Vifc. Banning, and by her had William his heir. By his 2d wife 
Catharine^ dtaughter of Sir William ViUiers^ 1m had two fons. 

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E A R L OF P E B R 0 K E. i^j 

Philips and Thomas ; and five dau^^ers ; S^fai^ m^M^ried 

i<E^hn^ the 3d Lord Powlet of Hinton St, George,— "J^ry, to 
irjohn Sydenham.^-^^Qatharioe, to Sir John William^ 
^-'Rebecca, died Deq* 9» 1729*— Anoe died an infant. 

(6th Earl.) William> who on the nth of D^c^h^rj i66a| 
fucceeded his father, dying on the 8th of July, 1674, unmarrica, 
(7th £arl,) Phihf, his half-brother became heir. He mar- 
ried Het^rietta de Qqeronaille, (fiAcr to the Ducbefs qf Portf* 
mouth, grandmother to the (ate Duke of Richmof^d) ^^d l^y 
her, who died Noveniber t^ 1728^ had oaly daMghter Char^ 
lott^i fivil married to Johiiy Lord JefFerieSi Baron of Wein, (by 
whom he h:;d a daughter named Henrictta-Louifa, ]ate Coti<ite& 
of Pomfret) arid after Lord jclFeries's deceafc, fhe married 
Thomas, Vifp. Windfor ; but thtj faid Philip? her father dyin^ 
ilugufb 29, 1683, without ifTue male, his title defcended tQ 

(8th Earl.) Thqmas, his brother, who msMrrted ift, Margaret^ 
fole daughter and heir to Sir Robert Sawyer, ^nd bv her, wh(l 
died November 17, 1706^^ had feven fons and five daughters. By 
his fecond, Barbara, daughter to Sir Henry Slingiby, Bqrt. and 
widow to John, Lard Arundel of Tr^rice, whicn lady died 
1721, had a daughter of her name, who on the 3d of 
1770, was married to Dudley North, of Glenham-hall, in Suf- 
folk, Efq, His Lordfhip iri 1625, married to. his third wife, 
Mary, fifter to Scroop, Vifc. Hpwe, and dying Jan. 1733, 
her he had no iffue, and llie afterwards married John M^rdaunt, 
Efq. brother to the Earl of Peterborough, in 0<Slober 1735. 
The daughters by the firft wiffj, were, Catharine,— Margafet. 
—Elizabeth. — Anne.— r-Rcbecca. The eldeft was married to Sir 
Nicholas Morri^e, of Werrington in Devon, and died in Sept^ 
1716. — Margaret died in Pecember 17 52. ^Rebecca, married^ 
William, late Lord Abergavenny. The foais were, 

(9th Earl.) HenhY) Robert-Sawyer, Thomas, William, John, 
and Nicholas; the eldcft fucceeded his father as Earl of Pem- 
)>roke, on the 28th pf Auguft 1733. married Mary, elded 
daughter of Ricbnrd, Vifc. Fitz-\ViHiams, in Ireland, by whom 
he had one fon Hciiry, now Earl, born July 3, 1734, — Robert-n 
Sawyer married Mary, danj^htcr to John Smith, E^, who ii^ 
1705, was Speaker of the Hon Ic of Commons and died April 25, 
17^9, without illue. — Charles died unirsnrried. — Thomas was 
Colonel in the Foot-guards, and died m i 7 :;g.- -William was a> 
Major-Cjcncrnl, and died in April, 1757, having been married 
to Mifs Catharine-Elizabeth 1 ews., by wiiom he had ifluc : i. 
William, who died young. 2. Hi nry, the prefent Lord Pfjr/- 
chejhr. 3. Charles, born 1743, married, in 1775, Caroline 
Montagu, filler to the Duke of Manch^iicr. 4. Catharine, 
died young. 5. (icorg-ium, born 1747. 6. Caroline-Roberr^ 
in holy orders, born 1751.— John died iinmarncd.— Nicholas, 
4i^4A^^bi IJJ'S^^y^i married igtU Qi Juij-j. 1737, Anne, 

L 2, ii^ghi^t 

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14$ B A H L o p S U F F O L 

daughter of Dudley North, of Glenham-liall, Sufiqik, Efq. by 
whom, ivho died Tan, 20, 1789/he had a daughter Barbara, 
born in April 1738, married to Edward, prcfent Earl of Ald- 
horough, ahd died without ifliie, 1785. His Lord&tp dying 01^ 
fhe ^tKof January i75i» was fucceeded by his only fon ; (and 
the Couhtefs married North Ludlow Berttar4, Efq. in Sepc» 
1757, ahd died the 13th of February, i769,) 
« ' (loth Earl.) Henry, now Earl of Pembroke. 

CuATibKs.] Created Baron Herbert of Cardifl^ in the 
"tounty of Glamorgan, 0£^» xo* 1551, 5 Eld ward VI. and the 
neiit day, Earl of Pembroke. Baron Herbert of Shurland, in the 
slle of Siiieppy in Kent, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac. L and at the fame 
time Earl of the county of Montgomery* 

Arms.] Party-per-pale, asiwt tad guleSf three lions ranipant, 
argettt, [Plate IX.] * ^ 

t' Crest.'J Oh a wreath, a wyvcrn with witifs elevated, twrf, 
holding in its mouth a finifter hand, couped at the wrift, gules* 

Supporters,} On the dexter fide, a panther guardant, argcntf 
fpotted of various cok>urs, with fire ifTumg out of his moutk 
and cars, his ducal collar, axure. On the llnlfter, a lion argmt^ 
gorgi'd with a ducal coronet, gules* 

Motto.] Ung je fn-veray^ One I will fcrvr. 

Chief Seat.J At VViiton, in the county of Wiits^ 


•rrHE Right lion. JOHN HOWARD, Earl ot SL 1 I OLK 
and BERKSHIRE, Vilcount And over, and Btiion Howard 
of Charleton,4V!Cceeded hlscoulin Feb. 24, 1783. He was bom 
March 7, 1739, in.inicil |uly 2, 1774, fulia, daughter oi jolin 

• Ga(karth of Pcnndi in Cumberland, £(4. by whom lie iias iffue 
Cliarles Ncviiifon, Vilcount Andovcr, born May 13, I775*"*'*, 
Thomas, born Aug, 18, 1776. — John, born 1777, died 1778.' 
—William-Philip, born 1779, ^7.^^? — Cathannc, bora 

twin with Willlam-Philipt ' ' * 

The defceiit pf this family is fet forth under th^ title oi Duke 
Cf Norfolk: -^ • ' * " 

^ Thom as, the fourtiv Duke of Norfolk, marrying to his fccond 

•wife Margaret, daughter and fole heir to Thomas, Lord Audicy 

. of Waldcn, by her had a fon, 
, • - ' (ift Earl of Suffolk.) Thomas, who by a6l of Parliament, 
in the 27th of Elizabeth, was reftored ]n blood ; and in 29th ot 

, that reign, had fummons to Parliament, by the title of Lord 
Jloward, ot Walden ; and having married Catharine, daughter 
and co-heir to Sir Hcniy Knevit, widow of Sir Richard, cidell 
ion of Robert;, Lord Rich, and £Aer to the CounteXs ot Lincolii> 

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htr had leven fons and four daughters; whereof Kllzabeth^ 
was £ril married to William Knbiles, Earl of Banbuty, and 
altetWards to EdWardi Lord Vaux.-«'-Frahccs, to Robert Deve- 
Veux, Earl of Efler, from whom being divorced, ihe married 
Robert Carr, Earl of Somerfet.— Margaret died an infants- 
Catharine married William Cecil, the id Earl of Sali(bury» 
The foni were Theophilus, THomas, Henry, Charles, Robert^ 
Willlami and Edward. Sir Charles, the 4th ion^ married Mary, 
daughter and heir to Sir John Fitz.--- Henry married Elizabeth, 
daughter and £fif^ heir to William Baflet, Efq. and by her, wh6 
afttfwards martied William CftTendiih, Diike of Newcadlet 
^aa a daughter of her name. Who was married to Sir Joha 
Harpur.-- -Thomas, the 2d ion wat created Earl of BericsiHhe* 
^-The eldeft fucceeded liis father. 

(2d Earl of Suffolk.) Theophilus, who was fummohed td 
Parliament in his father's life-time, as Lot-d Hbward of Walden, 
on May aS, 1626, Succeeded* He married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir to George, Lord Hume, EaU oFDunbar in Scotland^ 
^nd by her had four fons, and tive daughters ; Catharine, Who 
married ift, to George, Lord Aubigny ; and 2diy, to J^es, Earl 
of Newburgh, in Scotland.-— Elizabeth, to Algernon Percy^ 
the loth Earl of Northumberland.™ Margaret to Roger Boyle, 
the firft Earl of Oirrery, in Ireland.— Anne, to Thomas Wal- 
lingham, Efq. — Frances to Sir Edward Villiers, Knt. from which 
marriage defcended the prefent Earl of Jerfey. The fons were 
James, Thomas, George, and Henry ; the 2d had an only foi 
James, who married Charlotte- |emima-Henrictta-Mari.i Boyle, 
natural daughter to King Charles the lid. by Elizabeth, Vif- 
counlefs Shannon, and by her had Staarta Howard, hU onJijr 
'child, w^ho died uriirfarried. 

(3d Earl of Suffolk. James, the eldeft fon, on the 3d of 
June 1640, fucceeded his father. He married firft Sufan, daugh- 
ter to Henry Rich, Earl of Holland, ty whom he had an only 
daughter ElTcx, married to Edward, Lord Griffin ; (from whom 
defcended Anne GrifHn, only lurviying fifter and heir of Edward 
III. Lord Grltrm, who married William Whitwell, Efq. by* 
whom fhe liad ilfuc the prufcnt Lord Howard of Walden') hy his 
2d Lady Barbara, widow of Richard Wenmnn, Efq. only Ion of 
Thomas, the fecond Vifcourit Wcnman, and fifter to Sir Ed- 
Ward Villiers bcforc-meiitioned, who artcrwards married Aitliur 
Gorp^cs, Efq. he Ind a daughter Lli/Labeth, married to Sir 
Thomas Fclton, B.irt. whofc only daugliter married the Earl o£ 
BriAol : And hy his tirrd wife Anne, cldefl daughter to Robert 
Montagu, the third Earl of Manclieilcr, he liad no ifTue. This 
Earl dying in 1689, without ifTue m.ilc, was fuccc?d,cd hy 

(4th Ea*I Qt Suffolk.) George, his 3d hrotlu r; 'i nomas 
the 2d bcinc; (!e \d, and Icavin^^ only a '^nnd-daughtcr as before 
0bferved» lie married hriij Cathariue^ daugliter to — Allen» 

h $ by 

« « 

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)j& £ARLorSUFFdL& 

by wbom he had two daughters ; adly, Mary, daughtcf to Sif 
Henry Wrbth, ^idoW of James Cosv'per, Ef^. but dying W 
169 1, i^ithout ifTue mal^, 

(5th Earl of Suffolk.) HenHY, his 4th brdthcr be^fame heir, 
4nd married firft, Mary Steuart, dalighter and heir to the Lord 
Calile-Stcuart, of Ireland, and by her had three fons; and :i 
daughter Diana, married to Colonel John Pitt; hut bv his 2d, 
"^'ho was widow of Sir John Maynard, Knt. he had no ilFuc, and 
died on the gth of December, 1709. His Tons, bv his iirll wife, 
were Henrv, Edwaul, and Charles, all Earls of Sulfolk. 

■(6th Kail of Suffolk.) Henry, on the 30th of December/ 
1706, was created Bai on of Chcftcrfoi J in EHcl', and Enrl of 
Bindon in the county of Dorfet, his father being then alive ; 
and oTi llic Qth of iJecembcr, 1709-. luccceded his father, hut 
died September 19, 17 18. By his fee on d wife, Henrietta So- 
Jnerfet, third daughter to Henry, Duke of Beaufort, (widow 
of Henry, Lord Obricn, fon ot Henry, Earl of Thomond, in 
Ireland,) he had no ilTuc; but by his nrft, who was Penelope, 
daughter to Henry, Earl of Thomond, he had four fons. Char Ics- 
XVilliam, James, Thomas, and Atfhuf ; and a daughter Sarah- 
Henrietta, married in 172!, to Thomas Chcfter, Efq. and died 
Ihe 28th of March, 1722. James, Thomas, and Arthur, the 
three youngefl: fons, died unmarried. 

(7th Earl of Suffolk.) Charles-William, the eldefl, fuc- 
tcetkd his father; and married Arabella, 4th daughter and ro- 
"heir to Sir Samuel AAry, but dying on the 8th of l\"bruarv, 
1722, r.nd hU Eadv in lune following, without ifllie, he was 
fiicceeded ur,the title of Lord Waldcn, and Eafl of Sufiblk (thtf 
Other titles being exlindl) by 

(8th Earl of Suffolk.) Edward, his uncle, fon of Henry 
the 5th Earl; which Edward dymg unmarried, June 22^ '73t# 
the honour and, efiate devolved on his only brother, 

(gth Ear! cyf Suffolk.) Charles, who married Henrietta, 
Hfler to John Ilohart, the ifi: Earl nf Huckingh^mlhire, and 
died at Bath in September, 1733, leaving iffue one fdfl, Henrys 
and lier Lady lliip married, 2dly, July 1735, George Berkeieyy 


(lOth Earl of Suffolk. J Henry, who fucceeded, married May 
)3, 1735, Sarah, fole aaughter of Thomas. In\een, Efq. and 
dying in April, i745# withoilt iflne ; Hie remarried in Odlober 
175:*, Lucius, Vifcount Ealkland ; and his titles devolved oni 

(nth Earl ot Suffolk.) Henrt-Bowes, Earl of Befkfliire, 
delc'ended from Thomas, 2d fon of Thomas the firft Earl q( 
Sufiblk, who was created Lord Hoviard of Charlton, ViiconflC 
Andover, and Earl of Berkfhire; which 

(lil Earl of Berks.) Thomas, married Elizabeth, daughter 
and co-heir to William, the 2d Earl of Exeter, by whom he' 
had nine fons, Charles, Lord Aiidom.-^^Thbinas, ftteeeflbr to 


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£ A R L Of SU F F 0 L K T£f 

kit Iffodiier anrles^Henry, married to i^isabetl^ wkknr of 
John* Lord Craven, daughter of Wiliiatn, Lord Spencer, Imt 
died wftbout iflb6 In Dec. 1663 ; auid ihe married thirdly, WiU 
lim. Lord Crofts.— WiUiam, anceftor of the 14th EarV— £d-* 
trara, who married two wives, and died without ifluc.— -Robert, 
who le(t no mMe ifl^o. — Philip, bom i6ao, and ^7^7f 
haviOK had iflue by bis wife. Mary, daughter of Mr. Jennings, two 
loos, janiC9 and Charles ; and two daoffhters;^ Mary-Lucy, who 
died unmarried in May 1744; and Henrietta, who alio died 
Unmarried in 1750. James, the eldeft fon» bom 1679, 
and died June 13, 1722, bavipg married ps^tbarinci daughter 
of Geoigse Booth, Efq. of Woodlprd in J^x, by whoin he had 
tflbe WilUam, who died )in iniabt ;' and Jainea-Thqmas, who 
when two years old ; alfo twQ daughters, Martha-Maria, 
who inarxied Dec gt, 1740, Rev. pharles Hervey, Prebendary 
^ Ely, fifth fon Of dbe firft £arl of Briftol, by whom he had 
i€ue. Charles, the fecond fun of Philip, was born May 13, 
168 1, to whom Charles 11. flood godfather, was lofl at Tea in 
1705, having married Elizabeth, daughter of Mr* Battier, and 
by her, who died June, 17 11, had one fon Philip; and a 
daughter, Mary, who married Henry Scott, Earl of Deloraiac, 
and after his deceafe, to William Windham, Efq. of Earfham, in 
Norfolk. Philip, the only fon, was born March 27, 1704, died 
in Jamaica, March 27, 1741, having marrjed, Feb. i, 1 731-2, 
Mils Skrccn, by whom, who 4icJ 1787, he liad ioiir ions, and 
oae da ug liter, Mary, born Feb, 14, 1 7^4-5. i, T homas boiii 
Jan, 6, 1732-3, died unmarried. 2. William Wyndham, born 
April 9, 1737, died 1740. 3. John, the prcfent Earl. 4. 
PhUip, horn May 17, 1741, in the Royal Navy. The fa id 
firft Earl had alfo fonr daughters; Eh/.aheih, married John 
Dryden, Efq, Poet-laureat.^ — Frances, to Conyers, the feco[\d 
Earl of lioidcrnefs. — Diana. — Mary died unniarutd. flis 
Lordihip dying in the 90th year of his age, the t6th of July, 
1669, was fucceeded by 

(2d. Earl of B.) Charles, his eldeft fon, who in his father's 
hfc-time had fuimnons to divers Parliaments, by the title of 
Lord Howard of Charleton. He married Dorothy, fecund 
daughter to Thomas, Vifc. Savage, and had three fons and two 
daughters ; Anne married to Sir Henry Beddingfield, Bart, and 
Elizabeth, who died young; but his fons all dying in their 
youth, his wies suid ellates, (he dying in April, 1679,) ^cfcend- 
ed to 

(3d E. of B.) ThoM/Vs, his next brother, who married, 
firft, Francis, daughter to Sir Richard Harrifon, and by her had 
two daughters: Frances married to Sir Henry Winchcombe ; 
iiudMary, who died unmarried. He married, fecondly, Mar* 
garet, daughter to Sir Thomas Parker, by whoia km had aQ 
iiiue^iu^ dyi«i£ A^ril 12^ 1706, muxa to . 

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t^^ %Ai.L OF SUFFOLK.' 

WttilA'My the fourth fon of Thomas, the firft Earl, vAiO 
tnarrying Elizaheth, daughter to Lowthtel, Lord Duodas of 
Scotland, had an only fon, Craven ; and two daughters, ; Do- 
rotb Y, married to Colonel James Grahme ; and Anne, married to 
Sfr Gahriet SyWius* 

CuAVEM, who fttcceeded his father, marrying to his firft wife^ 
Anne, daughter to Thomas Ogle, Elq. by her had Anne, 
who died unmarried; and taking to his fecond wife, Mary, 
daughter and fole heir to Charles Bowes, Efq. by her, (beiides > 
two daughters, Mary, and Dorothy) had - • 

(4th £^rl of B. iith £arl of S.) Henhy-Bowes, who on - 
the <th of March, 1709, marrying Catharine, daughter to Colo-- 
nei James Grahme, had iifue by her (who' died Feb* 14, 1762) 
three daughters; Dlana^born Jan. 13, 17 10, died in Jan. 17 13*. 
—Catharine, born ib 1715, dteii unmarried^^Frances, born 
J^ne 17, 1 725, died tinmlrried | and fix fons ; of whom Henry 
the eldieft, and Tlimes the fecond, died in their minority* 

WiLLt AM, vife. Andover, the Mri fon, bom Dec. 13, 171*59 
died fuddenly by a lall from his chaiie in Oxfordlhiie, July 18^ 
1756. He married Nov. 6, 1736, Mar v, fecond daughter of - 
Heneage, Earl of Aylesford, by whom he nad iflue, firft, Henry, 
the 1 2th Earl, born May 10, 1739. Second, Elizabeth, born 
May 14, 1744, linCe dead. Third, Frances, born Feb. 27, 
1746, married Feb. 25, 1783, to Mr. Bagot, brother of Lord 
Bagot, who has changed his name to Howard. — Charles, fotirth 
fon of the Earl, born Odl. 13, 1717, died 0«SI. i773.-*-Thomas, 
iifth fon, born June 11, 1721, who on the death of his great 
nephew, in Auguft, 1779, fuccecded to the title.— Gratham, 
fixth fon, born 061:. 27, 1722, died in tlic 14th vcnr of his age. 
His Lordfhip dying in March 21, 1757, was iuccecucd by his 
grand Ton, 

(i2th Earl ofS. 5th Earl of R.) Henry, born \Tav 10, 1739, 
married May 2<;, 1764, Maria Conftaiuia, only tlaughtir of 
Robert, Lord Trevor, by whicii Lady, (who died in child- 
bed, Feb. 27, 1767) he had a daughter Maria-Con l^^jitia, born 
Jan. 21, 1767, v.liQ died July 21, 1775. His Loidihip inarried 
fecondiv, A\,g;. 14, 1777, Charlotte Finch, cldeft daughter of 
Hencagc, Larl of Aylesford, by whom he had a fon, born Sept. 
a4, 1778, who died Dec. 27, following. His Lordihip dad 
^'larch 7, 1779? icaving his Countcfs pregnant, who was de- 
livered of a fon Henry, Aug. 8, 1779, that lived but two 
liays, being the thirteenth Earl, and was fucceeded in title %^ad 
cftate by his great uncle, 

(i4th Earl of Suffolk, 7th Earl of B.) Thoma&, horn June 
ai, 1721, the grandfon of Hrnrv-Bowes, the fourth Earl, lit 
married April 12, 1747, Elizabeth, daughter of William King- 
Ccote, Efq. of GlouceJlerftiire, by whom, who died June 23^ 
1769^ hit had Diaodj i>«ra July a8| umtied ^ov. 23, 

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£ A R L 0 F E it E T E R. 1^3 

t^Ba, to Sir Michael le Flemingi Bart. -'-Catharine^ botfi July, 
6, 1 740»— Elizabeth, born May 14, 1744^ who died an mtanu 
Frances, bom 27, 1746. His Lordihip died Feb. 1785, 
without male i£be> and the honours defcended to . 

(15th Earl of S. Stfa Earl of B.) John, the prefent.Earl, db* 
rceoded firom Philip, feventh fon of Thomas, firft Earl of Beck* 
lhire« He is a Colonel in the Guards* 

CuATiONs.] Created Earl of the oonnty of Sufiolk, July 
2it 1605, 1 Jac. L Baron Charleton, in the county of Wiii», 
and Vifcount Andover in the county of Southampton, January 
23> i6ai. iQ Jac. L and Earl of the coimty of Berks^ I^bruary 
6, 1625, 1 Car* L 

AB.MS and Cr£st«] The fame as the Duke of Norfolk, with 
tke creicent, for difference; omitting the truncheons on tho 
back of theeictttcheon. [Plate IX.] 

Sof FOKT£as.] On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, «r, gor- 
ged ducally, m-gemt* On the ilnifter, alion, argent. 

Motto*] JVm ^mo fed quomadt^ Not by whom, but In what- 

Chief Seats.] At Charletoni in Wilts ; at Levenz, in Weft* 
iBorland ; and at Elford, in Staffordfhire* 


^HE Rlglit Hon. BROW'XLOW CECIL, Earl of 
EXETKR, and Baron of Burleigh, horn Sept. 21, 172 9, 
lucceedcd liis father, Brownlow, the late Larl, who died Nov* 
3, 1754« His LordHiip married July 24, 1749, Letitia, fold 
daughter and hcircfs of Horatio Towniiicud, who died April 
I J, 1756, leaving no ifluc. 

This ancient and noble family derives its pedigree from ilio 
KormanSy of whom was 

Robert Seafll, Sicclt, or Cecil, who was by William the 
Ud. rewarded with lands for his fervicea. To hnn fucceeded 
Sir James, his fon. Baron of Bcauport, who was fucceeded bf 
John, his fon, who, by Maud de Frenes, had illue 
Eustace, his heir, who manied Eleanor, daughter of Sit 
Walter Pembridge, Knt. and had ifliie 

Sir Baldwin Seyfil, fiain at the liege of CardifF-Caftle, his 
father then living. By his £rfk wife, daughter of Maurice de 
Brampton, he had five fons, Gerald, Euftace, Henry, Jolin, and 
Walter; and two daughters, Catharine, wife to Hugh ap Me- 
redith Wardake ; and Eleanor, wife ot Walter Wallis. By his 
fecond wlfe^ Mircraret, daughter of Sir Stephen Radnor, Knt* 
he had Stephen, Kop:er, Hugh, David; Maud, a Nun; Joan 

maccis^^o JLoha 4« ibokr» 9 smd Ano^, to Owen ap Meredith. 

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• ■ 

Ger ALDy the cldeft fon, fucceedcd his graiid£ather. He maji» 
rkd Mabd, daughter of Sir William Moii^ey and had iSut 
Gi^raidy who died an infant, — Robert-Owe^, a Monk. — 'Casha* 
rine married, firft, to Sir GrifEn ap Yercford; fecondly, to 
David ap Evan ; and thirdly, to Jeffervy fon of Sir Walter Brett* 
—Anne, married to Robert Bmnwiciu—- £lea» ta John, fon of 
Sir Richard Abrahall. 

Robert fucceedcd hti Hither, and rriarrlcd Alice^ daughter 
of Sir Robert de Trag«xe, and bad ifiue foiir ions and two 
d^ghters; and was fucceeded bj 

iAMEs, biis eldeft fon, who mnrried Ifabcl, daughter of Sir 
^ n Kneily Knt* and had ifiue^ James, who died young*—- Ge- 
rald, his twin-brothen^Robcrt* — John. — Alice^ married to 
IValter Moningtbn*— -Gr^os* to Roger Blunt**— Eleanory to 
fThomas Faine. — Margery, to Morgan ap Meredith.— Cecil y, 
&ft, to Howel a]^ Blethia ; and fecondly, to Sir Hugh Bnige. 

Gerald, who fucteeded his &ther, tnarlried foul: wives, hf 
oli of whom- he had iffiie, and was fiicceeded hj 

John, his eldeft by his firft wife Marearcc, dangbtdr of Sto^ 
p^ien de la Bere* He married Syliil, daughter Sf Robert d^ 
£wyas, and had ifTue Sir John and George ; and Macgaret, mac* 
iied to Sir Robert Bafkerville* 

Sir John, who fiic ceeded bit 6ither> married Allte, fifler to 
jSir Robert BaikerviUe, and had tflue* 

. John, -his heir, who married Joan, daughter to Sir Richard 
Manningtori, and had iflue John, who died in his father** lif<^^ 
lime, and 

Sir TkoUis, who married Margaret, daughter and heir of 
Sir Gilbert Winftoii, and had lifue 

Richard, hi« heir, who, by Margaret, daughter tff Sir John 
Philips, had Ifttie 

Philip, who married Maud, daughter and heir of William^. 
Philip Vaughan, aiid had iCue Philip, and 

David, front whdm the prefent Earl of Exeter and Marquis 
of Saliibury are defcendcd. He married Jane, daughter and heir 
of Sir ]ohn Dicons, and had ilTue Richard, and David; M\dd 
daughter Joan. 

Richard, who iucccedeil his fatlu r, dvinj^ in Marcli, 1553, 
left iffne by |anc, dauelitc i aad liLii to VV liliam Hctkinirton, 
Willi, im, his hoi?-; anJ ihice Jauplitcis; Anne, man i-d to johrt 
WlutCj Kfq. — Elizabeth, toSn R. i^ci c Winghc Kl, aud Iccoudly, 
to Hugh Allington, El'q.— -Margaret, to Roper Cave, Kfq. 

William, his heir, was created Baron of Burleigh, and ditd 
in I5()8. He married arit, Aiai v, daughier to Peter Cheek, by 
•whom he had Thomns, his heir. Hq married fccoiidly, Mildicd, 
daughter of Sir Anthony Coke, by whom he had a feu Robert; 
an<i two daughters, iVmie, married to Edward Vcre, Earl of 
0^ord| whom ike had xhsm uo^uglileis; £ril, EJizabeth, 

married , 

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Jnarnctl to William, the lixih Earl of Derby. Second, Bridget 
to the Lord Norris. 1 hu d, Sufan, to Philip Hci l)iii t, 1' url ot* 
Montgomery, afterwards Earl of Pembroke. — Elizabeth m iinrd 
fecondly, to Wiliiam Weiitworth, eldcil Ton of Thomas, Lord 
Wcntwoith, who h.'^d nr. ;liuc. The fons were both madii 
Earls in one day; but Robeii was created Earl of Salilbury ia 
the uioining, and 

(ifi: LnrL) TuoMAS, the cldcfi:, Earl of Exeter in the af- 
tternocn, and fucreeded his father in the title of Lord Burleigh, , 
By his fecond wife p'rances, daughter of William ikidges, Lord 
Chandof;, widow of Sir Thomas Smith, he had an onlv dauf:;h- 
ter, Annc-Sophia, that died young; but by his firft, who was. 
Dorothy, fecohd of the four daughters, and co-heirs of John 
Ncvii, Lord Latimer; bv Lucy his wife, fecond daughter to 
henry Somerfet, Fai l of VS orccftcr, he had five Ions, and eight • 
dauglurrs, Catharine died unmarrie<l. — Lucy raa fried to W iU 
liani Powlet, the fourth Martjuis of Wincheiler. — Mildred mar- 
ued firfl, to Sir Thomas Read, and fecond Iv, to Sir Edmund 
Traftbrd. — Mary married to Edward, Lord Denny. — Sufan died 
nilmarried.-— Elizabeth married firfl, to Sir William Hatton, 
a!iar> Ne wport, and fecondly, to Sir Edward Coke. — Dorothy to 

ir Ciiies Aiiington. — Frances, to Srr Ntcholas Tuftort, ih* 
Ions were, Willi. am.— Sir Richard, who was father of David, 
th^ third Fn rl.— Thomas. — Chriftoplier, who was drowned in 
toermany. — Sir Edward, wlio was crtatcd Baron of Putney, and 
Vifc, Wimblctoh, in the county of Surry. He married firlr, 
Theodofia, fiflcr to Edward Noc!, the firll Vifc. Campden, h^. 
\\h cm he had four daughters; and fecondly, Diana, daughter 
t)f Sir William Drury, he had another daughter Anne. Of th<i 
daughters by his firft wife, which were, i. Frances. 2. Eliza* 
beth, 3. Albinia, and 4. Dorothy. Frances, married Jan\e« 
Fienncs, the fecond Vifc. Save and Sele.~— Elizabeth, to Francis^ 
the fourth Lord Willoughby of Parham. — Albinia, to Sir 
Chriftbpher Wray. He married, thirdly, Sophia, daughter tgl 
^ir Edmund Zouch^ by whom he had an only fon, Algernon, 
v^ho died an infont ; and his Lady married fecondly. Sir Robert 
King. But having done with this branch, We return to 

(2d Earl.) "William, Lord Btirleigh, who, on the 7th <y( 
Feb. 1622, fucceedcd his father. By his fecond wife, Elizabeth, 
another fifter and co-heir to Sir Robert Drury, he had three 
daughters ; Elizabeth, married to Thomas Howard, the firft 
Earl of Berkfhire. — Diana, firft to Henry Vere, Earl of Ox- 
ford, and fecondly to Thomas Bruqe, Earl of Elgin in Scotland. 
-^Annc, to Henry, the firft Earl of Stamford. But by his iirlk 
Wife, Elizabeth, onlv daughter and heir to Edw ard, Earl of Rut- 
land, he had Will iam his fon, who was Lord Roos, as appear^ 
in the actount of the Rutland family^ who married Annc^ 
itati^httr of Sk lhoma$ Lake; but dying in 16189 at Napleg» 


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without iflue, the title of Earl of Exetef^ upon ius father's dc* 
ccafe^ anno 1639, dclcended to, 

(3d Earl.) David, Ion of Sir Richaid, before-mentioned, 
his uncle, by hi*: fccond wife, daughter to Sir Anthony Cope; 
and thnt of Lord Roos, reverted to the Earl ot Rutland, after 
the dcatli of George, Duke of Buckingham, who wa*; fon ofCa- 
thLii iiic, daughter of Francis, the fixth Earl of Rutland. 
married Klr/abeth, daughteT tc JgIih F.gcrton, the firif Earl of 
Bridgewater and he had John hiS heir ; and a daughter FraoceSy 
married to Anthony, tliefirlfc Earl of Shaftlbury. 

(4th Earl.) John, who fucceeded his father, married to his 
iecond wife, Mary Fane, daughter to Mildmay, thfe fecond 
Earl of Weftmoreland, and rclid: of Francis Palmes, Efq. by 
whom he had no iflue ; but by his firft, who was Frances^ 
daughter to John, the eighth Earl of Rutland, he was father of 
another John; David, who died young ; and a daughter France^ 
married to John, Vifcount Scudambre, in Ireland* 

(5th Earl.) John, who fucceeded his f;Uher, married Anne, 
©nly daughter to William, Earl of Devohfliirc, Widow o£ 
Charles, Lord Rich, and bv her had John his heir; Williaai» 
Charles, Edwatd^ all three died unmarried ; and four daughters j 
Chridian, Anne, Frances, who all died young ; and EUaabetH 
married to Charles, Earl ofOrrerj* 

(6th Earl.) John, who, in 1700, fucceeded his father, mar* 
tied to his firft wife, Annabella, daughter to John Bennet^ 
Lord Offulflon, filler to Charles, Earl of Tankerville, by whom 
he had no ifTue ; but by his fecond wife, Elizabeth, daughter and 
co*hetr to Sir John Brownlow, who died Nov. 28, 17^3> in the 
' 43d yearof h&r age, he had five fons j and a daughter Elizabeth, 
married to William Aiilabie, ££|« but died the 6th of Aprils 
17^3. The fons were, 

(7th Earl.) John, hit heir, born 1 7o6»*^Browiil6w, bora 
1 70l»— -William, bom 1 702,— Francis, born 1703. — ^Charles, 
bom 1705; the three youngeft died unmarried; and the eldefi^ 
WM, on the 21ft of Dec. 1721, fucceeded his father, dying oA 
thksXh of April, 17229 unmarried alfo, . ^ , 

(mi Earl.) Brownlow, his next brother, became heir ; and 
inJnW 17249 married Hannah-Sophia, eldeft daughter to Tho- 
mas Chambers, of Derby, merchailt, and by het, who dibd April 
«), 1765, had idTue three fons, and thiree dauj;hters, viz..Brbwtx- 
low, theprefeht Earl.-— Margaret-Sopbia, who died Feb. 17389 
tinmarned«<^Thomas-Chambers, born Jiine 25, 1 728, and died 
in Aug* 14* 1*778, having maitiedMifs Chairlotte Gbrnier, and 
had iflue Henry, born 14th March, 17^4, mariried May 23, 
1776, to Miff Vernon9 and had a fon oom, . who d;ed an infant, 
July 1777.-— David jjied young in 1 736.-~£ltzabetb9 bbrnjiily 
22, 1729; married May 19, 1757, to John Chaplyn, Efq. of 
Blaokney^ in Lincolnlhire«««-Ajainc^ born in Jutie 1734, died 

' April 

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April S, 1785. Hk LordAip dying Not. 3, 1754^ was foo^ 

needed by his eldeft fon, 

' (9th £arL) Brownlow, aow EarK 

Creations*] Created Baron of Burleigh, m the county of 
•Northampton, Feb. 25, 1570, 13 Elis. and Earl of Exeter, in 
the county of Devon, May 4, 1605, 3 Jac* I* 

Arms.j Barry of ten, argent and azun^ over all £ix efcat* 
theons, 2> 2, and i, fable, each charged with a lion rampant^ 
.ofthc>f/rf. [Plate X.} 

CrBst.] On a chapeau, guUs^ turned iip^ ermine, a garb^ * 
cr ; fuppoited by two lions, that oa the dexter fide, argenti thc^ ' 

SuFFORnas.J Two lions, ermine. 
' Motto*] Cor ummi ^"^^ heart, one way« 

Chief Seat.] At Budeigh, near Stamford, in th^ caasit^ 
^NcrthamptOQ* • « " 


tpHE Right Hon. SPENCER COMPTON, EarlofNOR^ 
THAMPTON, Aicceeded his brother Charles, the late 
Earl, 061. 18, 1765, bom 1730, married Jane, daughter of 
Henry Lawton, of Northampton, Efq. by whom he has ilFue, 
Charles, born March 21, 1760, married Aug. 18, 1787, Mifs. 
Smith, cldcil daughter of Jolhua Smith, of Earl-Stokc I'ark, ia 
"Wilts, Efq. by whom he has iflue a fon, born June 8, 1788.— 
Fruucci, born Sept. 10, i 7 58. I'hc Countefs, their mother, died - 
Nov. 26, 1767 ; and he married fecoiidly, May 16, 1769, Mif* 
Hougham, by wliorri he h is no iflue. 

The ancient tangly ot Cotopioa derives its name from the 
lordlhip of Corapton, in the county of Warwick, and is de- 
fended from the Saxon Earls of Warwick, before the Conqueft.* 
Sir William JJugdalc, in his Antiquities of Warwick/hire, gives 
the defcent of this family in a right line from Turkel, \\ ho was 
deprived of hisEaiidom of Warwick, by King William the Con- 

William Compton, in the reign of Richard II. married 
Joan, daughter to John Hobby, Ef^ and was father of 
Robert Compton, whofc Ion 

Edmund, dying In 1494, left iflue by Joan his wife, daughter 
and heir to Walter Aylworth, Efq. Sir William his licir, and a 
. daughter Elizabeth, married to Sir Walter Rodney, Knt. 

Sir Willi AM Compton was Page of Honour to King Henry 
Vlir. He was knighted by that King for his gallant behaviour 

the hattk4>f the ^urs^ lie died May 31, 1528, aged 47, and 

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byWcrlnirgCj daughter r.ncl heir tO Sirjolm fifCIVtOO^ WlAoHi 

oi Sir lancis Chcvncv, left 

Peter, her, ihcn in minority, whofc wardihip wa* 
committed to Cardinal \\ olley, but tliat prelate being in dif- 
gracc, be ^vas aitcrwards in w ard to George, the fourth £ari 
of Shre\^ fburv, who married him before he was lo, to Ann^ 
his daughter ; but he dying the 35th of Henry Vilhleft Henry 
his foil and heir, who was then but eleven months old ; and his 
mother oiterwaids maxricd William the £su:i of Poobrok^ 

(ift Lord.) Hi-nry, on the 10th Feb. 1566) was knighted 
by the Earl of Le:cL fkT ; and on the 8th of May 1572, was fiUQ- 
woned by writ to the Houle of Peers, by the title of Baron 
Compton, of Compton; and marrying Prances, daughter tor 
Francis, the fecond Eail of Huntingdon, by her had two fons 
and one daughter; by his fecond wife Anne, daughter to biir 
John Spencer, widow of William, Lord Monteagle, (who mar- 
tied to her third hiifband Robert Sackvillc, the fecond Earl o£ 
Porfct,) he had ISir Henry Compton, wIiq married Cicely^ 
daughter to Robert Sackville, Larl of Dorfet, by his firft wifcj^ 
and by he had three Ions and three daughters; Cicely, mar- 
ried firft to Sir jolin Fvrnior, and fecondly, to Henry, the third 
Lord Arundel, ol V\ ardour.---Mary to John, fon and heir of 
Ricliard. \'ifcount Lumlcy. — Margaret the youngeft, wasmar- 
ricd to Col. 1 homas Sackvillc. The fons oi the faid Sir Henry 
were William, Henry, and (ieorpc, '1 hr iecond was flain in a 
duel by Lord George Chnndus; but this brancli is extin6lt. Of 
the ifliie of Henry, Lord Compton, by t ranees Haitings, his 
firfl wife ; Margaret mai 1 k nrv. Lord Mordaunt, by whom 
ihe had |ohn, who was created Lari of Petcrl : rough. And of 
tl i T/:, wliich weie W and Thomas ; the latter marricdt 
Alarv, daugliter to Anthonv Beaumont, widow of Six V^' ill iam 
Kayner, who married to her fecond hulband, Sir George ViU 
' Ircrs, and after his deceafe, ihe w-as, by King James L crea- 
ted Countefs ot Buckingham, July I, t6i8, and was ojothcr of 
■Cnorge Villiers, 13i'ke of 1 Kicking ha^nij the ^reat favourite 
^ing lames 1. and Charles L 

(2d Lord, ift Karl.) WiLLlA>r, who fucccedrd his fathcrj^ 
was firft fmnmoncd to Parliament the ^.5tli of Kli/.. and was crea- 
ted Earl of Northampton, on the 2d of Aug. 1618 ; the i6th of 
James L he wa<: created a Knigkt ot the Crartci;, and f.ord Pre-v 
fident of the Marches and Pririci julity t>f Wales. He mnrriec^ 
Ldi'Aabeth, folc dnn^hlcr and heir to Sir ]olin SfK-ncer, and by 
her leit Spencer his heir ; and two daugliters ; Elii'.abcth inarriet^ 
to Robert Maxwell, Earl of Nithfdalc, it> -Sf"rkuid j, ajid^A^pe^ 
toL'lrick, Marquis of Cianrickard. 

(2d Earl.) Spencer, who diftinguillied hiniicLf for his va^ 
\Qur and attachment tg th.^ c^ufi^ o( Qharles U i^^hich he ^'^^ 

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flalnot Hopton-Beath, in Stafibr4(kfre, in the 4ad ymr of hi* 
age, married Mary, daughter to Sir Francis Beaumont, andby* 
her had fix Tons and two daughters ; Anne married to Sir Hugh 
Choimky. — Penelope, to Sir John Nicholas.— Sir Charles the 
iecond fon, dying in Nov. 1661, left iffbe by Mary his wife, 
daughter to Sir Hatton Ferrtior, a daughter of her name, who, 
on the i5ihof May 1676, was married to James Lane, Vifcount 
Lancfborough ; asalfo a fon named Hatton Comptoii, who died 
in 1740, leaving hy Penelope his wife, dauglitcr of Sir ]olin 
^^ichola^, a daug!ncr Penelope, married to Sir I' C juoch, 
Bz::. iiiiliop of Lly, and three ions, Charles, ildward, ^ud 
|:ii:!t_s. — Sir William, tlnid loiij died Ocl. 19, 1663, in the 
;^9t!i venr of his age, haviiig married ] dl7..alx:t:]i, \'/:Jcj\v ofVVil- 
liuin, Lonl AUington, of Horilieath, in the touiuy of Cam- 
l>rulgc.— Sir Spencer Comptun, ionrth Inn, died at Bruges, un- 
married, 1^59. — Sir Francis Comptonj iuth fon, died on ihu 
20th of Dec. 1716, in the 87th year of his age, lie married fe- 
deral wives, but by Jane, daughter to Sir John Trevor, Knt* 
lie had two fons, James and John, who hotli died unmarried; 
and three daughters, Mary, Franceji, and Aune. The eldcll 
whereof married Sir Barrington Bourchier. — Henry Cornpton, 
6th fon, was Bilhop of London, and died on the Jithofjuiy, 
27 1 1, in the 81II yeai ut hii» age. 

(3d Earl.) James, eldeft fon of Spencer, Earl of North- 
lunpCon, fucceeded, and died Dec. 15, 1681. On ilie 5th of 
July, 1647, he married Ifabella, youngelt daugiitcr and co-heir 
|o Richard SackviUe, the thiid Larl of Dorfet, and by her, who 
xliedOcl. 14, 1661, he had divers cliildren that died young, and 
one daughter, Alathea, married to Kdward Hungcrford, Kfq. 
but dying without lifue in 1678, her great fortune dcfccndcd to 
hercoufin, John Tufton, the fourth £ari ofThanet. Hi • fc- 
cond Ludv \v:'s Mary, daugliter to Raptill Noel, Vifcount Canip- 
dcn, by whom he hnd three Ions, and two daughters, whereof 
. Tulinna died vtH.n'j- but Alarv married Charles Sackvillc, the 
iixih Kar! of lJ*orlLt. flis three Ions were, Cicorgc liis luccef- 
jor . — James, who died young. — Spencer, who in fcvcral Par- 
liamciirs was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and was crca*. 
ted Haron of WilmiiVL;ton, in the county of Surtex, Jan. 2, 
1728, and on the 14th ot May, 17 30, created Vifcount Pc- 
venfey, and Earl of Wilmington ; but dying unmarried, ifl^ 
July 1743, his titles are cxtincb. 

(4th Earl.) George, born 0<St. 18, 1664, was under 
hi» fatber^s death. In 1786, his Lordfliip married firft, Jane, 

Jobngeil daughter of Sir Stephen Fox, and by her (who died 
uly 10^ 172 1) had four fons, and ftx daughters, viz. James^ 
yrho fucceeded hiokf April 15, 1727. — George, who fucoeeded 
his brother James, 'ji l754*-^tepheii, died young*«»- 

/ ^barteib who died Nov* 2O} 17551 having married^ Aug. 14^ 

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1727^ Mary^ only daughter of Sir Berkeley Lncy, Bart. Iff 
yKhom he had iflne two fons and lour daughters, yi«* fipft, Charl^ 
the late Earl of Northampton ; fecond, Spencer, the prcfenc 
Earl ; third, Marv» married firll to Richnrd Haddock, Efq. 
andfecondly, to Arthur Scott, Efq. both in the fea-fervice, and 
died May 8, 1782; fourth, Jane, married I th. 2, T753, Sir 
Georges Brydges Rodney, now Lord Rodney, and died Jan, 28, 
1757; leaving ifllie; fifth, Catharine, in:irried Jan. -26, 1756, 
|oJohn, Karl of Egmont ; and on May 19, 17/0, was created 
Baroncis Ardcn, ot Lohort Calrlc, in the conntv of Cork, flie 
died June II, 1784, leaving illuc the prefciu Lord ^"^r^tu, raid 
other iflne; llxtli, Eiizaheth, married March 21, 1761, ta 
Henry Drummond, Efq. Banker, at Charing-Crofs. — Elizabeth, 
eldeft daughter, died Jan. 3, 1743. — Mary, married in April 
1709, to William Gore, ofTring, in Hertfordfiiire, Elq. and 
died in Aug. 1737. — Jane, died May 8, 1 749.— Anne, who 
married 061. 16, 1 729, to Sir John Rulliout, of Northwick, 
had iflue, a fon and two daughters, nnd died 1766. — Penelope, 
died in Jan. 1763. — Margaret. His Lordlliip, on July 2, 1726, 
married to his fecond Lady, Elizabeth, daughter of Sir James 
Ruiliout, of Northwick, in the county of Worcefter, Bart, and 
reli61: of Sir George Thorold, Bart, by whom be had no ifTucj 
|ind dying April 15, 1727, was iuccecded hv 

(5th Earl.) James, liis eldeft fon, who was born in May 
3687; and on the 31II of 13cc. 171T, was fummoned to the 
Iloufc of Peers, by the title of Lord Compton. On the 3d of 
March, 17 16, he married Klizabeth, only daughter, and at length 
fole heir of Robert, Vifcount Tamworth, eldeft fon ot Robert^ 
and'eldcr brother to Wafhington, Earl of Ferrers, and by her 
(who wns Earonels Ferrars, of Chartlev, Boiirchier, Lovavne 
and BafTet of Diavton, in rii^ht of defcent from Sir ^\ ahcr 
i^evercux; wlin in the rcit^n ot Km^ lienry VI. married Anne, 
fole daughtei and heir to WiHiam, Lord Ferrars, of Chartiey, 
in the county ot SratFord, lineally defeendr d from Robert de Fer- 
rni'-., a great Paron. advanced to the Earldom o* LX rby, anno 
1139, tlie 4th of Kin r; Stephen) had ilTuc two Ions, nnd five 
daughters, viz. George, Hi led Lord Compton, born July 6, 
1713, whodied28th of Nov. 1719.— James, bor« 1723* died 
1739. — Jane, who died in 1739, in the 17th year of her age, 
unmarried. — Anne, who alfo died immarried, March 13, I747» 
Charlotte, and two daughters; Elizabeth and Mary, who 
died infants. Her Ladyihip died March 13, 1741; and Char- 
lotte, the fole furviving daughter and hevr of her mother, who 
was Baronefs Ferrars^ of Chartiey, &c. married in Dec. 
1751, to George, the prefent Marquis Townfhend, and dving 
Sept* 3, 1770, the title defcended to her fon, the prefent Earl 
of LeiceAer* His Lordihip dying O^, 3;, ^75^ Was« Cocceeded 


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i/lRLot' DENBIGH. Ml 

in the Bdi-ony bf Compton, by bis only daughter CharldCt^ Bar* 
ronefs de Fetrars ; and in the £arldom by bit brother^ 

(6th EarL) George, who married Frances, daughter of th« 
Her* Mr* Payae» but had no iflue* His Lordfhip dying De^« 
6, 1758, wa« fucceeded by hi» nephew ; and her Ladyfhip mar- 
tied fecondly^ Claudius Amyand, £fq, io 1761,. and is fince de- 

(7th Eari.) Charles, eldeA foil of Charles, brother of the 
iateEarl, fucceeded his uncle George, who, in Sept. 13, 1759^ 
parried Anne Somerfet, cldcft daughter of Charlrs, late Duke 
Ipf Beaufort) by whom he had tiTue, Elizabeth, bom June 
1760, who, Feb. 26, 1782^ married Georgc-Auffuftus-Henry 
Cavendlih, brother to the prefent Duke of Devonihire ; and thtt 
Countefs, her mother, died at Naples, in May 1763; and the 
Earl deceaiing 18th of 05k* following, the titles defcended to hia 

(8th Earl.) Spencer, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Earlof the town of Northampton^ 
Aug. 2, 1618, i6Jac4l* 

Arms.] Sa^ie^ a lion padant-guardantf at, between three 
helmets, argent. [Plate Vlil.] 

Crest*] On a wreath a mount, t«W, and thereon a beacon^ 
sr, cnflamcd on the top, proper ; about the fame a label, in« 
fcribed I^ifi Demmus, (Unlefs the Lord.) 

Supporters.] Two dragons, with wings expanded^ ermtHe^ 
collared with dlical collars, and chains of J^o^/. 

Motto.] !fe ne chercbe que ung. I look but for Olle. 

Chief Seats.] At Caflle-Alhby, in Northamptondliie; aa4 
>it ComptOn Vinyatel^ in the county of Warwick* 


Vifcount Fielding, Baron Fielding of Newnham-Paddox^ 
^nd St. Ljz ; alfo Earl. of Defmond, Vifcount Callan, andBaroa 
Fielding of Lecaghe, in Iceland. His LordHiip was born Jan* 
3) 1720; fucceeded his father William, the late Earl, Auguft 2^ 
1755; and married April 12, 1757, Maria, daughter and co« 
bcir to Sir John Bruce-Cotton, of Contngton, in Huntington** 
^hirc, Bart, by whom, who died October 14, 1782, he has iflu^ 
William-Robert, Vifcount Fielding, born on the 15th of June^ 
1760.—- Charles, born the 20th of December, 1761. 

HisLordftiip married idly, July 21, 1783, Lady Sarah Halford^ 
^idowof Sir Charles Halford, Bart. ofWillonin Leicefterfhire. 

Of this Hunily there haTe been perfons of great note and emi* 
Qency for many ages; (they being paternally defcended from the 

Vol. L M Earls 


*Earh of Hapfpurgh, in Germany^ -Goufitft PaUttDfitf ttf the t^igk 
of King Henry the Illd.) amongil whom 

Geoffrey Fielding, or Fclden, who attending the fatd King 
« in his wars In England, obtained oifhim feveral rents andfees, afc 
alfo the Manor of Mifterton, in tlie county of Leiceftef) ^wtiert 
he lived, and iUled himicif Earl pf Uaplpurgh, and was fuc- 
ceeded by 

Geoffrey, his Ton, who married Matilda, or Maud deCok- 
vi!e, and by her was father of another 

Geoffrey, who by Agnes, daughter to John dt Naptony 
was father of 

William Fielding, and he marrying Johanna, daughter to 
\Villiiim Prudholme, by Julian his wife,, daughter of Robert 
de Newman), became poiIefie<l of the Manor of Newnbam* 
^Paddox, now the feat of that family ; he had iffue 

Sir John Fielding, Knt« who was fo made for his fervices in 
the wars of France, in the reign of Edward the Illd. and mar- 
rying Margaret, daughter to William Purefoy, of Drayton, in 
the county of Warwick, by her had 

Sir William, his heir, who was killed at the battle of 
Tewkelbury, the 36th of that reign, 147 1. He married Agoes^ 
daughter and heir to John St. Liz, otherwife called de Scyton, 
snd with her he had the Lordfliip of Martinllhorp, in Rutland* 
ihire; as alfo a delcent in blood from thofe great families of Vaax, 
Xiongueville, and Bellers (a younger branch of Mowbray) and 
by her had four fons, John, Martin, 

Sir EvER ARD, Edward, and a daughter Elizabeth, married 
ko Edmund Verney, Efq. anceftor to Lord Willoughby de Broke; 
of whom Everard fucceedcd him, and in 1487 fhared the vidlory 
over the rebels who favoured Lambert Simne), and in 1497^ 
over the Cornifh difcontcnts on Black-heaths In 1501, he was 
made a Knight of the Bath, at the marriage of Prince Arthur to 
Catharine of Spain ; And dying in ^514, left iffue by Jcllis RufTcl, 

Sir William, his heir, ^lio married Elizabeth, daughter to 
Sit Thomas Pulteney, of Miltcrton, in the county of Lcicefter, 
Knt. anccAor to the late Earl ot Bath, which Lady died ^5391 
and Sir William dying the 24th of Sept* 1547, left twofonsi 
and was fuccecded by the cldcll, 

Basil, who by Judith his wife, daughter and co-heir tt) Wil* 
Jiam Wiliington, Efq. had a daughter Anne, married to Hum- 
phrey Fey to, of Chefterton, in Warwickfliire, Efq. and a Ibn, 

Sir William, knighted in 1596, who married Dorothy, 
daughter to Sir Ralph Lane, by Magdalen, daughter imd co-heir 
to William, Lord Parr, uncle to Queen Catharine Parr, and by 
her had Michael, lyho died without ifTue, and another 

Basil, who marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Walter 
A ft on, by her had iflue, three fons and one daughter, viz. Sir 
Wiliiain«-^r George^ who died D€€einbcr jOj i643r ^^^ fi 

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W EIi»^th> daughter of Sir Thomas Neale^ a fpn Baiil.-«- 
^wafj, who ]oft his life in theciYU wars. — Dorotjiy, married 
t9 Sir Henry Afden* . , . 

..(ift Earl of Denbigh.) Sir William^ the eldeft fon, was 
knighted by Kinj James> in 1603; on Dec* 3p> 1626^ he wa» 
^created Baron Fielding^ of Newnham-Paddoxj and Viicount 
Fielding, in 1^21 ; and Sept.* 1622^ Earl of Denbigh; but 
on the 3d of April, 1643, in a (kirmiih near fiirminghamy 
teceived a mortal, wound, and £ed five days after. He married • 
^fan, daughter to Sir George VlUiersy and iiikcT to George, 
the great Duke of Buckingham^ and hv h^r had two Tons, o£ 
Hfhich Baiil fucceeded to the title of Earl of Denbigh ; and 
Qeorge was created, Nov« 22, i62,2» Baron of.Lecaghe, Vi^. 
C^an^^ahd Earl of Defmond, in Ireland, after die death of. Sir 
Richard Prefton, then Earl of Defmond> who being drowned in 
Ms paflage from Dublin to England, in Od^ober 28, 1628, and 
leaving only a daughter, he fucceeded to the title, and having 
alfo four daughters ; Mary, the eldeA, married James, the firft 
Duke, of HamiltQn.— -Anne, to Baptift Noel, the fecond Vifc* 
Campden^— Elizabeth, (who on the 14th of July, 1660, was 
cheated Gountefs of Guilford during life) was quarried to Lewis 
Boyle, Yifcount Kenelmeaky, in Ireland*— Henrietta- Maria^ 
died young. , . . , 

. (2d £arl«) Basil, who luccee^di was made .a Knight of the 
Bath, at the coronation of King Charles L and was, by reafon 
oif his dofcent from Agnes, daughter and heir to John de St* 
Lis, alias Seyton, as above (a.branch of the mo(l noble hmUf 
of St. Lii, (omettmes Earls of Northampton and Huntingdon) 
treated, Feb. 2, 1663, Lord St. Liz. He married firll, Anne, 
daughter, to Richard Weilbn. Earl of Portland, wl^o died 
iiS34 ; to his 2d, Barbara,, ds^ugliter .to ^ir John Lamb, who 
1641 ; to his 3d, Elizabeth, daughter to Edward Bourchier^ 
Earl of Bath, who died 1670 ; and to his 4th, Dorothy, daughter 
to Francis Lane, Efq. but dying on Nov. 28, 1675, without ifliie^ 
and (he marry ing to. Sir John James, we return to his brother, . 
. OsoKGE, created Knight of the Bath at the coronation ot 
King Charles I. who was created - Earl of Defmond. He died 
bn the 310: of January, 16651 having married. Bridget, one of the 
daughters and co-heirs to Sir Mic&l Stanhope, and had five 
Tons; William.'r-George, yrho married a daughter of Sir John 
Lee.-^ir Charles, knighted in 1673 $ married Urfiila, .daughter 
to Thomas Stockton, Efq. and widoDf of 6ir Willian^ Afton, by 
whom,..itho.died 167 k he had two daughters^ who diej yountf. 
Fie died the 24tii of Aprils 17?^) and his Lady the 30th of O&d 
1720^— *Baiil.-^Joi\nc-— ^nd three ds^iight^rs; Mary» married Sir 
Charles Gawdy .-—Elizabeth, fhe ^th wife of ^ir Edward Gag^e. 
4-Bridget, the youngcfl, married to Sir Lawrence Parfons* AdA 
Of the fons4 

. ; * • • Mi (a4 

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,64 tAlttb^DfeNBlGH/ 

(ad Eirl of Defmond, 3d Earl of Denbigh.) William, vfhd 
fucceeded hia father in the Earldom of Dchnond, alfo fucceedcd 
uncle Bafil in the Earldom of Denbigh. By his 2d wife 
Mary, duighter and co-heir to Henry Carey, harl of Moa- 
mouth, he had no ilTue ; but by his ift, Mary, rcUa of Stf 
William Meredith^ and filler to John, Lord Kingfton, m Ire- 
land he. had two fons ; and a daughter Mary, mamcd ta 
Evelyn Picrpoint, Duke of Kingfton, unil was grandmother to 
the late Diike. And of the fons, which v^cre Bafil, his fuc- 
eeffor, born 1668; and William, hdrn 1669; the latter married 
Diana Newport, youngeft daughter to Francis, Earl of Bradford, 
and widow of Thomas Howard, of Afhted, in Surry, Efq. and 
died on the aiil ofSeptember, 1723; and his Lady in 1731, who 
had a dau'^htcr by her former huihand, Mr. Howaid, that be- 
came the widow of Edward, Lord Dudlcv and Ward. 

(4th Earl.) Basil on the 23d of Auguft, 1685, ^^c&x^ed 
his lather, nnd died March 18, 17 17. He married Hcfter, 
daughter to Sir Bafil Firebrace, and by her, who was horn 1676, 
and died on the ill of Jan. 1726, had four fons and fix daugh* 
ter«;- which Were Mary, mar ncd April 15, 1729, William Cock- 
born, \l. D. and died Oa. 1, 1732.— Budget married Col. Jamcs 
Otwav, of Kent. — Elizabeth died unmarried, April 6, 1752.— 
Heftcr died unmarried, Feb. 2c, 1 7 20.— Diana married the ReYj 
Randolph Marnot. — i'rauces n^airied Dec. 1729, Daniel, Earl 
of Winchelfea, and died Sept. 27, 1734, leaving ifTuc. The fon$ 
were, William, his licir. — Balil, iccond, died an infant.-^ 
Charles, the 3d fon, died in Feb. 1745, married in Sept. 1737^ 
Mary, one of the daughters and co-heirs of Sir Thomas Palmer, 
by whom, who died Feb. 16, I743> ^^^d ilTuc ; iirft, WiK 
iiun, a Colonel in the Army; fecond, Charles, a Captain W 
the Royal Navy, who died (an. 1 1, 1783, having married Febw 
10, 1772, Sophia, fifter to George, Earl of Winchelfea, and 
h^d iflue Ifabella; thml, Fli/.abeth, married Sept. 4, 1763, 
HcnrT, Lord Digby, and died Jan. 1765, without iffuc,-^ 
Oeoree, the 4th fon,'dicd at Gibraltar, 6th of NoV. 1728. 

(cth Earl.) William, the eldcft, born the a6th of Ocb 
T6g^ fucceededhis father, as Earl of Denbigh, &c. and died 
Aiii^aft 2, 1755. His Loidfhip married Ifabella, daughter td 
Peter de Young, of Utrecht, in Holland, and fitter t6 thC 
Marchioncfs of Blandford, by which lady, who died May 

1769, had an only fon, 

(6th Earl.) Basil, the prdl-nt EarL 

Creations.] Created Baron of Lccaghc, Yifc. Cailail, and 
Earl of Defmond, Nov. 22, 1622, by James I. Iriih honours. 
Karon Fielding, of Newnham-Paddox, in the cdunty of War- 
wick, arid Vifc. Fielding, Dec 30, 1620, Earl of the countr 
of Denbigh, Sept, 14, i^>2-^» M ^»"S Jamcsi an^ 

I^sd St. Liz, iOU4, by CharUs 11,. EngUlh honourt* ^ . . ^ 

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Arms.I Jrgfnty on a fefs, «£tfrr, three jozenges, or. [Plate X»] 
Cr£$t«] On a wrcath» an eagle, with two heads difplayed, 

Ja&U^ armed and membered, dr, and charged oq the hreaft with 

the above paternal coat* 
SuppoRTEits.] Two bucks, proper, attired and imgolled» 9tm 
Motto.] Honor virmh prtgmiumm Virtue rewarded by h<H 

nour. ' 

(This coal .is fometimes horn with fupportersu and is then 
charged on the breaft of an eagle, with two heads difplaye4> 

fohUy ducal ly crowned, 0/ , with an annulet of the Aj/? in each 
beak, and a cap azurt turned up ermine^ between the two headss 
the crefl then borne is a nut hatch with au hazel branch fhic-» 

.ted proper.') 

Chief Seats,] At Newnham-Paddox, in Warwick^lirQi 

Mm tiniihu^p, 111 tlic county q£ RutiamU 


'^HE Right Hon. JOHN 1 AN K, Earl of WESTMORJE- 
LAND, and Baron Rurghcrih ; born the i ft: of jiuiuary, 
1759, '^'"'^ fucceedcd his iaihcr on the 26th of April, 1 774. His 
Lordliiip married May 20, 1782, Mifs Child, only daughter 
and heirefs of Robert ChiM, Efq. of Oftcrly- Park, \\\ Middlcfex, 
by whom he has a fon, born horn Feb. 2, 1784. — daughter, 
born Ma^ch 12, 1785, — Another daugliter, born March 17, 
1786— A dead-horn fon^ Nov. 4^ i78B,r-r-Another dcad-bojca 
child, Not. 30, 1769. 

The families of Vane and Fane derived their ikfceut fram 
Howei ap. V ane, of the county of Monmouth. 

John Vane, trom them defceuded, married Ifabel, daughter 
to John Dareli, Enj. and had four fons; Henry, who left no 
.iirue.— -Richard, of whom hereafter, — Thomas, from whom 
.clcfcended Thomas Fane, of Fairlawi^, in Kent, Efq. who died 
in Sept. 1692, unmarried. — John, th.e aiiceiior of the Earl of 
Darlington, and the late Vilc, Vane. 

Richard,, fccond fon, married Aa;Tie^>, di i^lricr :ind heir of 
T— — StidolpK, ofStidolph, in the countv ot Surry, arui luid a 
.fon Cicorge ; and a dainrhter Alice, married to John Brown, 
Kfq. He was living in the 32^ of Heary VliU and wrote his 
name Fane. 

George, his fon, married Joan^ daughter and heii of Williani 
Waller, ot Gomhrtdge, in Kent, and had iffuc two fons, of the 
4ianic of J homas, as appears by his father** will; and feveral 
daughters; wbrreof Mary married to John Afhbnrnham, Efq,— 
J&^idgct^ to C;h^lcs BoUcsy £fq — CatJ^iqiejt t^.W^ei; Robert% 

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Efq. Of the fons, Thomas, the younger, married Helenai^ 
daughter of Sir Walter Hendley, widow of Sif George Somcr- 
. fet» fecond fbn of Charles, the firfi: Earl of Woicoftefi by hi> 
fecond wife ; and had iflue Mary, his heir, marriqi to Henry 
Fane, of Hadfow, in Kent, Efq. the elder, 

Thomas, was engaged in Wyat^ rebellion, ai|d committed 
to the Tower the ill of Queen Mary, bat was pardoned the 
fame year ; he was knighted Anguft 26, i573> by Robert, Earl 
of Leiceiler* Ho married firft, Elisabeth, daiig;htcr of Sir 
Thomas Cblepepcr, by whom he had no ifTue ; lecbndly, Mary, 

• daughter and foie heir to Henry Nevil, the fearth Lord Aber* 
gavenny, by whom he had four ions. Sir Francis, Sir George, 
Thomas, and Edward ; and a daughter Frances* Her Ladyfhip, 

ras heir to heir ^thcr, claimed the title of Baronefs Abergaven- 
ny, againft Edward Nevil, her coufin, which being determined 
in fevQur of the heir-male, his Majedy's patent, the fame day, 
was read for the-reftitution of Mary Fane to the Barony of 
Le Defpenfer, and that her heirs fucceflively ihpald enjoy the 
honour* Of the fons, Thomas . the third, and Edwara the 
fourth fon, died unmarried j Sir George, the iecond, married 

'Anne, daughter to Sir OliTer Boteler, of Teflon ip Keut, KnK 

• (ill Earl.) Francis, the eldeft fon, on the 29th of Dec* 
1624, was created Baron of Burghcrfh, and Earl of Wcftmort- 
land, and died on March 21, 1629. He married Mary, daugh- 
ter and heir to Sir Anthony MilJmay, of Apethorpe, in the 
county of Northampton, Knt. anceftor of the Earl Fitzwalter, 
^anti had fcvcn Ions and fi x daughters ; (irace was niarned to 

• fames, F;.i l of Hume, in Scotland. — -Maiy, to J^utton, Lord 
CicrniJ, of Dron.lfv. — LK/abeth, firfl: to Sir John Cope, of 

• J-Ianwell, in the county of Oxford, J>art. and Iccoiuilv, to 
William Cope, of Tcomc, in the couniy of C >iouccUcr, Llcj.-^ 
Rathnel, firft to Henry Bourchicr, Larl of Bath, and next to 
Lionel Cran field. Earl of Midcllefex.— Frances and Catharine, 
both dxii uiimariicil. 7'hc Ions were, Mildmay, Thoma?, 

• Francis, ancellor ot the prclcnt Earl; Anthony, Sir (jcorge, 
' Wil i laiii, and Robert, The eklefl and third were made Knights of 

tjic liath, at the coronation of King Charles I. From Sir Fran* 
•CIS defcended the late Vifc. Fane, in Ireland. — Anthony mar- 
ried Amahella, daughter to Sir Anthony Benn, Knt. and died ia 
,1643, and ilic became the fecontf wife of Henry, the eleventh 
Earl of Kent.— Sir George, fifth fon, married Elizaheth, daugh- 
ter of Robert, Lord Spencer, ot Wormieighton, but Ihe died 
without iffue. ' 

(2d Earl.) MiLDXAY, who fucc ceded his father, married 
to his firlt wile, Grace, daughter to Thomas Howard, Vifo. 
'Bindon, (younger fon to Thomas, Duke of Norfolk) by his 
i' C':)nd wife, daughter to Sir W illiam Lyte, and hy her 1^ 
^ igu Charles, aud Eve daughlyers i aud by his fecond, who was 


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Maryv daughter to Horaoe» Lord Vere, and widow of Sin 
Roger Townfliendy of Raynham^ in Norfolk^ Bart*, he had Sir- 
Vere Fan^^ and four daughters; Mary» Raehael> Catharine, and 
Sulan* The' eldeft was firft marrira to Francis Palmea, fon 
and heir to Sir Bryan Palmes, and afterwards to John Cecily> 
the fourth Earl of Exeter.— Rachael, to Gregory Heiketh, 
D. D. — Catharine, to Conyers D^Arcy, Earl of rioldeme^* 
Of the daughters by Grace, his firil wife; Frances, the fecond» 
was married to Sir Erafmus Harfay ; and Diana, the eldc^, firlb* 
to John Petham, Efq* and feoondly, to John Bill, Efq. 

(3d EarL) Charlbs, the brother, on the 12th of Fehmaxyy. 
1665, liioceeded his fiither; He married iirft, Elizabeth, daiigh* 
ter and heir to Cbaiies Nodes, Ef^ and fecondly, Dorothy^ 
daughter to Robert, the fecond Earl of Cardigan, wha mar- 
ried fecondly, Robert Conilahle, Vifc. Dunbar, in Scotland* 
but dying in Sept« 1691, without iifue, 

(4tfiEarL) Sir Vbre, his half brother, became heir.. H» 
died on December 29, 1693, having married Rachae^ only 
daughter and heir to John JBence, and by her, who died Fob^ 
6| 1711, had four fons, and three daughters; Mary, married 
to Francis Dafhwood, of Weft- Wycombe, Bucks, Bart, father o£ 
the late Lord Le Defpencer ; and a daughter Rachael, married 
to Robert Auften, of Bexley, in Kent, Bart, the late Baronera> 
Le Defpencer, who died without ifliie. May 16, 1788.— Ca- 
tharine, to William Paul, of Braywick, in Berks, Efq. and 
died the 25th of September, 1737, leaving an only daughter 
Catharine, iharriei to Sir William Staplcton. Bart, father of 
the prefent Baron Le Defpenlar.-<r-Suran, Avho died unmarried, 
March ll, 1735. The fons were, Vere, Thomas, John, and 
Mtldmay ; the latter was feated at Mere worth Caille, in tb% 
county of Kent, and died on the lath of Septembej, 17 15; 

Jlohn, on the 7th of July, i733> was created Baron of Cathe-^ 
o<ugh in Ireland. 

(5th EarL) Vbrb, the eldeft, fucceeded his father, ^4 died 
on the 19th of May, 1699, unmarried* 

(6th Earl.) Thomas, his next hrodier, became heir, an4 
taking to wife Catharine, daughter and heir to Charles Strynger, 
of Charlton, in the county of York, Efq. and widow of Richard 
Beaumont, of Whitby, in the faid county, Efq. by hei^ who dic^ 
on the 4th of Feb* 1730, had not iCue; and dying iX3^% 
fucceeded by hts only br^theiv 

(7th Earl.) John, who married Mary, on}y daughter of 
Henry Cavendlm, fecond fon of the Duke of Devpnihire, and 
died the 26th of Auguft, 1762, without iflue. 

We muft thf^refore return, to Sir Francis> third Ton of 
the firfl Earl of VV'ertmoreland, who married Elizabeth, daughter 
of Wiiliam Wed, Efq. «eUa of John, Lord D'Arcy i ihe d^ed' 
an §640. leaving four fons, and iix daughters; Francis, the. 
^ • ^ ^ M4 eldeiis^ 

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cldell, married Hannah, daughter of John Rufhwoctli, £i[^' 
and had iiTue three funriving Tons, of whom Francis married 
a daughter of Henry Heron, Efq, and was the iather of 
Francis Fane, of Fulbeck^ £fq. who died without, iiliie in 1758^ 
—Henry, the fecond fon of Sir Francis Fane, above-mentioned, 
married Anne, fifter of John Scrope, of Wormfley, in Oxfordr 
/hire, Efq. and dying in 1726, left three fons, and one daughter^ 
Francis, who died May 28, 17 57. -^Thomas, who fucceeded tol 
the title, in Auguft, 1762. — Henry, who died May 31, 1777^ 
having married firft, Charlotte, daughter of Nicholas Rowe, 
Efq. by whom he had Charlotte, married to William St. Quin— 
tin, Efq. and died in 1762; he married fecondly, Anne, daugh- 
ter of Dr. Wynn, fiiihop of Bath and Wells, by whom he had 
a daughter Mary, married to the late Sir Thomas Stapylton^ 
Bart, h^ married thirdly, Charlotte, daughter of Richard 
Luther, of Myles's, in Eilex, by whom he had two fons, John, 
married to Elizabeth, daughter of the Earl of Macclesfield, by 
vrhom he has iflue; and Francis.-- .Mary, married firft, to Johiv 
Henly, Efq. and fecondly, to Dr. Crefwicke, late Dean of 
Wells. And upon the death of John, the feventh Esal, wilhn 
out iflue, the honours devolved upon the faid 

(8th Earl.) Thomas, who fucceeded, being defcended as 
al)ove fhewn; he married Anne, daughter of William Swym- 
mer, Efq. of Briftol, and by her, who died Nov. 13, 1782, had 
two fons, and two daughters; John, who fucceeded him.—* 
Henry, who married Jan. 12, 1778, Mifs Batfon, by whom 
he has a fo^ born Nov. 26, 1778, and a daughter, born Jan. 
3780. — Anne, who died, 1764, — Mary, the wife of Charles 
Blair, Efq. and has iflue a fon born in 1768. HisLordihip dfi« 
Ceafing Nov. 12, 177 1, was fnccecdcd by his fon 

(9th Earl.) John, who married firft, March 26, 1758, An- 
guila, daughter of Montagu Bertie, fon of Robert, firft Diikc of 
Ancafter ; by which Lady, who died Ian. 3, 1 766, he h:u\ twa 
fons and a daughter ; John, the prclcnt Enrl. — Thomas, born 
July 6, 1760, married July 27, 1789, Mifs Lowe.— -Augiiftn, 
born Sept. 18, 1761, married July, 1781, the ehlcR ion ot Sir 
William Lowther, Bart, by whom fhe had iflue a ciau[;hrcr, bora 
Dec. 19, 1788. He man ieci frcomll V, May 28, 1767, Sufan, 
fifter to the Duke of Ciordon, by whom he lett i^iue, Hcnrv, 
born April 14, 1771, and died March 6, 1774.— -Suiaii, born. 
0(5V. 3, 1768, mnrricd July 20, 1788, Mr. Drummojul.— -Eli- 
zabeth, horn Jan. 7, 1773.— Mary, born Sept. 19, 1772. His 
Lordlhip deer limn on the 56th oi April, 1 774, was fucceeded 
by his fon. Her Ladyfhip married fecondly, Dec. 28, i77^> 
to Col. Woodibid, of the Ouardsy mi ^ iiTve a i^, borx\ 
jyiarcb, 1785. 

IioChEarl.) John, the prefeot £ajrl^ 

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Creatioks.] Baron Burghcrfh, and £ari of t|ie confity jof 
W^ibaorcland, Dec. 29, 1624, 22jac.I. 

A&M8.] Jxurcy three rightrband gauntletSy with their back% 
forward) or. [Plate X.] 

Crest,] Out of a ducal coronet, ahulPshe^d, argent ^ 
^ytdf/atU; armed, or; and ch^gied on the neck with arofe^ 
fukSf barbed and (eeded, preper* 

SuppokT£&s.] On the dpcter fide, a gryphon^ parte per fels, 
0rieni and 9r ; hit beak, fore-Iegfl^ and chain of the */e^mlf hit 
collar, Ji^le* On the finifter» a bull, argent; pyed, faiki 
armed, co|la^e4i chained, and hoofed, ^r; on the collar a rofi^ 

iAoTTOml Nevtle font. Di fgrace not |he altar* 
CHiftF Seats.] At Apethorp^ UiNorth^ptonihife; Briii\^ 
tOOj inSomerfett 


count Mordaunt of Avalon, Baron NIordaunt ofTurvey, and 
Baron Mordaunt of Ryegate, was born May 1 1, 1758, Succeeded 
his father Charles^ the late Earl^ Aug. i779> and unmar* 

OsBERT le Mordaunt, a Norm;^n Kniglit, was polTcfTed of 
Radwell, in Bedfordlhire, by the gift ot his brother, which he 
had ot William the Conqueror for his fervices at the Coiujucli. 
He had iffue Osmund and Bakiain ; to the foiiiicr iucccedcd 
EusTACH, who hy niairiagc w ith Alice, eldefl daughter and 
co-heir of William de Alneto, vulg, Dauney, hecame poffefled 
of the Lordihip ofTurvey, in Bedfordihire. William, hi« 
fon, was fuccetided hy another William, his fon, who had 
iffiic by Rofe, daughter of Sir Ralph Wake, Robert, his heir, 
who married Joan, daughter of Thomas Frowick, and had ilFue 
Edmund, who married Ht K n, daughter and co-heir of Ralph, 
Brook ; frora whofe other daugiiter and co-heir Agnes, the pre- 
fent Duke of Montagu is defccnded. He had ilFue Robert, 
who by Agues, daucjhter of John Strange, had a ion Rorert; 
who married Eh/aheth, daug;htcr of John Holdenby, Efq. by 
wliom he had a foji ^'V illiam, who married Margaret, daugh- 
.ter of John Peckc, b) whoin lie had John and William; and a 
daughter Joan, married to Ciiles Srrangcway?:, ot Dorfct, Efq,— 
•'William, thr younger brother, marrird Anne, f!:u\!?:hter of 
Thomas Hunnn^^doii, hy whom he liad four Ions, Robert, 
iQIUiiiopbe^j ^dwuiuL fnd Goorgc* JbCobo^t^ the cldcll, hy 



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inarriage with £arbarn, daughter and heir of John L'Eilrange, 
of Meilingham, in Norfolk, £fq» by Anne, his wife, daughter 
and co-heir of Thomas UEftrange, of W alton, in Warwick- 
ihire, Efq. became pofleficd of both thoie eftates ; from whom 
defcendcd L'Eftrange Mordaunt, Efq. created a Baronet the 19th 
0f June, 161 1 ; wiiofe lineal ^^ir » Sir Charles Mordaunt^ 

. (liiLorcL) John, the eldeft brother, was fentcd at Tnrvey, 
jn thecounty of Bedford, and had futnmons to ParitamenC among 
the Peers; and marrying Elizabeth, daughter and co-heir to 
jHkory de Vere, Lord of Drayton, and Addington, in the coanty 
of Northampton, by. her had John, his heir, William, an4 
Geor^ ; and fix daughters ; Dorothy, married Thomas Mooie, 
tfii* aaotfaer marrie4 William Aclam^ Efq. and a third to Ed* 
ward Fair&x. 

(2d Lord.) JoHn, who fucceeded, married Ellen, caulin and 
lieir to Sir Richard Fits-Lerwis,- of Weft^Tfaomton, ia £fib:> 
and by her had 

(3d Lord.) Lewis, Insheir, who died June 16, i6oi« Be 
inarried Elizabeth^ daughter to Sir Arthur D^Atcyi Knt* by 
whom he had 

(4th Lord.) Henry, Lord Mordaunt, who was fufpeded 0 
baTe fome knowledge of the Powder-plot, and was fined in the 
.Stari-chamber, but releafed June 3, i6o6. He married Mar- 
garet, daughter to Henry, the firu Lor4 Compton;, and by her 

(ift Earl.) John, his heir, who in the^ of Charles I. was 
created Earl of Peterborough. He married Elizabeth, fok 
daughter and heir to William, Lord Howard, of Effingham, fon 
and heir of Charles, Earl of NotUogham, and had two fons, 
Henry, his heir, and John; and a daughter Elizabeth, who 
rnarriedvThomas, the fecond Lord Howard, of Efcrick. 

(2d Earl.) Henry, who on the i8th of June, 1642, fuc- 
ceeded, married Penelope, daughter to Barnaby Obrien, ikt 
iixth Earl of Thoruond, in Ireland, by whom he had a daughter 
I^iarv, who was fir ft married to Henry Howard, Duke of Nor- 
folk ; recondly, to !Sii John Gcrnuune, Hart, and died in 
170^; and htr tuthcr dyinp; on thc 19th of June, i^^^/j without 
iliuc uuilc, \vc now come to 

John, his brother, who was in thc iith of Chari'-s IL created 
Lord Morda aiu ot Rycgutc, dad Viicount Av:don, and died the 
5th of June, 1675. He married Elizabeth, iole daughter and 
heir to Tliomas Cary, fecond fonto Robert, Eaii of Monmouth, 
and by her had feven fons, and tour daughters ; Charlotte, Cary, 
Sophia, ^nd Anne; whereof Carv died unmarried; Sophia, inar- 
ircdto James Hamilton, of Bangor, in Ireland. Of the Ions 
five lived to maturity, which were Charles, Harry, Lewis, 
VUmnd, and Qcgigc T^e latter, aclergymaaj tfiarci^d ki^ 

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rCatliarliie) fourth daughter and co-heir to Sir Thomas l^pei^** 
cei*, of Yamton, in the coi^nty of Oxford^ Bart* and widov 
•of John Dormer, £fq. who dvi ng in 17 14, left htm no iflue; 
and he married fecdndly, {Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Johi^ 
UOyley, Vfho dying March 20, 1720, left a daughter Annan 
Maria, married to the Rer. Dr. Shipley* His third wife w» 
Elizabeth, daughter oi Colonel Collier, whom he had tw9 
daughters, Mary, married to Valentine Morris, of Piercefield, 
in Monmouthfliire, £fq« and Elizabeth, married to Sir William 
Milner. — Ofmond was killed at the battle of the Boyne, in Ire- 
lind. — Lewis, third fon, was a Brigadier-General in the army, 
but died the 2d of Feh. 17 13; he married fir A, Anne, daughter 

of Martin^ and had Charles his heir, who married iirft, 

Charlotte, daughter of Thomas Manwaring, t fq. (widow of 
Cluti li s Lord Mobun, who was killed in a duel w ith the Duke 
of Hiifiiikon, by Charlotte, daugfucr of Charles Cicrard, Earl 
ot Macclesfield) by whom he had no iilue ; and fecondly, Anne, 
third daughter to Scrope, the lirfl: Vifcouiit Howe, by whom 
he had three fons, C'liarles, Ofbert, aiul Harry. Lewis Mor- 
daunt married, fecondly, Mary, daiigliter of Colonel Coiher, 
and by her, who died April 17, 1740, had two daughters, Anna- 
Mana, and Sophia; the eldell married Stephen Poyntz, Efq, 
%vho died Dec. 17, 1750, leaving feveral children, of whom 
Georgiana, ddeft daughter, married Dec. 27, 17^5, John Spen- 
cer, late Karl Spencer; Sophia, lifter to Mrs. Poyntz, married 
Sir Roger Martin, Bart. — Harry, married firfl, a natural daughf 
ter of Thomas Spencer, 'Efq. by whoin he had, hrft, Sir Joha 
Mordaunt, Knight of the Rath. Harry, his father, had alfo 
two daughters, Elizabetli-Lucy, married to Sir Wilfred [.aw- 
Ion, Bart, and Margaret ; and the faid Harry married, fecondly,' 
Penelope, only cb.'ld of \V liliam ^ ipping, of Kweltn, F.fq. by 
whom he had an only daughter Penelope, married to MonouK 
Co;)e, Efq. eldell fon of Sir John Cofc, JBart. and he died on the ^ 
4th of Jan. 1720. 

• ( jcitarl.) Charles, the eldeft, who on the ofh of April, 
l^B^j 1 William and Mary, was created I'.nrl of Mnnrnmifh, fnc- 
ceeded his undc Henry in the Earldom of Peterborough. He 
ferved in bis youth, during the war with the Algrrincs, under 
the Admirals Torrington and Narborougb. In 170^ W2S 
declared General and Coinrrinndcr in Cbirf of the force? fent to 
opain, and [oint- Admiral ot the fleet witii Sir Cloudciiy Shovel 
and took Barcelona, and drove the Di'kr of Anjon and French 
army out of Spain, w^hich confiiled of 25,000 men, though his 
own troops never amounted to 10,000. He married firft, Ca- 
r^v, daughter to Sir Alexander I' razer, and by her, who died 
on the i3ih of May, 1709, had two ions, John and Henry; 
and a daug^liter, Henrietta, married to Alexander, Duke of 
t^iAon^ iA ScotlaQ.d« Qfthe Ibns^ Henry, the joungefl, wat 


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a commander in the navy, hut died unmarried, Feb* 24, i7loif 
but John, his brother, who took early to arms, ^nd at the bat- 
tic of Hockllct loll his left arm. He died the 6th April, 
1710, leaving ifluc by FrancLS, daughter to Charles, Duke of 
Bolton, who died July 30, 17 15, two fons, Charles; and John, 
vho in Oclol>er, 1735, married Mary, filler tp Scrope, Vjf- 

fount Howe, of Ireland, and w idow and rcHfl of Thomas, late 
!ui l of Pcmljrokc ; fhc died Sept. 12, 1749, and he married 
Iccondly, Elizabeth, dauglitLi of Samuel llamiltan, Efq, but 
died without illue, July i, 1767. In 1735, the Earl married, 
fccondly, Mrs. AnaicalKi Robinlon, and died at Lifbon, the 25th 

cf Odober» 12 ^Sf 77 * '^'^^ luccccdcd by his gt^uod* 


(4th Earl.) Charles, the late Earl, married fird, Marv, 
idaughter ot i homas i'ox, Kfq. and by her, (\v!;o died Nov. iS, 
1755) he had ifluc, Fiances, born April, 1736, married Oct. 
10, 1765, the Rev. Mr. Samuel Bulkelcy> of Hatncld, in Hrrt- 
fordihire; and Mary-Anaftatia-Grace, born June 5, 1 7 ;S. Hk 
Lordlhip married fecondiv, in 1756, RobKiu-iia, dau|.;htcr 0: 
Coi. Brown, by whom he had iffue, Charles-Henry, the pre* 
fentEarl; Poulct, born July 12, I759) who died young; ind 
adaughter, married 0<^. 21, 1787, ^Iauric(^ Biflet, Eiq. His 
ifOrdlliip died Aug. I, i 779, and was fuccced'jcl by hi&lpHy . 

(_5th Earl.) Qharlfs-Henry, the prefcnt Earl. 

Creations.] Summoned to Parliament as Ba.ron Mordaunt 
ofTurvcy, in the county of JJcdford, May 4, 1532,^ 24 Henry 
VITT. and created Earl of Peterborough, m the county of North- 
ampton, March 9, 1627, 3 Car. 1. Baron Mordaunt, ofRye* 
gate, in the county of Sun y, and Vifcount Avalon, in the 
coimtv of Somerfet, July lO, ^659, 11 Cs^r. II. and Earl of the 
^oviuv of Monmouth, April 9, 1689, i "William and Mary. 

Arms.] Jrrait^ a chever^ between tbc tbrce «iloils» 
tPlate X."] 

Crest.] In an Earl's coronet, cr, the buft of a Moorifh Prince, 
habited in a cloth of gold^ all pKQPP" i wreathed about the teni'* 

pies, argent, 

SuvFOiLTERS.] Two eagleSj^ ardent ^ a^med and memberc4i 

Motto.] placidaconunta ^itutft^ N9r is he contented 
^ith foft Repofe. 

Chief Seats.] At Parfon's Green> ia t)ic county qf Midflk*^ 
i aud Daotzy, laVV iltikirek 

e K £ T« 

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npHE Right Hon. GEORGE-HARRY GREY, Eari of 
^ STAMFORD, Baron Grey of Groby, Baron Bonyill^ 
and Harrington, born Oift. 1737 ; fucceeded his fuher, thtt 
late Earl, May 30, 1768, He married, May 30, 1763, Henrietta- 
Gavendifh Ben ti nek, fiftcr to' the prefent Duke of Portland, by 
whom he has ilTue, George-Harry, Lord Grey^ born October 
31, 176^* — Henrietta, born April 10, 1764; married 0(^. 28^ 
1785, Sir John Chetwode, Bart, m Denkim-Maiiey, in Che* 
Ihire.— Maria, borii June 30, 1769, died young*— *Louifa, bom 
May 8, 1771.— William-'Booth, born Sept. 10, 1773. — Anchi- 
tell, born Dec. 16, 17744 — H«nry, bom Attg. 23, 1776.— So^ 
phin, bom 0£l. 7, 1777. — Amelia, born 1778. 

The pedigree of this fiuntly is fet forth under the title of Mair« 
^tonefs Cmj, and that 

Reoikald, the grand&ther of Edmund, the firft Earl of 
Kent, marrying to his fecond wife Joan, daughter and heir to 
'William, Lord AAley, had with her a large enate in Warwick** 
ihii e, and by her had a fon 

Edward, who marrying Elizabeth, fole daughter and heir 
to Henry, Ion of William, Lord Ferrers, ot Ciroby, becamo 
heir to the faid Lord Ferrers ; and in the 27th of Hen. YU wis 
iiimmoned to Parliaincnt by the title of Lord Ferrers, of Gio- 
bv; but in the ill of James L the family Was honoured with 
the title of Lord Grev, of Groby, as above. They had threa 
font; and a daughter Anne, married to Sir Edward Hungcrford^ 
ICnt, The fons were, John, Edward, and Reginald. Tht 
latter wns (lain in the battle of Wakefield.— Edwanl, having 
married Elizabeth, cldeft of the two fillers of Thomas Talbot^ 
Vifc. Lifle, was, in the 15th of Edward IV. created Baron Lille, 
and in the ill of Richard the llld. Vifc. Lifle, and had iflud 

john, his heir ; and three daughters ; Anne, married to Sit 
ohn WillOughby, Knt.— ^Elisabeth, firft, to Edmund Dudley, 
arid after to Arthur Plantagenet, natural fon of King Edward 
IV.— Muriel, to Henry Stafford, Earl of Wiltihire. John, 
her brother, marfying Muriel, daughter to Thomas Howard^ 
Duke of Norfolk, by her left a daughter Elizabeth, who mar- 
ried firft, Henry Courtenay, Earl of Devdn; and adly, Si^ 
Thdmas Knyvet, Knt. 

Sir John, the eldeft fon of Edward and Elizabeth Ferrers, 
being flain in the battle of St. Alban's, left ifiue by Elizabeth, 
cldei! daughter to Richard Woodville, Earl Rivers, two fons. 
Sir Thomas> his heic ; and Sir Richard^ who was tw&caded at 


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174 £ARLorSTAl4FORI>. 

Sir Thomas^ who was Knight of the Garter, on the tt&. it 
Augufl, 1472, the 1 2th of Edward IV* (in refped to his mo- 
tber^ whom thtit Xing- had married) wbs created Elurl of Hun- 
tingdon; and on the 1 8th of April, in the 15th of that reign, 
Lord Harrington and Bimville, and Marqiiis of Dorfet; but af- 
ter the faid Kingfs death, becaufe of his near relation to die 
young King, Edward V* he was attainted of high treafon, . I>ut 
tbfund means to make his efcJipe into Britpuy, with other perfons 
6i note, to the aid of Henry, Earl of Ridimond* When that 
Earl obtained the crown, by the name of King Henry VIL be 
was fent for to England, (having been kft in pledge with John 
Pourchier, at Paris, for monies borrowed there) and, on his re- 
turn, reftored to his honours. He died the i8th of Nov. i 503, 
having married firft, Anne, only daughter to Henry Holland, 
iJiikc of Exeter, and by her had no iliue; but, by liis fecond 
wife, Cecily, daughter ;ind heir to Sir William Bonviilc, Lord 
Harrington, he had Icven fons ; Edward ;ind Antlicnv died 
young,— Thomas, hi.-, heir. — Rir]i.:rtl. — J olin. — Leonard.— ^ 
Cicorge, a clergyman ; and Icvtn daughters ; Dorothy, marr ied 
firil to Robert, Lord W illouyhby of Liook ; and adly, to Wjl- 
liam J]lount, Lord Montjoy. — Eleanor, to Sir John Arundel, 
of Langhcrne, in Cornwali. — ^Elizubctli, to Gerald Fitz-Gcraid, 
the lOth Earl of Kildare, in Ireland. — Mary, to Walter Dcvc- 
reux, the firft Vifcount Hereford. — Margaret, to Richard Wake. 
—•Bridget, died young. — Anne, married Sir Richard Clement, 

Thomas, who was Knight of the Garter, fucoccdcd his fa- 
ther in his honours, and having no ilTue bv his firft wife, Elea- 
nor, daughter to Oliver St. ]ohn ; he took to lu^ fecond, Mvir- 
garet, daughter to bir Robert Wotton, and bv her had five fons, 
and tv/o daughters; Elizabeth, married to Thomas, Lord Aud- 
ley, of Walden; and Anne, to Henry Willougliby, Efq, The 
fons were Henry, his heir. — -[ohn Grey, of Pcrgo, in EiTcx, 
Efq. of whom hereafter, — Id ward. — Thomas. — Leonard, who 
I'^id articles of treafon exhibited againli him, and in the gift of 
hlrnry VIIL loft his head on Tower-hill. * 

HtNRY, who fuccceded his fatlier, married Ernnces, cldeft 
daughter and co-heir to Charles Brandon, l^ukc ot Sutlblk, by 
"Mary, the Erench Qiieen his wife, fiftcr to King Henry A'^III. 
he, in favour to her, on the nth 0<^. ^^^^^ ^^^^ S^^^ Edward 
VI. was created Duke of butfolk. Bv the faid l>ady he liad thr. - 
daughters; ift, fane, the eldeft, having married Guilford iJud- 
Jey, fourth fon to John, Duke of Northumberland, her father, 
Upon the death of King Edward VL was allured to countenance 
the proclaiming his daughter to be Queen, on pretence of King 
Edward leaving her the crown by his will; but Queen Mary, 
that King's fifter, (before the faid Jane was crowned) foon de- 
pofed her from her royalty, turned her palace (which was thcii 
thi Tower) into her priioiiy and cxtuM her to be beheaded on 


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9'0Wer-1ill1, Feb.i29 1555; ^nd tofhew.herutiiioftrefentment 
upon her family, ftripped her father of his honours ; and having 
■KUitnted him, he, on the 23d of February, the Dame year, wa* 
beheaded atfo. zdy Catharine, was firft married to Henry, Lord 
Herbert, eldeft fon to William, £arl of Pembroke, from whom 
ihe was divorced, and married to Edward Seymour, Earl o^ 
Hertford*; but that marriage being without the licence of Queen 
Elizabeth, Ihe impriibned them in the Tower, and fined the 
Earl 15,0001. as alfo feverely forbad him her company ; but by 
bribing his keeper, he begat a fan Edward, who was anceilor U% 
the late Duke of Sbmeifet ; but his lady died in her prifon, Jaju 
86^ 1567, where (he had been nine years. 5d,' Mary, married 
Martyn Keyes, Efq* Serjeant-porter to Queen Elizabeth, and 
died without ifluethe 20th of April, 1578. * 
John Grey, of Pergo, in Eflex, Efq. fecond fon of Sir Tho- 
mas, married Mary, daughter of Sir Anthonv Brown, Knight 
of the Garter, and filler to Anthony, the firft Vifcount Mon- 
tagu, and hud a daughter Mary, marded to Sir Arthur Capcl, 
and a fon, 

(ift Lord.) Sir HfciNRY Grey, of Pergo, created B:\roii Grey, 
of Groby, by King James T. He married Anne, (l:iua;hter to 
William, the fecond Lord Wmdior, and iiad tvvu iaiiii, Joimand 
Ambrofe ; and died in 1614. 

(2d LuLcl.) John, the eldeft fon, fucceeding, married Eliza- 
beth, daughter to Edward Ncvil, Lord Abergavenny ; and by 
her, (who married, 2diy, Sir fohn Bingley, Knt.) had Henry, 
his heir ; ajtu^jPhilip, who died in his father's life-time. 
* (ift Earl.)^k£NRY, the eldeft, in the 3d of Charles L was 
treated Earl of Stamford ; married Anne Cecil, voiingeft daugh- 
ter and coheir to VVilliam, the fecond Earl oi Exeter, and had 

iflue, Thomas, liis heir apparent. Anchitcl, who mariied 

Anne, daughter and heir to Sir Henrv Willoughby, of Rilley, 
in Derbyfliirc, Bart, widow of Sir Thomas Allon, Bart.-— John, 
from whom tiie prefent Earl is defccndcd, married Jane, daugh- 
ter of Simon Harcourt, Efo. — Leonard.— Elizabeth, married 
4o George Boot!i, Lord Delamere. — Diana, to Robert Bruce, 
Earl of Ayle(bury. — Jane, to — • Ogle, Efq,— Anae*— Maty, 
who died unmarried. 

Thomas, the eldeA fon, dying in his father's life-time, left 
ifiue by Dorothy, fecond daughter and co-heir to Edward Bour- 
chicr, the fourth Earl of Batli, 

(2d Earl.) Thomas, who on the 21ft of Auguft, 1673, fuc- 
ceeded his grandfather ; and two daughters ; Elizabeth, married 
to Henry Benfon, Efq. and Anne, to fames Grove, Serjeant at 

Enw. He married, ift, a daughter of Harvey, of Comb, 

in Surry, Efq. adly, Mary, fecond daughter and coheir to Jofeph 
Maynard, of Gunoer0}ury, in Middlefex, £iq« but dying on the 
311^ of Jan. 1720, aged 07, without ftttviviDg i^Tue, his titles 
aodpartof hiseAatedelceodedxo k (3^ 

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(3d £arL) Harrw^, grandfon to Johii^ thir^i £on of llenryj 
the hrfl Earl of Stamford^ who marrying Dorothy, daughterly 
Sir Nathan Wright, and by her, who died on the 1 2th of AQg« 
1738, had two fons, and five daughters ; Harry, Lord Grey.— 
John Grey, Efq. who married in Jnnei 1748, Lucy, daughter 
of Sir Joieph Dan vers, Bart«^-Dorothj^ who died 1781. — Ca- 
tharine, married, fir A, Mynheer John Tryp^ who died in June, 
1738 ; and 2diy, to Vanden fiempden, a fiof]|0»Mafter of Am* 
flerdam.~Diana, married in Sept* 1756, to George Middleton, 
Efq* — ^Anne, married in 1744, to Sir Richvd Adoo, of 
Aldenham, in Salop) Bart.— Jane, married, in June, 1 738, to 
George Drummond, £fq« Secretary to the Order of the Tniftle^ 
and died in June, 1 750* Hit Lordihipdying in NoTember^ 1739, 
was fuceeeded by 

(4th EarL) Hahily, his letdeft fon, who, in May^ 1736, 
carried Mary, only daughter of George Booth, Earl of War- 
tington, by whom, who died OA. 25, 1 7 8 1 , he had iiToe ; George- 
Harry, the prefent Earl, bomO^fc. i, i737.-^Marji born April 
17, 173Q, married Feb« 24, 1764, George Weft, lecond fOn of 
the Earl D^lawar, and died March 1, 1 783. — ^Booth^ bom Aug* 
t5, 1740, married May 10, 1782, Mifs Mainwariag, by whom 
fee hak a fon, bom Fek 12, 17 83.^-^ Anne, born Jan. 2^, 1742, 
d^ied in June, 1743.— -John, bom Mav 22, 1743, married June 
22, 17739 Sufanna, daughter of Ralph Ley^efter, Efq. Hi^ 
Ldrdihip deceafing on the 24tti of June, 1768, was fucceeded by 
Ills fon 

(5th EarL) GEdkcE-HARRY, the preferit EarL 
Creations.] Baron Grey, July 21, 1603 ; and Earl of Stam* 

ford, March 26, 1628. 

Ai^Ms.J Bai ry of fix, argent u.i\d azure, [Plate X.J 
^CRF^r.] On a clKipLMu, Fuies, tunieti up, ernUru^ a vvivern 
ivith wine's elevated andcudoricd, or, 

SuppoRT£iLs.J Two uuicorns, ermine^ armed, crefled, and 
hooted, cr. 

Motto.] J mu puijfanee* By my authority. 
Chief Seats.] Ehvillc-hall, in StaiFordfhire; Bragdate-hallj 
10 the county of Leicefler ^ an4 Dunham-Maflyi in Cheihire* 



THE Right Hon. GEORGE FINCH, Earl of WIN- 
CHELSEA and N0TTIN(;H AM, Vilcount Maid- 
ilone, Baron Fitz-Herbcrt of Eallwcll, Lord Finch of Dnven- 

Uyt Lord of the Royal Manor of Wyc^ ia Kieatt was bora 

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EARL OF W I N C H E L S E A. 177 

KoY. 4, i75i> and fucceeded his uncle^ the late Early on the ad 
of Aug, 1769. 

This noble family, according to Sir William Dugdale and 
others, is derived from Hiekry Fitz-Hei bcrt, Chamberlain to 
King Henry I. anceftor to the Earls of Pembroke and Powis, 
and tiril took the name of Finch in the reiga of King Edward I* 
The hrft of the family who feuleJ in Kent, was 
. Henry Finch, who married Alice, daughter and ]i<*Ir of Phi- 
lip Iklknap of the • Mont near Canterbury* He died in 14939 
leaving three fons, Sir William, Henry, and Philip, 

Sir William, his heir, married firlV, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Sir James Crowmer, widow of Sir Richard Lovelace, by whom 
he had Laurence, who married Mary, only daughter and heir oC 
Chriflopher Kemp, and died without iflue.— -Sir Thomas, heir to 
his brother* — ^Richard, who married Eleanor, daughter of Sir 
Edmund Walfmgham, but died without iiflfue. Sir William mar- 
ried adly, Catharine, daughter of Sir John Gainsford, by whom 
he had Erafmus, who married Marian, daughter of John Sum-* 
taiers, and widow of Thomas Rolfe, and died without iiTue.— 
Vincent, who married the daughter of — Ferrers, of Gloa- 
cefterfliire. He had alfo three daughters, Eleanor, married Hril^ 
Robert Morton; and fecondly, Thomas Wotton, by whom {he 
had ifluc Sir Henry Wotton, Ambaflador to Venice,~Mary, 
married to — ^ Whitney^ £iq*<^£lizabetb, married to Thomas 
Thwaytcs, Efq. 

" Sir Thomas, after the death of his brother Laurence, fuc* 
tceeded to^the eftate* In the 6th of Elizabeth he was made Knight 
* Marshal «^f the forces in New-Haven, then befieged by the 
French, and was fliipwreckcd in his voyage thither. He mar« 
ried Catharine, eldeft of the two daughters and co-heirs of Sir 
Thotnas Moyle, and by her, who married adl j, to Nicholas St. 
Legar, Efq, had ilTue, Sir Moyle Finch.-^ir Henry Finch, 
who married the daughter of Mr. Wilkins, and being a great 
kawycr, was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and the Queen!s 
Attorney- General, and afterwards made Lord Keeper of the 
Great Seal, and created Baron Finch of Fordwich; but dying 
witliout iifue, that title became extin^-^Thomas Finch, who 
married Urfula, daughter to William Thwaytes, Efq. by Anne, 
fifter to Edward Brabazon, Lord Ardee, anceflor to the Earl (;f 
Wcll-Mcath, aiui had a fon John, who died without ifluc. — And 
Jaue, niai ricd to ( jcnroe, fon of Sir Thomas W'yat, 

Sir MoVT-E uiis by i-^o-g Jaiuci L raifcd to liic degree of a. 
iiuionct ; J his widow, 

(ill Cuuiitcisof \\',) Ei.T7A.ysi Ti!, fiile daughter of Sir Thom35 
Heneag;e, was bv th: 1:.:lL Xiiig Jainc^ ativniiccil to the rHjn iy 
of \^ircountcfs of Maiuiconc, with limitation of that honoji to 
the heirs male of hc-r body; and on the 12th of July, 1628, 4 
Car. 1, llie was created Countcfa of Wiaciicifca, with the like 
' Vol. L N liuutation, 

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limitation, and died on the 13th of March» She Wit 

defcended ftom the ancient family of the Hencages of Hatntonf 
in the county of Lincoln, Where they flouriihed from the reign 
of King Henry ilL and were enriched by marriage with the 
daughters and heirs of Prcflon and Buckton, whofe arms the 
Earl Quarters* By the faid Sir Moyle fhe had leven Tons and 
four daughters ; Anne, married to Sir William Twifden ; Ca- 
tharine,* to Sir John Wentworth ; and two others who died 
young. The fons were, Theophilus, Thoinas, Johti, Sir He- 
neage, Francis, Williaiii» and Robert. The two latter di^ 
jroung ; Francis, the 5th fon, married Anne, daughter to Mi« 
ehael Barker, £fq. and had iflbe, i. John, 2. Elizabeth, 3* He- 
fieage, 4, William, and 5. Robert**— Sir Heneage, 4th fon,« 
Was anceftor of the Earls of Nottingham, and the prefent Earl 
df Wincheirea**^Iohn, the 3d fon, married Anne, dauffhter to 
' ■ Walker, and had two fons, John and William.-^Theophi* 
lus, the eldeft, marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Chriftopher 
Heydon, and dying in his Cither's life«time without iflue, 

(ifl Earl of W.) Sir Thomas the fecond fon, his next bro^ 
ther, who Was Knt* and Bart, became Vifcount Maidftonei and 
Earl of Winchelfea, as heir and fuccefibr to his mother* He 
married Cecily, iifler to Sir John Wentworth above mentioaed| 
and dying Nov. 4, 1639, left three fOns, Heneage, John, and 
William ; and five daughters ) whereof Frances, was married to 
Sir William Strickland.— Anne, to Sir William Waller. — Ce- 
fcily to Sir Erafmus Philips. — Diana, to Nicholas Took, Ef<^.— 
Catharine, to Ambrofe Moor, Kfq, 

(2cl Earl of W.) Ht.NLAGj:, tliL* cl deft fon, fuccccdcd h s fa- 
tiicr ; and by Charles II. he was on the 29th of Jn!v, i66c, cre- 
ated Barort l it/- Herbert, of Eaftwell, and iVicd in 1689. He 
runrried firll, Diana, daughter to V rancis, tlie fourth Eord 
Willoiu;hhv of Parham, by whoiii he had no ilTue that furvivwd 
him ; buthy liis 2d wife Mary, daughter to lUiam, the fecond 
Diike of Soinerlct, he had four daughters an J feven ions ; Wil- 
iiain, Lord Maidftone.— Heneage.— -Thomas. — Charles. — Eeo- 
pcid, D. D. Warden of All-Soul's College, Oxford.— LaHilev. 
—-Henry. The laft fix died witliout iflufe.- By his third wife 
Catharine, dangliter to Sir Thoinas Korclife, Knt. (widow, 
■firll of Chriilophei'. Lifter, Ef(j. and fecondly, of Sir fohri 
Wentworth) he had two dauglitirs, who died unmarried. And 
by his fouitli wile, El izabetli, daiigluer and lole heir of Johd 
Ay res, of London, Efq. he had a ion John, who lucceeded to 
tl»L' title of f.arl of Winchelfea. The daughters by the 2d wife 
Were, t rances, who married Thonas Thynne, Vifcount Wcv- 
mouth. ---Elizabeth.*— Mary. — Jane. Ihe tbtee la& died un- 

Wttliam, Vifc. Maidllone, their eldeft brother, being flaiii 
in tlic great fea-£ght againi^ the JDtttch) May aB^ i(>7^i )<ift if* 


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EXizabcth, daughter to Thomas WindhaiD) Efq. a daugh- 
\tr, Mariamne, who was married to Philip Herbert, Efq. and 
liis Lady toeing then with child of a fon^ horn the 26th of Sept. 
Ibllowing, was named ^ 
" (3d Earl of W.) Charles, who fticceeded his grandfiither. 
He married Sarah, daughter of Henry Nomfe, Efq. hnt dyiug 
S4th of Aug. 1 7 12, without ifftie) > 

(4th Eari of W.) H£NCAGE)his fathet^ brother, beeame heir. 
He married Anne, daughter to Sir William KingCmill ; but Ihe 
dying in X720, and his Lordfliip On the 50th of September* 
t^zh, without Ifliie, in the 70th year of his age, watfucceeded 


(5th Earl ofW.) John, his youngeft (half) brother, who was 
^rf^ Feb; 15, 1684; hut he dying on the 9th of SepU 172^ 
Without iflue alfo, we return to 

Sir Heneace Finch, fourth fon of Sir Movie, by Elizabeth 
)iis wife, 'Cbuntefsof Winchelfea; which Sir Heneage, in 1625^ 
1 Car. I. was Recorder of London, and Speaker of the Home 
of Commons ; he refided at Kenfington-Houfe, now the Royal 
Palace. He mafl'ied Frances, daughter of Sir Edmund £j:Il, by 
Whom he had iflue, Heneage, his heir. — Sir John Finch, Dodor 
bf Phyfic, who died about the year 1682. — Frances, married to 
Sir Clifibrd Clifton, Bart.-^'^Xnne, to Edward Vifc. Conway. 
•—Elizabeth, to Edward Maddifon, Efq. Sir Heneage had alio 
ahother wife, Elizabeth, daughter of William Cradock^ £f<i« 
widow of Richard Benncf, Efq. 

. (ift Earl of N.) Heneage, the eldeft fon, was in 1673^ 
Keeper of the Great Seal, and created Baron Firteh, of Daven* 
Iry, and aAerWards Lord High Chancellor of England ; on the 
Vath Of May. 1681, he was created Earl of Nottingham, and 
died on the 19th of Dec. 1682, aged 6i. He had ifiue by Eli* 
iabeth, daug^hter to William Harvey, ten fons and four daugh* 
ters ; of which, Elizabeth married Samuel, fon and heir of Sir 
Harbottle Grimftonc.-«^Mary, died Feb. 10^ 1735.*— Mary,»— 
Anne* The two latter died before their father* Tht fons were^ 
Daniel.-<»Heneagc, who was created Earl of Atlesfoed**-* 
William, who married a daughter of Sir William Haflletns^ 
Bart, died Feb# 26, 1726. — Charles died unmarried. — ^Edwtrd^ 
Prebend of Canterbury. — ^Henry, Dean of York, died Sept. 8* 
1728* — Robert died unmarried. Alfo, Edward, John, and 
Thomas, who died in their father's life-time. 

(6th Earl of W. fecond of N.) DAKist, the eldefl, fuc- 
teeding his &ther; and on' the 9th of September, 1729, fac« 
ceeded to the title of Earl of Winchelfea, Vifc. Maidftone, 
&c. in the room of John, Earl of Winchelfea, who then died 
unmarried. He married firft ESkx Rich, fecond daughter and 
co-heir to Robert, the third Earl of Warwick, by whom, who 
fted 1684, he had an only daughter Mary, who was £r{i n^arried 


to William Savile, Marquis of Halifax, by wlinin ilie had tw# 
daughters; Dorothy married to the Lite Earl of Kmliiigton aaS 
Cork; and Mary, firft to Sackvillc, the 7th Earl of Thanet; 
fecondly, to John Kerr, Duke of Roxburgh in Scotland, and 
^ied Sept. 19, 171R. By his iccond wife, Anne, only daughter 
to Chriilopher, Vifc. Hatton, (hy C\ cilia his hrll wife, daugh- 
ter to John Tufton, tlie Iccoiid Kari of Thanet) who r i ! SepU 
26, 1734, he had Hencage, who died young.— Daniel, the late 
EarL — William, who married Jan. 25, 1732-3, Anne 13ouglaa^ 
fiftcr to Charles, late Duke of Qucentberry ; which Lady dying 
October 26, i74l> without iflue, he married hig fecond wife, 
Charlotte, fecond daughter to Thomas, Earl of Pomfrct, in 
Auguft 1 746, by whom be had iiTue, 1* George the prefent Earl. 
am Charlotte, born Sept. 1747, died unmarried, Nov. I767» 
3. iFrances, born 1749, died unmarried. 4. Sophia, bom Nov, 
17, 1748, married Feb. 29, 1772, Capt, Charles Fielding, and 
has iffue; and 5. Henrietta, born Dec. 28, 1750, was left a 
widow, 1783. Their father di 1 Dec. 25, 1766. — John, died 
Feb. 12, 1763, having married, Nov. 24, 1762, Mifs Elizabeth 
Younger, by whom he left a daughter Elizabeth, married to 
John Mafon, Efq. of Cireenwick.— -Henry, died May 26, 1761, 
unmarried. -—Edward, who took the name of Hatton, purfuant 
to the will of his aunt Anne, youngcft daughter of Vifc. Hat- 
ton; attd died Mav 16, 1 771. He married in 1746^ Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Palmer, iifter to the late Countefs of 
Winchelfea; and by her had iiTue, i. George, born June 30, 
1747, married Dec. 10, 1785, Mary, eldeft daughter of the 
prefent Vifcount Stormont. 2. John-Emelius-Daniel-Edward, 
born May 19, 1755. 3. Anne, born, Nov. 15, 1750. 4. Mary- 
Hen rietta-Elizabcth, born May 12, 1753. Harriot- ' 
Frances-Charlotte, born Feb. 19, 1751. Their father died 
May 16, 1771. — Charles, died young. — Eflex, married, on July 
ao, 1703, to Sir Roger Moflyn, in the county of Flint, Bart, 
and died May 23, 1721, leaving i0lie«— Charlotte, married^ 
February 4, 1726, to Charles Seymour, late Duke of Somerfet, 
and died January 21, i773' — Anne, died young. — Elizabeth, 
died young. — Ifabella, diecf March 1, 1 7 7 1 , unmarried. — Mary, 
married September 22, 17 16, to Thomas Watfon-Wentworth, 
late Marquis of Rockingham, and died May 3, 1761, without 
iflVe.— Henrietta, married in 1731, William Fitzfoy, Duke of 
Cleveland, and died, 1742, leaving no iflue. — Elizabeth, horn 
in 1710, in September, 1730, married William Murray, no\v 
Earl of Mansfield, died April 10, 1784.— Margaret, died un- 
married. Befides thcfe, his Lord/lup had ten other children 
who died infants, and feven more that were llill-born. 

(7th Earl of \V*. third £arl of N.) Danmf.l, on the firft of 
Janti .rv. i7-;o, fuccecded his father. In Dect-iuhcr, 1729, his 
J .OfV'i^'iil* ni^iUwd Frances Ficldin-r, filler to Wiiiiaiii, ]i.arl of 
p Denbigh, 

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Dcnbipjh, by whom he had one daughter, Ch.irluUe, born July 
7, I 731. 'rhc Countefs died in September, 1732. Heni.irr Ld 
Iccondly, the 19th of January, 1738, Mary, one of the daui^!i- 
tcrs and co-heirs of Sir Thomas Palmer, of Wingham, in Kent, 
Bart, by whom, who died 1757, lie had IfTue, Heneage, !)orH 111 
December, 1741, married Aug. 3, 1778, to Sir George Olboriie, 
Bart, of Checlvfands in ]>edfbrdlhire,— -Efl'ex, born |anaary i, 
1746.— -Hatton, born Feb, 23, 1747.— Augufla, born in Feb. 
I75l« — And Mary. ---Frances. — Anne, and (leorgiana, who 
died young. And his Lordfliip dcceafing Auguil 2, 1769, was 
fucceeded by his nephew, 

(8th Earl q( W. 4th Earl of X.) George, the prcfcnt Earl. 

Creai IONS.] Vifcount Maidftone, July 8, 1623, J'^^* ^* 
Earl of Winchelfcn, July 12, 1628, 4 Car. I, Baron Fitz-Her- 
bert of EailvVeU, in the county of Kent, June 26, 1660, iz 
Car. XL Baron Finch, of Davcntry, Jan. 10, 1673, ^5 Car, 
IL and Earl of the county of Nottingham, May 12, 1681, 
33 Car. II. 

Arms.] Jr^cnt^ a chevron between three gryphons paflant^ 
fegrcant, [Plate XI.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a flying horfe, argent^ winged, maned, 
and ducally gorged, or. 

Supporters,] On the dexter fide a flying horfe, as the Creft» 
On the finifter a gryj)hon, fahle^ alike gorged, argent* 

Motto J Nil confdre Jihu Free from guilt* 

Chief Seats.] At Burleigh, in Kutlandfliire; at Round* , 
llpne^ in Buckinghamfhire ; and at Eaflwell, Kent* 


'pHE Right Hon. PHILIP STANHOPE, Earl of CHES- 
TERFlELD, Baron Stanhope of Shelibrd; was bom Nov. 
10, 1755, fucceeded to thefe honours on the death of Philip- 
Dormtrr, the late Earl, March 24, 1773; married Sept. 16, 
1777, Anne, daughter of Thomas. Thiftleth way te, D» D. of 
Norman Court In Hampflitre, by whom ho has had three ilill* 
born children t 

This family, who took its name from the town of Stanhope, 
in the Biihoprtck of Durham, fettled in Nottingham(hire. Sir 
Richard de Stanhope, living in the reign of King Edward III. 
married Alice, daughter and heir of— —Hough t, and left ifTue 
Sir John his heir, and Richard, 

Sir John married Elizabeth, daughter and heir of Stephca 
Maulovel, and by her had a fon. 

Sir Richard, who was Knight of the Bath^ and died in 
UJ^* He married firil Joan, daughter of Robert de Staveley, 

N J an4 

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and had ifliie, Richard, Thomas^ JameSy £lizabetb» aod A^ct 
married to Sir Robert Strelley. He married feeopdly, Maudy 
niece and heir to Ralph) Lord Cromwell, by whom he had a foi^ 
Henry, who died without ilTue; and two daughters, heirs to 
their brother, viz« Maud, mdrried £r{l, to Ro£srt, Lord Wil- 
loughby of Erefby; fecondly, to Sir Thomas NevUe; thirdly, 
to Sir Gervafe Clil'ton, Knt. who wa^ taken prifoner at the battle; 
of Tewkefbury, and beheaded in the Market-place there, but 
had no iflue by any of her hufbands. Joan, her fifler, married 
Humphry Bourchier, (3d fon to Henry, the hvA £ari of Efiex^ 
who was thereupon fummonedto Parliainrnt by the title of Lord 
Cromwell, but left no iiTue. 

Richard, eldeft fon of Sir Richard, married Ifabel, or 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Markham, Knt. and dying the. 
ad of March, 1432, left a fon 

John, who married Elizabeth, daughter to Sir Thomas TaU 
hot, and had two fons, Thomas, his heir ; and Henry of Stoke, 
in the county of Lincoln, whofe fon Edmund left an only 
daughter Margaret, married to Thomas SkcfBngton, £fa. 

l!*HOMAS, the eldeft fon, •married Mary, daughter to Edward 

Jernegan, Efq* and bv her had Sit Edward Stanhope, Knt*. 
le died on the 6th ot June, 15 12. By his fecond wife, Eli- , 
zabeth, daughter to Foulke, Lord Fitzwarrcn, he had only a 
daughter Anne, who was focond wife of Edward Seymour, Duke . 
of Somerfet ; but the faid Sir Edward Stanhope, by his £rft wife 
iVyelina, daughter of Sir Gervafe Clifton, had two fons, Richard,' 
and Sir Michael ; which Richard marrying Anne, daughter and 
heir to John Strelley, grandfon of Sir Robert Strelley, and 
Agnes Stanhope, before-mentioned, by her had a daughter naroe^ 
Saunchia, who was married to John«Bobington, Efq. but having 
no raalei^ue, ; 

Sir Michael became the chief of the family, and was. 
Jcnighted by King Menry Vlll. and afterwards obtained a grant 
to himfelf and his heirs male, of the manor and re^ory of Shel- 
ford, in the county of Nottingham, and divers others; and 
North muflcham, in that county; as alfo ihofe of Rowieby 
and NcAborough, in the county of Lincoln ; and of Elyeflon, 
and Oakbroke, in the county of Derby. He was chief Gentle- 
man of the Privy-chamber to King Edward VI. and in the firft 
year of his reign, was one of the Knights of the Shire for the 
county of Nottingham : When the ruin of his brother- in-law^ 
the* Duke of Somerfet^ was proje6led, he was imprifoned, and 
on the evidence of one Crane, found guilty of confpiring the 
death of a Privy Coun fell or, and was executed on Towcr-Hillj 
February 26, 1552, with Sir Thomas Arundel, Sir Ralph Vane, 
te* who ended their lives with the moft folemn proteAations 0^ 
their innocence. He married Anne, daughter to Nicholas 
Rawftoni Efq. by whom he had Sir Thomafi^Eleanpr, married . 

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to Thomas Cooper, Efq. — Sir Edward. — Julian, married to 
John Othani, KU], — Jolin. — Jane, married hill to Sir Roger 
Townlhcnd ; and lecondlv, to Henry, Lord Jiti kclcv. — Mar- 
garet, — WilU.iiii. — I cLVNaiil. i he three \n\l died in their in- 
fancies. Joliii, rlicir tliKu fbn, was leat^d at 1 iarriiigtonj in the 
county of Noi (hampton, ana on ihe 4th ot May, 1605, 3 Jac, 
1. was created Lord Stanliope, of Harrington ; and marrying 
Margaret, daughter to Henry Mac-WilUam, Efq. by her had 
two daughters ; LliAabeth, married to Sir Lionel Tahnafh ; and 
Catharine, to Robert, Vile. Chohiiondeley ; and an onlv foil 
Charles, who was made Knight of the Bath ; liaving married 
Dorotliv, filter to Edward Barrett, Earl of Newburgh, and 
dying without iffue in 1677, the Barony became cxtin<St. 

Sir Thomas, who fuccceded, married Margaret, daughter 
and co-heir to Sir John Port, and by her had John, Thomas, 
and Edward; and a daughter Anne, married to John HoUes^ 
Enrl of Clare, and dying on the 3d of Aug. 1596, 

Sir [o'lx, his heir, iurcee(!ed to tlie eflate, and died in i6iO< 
I !e married hrlt Cordci, daughter and heir to i\ic!>ard Allington, 
Kiq, by joan his wife, fifter and htir to Sir William CordeU^ 
hv whom he had Philip, his heir. He married to his fecond 
wife, Dorothy, daughter of Thomn^ Trenthanu F.i'q. hv whom 
he had levcral daughters, of whom iane, married hrit, Sir Pctex* 
Courtene, Bart, and rccondlv, to Francis, Vile. V alentia ; alfa 
two fons. Sir )ohn, who was leatcd at Klvelton, in Derbvlliire, 
from whom the prefent Earl of Harrington is defcended; and 
William, who was father of Sir William Stanhope, of Linby, 
'm that county, who died without Ulue, and left hia cilat^ (q tbm 
J^arl of Harrington, 

(ift Earl.) Philip, cldeft fon and heAr of Sir John, waa 
created Baron Stanhope, and Earl of Cheiteriield* By his fecon^ 
wife, Anne^ daughter to Sir John Packington, and widow of 
Humphrey Ferrers, he had an only fon Alexander, from wheal 
is defcended Philip, now Earl Stakhope. By his firft wifc^ 
Catharine, daughter to I^anci^, Lord HaAings, fon and heir to 
George the 4th Earl of Huntingdon, he had eleven fons, and 
two daughters; Sarah, married to Sir Richard Hoghton; 
and Elizabeth, to Edward D'Arcy. Of tie ibns, Arthur^ 
the youngeft ws^ anceftor of the prefent Eari* He mar> 
ricd Anne, daughter to Sir Henry Salifbury, Bart, by whom 
he ha4 . Charles, his heir, whofe wife was Trances, only 
daughtof to Sir Francis Topp, Bart, and by her had five fons |^ 
mid twi^ daughters, Catharine, and Elizabeth. The fons were^ 
Francis who died without iCue ; Henry ; Michael, D. D. i Philip i 
mid Charles, the father of Arthur Stanhope, married Jan. 23^ 
1784, Mlfs Thiillethwayt, fifter tp the Countefs of Cheflerfield«^ 
Michael, D. D. the third fon, was . Canon of Windfor, , and 
4Jcd July $j* 1736> Icavii - iffue ,by Pcaielopej daughter of Sir 

N ^ S«}athifit 

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Salathiel Lovell, four fons, Arthur-Charles, the eldeft foa, 
married flrft, November, 1 740, Mary, daughter of St. Andrew 
Thornhagh, of Ofberton, in Npttiiighamlhiire, Efq. and Skt 
died without iiTuc, in March) I748t He married fecondW, 
Aug. 25, 1750, Margaret, daughter of Charles Headlam, £iq» 
of Kirkby in Yorkfhire, and by her, who died in Jan. 1764. 
had iffucy I. Philip, who died young, s. Philip, now Earl ot 
Chefterfield, who fucceeded in 1773* 3* Margaret, born June 
xo, X754» and married December 26, 1776, William Smelt, Efq* 
His third wife, whom he married March 2, 1767, was Frances, 
daughter to.-— Broade, of Derby, Efq. and the faid Arthur- 
Charles died in March, 1770, but had no ilTue by this third wife, 
who married March, 1782, the Rev. Mr. Bigiby.— Sir Thomas, 
Stanhope, Knt. fecond fon of Dr. Stanhope, died in Mardh, 
1770, aged 53, unmarried.~Ferdinando, the third fon of Dr^ 
Stanhope, married on the 8th of March, 1742, to MLfs Mary 
Philips, of Chippenham in Wilts, by whom he has, i. Penelope,^ 
born in Auguft, 1743. 2. John, born in September 1744* 3- 
Charles, an officer in the armv, born Jan. 1745, and died Aug. 
6, 1767. 4* Mary, born im March, 1746. 5. Thomas, l)orn 
in 1748, died an infant. 6. Michael, born in July, 1750. 7. 
Arthur, born in Odober, 1752.— Lovell Stanhope, the 4th foa 
of Dr. Stanhope, died unmarried, Sept. i, 1783. 
. Of the other fons of Philip, Earl of Chefterheld; Philip was. 
flain at Shelford^houfe, in the time of the civil war. — Fer- 
dinando in a (harp fight at Bridgford. He married Lettice, 
daughter of Sir Humphry Ferrers, and left iflue feven children; 
1. ^nne. 2. Jphn, the eldeft. 3. Edward. 4. William. 5. 
Michael. 6. Thomas. 7. (3eorgc; all died young.— Charles, 
5th fon, married a daughter of Dr. Bayley, and died without 

Henry, the fecond fon, bcc.imc heir apparent; he was a 
Knight of the Bath; hut dying in 16^4, in Ins father's life- 
timf, left iflue by Catharine, -cldcll d;;ugiucr and co-heir to 
Kdward, Lord WolLoii ; Philip, fiiccelTj)!- to Ins grand};.: : ; .1 
tiaugiitcr of her name, who n amed A\ illiani, Lord Alhngtoi.; 
and a daughter Mary, vvlio died umnarricd. Catharine, their 
rjiotlier, was on the 29th of May, 12 Charles II. ad\ anccd to 
the dignity of Countcl;> of Chefterficld, for lier natural liic, and 
he 1; daughters to have precedency as Earls daughters; and mar- 
rying to her (econd hufband, Poliander Kirkhoven, Lord of Hem- 
fleet in ilolland, /he had a fon Ciiarles-Henry, and died April 
9, 1677 ; which fon was crratcd a Baron of this realm, by the 
title of Lord Wotton, of W otton in Kent, by letters patent 
dated Auguil 31, 1650, and was naturalized in Sept. 1660, with 
his fifter Emeline, who died unmarried; he was alio created 
Earl of Bcllamont in Ireland, and dying without illue, left his 
eilate to Charles Staahope^ younger ion of hali-brothcc 


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Philip, Earl of ChefterHeldy vho thereupon took die name of 

(21I Larl.) Philip, who in 1656, fucceeded his grandfather, 
married firfi:, Anne, eldeft daughter to Algernon, the icth Earl 
of Northumberland, by whom he had a Ion Algernon, \Yho died 
in liis infancy ; and by lus iccoiid wife, Elizabeth, tiaughter to 
Jan.cs i>uLlcr, the lirii ] )iike ot Oimond, he iiad a ion [Icnry, 
who died an in: Uit ; and a daughter of her name, who married. 
John, Earl of Strr.thniorc ; buL luan vlng a third wife, Elizabeth, 
cldcft tlau'^htvU to Cliarlcs Dornicrj J^^il ot Cai:i aarvon, bv her, 
\vi»<) died 1679, had two ions and two dauglitcrs. His Lurdfhip 
die d on the 2Sth of J in. 17 13, aged 80 years and tw o months. ^ 
Of ^hc daughters, Maiy, born 1664, marritd to 1 liornas Coke 
of IMelbourne, Efq. and died 1 703. Catharine, born 1675,-^ 
married to Oodhy CI n k, Elq. and died 1728. 1 he fons were 
Philip and Charles ; the hurer, who changed his name for that of 
\\ otton, as above mentioned, married |ane, daughter of Gilliert 
Thaiclier, Ef(|. and died without ifluc, in 1703. His Lady^ 
inarricd fccondly, Thomas Stanhope of Elvefton, Efq. 

(3d Earl.) Philip, who in 17 13 fucceeded his father, married 
1691, Elizabeth, daughter and co~lieii to (ieorgc Savile, Mar- 
quis ^f Halifax, by Gertrude, daughter of William PierpOint, 
of '1 iiurcll>y, and by her had four fons and two daughters; of 
"wliich Gertrude, on the i6th of April, 1724, married Sir* 
Charles Hotliam, nnd died April 17, 177^; mui Klizabetli mar- 
ried Samuel Hill, Elq. but died on the 24t]i of November I7?.7, 
in tlic i^4th year of her age, without iirue. The fons were. 
Phi lip -Dormer, hi*; fucccfTor. — Sir William. — |ohn, — and 
Charles. The latter was born September 6, 1708, died un- 
Oiarried the 20th oi I'ebruarv, 1736.-— |ob!i was boni january 
5, 170^, and dl^d unmarried m December, 1748. — Sir William, 
born July 20, 1702, married hill, Margaret, daughter to johii 
Rv^gc, Efq. merchant of Eondon ; fire died in 06lober, 174O, 
^ whom he had a daughter Elizabeth, married to Wclbore 
fTllis, Efq- and died Auguft i, 1761. Sir William married 
fccondly, Elizabeth, daughter of John Crawley, Efq. Alderman 
J-rpndon, who died February, 1746, leaving no iffue. He 
married thirdly, Odlober 6, 1759, Anne Hufley, fiftcr to Sir 
Francis Blake Delaval, Knt. and he dying May 7, 177a, Ihc 
fljiarried fccondly, Captain Morris. 

r 4th Earl.) Pi " t?, the eldell fon, horn 22d of Scptcmbcrt 
1695, on the 27ih of January, 1726, fucceeded his father, and 
qn the 15th of September, 1733, i"^rricd Mclofma, Countcfs 
of Walfingham, iq the county of Norfolk, and Baronefs of 
Alilborough in the county of SuiFolk, in her own right; who 
died without iflue, September 16, 1776, when her titles became 
clxtin(5^« His EordOiip died March 241 1773^ without iffue, and 

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(5th Earl.) Philip, the prefent Earl, heing the granufon of 
Michael Stanhope, D. D. third Ion of Cliai Ics, only furviving 
fun of Arthur, the joungcft Ion of the iiril Kaii of ChcHcr- 

Creations.] Created Baron Stanhope of Sheiford, in the 
county of Nottin«^iium, November 7, 1616, 14 Jac. I. and 
Earl of Chcllerfici4, in thp county of Derby, Auguft 4, 1628, 
4 Charles !• 

Arms.] Qu:irtcr]y, ermine 2ind gules, [Plate Xl.j 
Crest.] On a wreath a tower, argent y with a dcmi-lion 
rampant, iffuing from the battlements, or, crowned ducally, • 
gjilcs, and holding betwccri }iis paws a granade tiring, proper* ■ 
Supporters.] On the dexter iidc a wolf, or, crowned with j 
^ ducal coronet. On the finijfter a talhor, n jnine, 1 
Motto.] Exitus alia probata The end proves the a6^ion. j 
Chief Seats.] At Brcthy, in Derbvjiure ; at Sheiford, in I 
Nottinghamihire; at Biackheathi in Kent; and Eythiopc^ v\ 
iiacks* ^ I 


THAN El, Baron Tufton, Hereditary Sheriff of Weft- I 
jnoreland and Cumberland ; Lord of the honour of Skipton, 
in Craven ; was born Tune 30, 1 769; unmarried ; fuccteded his | 
father, who died April 10, 1786. i 
Of this family, which onginally aflumcd its fumame from a j 
j4ace called Toketon (but pf late Tufton) in thepariih of Nor- | 
diham, in SufTex, was 

JOHM Tufton of Hothfield, in Kent, Efq. Slieriff of that , 
county in the 4th of Elizabeth, who married Mary, daughter 
to Sir John Baker, and by her had 9 daughter Cecily» married . 
to Sir Thomas Sandes, Kht» and 

Sir John his heir, who was created a Baronet by James L and . 
died April 2, i624« married £rft, Olyjnpia, daughter to j 
Chriftopher Blowcrj of Raynham, in Kent, Efq. by whom he 
had three daughters , Anne, married to Francis ThroHiam, Efq^ 1 
—Elizabeth, who died young. — Margaret, married to Sir Tho- 
XPas Carril. By his fecond lady, who was Chriflian, daughter 
to Sir Humphrey Brown, he had fix fons and four daughters. 
Cectly, married firft, to S)r Edward Hun^^rford^ and next ta 
Francis, Earl of Rutland.— Mary> to Henry Conftable, Vifc* 
Dunbar.— Anne and Elizabeth both died young* The fons^ 
i^^ere, Sir. Nicholas* — ^John, died unmarried*— Sir Humphrey^ 
created a Baronet Dec» 24, 1641 • He married Margaret, daugh- 
ter of Herbert Mprley, Eftj. and had a fon^ Sir John Tufton* 

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EARL OF T H A N E T. itly 

mho married Erfty Mafgaret, third daughter and co-heir of Tho-i 
jr^is, Lord Wotton ; and I'econdly, Mary, daughter of Sir Jamet 
.iUtbam; but died without iflue, (3cl. 14, 1685. — Richard^ who 
married Chrylogon, daughter of Hcrhert Morley above-men- 
tioned, by whom he had John> hi$ heir, father of bir Richard 
'T.'ufton, who died without ifliic ; and a daughter Mary, married 
to Sir Robert HuddleUoQ.^Sir William^ died in x650,^Tho« 
nsas, died unmarried. 

Earl.) Nicholas, the eldcft, was by K. Charles L crc-^ 
ated Barot^ Tufion and Earl of Thanet. He married France^ 
iiaughter to Thomas, thehril Earl of Exeter, and had four fons; 
'yVUliatny who died young.— John, his heir.— rNicholas, who 
died an infant. — And Cecil, who left ifTuc Sir Charles, This 
Earl had alio nine daughters ; Elizalieth^ married to Sir Edward- 
Pcring. — I>orothy, to Sir Ralph Asfheton. — Mary, to Sir Ed- 
ward iiiOiopp. — ]3iaoa, to Robert Corfon, Efq.— -Chriftian, to- 
] i am Mi Iward.— Frances and Cecilia died unmarried*— Anne and 
Jilice died young* 

(2d £arL) John, who on the ift of July, 1632, fucceedcd hi* 
father, married Margaret, daughter to Richard Sackville, the 
third Earl of Dorfot, (by Anne, Baronefs Cii&brd) and had fiac 
Ions and fix daughters; whereof Anne' died young*^— Margaret^ 
-was married to CJeorge, the third Lord Coventry. — Frances, to 
Henry Draz> Efq. — Cecily, to Chriftopher, the firft Vifc. Ilnt- 
ton.^Mary, to William Walter, Efq. — Anne, to Samuel Cniuj- 
ftoD) £fq. The fons were, NichodagJ- John»— »Richard»— I ho* 
aaa s. — Sackvill^.— George* 

(3d Earl.) Nicholas, the eldeft, on the 6th of May, 1664, 
iucceeded his father in his honours. He married Liizabcth^ 
third daughter to Richard Boyle, the 2d Earl of Cork and Bur* 
^ington; but dying on the 241th of November, 1679, withouc 

(4th Earl.) John, his next brother, became heir; and on the 
14th of Auguft, 1676, fucceeded his mother in the Barony 
of Clifford; and in 167S, fucceeded his coufin Alathea, daugh- 
ter of James, the third Earl of Northampton ; and he dying 
on the a7th of Aprils i68ot unmarried, the honour Revolved 

(5th Earl.) RiCHAKD, the third fon; who dying on the 8th 
of March, 1684, unmarried, the honours defcended to 

(6th Earl.) Thomas, the fourth fon» who married Catharine 
Cavendifli, fourth daughter to Henry, Duke of Newcalllc, and ♦ 
by her, (who died April 20, 17 12,) had three fons and«iiro 
daughters; Catharine, married in April, 1708, to Edward 
Watfon, Vi(c, Sondes, eldeft«fon to Lewis, Earl of Rockfng- 
ham, and died Feb. 1734- — Anne, married in Feb* 1708, to 
James, Earl of Salifbury, and died in March 1757. — Mary^ 
fm/hcdfifH vn Aprilf 17181 to Authony, Earl Harold, fon to 


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Henry, Duke of Kent; and fccondly, to John, Earl Gower, 
hc'mg his third wife. — Margaret, (to whom> and her heirs, htSL 
Majefty was pleafed, Auguft 13, 17 34) to confirm the Barony 
of CLIFFORD) in July, 1718, married to Thomas Coke, late 
Earl of Leicefter**--^ Ifabelia, married firft, the Lord Nafiau 
Powlett; and fecondly» to Sir Francis-Blake DelavaU The 
ions were, John, Thomas, and John ; they all died the day they 
were bom> and their father dying July 30, 1729, without iffue 
male, we come to 

Sack V ILL E, the £fth fon of John, the fecond Earl. He 
married Elizabeth, daughter to Ralph Wilbraham, Eft)* and had 
£1^ fons; and fix daughters, all deceafed. Of the fons, John, 
the eldeil,'died an infant.— John, the third, died Sept. 22, 1727, 
aged 34. — ^Wilbraham, fourth fon, died November 20, 1754- 
^-Richard, fifth fon, and Thomas, fixth fon,' both deceafed ; 
and their father dying on the 30th March, 1721, in the 74th 
year of his age, wasfucceededby 

(7th Earl.) Sagkville his 2d fon, who fucceeded Thomas» 
hisiincle, as Earl of Thanet* He was born May 1 1, 1688, and 
having married, on the iith of June, 1722, Mary, youngeft 
qf the two daughters and co-heirs to William, Marquis of Ha- 
lifax; hy which lady, who died July 30, 1751, had iflue two 
fons, John, Lord Tufton, who died in the 9th year of his 
age, June 3, 1734. — Sackville; and two daughters; Maiy, 
• born May 14, 1723, married Sept. 5, 1763, Sir Wiljiam Dun- 
can, Bart, and Charlotte, born Sept. 1728. His Lordihip died ' 
Dec. 4, 1 753, was fucceeded by his only fon 

(8th Earl.) Sackville, born in Aug. 17339 married Aug. 
30, 1767, Mary, daughter of the late Lord John Sackville, fe- 
cond fon of Lionel, Duke of Dorfet, and fifter to the prefent 
Duke, by whom (who died Sept. 1778) he had Sackville, the 
prefent Earl. — Charles, born Sept. 10^ 17 70* — ^John^ born 
Nov. 22, 1773, who died June 30, 1786.— Henry, bom Jon, 
2, 1775. — ^William, born Nov. 16, 1777.-— Elixabcth, bom 
May 2, 1768. — Caroline, born 0€t» 8, 177 1. His Lordfhtp, 
dying April lO, 1786, was fucceeded by his (on 

(gth Earl.) Sackville, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Tufton of Tufton, in thft 
covnty of SuiTex, Nov. i, 1626, 2 Car* I. Earl of Thanet, art 
ifle in the county of Kent, Aug, 5, 1628, 4 Car. L 

Arms.*] SMty an eagle difplaycd, irmmiy within a border^ 
ailgtnu [Plate XL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, aiea-Iion, fejant, fntper^ 

Supporters.] Two eagles, their wings expanded, ermntm. 

'hXo'TTo J\ F]d ^a o dcfdichado* Unhappy yet faithful. 

Chief Skats.I At Hothficld, in Kent;' and at Newbottleji 
in Northamptouniire. 

. MON- 

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t '«9 J , : 


hTHE Rieht Hon. JOHN MONTAGU, Earl of SAND^ 
WICH, Vifcount Hinchlngbroke, Baron Montagu of St* 
iTeotSf in Huntingdonihire ; born Nov* 3, 17 18, fucceeded Eci- 
Ward, the late £arl| his grandfather, 06km 20, 1729. His Lord'* 
ihip married Judith, daughter of Charles, firft Vifcount Faiic, of 
the kingdom of Ireland^ March 7, 1742 ; by whom he has had 
iffue, John Vifcount Hinchtnbroke, born Jan. 26, 1744? and 
married March I, 1766, Elizabeth, daughter to the latc Earl of 
Halifax; by whom he had a fon John-Georc, , i.orn April 

1, 1767; and a daughter Caroline, born May 10, 1768, who 
died July, 178-!. Her LadylTiip died July i, 1768; and his 
Lordftiip married fccor.aiy, April 2 5, i77?-> to IViary, eldeft 
daughtc:r to tlu- Dufv^- vt lidton, by whom, (wlio dittl Marcbi 
31, 1779,) livid iilu^, I. vieo) gc- ]<:>1in, Ix-rn Maid' 5, 1773. 

2. Mary, bom Feb, 27, 17 ;4. 3. Heiu iL-tuj-SuUnnn, born Nov. 
23, 1775, who died young. 4. L rancis-Charles, ijorii [an, 8, 
1778, who died June 13, 1780. — ixbvard-Montagu, born Junr 
30, 1745, died Nov. 1 7 52.— -William- Augulrus, born :ii 
Feb. 1752, and died at Liibon in J^n. 1776, uiuiuuTicd. — xVlary^ 
born Feb. 23, 174S, died June 2 ?76i. 

This be in a branch of the fahTilv of Montagu, and its de- 
fcent fet forth u:uU r the tide of Duke ot Mauchciler, .we Ihail 
here only go back to 

Sir Edward Montagu, of Boughton, who Iiad eight fons, 
of whom Edward fucceeded liim, and was created Baron Aioii- 
tagu, of Boughton ; and 

Sir SID^^EY, tlie youn^^cil, mai rlctl Paulina, tls i id daughter to 
John Pepys, Efq. and had two Ions, and a daughter Elizabeth, 
married to Sir Gilbert Pickering; Henry^ his cldeil ion, died 

(lit Karl.) Edward, his fucceflor, who obtained the folc 
command of the Englifli Navy, and delivered up the wIidIc fleet 
to King Charles il. and for tli^- A^rvice lie was created JJaron 
Montagu, of St. Neots, Viicount iIinc]iing!)roke and Earl of 
Sandwich. He was like\Vife Eord Hit^Ii-Adiniral of {'England; 
!>ut on the 28th of May, 167^., he lojt his life in tlie great fea- 
fight againfl: the Dutch, orF Sou* liwould-Bay, in tlic 47tli vear 
of his age. He married Jemnna, daughter to John, Lord Crewe, - 
of Stene, and had fix fons, and four daughters; Jemima, was 
married to Sir Philip Carteret. — Paulina, lecond daughter, died 
unmarried.-— Anne, third daughter married firfl. Sir Richard 
Edgecumbe, and fecondly, Chriflopher Montagu, Eftjt— Catha- 
tme, married tirft, Nicholas Bacon, Efq. and feccndly, the 
Key. Mr. Gardemftu, and died Jan. 15^ i757> ^ged 96. The 
/ ions 

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ions were, Ltlward his fuc'ccflor.-^idncy, fecond fdh, married 
Aiinc, (Jaughter and heir of Sir Francis Wortlcy, and changed 
his name to Wortlcy ; he had i/Tuctwo fons, Francis, who died 
before his father; and EdwanU Their father dyiiig on the nth 
t>f November, 1727, aged 78, was fnccccdcd by Edward his fc- 
rorfd, and only furviving fun, who mirricd Mary Plerpoint, 
cideil daughter lo Evelyn, Duke of Ringiton, by whom he had 
a fon Edward, wlio diid without ilTiie in 1776 ; and a danghtcr 
Mary, the prcfent Baroncfs Mnuntfluart ; married to John, Karl 
ot Bute. — Oliver, third fon of the Earl of Sandwich, died un- 
rnnrricd in 1693. — John, fourth fon, was Dean of Durham, 
iand died unir.arrirt' in }*"cb. 1 729.-— Charles, fiftli fon, fir A mar- 
ried Elizabeth, cl;iug])tcr of Francis Follcr, Eiq. by whom he 
had an only Ion James, who died in Nov. 1748. He married 

Secondly, Sarah^ daughter of Rogers, Efq. and dying in 

1721, left iffue; t, Edward. 2. John, a Lieut. Col. of Foot, 
Iwho died unmarried in Sept. 1)44; and 3. a daughter Jeminuu 
James, 6th fon, died unmarried. 

(ad Earl.) Edwar^), the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father, 
und died in Feb. 1689. He married Anne, fourth daughter to 
Kichard, Earl of Burlington, and had two fons, Edward his 
beir; tind Richard, who died unr.iarticd, April 19, 1697, aged 
a6; aild a daughter Elizabeth, who di-d urtmiarricd. 

(3d Earl.) Edward, fucceeded his father, and dic<J on thb 
aOth of O<ftober, 1729, aged 57, He married Elizabeth, fc- 
COnd daughter to John Wilmot, Earl of Rocheflcr, and by hci* 
(who died July 2, I757») had a daughter^ Elizabeth, who died 
an infant, ana, 

Edward-Richard, "^^Ifcbunt Hinchingbrokc, his only fon, 
ivhb died on the lOth of May, 1722, had married Elizabeth, 
tonly daughter to Alexander Popham, Efq, aiid grand-daughter 
<of the firft Diike of Montagu. £y her, who ouUtTcd him, an4 
afterwards married Francis Seymour, Efq. anfl died in 1761, had 
three fons; John, William, ahd Edward { and two daughters, 
Mary, who died young; and Elizabeth, born ijiii married 
iirft, in Sept. 1737, to KcUand Courteney, Efq. bv whom flie 
tsad iffiie, one fon, and two daugluer^; William, tne fon, was 
killed in Germany, 1761* Elizabeth, the eldeft da\:ighter, is 
now living, married to William Poyntz, £fq. by whom fhe has 
Sffue ; and Mary, the youngeil, married to the prefent Earl of 
Corke, and Orrery of Ireland, by whom (he had iflue, anddied 
Dec* xb, 1785. Their mother married fccondly, to Mr. Snuthf 
the Comedian, by whom flie had no ilTue, and died in 1763* 
Of the three fons, John was heir to his grandfather ; and Wil- 
liam, bom 1720, (an officer in the fea-fervice,) married inOA» 
1748, Mlfs Charlotte Naylor, and had a fon William, and 
died on Feb. lO, 17 jy.— Edward, bom April 17, 17 17, died 
7oung. - ' . 

£ A li L o V £ S S £ it. tgt 

-{41^1 £ad«) John, fucceeded his grandfather^ 

C&EATiOKs.] Created Baron Montagu of St. Neots, Vifc. 
Huicliuigbroket in the county of Huntingdon^ and Earl of Sand*« 
wichi in the county of Kent, July 12, 166O9 12 Car. !!• 

Arms*] QuarterlTy firft and fourth, argent, three lozenge* 
conjoined in fefs, gules; within a border, ya^iS? j third and lbuxth» 
#r, an eagle difplayed, vert* [Plate XL] 

Crsst.] On a wreath) a gryphon's iiead coupcd^ ^r^ . its beak 
and vfmg&,fahle. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a triton, holding over his 
fight fkonlder a trident, all proper , his ducal crown^ «r* On the 
finifler a parrot, with wings difclofedy vert* 

Motto.] Faft m naufragia portum* After fo many dangers 
I find a port. 

QniM Seat»] At Hinchingbrokcy in the county of Hun* 


Earl of ESSEX, Vifcount Maiden, and Baron Capel ot 
tiadham; born OQl* 7, 17^2, fucceeded his iather William, th« 
late Earl, Jan* 8, 1743; and mnrried AtJg. i, 1754, Char^ 
lotte, t'aiighter of Sir Charles Hanbury Williams, Knight of 
the Bath; by whom he had Elizabeth, born Aug. 10, 1755, 
and married July 18, I777» Lord M on fon.— George, Vifcount 
Maiden, born Nov. 13, 1758, married June 6, 1786, Mi fs Ed- 
Ward Stephen Ton.— Frances, born July 14, 1759; ^ind died with 
the Countefs, her mother, July 19,1759. He nian ied fecondly^ 
March 3, 1767, Harriet, daughter of Colonel Thomas Bfaden^ 
fay whom he h \s liad ailill-born fon, Jan. 5, I768,— -John-Tho- 
inas, bom March 2, 1 769«™Tbomas-£dward, born Marclt 
1770.— WiUiain-Robert, born April 28, i775.-'-Bladen<A 
Thomas, born Aug. 25, 1776. 

The firft that laid the foundation for fupporting thehonoul^ 
Vrhich afterwards his delcendants obtained, was 

Sir William Capel, who was Lord Mayor of London, and 
defcended fr6m an ancient hunily, Lords of the manor of Capel^ 
in SufFolk, fdr many ages. He married Margaret, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Anindel, and had a fon Giles, and two daughters ; 
£lizabeth, married to William Powlett, the firft Marquis of 
Winchefter ; and Dorothy, to John, Lord Zoueh* Sir Wil- 
iiam dying in 1509, was fucceeded by 

Giles, who married firft, Mary, daughter of Richatd Rofs, 
by whon he had no iflue* Ho married fecondly, Ifabcl, 
i 4sugh« 



daughter to Sip-Thomas Newton, and by her had a dau|^teif^ 

married to Robert Ward, £fq« alfo two fons> 

Sir Hlnrv, his heir, who married Anne^ daughter of George^ 

Lord Roos, by whom he had no iffue, and 

Sir Edward, lucccflbr to his brothery who by Annie, daugh- 
ter to Sir William Pelham, had two fons, Sir Henry and Giles j 
and four daughters; Elizabeth, married to 1 homas Wentworth^ 
Efq. — Anne> to Edward HaJfhidc, Efq. — ^Mary, to WiHon 
Brown, Efq. — Grace, to John I'urton, Efq. 

Sir LIenry fucceeded his father, and msirried firft^ Mabel, 
daughter to Anthony Brown, Vifc. Montague. His fecond wifcj 
was Catharine, fourth daughter to Thomas, the firft Earl of 
jkutland, and by her he liail fix fons, and three daughters; 
Frances, was married to Sir John Shirley.— Mary, to Hum- 
l^rey Mildmuy, Efq. — Agnes, died unmarried. Of tlie fons. 

Sir Arthur, the cldeft, fuccccding his father, married Mary, 
filler to Henry, Lord Grey of Groby, and by her had elevea 
fons and eight daughters ; Mary and Margaret died unmarried, 
Penelope, married Litton Pulter, Efq. — Anne, to Robert Chef- 
tLT, Efq.— Catharinc-Winifrede," to Sir Thomas Bedell.— Eli- 
zubelh, firll, to Sir juftinian Lewen, and fccondly, to Ralph, " 
Lord Hoptoun. — Anne, to Sir Richard Corbet. — ^Maxy, tc> 
Henry, Lord Lee. Of the fons, 

Sir Henry, the eldert, dying in his father's life-time, left 
jiTue by Thcodofia, his firft wife, fiAer to Edward, Lord Mon- 
tagu, a fon Arthur, and three daughters ; and by his fccondLa- 
dy, who was Dorothy, widow of Sir Thomas Holkins, he had a 
daughter Anne, married to Thomas Weftrow, Efq. The daugh* 
ters by the tirli wife were, Elizabeth, married to Sir William 
Wifeman, Bart. — Theodora, to Edward Kemeys, Efq. — Mar-» 
garet. The 

(ift Lord.) Arthur, fucceeding his grandfather, was created 
Lord Capel of Hadham, and was condemned by the Parliaincnt, 
and bclieadc.l the 9th of March, in 1649. He married Eliza- 
beth, daughter and heir to Sir Charles Morrifon, of Cafiiio- 
berry, in the county of Hertford, by v;hom he had iffnc, tour 
fons, and four daughters ; Arthur, his fuccefibr. — Henry, who 
was created Lord Capel, of 'iVwkcibury, turjrried Dorothy, daugh-» 
ter of Richard Bennet, Efq, hut died without ifluc. May 30, 
1696. — Edward. — Charles died unmarried, — Mary, firft mar- 
ried, to Henry> Marquis of I lertford.--r.Iizabcth, to Charles 
Dormer, Earl of Caernarvon.— Thcodrfia, to Henry HydCy 
Earl of Clarendon. — Ann?, to John Srrangcwnys, Efq. 

(ill Earl) Ar iu'-'I', v.ho fucceeded his f;\thi*r, was created 
Vifcount Maiden and Earl of Effex. He was acrufed, amongH 
many other?, of a defgn to afTafTinate the Ki'^n; Rychonfc, and 
was lent prifoner to tlic Tower, ulicrc on tlic 1 ^th of july, 1683, 

waslbund with his throat cut^ but not without lul^icion of 


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being muitlercJ. He married Elizabeth, daughter to Algernon, 
the tenth Earl of Nortiumiberland, and by her, who died iii 
17185 had fix Tons and two daughrers, wlicnof only one fon", 
jund a daughter Anne, lived io maturity ; llie married Charles^ 
Earl of Cariilie; and 

(2d Ear,l.) ALcitRXOM, her brother, fucccedcd his father, 
and died on the 10th January, 1710. He married Mary 
i>eat!nck, cldeft daughter to \'» iHiam, Earl of Portland, and by 
her, vvlio afterwards married to SirConycrs d'Arcev, left Wil- 
liam his heir, and two daughterii ; Elizabeth, firli married to 
Samuel Molineux, Efq. but he dying m April, 1728, fhe, on the 
lyih of May, 1730, married Naihanicl St. Andre, Efq. and 
Mary, who married on the 7th of May, 17 29, Allan Brodcricky 
Vifc. MidUicton in IreLuid, 

(3d Earl.) William, born In 1697, who fuccccded his fa- 
thei, married on the 27th of November 1718, to liis hrfl wife; 
Jane Hyde, daughter 10 Henrv, Earl of Rochelkr, and bv liet 
(who died Jan. 3, 1724) had ilTue four daughters ; Carolina, 
born Sept. 20, 1719, who died young. — Jane, born Odl. 20, 1720, 
died young. — Charlotte, born OS:, 2, 1 72 1, married March 30, 
1752, to Thomas Villicrs. late Lai I of Clarendon, and has ilfue 
Marv, horn October, 30, 1722, married Auguft 26, 17^8, to the 
late Admiral john Forbes. His Lorilihip, on the 3d of February, 
1726, taking to liis fecond wife Eii/aheth RulTcl, youngefl: daugh- 
ter toWrotthefly, 2d Duke of Hcdtonl, who died June 8th, 1784, 
by her had illue; ElizalK'th, born Nov. 7, 1726, who died young, 
— George, born January, 1728, who died young. — Diana, born 
February 22, 1729. — Anne, born May 13, 1730. — Amelia, horn 
September 9, 1731, ai^d died young. — \V illiam- Aiiiie-Hollcs, tlic 
prcfent Earl. His Lortlilnpueceafing on the Stii of January, 1743^ 
was iucceedcd by his only Ion, 

(4th Earl.) William-Akkf-Holles, the itrefent Earh 
Creations.] Created Baron Capel, of Had uini, in the county 
of Hertford, Auguft 6^ 1641, 17 Car. 1. And \ ifc. Maiden, in 
the County of Eil'e^c; and Eari oi tiiat couiity, April 20, 1661, 
X3 Car. IL 

Arms.] GuUsy a lion rampant, between three croii crullcl^ 
fitchy, or* [Plate XI.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a dcnii-hoa rampant, coupcd, <?;, hold- 
ing in his paws a crols croflet fitchy, 7u!cs, 

Sl PPORTLRs.] Two iioiiS, or, (iucallv crow ncJ, gr4les^ 

Motto.] Fide et fort'uudnic. By taiih :i:id tvjiiiiude, 
. CHitF t5£AT,J At Cafhioberry, in Henioidiiiif^^ 

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L >94 ] 


^pHE Right Honourable FREDERICK HOWARD, Earl 
of CAIvLlSLE, Vifcount iioward of Morpeth, B.iron 
I^acres of Gillefland, born May 28, 1748, iuccLcded his father 
Jienry, September 4, i758# His Lordlhip married, March 22, 
1770, Caroliiia, dauglncr of the prcfent Marquis of Stafford, by 
whom he has ifTue GtorgCjLord xMorpeth, born Sept. 17, i7/3» — 
Carolina born Sept. 3, 1771, married July 27, 1789, Mr. Camp- 
bell. — Charlotte, born Nov. 15, 1774. — Sufan-Maria, horn Feb* 
56,1776, died Jan. 28, 1783. — Louil-i, born March 30,, 1 778, and 
died May, J78U — Another daughter, horn Nov. 13, i7Sc» — 
'^'iiliam, born Dec. 25, I78i« — Gertrude, born Jan. 30, 1783. 

The original defccnt of this frmily is fet forth under the tiUo 
of Howard, Duke of Norfolk. 

Lord William How;ird, third fon of Thomas, the fourth 
Duke of Norfolk, marrying Elizabeth, daughter to Thoma* 
Lord Dacres of Gillefland, in her right became po lie fled of Na- 
worih -cattle, in the county of Cumberland, her father's cl\icf 
feat, and by her hiidfivc Tons, Sir Phihp.'--Sir 1- rancis Howard, 
who married hrO-, Margaret, daughter ol' John Prefton, by whom 
he had a fon 1 homas, Hnin at Arlicrton-Moor, June 30, 1643^ 
unmarried ; and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Edward Stan- 
0i(h. He married fecondly, Mary, dau^ter of Sir Edward 
Widdrington, by whom he had three fon8,Francit-Hcnry, Tho- 
pias, apd Henry ; and fcveral daughters ; whereof Mary mar- 
Tied Thomas Haggcrfton, Efq. — Sir William died without ifluc. 
— Sir Charles naarried Dorothy, daughter of Sir Henry Wid- 
jringtoiiy and left iflue.— Thomas, who married Ellzabetli, 
dau^terof Sir Wiiiiasn Euerc*^ Lprd William had alfo thm 
daughters; Mary, married to Sir John Winter*—- EVftabetht to 
Sir Henry Beddingficld.-— Margaret, to Sir Thomas Cotton. 

Sir Philip, the eldeft fon, dying in his father's lifc-t!me» left 
i/Tue by Mary, daughter of Sir John Carrel, Sir W illiam his heir; 
John, whodied at twenty years of age ; and Philip, who was ilain 
9X Rowton-heath ; and two daughters; Elizabeth| married to 
Bartholomew Fromond, Efq. and AJotheaj to Thomas^ the fcooad 
Vifcount FairfaX) of Ireland. 

Sir William, who fucceeded, married Maryt eldeft daughter 
to Williami Lord Euere of Wotton, and by her bad five fons, 
Williamf who died in his £:ither's life-time~Charles. — Philip, 
f — ThomaSf — John* And five daughters; Marvi married to Sir 
Jonath^m Atkm$.r-^Elizabeth to Sr Thomas oower^ •*>-Gatha« 
pne>to Sir John Lawfont— Frances, to Sir George Downing.—- 
Margaret, to Alexander, the fecond Earl of Leven* 

(ift Earl.) Charles, who fucceeded his fiither, was created a 
"fyftonj Vif(pouiit, a|\d £a;l| fuid died on the 24th of February, 


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1686, aged 56. 11c married Anne, daughter to Edward, Lord 
HoAvard ot I-fcrick, by whom he had Kdward hi*: heir.— • r'rcde- 
rick-Chi li: 1 in, who Ham at the ficgc ot" Lur/x-niberg, 16^4, 
And three tiauglircrs ; Mary, man led to Sir [ohn Feinvick. — 
Anne, to Richard Oiahmc, V lic. Pieilon. — Catharine, who died 

(2d Earl.) Edward, who rucccoclcd, married Elizabeth, 
daugliter to Sir William U . ; iulc (wuicw of Sir William iJei ke- 
ley) by her had three icnis, : <nd t^wo daughters; ail ot whom died 
unmarried, except the cIulM Ion, 

(3d l^arl.) CHAKLLbj who on the 23d of Apt;], 1692, fuc- 
ceccicd him, an. I his Eoi diliip :r.arrving AriP.e, daughter of Ar- 
tliur, ilie lirll l.arl oi ElFex, by her had two iont, .ind three daugh- 
ters; Marv; wlio died 1786, married to Richard, hue Vile. Iivvin, 
iri Scothuid.-— Eli/abeth-Anne the eldeft, {ir{\ to Nicholas, Lord 
Leciiniere ; but he dying on the iStliof June, 1727, without 
iiTue, his title became extin6t ; ami on the 25th of O(f>obcr, 
1728, her L^dyfhip was married to Robinlon, Ely. who 
in T 730, was created a Bai on ct. S!ic died in April, 1739. Of 
the Tons, which were Henry, hii iicir ; and Su Charles, Knt. of 
tlie Each. 

(4th Earl.) Hlnry, who wa<; born in 1694, and fuccecded 
his father, May i, 1738, mumcd Nov. 27, 1717, Frances Spen- 
cer, unly daughter of Charles, rlutd Karl of Sunderland, and by 
her, who ditd July 27, 174-'-, liad iHue, Cliarles, who died in 
Auguft, 1 741. — Rul>crt, died Ocf}oher20, 1743, aged 19. — Henry, 
w ho died young. — Arabella, ni irried in 1741, to Jonathan Cope, 
Efq. and died in 174^. — Di ma, married January 8, 1749, to 
Thomas Duncombe, Klq. ot Yorklhirc, and died March 18, 
1770, leaving iflue two daughters. His Lord/hip married ic- 
condly, Umc 8, 1743, Ifabella, liller of Lord Byron, by whom 
he had iilue, Frederick, the prefent Earl. — Anne, born in i774« 
— Frances born in 1745, married in April, 1768, to John Rad- 
cliiFe, Efq. of Hitchiii, in Hcrtfordlhire, and died in 1783.^ — 
Elizabeth, born in 1746, and married I ebruai y 16, 1769, Peter 
"Dehnf, Efq. who left her a widow, Sept. 5, 1789, with four fons 
and one daughter. — Juliana, born May 16, 1747. The Connie fs 
their mother married, Iccondly, December II, 17^9, Sir Richard 
Mufgrave, Hart, of Hnyton Caltle, ni Cumhjiland. His Lord* 
fhip dying Sept. 4, 1758, was fucceeded by his fon, 

(5th Earl.) Frederic, the prefent Earl. 

Ckeation?.] Cieated Raron Dacres of Gillciland, in the 
county of Cumberland, Vjfc. Howard of Morpeth, in the county 
of Northumberland, and Eai 1 of Carliflc, iu the county of Cum- 
Ijcrland, April 20, 1661, 13 Car. II. 

Arms.] Gu/es, on a bend, between fix crofiS crollets fitche, 
ar^intf au cicuUheQnj cr, charged Y^ii\i a dcmi-lion rampant^' 

O 2 pierced 

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pierce^ through the month with an arrow, within a double 
treflure counterflory, guks; with a mullet for difference* 
[Plate XL] 

Crest.] On a chapeau, gules^ turned up, trmiuy ^ lion 
^ardant|his tall extended, sr, gorged with a' ducal coronet, 

DUPPOiLTEKs.] On the dexter fide a lion, argtnt^ differenced 

by a mullet. On the finifter a bull, gules^ armed, unguled, du* 

cally gorged, and chained, or. 

Motto.] Foh non valeo* I am wiUiog bat not able* 
Chief Seats.] At Caftle-Howard, in xorkfliire; Naworth- 

Caille, in Cumberland; and Morpeth-Caftle, in Northumber* 



TH E moft noble Prince HENRY SCOT, Duke of BUC- 
CLEUGH, Earl of Dalkeith, Baron Scot of Buccleugh 

and Eikdale ; and a Peer of England bv the title of Baron Scot, 
ofTynedale, in Northumberland, anJEarl of DONCASTER, 
in Yorkfhirc, was born Sept. 2, 1746. 

For an account of ihhjamtl^^ Jtt the Z^iiA-^ ^'Buccleugh, In the 
peerage ^Scotland. 

Akms.] [Plate XII.] 


THE Right Hon. ANTHONY ASTLEY, Earl of 
SHAFTESBURY, Biion Afhley, of Wmbournc St. 
Giles, Baron Cooper, of Powlett, born Sept, 17, 1761, and fuc- 
ceeded his father, the late Earl, May 27, 1771. His T^ordfhip 
married fuly 17, 1786, Barbara, daughter of Sir John Webb, Bart, 
by whom he has iflue, a daughter Barbara, born 06t. 19, 1788. 

RiCHAFD Cooper, in the 23d Hen. VIII. purchafcd ofSir 
Amias Paulett, Knt. the Manor of Paulett, in rfcJhire. 
He married Jane, daughter of Sir John Kinghniil, and had three 
fons, Sir ]ohn his heir ; George, and Sir Maurice, who both 
died without ifTne ; and two daughters, Margaret, maii icd to 
Thomas Pridcaux ; and Gertrude, to Robert Hroughton* He 
died May 8, 1566, and was fucc ceded hv his fon 

Sir Jon y Cooper, who was advanced to the dignity of a Ba- 
ronet, 20 lac. ]. married hrft, Anne, daughter to Sir Anthony 
Afhley, of Winbourne St. Giles, m the county of Dorfet, and 
liy Imt had two ioos^ Sir Anthony and Geoi^ He married^ 


Digiii^Lu uy v^OOglc 


fecondlyi Mary, daughter of Baptill Hicks» Vifcount ' Camp- 
den, widow of Sir Charles Morrifon, ijrhichLady fttrvived him 
without ifluc hy him, who died March 29, 1631* 

(ift Earl.) Sir Anthony-Ashlby Coopbr, his eldefl foo, 
Vfsat created Lord Aihley, of Winbourne St. Giks.; Lord Cow- 
per of Powletty and Earl of ShafteAury; and oh the 17 th of 
November, 1672, made Lord High Chancellor of England* He- 
married firft, Margaret, daughter to Thomas, Lord Coventry ; 
lecondly, Frances, daughter to David, third Earl of Exeter, oy 
vrhom ne had Anthony, his heir ; and ladly, Margaret, ilftcr of 
Henry, Earl of Sunderland, by wliom he had no iuue* 

(ad Earl.) Anthony, wno on the aad of January, t^S$, 
fucceeded him, married Dorothy, third daughter to John, the 
eighth Earl of Rutland, and had three fons and four daughters; 
Frances, the wife of Francis Stonehoufe, Efq. — Dorothy, the 
wife of Edward Hooper, EI4. and died May 4, 1749. — Eliza- 
beth, the wife of Jaincs Harris, Efq. and died in Jan. 1744 — and 
Gertrude died unmarried. "I'hc fons were, 

(3d Earl.) Antho!.^ , John, and Maurice. John died in 
i6y3, unmarried ; jiuI the eKleft, born oq t cb. 26, 1670, luc- 
cectKd his father uiid ilicd at Napki, Feb. 24, 171^. He mar- 
' iL-d \n 1709, Jane, daughter to Thoiuai Lwcf, Liq. axid by 
her, who died Nov. 23, 1751, left 

(4th Earl.) Anthony, who on the 12th of March, 1725, 
rn J rried Sufan Noel, daughter to Baptill, the third Earl of 
1 iainfborough, by whom he had no iflue. His Lady dying 
June 20, 1758, his Lordiliip married fecondly, March 16, 
I 7 59, Mary, lecond daughter to Jacob, Vifc. Folkrtone, by whom 
lie had Anthony Alliley.— -Cropley Aihley, born Dec. 21, 
1768. — Mary-Aiinc Anilcy,born Dec. 30, 1766, married April 
12, 1788, Mr. Sturt. — Anthony. His Lordfliip dying May 
27> '77i> was fuccceded by his eldeft fon 

(5th Earl.) Aktttony, the prefcnt Earl. 

Creai ions.J Created Baronet, July 4, 1622, 20 Tac. 1. 
Baron Alhlcy, of Winbourne St. Giles, in the county ofDorfet, 
April 20, i6'6i, 13 Car, IT. Baron Cooper of Paulett, in the 
county ofSonierfet, and Earl oF Shaftcibury, .in the county of 
Dorfet, Api ;i3, 1672, 24 Car. IL 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft and fo>irth, nr^^Kt, three bulls paf- 
{awI^ fable ^ armed and unguM; or, for Aihley; fecond and 
tliii d, vules^ n bend engrailed between iix lions rampant) or^ for 
Cooper". [Plate XXII.] 

Crest.] On a chapeau^ guUsy turned up, ermine^ a bull paf- 
iant, fable, gorged with a mural coronet, and armed, or. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a bull, fahUy .his ducal coU 
jar, or. On the iiniiier, a talbot, tmurt^ gorged as t^e dexter, 

M<»TTo«] Lwtf ftrvu 

O 3 CKUCt 

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Chief Seats.] At Winbournc St. Giles, in the county o£, 
Dorfet; and at Rockburn-houlc^ in the county ot Southamp- 



LEY, Earl of BERKELEY, Vifcount Durflty, Baron 
Berkeley, of Bcikclcy-Cafllc, Mowbray, Scgravc, and Brewcfc 
of CiowcTy born May 24, 1745, and iucceeded his father, Jan* 

This noble family is dcfccncled from 

RoBKRT Fitz-Har<ling, vvlio a grant of the Calllc 
and honour of Berkeley, (formerly t'ne j)oirefrion of Roger dc 
Berkeley, whofe male line ceafed) from Henry, foa of Maud 
the Emprefs, whereupon his dclccadants aflumed the lurnumc, 
which together wiih the Caftle and Barony, contiiuus in the 
male line to this day ; and 10 the faid Robert (who accon^panied 
"W illiam the Norman Duke in his expedition into England, and 
"Was grandfon to one of t fie Kings of Denmark) Iucceeded 

Maurice liMkcley hi^ fun; who married Alice, daughter of 
Roger de Berkeley, ofl-)uriky. By the faid Alice he had i\x 
fons, Robert, 'I humas, Maurice, William, Henrv, and Kichard. 

Robert his heir, married two wives, but dying without liTyc 
May 13, 1219, was fiicceeded by 

Thomas liis brother, who married Joan, daughter to Ralph 
deSomerv, Lord of Campdcn, and dymg Nov. 29, 1243, ^^^^ 
ifluc fix Tons, 

Maurice, Thonns, Robert, Henry, William, and Rich- 
ard ; the eldefl of whom married Ifabel, daughter to Maurice de 
Creoun, by whom he had ilTue, Maurice, who was kiiied in a 
tournament, and 

Thomas his fuccclTor, who ferved King Edward L andIL in 
their wars; and by Jane, daughter to William de Ferrers, Earl 
of Derby, had four Tons; Maurice his heir. — John, Lord of 
Wyinundham, in the county of LciceOer. — James, Biihop of 
£xcter. — William, and two daughters, wiio died young. 

(ift JLord.) Maurice, wh« fuccecded, married tirll. Eve, 
daughter of Eudo la Zuuche, by whom he had I'homas his fuc- 
ceflbr ; Maurice, John, Kudo, and Peter ; alfo a daughter 
Ifabet, w ife to Robert, tlie fc veiiih Lord Ciitford. He married 
fccondly, ifabel, daughter of Gilbert dc Clare, Earl of Glou* 
cellcr, by whom he had no ifTue. 

(2d Lord.) TiTOMAt, who fucceedcdhis father, had the keep- 
ing of King Edward II. in his Caftle at Berkeley; but being 
thought too courteous to him, he was commanded to deliver 
togetlier with tlic cuilody of his CalUe » to John, Lord 


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S AttL OP B£RK£L£ Y« 199 

MaimVcn^* and Thomas Gumeyi whence the execrable mur** 
der o( that unhappy monarch fuccceded. He died the 25th 
EdWard III. having married firil^ Maij^ai'et, fourth daughter ot' 
Robert Mortimer, Earl of March, aim widow of Robert Vcre> 
Earl ot OxioRl, by whom he had Maurice, Thomas, Roger, 
and Aiphonfui; ami a daughter joan, married to Reginald, Lord 
Cobham. ll is Iccond witc was Catharine, daughter of Sir John 
Clivedon, widow of Sir Peter le Veel, Knt. by whom he had 
ThcMTinN, Maurice, Edward, and John; of whom 

(jd Lord.) Maurice, his eldell fon, by his firft wife, fuc* • 
ceeded him. He married Elizabeth, daughter to Hugh le Dc- 
fpeafer, and by her had four fons, 

(4th Lord.) Thomas, Sir Jai^^es, John, and Maurice; and 
three daughters, who died unmarried. Of the fons, the elded 
fucceedtfd, and married Margaret, daughter to Gerrard Warren, 
XiOrd Lifle, bv whom he had an only daughter, Elizabeth, mar* 
tied to Richard Beauchamp, Earl ot Warwick, but dymg with- 
out ifluc male, we return to 

Sir James his brother. He married Elizabeth, daughter and 
heir of Sir Jolui Bloet, by whom he had James his heir; and 
Maurice, who died without ifluc ; which 

(5th Lord.) James alfo became heir to his uncle Thomas, 
and by virtue of a fprcial entail, enjoyed the Ciiillc and Lord- 
fliips of iierkeley. He was fummoncd to Parhamcnt among the 
Peers the 9th of Henry V, an^l died the 3d of EdWard VL He 
nuirrird hrll, adaughter of Humphry Slarfbrd, by whom he had 
no iflue ; fecondly, Ifabel, daughter to Thomas Mowbray, 
Duke of Norfolk, and widow of Henry, fon and heir of William, 
l ord Fctrers, ofGroby; thirdly, Joan, daughter of John Tal- 
bot, the firft £larl of Shrewfbury, by whom he had no ifiue; and 
Ihc married fecondly, Edmund Hungcrford, Efq» By his fe- 
tond wife he had four fons, Sir William.— Sir Mauriee. — ^JamcSf 
killed in France^— and Thomas, from whom the Berkeleys of 
the counties of Worcefter and Hereford arc defcended ; alfo three 
daughters, Elizabeth, married to Thomas Burdet.— Ifabel, mar- 
ried to Tbooias Trye, Efq. — and Alice, to Richard Arthur, Efq* 
Sir Manrice, the fecond fOby had a daughter Joice, married 19 
William Aftley, Efq. 

(6th Lord.) Sir Wi the elded, who fucceeded his fa* 

ther, Was on the aift of Apfil, 1481,' advanced to the dignity of 
Vifcount Berkeley; and on the 28th of June, 1483, created 
Earl of Nottingham. In 148 C) he was made Earl N^urihal of 
Englandi and to the heirs mate of his body; and was created < 
Marquis of Berkeley. He married firft^ Eitzabeth, daughter 
of R^inald Weft, the firft Lord De la War, from whom he was 
divorced, without having any ifluc; fecondlv, Jane, daughter 
«f Sir Thomas StrangewaySf and widow of Sir William Wil- 
t^thby, Knt, by whom he had iflue Thomas and Catharine^ 

O 4 who 

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ftoo EARL aw B E R.K E L E Yr 

who died young ; thirdly, Anne, daughter of John Ftenne^f 
Lord Dacres of the South; who furviving him, married fe- 
condlyy Sir Thomas Brotidon, Knt, He died oa the 14th of 
Feb. 1492, without ifliie^ and (aking occafion to except againil 
his brother, 

Maurice, as his fucccfTor, heca^ife he had not married into 
a noble family, (fhc being Ifabelia, daughter to Philip Mead, 
£fq. then Alderman of the city of Brlftol) gave all his lands 
from him, particularly the Caftle of Berkeley, and thofe land* 
and Lordihips that were annexed to that ancient Barony, to 
King Henry VII. and tlic heirs male of his body, in remainder 
to his own heirs, fo that Maurice enjoyed no part of the honour^ 
but in time he recovered bcfl part of the lands which his brother 
had given from him ; and dying the 22d of Henry VII. left three 
fons, Maurice and Thomas, his fucceOTors ; and Jaines ; who 
left two daughters ; Mary, married £rft to Sir Thomas Perrot, 
and fecondly, to Sir Thomas Jones ; and Anne, married to Sir 
William Dennis, of Durham. 

Maurice, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his father, and in the 
14th of Henry VIII. had fummons to Parliament ; but had not. 
the place of his anceftors, becaufe the Caille of Berkeley re- 
mained to the crown, by virtue of the entail made by William 
his uncle. He married Catharine, daughter to Sir William 
Berkeley; but dying Sept. 12, 1523, without ifTue, 
. Thomas, his brother, became heir,' who married firft, Elea^ 
nor^ daughter of Sir Marmaduke Conftable, widow of John In- 
glcby, Etq. by whom he had no iflue; fecondly, Cicilie, widovr 
of I^ichard Rowdon, £fq. by whom he had iilue Thomas ; 
and Maurice, who married Frances, daughter to the faid Rich- 
ard Rowdon, Efq. and had iflu^. Their father d) ing the 2 2d of 
Jan. 24 Henry VIII. was fucceeded by 

Thomas, his eldeft fon, who died Sept. 19, 1534- He mar- 
ried firit, Mary, daughter of George, Lord Haftings, by whom 
he h id no iluc; fecondly, Anne, daughter to Sir JohnSavaj^c, 
aiid bv her had Henry, his heir; and a daughter Elizabeth, who 
was married to Thomas Butler, the iciU Earl of Ormond. 

(7th Lord.) HenrV; wlio fucceedt-d, by ilic death of King 
Edward VI. tljc lafl heir rnalc to Kino 1 Irnry VII. came in pof- 
feflion of the Cartle of Berkelcv, and all thole other lands given 
to that King by '^I'hotnas, Marquiii ot Berkeley, in prejudice of 
his^ hrotlicr ^Iauricc, as belore obfcrvcd; which Lordihips had 
been veiled in the crowfi 61 years. He likcwifc by the fame 
means pofleffcd tiic ancient feat of his anceftors in Parliament; 
and marrying firit, Catliarine, daughter to Henn' Howard, Earl 
of Surry, by her had two Tons, Thomas; and Ferdinand, who 
died unmarried; and four daughters; Frances, married Sir Geo. 
Shirley. — Marv-, married Sir John Zouch. His fecond wife 
wasjaaey daughter of Sir Michat^ibunhope^ widow of Sir Ro- 

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B A R L or BERKELEY. tor 

1^ TownOiend, hy whom he had do ifliie ; and died the 26th 
of November, 16 

'Thomas, the eldeii: fon, dying in his father^s life^timC) the 
a6th of November, 1610, left iuoeby Elizabeth, daughter to 
Gtforge Carev, the fecond Lord Hunfdon, George, who fucceed* 
ed his granduther ; and Theophila, married to bir Robert Coke. 

(8th Lord*) Geokoe, who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, fe- 
cond daughter and co-heir to Sir Mfclnel Stanhope, and had two' 
fons, and a daughter Elizabeth, married to Edward Coke, Efq. 
The fons were, Charles and George* The eldeft was drowned 
on the a7th of January, 1641, in his paflage, towards France; 

(ift Earl.) Geouge, on the loth of AuguA, 1658, fucceeded, 
and in 1679, was creatra Vifconnt Durfley, and Earl of Berkeley ; 
and died O^ober 10, i698« He marriea Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Meilingberd, £fq« and left two fons, and fix daughters ; 
Elizabeth, Theophila, Arabella, Mary, Henriettar, and Arethufa 
fecond wife of Charles, Lord Clifibrd, eld^ft fon of ftichard. 
Earl of Burlington. Elizabeth married William Smith, Efq. 
—Theophila, firft to Sir Kingfmil Lucy, and tecondly, to Robci c ' 
Kt-llon, Efq. — Arabella, to William Pulteney, Efq. being liis 
fecond wife, by whom he had three daughters. — Mary, to 1 ord, 
ILarl of Tankervillc, and by him» who died June 5, 1 701, h.iJ a 
daughter of her name, who man ied ( icorge On'iilfton, 'i hs 
fons of George, Earl ot Hcrkelev, wcic CharKs, his lirir, and 
Ocorge, who married Jane, cluu^litt r ro Cjcorgc Coir, I jq. and 
dying in OvSlobcr, 1694, Ictt I Ji/ ib^tli, Lis only child, wlio was 
married to John Brome, of 1 uppmdcn, and died on the 9th of 
April, 1730. 

(id Earl.) Charles w^as fummoncd to Parliament on the 
XTth of July, 1 089, by the title of Lord Bui kc lev, of iicrkelev ; 
and npon x}\q death of his lather he fuccccdcd hiin in the Ka-rl- 
dom ; but dying in 0<ftober, 1710, left iffiie by Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter to Kaptift Vifc. Campden, four fons and three daughters; 
Mary, Eli/abcth, and Penelope. The latter died at Dublin, un- # 
married; the fecond was married to Sir John ( lermain, and the 
cldelt married Thomas Chamber?, of Hanworth, in Middlefex, 
tfq. The fons were, Charles, James, Henry, nnd Georg:t', wiicj 
in T725 married Henrietta, Countcfs Dowager of Suffolk, and 
died m 1746. — Henry married Mary, only daughter to H -nry 
Cornwall, Efi]. and by h^r, who died the 25th of April, 1741, 
had two fons, Henry, a captain m the army, killed at the battle 
of Kontenoy, in 1741 ; and Lion Spencer, married to Margaret, 
daughter to Mr. James Wliittield, and had ilfue two fons, Vel- 
ters-Cornwall, and Henry Six nc^r. He died at Bath, io May^ 
1736. Charles the cldeft dying m 1699 "nmarricJ^ 

(3d Earl.) Jamfs, the fecond fon, on the cth of March, 
2705, wa& fummoaed by writ to the ^oufc of reers, and foon 

' after 

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after made aile of the Adafrals of her Majefty's fleet, attd kf 
ifiOf fucceeded hit ^ther as Earl of Berkelej* Hie LonUhip 
ttiarryjng Louila LetonoXf eldeft daughter to Cnarlesy firil Duke 
pf Richuiond, by whoniy who died January 15, 17 17, had a Ion 
AuguihiS) born Feb. 18, 1716; and two daughters; Elizabeth, 
who, on the iith of Feh. 1728, married Anthony Henley, £fq« 
hut died in September, 1745^ without ifliie.^Loiiira died young. 
His Lordfliip dying inAugufl, ^TS^f was fueceeded by his only 

(4th Earl.) Augustus, late Earl of Berkeley ; whd married 
May 7, 1 744, Elizabeth, daughter to Henry Drax, Efq* and by 
her (who married, 2dly, Jan* 2, 1757, to Robert Nugent, the 
late karl Nugent) he had iflue, Frederick Auguilus, the pre« 
lent Earli^^ames, bom July 25, 1747, who died in the year 
lifter.— LouiOii, born July 28, 1748, married May 15, 1784, to 
Lord Harvey, captain of the navy, eldeft fon x>f the Earl of 
Briftol^Eltzabetb, and Frances, born July 28, 1 748, twins, with 
Louifa, but died foon aften— Oeorgina-Augufla, born Septemh< 
17, 1 740, married April 20, 1766, to Lord Forbes, late Earl of 
Granard, of Ireland, and had iflue, after whofe death in 1780, 
ihe remarried the Rev. Dr. Samtid Little, by whom fhc had iflue, 
Elizabeth, born in December 1750, and married May 10, 1767, 
to the prefent Lord Craven, and iflue.— George Cranficid, 
born Auguft lO, 1753, a captain in the navy, married Auguft 19, 
1784, Amelia, daughter ot Lord ( jcorgc Lennox, brother to the 
Duke oi Rjchinond, hv whom iiic has iflue, a daughter, born 
Alarch ig, ; and a Ton, born Nov. 6, 1789. And his 

LorLljliip dviru; 9, l/^v ^^'''^s fuccccdcd by his elclclt Ion, 

(^ih Earl.) 1 REDLRic- /VCGUSTUs, HOW i'.arl t)t iicrkrljv. 

Cr£ation5.] jbaion by wiii, Juac zj, ^^^i, the other iitics, 
Sept» 1 1, 1679. 

Arms.] Guus^ a chcTron between ten crofics pattee, fix above 
and four below, indent, [Plate Xil.] 

Crest,] On a wreath a mitre, guUsy garniihed, cr, charged 
with the paternal coat. 

ScrppoRTERs.] 'J\vo lion?, argent, the finifter having the ducal 
crown and plain collar and chain, or, 

Motto.] JJiiU anc nous, God with us. 

Chief S: At Bcrkdcy-caUie, in Oloucellerihire, and at 

Craoford, m iViiudklcx* 


'T^HE Right Hon. WILLOUGHBY BERTIE, Earl of 
^ ABINODUN, and l>aron Norrcys of Rycote, born Jan. j6, 
2740, fucceeded bis fathej U iiloughby^ the late iiarl, June 10, 


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1760. He married July 7, 1768, Charlotte, daughter of the late 
Admiral Sir Peter Warren^ Knight of the Bath, by whom he hai 
had Charlotte, born Od. 12, 1769, died May 1784% — Amelia* 
born Jan. 6, i774» — Willoughby, Lord Norreys, born Feb. 8^ 
17769 and died 12 ^ays after.— The prefcnt Lord Norreys, hori* 
Aprils 1781.— -Louifa-Anne-Maria-l>ridget,bornMarch8, 1786. 
—Another daughter^ horn 0<5lober 18, 17S8« 

- The dcfccnt of this noble family is given under the title of 
Bertie, Duke of Ancaftcr. Montague Bertie, the fccond Earl 
of Lindfey, by Bridget, his fecond wife, Baroncfs Norreys of 
Rycote (widow of jBdward, fecond fon of Edward, fourth Eart 
of Dorfet) (laughter and fole heir of Edward Wray, Efq. third 
ion to Sir William Wray of C)K nworth, iif the county of Lin- 
coln, by Elizabeth his wife, daughter and heir to Francis, Lord 
Norreys, fon of Henry Norreys, Viic* Thame, and Earl of 
Berk ill ire, had a fon, 

(ift Earl.) JaM£8, to whom the Barony Of Norreys de- 
icended, and was CRMted Earl of Abingdon* He married firft, 
Eleanor, daughter to Sir Henry Lee; by her,' who died the 31ft 
of May, 1601, he had fix fons and thre^ daughters; Bridget, 
married to Richard, the fourth Vi(c. Bulkeley. — Anne to Sir 
William Courtenay ; and Mary died unmarried* Of the ibnS| 
who were Montagu Lord Norreys, James, Henry, Robert, Pc^r 
regrine, and Charles. The latter married Elizabeth, daughter 
to the Rev* Mr* John Kerry, by *whom he had iiTue one foni 
Charles; and two daughters, Elizabeth and Anne.^Peregrin4 
was a captain in the navy, and died in X709«— ^Robert matried 
Catharine, daughter to Richard, the fourth Vifc. Wenham,i nd. 
died Aug. 26, 1710^ without ifliie.^Henrv, married Arabellas 
Sufan, daughter to the Lord Glenprky, widow of Marcus, Vifc* 
Dungannon. Me married, fecondly, Marv, daughter .of Pere* 
erine Bertie, fecond fon of Montagu, Eari of Lindfey \ but fiie 
Scd, leaving him an only daugliter Suianna* He died at Bo- 
logne, in December, 17 35* — .^mes, the fecond fon, was born 
March 13, 1673, died in October 1735, who, on the 5th of Ja- 
nuary, 1692, married Elizabeth, daughter to George, the iixth 
Lord Willoughby of Parham, and by her, who died Sept^ber 
96, I7i5> had fourteen children, of whom fix lived to maturityi 
viz* Willoughbyi fucceeded his uncle, as Earl of AbingdotI*— 
^ward died Sept* 21, 1735*-— William, ^* ^* 

iflue James, Richard, Francis, Sophia, and Anhe«-*-Henry» — 
John, who married Mifs Mary Nicholas, and had iflue four 
fons ; John, William, and Norreys, who all died young; and 
Willoughby ; alfonine danghters, Anne, Mary, Bridget, Eliza« 
bcth, Frances, Mary, Eleanora, Ifabella, Mary, Sophia, and 
Euftacia; their father, John, was prebendary of Exeter, and 
died Feb. i, 1774.— -And a daugluer Bridget, married to Robert 
Qotymor^ Ef<^. by whom ike had i^ue odjs Ion, James ; and two 

^ daughters, 

Digitized by Google 

fto4 E A R L o F A B I N G D O X. 

daughters^ Mary and Bridget, And the faid James, Earl o( 
Abingdon, in 1698, married tohtsfecond wife Catharine, daugh- 
ter to Sir Thomsu Chamberlain, andwidow of Richard, the fourth 
Vifc. Wenman, who, furviving him, married Francis Wrougfi- 
ton, Efq. and his Lordfliip dying on the 22d of May, 1699, was 
fucceeded in his honours by his eidell (on, 

(adEarL) Montagu, who married Sept. 22, 1687, firfl, 
Anne, daughter and fole heir to Peter Ycnables (called fiaron of 
Klnderton) of the county of Che Aer, who died in 17 15. His 
I^rdfhip, Feb. 13, 17 179 married to his fecond wife Maiy^ 
daughter to James Goulds of 0orchefter, Efq. and widow of 
General Charles Churchill» brother to John, Duke of Marlbo- 
rough, and by her, who died in January, 1756, had a fon James^ 
Lord Norreys, who died February 25, 1718. His Lordfiiip 
dying on the i6thof June, 1743, was fucceeded by his nephew, 

(3d EarL) WiLLOUGRBY, eideft fon of James, his next bro* 
ther beforcf mentioned, bom November 28, :692. He married 
at Florence, in Auguft 1727, Anna-Maria, daughter of Sir John 
Collins,' Knt. by whom, who died December ai, 1763, he had 
iflue, James, Lord Norreys, who w^s burnt in his bed at Rycote, 
0€t. 12, 1 74.5.— Willoughby, the prefent Earl. — Peregrine, 
born March 13, 1741, a captain in the navy«— Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Signior Galltni, and has iflue. — Jane, married Sept« 29, 
176O9 tb'l'homas Clifton, Efq. of Lancamire*— Bridget died un- 
married, Dec. 9, 1 760.^- Anne. — Eleanora, married July 7, 
1766, to Philip Vifc. Wenman of Ireland.-— Ma rj, born Nov. 
12, 1746, married Miles Stapleton, Eicj. of Clint, in YOrkfliire. 
-—Sophia, born Nov. 6, 1748, died in 1760, unmarried. His 
Lordfhip dying on June 10, 1760, was fucceeded by his eldeH 

(4th Earl.) WiLLOUGHtiv, now Earl of Abingdon. 

Creations.] Summoned to Parliament originally as Baron 
Norreys of Rycolc, in the county of Oxford, May 8, 1572^ 14 
KHz. again by defcent and fummons as Baron Bertie, April 1 2, 
1675, 27 Car. 11. and 'created Earl of Abingdon, in the county 
of Jkiks, November 30, 1682, 37 Car. II. 

Arms."! Jrgnit^ three battering-rams barways, proper, avni-i 
and i^arnil*heu, tizutr; an annulet for difference. [Plate Xil.] 

Cklst.] On a wreath, the head and buft ot ;i king coupcd, 
propi'f\ crowned ducally, and charged on the chcll with a tre t, v^, 

Sur lORTER-.] On the dexter ildc a pilgrim, or friaij vcUri 
in rulitt, with his llaff, and patc-r-nofter in his hand, or. On. 
the finifter, n f:ivac:c wrf-nthed about the tuviplci and middle wua. 
ivy, P' cpiT ; on each ot {hv.i chclts a irrt, cr. 

IMoTTO.] Vniu:^ ar ictt Joriior, \ uluc li itionger than a 

(!hiek Seats.] At Wiiham, in Berkfhire; and Rycote, in 
Oxtordlhirc. " • 

" NOEL, 

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^ [ 205 3 


npHE Right Hon. HENRY NOEL, Earl of GATNSBO^ 
ROUGH, Vifcount Canipden of Campden, Baron Noel 
of Ridlington, Baron Hicks of Ilmington, Barun Noel of 
Xitchfield, and Baronet; fuccecdcd his brother BaptiH, the late 
Earl, in May 1770, 

Noel, tlie anceftor of this family, came into England with 
the Conqueror, who gave him Ellenlium and other lands; his 
fon, Rohert Fitz-Noel, by Alice his wife, had five fons, Tho- 
roas, Philip, Robert, Richard, and John ; the eldeH: left ifTiie 
Alice, the widow of William de Harcourt, and John, the Wile 
of Thomas Fitz-Enftace, who fhared his inheritance. 

1" rom hmi deicended Andrew Noel, who married hrfl, En7.a-' 
beth, daughter of John Hopton, Elq. and widow of Sir John Pe- 
rienr, tiy ^vl10ln he had ifTiie tour fons, Aiuhew, Ucnrv, George, 
And ^^• liiKim, and two a Lighters; EIi7a]icth married to Anthony 
F n\int, Kic]. and Judith, who died unmarried. His fccond witc 
was Dorothy, daughter of Richard Conyers, Efq. and widow of 
Roger Flower, Efq. by whom lie had inue Jolin Noel, feated at 
Wcllefborough in Leicellerilure} irom whom defcended Vifc«, 

Andrew, eldeft fon, married Mabel, 6th daughter of Sir 
James Harrington, by whom he had iffue four fons. Sir Edward; 
, Charles, who died unmarried 1769; Arthur; and Alexander, who 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Thomas Palmer. He had alio , 
three daughters, Lucy, married to William, Lord Euere; Eliza- 
beth, to George, Earl of Calllehaven; Theodoiia, to Edward, 
Vifc. Wimbleton; and dying O^ober 19, 1607, was fucceeded 
by his eldeft fon 

(ifl Vifc.) Sir Edward, who was created Baron Noel of 
Ridlington, He married Juliana, eldeft daughter to Sir Baptif^ 
Hicks, who was created Baron Hicks of Ilmington, and Vifc* 
Campdcn; which two laft titles were granted to him and the 
heirs male of his body, after the death of the faid Sir BaptiA; and 
Hving in the King's garrifon in Oxford, March lO, 1643, left 
j^e bv the faid Juliana, his wife, who died Nov. 25, 1680, two 
ions, fiaptift and Henry, and two daughters, of which Elizabeth 
riKirricd Sir Erafmus de la Fountain; and Penelope, to lohn 
Vife«*Chawbrth. Henry, the youngeft fon, married Marv, 
daughter of Hugh Perry> £fq. who lurviving him, married le- 
condly Sir William Fermou 

(2d Vifc.) Baptist the eldeft fon, fucceeded, and died the 
ftQth of 0£lobcr, 1683. He married four wives, firft, Anne, 
daughter to William, the ftrft Earl of Denbigh, by whom he had 
three Tons, who died in their infancy; by his fecond, who was 
Anne, daughur of Sir Robert Lovet, relidt of the Earl of Bath» 


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he had another Ton that was {llll-born ; by his third wife Heflcr» 
daughter to Thomas, Lord Wotton, he had two foiis and four 
daughters ; and bv Elizabeth his fourth wife, daughter to Mon* 
tagu. Earl of Lma(by> he had fix fons and three daughters ; which 
were Catharine, Bridget, and Martha-Penelope» The latter was 

snarried to Dormer, Efq. and the eldeft to John, the firft 

buke of Rutland ; and Bridget died unmarried, January 1 7, 1 7 1 9. 
The fons who were, ift, Lindfey, who. died in his infancy; 2d» 
Baptift, father of the 3d Earl; 3d, John ; 4th, a fon who died 
in his infancy ; 5th, James, who died at 18 years of age 6th, a 
fon ftill-born* Of thefc John married Elizabeth, Mer to Ben- 
net, the firft Earl of Harborough, and widow to Edward, the fe* 
cond Vifc. Irwin in Scotland; and dying December 26, 171S, 
by her had iflue three fons; John, who died unmarried -in 1727 ; 
Thomas, who married in Nov. 1756, Elizabeth, i. ouutefs Dow- 
ager of Gainfborough, widow of the 4th Earl ; and Bennet ; and 
three daughters; Elizabeth, who died unmarried; Bridget, 
who married to David, Lord Milfington, but died Auguil 22, 
3729, without furviving iffue; and Alice. The daughters by 
the third wife were Mary, who married James, 3d Eariof Nor-* 
thaiiipton ; Juliana to William, Lord Aihugton ; Heiler died an 
infant ; and Elizabeth married Charles, fecond Earl of Berkeley* 
The fons by the fame Lady were, Edward and Henry ; the latter 
died Sept. 21, 1677 ; and by Elizabeth, daughter of Sir William 
Wale, left iifue an only daughter Juliana, married to Charlei^ 
Earl of Burlin^on ; and 

Tift EarL) Edward, on the a9th of Odober, i682,.fuccecd^ 
ed his father. He married Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Tho- 
mas Wrotthefly,.Earl of Southampton, and was, on the 3d of 
Febv 168 1, his father being then living, created Lord Noel of 
Titchfield, with limitation for want of iflue male to the younger 
fons of his father Baptift, Vifc Campden; and on the ift of Dec. 
1682, he was created Earl of Gainiborough, with die fame limi- 
tations. By his faid Lady he had one fon and four daughters ; 
Frances, married to Simon, Lord Digby. — ^Jane married William, 
Lord Dighy, brother to the faid Simon. — ^Elizabeth married 
Richard Norton, Efq. — Juliana died unmarried; and their bro* 

(2d EarL) Wrotth£sly-Ba?tist, in 1682, fucceeded his 
£ither. He married Catharine, eldeft daughter to Fulk Grevile, 
the fii^h Lord Brook, and by her, who married fecondly, John 
Sheffield, Duke of Buckingham, he had two daue;hters ; Eliza* 
heth marriod to Henry, the firft Duke of Portland ; and Rachael 
to Henry, the fecond Duke of Beaufort^ but dying in Sept. 
1600, without iflue male, we return to 

Baptist, fecond, but eldeft furviving (an of Baptift, Vifo 
Campden, by Elizabeth Bertie, his fourth ^ife. He married 
Sufan, daughter and folc heir to Sic Thomas Fanihaw, and by 

Z her 

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lifer kft a fen Baptifl^ and two daughtefSy Elizabeth and Sufin; 
and the laid 

(3d Earl.) Baptist fucceedin^ Wrotthrfly above-mentioned 
became the third Earl. He married Dorothy^ daiighjter to lohn^ 
the firft Duke of Rutland, and dying on the 16th of Apriij^ 
17141 by her had three fons and three daughters ; Sufan, mar^ 
ried to Anthony Afhiey, Earl of Shaftefbury^— Catharine, who 
died 1779. — ^Mary died in I7i8«p— The fons wereBaptift, John^ 
and James ; the eldeft» who was born May 23, 1 708, fucceeded 
It is lather; John died December 26, and James died in 

(4th Earl.) Baptist married Mifs Elisabeth Chapman, and 
by her (who married fecondly in November, 1756, Thomas 
l4oel, Efq. above mentioned) had iflue, and died Dec. 15, 1771* . 
•—Elizabeth, born in 1731. — Jane, born in 1733, married to 
Gerrard-Anne Edwards, Elq. of Leicellerlhire. — Juliana, bora 
in 1735, married Feb. 7, 1760, George, Lord Carbery of Ireland, 
and died Dec. 18, 1760. — Penelope, born in 1736, and died 
young, — Anne, born 1737, died 1779. — Baptift, the late Karl.— • 
jLouifa, married April 76, 1765, to Sir Horatio M;;nn, Ki^ight 
of the Bath, and died I 'eh. 2, 1778. — Henry, the prclent Earl.— 
Charles, who died young, April 18, 1 745. — Mary. — Sulaniia, 
who married, March 12, 1725, tlie fourth Earl of Shaftcfbury, and 
died June 23, 1758.— Sophia, who married Chriflophcr Neville^ 
Efq. Col. of the Lincolnfhire Militia, and died May 5, 1780. 

(5th Earl.) Baptist, born June 8, 1740, fucceeded his 
father March 21, 1751 ; but dyuig on his travels, at Geneva^ 
in May 1770, was fucceeded by 

(6th Earl.) Henry, his brother, the prefent Earl. ' 

Creations.] Baron, March 23, 1617, Vifcouat, 18^ 
1629, and Earl, Dec. i, 1682. 

Arms.] Or, Iretty of ten pieces, ^ules, a canton, ermint. 
[Plate XIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a buck at gaze, argent, attired, or. 
Supporters,] Two bulls, argent ; armed and ungalcd, proper m 
Motto.] 'J'out bicn cu rk>i, The whole eftate. 
CuLEF t>£AT»] At Extonbrook, in the county of Rutland* 



of Pi.YMOL'TH, and i^aron Windior of Eadcnham, in 
Buckinghainfhii c ; born Mav 30, 1751, lucceedrd his father, the 
late Ear!, April 20, 177I5 married May ^o, 1788, Mifs Archer, 

daughter of the lateLoi^ Arckcr> by whom he h^A & fon^ bom 


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Walter Fitz-Other canue into England with William die 
Ccnqucror, by whom he was made Baron and Conftablc of the 
Caflle of VVrndfor, and Keeper of the Forcft ; and Beatrix, his 
wife, had three fons, William, Robert, and Gerald, from the 
^oungefi are defcendcd the Earls of ILildare, in Ireland ; the fa- 
milies of the Cierards, in Lancaftiire ; and the Carcws, of Eng- 
land and lrclHnd« From Robert, the fecond fon, defcendcd 
the E.irl of Kerry. And from William, the eldeft, who wai 
called \\ illiam of Windlor, is dcfccnded the Earl of Plymovth* 
To the faid William de Windfor^ Maud, the Emprefs, ratified 
all thofe grants which had been made to ^\'alter, his father, by 
King Henry L and to him fucceeded William his ibn> and vizi 
iather of Sir William, whofe wife was Agnes; and by her had a 
daughter Joan, married to Sir Richard de Dray; and a fon^Wil* 
)iam, who married Margaret^ the fifter of Johi» Derekenfon^ 
and had Sir Richard de Windfor, who married Julian, daugh- 
ter to Richard Stapleton, and had a fon Richard de Windfor, and 
William. Richard, the eldeft fon, by Julian, daughter to James 
Moiyns, had Sir James, his heir ; and Sir Wiiliam, who w» 
fnmmoned to Parliament among the Barony the 4tb of Ridw 
II. He married the famous Dame Alice Ferrers, or Pierce, 
voorite of King Edward III* htit left no ifltte male. 

Sir James Windfor, his eldeft brother, married Elizabetir, 
daughter to Sir John Strechy, and by her had Sir Miles dc 
WindfcMT, who died the iitli of Richard ^IL leaving iflue bj 
Alice his wife, daughter to Adam de Wymondham, -or Wynd- 
ham> of Wyndham, in Norfolk, Brian de Windfor, who mar* 
ikd Alice, daughter of Thomas Drew, Efq. and dying the tui 
of Rich*. li. left two fous ; Miles, the eldeft, dying nnmarriei^ 
Richard, his brother, fucceeded. He married Chriftian, daugh- 
ter to Richard Faulkner, £fq. and dying in the 6th of Hen. Vl* 
left a fon. 

Miles de Windfor, who died 26th of Henry VI. leavii^; 
iffiie. by Joan, daughter to Walter Green, Efq. 
. Thomas de Windfor, who died in 1485, ift of .Hen. VIL 
He married Elizabeth, daughter to John Andrews-, Efq. and bj 
iier (who afterwards married Sir Robert Litton) had feveral 
ehildjren, of whom Margaret was the laft Princefs of the Mo-, 
saftery of Sion. 

(ift Lord.) Sir Andrew Windfor, the eldeft fon, was in the 
21ft of Henry VIIL fummonned by writ Mong the Peers. 
He married Elizabeth, fifter to Edward Blount, Lord Montjoy, 
anc! had four Inns, (icorge. Sir William, Edinuiul, and Thomai; 
and four (Uughtci^; Lli'Aubcth, married Sir Peter Vn valour.— 
Anne, to Sir Robert Corbet, — Kdylh, to ( icort^e Ludley, Efq.— 
I.k.irior, firft to Ralpli, Lord Scropc, and afterwards to Kdwaid 
Tvcvil. Of the fons, George the eldeft, married Uifula, fiftcr 
of John Vere, Earl of Oxford, by whom he had nq ilTug, awl 

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Aetk l)efere his father* Sir Edmunil) third fon> died iinmanrled« 
Thomasy fourth fpn^ married Mary^ daughter of Tholhas Bo-* 

(2d Ldlfd.) Sir William, tlie fecond fon, htetoie heir. He 
iharried firft, Margaret, daughter to Sir William Sambume, and 
had feven foxis, and nine daughters ; of whom Elizabeth^ thd 
eldeft) was married firft to Henry, foh of Thdmas, Lord Saiids ; 
fecondly^to Sir George Powlett ; and thirdly, to Richard Scrope, 
£fq««^£leanor tb Sir ChiAopher Bronie«-^Bridget, to Edward 
Ferrers, Efq, — Mary, to William Scot, Efq, — ^I^rothy td Tho- 
mas Pauncefort, Elq«*— Anne, to Lord Grey of Grooy; Thd 
reft of the daughters died young, or unmarried* Of the fons^ 
Thomas the ^Ideft died an infant.-^'^ir Thomas, the fecond fon^ 
married Dorothy, daughter of William, Lord Datres, and died in 
his father's life-time, without iflue male*-— Henry, third fon^ 
died an infantt-^- Andrews, fourth fdn^ died before his father.— 
Sir Edwardj fifth fon, became heir to his fother* — Waltfer, fixth 
fon, married Margaret, daughter of Sir Geffrey Poole, and had 
iCue Edward and William; the youngeft marrying Elizabeth, 
eUlcft daughter to William, the third Eafl of Worceller, and had 
a fon of his name. Sir William married, fccondly, Elizabeth, 
ilauglitei of Peter Coundray, Efq. by whom he had a fon Philip, 
and a daughter Elizabeth, who both died without ifTue. 

(31! Lord.) Sir Edward, the fifth, but eldeft furviving fon, 
fucccedecl his father, was created Lord Windfor. He married 
Catharine, daughter to John, Karl of Oxford, and hft four 
fons and two dauglitci^; Margaret married to John Talbot, 
Efq. and Cnthatinr to Robert Audlcy, Ilk]. And of the fons^ 
tvhich were Frederick, Heaiv, Edward, and Andrews, 

(4th Lord.) LKtDLRicK fucceeded his lather, and died un* 
married ; and was fucceed-^d by r 

(5th Lord.) Henry his brother, who died the 6th of April, 
1605. He married Anhb, daughter to Sir I'homas Rivet, by 
whom lie liad t\^o fc<ns, and five d;i ucthters.; of which onlv one 
fon Thom?.s, .ind two daughters, both of the ilame of Elizabeth^ 
fiirvivcd; of which Elizabeth, fen. married to Dixie Hickman, 
Lli|. and Elizabeth, juri. married tfe> Andrews Wmdfor, her 
kiufmari ; aiid the faid 

(6{h Lord.) Thomas, their brother, fucceedcd his father. Hd 
married Catharhie, daughter to Edward, the fourth Earl of 
Wbrccricr ; but dying without iffue, put j>n (^nd to thislme; 
ind the title of Lord Windfor was by King Charles II. in 1665, 
conferred on 

(ift EarU^ Thoma<i Wfndfor-Hickman, fon of Dixie Hick- 
roan, and Elizabeth his wile, above-mentioned, 2nd he was aftcr- 
lirards created Enrl of Plvmoutli, and died in 1687. He mar- 
ried, firft, Anne, lillcr to Georre, Marquis of Halifax, and had 
i fnn named Other> itiui two daughters j Mary, married to Sir 




Thomas Cookes ; anH Anne, who died an infant. And by his 
fecond, who was Urlulai daughter of Sir Thomas Widdrington, 
he had four Ions and five daughters ; of which Urfula, the t idcft, 
vas m.arricd to Thomas Johnfon, Efq. — Elizahctli, the fccond, 
was the fourth wife of Sir Francis Dafhwood; the other three 
died unmarried. The fons were, Thomas, crcatc\l Vifc. WIND- 
SORf in Irelciiul, in 1699, and Baron MONT'JOV, in England, 
in 171 1. — Dixie Wind for, Efq* born 1678, died inO^obery I730. 
•^Andrews Wind for* — William, who died an infant. 
^ Other, eldeftfonand heir, hy the tirll wife, died in his fa- 
lher*s life-Came, having married El 17 abe t]., daughter and foleheir 
to Thomas Turvcy, Lfq. and by her had 

(ad Earl.) Other, who in 1687, fucceedcd his grandfather. 
-^Hcnry, and Anne, who both died unmarried. And the fuid 
Other married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Whitley, £fq. and 
by her, who died on the iith of June, 171 1, had two fons,. 
Other ; and Henry, who was married to Mrf. Wheatly, but 
4ied in Julv, 1741, without ilTue. 

(3d Earl.) Other, the eldeft, who was born June 30, 1707, 
00 the a6th of December, 1725, fucceeded as Earl of Plymouth; 
a^nd on the 7th of May, 1730, married the only daughter and 
))eir of Thomas Lewis;» Efq- by whom, in May 12, 1731, he had 
a fon, named 

(4th EarL) Other-Lewis, who fucceeded his father tbe 
97th of November,. 1732 ; and his mother died in November, 
^733* On the nth of Auguft, 175O} he married Catharine, 
eldeft daughter of Thomas, I^rd Aicherj by wliom he had Others 
ilickmani the prefent £arL-*-Thomas, born May 19, 1752,30 
Officer in the Royal Navy. — Henry, born Jan. 4, 1760% — An^ 
dFews,born May 12, 1764.— Catharine, born 1755, married ]uh 
ft6, 1 785, Sir James Tylney Long, Bart, nephew of the late lEarl 
Tylney, by whom Ihe has iflue, a fon, born 0€tt lo, 1789. — 
Elizabeth, born May 4, 17579 who married March 30, 1776, 
Qwgc Townihend, Efq. of Honington-hall, in Warwickihire, 
^tjd has iflue* — ^Anne, born 1762, married June 6, 1787, Sir 
7^homas Broughton.^— Sarah, born I763> married Augiifl 4t 
>786, William Crefpigny, Efq. and four other children, all of 
whom died yoiing. Ana his Lordfliip deceaiing April 20, 177I1 
waft fucceeded by his fon 

(5thEarL) Other-Hickman, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron Windfor, of Bradenham> in tbe 
county of Bucks^ June i6> 1660, 12 Car. IL but originallyvby 
writ of fummons to Parliament! November 3, 1519, 2t Hen. 
Vlll. and cteated Earl of Plymouth, in the county of DevoOf 
D.jceiiiber 6, 168?., 34 Car. I u Gufesy a ultire, argent^ between twelve crofs croilcts, 
V. [Plate XllL] 

- Ckii^ i .J Ui\ a wreath, a buck's hea4 prated, /r^/rr, attired, cr. 

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SuFP0RTEii8»] Tw6 u&icdrns, argenty armed, creAed» tufted^ 
9iid hoofedi or. 

Motto*] Je mi jfe m Dieu* I put my truft in God. 

Chief Seats.] At Hewcl-grangc, in the county of Worctf- 
ter; and at Peel-nall, m Cheihire* 


and Baron Lumley, of Lumley Caftle, and Vifconnt Lumlisy; 
•f Waterfopd, in the kingdom of Ireland; fucceeded his fathe;^ 
May 14, 17B2, watborn Sept. 22, 1758, unmarried. 

This family (which derive their fumame from Lumley, 
a caftle on the bank of the river Were, in Durham) had chei^ 
defeent from Olbert de Lumley, whofe fon, Liulph, married 
Algitha, daughter to Aldred, Earl of Northumberland, fon of 
Earl Uchtred, by his wile Edgina, young daughter of King 
Ethelred IL and by her had a fon named Uchtred, father of 
Sir William de Lumley, who married Judith, daughter to — ^ 
Mefilden, and by her had another Sir WiUiam de Lumley, whofc 
fon, William, marrying the daughter of Sir Walter de Andre, 
by her was father of Sir Roger de Lumley ; who marrying Sibel, 
daughter to Sir Hugh de Mcrewic, by her he had two foas, 
Robert his heir, and Sir Roger. 

Sir Robert had a fon Marmaduke, who married M irgarct, 

dautrhtcr to Holland, and by her had Sii Robert, his heir, 

who was fucceL-ded bv 

Sir Ralph, his brother, who had fuminons to Parliamcnr, as 
Lord Lumley, from the 8th of Ricliard 11. lo the ift of Henry 
IV. when he, and his eldcll: Ion 'i homas, were both attainted of 
higli-trcnfon, but the fume was revcricd by acl of parliament, 
the ill: of Edw. IV. He in 1399, leaving iflue, by Eleanor,' 
daugliter to John, Lord Nevil, the firll Earl of Wcllmoreland, 
lbi:r Ions, and three daughters; Elizabeth married to Adnm 
Tyrvvwhitt, Efq. ; Mar2;arcr, to Sir John Clervaux ; and Catha- 
rine, to Sir John Chi<iL-ock. The fons were, Thomas, John, 
William, and Marmaduke ; the latter was lii/hop of Lir.coln, 
and died in 1467. Thomas, iliceldelt: fon, who died May 31, 
1404, and was fuccfcdcd hy Sir John, his next brother, who 
W is rcflorcd in blood the 13th of Henry IV. but in 142 loft, 
his life, at the battle of Batigy, in France. He married Felicia, 
daughter to Sir Matthew Redman, and had Thomns, his heir, Ed- 
mund, and a daughter Maud, married to Sir Henry Thlrkill. 
Sir Thomas, who fucceeded, had luniinons to Parliament, th.e 
i{} of Edw, IV, He niarried Margaret, daugliter to Sir faiiies 
Harrington, and bad bir George, his hcir#— Joan, married to 

P 2 liertram 

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Bertram Ha rhot tic. —-Margaret, to Bertram Lumlcy.—* 
Ijcth, to illiaiu 1 ylliot, Elq. Sir ( jcorge married Elizabeth, 
diiughter to Roger de Thornton, Kfq, anil dying in i^o8j he had 
iiTue, Thomas.— -Roger,— • Ralph. 

Thomas, the cldclt, died iu his failicr's life-time, 1498, and 
left, by Eliz,abeth Plantagcnct, his wife, natural daughter to 
King 1 (Uv. IV. by Elizabeth Lucy, four Ions; Richard, heir 
to his giaiuUVithcr.-— John. — C^eorge. — Roger. 

Richard, who luccccded his grandfather, had funimons to 
parliament, the ill: of Henry Vlli. and marrying Anne, daugh* 
ter to William, Lonl Convers, had two fons ; |ohn, his hcirg 
and Anthony, from wiiom the prefcnt Earl is defccnded. 

John had fummons to Parliament, the 6th of Henry VIIF, . 
J^c married Joan, fiftcr to Henry, Lui l Scroop, of Bolton, b^ 
Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Percy, IvmI of Northumberland, 
by whom he had an only ion, (ieorge, who, in 1537, was found 
guilty of high-trc alnii, and fufFerea death in the Iifc-time of hh 
iather, having mariicd Jane, daup^htcr of Sir Richard Knightly, 
and left a fon, John, and two d iughtcrs; Jane, married i« 
Jctfrey N^iarkham, Efq. and Ijaihan, to Humphry Lloyd. 

John, who was heir to his grandtatlier, was reiloied in blood, 
by a(5l of Parliament, the ill of Henry VI, and created Baroa of 
Lumley, ami was created Knight of the Bath at the coronation 
of Queen jVlaiy. He was one of the commiiTioners for the trial 
of Maty, Qiiecn of Scots, as well as for the trial of the Earl of 
EfTcx. Ho ui u I ied, hrfi, Jane, filler to the Duchefs of Norfolk, 
who con\eyed the Earldom of Arundel to the Howard family, 
being d.njghter to Henry P itz-Allen, Earl of Arundel, who died 
1579, by whom he had lii'uc, Charles, I'homas, and Mary, who 
died infants. He married, fecondlv, Elizabeth, daughter to 
John, Lord d' A i cy, of Chich, in Kflex, filler to Thomas, Earl 
Rivers; but dying on the loili of April, 1609, withv^jt furviving 
iiTue, the new created Baiony of Lumicy expired with him. Wc 
now return to 

Anthony, fecond fon of Richard, Lord Lumley, mjirricd a 
daughter of Richard Grey, Efq. and by her had Roger, who 
niarri'^d Anne, daughter to * Kurtwich, Efq. and by hcr 
bad fevcral fons and d iughtern; of which Elizabeth was mar- 
ried to Sir William l.anglev, 01 Higham-Ciobins, in the county 
of Bedford, ]>art, and another daughter married Sir John Con- 
yers, of Horden, 

(ifl Vifcount.) Richard, the eldeft fon, being the chief 
licir male of the family, after the deceafc of the faid Joliu, Lord 
Lumicy, inherited the caiUe of Lumley, and the cftate of his 
anceflors. He was knighted hv King James L 1616, and the 
4th Cai. L he was created Vile. Lumicy of \\'aterford, in 
Ireland. He married t rances, daughter to Henry Shelley, Efq. 
"by whom, who died 1657, he had jolm^ and Julia, mairicd firft 


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to Alexander Jermyiiy of Lordingtoti, in Suflcx, £fq. (by whom 
ihe had Frances, £rft married to Francis, fon and heir to Sir 
Henry More; and fecondly, to John Shuckhurgh, of Bartont 
in Warwickfhire, Efq.) and by her iccond hnlband. Sir Qirifto*: 
pherConycrSy qf Hordon, in the Palatinate of Durham, Bart» 
had alfo an only da ugl iter Julia, firft married to Sir William ' 
Blackct, of Newcaftle, and of Wallington, in Northumberland, 
Bart, and fecondly, to Sir William Thomfon, Recordier of Lon- 
don, and Baron of the court of Exchcouer* 

John dying before his father, left iuue by Mary, daughter to 
Sir Henry Compton, youngeft fon of Henry, the firft Lordi. 
Compton, anceftor to the Earl of Northampton, by a daughter 
of the Earl of porfet, two fons and three daughters ; of whoni 
Elizabeth was married to Richard Cotton, Efq* — Frances, an4 
Anne, both died unmarried. The fons were Richard and Henry, ' 
the latter died on the i8tli of October, i7aa, having married 
firft, Elizabeth, daughter of —Thimbleby, of the county of 
Lincoln, Efq. and fecondly, in July 17 ij, Anne, daughter ta 
Sir William Wifeman* 

' (ift EarU^ Richard, his brother, who fucceeded his grand*' - 
father in his Irifh honour,* was, on the 3iil of May, 168 i, 
created Baron Lumley, and in 1689, Vifc. Lumlcy, and in x6^o. 
Earl of Scarjborough ; and died Dec. 17, 1721. He married 
Frances, daughter to Sir Henry Jones, and by her, who died 
Nov. a6, 1737} had feyeh fons, and four daughters; Mary, 
married to George, Earl of Halifax, and died 1 7 26.— r Barbara^ 
1 7 16, to Charle$ Leigh, Efq. brother of the late Lord Leigh, and died 
Jan. 4, 1755. — ^Anne, 1738, to Frederick Frankland, Efq. died 
m February, 17409 without iirue.-t-Henrietta died Nov. 6, 1757* 
The fons were, Henry, Richard, William, Thomas, Charles, 
John, and James. John died O^kobeP) 1739,— Charles, Augufk 
1728.— Thomas changed his name (by ad^ of parliament) to 
Snunderfon, to inherit an eftate, left him by James Saunderfoo^ 
Earl Cadleton, who died without iflue. May 24, 1723. — William 
was killed in an engagement, April o, 1709, having both his 
legs (hot oflr in the Mary galley,— Henry, Vifc. Lumley, the 
eldcfl;, died July 25, 1710, unmarried. 

(ad Earl.) Richa&d, Vifconnt Lumley, the fecond fon, in 
1 2 15, was called up bv writ to the Houfe of Peers, as Lord 
Lumlcy, m S714, and December, 1721, fucceeded his&ther^ 
and die^ Feb. 4, 1740* unmarried ; and was fucceeded by 

(3d EarU) Sir Thomas Lumlby - Saunderson, hh nent 
brother, before mentioned, who married Frances, daughter to 
Geopge, laft Earl of Orkney, by whom, who died December 27, 
1772, he had Richard, his fuccelTor; and George, who died 
December xi, 1739; and three daughters; Frances, married, 
it; June 17^3, ta Peter, Earl of Ludlow, an4'ha.s ifloe, Anner-^ 

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Heojictta, who died Nov. 6, 1747* His Lord&up dying Mardi 
15, 1752, was fucccedcd by his only fon, 

(4th £arl.) RiCHA&D, the fifth Vifcount, December 12, 
1752 married Barbara, iifler to the late Sir George Savtk, of 
ThornhiU and RufFord^ in the county of York» Bart, and de- 
ceaied the 14th of May^ 1782, having had by' her^ who died at 
Bathy in January) 17739 iix fons and two daug^tersy viz.— 
George- AngnHuSy who fucceeded to the honours*— Richaid, 
bom the 3d of April} I757> to whom his uncle* Sir George 
Saviie» bMueathed his eftates, on condition of his taking the 
fttcname of Savile; married Nov* 25, 1787, to Harriot* fiiter to 
Vifc. Middleton*— Thomas -Charles* bom the 22d of June* 
1760, now in Holy Orders; married May 12* 1785* Mifs.Her- 
iiog«^John.— Frederick* married Feb* 21* 1786* Mifs Boddtng- 
ton.— * William* born 28th of Augufl, 1769* — Frances-Barbara 
Ludlow* born 25th of Feb. 1756, died young. — Mary-Arabella, 
born ,1 ft of June* 1758* 

(5th Earl*) Georgs- Augustus* the prefentEarl* 

CaEATioNs.1 Baron* May 31, 1681; Vifcount*. July 10, 
t489 ; and Earl* April 15* 1690 ; Vifcount Lumlcy of Water- 
ford, July 12, 1628* 

Arms*] Jirgcnt^ a fefs* guks^ between three parrots, proptr^ 
collared as the ficondj being the arms of the ancient Baront 
Thweng, from one of the heirs whereof his Lord/hip is lineally 
defcended ; but the ancient arms of Lumley are, g-i-a, dx mart* 
lets, argent. [Plate XIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath*' in her nt^^ proper y a pelican feeding 
her ycK argmt, vulned, proper^ 

SuptoKTERs.] Two parrots, with the wings expanded, vat^ 
beaked and membered* guUs* 

Motto.] Murut antus conjcitntta fana. A found confcience 
is* a wall of brafs. 

' Chief Seats,] At Sandbeck, in Yorkfliire; at Stanfteatl, 
in SuiTcx ; at Gientworth, in Liricolnihire* 


of ROCHFORl^ Vifcount Tiinbric]g:e, Raron of KuhcU; 
v/as bworn ]unc 2u, 17^4^ iuccceUtd his uiicle William, the late 
£arl, Sepi. ?8, 1781. " 

Among thofc noble perrons, who iii i6uS, aitcnded King Wil- 
liam from Holland, was 

(ill Earl.) William Henry, fon of Frederick NafTau, Lord 
of Zuleilcin fwhofe laihcr was a liaiural fon of I- rcdcrick-Henry, 
Prince of Ojangc, gi ;iiidiaLher of. William lii.^ was created 

a Peer 


Digiiiztxi by 

£A RL 9 y R O C H F O R D. aij 

2 Peer of England, in 1695.' HiS'Lordfliip died at ZuleHein, 
la the year 1708, having married J ane^ daughter of Henry 
Wroth, and by her had four fons, and four daughters; Anne, 
who died unmarried.— Mary was married to the Fleer Harvelt> 
Ton to Godart Ginkle, Earl of Athlone. — Elizabeth, died un- 
married. — Henrietta, the youngeft, to Godart-Chi iillan, Larl 
of Athlone. And of the fons, Maurice, the third, died in 1722. 
— Henrv, the fourth, died unmarried in April, 1741. 

(2d Earl.) William, the eldeft, fuccccdcd his t ; hut 
he being killed al the battle of Ainianara^ ui bpaiii, July 28, 
1710, unriKin ied, 

(3d Earl.) Erederick, his brother, fuccccdcd him; and 
having married Bcflcy, ilaughtcr of Richard Savage, Earl Rivers, 
bv her (wlio outlived his Lordihip, ;iful m in iLd, lecondly, the 
Rev. Mr. Carter) he had \\ illiain-ilcri; v, Ins kicccflbr.— Rlch- 
ard-Snvage Naflliu, horn June i, 1723; died May 17B0; mar- 
lied Oeceiuhcr 24? 1 751, Eli/aheth, Du chefs- Dowager of Ha- 
milton, daughter and neir ot Edward Spencer, E14, and had by 
her grace (who died March 9, 1771) a daughter, Lucy, horn 
Nov. 3, 1752, wlio died unman icd ; and two ion5^, \V illiam- 
Henry, born June 28, 17 54, the prefcnt Earl; and George, born 
Sept. 5, 1756. His Lurdlhip dying in June, 1738, was fu^- 
cecded by 

(4th Earl.) William-Henry, his cldefl fon, the fate Earl, 
who was born Sept. 16, 17 17, married Lucy, daughter of Ed- 
ward Young, Efq. of r)urnford, near Sarum, in Wiltiliire, 
who died Jan. 9, 1773? without ilTue ; and his Lordihip dying 
Sept. 28, 1781, without ifTue, was fucc<:cded by his ncphcWf 

(5th Earl.) William-Henry, the prefent Earl. 

Crkations.] Baron of Enfield, Vilcount Tunbiidge, and 
Earl of Rochford, May 10, 1695. 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft, azi^n-, femec or billets, a lion ram- 
pant, or; fecond, or, a lion rampant, gufes^ crowned with a 
ducal coronet, azto f ; third, argeut^ a feib, guies ; fourth, gules^ 
two lions palTant, guardant in pale, cr ; over all, in an cfcut- 
cheon, guUs^ three zulcs, argcni^ and fomecimes a iioa ram* 
^mt, /a6Ir. [Plate X 11 1.1 

Crest.J In a ducal coronet, or, a pair of buck's horns^ 

Supporters.] Two lions crmhiois^ ducally crowned, azure. 
Motto*] S^a durat avorum* The hope of luy anceilom 


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( ai6 ) 


• of ALBEMARLE, Vifcount Bury, Baron Afhford, of 
Afhford, in Kent, born M^iy 13, {^72, fi^cceeded his father^ 
the late Earl, 0£lober 13, 1772, ' 

Of this family, wliq are deicendcd of thp ^oble< pf Guelder- 
land, in Hollandj was 

(ift Earl.) Arnold Joost Van Keppel, fecond fon of Bcr- 
Ijard Van Pallant, Lqrd of Keppel ; in (he year i688, attended 
King William into England, was by him created a Peer of Eng- 
land; but dying May 3P, 17 18, left by IfabcUa, daughter of 
<3encral S. Cravemp|:e> in Holland, who died in Dec. 174I> ^ 
daughter, Sophia, married to General Jphn Thqiqas, and died 
May 1773; and a fon, 

(2d Earl.) WiLHAM-ANNXj'his heir, bprn June 5, ijoim 
On the aifl of Feb. 172^, hi? Lordfliiji married Ai\ne Lennox, 
daughter of the firft Duke of Richmond ; and by her, who died 
p6t. 20, 1789? he had George, late Earl.— Auguftus, born 
April a, 1725, EirftLordof the Admiralty; created Vifcount 
Keppel, but died unmarried, 06k» 3, 1706, when that title 
became ^xtin<5^. — Jami^'bom April 29, 1726, died young.— 
IVilltam, born Nov. 5, 1727, a Lieu tenant-General in the 
Armyi vtho died unmarried, March, 17S2. — Frederick, bom- 
Feb. 19, ' i^29> late Bifli9p of F.xcter, who died Dec. 27, 1777, 
having riiarricd Sept, 13, 1758, Laura, daughter of the late Sir 
Edward Walpolcj Knight of the Bath, and filler to the prefcnt 
Duchefs of Glocefter, by wliom he had, i. Frederick, bom 
Nov. T |, 1762. 2. Anna-Maria, born June 17, 1759. j.Launij^ 
born March 14, 1765, married June 26, 1 784, George Fer- 
dinand Fitzroy, eldeft fon of Lord Sout'iampton. 4. Charlottc- 
Augufta, born July 5, 1771. — Sophia, born Feb. i8, 1729, 
who died in Jj^tf — Elizabeth-Mary, born Ms^y 6. i73i> and 
di d i740.~Anne-Sufanna, born Nov. 8, 1732, died 175^—- 
Thomas, born Feb. i, 1734, and died young.— Naffau, bom 
Nov. 18, 1735? ^^isd an infant^ — ^Edward, born May 4, 1736, 
died' in 1745.-— Caroline, born Aug. 20, 1737, married in 1759, 
"Robert Adair, Efq. and died Sept. 11, 17S9, leaving ijffue.— 
Elizabeth, bom Nov. 15, 1739, married June 9, 1764, Francis, 
Marquis of Tavillock, only fon of the late Duke of Bedford, bj 
whom flie had the preient Duke of Bedford, and his two bro- 
thers, and died NoVp 2, 176^ — Henry, born Auguil 11, 1741. 
— Ainclia, born Nov. 2, 1745, and died youne. His Lordfhip 
dying at Paii^^ Dcc^ 22, 1754, was fucceeded hy his clde& 

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(jd Earl) GxoROEi bom April 8, 1724^ married April 2O9 
1770^ Mifs Anne Miller, dau|?hter of Sir John Miller, Bart« 
hf whom he had one fon, WiUiam«fCharfes, born May 13, 
1772 ; and his Lordfliip deceafing on the 13th of 0€t» following, • 
was fttcceeded hj his only fpn, 
^thEarU) Willi am-Charles, the ppefent Earl. 
Creations.] Earl, Viicount, and fiaron, April 10, i6o6* 
Arms.] Guies^ three efcallop-lhells, argent* [Plate XIILj 
Crest«3 In a ducal coronet^ 0r, a demi-fwan, clofe> fr^ 

' Supporters.] Two lions, dueall^ crowned, or* 
Motto.] lit etde malts. Don't Yield to misfortvme. 
Chief Seats.] At Bagflioc, indurry; and Vqprk, and Loo, 

in Holland. 


Earl of COVENTRY, Vifcount Deerhurft, fuccccded hit 
father William, the late Earl, March 18, 1751; was born 
April 26, 1722, and married March 5, 1752, Maria, eldeil 
daughter of John Gunning, Efq. and fifter to the prefcnt Du- 
<;hefs of Hamilton and Areyl, oy which Lady, who died Sept* 
^o, 1760, he hjid iffucj Elizabeth-Anne, born Jan. 31, 1753, 
died Aug. 22, 1756.— Maria- Alice, J)orn Dec/ 9, 1754; and 
married June 25, 1777, Andrew Bayntun, Efq. elddl ion of Sir 
Edward Bayntun, Bart, of Spy Park, in Wiltfhire, by whom 
ihehadifiue, two daughters, and from whom (he was aivorced 
1783, and died Jan. 8, I784.v-Anne-Marcarct, born March 
18, 1757, married O^. 20, 1778, Edward Foley, fccond fon 
of Thomas, Lord Foley, by whom fhc had iiTue^ George-Tho- 
mas, born Aug. 24, 1779, who died an infant, and from whom 
fhc was divorced in 1787; but married July 15^ 1788, Mr. 
^Vri(Tht, a Captain iii the Light Dragoons. — George -William, 
Yifcount Dcerhurft, born May 6, 1758, married March 18, 
1777> Catharine-Henley, fourth daughter of the late Earl'tff 
Kortliington, whiqh Lady died without iiTue, Jan. 9, 1779 J 
and his Lordihip married, fecondly, in Jan. 178^, Mifs Pit- 
ches, daughter of Sir Abraham Pitches, Knt. ofStreatham, \% 
Surry, by whom he had a Ail! horn child, 0»fl. 17, 1783; 
another. k>n, born Dec. 16, 1784 j Emily -Eliza, horn Sept. 
12, 1785, died in May 1789 ; and another daught bom 
St'pt. 14,17865 and a fon born July 2, 1789. The Earl mar« 
ncd, fecondiy, Sept. ^7, 1764, J>arl).ira, daughter to the tenth 
Lord St^ John, of Bletfoe, by whom he has iffiic, John, boro. 
]uly ato, 1765. — ^Barbaia^ born Feb. 1776, who died March i,* 


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•t6 ^ 


foilowing«~A ibn» born Dec* j> X778»— Afon, bom x6. 

. Of this family, which were loag feated in the county of War- 
wick, was 

William Coventry, of Coventry, whofe Ton John Coven-' 
try being a mercer of- London, was (heriffof that city in 1416, 
and Lord Mayor in 1425. From him, in a lineal deteent, wat 
Vincent Coventry, whofe fon and heir, Ricb;trd Coventry, EHq. 
married a daughter of — — Turner, and had two fons, John, of 
CaiHngton, and Thomas Coventry, of Croome, in the county 
of Worceiler, who in the 3(1 James L was made oneof the Judges 
of the Court of Common Pleas ; but dying Dec. iz, 1606, left 
iilue three fons, Thoptias his fucceffor ; William ; and Walter^ 
anceilor of the prefent Earl; Margaret; Joan, married to ^—^ 
Rogers, of Surry, Efq. Catharine to William Child, £fq« and 
Anne to George Frampton, Efq. 

(ift Lord.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, in the ik of Charles I. 
was made Lord Keeper of the Great Seal. On the loth of April, 
1628, he was created Lord Coventry, and died on the I4di of 
tan. 1640. He married firft, Sarah^ daughter of John Seabright, 
Efq. by whom he had Thomas his heir, and Elizabeth, married to 
Sir John Hare ; and by Elizabeth, his fecond wife, daughter to 

four fons, John, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Jonn Coles, 
£fq. widow of Herbert Dodington, Efq. by whom he had Sir 
John Coventry, who, for his behaviour in Parliament, was at- 
tacked in the ilreet, and had his nofe cut, which occalioned the 
paffing the ad, from thence called the Coventry Ad : this Sir 
Jolm died unmarried. — Francis, who by Elizabeth, daughter of 
John Manning, Efq. Widow of Robert Caefar, Efq. had two fons, 
who died young, Francis, who died unmarried; and two daugh- 
thers; Elizahcth married to Sir William Kcyt; and Ultra-Tra- 
jedina, or Utracia, to Sir William Lacon Child. — Henry, who 
died unmarried. — Sir William died unmarried ; and the faid Lord 
4ia\ ing by his fecond wife, four daughters. Anne, the eldefl, 
was married to Sir William Savilc ; Mary, to Sir Hcnry-Fredc- 
rifkThynnc; Mnrgniet, to the firft Eaii oi Shu.iLLlbury j anU 
Dorothyj to Sir John P.ickington. 

(id Lord.) Thomas, wlio in 1639, fuccecdcd Iv.s father, mar- 
ru'il Marv, daugViter «fSlr WiUiam Craven. .'i!id dving Od. 27, 
l66i, left Gt-orgc liis heir ; and Thomas, F.irl oi Coventry. 

(3d Lord.) George, the eldeft, maiiica Margaret, daughter 
of the fecond Earl of Thanet, and had three (oi\^ and two dauc^h- 
ters ; Anne, v, ho died young; and Marguitt, mariicd to the 
fecond Duke of Kolton; and of tlic fon*, 
(4th Lord.) John, the eldeft (who was the only one fur* 


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dying on the agth of July, i687» nnmaTrhld) his honour de« 

fccnded to 

( I ft Earl.) Tho mas Coventry, his father^s brother ; who was 
by King William liL created Vifcount Deerhurit, and Earl of 
Coventry, with limitation of his titles to William, afterwards 
£arl of Coventry, and Thomas and Henry his brothers, and 
iheir male iflue, grandfons of Walter, brother of the firft Lord* 
He married ArU Winfred, daughter of Peirs Edgecumbe, Efq. and 
hsdtwofons, Thomas and Gilbert. She dying in June, 1694, 
he married fecondly, in 1695, Elizabeth, daughter of Richard 
Gnduun> £fq. but by her, who afterwards married Thomas Sa* 
vage, Elq. he had no ilTue, 

(ad Earl.) Thomas, the eldeft fon, on the 15th of July, 
1699, fucceeding, married Anne, daughter of Henry, the firft 
Duke of IPemfort, by whom he had Thomas, his heir ; and John, 
who died an tnfont; and dying in 1 7 10, was fucceeded by bi| 
ddeft fon 

(3d £arl«) Thomas; but he dying on the 27th of January^ 
1712, in the loth year of his age, 61$ titles defcended to 

(4th EarL) Gilbert, his uncle, who married firft Dorothy, 
daughter of Sir William Keyt, by whom he had a daughter Anne^ 
married' to Sir William Carew ; and his fecond wife was Anne, 
daughter of Sir Streynftiam Mafters (fince married in 1752, to 
Edward Pitts, of Kyre) but having no iflue male, and dying on 
427th ofOdober, 17 19, we return to 

Walter Coventry, Efq. brother to the firft Lord. He had 
iflue a ion 

Walter, married to Anne, daughter of Simpn Holcomb, 
Eiq. by whom he had iflue four fons; Walter, who died with- 
out idne^^Wiliiam, late EarL— Thomas, who married firft, 
Mar^ daughter and heir of — Green, Efq« and had iflue one 
Ton Thomas; and a daughter Mary» married firft to Henry- 
Barker, Efq* and fecondly to Dr« William Bearcroft* Thomas 
the father, married fecondly, Anna-Maria, daughter of the Rev* 
Thomas Brown, by whom he had two fons, the Rev. Francis 
Coventry, who dicMl unmarried, and George ; and three daugh-* 
ters, Maria, Anne-Margaret, and Elizabeth -Anne, dcceafed.— » 
Henry, youngcft fon of Walter, married Anne, daughter of Mr% 

(cthEarL) William, the fecond fon of Walter, fucceeded, 
piirfuant to the limitation above mentioned, to the titles of 
Vifc* Deerhurft, and Earl of Coventry. ' He married .Elizabeth, 
daughter of Mr. John Allen, of the city of Weftminfter, hf 
whom he had three fons, viz. Thomas-Henry, born March 27, 
died in May, 1744.— George- William, the prefent £arl« 
"--John Bulkel^s born March 21, 1724, who, by virtue of an 
3^ of parliament, has taken' the name of Bulkeley, and is de* 
noQuiuied Joha fiulkcley Coventry Bnlkcley. Hia -Lady died 


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Nav. 33, iiisLordfliip ijlng Mvch i8» 175X1 wa< 

fuccccdc ;{ by his eldeft furviving ton 

(6th ls.ari.) George- Willi am, the prcfcnt EarL 
Creations. ] Vifcount and Earl, April 26^ i697» 
Arms.] a fefs, trmnc^ between three cret'cents, 01-. 

Cr£s^.] On a wreath a garb, ^r,, and thereon a dunghill- 
cock perched, ^ulesy comb) wattles, and legs, [Plate XllL] . 

Supporters.] Two eagles, wings expanded, argmtimem.* 
|>ered and beaked, or. 

MoTTO.l Candide ^ €$nftavter, Sincei«Iy and eon(lantlj« 
Chi - f S£at.] At Crome de Abitot, in Worceiicriliife* 


np HE Right Honourable GEORGE-BUSSY VILLIERS, 
Earl of JERSEY, Vifcount Villicrs of Dartford, and £aron 
of Hoo, in England; alfo Vifcount (iRANDISON, in Ire- 
land, was born June 9, 1735, and fucccgded his father as EarJ 
of Jerfcy, Auguft 29, 1769, and alfo fuccecded to the title of 
Vifcount Grandifon, in Ireland, upon the death of the late J&tfl 
Grandifon; he married March 6, 1770, Frances, daughter and 
heir of Dr. Philip T\vifden, Bi(hop of Raphoe, in Ireland, by 
tvhom he has ifluc, Charlotte, born May 2, X771, married July 
1 1, 1789, William, brother to the Duke of Bedford. — Annc- 
Barbara-r ranccF, born March 22, 1772. — George, prefenl Vifc^ 
Viliiers, born Aug. 19, i773.T-Caroline-Elizabcth, born Dec, 
16, i774.-rGcorgiana, born June 24, 1776, died the fame day* 
~Surah,born Nov* I7t 1779«— WiUiamrAuguftus-Hcory, bom 
Ivov. 15, 1780. 

The dcfcent of t]iis noble family the rc,ider m^y £|;id s^t iarge^ 
UiKler the title of Karl (irandifon ; and that 

Sir Edward Villiers, feccnd fon of Sir George, by Au- 
dery his firrt wife, married Barbara, daughter to Sir John Sf. 
John, and iiiccc to Oliver, Vifr. CitJindifon, whofv title was 
ii^iiitt'd to tlK- iffue of this marriage. He was knighted i6i6, 
npd died Sept. 7, 1626, and bad four fons and three daughters, 
viz. Barbara- Anne. — Allen-Barbara, was firft married to Rich- 
ard, only fon to Lord Wcninan ; and fecond'y, flie became the 
fecoud wife to James Howarc^, third Earl of SufFoJk, aad <S\c^ 
Dec. 13, 1681, leaving iffue a, daughter Eli7.abeth, niarrici 
to Sir Thomas FcUon, Bart, whole only daughiter, Eli^abcthj^ 
iriarricd in 1695, jolin Hcrvcy, Knrl of Rriftol, the grandfather 
of the prefent Karl of Brillol. The fous were, WiUiam, who, 
ijcc. 29, 163c, fucccecicj to the title of Vifr. Grandifon, and 
ruarjicd Mary, third daughter of Paul, Vifc. Bayning, and hy 

bfa (wh9 rq-ii\arri^4j ^^^x CJiAcMj E*r^ of Ai^gl^eys and ie- 


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£ A R L o t J BPR S Y. * , 

cohdlyf Anhilt Gorges, fe.fq.) had an Only daughter Barbara, 
^ho tnarried with Roger Palmer^ Earl of Caftiemaine, and wai 
-creitedy in 1670. Duchefi of Cleveland, vrith remainder to her 
ion, Charles FitZ'-Royi by Charles' lU and his heir male. She 
liied 1709, having had iflbe, by Kin^ Charles IL three fons and 
xwo daughters, vi«* ill, Charles, Duke of Southampton ; and 
on his mother*8 death, Duke of Cleveland, which dignities am 
now extin^*»<'-2d, Henry, Duke of Grafton, anceftor of the 
prefent Duke* — 3d, George, Duke of Northumberland, now ex- 
>cinA«— 4th, Anae, married 1674, Thomas Lennard, Earl of 
Sufiex, anceftor of the frrefent Earl* — 5th, Charlotte, married 
to Sir Edward Lee, created Earl of Litchfield, whole title if 
^ictin^, and his eftate devolved on Charles Dillon-Lee, the pre-. 
§ent Yifc* Dillon, of Ireland* 

William, Vsicount Grandlfon, having no mafe heir, he 
was fucceeded by his brother 

JOHK, the fecond Vtfcount, who dying without tflue, the title 
deicended to his brother 

Geo ROE, the third Vifcount, who married Mary, daoghter* 
•nd co-heir of Francis, Earl of Chichefter, by whom he had 
ilTue two fons and two daughters, viz. Edward his heir*— 
William, who died 1723, having married Catharine, his ftrftcou- 
lin, daughter of Sir Edward Villiers, his fathet's younger brother* 
«*-Audrey, married Richard Harrifon, of Balls in Hertfordihire, 
and left ifliie* — Another daughter, who married Mr. Byde* 

Edward, the eldeft fo», married March 1667, to Catharine, 
daughter to John Fitz-Gerald, Efq. and dying before his fa- 
ther, 1693, left iflue two fons and four daughters, viz* John^— 
Willtam^^Mary, married to Brigadier-General Steuart, and 
died i763*«^*Cathartne died unmarried**— Elizabeth died un- 
married. — Harriet married Robert Pitt, Efq* (eldeft brother to 
Thomas, Earl of Londonderrv, whofe title is now extlnd) by 
whom file was mother of tne illuftrtous William Pitt, cre- 
ated Earl of Chatham, and grandmother to William Pitt, now 
firft Lord of the Treafury. Their mother fad a grant of 
precedence, as if her huiband had furvived her father*. 

(4th Vifcount*) John fucceeded his grandfather, as fourth 
Vifcount, and. Sept* 11, 1721, was created Earl of Grandifon* 
He married Frances, daughter of Anthony Carey, Lord Vifc* 
Falkland, premier Vifc* of Scotland, by whom he had two fons 
and three daughters, viz* James Fitz-Gerald, who married Jane, 
daughter and heir to Richard ButTer, Efq. and died 1732, without 
forviving iflue*— William, born Jan. 15, 171^) and died 1739, 
ttniAarricd.«— Anne, who died yoling. — Elizabeth, married to 
Aland-John Mafon, and was created Countefs of Grandlfon.--* 
Catharine died unmarried 1738. His Lordihip dying May 
t4t 1766, without male heir, the title of Eati Grandifon 
Wcame extinft, and the title of Vifcount devolved on "^11- 


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M f: A R L ^tf^ JERSEY* 

liaiii) htc Earl of Jerfcy, lineal dcfccndant of Sir Edwirdy 
the fourth fon of Sir Edward Villicrs, Knt, which Edward 
^ Villicrs .was knighted April 7, 1680, and died in 1689, hav*- 
ing nKirricd Frances, youngcil daughter of Tfaeophilus, fc- 
cond Earl of Sufiblk^ and by her had ifTue Edward, his fuc- 
ceflbr. - Tie nr v.— Elizabeth, married to George, Earl of Ork* 
ncy.— Catharine, married firft to James La Vafcus, Marquis of 
Puifllir, in France, and fccondly, to William Villiers* £iq«-— 
Barbara, married John Berkeley, Vile. Fitz-Harding, — iVnnc, 
inarried William, Earl of Portland. — Henrietta, married John, 
Earl of £readalbane«-*Mary, married William, Earl of Inchi* 

(iftE;irI.) Edwap d, who fuccceded l.Is father^ was creaited 
a Baron, Vifcount, and Earl. He married Barbiira, daughter to 
William Chiftncli, Efq. and dying on the 26th of Auguii, 
left two fons, W illiam, liis fucceiibr ; and Henry, who died hi 
May, 1753; and a daughter Mary, married firlt to Tfaooiaf 
Thynne, Efq. by whom ilie h.-'.d the Lord Vifcount Weymouth, 
and was afterwards married to George Granville, Lord JLanf- 
down, but died Jan. 17, 1735, leaving iiTue by her fecond 

(2d Earl.) William, \vIio fuccoedcd, married Judith, daugh* 
ter to Frederick Flern, Efq. and by her, who died July 31, 1735, 
he had two fons, William and Thomas ; and one daughter, Bar-i- 
bara, married in 1725, to Sir Wiiham ElacKt, who dying on the 
jfyth of Augufl, 171H, fhe, on the i3tli of March, 1729, mar* 
tied liufly IVla!\fcl, die laii J.cid Manfcl, who died November 
29, 1750, leaving an only daughter ISai bara, married July 16, 
1 757, to the prcftnt Lord Vc r o:-*, and has ilFue. Of the fons, 
Thomas was created Earl of Clarendon, He died July 13, J 72 1, 
and was fuccceded by 

(3dEail.) William, the eld fon, who In 1676, faccetd a! 
to the Vifcount of ( irandifoii. In Ji nc 23, 1733, married 
Anne Egtrtm, daii<;litLr to Scroop, late Duke of Bridgewatcr,^ 
and reliiS^: of Wioithtf'V, J'^ukc of Bedford; by her, who 
died on June i6, J 762, he luid two fons, Frederick-Williain, 
born March i/^i, manicd Oclobcr 7, 176^, to Henrietta, 
daughter of the Earl of Carrick, who died in Odt. 1742, without 
ilTue; and Gcorgc-BuiTy, ti c prefent Earl; and deceaiing Au* 
guft 29, 1769, was fucceeded by 

(4th EaiL) Cjforge-Bussy, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Baron VillicrF, of Hoo, and Vifcount 
Villiers, of Darff* : c!, in Kent, March no, 1690, 3 W, and Mary, 
and Earl of Jerfty, Odtober 13, 1697, 9 W, liL and Vifcount 
Grandifon, in Ireland, 1620* 

Ai^M ^^.] jirgsnty on a crofs of Stt George, flveeicai- 
Icp lliclls, or; a crcfcejnt for difference. [Plate XIIL] 

Ckesi.] On a wrcatii a lion rampaat, argent^ and doetUf 
crowned, or, Sup- 

. ij 1^ uy Google 


' EARL P O UJL E T T. - ai^ 

SUPPOILTEAS.] Two lUwis, fr^i'«/, crowned with ducal coro- 
nets, or, each having a plain collar, ^if/rfy< chared with three 
efcallop IhelU of the JecQnd* 

Motto*] Fidel mlcula crux* The crofs is the teft o{ 

Chief Seat.] At Muidlctoo^ftoney, in OxfordflUre* 


'^IIK Right Honourable JOHN POULETT, Earl POU- 
LETT, Vifcount Hinton, and Baron Poulett of Hinton 
St. Cjcorgc; fucceeded his father Vere, the late Earl, April 14, 
1788; born April 7^1756, married June 8, 1782, Mifs Pocock| 
daughter of Sir George Pocock, Kniglit of the Bath, hy whom 
he had a foo, born injuly, 1783; and another fon, born May 
14, 1786; and another Ton, horn Sept. 12, 1789* 

This ancient family originally tpok its furname from the 
Lerdfhip of Poulctt, in the county of Somirfet. 

Sir John Poulett, in 4 Richard 11. married Elizabeth, 
daughter and heir to William Credie, and by iicr had Sir Tho- 
mas Poulett ; and William, from whom is defcendcd the pro* 
ieut Duke of Bolton. 

Sir Thomas, who fucceeded his father, married Margaret, 
daughter of Henry Burton, Ef^. and had ilTue Sir William, and 

ilohn ; and Elizabeth, married firft to Robert Burton, Efij. and 
iecondly to William Bygbcrie, Efq* 

Sir William, who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, daughter 
of John Deneband, of Hinton St. George, Efq. by whom he 
had four daughters; of which Elizabeth, married to Sir John 
Poulett, ancellor of the Duke of Bolton ; Anne, to Sir Wil- 
liam Carey; and a fon 

Sir Am I AS, who died in 153s. He married firil, Margaret, 
daughter of John Poulett, Efq. by whom he had no iflue ; fe** 
condly, Laura, daughter of William Kelway, Efq. by whom he 
liad Sir Hugh, John, and Henry ; and a daugluer Elizabeth^ 
married iirft to John Sydenham, £fq. fecondly, to William Carf^ 
well, Efq. and tliirdly, to Henry Copplefton, Efq, 

Sir Hugh, the eldeil fon, married Phillippa, daughter of Sir 
Lewis Pollard, by whom he had Sir Amias, Nicolas, George ; 
and a daughter Jane, married to ChriHopher Coppleilon, Efq* 
and dying the 30th of Eliz. was fucceeded by 

Sir Amias, his eldeft fon, who died in I588« He married 
Margaret, daughter of Anthony Harvey, Efq. and had Hugh, 
who died an infant.— Sir Anthony.— George. — Joan, tuarried 
to Robert Heydon, Efq .-—Sarah, to Sir Francis Vinceqt.-^Eliza- 
Wth, who died uiunarned* w^as fucceeded by . . j 


^4- EAkLPOULEft/ 

Sir Anthony, who died in 1595, having married Catharine, 
daughter of Henry, Lord Norris, and hy her had a daughter 
Margery, marned to John Sydenham^ £iq» and two fonS| Johcr 
and I'hilip, 

(ill Lord.) John PouLn t, of Hiiiton St. George, was cre- 
ated a Baron, and died March 20, 1649. He married Ciii'iilia:i, 
daughter of Chriftopher Ken, Efq. '^nd hy her, who afterward* 
married John Afhhui nham, Elq. had three Ions, Sir John.— 
Francis. — Amias ; and five daughters; I" iorence, the eldcfl, was 
married firft to Thomas Smith, and fecoadly^ to Colonel 'I'ho- 
mas Piggot. — Margaret, tlie fccond, married lirll to iJennis 
Rollc ; fecondly, to Sir Richard Chomley ; and thiidly. to Co- 
lonel Edward Cook, — juiiaii, the third, married Sir M: c iacl * 
"Wharton, — HeUn, tlie fourth, married William, Ton ot Sir 
George Wilniot. — Eiizaheth, the youngell, married firft to XVii- 
liam Aili!)urnham, Efq. and iecondly, to Sir William Hartop. 

(2d Lord.) loHN iiicceeded his father. He married firfl, 
Catharine, daM"htcr of Horatio, Lord Vere, nf Ti!bi:! \ , widow 
of Sir Oliver bi. John, by whom he had lo^n his heir, and 
Horatio; ap.d tliree daughfjrs; iLli/aheth, married to Sir johii 
Sydenham ; ^^erc died unmarried ; and Cntharine married Mr. 
Secretary |ohnlon. By his fccond wife Anne, dini^lucr of S^r 
Thomas Brown, he had two other fon^, Amias and Charles ; and 
four daughters, Anne, Florence, Mary, who all died yoimg ; 
and Mrii garct, married to Francis Fulford^ Efcj. His Lordiliip 
dying m 1665, was hiccceded hy 

(3d Lord.) loiiN, his cMeft fon, who married firll, FfTex^ 
daughter of Alexander Poph im, F.f (. hy whom he iiad two 
daughters ; Catharine, married to William, Lcrd Lcmpllcr; and 
Letitia, to Sir William Monfon: and hv his lecond wife Suian^ 
daughter of Philip, tlic fifth F. n ] oT p( ;r,'>roke, he had 

( Farl.) John his heir, wiio m 1706, was cf ated Vifcount 
of FlinMii St. (George, and E:i: I Poulctt. H'j mnrricd BrM^^Tt,' 
daughter ct P' rcr^riT!-- Rertie, '^-."ic to P'FcTt, Duke of A:^r:ilicr, 
and had lour ior.s nnc! *'-i!r uaii^h.rcrs, l^rKiC' *' — Catharir.e.— •* 
Siifnn. horn April ly, 17 14, died Dec. 17,, — Rehecca,' 

born April 9, 17 16, died unmarried Ma-. cii 4, 1765. Bridgec 
born M:^rch I, 1702, niarrit-d IMay 21, 17^4^ to Polcxfcnf 
Baftard, of Kittley, in DevofulitrCj Ffq. ;!;ul dving July 21; 

had IfTue, WilliatM, Edmund, and B ildwin PolcidliV. C:!- 
tharinc, horn March .^?, 1706, married ]unc 16, t 7 5, to Toh.:f 
Parker, Efq. of Salt: am, in Devon, and died Auin^f}- 16, 17 58,* 
having had ifluc Henrietta, who n^ariicd to Capt. Rcdmoiid Kcl-* 
lev ; Catharine, and Brid:::et ; and John, wkio ir/a ried tirll to 
Mils Hort, grandau^ht-jr of the Earl ofGfanat d; and fecondlvv 
toTI^crcfa, datightt r of Lord (iranthnm, and in 1780, was created 
Lord Boringdon; and Montagu.— I'hc fons v.-cre, John, tv.rrr 
vuh hisbrotk^r Pcregriacf born Dec* 10, X/OS^ who was csUed 

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up by writ, Jan. 17, i734.-^-Peregrinc, died Aug. 26, 17C2.— 
Verc, late £ari Pouletc— Anne^ (fo named by licr M^efty^ 
Queen Anney who was his godmothLr) born July^it^ 1711; 
died July 5, 1 7S5, His LordSiip dying May zi, was Cue* 
ceeded by his foD* 

(2fl £arl.) J0HN9 who died NoY. 1764, unmarried^ and 
was fuccectlcd by 

(3d Earl.) Vere, his brother, Lorn May 18, I7IO, marne4 
in 1754, M^rvj daughter of Richard Butt, of Arlington^ id 
Glouceflerfhire, Ek|. by whom he had iffuc, Jolin, the prefent 
Earl.-*- Vere, born May, i76i. His Lord£bip dying April 14^ 
1788, was fucceeded by his fon 

(4th £arK) John, the prefent Earl, 

CaEATiOKs.] Bacon, June 23* 1627; Vifcoont iMd Earlj 
pec* 24, 1706. 

A&MS.] ^ahUf three fwords in pile, their points in bafe, argent^ 
pomels und hilts, 9r» 

Crest.] On a wreath, an arm embowed, and brandifhing^ 
broad fword, all^ro^r. [Plate XIII.] 

Suppo&TE&i.J On tbe dexter ildei a favage man; on th^ 
iinifter, a woman, both pr$p€r, wreathed about their temple! 
and lotns with ivy, vert. 

Motto.] Gardcxkfoy. Keep the faith. 

Chief Seats.] At llinton St. George, in Somerfetihlre ; and 
Twickenham, In MiddlefeE* 


^ LEY, Earl of CHOLMONDELEY, Vifcount Malpas, 
and Vilcount Cholmondeley, of Namptwich, Baron of New- 
^rgh, and alfo Vifcount Cholmondeley, of Kells, and Baron 
Kewburgh, in Ireland; born April 30, 1749, and fucceeded hia 
grandfather June lO, 1770* 

In the account of the family of Egertou, in this Englifh Peer** 
age, is ihewn, that William, Baron of Malpas, had two fon^^ 
Darid, from whom the Duke of Bridgwater is defcended ; and 

Robert, the anceftor of the Earl of Cholmondeley ; he hav« 
^ng th6 Lordfhip of Cholmondeley, in Chefliire, aiuimed tha,t 
Surname. From him defcended 

Hugli Cholmondeley, who married Catharine, daughter to 
WlUtank de Spurftow, and had four fons, Richard, his heir.-*^ 
Williaak.«^R6bert, anoeftor of the family of Chorle V; and Whit« 

luchard, the eldeft fbt)^ who lived 11^ the reigns of EdwarS 
iP' ^nd 111. jiiid a fon Richard ; who had a fon Richard* btit h'o 

- ' Q. • dying 

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dying wickottt iitue^ 35 Edward UL was fucceeded by his great 


William, fecond fon of Hugh, who marrying Elizabeth, 
da\!ghter to Sir William Brcreton, had Richard; who married 
firft, Anne, daughter to Sir John Bromley, Efq. and fecondly^ 
Jiiictf daughter to Richard de Henhull; and had a fon WiU 
Uam, who died before blm, leaving ifliie by Maudf daughter to 
Sir John Cheney» two iont, Richardi heir to hisgrandfittber; 
and John. 

Richard, who fucceeded, dying the 4th of Hen. VII. left ifHie 
by Ellen, daughter to John Davenport, Richard, Efq. his heir, 
who married Eleanor, daughter to Sir Thomas Dutton ; &ther 
of another 

Richard, who died the 30th of Hph. VIL He married firft, 
EHzaheth, daughter to Sir Ro^er Corbctt, and had an only 
daughter Maud, who was married to Sir Peter Newton; but by 
his iecond wife, F.liznhcth, c^aughtcr to Sir Randel Brereton, oi 
'^'^a!pas, he hnfl two fons and three daughters; Catharine, Ag- 
ues, and Urfula; of w hom the lattei was married to Thomas 
Stanley, Efq. — A^^ncs, to Randcl Manwaring, Efq.— Catharine, 
to Richard Prcillland, \ A\\, The Tons were, Hugh, and Randcl ; 
the latter died without HTue, '25th of April, 1563. 

Sir Hugh, the eldefi, died on the ()ih of f:niuarv, i c^gj. Jric 
married Anne, daughter to George Dornian, of Malpas, and had 
three Tons, and a daughter^. Fiances, married to Thomas Wii* 
braham, Kfq. 

Sir Hugh, the eldefl and only furviving fon, fucceeded him; 
and died on the 23d of July, 1601; havin|]^ rnai ricd Mary, daugh- 
ter to Chriftophtr Hoi ford, Efq. nnt] had hvc Ions, and three 
danqhters ; Mary, married to Sir Cicorge Caiverley. — Letticc, 
to Sir Richard Cjrofvenor, ancellor to Earl Grofvenor.- — Fran- 
ces, to Peter Venable^, called Baron of Knulcrton. The foiis 
verc, Robert, Hatton, Hugh, Thomas, and 1 rancis. The latter 
died in his infancy. — Hatton died in 160 — Thomas was feared 
at Vale-Royal, and marrying Elizabeth, daughter heir to 
John Minchall, Efq. by her had Thomas, his heir, and two 
daughters ; Mary, married to Thomas Myddfeton, Efq. and Ca- 
tharine, to Charles Manwaring, Efq. and Thomas, their brother, 
married fir A, Jane, daughter to Sir Lionel Talmafh, and hid 
Robert, his heir, and two daughters; Elizabeth, married to Sir 
Thonnas Vernon, and Mary, to John Egerton, Efq, He marrVd 
fecondly, Anne, daughter to Sir Walter St. |o!in, and by her had 
two fons, Charles, who fucceeded his brother; Robert Scvmour, 
who married Elizabeth, daughter to John the firfl Lord Aih* 
burnham, widow of Robert Cholmondcley, of Holford, Efcj» 
and a daughter, Johanna, married to Amos Meredith, Robert, 
who fucceeded, married Elizabeth, filler to Sir Thomas Vernon, 

^d by !ber bad a daughter olb^ a^mcj who was married to Jolm 

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AtiiertoA, Efq. but having no iiTue male, tlie eilate devolved 
mti CharleSy his brother, of Vale-Royal, who died March, 17561 
having married Efiex, fifter to Thomas^ late Earl of London- 
derry, and by her had a fon, Thomas ; and four danghten ; 
Effim married, in Aug* i73a» to the thir^ fon of Colonel WiU 
liam Meyricfc«*«»Jane»^—Mary««>— Elizabeth* We now retura to 

(ift Vifconnt*) RoB£RT, the eldeft of the five fons of Sir 
Hi^h and Mary Holfiirdf before mentioned, who was creased si 
Baronet June 29^ I611, and in 1628, by Kins; Charles L was 
treated Ylfcoont Ch^lmondelev, of Kells, in Ireland ; and af«- 
terwards waa^ In i64j» createa a Baron of England by the title 
of Lord Chohnondeley, of WichoMalbankf alias Namf^twich* 
•On the cth of March, 1645*^, the aad of Charles L he waa 
create4 Earl of Leinfler, in Ireland; and married Catharine, fe« 
tend daughter and cch-heir to John, Lord Stanhope; bnt by her^ 
who died i6raf and his Lordlhip on the ad of 1659, vith«> 
out lawAil iflue* He was fucceeded by 

(ad Vilcouut.) RoBBKT, his nephew, the fon of Hugh his 
brother (by Mary his wile, daughter to Sir John Bodvile) and 
was on the lOth of March, 1661, the 13th of Charles IL created 
Vilconiic Cholmondeley, of Kells« He married Elizabeth^ 
daiighter and €o<heir to George Cndocki Efq. and dying in 
May, 1681, left Ibnr foos^ and a daughter of her name, married 
to John &;!erton, ot Egerton, £lq« and her brothers were^ Hugh, 
Geonre, Robert, and Richard. 

(tft EarL) Hugh, the eldeft^ fucceeded his fiither in the iri(h 
honour, and was created L<h-d Cholmondeley, of Namptwich^ 
1689, with limitation, for want of ifloe male, to George his 
orothe^i and aifo Vifcount Malpas, and Earl of Cholmonde« 
ley, 17069 with limitation as before ; but dying unmarried Jacu 
18, 1725, 

(ad £arL) Geoiloi£| his brother, became heir^ wlio was. 
Marsh 15, 171 5, created Baron of Newburgh, in the county of 
Wexfoxd. On the ad of Julv, 1716, he waseteated JBaron of 
Newburgh,^ hi the ifie of Anglefea* He married Elizabeth, 
daughter to the tieer Van Ruytenbtirgh, in Germany, and by 
her (who died in Jatl. 1722) he had two fons and three daugh- 
ters; Henrietta, died unmarried 1^69.— ^Mary, died unmarried 
t783«-^Elimbeth was married» id January, i7^i> to Edward 
Warren, Efq« The fons Wcre^ George, his fucceflbr; and 

James, who married Penelope, daughter t6 late faines. Earl of 
lari^ymore, and died iii 06t* 1773. His i#ordlhip dying May 7, 
i733> wtofbccfieded by his fdli, 

(3d EirL) GfcdfcGE, hbxxi Jatol i, 1703, riiarricd Seirt. 14, 
17231 Mary, only daughter ito Sir Robert Walpole, afterwards 
£arr4>f Orford, and by her, who died 1732, he had iifuc, George, 
late Vifcount Malpas, bprn Oi^. 17, 1724, mained Jan. 19, 

0.2 J747, 

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1747^ to Hefter, daughter and heir to Sir Frands Edward^ 
Bart. He died March 15^ 1764, leaving iflve by hit Lady, ( who 
died Mar. 7^ 1786.) a fon and a daughter; George-James, die 
IM^fent Earl; and Hefter, bom -in 1735, married td 'WtUkun 
Clapcot Lifle, £iq«~-Robert| Ijorn Nov. 2, 1727, Rector of St* 
Andrew's^ in Hertford, &c. He married Mifs Mary Woffing-i 
ton, by whom 'he has had ifluei i. George-James^ born Feb. 
a^j 1752* 2. Elizabeth) born Jan. 3 17539 who died young. 

f. Horatio, tvprn Feb. 18, 1754, who died young. 4. Mary- 
fenrietta, born April 4, 1755. 5* Rohert-Francia^ born Juno 
24> 1756) ^nd died in 1757. 6. Jane, bom Od. 12, 1758, 
■who died young. 7. Margaret, born July 8, 1761, died yoimg. 
8. Heftcr-Franccs, born July 8, 1763, married Dec. 3, 1783, 
William Billingham, £fq.«— »Frederick| who died an ittftnt.— • 
Charlotte, born J in. 8, 1729-^0, diedan in^t. 'HisLovdlhip 
decea(in| June to, 1770, was Succeeded by hisgrandfon, 
(4th Larl.) George-James, the prefent £arU 
-Creatioks.J Created Baronet May 22, 161 1, 9 Tac. L 
Vlfcouht Cholmondley, of Kelh, In the county of Ean-Meath^ 
m Ireland, March 29, 1661, X4 Car. IL Baron Cholmonde^ 
ley, of Wich-Malbank, alias Namptwich, in the county of 
Chefler, April 10, 1689, i W. and M . Vifcount Malpas, and 
Earl of Cholmondeley, both in the county of CheAer, Dec. ^7, 
1706, the 5th of Queen Anne. Baron of Newburgh, in thi 
county of Wexford, in Ireland, March 15, 17 15, i George I. 
and on the 2d of July, 1716, Baron of Newburgh, in the ifle 
of Anglefea, in Wales, 3 George I. 

Arms.1 Gules^ two helmets in a chief, ^r(>^r, gamlihed, or; 
in bafe, a garb of the tbini. [Plate XIV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a dcmi-gryphon rampant,ya^/^, beaked^ 
winged and membc red, ar, holding a helmet, proper. 

Supporters,] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, fahU ; its 
beaks, wings, and fore -legs, or. On the finifter, a wolf of tkk 
Jecond gorged with a collar perflew, valre. 

Motto.] Cajfis tuuffima virtus. Virtue is the fafcft helmet. 
Chtef Seats.] At Cholmondeley, in the county of Cheilcr; 
and Kichiuuiid, in Surry. 


THE Ri^rhtHon. EDWARD HARLEY, Earl of OX- 
FORD, aiui Earl MORTIMER, and Baron Harlcy, of 
Wigraorc ; was born Sept. ^, 1726, fucccedcd his father Edward, 
y\pril TI, 17555 arid married July II, 1751, Siifannah, daugh* 
tcrof WiUiam Ajfcher. of \V uliuid| lu iicikiliuc. £ib. 

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' The family of Harley took its forname 6rom the Lord(hli> of 
Ibrley^ in the county of Salop» where it flouriihed in the ear« 
lieft ages« 

Sir Jofik de Harley poflcfled of Harley CaAle and Manor, 
married Aiice, daughter of Sir Titus de Leigh ton, by Let it u 
his wile, niece to William de Vaience, Earl of Pembroke, an4 
had iflue 

Obopfrey de Harley, who liTed- in the reign of King Henry 
VI. and by Julian, daughter of Sir John Burley, Knight of th9 
Gar-ter, had 

Sir John his heir, who was the anceftor of 
ROBHa.T, who, at the coronation of Kinr Charles L was 
made Kniffht of the fiath. He married firft, Anne, daughter of 
Charles £irret» £iq« fecondly> Mary, daughter of Sir Francis 
Kewport, by neither of whom he had any furviviug iiTue ; but 
hr his third wife, Brilliana, daughter of £dwar<C Vifcount 
donway, he had three fons and four daughters. The fons were. 
Sir Edward, Sir Rohert, and Thomas* 

Sir EowAVD, the eldeft, born 1624, married firfl, June 26, 
1654, Mary, daughter of Sir William Button, of Parkgate, in 
]>evonftiire, by whom he had four daughters ; Brilliana, mar* 
ffcd to Alexander Popham, £fcK of Tewkeftury, in Gloucefter* 
Aiire ; Martha, to Mr« Samuel nutchins, Merchant in London; 
and two Marys, who died young. He married fecondly, Abi- 
gail, daughter of Nathaniel Stevens, £fq. of ££ngton, la 
Glodcefterihire, and had four fons, and a daughter bom 1664^ 
af her name, who died unmarried 0£1« 4, 17 26* And of the 
lens, which were Robert, £dward, Nathaniel, and Brian; the 
latter died ypung; Nathaniel, born 1665, was bred a merchant, 
and died at Aleppo, in Jan. 1720; Edward, the fecond Ton, bom 
Tune 7, 1664, died Aug. 30, 1735, having married Sarah, third 
daughter of Thomas Foley, £f<^. fifter to his brother's lady, by 
whom he had Edward, third Larl of Oxford; Robert, who 
died an infsmt > Robert, who died unmarried, Maich 14, 1 774; 
Abigail, who died 1766, married to John Verney, Eft^. fa* 
ther of the prefent Lord WiUougbby de Broke. • 

(tft £arl.) RoBKRT, the eldeft fon of Sir£dwaid, born Dec« 
39 1661, who in Dec« 1700) fucceeded his father, wps May 24, 
171 1, created £arl of Oxford and Mortimer* By his fecond 
wife Sarah, daughter of Thomas Middleton, Efq. he had no 
iflue, and (he died in 1737 ; but by his firft, who was £li2abeth» 
eldeft daughter of Thomas Foley, £fq. fifter to Thomas, firft 
Lord Foley» he had Edward his heir, and two daughters; Kli« 
«abeth, married Dec. 15, 1712, Peregrine-Hyde*0(bome» 
Buke of Leeds» hy whom be had thji late Duke, of whom ihe 
died in child-bed; and Ahtgail, to Geom Hay, £arl of Kin- 
llOtti, and died July 159 17509 leaving iilae. Their father dy« . 


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t5f EARL or OXFORD. 

{ng on ti)e 2lft of May, 1724^ in the 64th year of his ^ge, ufai 
lucceeded bv 

(2d Earl.) £dwarp, hi^ onW fon, who married Ofk. 31, 
17 13, Henrietta-Cavendifli Holies, only daughter and heir to 

iohii, Duke of Newcaftle, and hy her, who died Dec« 8, 1 7 55, 
ehad iflue only one daughter, Margaret-Cayendifh, bom Feb. 
iiy 17H9 who married 1734, William, Duke of Portland, and 
died Dec* 8, 1755* His Lordihip dying in June, 1741, with- 
out iflue male, was fucoeeded in his honours (according to the li- 
initation of the patent) by his couiin Edward Harley, ifi^ elt 
^eft fon of Edward Harley before-mentioned* ' 

(3d Etirl.) Edward, the late Earl, married in March, 1725, 
Martha, eldeft daughter of John Morgan, of Tredegar, in 
Monmoufhfliire, bv whom, who died Jan. 4, 1774, he hid 
ward, the prefent Earl.—Rohert, born Sept* 10^ 1727, died un- 
married Jan* 12, 1 76o.-r-John, D* D* late fiiihop of Hereford^ 
born Sept* 29, 1728, 4icd Jan. 9, 178S, having married Roadi, 
daughter of Gwynne Vaaghan, Efq. of Trebarnr, in Radnorr 
iliire, by whom he ha4 iflne, Edward, born Feu* 20, 1773; 

John, bom Dec* 31, 1774; and two daughters, Frances and 
Martha*— Thomas, Alderman of London, born Anguft 24, 
2730, married March 15, 1752, Anne, daughter of Edwanl 
Bangham, Efci* by whom he has hud iflhe : i* Thomas, bom 
1758, who died Jan. ;7, 1763; a. Edward, horn 1762, who 
died July 11, 1768; 3. Henrietta, bora 1755, who died July 
4, 1759; 4* Anne, born May 13, 1779, roarrie4 April 10, 
178 1, CoL George Rodney in the Gruards, fon of Admiral 
Lord George Rodney, by whom he has iflue thr^e fons ; 5. Mar? 
tha, born' May 10, 1757, married Feb. 10, 171C), George 
Drummond, Efq. and dying Aug. 16, 1788, as did Mr, Drum- 
inond, Mar. 6, 1789, leaving iiflic a fon, born Sept. 15, 1782 ; 
^mother fon born Nov. 21, 1783, and another fon born in 1784. 
f>. Sarah, born 0<Sb. 19, 1760; married July 178 j, Robert-Au- 
^iol Druinmond, the prefent Earl of Kinnoul, nephew of the 
late Earl, ivnd fon of the late Archbifliop of York. 7. Eliza* 
\>tth, born April 1762; married 8, 1783, to David Mur- 
ray, Efq. brother of Lord Elibank, and has ifTue a daughter, 
born Nov. 2, 1789. 8. Margaret, born July 4, 1765; mar- 
ried Fet). 26, 1784, John Boyd, Efq. eldeft fon to Sir yphn 

Boyd, Bart. William, born May ^o, 1733, ^^^^ Holy 

Orders, and died Prebend of Worccfter, July 8, 1760.— Sarah, 
\)orn 1731, died 1 7 ;^7.— Martha, born Nov. 23, 1730, married 
April 20, 1764, Charles Milborne, Efq. of the Priory near 
Abergavenny, in Monmouthfhire, Efq. His Lordihip dj^fi ^ 
^pril II, I755> was Succeeded by his eldeft fon, 
* (4tl»EarJ.} Edward, now Earl oi Oxfor^ 

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Creations.] Created Baron Harley, of Wigmorc^ in the 
county of Hereford, Earl of the city of Oxford, and£ariMoF« 
timer. May 24, 171 1, the loth of Queen Anne. 

Arms.] Or, a bend cottifed, fable. [Plate XIV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a caftle,- argent^ tripple towered, with 
^ demi lion rampant, guUs^ ifiuing out of the hattleni^nts of 
the middle tower* 

Sup POUTERS.] Two angels, proper^ the habit and wings di£> 
played, or. 

. Motto.] Virtute l^fidg. By virtue and faith* 

Chief Seats.] At Eyewood and Brampton-Brian-CaAle^ la 
the county of Hereford. 


Vifcount* Tamworth, and Baronet; fucceeded ht$ father 
Robert, the late Earl, April 18, 1787, bom Sept. 25, 1756, 
married Mar. 13, 1778, Elizabeth Prenttfe, by whom he haa 
iFue, R0BEIIT-&WALLI8, born Nov* 9, 1778; and another fon, 
horn in 1780. 

The family of Shirley is defcended from Sewallis, whofe refi- 
^nce, at the time of tne Conqueft, was at Ettington, in the 
county of Warwick. He was anceftor of 

Ralph S(||rley, who by Margaret, fifter and heir to Tho-> 
mas Stanton, of Stanton~liarold,.in the county of Leicefter, had- 
k Ibn John, who in his mother's right became poflefTed of Stan* 
ton^iiarold. He married Eleanor, daughter of Sir Hugh Wil« 
looghby, and had fix fons, of which 

Sir Ralph Shirley, married four wives ; by the firft and third 
lie had no iflue. By Elizabeth, his fecond, daughter of Tho* 
mas Wallh, £(q. he had an only daughter Anuc^ married to 
Sir Thomas Pulteney* By Joan, his fourth wife, daughter of 
Sir Robert Sheffield, he had 

Francis, his heir, who marrying Dorothy, daughter of Sir 
John Giflfbrd, relift of John Congreve, Efq, had three fons^ 
John, Edwardy and Ralph; and three daughters; Cailandra, mar« 
ned to Walter Powtrell. Eiq. Elizabeth, to Tliomas Cottoq^ 
Efq. Anne, to John Brooke, J^fij. and 

John, their eldeft brother, died before his father, leaving iiTue 
by Jane, daughter of Thomas Lovet> £fq« 
(id Baronet.) George, who fucceedeq his grandfather, and 
James L was created a Baronett He married firfl, Frances^ 
lughter of Henry, the feventh Lord Berkeley ; Hecondly, Do* 
XPthy, daughter of Thomas Wroughton, Efq. relift of Sir Hen* 

Q 4 nr- 

Digitized by Goo^k: 

»3* EARL F E R R A R S. 

2Untoii, by whom h^ had no iiTue* By his firft wiie» 'hehil 
«^ar Tons ; and a daughter Mary, who died unmarried ; the two 
eldeft fonsy John and George, died young; Sir Thomas, the 
TTOungeft, wlio was knighted May 22, 1622, married Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Harpur, £iq. And their father dying 
Apnl 27} x622} was fucceeded by his third, but eldeft fuTTiving 

(2d Baronet.) Sir Hevky, who marrying Dorothy, dau|;hter 
of Robert Devereux, Earl of Eflex, favourite of C^een "Elm^ 
l)eth, they from that marriage have finee quartered the royal 
arms of England, being thereby delcended from Anne Plantage- 
net, daughter of Thomas, of Woodftock, Duke of Gloucefter, 
and fifter and co-heir to Humphry Plantagenet, Earl of Buck* 
inghain, who died uniharried* By the faid Dorothy, who after* 
wards married William Stafford, £fq« he had two fons, Charles 
and Robert; and a daughter Lettice, who married to Colonet 
William Bourk, the eighth Earl of Clanrickarde* 

(3d Baronet.) Sir Charles, the eldeft fon, fu<yeeded his Ei- 
ther, but he dyii]^ unmarried^ 

(4th Baronet.) Sir Robert, his brother, became h^ir ; and 
inarried Catharine, daughter of Hum prey Okeover, Eiq. and 
had three fons, Sewallis, who died an infant ; Sir Seymour, hia 
fucceilbr ; and Robert ; and two daughters, Dorothy, married 
to George Vernon, £fo« and Catharine, firft to Peter Venablei, 
£fq. commonly called Baron of Kinderton, and was mother of 
Anne, late Countefs of Abingdon, and of Catharine, wife to 
Robert Shirley, Efq. of whom hereafter* 

(5th Baronet*} Sir Seymour, who fucceeded his father, mar- 
ried Diana, daughter of Robert Bruce, Earl of Aylefbury, and 
by her, who afterwards ms^rried John, Duke of Rutland, had a 
fon; but he 4ying young foon after his father, the honour dp* 
icended to his uncle, 

(ift Ear).) Robert, who on the 14th of December, 1677, 
2^ Car* II* was fummoned to Parliament by the title of Lord 
Ferrars of fehartley, as grandfon and heir to Dorothy, iifVerand j 
co-heir to Robert Uevereux, Earl of EfTex, and Baron Ferrars | 
of Chartlcy ; he was the iQthof Anne, advanced to the dignity of 
Tifc, Tamworih, and Earl Ferrars* He married firft, Elizabeth, 
daLightcr to Lawrence Wafhington, Efq. of Wilts, by whom, 
who died 06t. 2, 1693, he had ten fons, and fevcn daughters ; and ' 
by his fccond, who was Selina, daughter of George Fitnch, Efq. 
he had five fons; Robert, born May 27, 1700, died in July 
1 731, unmarried.— George, who died an infant.— -George, born 
in 1705, married Mary, iift^r to Humphry Sturt, Efq, member 
for the county of Dorfet, by whom he has iffue, George, born 
Nov. 29, I 7 50, who married Mifs Law, anddicd without ifTuc in 
1784. He married fecondly? Mifs Stanley, the fame year.-- ^ 
4^Yt:lj'nj Uiatiic^ Mifs Fi:^m^tan, of DQrfQtftlire.-.-»Scliiia, mar-» 


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EAltt FERRAltS. ftxj 

ricd Sept. 7, 1785, Sir Thomns-Gcorgc SInpwitli, Bart.—- and 
Margaret, who married in 1782, John Smith of Comb-h ^y, ia 
Somcrfctj Efq.— Sewallis, born in 1709, and died 06t. 31, 
1765, having married the Countefs Dowager nf Orforrl, (late 
Baronels Clinton and Sav, who died 1781,) but luui no iiTue.— • 
|ohn, born in 1712, died 176S: And hvc daui^hters: Selina^ 
xnarrnd to Peter Pjathurll, P.tq. uncle of the preicnt .F^rl 
Bathurlt, and died Dec. 14, 1777, leaving ifluc, fifteen fons and 
iLiughtcrs. — Mary, to Charles Tryon, Liq. of Nortluimpton- 
fhire. — Anne, married May 17, 17-9? Robert Furnefs, and 
died Feb. 26, 1779. — Fmnces, wlio died unmarried in July 15, 
1778. — Stuarta, who died unmarried Tnn. 1, 1768. Of the 
daughiLTs bv the hrll: wife, which were Elizabeth, Catharine, 
KHzabeth, A iine-FJeanor, Catharine, Dorothy, and Rarbar i ; 
the two cldeit died in their infancy ; the third married, Waiter 
Clargcs, Kfq. — Dorothv, married john Cotes, Efq. of Wood- 
cote, in Shropfliire. — dime-Lleanora, died in ^Tay, 1754.-— 
Catharine, died uinnairied Q6\. 1736. Thcfoni h\ the f.rilv, ifc 
•were, Robert. — ^Waihington, fecond Earl. — Charles, :v].o died an 
infant. — Lewis died unmarried. — George died \oiing, as did 
Charles. — Ferrars died unmarried.— Walter died young*-— Ucii« 
ry, third Earl. — Lawrence. 

Robert, the eldeft, burn Sept. 4, 1673, marrlrd fail, Catha- 
rine, daughter of Peter Vcnables, Baron of KinJerton, who dynig 
without ilRic, he, 1688, took to his lecond wife, Anne, daugliter 
of Sir FLunphry P'errars, of 1 amworth-Caftle, who died Sept. 
27, 1697; and his LordHiip dving on the 25th of Feb. 1699, 
left tliree fons, and a daughter tlizabeth, who in 17 16, married 
James, fifth Earl of Northampton, and hv him had a daughter, 
Charlotte, who in 175s married the preient Marquis 'Fown- 
fend, being in right of her motlier, Baronefs Ferrars; and on 
her death, in 1770, her fon became Baron Ferrars of Chartlev. 
The fons were, Robert, Vifcount I'amworrh, who died in luly» 
1714; Ferrars, and Thomas; none of them furviving their 
grandfather, who died 13ec. 25, 17 17, 

(2d Earl.) Washington, their uncle, who was bom June 22, 
1677, fucceeded to the title of Earl Ferrars. He married Mary, 
daugliter of Sir Richard Levinz, Bart, by whom, who died 1740^ 
he had ifluc three daughters, his co-heirs; whereof Elizabeth, 
on the 24th of |une, 1725, married Joleph C^afcoigne Night- 
in*^a!e, Efq. but died in Aug. 173T, leaving ifluc, W^aHiingto?*, 
wno died unmarried 1754 ; and Elizabeth, who married \V ilmot 
Vgughan^ prefcnt Earl of Llfburne, of Ireland, and died May 
10, 1755, leaving illue. — ^^eliua, married June 3, 1728, Thco- 
phiius Haftings, Earl of Huntingdon, by whom fliC had ifluc.— 
Mary, on the 29th oi June, 173O, married Thomas Needham, 
Vifcount Kilmorey, and died without iffue. Their father dying 
without iiTu^ mal?. AprU 14, 2720. w99 lycceeded by 

'(3d Earl.) 

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»34 EARL F E'R R A R S. 

(3d EarU) Henry, his next furviving brother^ who 
born April 14, 169Z, and dying in Augufl 1745, unmarriedy 
was fucceeded by his nephew Laurence, the fon of his younger 

Laurence, born Sept. 26, 1693, who married Aone, fourth 
daughter of Sir Walter Clarges, Bart, bv whom, who died 
May 29, 1782, he had iflue Laurence, the fourth Earl. — Wafh- 
ington, the 5th Earl ; Robert, the late Earl. — Walter, born 
Sept* 28. 1725, now in Holy Orders, married, and had ifiue 
five children, and died April 7, 1786. — Thomas, a Captain in the 
Navy, born April 6, 1733, married March 30, 1733, the wi- 
dow of Sir Stephen Anderfon*— John, who died young««— Eliza* 
beth, — Anne, who died unmarried May 1 8, 1754. 

(4th Earl.) Laurence, who fucceeded his uncle, was bom 
Aug. 1720, an I 11 arried Sept* 16, 1752, Mary, daughter of 
Amos Meredith, Efq, £iler tothe prefent Sir William Meredith, 
Bart, from whom he was ieparated by a6c of Parliament, and a& 
ter his Lordfliip's death, married lecondly, March 28, 1769,* 
Lord FVcderick Campbell, brother to the prefent Duke of Ar» 
gyl, by whom fhe has iiTue. His LiOrdfliip, in a fit of paihon, 
having fliot Mr. Johnfon, his fteward, in Jan, 1760, in April 
following WLts tried by his Peers in Weflminfler-Hall, and found 
guilty of wilful murder, for which crime he was on the 5th of 
May, the fame year, hanged at Tyburn. Upon the death of 
this l40rd, who had no ilTtte, the title and eftate defcended tn 
bis next brother, 

(5th Earl) Washington, horn May 26. 1722, an Admiral 
in the Royal Navy, who married Mils Anne Elliot of Ply- 
mouth; and dying without iflue, 0&» i> 1778, wsu fucceeded 
by his brother 

.(6th Earl.) Robert, born July 10, 1723, married Catha* 
cine^ daughter of Rowland Cotton, of Etwall, in Derbyihir^ 
£fq. by her (who died Mar. 16, 1786)^ he had iflue, Robert, the 
prefent Earl.— Laurence-Rowland, bom 1757, died in i772*--« 
Waihington, an Officer in the fecond Regiment of Foot Guards, 
bom Nov. 13, 1760, married Sept. 9, 1781, Mifs Ward, a re- 
lation of Lord Ward, of Ireland, by whom be has Iflue ; Fran« 
ces, bom Mar. 24, 1784. His Lordfliip dying April 18, 1787^ 
was fucceeded by his fon 

(7th Earl.) Robert, the prefent EarL 

Creations.] Created Baronet May 161 1, 9 Tae* L 
Vifcount Tamworth in the county Statford, and Earl Ferrarii. 
Scp^* 3) 1 7 1 1, the loth of (^ueen Anne. 

Arms.] Paly qf fix, sr and azure ; a canton, irmne.TV}aitt XIV*1 

Cr£st.] On a wreath, the buft of a Saracen nde^faced and 
couped, proper; wreathed about the temples, «r and««vr#. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a 'talbot, trmimj his ears, 
tr, and his ducat collar, guUi i on tbe finifter a^rcin*d^rf of the^ 

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laft, attired, urgmt} gorged with a ducal coronet of the thirdy 
billeted, or. 

MoTTO»] Honor virtutis framium. Honour is the reward of 

Chief Seats.] At Stanton-Harold, in LeicefterOiirc ; at 
Adwell, in Northamptonfliirc ; and at Chartky-Caiik^ la ^taf<» 


STRAFFORD, Vifcount Wentworth, of Wcntworth- 
Woodhoule, Baron of Satinborough, Raby, Newmarih, and 
Overfley, and Baronet; bom 1712 ; fucceeded his father Tho* 
mas, the late Earl, in Nov. 1739 ; and married April 28, i74i» 
Anne Campbell, fecond daughter of John, late Duke of Argyl 
and Greenwich, by whom, who died July 7, 1785, he had no ifTuew 
The name of Wentworth is of Saxon original, and taken from 
the Lordihip of Wentworth, in the county of York, wheie at 
the time of the Cbnqueft, lived Reginald de Widteworde, as it 
is fpelt in Doomfday-Book* 

RoBBET de Wentworth, in the reign of King Henry III. 
inarried Emma, danghter of William i^oodhoufe, of Wood- 
houfe, in that county, (which feat afterwards, by the name of 
Wentworth Woodhoufe, became their chief refidence) 6:091 
bim defcended 

WjjU|.iAM| wbofe wife was Ifabel, daughter imd co-Keir to 
Williani Polltngton,Xfq. and by her had two font, William and 
John. Willi;im, the eldeil, was anceilor of 

(ift Baronett) William, who 9 James I. was created a Ba- 
ironet^ and died in 1614. He married Anne, daughter of Sir 
Robert Atkins, and bv her, who died in t6i i, had eight font 
and three daughters ; Anne, was married to Sir George Savilc* 
••^Mare^^t, to Sir Richard Hutton*— Elizabeth, to the third 
Earl of Rofcoipipon. T^e fons were, John, who died young* 
«^Thomas. William, Kobert« — Michael. — Matthew.— 
Iliilip.— oSir George, 

(2d Baronet and ift EarU) Thomas, the eldeft funriving fon, 
fucceeded hii father. Ofi the 2ad of July, 4 Car. L he was 
preated Baron Wentworth of Wentworth-woodhoufe ; and on 
the lothof Peeember following, Vifcount Wentworth, and ic 
Gav* I. he was created Baron Raby, and Earl of StraBFord,* and 
fuffered on Tower-Hill th^ lath of May, 1641. He married 
£rfl, Margaret, daughter of Fr^^ieis CDfiord, Earl of Cumber- 
lund, by whom hehaq no iflue ; ftxoi^dlyt Arabella, da^khter of 
John Holies, Earl of Claie, by whom he had a fon Williani, 
Hild two 4ai|sliters j Ai^ne, mnte4 to fdifaM Watfon, the fc- 
^ <?ond 

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cotid Ldrd Rockingham ; snd Arabella, to Juftih Macaity, ib4f 
of the Earl of Clancarty ; and his third wife was Elizabet)^ 
daughter of Sir Godfrey Rhodes* 

(ad EarL) William his fon, bom Jane 8» 1626^ was on the 
t ft of December i66j, rtftored to all his father's honoors* He 
fnarried £rft, Henrietta-Mary ' Stanley, daughter of James» 
Earl of Derby ; his fccond wife was Henrietta de Roye de la 
Rochefbucauldy (Whidh'Xady died Nov* 11, 1732) and dying 
Odober 16, 1695^ without ifluci ^1 the hoiiours expired^ ex« 
ceptthe Barony of Raby, which Thomas, Earl of Straflfbr^ had 
taken out with limitation, in fiiUure of heirs male to his younger 
Mothers ; and the eftate went to the Rockinriiam lamily. In 
the preamble to this patent, it is faid this f^Emiiy was lineally de- 
tbended from John of Gaunt^ and from the ancient Barons of 
KeWm'arch and Overiley, &c. and had matched with many of 
the principal noble families in the realm. 

William Wentworth, who married Elizabeth, daughter o£ 
Thomas Savile, Efq* and by her had Sir William, his heir, and 
Thomas, who died young ; alfo Anne^ married to Edward Skio«« 
jier, Efq, 

Sir William the eldcft fon, married Tfabella, daughter oT 
Sir Allen Apflcy, Knt* by whom. (who died July 31, 1733) 
had five fons and fix daughters; and died in July 1603. ' Of 
the daughters, Elizabeth died young.— -Frances- Arabella, mar^ 
Tied Walter, Lord Bellew.— Anne, married to James DonoIan> 
£f(|« of Ireland,' and died in Aug. I7^5.~lfabella, married Fran- 
cis Arundel, Efq. of Northamptonmire.— Mary died young.— 
Elizabeth, the youngeft, married John, hotd Arundel of Tre- 
Yice, in Cornwall, and died without iiTue. The fons were, Wil- 
liam, Thomas, Peter, Paul, and Allen ; the latter was killed 
Oft. 2 J,' 1701, at the ficgc of Liege.-— Paul was killed at the 
liege ofNamar, in 1695.— William the eldeft, died in Flanders 
in 1693, unmarried.— Peter, third fon, married Julians^ only 
daughter of Thomas Hoard, Efq. of Oxford0iire, and had ew^ 
ven children, all of whom died Voung, or unmarried, except 
Henrietta, married to Thomas, fon of Francis^Arundel, £fq» 
above mentioned, whofe widow fhe ' died Dec* 5, I776.~and 
William, born March 1700, who married OSt. 23, 17^1, Su^ 
ian'na, daughter of John Slaughter, Efq. of Glouceflermire, by 
whom he has iflue Frederick^Thomas, the prefent heir to. ttifr 
title* — Gcorge.—Caroline, who died in 1762. — Atigufta»— • 
Ailne, married John Hatfield Kaye, of Yorkfhire, Efq. 

(3d Earl.) Thomas, fecdnd but eldeft furvivin^ fon of Sir 
Wiiiiam before mentioned, on the death of William, fecond 
Earl of Strafford, his coufin, inherited the Barony of Raby, by 
reafon of his Hmltaxioiv and on Sept. 4, 1711, was created Ba-« 
ton of Stainborough, Tifcount Wentworth, of Wcntworth- 
Woodhoufe, and EatI Of Strafford^ with reixiahidtf to his bro- 


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llier Vdttr Wentwordi, Efq* and his ifTuc male. On Sept. 6, 
.1711^ hemarded Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Johnfon, Kat« 
confui to the late Duke of Northumberland, and by her, who 
died SopU 299 I754f be had one fon and three daughters, yiz* 
WHliam, the prefent Earl.-— Anne, who in April, 1733, married 
William Conolly, Efq, and has ifluc. — ^Lucy, ihkrried in- 174X9 
to Sir George Howard, K* B. and died April 97, 177 1, leaving 
iiTue a daughter. — Henrietta, married in De^. 1743, to Henry 
Vernon, £fq. died May, 1775, and his lady in 1 786, leaving iu 
foe three fons and five daughters* iiis Lordihip dying in Nov* 
• 7jf, was fucceeded by his fon 

.(4th Earl.) WILLIA^f, now Earl of Stra&rd. 

CaEiiTioKs*] Baron Kaby, jan* iSj 1640; YiTcottttt and 
Earl, Sept. 4, 1711. 

Arms.] SaL>Ie, a chevron between three leopards heads^ 9rh 
[Plate XlV .l 

Crest.] On a wreath a gryphon paflant, mitgenim 

StTpPOHTERs.] On the dexter iide, a gryphon, »ginti oa 
the (tnifter, a lion, or^ 

M0TT6-] En Dieu eft tmU . In God Is every thing^. 

Chief Sea,ts.] At WcntworthiCaftle, in Yorkfliire; at 
Boughton, in the county of Northampton; and at Twickea«» 
hm, in Middlefex« 


THE Right Hon. WILLIAM LEGGE, Earl and Baron of 
DARTMOUTH, Vifcount Lewifham ; born '1725, fuc* 
cecded William, the late Earl, his grandfather, Dec. 15, I75(X 
and married Jan. 11, 1755, Frances-Catharine, fole daughter and 
heir to the late Sir Charles Gounter-Nicholl, Kniglit of ihs 
.Bath, by whom«hehas iiUte, George, Lord VifCount Lewifham, 
l»rn 0(\, 3, 1755, married Sept. 24, 1782, Frances, fifter to 
the Earl of Aylesford, hy w l omhehad Frances-Catharine, bora 
Sept. 7, 1783, and died March 7, 17S9. — William, born Feb. 4, 
1757, and died 06V. 15, i785.---Charles-Gunter, born May i8y 
1759, and died O^. 13,1784. — Heneage, born May 7, 1761, koA 
^ed in 1782, unmarried. — Henry, born Jan. 23, 1765. — Arthur, 
Wn 0^*25, 1766. — ^Edward, born Dec. 18, 1767. — Auguf- 
■tns, born April 21, 1773.— Charlotte, born 061. 5, 1774, 

Of this family, which wcr6 long feated at Legge8-»PlaCe,»near 
.Tmbridge in.|Cent, was 

Thomas Ltoos, who was Lord Mayor of London in 1346 
r and 1 3 5 F rom him dcfcended 

William Lbqge^ who married Elizabeth, daughter of Sit 
'WtUkuB W^ingjtDn,- and had three. £bqs azid .two -daughters; 
. , I < Mary,. 

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Mary married Sir Henry GoodriclTe ; and S u fauna to Thanpl 
BUfon, of Maple-Durhain, in UampOiire^ £iq. and had ifiotf 
Leonard ijilfon, Efq. and Thomas; the latter of whom died by 
a fall trom his horie, and the former died in 1715, and Icfthii 
IK hole eflate to Thomas Eettcfworch» £fq. wlio took tb« name 
of Bilfon, and in failure of heirs male to Henry Lc^^ ¥£^ 
fourth fon of William^ Earl of Darmouth, taking the name m 
Bilfon, who fiiomded to the laid eftate by the death of the laid 
Thomas Bettefworth, £fq« 

(i£t Lord.) G£Oao£ the eldeily fiicceeding his father^ wae ill 
1682, created Baron of Dartmouth. He married Barban^ 
' daughter of Sir Henry ArchboUiy and had William hit hdCf 
aad feven daughters; Mary, married to Philip, eldeft fon of 
Sir Chriftopher Muikrave, and afttfr his deceafe, to John Craw<4 
ford, and died Feb. 25, 1753; Elizabeth, fiarliara, Snfao- 
na, and Anne, the fifth and uxth died infants* His Lordihip 
died 160X, and was fucceeded by his fon 

( I il£arL}- William, bom Od^ober 14, 1672, facceedcd hit 
father, and was created, September 5, 171s, Earl of Dartmontbi 
• He married in July; 1700, Anne, daughter of Heneage, Earl of 
Aylesford*; and by her, who died Nov. 30, 1751, had fix fons; 
George. — Heneage, bom in 1704, married Tune, 1740, Catha* 
rine, daughter of Mr* Jonathan Fogg, who aied Aug. 20, 17591 
and his Lady in November following, having had ifliie^ Heneage, 
born Jan. 7, 1746-7, who married in June^ 1768, Elixabeu, . 
daughter of Sir Philip Mufgrove, Bart, of Kempton Park in 
Middlefex. 2. Catharine, bom July 17, 174 1. 3. Aunt, bora 
OAober 8, 1742, who died July 30, 1752.— William, born 
Auguft I, 1705, died an infant«<^Henry Bilfon, bora MafcB 
.29, 1708, married Ss I >t. 3, 1750, to Mary, only daughter and^ 
iheir to Edward, Lord Stawell, and 'died Aug. 23, 1764, leaving | 
iflae one fon, Henry ; and his Lady married ieoondly, in Sept* 
276S, Wills Hill, then Earl of Hilliborough, and was created fi>- ; 
j«>]aeis Suwell, May 1 9, 1 760, with limitation to her fon Htnrj, | 
by her firft marriage as above, and on her deceafe, Aug. 6, x 7 80, 
ber (on fucceeded to the honours, and is Uie prefont Baron 
StawelL-^Edward, horn in 1 7 10, died Cooimodore of a fqusdron 
In the Weft Indies in 1 747. — Robert died in his rainottty. Hii 
Lord(hip had alfo two daughters^ Barbara, bom O^obet 
1 701, married July 27, 1724, Sir Walter Bagot, Bart, of Staf' 
IbnUhire ; by whom fhe had iflue the prefent Lord Bagot, and 
eight other children.— Anne, married tn Odober 1739,^ ^^'^ 
LiJder Holte, Bart, of Warwicklhire, and died 1740. 

George, Viicount Lewifham, died Auguft 29, 1732, havio^ 
married Dizabeth, daughter of Sir Arthur Kaye, Bart, of York- I 
ihire, and by her, (who after his deceafe married Jan. 1736) 
Francis, now Earl of Guilford,) had a daughter that w.t5 ftill- 
born; a Xoo Arthur, who died Odobci 6, i/2^; ILlizubcth, 

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Oanied to "Whitfhed Keche, Efq. and Anne, married on Nov* 
S3, 1760, to James Bnideaeil^ now Lord Brudeneii, brother to 
the Duke ot Montagu; and 

(2d Earl.) William, the prcfent Earl, 

CR£ATioys»] Created Baron of Dartmouth, in the county <^ 
Devon, Dec. 2, 26839 34 ^^r. II. Vifcount Lewifham, in tht 
tonnty of Kent, and £ari of Dartmouth^ Sept. 5, I7ii» tht 
lOth of Queen Anne. 

Arm8«1 Jxun, a buck's head cabofhed^ argents [Plate 

Chest*] In a ducal coronet, or, a plume of £ve oilrich 
Ifeathers^ party*per-pale, argent and azure. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion, argent, femcc of 
fleur8*-<le-lis, faSUy crowned as the creil* On the iiniiler, a 
buck, argent J femee of mullets, guiis* 

Motto.] Gaudet tentamine virtus. Virtue rejoiceth in trial. 

Chief -Seats.] At Sandwell-Hall in Sta&rdihire; and at 
Biackheath in Kent* 


H E Right Honourable CHARLl-S BENNET, Earl of 
TANKERVILLE, Baron of GlTulllon, born Nov. 15, 
1743, fucceeded his father Charles, the late Earl, October 27, 
1767. His Lordfhip married 0<^ober 7, 177 1, Emma, daugh- 
ter and co-heir to the late Sir James Colebrook, Bart, by whom 
he has Caroline, horn Odlober 2, 1772.^ — .Anne, bf>rn Angufl 
^' *773* — Charles- Auguftus, Lord OfTulAon, horn April 28, 
1776. — Henrv, born Dec. 5, 1777. — ^john Alticy, born Dec. 
22, 1778.-— 6mma, born May 15, 1774. — Another daughter, 
born June, 1780.— -Another daughter, born March 23, 1783, 
died J\ine 12, 1 787. — Another daughter, born May 24, 1785. 

Another daughter, born Nov. ii, 1787.— Another daughter^ 
born Dec. 2, 1788. 

Of this family, whicli were anpiently featcd at Clopcot^ near 
WalHngford, }>erks, was 

Thomas Beniut, Kftj. who had ifl*uc by Anne Molines, 
Richard his heir; and Sir Tliomas, wlio was l/0?d Mayor of 
London in 1603, and married Marv, dnughter oi Robert Tay- 
lor, FJq. and liad three fons, Simon, Richard, and John, and 
two {hugliters ; Anne, married to William Duncombe, Elcj. 
tiiul Maigaret, to Sir Cieor^re Crook. Simon, the eldeft fnri, 
^^as created a Baronet, |i:lv 17, 1627; he married Elizabeth, 
tianghter lof Sir Arthur Ingram. Richard, I' cond fon, mar- 
ried Eli/abeth, daughter of William Ci adock, and bv lier, 
who aftcj: iiis deceale married Sir Hcaeage i? inch^ had Simon 


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Bcnnct, Efq. who marrying Gratiofa, daughter of (iilbcrt More- 
wood, bad three daughicis las co-heir; Elizabeth, married to 
Edward 0(born, Loid Latimer ; Grace to John Bcxiaet^ 
fmd Frances, to the third Earl of Salifbury. 

Richard, eldcll foii of Thomas, married Elizabeth, daogli- 
ter of Thomas 1 ifdalc, Efq, and had four funs; Ralph, his 
heir.' — Sir Joho^^dUiceilor of tlie Earl of Taukcrvillc,-— 1 lioi&a&. 

♦ — Walter. 

Sir John, tlie fecond fon, died in 16^7, having married 
Anne, daughter of ChriAopher W ecks, and liad three 

ions, Sir JoJm, Sir Thomas, and Matthew. Sir Thomas mar- 
ried hril, Charlotte, daughter to William Harrifon, and had two 
daughters, who died unmariied ; fecondly, I homafmc, daughter 
and co-heir to George Dcihick, Elq. and had a fon Thomas, 
who married Martha, daughter of John Smith, of Tidwoith^ 
£fq. Matthew, third fon ot Sir John, died unmarried. 

Sir John, the cldefV, fuccceded his fatlier. He married Do- 
rothy, daughter of Sir John Crofts, and had fix fons and two 
daughters; Dorothy married to Benjamin Bacon ; and Elizabethf 
married to Sir Robert Carr, The fons were, John, Henry, 
Robert, Charles, Thomas, and Edward ; the fecond, in 1672, 
was created Earl of Arxlncton, but died without ifliie male^ 
leaving only one daughter, Ifabella, Countefs of Arlington in 
her own right; Charles, the third fon, married Anne, daughter 
of Richard Wigmore, Efq. and had a fon and two daughters* 
JRobert, 1 homas, and Edward died without iiTue* 

(ift Lord.) John, theeldeft, was created Baron of OlTulAon, 
and died in 1688. He married firft, Elizabeth, Countefs of 
^ulgrave, but by her had no ifTue; fecondly, Bridget, daughter 
of John Howe, Efq. by whom he had Charles his heir) and 
iVnnabella, married to the iixth Earl of Exeter* 

Earl.) Charles, who fucceeded, was created Earl of 
Tankerville, i;^ July, 1695. He married Mary, only daughter 
of Ford, Lord Grey of Wark, and Earl of Tankcrvirlle, and 
dying on the 21 (I of May, 1722, left ilTue four fons and three 
daughters; Bridget, Mary, and Annabella, of whom the latter 
married to William Poulett, Efq. and died in Nov. i769*— 
Mary, to William Wilmer, Efq. — Bridget, to John, Earl of 
Portimouth. The fons were, Charles, John, Henry, and Grey; 
the youngell died Nov* 19, 1724; the iecond died an intuit; 
and the third died alfo unmarried ; but 

(ad Earl.) Charles, the eldcft, fuccecdcd his father; and 
inarrying Camilla, daughter of Edward Colville, £fq« who di^ 
.October 8, 1775, ^g^'^ ^^5' ^^"^ fons and onedaigbteQ 
viz* Charles, tlie late Earl.— Camilla, married January ilf 
1754, to Gilbert Fane Fleming, £fq» fon of Qilbert-Flemiogf 
£fq. by whom fhe was left a widoMr, and on 0£kotyi^ 6, 
narried fecondly, Mr> Wak(» Apodifsc^ry, At i|od difi 

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February 7, i785,-— George^ bom in 1727. Hisliordihip dying 
March 14, 1753, fucc^ded by his eldeft fon 

(3d EarU) Charles, who married on the Jisd of September^ 
1742, Alicia, third daughter and co-^heir to Sir John Aftley» 
Bart* of Stafibrdfhlre ; and by her, who died Odol)er 8, 1775^ 
had Charles, now EarL — ^John Grey, born September 7, i75i> 
who died in the fecbnd year of his age.-^Camilla^Elizabethy 
bom M^rch 22, J 746-7, married in 1764, Count Donhoff> a 
Polifh Nobleman, related to the preient King of Poland^ but 
was left a widow September 4, 1764. — Frances- Alicia* born 

j[an. 8, 1 7491 married William Aflong, Efq. by whom die was 
eft a widow with one daughter, who diea December, 1780* 
She married fecondly, March 25, 178 1, the Rev. Mn Richard 
Sandys; and thirdly, to the Rev. Mr. Edward Beclungton* 
Benfon, — Henry- Aiftley, bom April 3, 1757, now in the army. 
His Lordlhip deceafiog Odlober 27, 1767, was fucceeded by his 

(4th Earl.) Charles, the prefentEarl. 

Creations.] Baton Oflulfton, in Middlefcx, Novembef 24, 
1682 ; and Earl Tankerville, a caiUe in Normandy, Odiober 19^ 

Arms.] a bezant between three deml-lions rampant^ 

argent. [Plate XIV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath a fcaling ladder, or, but fometimes a 
demi'lion rampant, argent ^ holding in his paws a be2ant ; and 
fometimes out of a mural coronet, cr, a lion's head, argtntp 
charged with a bezant on his neck. 

Supporters.] Two lions, urgent^ each charged on his Ihoulder 
with a bezant, and crowned ducally, or. 

Motto.] De bm vouloir Jcrvir It roy* To ferve the Kiuj 
with c:oocl will. 

Ciii£ir Si:, AT.] At Cliillingham-caftlc, in Northumberland. 


'T^HE Right Honourable HENEACiE FINCH, Earl of 
* AYEESFORD, and Baron Gviernfey, born July 15, 
1751, liicc i cdctl his father, the Lite luir], May 9, '1777, rnar- 
ricd X uvcmbcr 18, 17S1, Louila, eldjii: daughter of the prefcnt 
Marquis of Hath, by whom he had a dc ul born child Cel. 
25, i;1^2.— -A (1 aii«;iiLcr, born in Marcli 1 7 Sj.— Charles, Lord 
Guernfey, who died July r8, 1784. — A daughter, born Jan. 31, 
^7^S> \v lioin their Majefties ilood iponfors, and gave the 
name of Chaiiottf-f inch-Uuciafcy. — A lua, bora Feb. 23, 

Vol. L R The 


t4t £ A R L o r A Y L £ S F O R D. 

Tlie jefcent of this faintly i$ xinier the ^Ltle of Earl of Win^^ 

(ift Ear!*) Heneage Fikch, fecond fon of Heneagc the 
firft Earl of Nottingham, was created Lord Gnemfey, and after- 
wards Earl of Aylcsford; but died July 22, 1719. He mar- 
ried Elt'zaheth, daughter and co-heir to Sir John Banks of 
Aylesford, Bart, and by her, who died in September, 1743, had 
three Tons and fiir daughters; Elizabeth, married to Robert, 
Lord Bingley, and died Feb. 26, 1 757. -—Mary, who died un- 
married -in February, 1735. — Anne, married to William Legge, 
Earl of Dartmouth, and died Nov. 30, 1751. — Martha died 
rvlarch 1760. — Frances, married to Sir John Bland, and tiled 
1759.— Eflex, dcceafcd young. The fons were Heneage, Lord 
Ciucrnfey.-^— John married Elizabeth, daughter of John Savile, 
Elq. and died Jan. i, 1740, leaving a Ion Henry-Savilc, who 
ir/jrrled Judith, daughter of John 1 iillcrton, of DorfctfhirCj 
EU\. and a daughtci Alary.— -ikuiy, who died July i^, ^7^7> 
unmarried. " ' ' 

(id Karl.) Heneack fuLcerdecl his father. He married 
Mary, daughter of Sir ClcnicrU I ilhcr, Bart, and by her, who 
died at }>aili, in May, 1740, had liiue; Heneagc, the late Earl. 
—Anne, horn OL^obcr 17, 1713.-— Mary, born March 1, 1 7 16, 
married Nov. 1736, William Howard, Vii'count Andovcr, fon 
of the Earl of SutFolk, and du d in 1767, having hatl iifue. (Sec 
bufFolk.) — Elirabeth, born November 28, i 7 1 7.-— Frances, horn 
"Fcf^. 4, 1720, married April 7, 1 741, Sir VV illiam Court enav, 
Bart, of Powderham Gallic in Devonfhirc, aftcruard^ created 
Vifcount Courtcnav, bv whomfhc had ifTuc th<* late Vifcount, and 
fevcral daughters, and died Deecmber 19, 1761. — Jane, horn 
1721, died T77.6. His Ecrdlhip dying June 29, I757> was 
fuccecdcd hy \us only fon, 

(3d Earl.) HtNEAGE, the late Earl, horn November, 1715, 
married Ociohcr 6, 1750, Charlotte Sevmour, youngeft daugh- 
ter of Charles, Duke of Somerfct, by whom he had iflue, 
Heneage, the prefcnt Earl, burn July 15, 1 7 51. -^-Charles, born 
[une 4, 175^. mar'-icd Dccemher 28, 1778, Jane, cldcfl daughter 
and co-heiiels of atkin Wynne, Efq. of Deid>iglif]iire, by 
whuni he a fon, horn February, 1 780. — William Clcmenlj 
born May 27, 1753. ^ C;iptain in the Navy, married Auguii 2, 
1789, Mifs Brounckcr, oi St. Chriilupheri;. — Charlotte, bom 
May 13, 1754^ married Augull 14, 1777, the Intc Earl of 
Suffolk, and Utikihire. — John, hoin May 22, 1755, l^iil^d iiv 
America, June 29, 1777. — Edward, born April 26, 1756. — • 
Daniel, born April 3, 1757. — Seymour, born June 11, 1758, 
sn Officer in the Navy, — Henry- Allington, born Feb. 26, 1761, 
;ind died November 19, 1 780.— -Frances, born February 9, 1 761, 
married Sept. 24, 1782, Lord Vifcount Lew ilham.— -Maria- 
lllizabeth} born O^obcr 7, 1766* — Henrktta-Coniiantia, born 


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June 7, 1769. His Lordihip deceafing May 17779 was fu^« 
cceded by his eldeft fon 

(4th £arL) Heneage, the prefent EarL 

Creations.] Created Baron of the ifle.of Gucmfey, May i^, 
17039 the Arft of Queen Anne; and Earl Aylesford, in tho 
county of Kent, 0€t» a6, 17 149 I George !• 

Arms.] jfrgcHt; a chevron between three gryphons paEantj 
ySr^/f; a crefcent for difierence. [Plate XV«] 

Crest.] On a wreath,, a gryphon paflant, fahle. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a gryphon, ^a^/f, gorged 
with a ducal collar, or* On the flnifter, a lion of the fecQnd 
ducally gorged, azurf» 

Motto.] Jperto viverg votOm To livtf in open Faith* 

Chief Seats.] At Aylesford, in Kent ; at Albary, in Snrry ; 
and at Packington, in -WarWickihire. 


l^pHE Right Hon. and Right Rev. FREDERICK HERVET, 
Earl of BRISTOL, Lord Hervej of Ickworth, Bifliop of 
Derry, in Ireland; born Aug. 1730, nicceededhis brother Dec* 
23, 17799 married Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Jermyn Davers, 
Bart, by whom he has ilTue, George, the prefent Lord Herve^, 
a Captain in the ^av y, who married May 14, 1784, Lonila^ 
lifter to.thc prefent Earl Berkeley .^Auguftus* John.— Mary, mar* 
ried February, 1776, John, Earl Erne, of Ireland.— Elizabetl^ 
married in 1776, John-Thomas Fofter, E(q. 

This family derive their defcent from Robert Fitz-Hervey, 
Jon of Hervcy^ Duke of Orleans, who came into England wim 
IVilliam the Conqueror, and from him defcended, 

Thomas Hervey, who married Jane, daughter and heir to 
Henry Drury, of Ickworth in the county of Suffolk, and with 
tier had that Manor ; and by her, who married fecondly. Sir 
William Carew, had two fons; 
, John, his heir, who died without iffue, and 

William, heir to his brother, who married Jane, daughter 
- of John Cocket, of Ampton in Suffolk^ and died the firft of 
Auguft, 1538, and was anceftor to 

Sir William Hervey, in 1630, who married Sufan, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Jermin, and had John his heir; William; 
Thomas; and four daughters; Judith married to James Rey*^ 
nolds, Efq. Mary, to Sir Ldward Gage; Su fail, to Sir Thomas 
Hanmer, Bart, and Kezia, to Thomas Tyrill, Efq. He mar- 
ried fecondly, Penelope, daugliter to Thomas, Lord D'Arcy of 
Chiche, and Earl Rivers, rcli6t firii of Sir George TrencharJ^ 
fecondly, of Sir John Gage. 

R 2 JOHK^ 



John, who fucreeded, married Elizabeth^ daughter of William^ 
Lord Hcrvey, of Kidbrook, and dying \vit1io\it iffucjjan. i8, 1769, 

Sir Tt?omas, his youngeft brother, fecond dyin^ at 

Ca;r. bridge, Sept. 23, 1642,) became his heir. He married 
IfabcUn, daugbter of Sir Humpbrcy May, and had Ifabella, 
married to Gervafe Ehvcs ; Elizabeth, died Feb. 18, 1673; and 
JCezia married Aubrie Porter, Efq. Of the fons, wbich were 
'Wilham, John, and Thomas; William> elded brother dying 
June 14, 1663, 

(lil Llarl.) John, the fecond fon, born Aug. 27, 1665, fuc- 
ceedcd his father; and was, March 2j, 1703, created Lord 
Hervey of Ickworth ; .ivA in the hrll 01 George I. was created 
Earl of Brillol. He married UrW Sow i, i()86, Ifabclla, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Carr, of Lincolnfhire, and by her had one 
fon and t\Vo daughters, viz, Carr, T>ord Hervey, liorn Sept. 
17;; 1 69 1, hut died on the I5t]i ot Nov. 1723, unmarried; 
Ifabclla, died ir\ Nov. 171 1, unmarried; Elizabeth, of \shom 
her motbcr died in childbed, March 7, 1693, died an in! mt. 
His Lordfhip married fecondlv, in 1695, Elizabeth, fole daugli- 
tcr and heir to Sir Thomas H elton, Bart, of Suffolk, and by 
her, who died Mav 2, 1741, had iifue, Jolin, late Eord Hervey 
'"—Thomas, horn Jan. 20, 1698, died Jan. 10, 1775, having 
married in 1744, Anne, daughter and heir of Francis Coghlene, 
Kfq. of Ireland, bs whom, who died Jan. 13, 1786, he left 
ifluc one fon, AV'illiam-TIiomas-Hcrvcy. — William, born Dec. 
^5, 1699, married Nov. 27, 1719, Elizabeth, daughter of 
.Thomas Ridge, E\\[. of Portlmouth, by whom, who died July 
13, 1730, he had ifluc a daughter, Elizabeth ; and he died in 
'January, 1776. — Henry, D. D. born Jan. 5, 1701; March 2, 
1730, he married Catharine, fifler and heir to Sir Thomas Afton, 
Bart, whofe fiirname he took in purfuance to the will of Sir Tho- 
mas, and died Nov. 1748, leavinga fon, and three daughters; Hen- 
xy-Harvey-Aflon, who married the daughter of Mr.Dicconfon 
of Lancaller, and by her has a fon. Of tlie three daughters, the 
voungeft died Aug. 1776. — Charle8,horn April 5, 1703, twin with 
a filler Henrietta, who died young*- He took holy orders, and 
was a Prebendary of Ely : having married Dec. 31, 1743, Mifs 
Martha-Maria, daughter of Colonel Howard, of St. Edmund's 
Bury, in Suffolk, and died March ao, 1783.— A fon, Aill^bomi 
July 6, 1704. — Humphrey, born June 3, 1708, died young. — 
[amcs-Porrer, born June 24, 1706, dcceafed. — Felton, born 
July 3> 1710, who died an infant.— Felton, born February 12> 
' 17 12, died Auguft 18, 1775, having married Dorothy, daughter 
of Solomon Afliley, Efq. and widow of Charles Pitfield, Efq. 
by whom, who died November 8, 1761, he had ifluc, Felton- 
Lionel-Hervey, who died Sept. 9, 1785, a Lieutenant in the 
Horfe-(3uard?, having married March 2, 1779, Selina, ^"'^ 
daughter and heir of the late Sir John Elwill, Bart, of Devon- 
shire, and had ifiue ; and three daughti&rs, Emeliai Caroline, 


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and £lizabeth«-*-Tanies9 born March 5, 17 13, decealed. — Eli- 
zabeth, married May 89 1724, to Bxiffy, Lord Manfell, and 
died without iiTue, December 3, 17 ly.— Anne, died unmarried, 
J«ly> 155 1 77'* — Barbara, died July 24, 1727. — Louifa-Caro- . 
iina-irabella, married Sept. 23, I73i> to Sir Robert Smyth, 
Bart, of Weftminfter, — Henrietta, <&ed in A ugufl, 1732, |iis 
Lordihip died January 20, 1751. ^ 

John, the eldcft fon, born October 15, 1696, was called uji 
to the Houfe of Peers, as Lord Hcrvey> in June, i733. He 
married OiSlober 25, 1720, Mary, daughter of General Nicholas 
LiC Pell, and had iflue, Gcorj, ilUam, the fecond E^rl, born 
the 31ft of Auguft, 1721.— 'Ife Pell, born in Jan. 1723, mar- 
ried the 26th of February, 1743, to Conftantinc, Lord Mul«« 
grave, and died March 9, 1780. — Augu(lu$'John, the late EarU 
— Mary, born in 1726, married to (leorge Fitzgerald, Efq. who 
died on May i, 1762, leaving ifliie.—Fredenck> the prefent 
£arK-— William, born the tqth of May, 1732, a Colonel in 
the army, died Jan. 27, 1770, unmarried.— Ameli9-Carolina-« 
Naflau.*— Carolina, His late Majefty, in 1753, was pleaied to 
grant to the daughters of Lord Hcrvey, the fame precedency as 
daughters of Earls of Great Britain. His Lordrfiip dying in 
Augufl 5, 1743, was fucceeded in the title of Lord Hcrvey by 
his eldeft fon, 

(2d Earl.) George " William, who in Jjn. 1751, fuc- 
ceeded his grandfather as Earl of Briftol. And liis Lordfliip de-» 
ceafmg unmarried March 20, I775> was fucceeded by his brother 

(3d Earl.) Augustus- John, the late E;irl, born May 19, 
1724, advanced to the dignity of Vke Admiral of the Blue, of 
his Majefty's Navy; married privately Aug. 4, 1744, Elizabeth 
Chudlelgh, who March 8, 1769, publickly married the late 
JDuke of Kingilon, during the life-time of her former hufband, 
which marriage was by trial of her Peers proved and declared 
illegal, April 22, 1776, and (lie retired to the Continent, where 
/he died in Aug. 1788. The Earl her Lord died without ifTuCy 
Pccember 23, i779> and was fucceeded by his next brother 

(4th Earl.) Frfderick, Biihop ofDerry, the prefent Earl, 

Creations.] Created Baron Hcrvey of Ickworth, in the 
county of Suffolk, March 23, 1703, the 2d of Queen Anne; 
and Earl of the City of Briftol, Odlober 19, 17 14, i George L 

Arms.] GulcSf on a bend> argent^ three trefoils flipped, profetm 
^ [Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath^ a leopard, palTant, bezant^e, and 
gorged with a ducal coronet, and chained^ «r, holding in his 
dexter paw a trefoil flipped, proper. 

Supporters.] Two leopards, proper ^ bezantee, and with cot- 
Jars and chains, or. 

Mqtto.] Je Quhlieray jamah. I fhall never forget. 

Chief Seats.] At Ickworth, in Su&lk; and at Afwarby, it^ 

R 3 YEL* 

Digiti/ca by 

[ ^4^ ] 

Y E L V E R T O N, L A R L of SUSSEX. 

npHE Right Hon. HENRY YELVERTOK, Earl of 
SUSSEX, Vifcouiit De LongueviHe, Baron Grey of 
Ruthyn, H ilVings, Wcysford and Valence; and Baronet; born 
July 7, 1729, lucceeded his brother Auguftus, the late Earl, 
in 17^8. His Lordfhip married to his firft wife, Jan. 17, 1757, 
Hclter, daughter of John Hall, of Mansfield Woodhoufe, in 
the county of Nottingham, Efq. and by her, who died iitli 
Jarr. 1777, had iflue, Talbot, a fon, who died an infant in 
1757. — Barbara, born June 19, 1759, who was married In 
0<5. 1775, Edward- T horotcTn Gould, of Mansfield Wood- 
hoiilc, in the county of Nottingham, Ef(^. and died April 9, 
17S1, leaving ilTuc three children all now living, viz. Barbara, 
born Jan, 25, 1777; Mary, born May 5, 1778; and Henry, 
born in September:, 1780. His Lord/hip married to his fecond 
wife on Jan, aS, 1778, Mary, daughter of John Vaughan, o( 
Briftol, Efq. by whom he had no imie. 

TheEarl of Suflcx is defccnded, in the male line, from a younger 
fon of the ancient foraily of Yelverton, of Rack Heath, in 
the county of Norfolk, which was of note in the reign of King 
Edward IK viz. from 

Sir Christopher Yclverton, Knt. who, in the 39th of Eli- 
zabeth, was Speaker of the Houfe of Commons, and in the 
44th, adjudge of the Qucen's-Bench, in which poft he died, at 
Eafton-Mauduit, a feat which he had purchafed in North* 
amptonfhire, 06^. 31, 1612. He married Mary, daughter of 
Thomas Catefby, E!fq« and by her he had two fons. Sir Henry 
and Chriftopher, and two daughters ; ElFzabeth married to Sir 
Edward Cope ; and Anna, firft' to Thomas Sherlandj £fq. and 
iecondly to Sir Edward Cocket. 

Sir Henry, the eldeft fon, fucceeded htm* He was judge of 
the Common-Pleas, under King Charles T« and died on the 24th 
of Jan* 1630. He married Margaret, daughter of Robert Beale, ^ 
Efq. and had four fons and five daughters. Of the fons. 
Sir Christopher fucceeded his father, and on the qoth of June, 

1641, was created a Baronet, and dying on the 4th of Dec. 1654, 
left iflue by Anne, daughter of Sir William Twifden, a daueh^ 
ter Anne, married firft, to Robert Montagu, the third Earl of 
Manchefter, ^d fecondly^ to' Charles, the witty Earl of Hali-> 
&x; and 

Sir Henry, his heir, who died the 3d of October, 1670, 
He married Sufanna, daughter and heir to Charles Longuevill6| 
Who in right of his mother, Sufanna (fifter and heir to Henry 
Grey, Earl of Kent, who died in 1639) became Lord Grey of 
J^uthyn, Haftings, ;in4 tin^k Uonoun d^/cending to hisfaid 


» > 

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daughter and heir, flie brought tlicm into this family, by who:n 
ihcy are now enjoyed ; having by her laid hufband four fons, 
Charles, Heniv, ChrUlophtr, and Ncvil (of whom the two 
lail Ictt no iifuc), and Jr raxices,. wite ot Chriftophcr, the tLxi\ 
Viicount Hatton. 

Charles, the eldell fon, fucceedcd his father ni the title 
of Baronet, and his mother in tliat ot Lord Cirey of Ruihyn, 
^c. bui he dying May 17, 1679, without iiiue^ was fucceed- 
cd by 

(jft Vifcount.) Henry, his brother, who, April 21, 1690, 
was created Vifcount de Longucvillc, and died March 24, 1 704* 
He married Barbara, daughter and co-heir to Sir John Talbot, 
of Laycock, in the county of Wilts. By this Lady, who died 
1763, he had two fons, Talbot and IL nry, (which lali having 
bad one daughter, died without ilTue ) and live daughters ; Bar- 
bara, wife of Reginald Calthrope, Efq. (by whom ihe had iflue. 
Sir Henry Calthrope, Knight of the Bath, and Barbara^ wife of 
Sir Henry Gough, Bart.) and Sufanna, Fraofesy Anne^ Hen* 
rietta, who died unniarriea. 

(ill £arl») Talbot, the eldeft fon, fucceeded his farfier, and 
in I7i7> was created Earl of SuiTex, with remainder to Henrys 
his brother, and their iflue male. He married Lucy, daughter of 
Henry Pelham, of Lewes, in Suflex, Efq. (uncle to the late Duke 
of NewcaAIe) and by her, who died in child-bed, 25th of May, 
1730, had iiiue three Tons, viz. George, born 30th of January, 
1725-6, who died an infant.— Augu ft us, born 27th of July, 
1727, the late Earl. — Henry, born 7th of July, 1720, the prefent 
Earl. His Lordihip dying 27, 1731-, was nicceeded by 
his fon 

(2d Earl.) Augustus, who was firft Lord of the Bedcham-» 
ber to the prefent King, when Prince of Wales, died the 8th 
of Jan. 175B, unmarried, and was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) Henry, the prefent Earl. 

lNr« B. His Lordfliip, as Baron Hailings, Heir General to 
the ancient Earls of Pembroke, claims to* carry the fpurs at 
the Coronation, and did carry them at that of his prefent Ma- 
jelly King George lil. 

CREATIOM8.3 Baronet, 30th of January, 1641 ; Baron Grey 
of Ruthyn, fummoned to Parliament 16 Edw. IL 1322; Baron 
Ballings, fummoned 23d of Edw. L 12^94 ; Vifcount de Lon« 
gueviUe, by patent, 2 lit April, 1690; Earl of Suflex, by patent, 
26th of Sept. t7i7. 

Arms.] jirgentf three lions rampant, and a chief, guki% 
[Plate XV.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a lion palTant, I'egardant, guku 
SupFoiLTERs.1 On the dexter fide, a wyvern, or, collared 
and chsuned, gules ; oa the imiller, a lioi^ rampant, regardant, 

R ^ MoT^ 

Digitized by 

»48 E A R L C O W P E R. 

Motto*] Foy cn tout. Faith in all things. 

ClJiEP SeatsJ At Eailon Mauduit, near Wellingborough » 
inNorthamptonfliirc; and at Brandon, near Coventry, in the 
county of Warwick, 


COWPER, Earl of COWPER, Yifcount Fordwich, Ba- 
ron Cowper, of Wingham, and B.ironct ; and a Prince of the 
Roman Empire; fucceededhis father Dec. 22, 1789, 

Of thi« family, which was firft fcnted in Suflcx, was John 
Cowper, oi Strode, in the reign of King Edward IV. and was 
anceftor of 

(ift Bart.) William Cowper, who in the 17th of Charles L 
was created a Baronet. He married Martha, daughter of James 
Mafters, Efq. and had fix fons and three daughters ; Mary, who 
died unmarried. — Martha, married to lohn Huitfon, Efq. — 
4nne, to John Richmond, Efq. The tons were, John.— Sir 
Edward, who died unmarried*--Sir William, who had iflue Sir 
John. — Spencer, who died unmarried. — James, who in 1660, 
married Mary, daughter of Sir Henry Worth, but died without 
iffut ; and fhe married fecondly, George, the fourth Eail of 
Suffolk,— Henry, died without ifTue. 

John, the eldeft fon, married Martha, daughter of George 
Hewkley, of London, merchant, and had a fon William, who 
fucceeded his grandfather, and married Sarah, daughter of Sir 
Samuel Holled, and had two fons, William, his heir; and 
Spencer, who was one of the Judges of the Common Pleas ; but 
dying on the lOth of December, 1728, left one daughter, mar^ 
Tied to Colonel Martin Madan ; and three fons, William, who 
died in Feb. 174O, leaving iflue two fons and a daughter; of 
whom William married, Auguft 5, 1749, Mifs Madan, cldefl 
daughter of Colonel Madan, by whom he had a fon, bom May 
6, 1750. — John.— Afhley. 

' (ift Lord and Earl.) SirWillinm fucceeded his fatlicr, and 
in 1705, was made Lord Keeper of the Cireat Seal, and the next 
year created Lord Cowper, and aftcrwnrds Earl Cowper, and 
died on the lOth of 061. 1723. He married to his hrll wife, 
* Judith, daughter and heir to Sir Robert Booth, hy whom he had 
a fon that died young ; hut hy his fccond wife, Sarah, daughter 
of John ClaveringjEfq. of Durham, who died Feb. 5, 1723-4, he 
}iad iflue two fons, and two daughters ; Sar^h, \\ ]io died Dec. 7, 
tifi, — Anfie, married 1731, to James-Edward Colleton, Efq. 
and died March 26, 1750. The fons were, William, his fuc- 
ccflbr**— Spencer, late Dean of Durham, who in May, 1742, 

A married 

L lyui^cd by Google 



married Dorothy, daughter of Charles, late Vifc.Towiilhen4» 
and died without iiTue, March 25, 17749 and his Lady, May, 
1770* His Lordihip died 10, 1723, and was fucceeded by 

his ion 

(2d£arl.) William, who was bom in 1709; and took the 
name of Clavering, in purfuance of the will or his uncle. He 
married June 27, 1732, Henrietta, daughter and co-heir to the 
Earl of Grantham, and by her, who died Oft, 13, 1747,1 he had 
iiTue Caroline, born June 20, 17339 married July 24, i753>ti» 
Henry Seymour, £fq* nephew to Edward, Duke of Somerfet» 
and oied June 2^ I773i leaving iflue«*-*George Naflau, late ' 
Earl Cowper. On May i, 1750, his Lordihip married to his fe- 
cond wife Georglnia-Caroline, daughter of John, Earl Gran- 
ville, widow of John Spencer, £fq. and mother to the late £ad 
Spencer, by whom, who died Aug. 21, 17S0, he had no iflue. 
And departing this life on Sept* 18, 1764, was fucceeded by 

(3d Earl.) GsORGE-Naflau, born Aug. 26, 1738, marrid 
June 2, I775> Anne, daughter of Francis Gore, £fq. of South- 
ampton, by whom he had iflue, George-Auguftus, the prdfent 
Earl.— Peter-Leopold-Lewis-Francis, born May 6, 1778.— Ano- 
ther fon, born July 16, 1769. His Lordihip died at Florence^ 
Dec. 22, 1789, when he was fucceeded by 

(4th Earl.) George-Augustus, the prefent Earl. 

.Creations.] Created Baronet, March 4, 1641, 17 Car. I. 
Baron Cowper of Wingham, in the county of Kent, Nov. Of 
1706; Vifcbunt Fordwich, and Earl Cowper, March 18, 17 10; 
Prince of the Roman Empire, by Diploma, Jan* 31, 1778, and 
confirmed Aug. 27, 

Arms.] Argmty three martlets, and a chief engrailed, guUsi 
on the latter, as many annulets, or. [Plate XV.J 

Crest*} On a wreath a lion*s gam eredled and erafed, or, 
holding a oranch, tvr/, fru6led, guUs. 

Str?PoaT£RS«] Two light-dun horfes, with tails docked, 

Motto J Tuum eft. It Is your own. 
Chief Seat*] At Colne-Green, in Hertfordilure; andal: 
Katling-court, in the county of Kent* 


^ HOPJ^ Vifcount Stanhope of Mahon, and Baron of El* 
vafton, fucceeded his £ither Philip, the late Earl, March 7, 1786, 
bom Aug. 3, 17531 ^^^^ '9> ^ 774> Harriet, da'ughtek' 
of the late &rl of Chatham, by whom, who died July 18, 1 780, 
he has ifTue, Heftcr-Lucy, born March 12, 1776* — Grizilda, 


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born in 1778. — A daughter, born Feb. 1780. His Lordfliip 
married fccondly, March lO, 1 78 1» Elizabeth, daughter of Hen- 
ry Granville, Lfq. late Governor of Barbadoes, and coufm to 
the prefent Marquis of Buckinghanii by whom he has ifluc, a 
fon, Vifcounc Mahon, born June 4, 1 7 85*-— Another foo, bom 
Sept. 7, i788» 

Philip, the firft Earl of Chefierfield, marrying to his fc- 
Gond wife Anne;, daughter of Sir John Packington, had an 
<ialy fon 

Alexander, who died Sept. 2c y 1 707, having married Catha- 
rine^ daughter of Arnold Burgbiil, Efq. and had £ve fons; and 
and one daughter Mary, who married Charles, the firft Vif- 
count Fane. The fons were, James. — Alexander, who died in his 
fathcr'$lifc-time.— ?!iilip,killed the aSth of Sept. 1 708, in attack- 
ing the Caftle of St. Philip, in Minorca«^£dward, killed at the 
ficge of Cardova, in Spain, Dec, 23, i7ii.~WiUiam, bom at 
Madrid, in 1691, died an infant. 

(ift Earl.) James, the eldeft, in Sept. 1708, took the iflaad 
of Minorca, and was in 1717, created a Baron and Vifcoiuit^ 
with limitation, for wrant of heirs male, to Charles Stanhope, of 
' Elvafton^ Efq. and his brother William, and was, in 1718, 
created Earl Stanhope. He married Feb» 24, 171^ Lucy, daugh- 
ter of Thomas Pitt, Efq. bv whom he had iflue, Philip, late 
£arL-*-Lacy, twin-iifter to Philip, bom the t5th of Augaft^ 
1714, who died May 21, 1785, — George, bom Dec* 28, 1717, 
died unmarried 1754* — James, who died April 21, 1730. — 
Gertrude, who died young. — Jane, and Catharine, twins, bom 
after the death of their father, and both died young. Their mo- 
ther died the 24th of Feb. 1723; and the Earl, Feb. 3, 1721, 
when he was fucceeded by his fon 

(2d Earl.) Philip, bom Aug. 15, 1714, married in 1745, 
Gri^el-Hamilton, daughter of Charles, Vifcount Binning (oa 
of Thomas, Earl of Haddington, of Scotland, by whom he had 
iffuc, Philip, bom Tunc 24, r746, died July 6, 1 763. — Charlei^ 
the prefent Earl. His Lordihip dying March 7, 1 7S6, was fuc- 
ceeded by his only furviving fon, 

(3d £arl«) Charles, the prefent Earl. 
Creations.] Created Baron Stanhope, of Elvafton, in th» 
county of Derby, and Vifcount Stanliopc of Mahon, in Mi- 
norca, July 12, 1717, 3 George I. and Earl Stanhope, April 14, 

Arms and Crest.] The fame as the Earl of Chefterfield| 
with a crefcent for difference. [Plate XV.] 

SiTp PORTER 8.] On the dexter Mt, a talbot, frmtne* On 
£ni(ler, a wolf, ducally crowned, asutni each charged oiv 
the Ihoulder with a crefcent, azurt* 

MoTTO.J J Di§ tgf Rtge^ From God and my King. 
Chief Scat.] A^ Chevcningi in the county oi Kent. 

b H 5 " 

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I ail ] 


npH£ Right Hon. ROBERT SKERARD, Earl and Baron of 
HARhOROUGH, and Lord Slierard, in England ; and 
Baron Leitrim, in Ireland. His Lordjliip wns born 15, 
1719, fiiccecdcd lus brother llcnnett, Echrii;.r\ 24, 1770. He 
married lirii, Catharine, daughter and co-heir oi Edward Hearft, 
ot Salifbury, Elq. and flie dying Fehriinry 5, 1765, without 
iilur, he married ftxondly in January, 1767, Mifs Rct-ves, daugh- 
ter of W illiap Reeves, Eiij. ot Melton Mowbray, in Lci- 
cefterfhire, and by her, who died in 1770, had illue one forij 
Philip, born 0<5l. 10, 1767; and a daughter Lucy, born in 
0(5^.1769, His Lord/hip married thirdly. May 25, 1772,1)0- 
rotliv, tlaughtcr and fole heir of William Roberts, of Glaiilon, 
in Kutlandiliire, Efq. by whom, who died in 17S1, he had 4 
daughter, Dorothy-Sophia, born April 17, 1775, and died Nov*. 

This family derive their d Icent from Schirard, who, at the 
time of the Conqucft had great poileliions in the counties of 
Chefler nnd LancaAer, and was tiie ancellor ot Robert Sherard, 
who inai I ying Agnes, daughter and heir to Sir Lawrence Haw- 
berk, Knt. with her had the manor of btapkford, now theic 
chief feat. In 1437 

Lawrence, their fon, marrying Elizabeth, daughter and heir to 
John Woodford, Eitj. had four Ions, l^olu rt, IjeoilVey, Clirif- 
pher, and William ^ whereof the two latter died without iiiuc ; 

Robert, tlic eideil, dying without iiTuc, Geoffrey, his next 
brother, became heir, and marrying Jncofa, daughter to I homas 
Aiiiby, Efq, had Thomas, his heir, an.l Rc-b rt Sherard, of Lop- 
tliorp, in the county of Lincoln^ from whom delcended §i|r- 
Brownlow Sherard, Bart. 

Thomas, married Margaret, daughter to John Helweil, i^f(|«. 
and was fucceeded by 

George, their Ion, who marrying Rohefa^ daughter to Sir 
Thomas Pultney, had 

Francis, his heir, who married Anne, daughter to George 
Moore, £f<^» and had three fons. Sir Philip, Sir Williamj and 

Sir Philip, the cldeil^, married IfabeJ, daughter of Sir johi\ 
Harpiir, and dying without iilue, 

(iH: Lord.) Sir William, the fecond, became heir. In the 
third of Charles L be was created Baron of Lcitrim, and mar- 
rying Abigail, widow of Henry Trelhani, Efq. daughter to Sir 
Cecil Cave, Efq. by Anne, daughter of Anthony Bennet, Efq. 
had £vc fonsy and twQ daughterji , Abigail, who died in : 

Z and 

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md Anne, married to Nicholas KnoUes, Carl of Banbury* The 
'ions wcrc> Bennet, Phtlip, George^ Francis, and Henry* 

(2d Lord.) Beknbt, the elded, fucceeded his fether^ and 
and died in the year 1700; and by Elizabeth, daughter to Sir 
Robert Chriftopher, had two fons,andtwo daughters; Elizabeth^ 
» £rft married to Edward Ingram, the fecond Vifcount Irwin^ 
' and fecondly, to John Noel, Efq. and by her had a daughter 
Bridget, who was married to DaVid, Lord Milfington, bat died 
without furviving iiTue. — ^Lucinda, was the fecond wife of John, 
the fecond Duke of Rutland. Of the fons, Chriftopher, the 
cide/l, dying in 168 1, unmarried, 

(ifl l^rl*) Bennbt, the fecond, became heir, and was cre- 
ated Baron oherard, with remainder for want of heirs male to 
Fhilip, fecond fon of William, the firil Baron of Leitrim, and 
on the 3iil of O^ober, 1718, created Vifcount Sherarc^ of 
Staplefordf and on the 8th of May, 17 19, Earl of Harborough, 
with the like remainder* His LorcUhip married Mary, daughter 
to Sir Henry Calverly, and died without iflue, O^ober 16, 1732. 
We now return to 

Philip, fecond fon of William^ the firft Lord Shcrard, of 
Leitrim* He died in 1695, having married Margaret, daughter to 
Sir Thomas Denton, and Widow of John Poltency, hfq. and 
of William Eure, Efq* and had three fons, and a daughter Ahi- 

fail, married to John Pickering, El'q. The fons were, Bcnnct, 
hilip, and Denton. The fecond married Anne, daughter to 
John Ttioroton, M. D* had three fons, and three daughters; 
which were Philip, Robert, William 9 Anne, NJary, and Eliza- 
beth ; and 

Bcqnet, thi-ir uncle, died in 1701, having married Dorot]i\» 
daughter to Henry, the fourth Lord Fairfax, and widow of 
Robert Staplcton, Efq. and by her, who died in January, i 745", 
had four fons, and fiK daughters; three of which fons died 
without iflue ; and Margaret was the wife of Dr. lohn Giibcrtji 
Archbifhop of York, by whom /he has ilTuc a daughter, who 
married the prcfent Earl of Edgecumbe, and has ifTuc. 

(2d Eail.) Philip, the only furviving fon, luccccdcd his 
Tinclc, OSi. 16, 1732, in the titles, by virtue of the liiniut on in 
tlic patent, except that of Vifcount Sherard, of Stnpleford; ar.i 
was the ft coiul Earl. He married Anne, daughitT of Nicholas 
}\dley, Efq. ol Huntingdon, and by her, who died 1 Lhruary 
J 6, 175c, had [{Tac Bennet, htc Earl.- --John, born May i^, 
1713, who died unmarried, May 25, 1746. — Robert, the prefent 
Earl. ^Daniel, horn June 17, 1722, who died Tinni irricd, lune 
l;44» — i'liilip, born May 3, 1716, died an rniant. — Philip, 
l()rn March i, 1726-7, Colonel of the 69th regiment of foot.— 
El./.ahcth, born Fthruary 3, 1705, died voung. — Dorothy, born 
Nov. 10, 1707, mar: '.d the Rt v. Jnmrs rorI<ington, near Hun- 
tingdon, by whom iiit h«id lifuc^ two luii^, and three daughters 

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•JLucy, born Dec. 4, 171O1 died unmarried in i78i.-^-Anttf^ 
bom April 26, 17 12, died in 1714. — Sufannai bom January 16^ 
27 14^ died unmarried, in Dec* 1765.— Urfula^ bom Od. 2p 
17 1 7, died unmarried, Sept. i, 1 745.— -Anne, born Feb, 22, 
1723, dfed May 19, 1 7 24.— Catharine, born May 27, 1730, died 
Auguft 3, following. His Lordfliip dying July 20, 1750, was 
fucceeded by his eldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Bennet, who married^ firft^ in June 27* 174S, 
Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Ralph, Earl Verney^ and by her, 
who died in June, 1756, had iflue Charles* Lord Sherar^ bom 
in January 9 X73Q9 who died young. — Henry, born Sept. 10^ 
1741, died an infant.— ^Jame$» born February 25, 1742-3, died 
young. — ^William, bom February 20, 1743-4, died young, as did 
three daughters, Elizabeth^ Charlotte, and Mary. His Lord- 
Ihip, July 3, 1757* married fecondly, Frances, daughter to the 
Hon. Juilice Noel, by whom he had a daughter Frances, born 
April 12, 1759, married April 18, 1776, Colonel George Mor* 
gan of the Guards, and has iiTue. His Lordfliip's iecond wife 
dying Sept. 15, 17 60, he married, March 31, 1 761, his third 
wife, Margaret, daughter of Thomas Hill, Efq. of Tern, in 
Shropfblre, who died February i, 1768, by whom he had ifllte 
a fliU-bom daughter, born January 23, 1767, and a fon, Ben- 
net, Lord Sherard, born Feb. i, 1768, and died the aift of the 
fame month ; and his Lordihip married, fourthly, Oi^. 8, 1768, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Cave, Bart, by whom he 
had no ifibe; and his Lord(hip,deceaiing, February 24, 1770, 
was fucceeded by his brother 

(4th Earl.) Robert, the prefcnt Earl. 
Creations.] Baron of Harborough, 0£l. xo, 17 14; and 
Earl, May 8, 17 19; Baron Leitrim, in Ireland, July 10, 1627. 

Arms.] jfrrentf a chevron, guksy between three torteauxes* 
[Plate XV.j 

Crest.] In a ducal coronet, 0r, a peacocVs tail ere£t, proper. 
Supporters.] Two rams, argent^ armed and ungulec^ or. 
Motto.] Hojfiis bonori imftdta. An enemy^s envy is an ho- 

Chief Seats.] At Stapleford, in Leicefterihire ; andWhii^ 
fendine, in RatlandAiire. 


THE Right Hon. THOMAS PARKER, Earl and Baron of 
MACCLESFIELD, Vifcount Parker, born Oaober la, 
1723, fucceeded his father, March 17, 1769, and married Dec* 
12, 1749, Mary, eldeft daughter of Sir William Heathcote^ 
£art. oif Northamptohikire^ by whom ht has iifue; George^ 


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Vifcount Parker, born Feb. 24, 1 755, married May 24, 17S0, 
Mifs Drake ot Amcriham, in Berkfliirr. by whom he has a fon 
Thomas, who died an infant. — Thomas. — Elizabeth, born 
June ?o, 17^1, married Nov, 16, 1773, John f ane, Efq. of 
Wormlley, m Oxfordiliirc, by whom flie lias ilTuc a fon, bora 
June 24, 1780, and another fon, William, born Dec. 8, i 783, ilnce 
dead; a daughter, born June 28, 1785; and another daugh- 
ter, born July 26, 17S7. — Mary, born March 16, 1752«— 
Anne, who died in 1774. 

Thomas Parker had great pofleffions in tlie reign of King 
Richard IT. He married Elizabeth, daugiiter of Adam dc Go- 
tham, and had Robert, his heir, who married Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of fohn Rirlev, and had a fon John, who by Ellen, daugh- 
ter of Roger North, liad five Ions; of whom Thomas, the fe- 
cond, had iflue, William Parker, of Alhhourn, in DcrbvllMre, 

whofc fon George, married Barbara, daugluer of Pur' v, 

and had a fon, William Parker, who died in 1631, and left iiiue, 
by Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey Wilfon, a fon of Thomas 
Parker, Efq. father of 

( iL\ Earl.) Sir Thomas Parker, who was created a Baron, 
and on the 20th of May, 1718, was appointed Eord High 
Chancellor; and in 172 1, was created a Vifcount and E:irl ; 
and having married Janet, daughter of Charles Carrier, Efq. by 
her, who died Aug. ^3, 1733, had George, Vifc. Parker; and 
a daughter, Elizabeth, nKuried Aug. 7, 1720, to William 
lleathcote, El([. fince created a Baronet, by whom ihe had a 
<laughter Mary, who married tlie prclent Earl, hercoufin; and 
jix \'on<. On this lady and her'ifliie male are entailed the ho- 
nours of Baron, Vifcount, and Earl, in failure of the iflue male 
of the prefent Earl, her nephew. His Lordihip ^ying on the 
28th of April, 1732, was fuccccded by 

(2d Earl.) George, his only fon, late Enrl, who married 
the 1 8th of Sept. 1722, Mary, dau^';hter of Mr. Lane, a Tur- 
ky-merchant, and by her, who died June 4, 1753, had iflue, 
Thomas, now Earl of Macclesfield, born 0£l. 12, 1723; and 
George-Lane Parker, born Sept. 6, 1724, a Major-general in • 
the army, who married May 17, 1782, Lady Cotteral Dormer. 
His Lordfhip married, fccondly^ in Dec. 1757, Mifs Dorothy 
Ncfl^it, who died July 14, 1779. Lordfhip dying without 

any liiuc by her, on March 17^ 1764, was fucceeded by bi& 
cldeft fon 

(3d Earl.) Thomas, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Baron Parker, March 9, 1716, 2 Geo.L and 
Vifc. Parker and Earl of Maccles.held, Nov. 13, 1721. 

Arms.] Gules, a chevron between three leopards faccs^ ^ff 
[Plate XVLI 

Crest.] A leopard*^ head erafed and guardaat| cr, ducally 
gorged, ^uliiu 


^ d by Google 


£ A R J. o p P O M F R £ T. sjf 

SupPORTBiLS.] Two leopards reguardant) froper, each gorged 
with a dacal coronet, gulesm 

Motto.] Sapere audi* Dare to be wife* 

Chi£F Seat.] At Sherburn^aftley in Oxfordihire, 


q^HE Right Hon, GEORGE FERMOR, Earl of POM- 
^ FRET, and Lord Lempfter, fucceeded his father^ George, 
the late Earl, June 9, 1786, bom Jan* 8, 1768* 

Of this family of Fermor, formerly called Ricards, was Tho- 
mas Ricards» whofe mother being daughter and heir of the 
lamnily of Fermor, he took that name ; and died in the firft of 
Henry VIL By hit wife Emmote, daughter and heir to Simkin 
Henrey, Efq. he had Richard; andWiTliam> who died 20th of 

Richard was bred a merchant, fettled himfelf at Fallen-* 
Nefton, which he had purchafed. He married^Anoey daiighter 
of Sir William Brown, Lord Mayor of London, and ha4 thrfe 
fons and iive daughters ; Joan, married Hrft to Robert Wilfotd^ 
Efq. and (econdly, to Sir John Mordaunt. — Anne, to WUHam 
Lucy, Efq. — Elizabeth, to Thomas Lovet, Efq. — Urfula, to 
Richard Fienes.^Mary, to Sir Richard Knightley. The font 
were. Sir Johh.~ Thomas.--* Jerome* Sir John, the eldeft, 
married Maud, daughter of Nicholas, Lord Vaux, Baron of 
Harrowden; and dving Dec. 12, 1571, left iflue Sir George 
Fermor, his heir; Nicholas, and Richard; and three daugh- 
ters; Catharine, married firft to Michael Pulteney, Efq. and fe- 
condly, to Sir Henry D^Arcy. — Anne, to Edward Leigh, Efq. 
~Mary, to Sir Thomas Lucas. 

Sir Geohgz died the ift of Dec* 16 12, having married Mary, 
daughter of Thomas Curzon, Efq. and had feven fons and eight 
daughters; of whom three died unmarried; Agnes, the eldeft^ 
was married to Richard, the firft Vifcount Wenman. — Eliza^ 
beth, firft to Sir William Stafford, and fecondly, to Sir Thomas 
Chamberlayne*—- Jane, to Sir John Killegrew*— -Catharine, to 
William Hoby, Efq. — Mary, firft to Robert Sanquar, and af- 
terwards to Barnaby, Earl of Thomond* And of the fons. 

Sir Hatton, the eldeft, died in 1640. He married Anne^ 
daughter of Sir William Cockain, and had five fons and fix 
daughters; of whom, Mary, was married to Sir Charles Cromp- 
ton*— Anne, to Jonathan Cope, Efq.-'-Cayiarine, firft to Sir 
John Schuckburgh, and after his deceafe to Sir Ro|;er Norwich* 
--Three died unmarried* And of the fons, which were, Si^ 
William.— Hatton.— Charles.— George. —Richard* The fe-. 
cond died in 1644, and 


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Sir WiLLlASly the eldefl, was created a Bsironef» and died 

May 14, 1 66 1, de jnarricd Mary, daughter of Hugh Pcrry^ 
Ei'q. widow of Henry, fecond Ton of Edward, (he £rfl Vifcoun^ 
Cainpdcn, and had eight (ow, and two daughters. Hattoni the 
cldefl Ton, dying an infant, 

(iftLord.) William, the fecond Ton, became heir, and on 
tTie 1 2th of April, 1692, was created Lord Lempfter. He mar- 
ried firft, Jane, daughter of Andrew Barker, Efq. by whom he 
had a daughter Elizabeth, who died unmarried, in March, 1705, 
By his fecond, who was Catharine, daughter of John, the thiid 
Lord Poulett, he had another daughter, Mary, married to Sir 
John Wodehoufe, and died 0£t. 24, 1729. By his third, So- 
phia, daughter of Thomas, Duke of Leeds, and widow of Do* 
natus. Lord O'Brien, who died Dec. 8, 1746, he had two fons, 
Thomas and William ; and four daughters ; Sophia died young. 
— Catharine, and Bridget, died unmarried. — Matilda married 
Edward Conyers, £fq:and died in February 1741, leaving iflue 
John Conyers, Efq. who married, 1746, his Erft couiin^ Hen- 
lietta, the late Earl's fiAer* 

(iftEarl.) Thomas, theeldeft fon, was born in 1698; on 
the 7th of December, 171 1, fucceeded his father ; and on Dec. 
27, 1721, was created Earl of Pomfret. He married, July 14, 
1720, Hcnrietta-Louifa, daughter of John, Lord Jefferies, Ba- 
ron of Wem, and by her, who died Dec. 17, 1761, he had four 
fons, and fix daughters, viz. George, the late Earl.— -William, 
born 1723, a Captain in the Royal Navy, who died 1749* — 
John, born Aug* 3, 1726, died 1729. — Thomas, bom Oct. 29, 
1734, died young. — Sophia, born May 29, 1721, married April, 
1744, John Carteret, Earl Granville, and died 7, I745» 

leaving iflue.— -Charlotte, bom Feb. 16, 1724-5, married m 
Aug. 1746, William Finch, brother to the late ]' :u l of Win- 
chclfea, by whom flie had ill'uc, George^ the prclciU Earl, and 
other children. — Henrietta, born Sept. 19, 1727, married Jan, 
13, 1746-7, John Conyers, Efq.. of Copthall, in Eflcx, and has 
jfrue.~-Juliana, born May 21, 1729, married Aug. 1751, 'Vho- 
mas Penn, Efq. of Bucks, and has ifliie.---Louifa, born Oct. 23, 
I73r, married the youngeft fon of Sir William Clayton, Iiart. 
of Surry, and has iffuc. — Anne, born May 21, 1733^ married 

July 15, 1754, Thon^as Dawfon, Lord Dartrcv, of Ireland, and 
*cd \T:irch I, 1769, leaving iffue. His Lordihip dying July 
8, 1753? fucceeded by his only fon 

(2 ! h/arl.) Georc^k, born in 1722, married April 30, 1764, 
Anna-Maria, dauglucr and heir of l^raycott, Efq. of Sun- 
bury, in Middlef^x, by whom, who died Sept. 2:;, 17S7, hr had 
iffdc, GcorgL', the prcfcnt Earl. II iani -Thomas, born Nov. 
22, 1770, who is married, and has ifTue. — Charlotte, hnvn Nov. 
2C, 1776, married An?, i, 1787. Peter Denys^ F.fq. His Lord* 
ihip dying Juae^^ ^?^5} ^'^^ iucceeded by hi& foa 


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(3d EarK) George, the prefent Earl. * 
CUATiONs.] Baron, April I2> 1692; and Earl^ December 
ay, 1721. 

Arms.1 jit gent ^ a felsj/^^/^y between-three lions heads erafcd* 
gu/fs. [Plate XVI.] 

. C1.E8T.] Out of a ducal coronet> or, a cock's head Ifluing* 
Supporters.] Two lions, proper^ 
Motto.] Hera 4 femper. It is always time. 

Chief Seats.] At Eafton-Nefton, in the county of Nor-i 
thampton ; and at Sunbury, in Middlefcx* 


npHE Riglu Hon. WILLIAM GRAHAM, Earl and Baron 
GRAHAM, of Belford, in the county of Northumber- 
land, in England, and Duke of Montrose, in Scotland. 

For an account of rliis family, fee Duh of Montrose, in 
the Peerage of S. u/aK^L 

Arms.] See Plate XVI. 


'T^HE Right Hon. JOHN KERR, Earl and B:iron KERR, 
^ of WakcEeld, in Yorkfhire; and Dakeof Roxburgh, in 

For an account of this family, fee Ihtke of RoxBURiCH, in 

the Peerage of Scotland. 

Arms.] See Plate XVL 


^ WALDKCiRAVE, Vifcount Chewton, Baron Walde^, 
grave of Chewton, and Baronet, horn July 13, 15/84, fuccced- 
td his father, the late Earl, O^. 17, 1789* 

This family takes' its name from the village of Waldegrave, 
in Northamptotiniirc. Warin de Walgrave had a fon John, who 
was Sheriff of Lontlon in 1205; from him defcended Sir Tho- 
taas Waldegrave, who was knighted by King Edward IV. He 
tnarricd Elizabeth, daughter of Sir John Fray, and died in 1500, 
leaving ifTuc, Sir William.-— Edward.— Richard.-—Janc, fccond 
wife of Thomas Mannock, Efq. — Citharine, married to George 
Manuock, Efq. Sir William, the eldcf}, married Margery, 
daughter of Sir Henry Wentworth, and had three fons; u 
Goorge; 2. William; and 3. Anthony. 

Vol, L S Sir 




Sir Edward Waldcgrave, fccond fon, married EVwAh^fit^ 
clnightcr of John Cheney, Efq. and dying the jyth of Henry 
Vlll. left iffuc a fon, Sir John ; and a daughter, M«rj> who 
• married Maac Aftlcy, Eff). Sir John Waldegrave married Lau- 
ra, daughter of Sir John Rochcller, and had three Tons, Sir 
Edward,— Rol>ert. — ^John; and died the 6th of OA» i$43» 
Sir Edward, the eldcil, had, from Queen Mary, a grant of the 
Manor of Chewton. He died on the Arfl of Sept. i^i^ hav- 
ing married Frances^ daughter of Edward Nevti, brother to the 
Lord Abergavenny, and had two foiVi Charles, his heir ; Nicho* 
las; and three daughters; Mary, married to John, thc£rft Lord 
Petre.-'^-^Magdalene, to — Southcotej £i^*— Catharine^ to 
— Gwayne, Elq* 

Charles, marrying Jeronyma, daughter of Sir Henry Jer- 
negan> left Sir Edward^ his heir ; and two daughters ; Frances^ 
married to Henry Yaxley^ £fq«— •MagdaleiSf to Philip ^ris, 

(ift Bart.) Sir Edward, in the 19th of Charles L was cre- 
ated a Baronet. lie married Eleanor, HAer and heir to Sir 
Francis Lovel, and had a fon 

(2d Bart.) Sir Hekrv, wlio fvicceeded him, and marrying 
firft, Anne, daughter of 1 , hvard Pafton, Efq. had feven U>nt» 
and four daughters ; and by Catharine, his lecond wife, who waa 
daughter of Richard Bacon, he had fix fons and fix daughters; 
and died Od. i o, 1 658* Of the ions by the firft wife^ 

(3d Bart.) Sir Charles fuccceded his father; and marrying 
Helen, daughter of Sir Francis Englefield, had Sir Henry, his 
keir; and Sir Charles. 

(ift Lord.^ Sir Henry Waldegrave in the firft of James II, 
was created Lord Waldegrave ; and in 1689, died at Paris ; bat 
having married Henrietta Fitz- James, natural daughter of King 

James II. by Mrs. Arabella Churchill, ftfter to John, Duke of 
4arlhorough, by her, (who died April 3* 1730) had two fons; 
and a daughter, Arabella, a nun. The fons were, James and 
Henrv'; the latter died unmarried ; but 

(ift EarK^ Jambs fuccecded his father. On the i6th of 
8ei»t. ne was created Vifcount Chewton, and Earl Walde- 
grave. nt married in 1 7 14, Mary, fecond daughter of Sir John 
Webb, Bart, of Gloucefterihcre« and by her, who died Jan. 22, 
1 7 10, he had two ions, and one daii^hter, viz. James, fecond Earl 
Waldegrave. — Henrietta, bom Jan. 2, 17 17, died May 13, 1753; 
Ihe married July 7, 1734, to Lord Edward Herbert, only bfo* 
ther of the late Marquis of Powis, who left bter a widow in 
November foHowtng, with child, and fiicwas delivered in June^ 
1735, of a daughter Barbara, married March 36", 1 751, to the late 
Earl Powis<<^John, third Earl Waldegrave. His Lordfliip died 
April ijy 1741, aodwasfucceeded by his eldeil fon 


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(ad EarK) Jambs^ born March 4, I7i5f married in Dec* 
1754, Mifs — Drax, daugttterof Henry Draxy Efq* which 
Lady (lying without iffvcy he married fecoiidlyy May 15, 1759^ 
Maria> fecond daughter to Sir Edward Walpole, fecond fon of 
Robert^ Earl of Chrford, bj whom he had Elilabeth-Lanray 
bom March 24, 17609 married May, 5, 1782, her ^rft confin^ 
the late £arU~Charloite^Martai bom O£lober 11, ij6u^'^ 
Anna-Horatia, bom November 8^ 17629 married Nov* i6» 
1784, the Earl of Eufton, cldeft fon of the Duke of Grafton. 
And Ilia Lor^ip dying without i£Rie male in 1763, he was 
fucceeded br his only brother. His Ladj married iiscondIy» 
September o, 1766, nis Royal Highnefs, Wiltiam-Henryy his 
Majefty*s next brother, the prefent Duke of tiloucefter, by 
whom ihe has tflue. See Duke of Gloucbster, 

([3d Earl.^ John, bom April 28, 1718, married in 17 51* 
lEiisabeth, iifter to the prefent Marquis of Sta£%»rd, by whom 
(who died April 28, 1784) he had ifiue, George, the fourth 
Earl.— William, born July o, 1753, ^ Captain in the Navy, 
who niarried a Neapolitan Lady, in Feb. 17&6.— John, horn 
Nov. 27, 1756, died 1780, — Elizabeth and Amelia, twins, born 
May 26, 1758, and they both died in June, 1768. — Fiances, 
born Ocl. 6, 176 1, died in Mav, 1768. — Catharine, born March 
I, 1765. HisLordihip dying Odt. 22, 1784, was iuccceded by 
his Ion 

(4tli (jeorc. K, a Captain in the tliinl Regiment of 

(iiiards, honi Nov. 23, 1751, married May 5, 1782, tlizabcth- 
L.iur.i, cliiughter of his uncle James, the fecond Eai l, by whom 
he h;ul jiIdl, :i daughter, born July 14, 1783. — George, the 
prelent Lji 1. — Another fon, born July 30, 1785. — Another fon, 
born Aug. 29, 1787.— A pofthumous daughter, born Dec. 3, 
1789. His Lordihip dying OA. 17, 1789, was iuccccdtfd by 
iui Icjn 

(Stii Karl.) Oeorge, the prefent Earl. 

Cri ations.] Lord Waldegravc, Jan. 20,1685, I Jac. TL 
and Vifc. Chcwton, and Earl Waldegravc, Sept. 13, 17291 
3 Cico. I r. 

Arms.] Party per pale, argent and jfw/rr. [Plate XVI.] 

CatsT.] In a duc^l coronet, or, a plume of five oibich fca-« 
thers, party per pale, argent and guics. 

Supporters, i Two talhots, jaifUj eared, or, and each gorged 
with a mural coronet, argmt, niafoncd, fable. 

Mono.] Ccelum mn animum.^ You may change your cli- 
piate, but not vour nature. 

^niEv b£AT.j At Naveilokc, in iii'ex. 

§ t ASH- 


• • • [ 366 ] 


qpHk Right Horn JOHN ASHBURMHAM, Earl of ASlt^ 
£URNHAM» Vifcount St, Aiapb, and ]Baron of ABk- 
liunihain> born 06^. 30^ 1724) fuccetded his ^ther John, the 
Easl, .March 10, 1737 ; and June ^Sf 4756, married Elisabeth, 
daughter- of lohn Craw]e]r» Efq, late Alderman of London, 
l^whom, who died Feb. 17, 17 81, he has had George, bom 
Febl 2, 1 753^ and died Peb. jPoUowing* — George, Vifconnt St* 
Afaph, bom Dec* 25, 1760, married Aug. 2% 1784, Sophia, third 
daughter of the Marquis of Bath, by whom he luis iflue, a fon, 
born 0£^» 9, 17^5, and a daughter, born Sept. i7B6«^-Hen' 
rie^a-rTheodolia, born Kovi 8, 1759. — 1emima*EUzabeth, bora 
Jan. I, 1762, married Feb« 26, 1785, the Marquis of Giabam, 
eldeft foh of the Duke of Montrofe, by whom Ihe had a ion, 
bom Sept. 4, 1786, and ihe died the iSth'Of the fame month, 
and the child died April 23, 1787.— Elizabeth^Frances, bom 
May iQ, 1763. — TheodoiiarMaria, bom June 16, 1765, max- 
riedMaysQ, 1788, Mr. Viner. 

Of tKis cunily, which aiTumed tbdr furaame from the town 
of .Aibbumham, was Piers, Lord of Aihburnham, whofe fon, 
Anchitel, had a fon Bertram, who in the reign of King Harold 
was Siteriff of Suflex, Surry, and Kent, and Conilable of Dover- 
CaAlc, which he defended s^ainft William the Comjueror. From 
liim dercendcd Thomas Afliburnham, who married Sarah, daugh- 
ter ot Henry Wawncy, by whom he had three Tons, John. — 
Richard.— ihomas, John, the eldeft, died in 1491 ; and by 
Llr/abctli l^cckhara, his wife^ left ilfue William, his heir, who 
niai iiiu Anne, daughter of Henry Hawley, and had i:R c „ 
liiiughier Aimc, mai i RLl hrA, to William Apllcy ; and fecontJJ\ , 
to RiiliaiJ (^ovcrt, aih\ joViii, liis licir, who married Lor:i, 

daughter ut 1 hoina^ ]>. rkck v, El<j. >iikI had John, his licir, aiiu 
three baughtcrs; Aiuu, uiairicii UriL, lu jt.lin I'ulucv ; iicoiici- 
Iv, to ThcMniis Cul]H:j>cr, l.fq. Jane, to Ohvci Dcnii^m, Eit^. 
and Alice, to Jolm Uaiiicl, hft]. 

. |oHN\ who fiicccedcd, married Il.jbel, daug!it( r of lohn 
Sackville, KUj. aiul had three fons, John, 'l'ht)mas, and V\ d- 
iiam; .r.ui three daughter.^, I'Jeaiior. — Anne, married to Ibo- 

mas Pendwrtun, Fjq.-— Mai garet, to Jones, Efq. 

[oHN, the ckleli. loii, died the 14th of 0(SI. 1591. He mar- 
ried MrTv, daughter of ( itiorgc 1 aae, Efq. and had tivc foiii, 
Sir John, his heir; Thomas, William, Cieorge, and Walter; 
thi' four lall died without iiVue ; aiiu two daughters, Mary, 
uiai ricd to George ^\ cutwoflh, Lf"^. and Catharine, to George 
Aid wick, El'q* 


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Sir John, married £li£abeth, daughter of Sir Thomas Beau* 
monty and by her had two fons and four daughters ; ^whereof 
Elizabeth was^ married to Frederick^ Lord Cornwallis; Frances, 
to Frederick Turvile, Efq* Anne, to Sir Edward Dering ; and 
Catharine died unmarried* The fons were, John and William ; 
the youngefl married Jane, daughter of John, Lc^rd Boteler, wi- 
dow of James, Earl of N^rlborough, and died without iflue in 
Dec* 1679. 

JouK, his elder brother, died June 15, i67i» He married 
firu, Frances, daughter of William Holland, £fq« fecondly, 
Chrlfliaii, daughter of Chriilopher Ken, Efq. relid of John, 
L»ord Poulett, by which laft wife he had no ifiue ; but by his 
firft wife had eight children, of whom Elizabeth, married Sir 
Hugh Smith; and Frances, to Sir Denny Aihburnham« 

William, the eldeft fon, married Elizabeth, daughter of 
John, Lord Poulett, and dying in 1655, left ifliie by his faid Lady, 
who afterwards married Sir William Hartopp* 

(ift Lord.) John, who was created a Baron* He married 
July 22, 1677, Bridget, daughter of Walter Vaughan, Efq* 
and had Jane, married to James Hay, Efq* but died in Aug* 
1731 ; and Elizabeth, married firft, to Robert Cholmondeley, 
£fq* and fecondly, to Seymour Cholmondelcy, Efq* but died in 
Jan. I732» Thcfons were, William, John, and Bertram; the 
yonnrelt died in April, 1 743, unmarried* 

(zd Lord.) William, the eldeft, born May 20, 1675, 
the 2 1 ft. of Jan* 1709, fucceeded to the honour. He married 
Catharine, daughter and heir to Thomas Taylor, Efq. but dying 

of July following, 

(iftEarl.) John, his brother, born March. 13, 1687, became 
heir ; and in 1 7 30, was created a Yifcount and Earl* He mar* 
rted hrft, 0£l* 21, 17 10, Mary Butler, daughter of James, 
Duke of Ormond, Ky whom, who died Jan. 12, 1712, he had 
110 furviving iffue* By his fecond Lady, Henrietta Stanley, 
daughter of the ninth Earl of Derby, whom he married luly 
24, 1 7 14, ho died June 26, 1718, and was widow of John 
, Anneilcy, Larl of Anglefea) he had a daughter Henrietta, who 
died Auguft 8, 1732, unmarried. Taking to his third wife, 
Jemima Grey, daughter of Henry, Duke of Kent, by her, who 
died July 7, 1731, had a fon John, the prefent Earl. His 
Lordihip dying on March 10, 1737, was fucceeded by his fon 
(zdEkrl.) John, now Eur} of Aftiburnham. 
Creations.] Baron Aihburnham, May 30, 1689; Yifcount 
and Earl, May 14, 1730. 

the 16th of June, 17 10, without 

. J d by Google 


Supporters.] Two greyhounds, ya^/r,' collared and ciiaxn- 
cd, or. 

Motto.] Leroy is* rc/uit. The king and tlic ftatc. 
Chief Seats.J At Ailiburiiham, in Sull'ex ; and at Chclfca^ 
in Middicfex. 


'T^HE Right Honourable THOMAS HOWARD, Earl of 
EFFINGHAM, Lord Howard; born Jan. 13, 1746-7 ; fuc- 
cccded his father Nov. 19, 1763; married 061. 1765, Catharine, 
daughter of Metcalf Pro<5lor, of Tliorp, in Yoi klhire, Eiq. 

Thomas, the fecond Duke of Norfolk, marrying to his iecond 
- wife Agnes, fifter to Sir Philip Tincv, had a fon 

(i ft Lord.) William, who in 1552 was created Lord "How- 
ard of Effingham. He was Admiral of England, Ireland, and 
Wales, and died Jan. 12, 1573. He married hvil Catharine, 
daughter of Sir John l!oiii;luon, by whom he hnd onlv one 
daughter, Agnes, w ho was married to the third Marquis oi Win- 
chclk-r ; hut by his fecond, who was Margaret, daughter of Sir 
Thomas Cinmnge, he had four Ions and hvc daughters ; whereof . 
Douglas tlic eidcii, wns m irricd firft, to John, Lord Sheffield, 
and fecondly, to Sir I/'.ward Statfbrd ; Mary, i\rCt to Edward, 
Lord Dudley ; and lecondly, to Richard MompefTon, 1 Iq. Fran- 
ces to Edward Sevinoiir, Earl of Met ttord ; Manila to Sir 
Cirorge Bouchier ; and Catharine died young. And ot the fons, 
_\vhich were Charles, Sir William, Edward, and Henry, the two 
youngeft: died infants ; and 

(2d Lord, ill Earl of N.) Charles fucceedcd his father, and 
in con(ideration of his fervices againll the Spanilh Armada, as 
alfo for facking the town of Cadiz, and drf^roying the Spanifli 
fleet in the harbour there, was on the 22d of 0(9:ober, the fame 
year, created Earl of Nottingham, and died the 14th of Dec. 
1624. He married firft Catharine, daughter of the firft Lord 
Huniilon, and had two fons and three daughters; fecondly, Maz^ 
garet, daughter of James Stuart, the third Earl of Murray, by 
whom he had two fons, James, who died young; and Sir Charles, 
of whom hereafter. l"his Lady furvivirtg him, married Sir Wil- 
liam Monfon, Vifcount CalHemain. Of the daughters by Catha- 
rine the hrl\ wife, Elizabeth the eldefl: was mnrried firft to Sir 
Robert Southwell ; and fecondly, to John, Earl of Carrick.— 
Frances, firft to Henry, Earl of Kildarr; and lecondly, to Henry, 
Lord Cobham.— Margaret to Sir Richard Levefon. And of the 
fons, which w^cre Wiiiiam, Lord Effingham; and Charles; the 
cldcA married Anne, daughter of John, the fecond Lord St. 
John, of Bletihoc, by whom he had an only daughter Eliavabeth, 

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who wat married U> John Mordaunt, the firft Earl of Peterbo- 
rough ; but dying without iflue male, 

(3d Lor<l £• 2d Earl of N.) Charles, his brother, became 
hek to his Cather. He married firll, Charity, daughter of Robert 
White, Efq, widow of William Leche; fecondly, M^iry, daugh- 
ter of Sir Williaoi Cockain ; aiid dying on the 3d of 06k« 1642* 
without ifTue, was fucceedcd by his half brother, 

(4Xh I«ortl £• 3d Earl of iS.) Sir Ch arles, who married 
Afahella, daughter of Edwanl Smith, Efq. and (lying in 1681, 
without iflue, the Earldom of Nottingham ceafed in this family. 
We now return to 

Sir William Howard, fecond fon of William, the firft Lord 
Howard of Effingham; which Sir William, dying in 1600, left 
iflue by Frances, daughter of William Gouldwell, Efq. three 
(iin% Str Kdward, Sir Francis, and Sir Charles ; the former dying 
in without iflue. Sir Francis, his brother, fucceeded, and 

married Jane, daughter of Sir William Monfon, by whom he 
had feven fons and a daughter; and dying the 7th of July, 1651, 
was fucceeded by 

Sir Chajiles^ his eldeft fon, who married Frances, daughter 
of Sir George Coqrthop, and left iflue two ions, Fraticis his 
heir; and Cieorge; and a daughter Jane, married to Thomas 
Methwould, Efq. ; George, fecond fon, married Anne, daughter 
of m m Kidder, Efq. and had iflue three fons, Flenry, Charles, 
and TKomos, and two daughters ; of whom l*homas only fur- 
vived, and died March ^i, 1 753. He married Mary, only daugh- 
ter of Dr* Morton, Bifliop of Meath, by whom, who ated Feb* 
1782, he left two fons and two daughters; Sir George, Knight 
of the Bath and a General in the army, who married tirfl, Lucy, 
fifter to the prefent Earl of Straflbrd; and fecondly, the Dowa- 
ger Coontefsof Eflingham ; Henry ; Mary marrieu to Sir Fran- 
cis Vincent; and Catharine. 

(5th Lord.) FaAKcis, cldeR fon of Sir Charles, fucceeded 
Charles, Ejtfl of Nottingham, in the I?arony of Elffinghanu By 
his fecond wife Sufan, daughter of Sir Henry Felt on, and widow 
of Thomas Herbert, Efq. he had no ifTuc ; but his firft wife Phi- 
ladeFphia, daughter of Sir Thomas Pciham, he had three fons 
and three daughters; Philadelphia, Margaret, and Elizabeth 1 of 
whom the latter was firfl married to Fi-ancis Hutchinfon, Efi]* 
and fecondly, to William Roberts, Efq. but the two eldeft died 
young* And of the fans, who were Charles^ Thomas, and 
Francis; the eldei^ dying unmaiTied April 11, 1694^ 

(6th Lord.) Thomas, the fecond, in 1700^ fucceeded hisfa*^ 
thcr, and died on the 10th of July, 172c. By his lecond wile 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Rotheroni, Efq* and widow of 
Thcophilus Napier, he bad no i^uc ; hut by hisfirA wile Marj^ 
daughter of Holn WenCwortf), Efq. he had two d^it^fitcr?, Ann^ 
inarcied tn Scpl* 1729, to Sir William Yoiio^<^ Bart, and died in 

S 4 «77& 


1775, leaving liTue; and Mary to George, now Lord Vcmoxu 
His Lordihip dying without idue male, 

(ift Earl of £•) Francis, his brother^ became heir; and 
marry ingfirft» Diana, daughter of Brigadier O'Farrel, by her had 
Thomas the late Earl; and in July, 172S, taking to his fecood 
wife, Anne, fifter to Robert Briitow, Efq. hy licr, who died 
Nov. 15, 1774, had a fon George, born Mny 8, 1730, and died 
in July, 1731. His Lordfhip, 0{k* 17, 1731, was created an 
Earl^ and ay'\ng Feb* 12, 1742-3, was fuccecded by bis cmly 

(21: Earl.) Thomas* On Feb. 14, 1744-5, he married Eli- 
zabeth, daughter of Peter Beckford, £fq. of Jamaica, (iiirluch 
Lady married, fecondly. Sir George Howard, K. B* May 2I9 
1760, who by a former Lady had a daughter Lucy, married 
May 20, 1780, to Lieut. Col, Richard Vyfe, and died Aug. 2, 
] 784.) By the Earl fiie had iiTue, Thomas, the prefent Earl* — 
Richard, born Feb. 21, 17 48, married June 14, 1785, Mils 
March, daughter of John March, Efq. of Warefly Park, in Hun- 
tingdonfnirc. — Elizabeth, born Nov. 10, 1750, married Jan. 26, 
1774, the Rev. Henry- Reginald Courtenay, coudn to the pre- 
fent Vifcount Courtency, Re<5lor of St. George, Hanover Square; 
file died in Jan. 1782, leaving iflue, a fon William. — Anne, born 
]\Iav 4, 1752, married Lieut. Col. Thomas Carleton, of the 
iQth Rc^uTicnt of foot, brother to Lord Dorclicrttr, who died 
in Cannula, 1787. — Maria, horn Aug. 31, 1753, 'i^-'^i'i'i'^d \Iav 22, 
1772, Guy Cai lcton, Lord 1 )oi cheller, and has ilfuc. — Franccs- 
Hciring, born May 2?, ij^v ^'^^ l^ordlhip utpailcu tiiia litc 
on Nov, 19, 1763, and was luccccdid !>y 

(3d Lail.) 1 HOMAS, the prclcMit I'arl. 

Creations.] Baron Howard, March 11, 15^4 i Earl of 
Effingham, Dec. 8, 1731. 

Arms and Crkst.J The fame as the Duke of Norfolk's, 2 
mullet for diiicrence. [Plate XVIL] 

Supporters.] Two lions, ar^mt; on the fliouldcr of each a 
mullet lor difference. 

Motto.] Firtus milk fcuta. Virtue is equal to a thoufand 

Chief Seat.J At Great Bookham, in tlae county of Surry. 

walpole, earl of or ford. 

np HE Right Hon. GEORGE WALPOLE, Earl of OR- 
FORD, Vifcount W:\Ipolc, Baron Clinton and Say, Baron 
Walpole, niul Baron of Houghton, born April 2, 1730, fucceed- 
cd his father Robert, April i, 1751. 


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This family took their name from the tofwA of WaU 
pole St. ?eter% in Norfoiky where they were feated before the 
Conqueft* Richard de Walpole'marrying Emma^ daughter of 
Walter de NeveUon> with her had all her father^s lands in ReU 
don, near Houghton^ where the family has refided from the 
reign of King Henry IIL 

Dir EnwA&D Walpole, in 1663, was a member for Lynn» 
and died in March, 1668* He married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
Robert Came, and had five fons, and eight daughters; whereof 
twofons and five daughters died young; but Anne, thecldefl, was 
married to Moui^tfort Spelham, K{(|. Mary> the lecond, to John 
"Wilfon, Efq. and Elizabeth, to James Holt, Efq. And of the 
fons, Edward, theyounged, died 1688 ; Horatio, married Anne, 
daughter of Thomas, Duke of Leeds, and widow of Robert 
Coke, Efq. 

Robert, the eldeft fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Jef- 
frey Burwell, and had (befides thirteen chihlren, that died 
young) three fons and three daughters; Mary, inarried to Sir 
Charles Turner, fiart, and had iiTue. — Dorothy, to Charles, 
Vifcount Townfhend, grandfather tothe prcfent Marquis Townf- 
hend. — Sufan, to Anthony Hammond, Efq. The fons were, 
Robert, Horatio, and Galfridus; the latter married Cornelia, 
daughter of Mr. Hays of London, but died Aug. 7, 17.16, 
without ifliie. Horatio, the fecond fon, was created Lord 
Walpole of Woltcrton, and was father of the prclcnt Lord 
of that title, 

(ill: Earl.) RonruT, tlie Mci\ brother, horn Augull 26, 
1674, on tlic 6tli of Fc'Di iiary, T742, was tic.itcd a Viicount and 
Karl, and died the 18th ot March, 1746. He married tiril:, 
Catharine, dauc^hrci ot John ShiMtcr, Llq. and hy her (who 
died the 20th of Auguit, 1737) had three loii;. ; and a daughter 
Mary, married in 1723 to George, third Larl of Chohnoiuk lev, 
and died in 1732. The fons were, Robert, his fucceflur. — Su 
i^ilwartl, who died unmarried, jn-i. 1784, having had iflue, 
three daughters ; i. Laura, the widow of Dr. Frederick Kep- 
pcL late flilliop of Exeter. 2. Maria, the prelent Ducliefs of 
i-ilouceAer: and 3. Charlotte, married to the picienl Lord Dy- 
fart of Scotland, and uicd in i 789. — Horatio, the fecond fon was 
Knight of the Bath. His Lordfliip married fecond ly, Maria, 
daughter of "I'iiomns Skerret, Kfq. which Lady died June 4, 
1738, by wliom he had before marriage, one daughter, Maria, 
to whom his Majefty was i>leafed to grant prccedencv as an 
Earl'ii daughter. She was married in March, ^746, to Charles 
Churchill, Kfq. bv whom flie had a ion, born in Frb. 174-8, 
and two daughters ; one of whom married the eUifrt fon of lier 
con fin, Lord \Valpok, Lnd the other daughter inarried Lord 

. (ift 

bigiiizeo by 



(ift Lord, ad EarL) Robe&t, the eldcft fon, wa% in 1725^ 
during hU ^tfaer*s life-time^ created Lord Walpole^ with re- 
mainder to Edward, and Horalio, his brothers ; and m ^I«re 
of iiTue from them, to their iather Sir Robert, with remamder 
to the heirs male of Robert Walpole, father of Sir RoberU He 
married on the 27th of March^ i724> Margaret, daughter of 
Samuel Roll, Ei'q. by whom (who wat.fecbadly married to Se* 
wailis Shirley, £fq. and died Jan* 13, 1781 ; and who ok the 
doath of her &ther became fiaroncu Clinton and Say, which 
honour, on her death, defccnded to the prefent Earl of Orfer^ 
and wiU, if he dies without ifiue^ belong to the prefimt I>uke 
of Newcaftle, as heir general) he had one Icin, George> the 
prefent EarL His Lordmip dying April i, 1751, waa fucceedcd 
by his faid fon, 

fqd EarL) Gsouce, now Earl of OrfonL 

Creatiohs.} Created Baron Say, by writ, Feb. 18, 1610; 
Baron Clinton, Feb. 6, 1298; and Walpole, June 10, 1723; 
Baron of Houghton, YifcouQt Walpolc^ and Eaxl« of Oifard, 
Feb, 6, 1742, 15 Geo. 11. 

Arms.] Or, on a fefs, between two chevrons, /akle^ three 
cToU croflcts of the firft. [Plate XV JL] 

Crest.] Oi> a wreath, the buft of a man fidc-faced, coupcd, 
fraptry clucally crowned with a long cap on, gui(s^ thereon a 
;» Catharine wheel, or ; which creft belonged to the f.imily of 
Robtart, and Was in memory of the fcrviccs of Su Juliii Roh* 
fart, Knight of the Garter, againll the Saracens. 

SuPFOKTKRs.] On the dcxtci lide an antelo|ie ; and <:>n tlic 
iinirtcT Hdc :i buck, both argent ^ attired, proper j p^orged with 
collars, cheeky, cr ujid (tz/tn^ each hAvin^ a chain thereto aiV 
fixed, and iht-ii hoofs, dr. 

Motto.] lat i qua- fcntias. Speak what you think. 

Chief Seats.") At Houghton-hall, in the county of Nor- 
iuik ; at Piddlcton, ni the county oi Dor^t; and at HayatoDy 
in Devouihirtu 


THE Right HonanraWe CHARLES STANHOPE, Eailof 
HARKlNCiTOX, Viicount IVteriliam, B^ron ot Har- 
juigton, iucctt^\le\i his iatiier VViUiaun, the late Earl, April x> 
1779, born March ao> 1753* *»*>^'i^ May 22, 177Q, — — 
daughter and co-heir to the- fate Sir Michael Fltimning, Bart, 
jof A, hv whom he ha> Huit, Charks, the prefent Vile. 

Petir^iam, boiii April L in c<> hi -Edvkjird -Robert, bora 

Jiov. 26, j^Si.— Anaa-M;^rja, Horn St-pt. 3, ^7^S- — A tow, 
bon» Sept. 6> 1784. — A duu?»larr, lw>rji Dec 1^ 17§5»— AloBt 

.bom Apiil 24ft •i7B7» — A iou^ bom 6<:pt* aj^ 

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Sir John Stanhope, father of Philip, the hrfl Earl of Chcitcr- 
ticld, married to his fcroiid wife Dorothy, daughter of Thoinas 
'rrcnthani, by whom Ik- liaJ Sir John Stanhope, wlio died May 
29, 1638, having married hrll, Olivia, daughter of Kdward 
Bcrnstoni, Llcj. by whom he had an only daughterj ninrricd to 
<^harles Cotton, Eiq, His fccond wife was Mary, daughter of 
Sir lohn Iv.uicliil, and by her, who furvivcd him, had feveii 
Ions, and three daughters ; of whom John, Tliomas, and Fran- 
ces, died infants ; Anne, married Sir Thomas Ellys ; Radclyffe, 
Cromweil^ Byron, Alexander, and £ii;&abeth, had no i^ue; 

John, his heir, married Jane, daughter of Sir John Curzon, 
and dying March a6, 1662, left an only fon 

John Stanhope, who married Dorothy, daughter of Charles 
Agardy Efq. and hod four fons, John^ I'homas, Charles, and 
'W illiam ; whereof the eldefldied yonng ; and the fecond tnar*' 
rieil Jane, one of the daughters of Gilbert 7'hacker, Efq. relidl 
of Charles Stanhope, fecond fon of Philip, Earl of Chefterfield, 
who took the name of Wotton, and died on the nth of April, 
1 730, without iiTue ; Charles, the third fon, died unmarried^ 
March 17, 1760. 

(ill Ear h) William, the yonngcft fon, was created Lord 
Harrington, which title was formerly in John, third fon of Sir 
Michael Stanhope, anceilor of the Earl of Chefter£eld, On the 
19th of Feb. 1742, he was created Vilcount Petcrfham, and 
Earl of Harrington. He married Anne, daughter of Colonel 
Edward Griffith, and had iifue two Tons, William andThomaSy 
who were twins, and were born the 18th of Dec. I7IJJ, of 
whom il\e died in childbed; Thomas died in Feb* 1743* His 
ILordOiip dying Dec* 8, 1 756, was fucceeded by 

(2d Earh) Willi am his cldcft fon, the late Earl, who mar- 
ried Aug. II, 1746, Caroline Fitz - Roy, eldeft daughter of 
Charles, late Duke of Grafton, by wlioni (who died jftuie 26^ 
1784) he had ilfue, Carolina, born March 11, 1747, married 
0<^. 7, 1765, to Kenneth, late Earl of Seaforth, and died 
March 24, 1767, leaving a daughter; and his Lordlhip died 
1782, when that title became extin^.-^1fabel]a, bom April 4, 
1748, married Nov. 27, 1768, to Lord Vilcount Molineux, now 
Earl of Scfton, in Ireland, and has liTue. — Amelia, born May 
24, 1749, married April 16, 1767, to Richard, Earl of Barry* 
more, and died 17 80, leaving iflue. — Henrietta, bom OA* 26, 
1750, married March 15, 1776, to Thomas Lord Foley, 
had ifliie, and died Jan. 2,> 1781. — Charles, the prefent Earl.— > 
Henry, bom May 29, 1754, now a Lieutenant in the firfk Re*- 
glment of Foot-Guards^ who had a fon, born June 20, 1 787.— 
Anna-Maria, bom March ^i, 1760, married Jan. 25, 1782, the 
f>refent'£arl of Lincoln, eldeft fon of the Duke of NewcaAle. 


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His Lord dying April i, 1779^ iucceeded bjr his cldeft 

(3d Earl.) Charles^ the prefent EarL 

Cheat ioxs»] Baron Harrington, in the county of Northamp- 
ton, Nov. 20, 1729; Vifcount and Earl, Feb» 19, 1742. 

Arms.] Quar(ci Iv, ermine and ruks, a crcfcent on a crefeeot 
for difference. [Plate XVIL] 

CaEST.lOn a wreath, a tower, orgenty with a demi-lioa 
jampant, iuuing from the battlements, 01*, holding between his 
paws a grenade firing, proper* 

SuppoRTERS.l On the dexter fide a talbot, argent^ gutte dc 
poix; on the finiilcr a wolf, ermntois; each fupporter gorged 
with a garland or chaplet of oak, veri^ fru^ed, or. 

Motto.] J Deo ^ Rcgc, From God and the King. 

Chief Scats,] At Peteriham, in Surry; and at Linby, in 
the county of Nottingham* 


O^HE Right Hon. JOHN WALLOP, Earl of PORTS- 
MOU7 il, Vifcount Lymington, and Baron Wallop of 
Farley-^^ allop, born June 29, 1742; fucceeded his grandfather, 
Nov. 23, 1762. He married Augull 27, 1763, Urania, daugh* 
tcr of CoulfDn Fellows, Efq. bv whom he has iffuc, john- 
Churles, Vifcount Lvmington, born Dec. 18, 1767. — Urania- 
Amelia, Ivm June 1769. — Camilla-Mai v, born Ntn . 8, 
I77c5, died Sept. 10, 1700. — Newton, born juiic 26, 1772. — 
Coulfon, born Sept. 19, 1774. — HenriLna-L^orctiiwa, l^uia May 
6, 1 780.— Kfnma-Maria, boi 11 Angull 13, 1781. 

This noble fanrJv is dclccndcd iiom Matthew A\ allop of 
%Vallop, in the county of ti^itus, who uai living n\ the bth of 

STtrfTTN Wallop, nlio wns dcTcended from him, married a 
daughter of — — AHilcv, ot W mliourne, St. (jilcs, in the 
cuiiiiiy of Dorfct, Elc^. and had Sir John, Sir Oliver, aud 

• Sir J(Mt\ 'V^ allop \vns Admiral and Commander of the Fleet 
in the 6th of Henry Vlll. He married full, ]di/al>Lth, relict 
of (icrald, the 8th Earl oi Kildarc, and daughter of Sir Oliver 
^^t. John ; feconJly, Eli /.abelh, daughter of Sir Clement Hark- 
iloii ; bnt leaving no ili'ue, 

Sir Oliver, hii; bK^rhcr, became heir. He married finl, 
Bridget, daughter oi — — - — I^igot, Kfq. by whom he had three 
fons ; and a duMg'it^ i, Kofe, married to Walter I,ambert, Klq* 
I le married fecondlv, Aimc, dau;;hter of Robert Martin, Ff'j. 
>^iJo\v of Thomaj* Tiegoaeil, of Miltou- Abbey, in Dorfct, iind 


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had liTuc, Willri\m, Stephen, Anne, nnd Grace. The Tons hy 
the hrll wife were, Sir Henry; Williiim, who niariicd thiLe 
>vivc>, the lafl: of whom was Margery, daughter of Joliii t illier, 
of ( hilton-Candover, E%. but died, without iffuc, Nov« 13, 
2617; and Richard. 

Sir Henry, married Catharine, daugliter of Ricliard Gif- 
lord, Efq. nnd had three fons and three daughters; Anne, mar- 
ried to Sir Richard Prr.vlctt. — I'ridget, to Nicholas Haliwcll^ 
tfq. — Winfrr :!, to Sir Richard Gifford, Of the Ton?, Oliver, 
the fecond, and Willinm, the third, both loft their lives in the 
fervice of their country. 

Sit HrNRV, the eldeif, married Elizaheth, daughter of Ro- 
bert Corbet. Elq. and had Robert, his heir, and five daughters ; 
Anne, married to Tchn Dodington, Efq. I^li/abeth, Catharine, 
and 'rJu-.'jdolia, all died unmaiiied; and Eridget married Sir 
Henry A\ orflcv. Robert fuccceded his fatlicr, and died Nov. 
19, 1667. H * married Anne, daughter of Henry, Earl of 
Southamptori, ind was lucceeded bv Henry, his lieir, who died 
Eeb, 16, 1673. He married Dorothy, daughter of John Hluct, 
Lfq. and had four fons; Robert, the ehklt, died before his fa- 
ther, unmarried ; as did Charles, the younge(E 

H£%*RV, fecoi.d foil, luccceded his tatlicr, and died unmar- 
ried, Dec. :8, i6g I . 

]oiiN, his onlv lurviving l^, became licir. He married 
Alicia, daughter of ^\'iHi lm l)0:lafe, Ef({. by whom he 
five fons, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, wlio died unmarried; 
and Marv, n^.nrried to Henrv, Eord Herbert of Cheiburv. 

Bli'ET, tjic f<m, fucceeded his father, in January, 1694, and 
died uimiarn.d, Odt. 30, 1707 ; Henry, fecond fon; William, 
fourth ion ; and Robert, fifth fon, all died voung. 

(1^1 l-.arl.) JoiiK, third fon, born in 1689, fuccecded his 
brother, June 11, 172c, was credited a Peer, and on April 11, 
1743, was advanced to the digi^ity of an Earl, having been ho- 
noured with fcveral pofts under Government, viz. one of the 
Lords ot the Trcafury, Chief Jiiflice in Eyre, Lord W arden 
of the New-Eorell, and Lord Lieutenant and Cullos Rotulo- 
rum of the county of Hants, and Governor of the lllc of 
Wight. On the 26th of May, 17 16, he married Ikidget, cKU n. 
daughter of Cliarles Bcnnet, Earl of Tanlicrvillr, bv whieh 
Lady, who died 0£t. 12, i7;S, he had ilEuc, John, Vifcount 
Lyniington, born Aug. 3, 1718, married July 12, 174:?, Ca- 
tharine, daughter and h'.ircfs of John Conduit, of Cranberv, 
in Eiampfliire, by Catharine, his wife, niece and co-heircfs to the 
celebrated Sir ll'aac Newton; and dying in 1749, left ifluc by 
his Eaily, who died April 15, 1750, Jolin, the piefent Earl. 
2. H.enry, born Aug. 79, 1743, in the army, and ferved in 
Gt l iu any, under the Prince of Prunfv.iek, in the v.'ai ia 1756, 
suid aiurwards inthe.third Regiment of Foot Guards: in 1765, . 


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be was appointed one cf the Grooms of the Bedlcfaaiiiher to hJm 
prcfent Majcfly; in 1767 he had the misfortune to lofe hia 
light leg bv an accident, and has now a Company of Inva- 
lids. 3* iSartonf horn Jan* 17449 took Holy Orders; and ti^ 
Mav, i774» was appointed Mafter of Magdalen College, Cam* 
hridige : He married 177 1> CamillarPowlett Smyth, yonngcil 
daugliter of the Rev. Richard Smyth^ of Crux-Eaton, in Hamp- 
iliirc, atid died Sept» i, 1 78 leaving ifliie orte daughter, Uranta* 
Catharine-Camilla, born Nov* 2^ 1774> ^d a pofthumoua 
fon, l)orn Dec. 24) 1781, named Sarton-WilUam Powlett* 4* 
Bcnnet, born Jan. 29, 1745, now in the Heflian lervice, 5* 
Catharine, born Jan. 3, 1746, married O^. 3, 1770, Lock liar t 
(iordow, Efq. a younger brother of the Earl of Ahoync, in 
Scotianil, and has fcvcral Tons and daughters, — Bridget, horn 
Feb. 20, 1 7 16-17, who died unmarried, June 26, 1 736. — Borlafe, 
born IiiiK 3, 1720, died in April 1741. — Mary, born Aug. 17, 
1721, ti,Ld April 13, 1722.— Charles, born Dec. 12, 172::, 
died I 77 I. — Anne, who died March 3, iJS9* — Bluet, born April 
27, 1726, in the army, and died in 1749. — Elizabeth, died junc, 
1727. — Hcnrv, and Benntt, died young. His lordfhip, luly 
4> 17 married, IlcuiuIIv, EliTrabeth, eldeil daughtci aiul clj- 
hcircls (with the mother of tlie prefent Lord Howard of 
Walden) of fames. Lord (jritHfi, and reli6l of Henry Grev, 
Ffq. 01 Ihlliiighear, in ]>ei klhi ! hut died fulv, 1762, without 
iiiue. His Lordlllip died Nov. 23, 1762, and ua;> iucccedcd by 
his graniilon, 

(2d Earl.) John, (cldeft fon of John, Vifcount Lymington} 
the*{)refent Earl. 

Crkatioks.] Baron WaHop, Vifcount Lymington, in the 
county of Southampton? Junc 1 i, 1720; and Earl of Porti- 
jnourli, April 11, 1743. 

Arms.] Jrgent; a bend wavey, fal'h', [Plate XVIL] 

Ci i sT.] On a wreath, a mermaid, hohling in her dexter liand 
a mirror; in the other a comb, all proper* * 

Si'FPORTERs.] Two chamois, or w ild goats, fable* 

Motto.] En fuivant la verity* In following truth. 

Chief Si /\ts.] At Hurfbonrn, near Whitchurch; and a( 
Farley Wallop^ near Bahnglloke, in Hants* 



THE Right Hon. GEORGE GREVILE, Earl of WAR- 
WICK and i^OOKE, and Lord Brooke, Baron Brooke 
. of Picmschamp-court, in A\'arwickihire ; born Sept. 16, 1746, 
fr.ccecdcd his father, the late Earl, |uly 6, 1773. He mar- 
ried April 1, 1771, Cieorgina, only daughter of Sir James 
i Peachy, 

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Pbadiy, But. of SvAex, by whkh Lady, who died April 3^ 
t77a» ne had a fon George, Lord Brooke, bom March 25, 1772» 
died May 5, tj96» He married fccondly, July 9, 17761 Hen- 
riettay daughter of Richard Vernoii» £u|* and widow of JiShn 
Fitz-Patrickt late Earl of Upper Oflbry, by which Lady he haa 
two fonf; one bora April 4, 1779; and another born Aprils 
$9 1780; and a daughter, bom i737« 

Camden deduces the pedigree of this ^mily from John Gr£<* 
VII.B, who died in the reign of £dward III. WiJJiatn, his heir* 
had ifliie John ; and Lodowick, of whom hereafter* Jdhn mar- 
ried Joyce^ daughter of Sir Walter, fifter and heir to Hugh 
Cookfey, and Sir John, his heir, who died Aug. 6^ 14S0, and left 
Sir Thomas, his only fon, who at his fatlier's deceale aflumed 
the name of Cookiey, in refpe^ to his inheritance from his 
grandmother* He died in 1499* leaving no iflue, and his eilato 
defcended to John, great grandfon of Lodowick, above mention-t 
€d; which 

Lodowick married Margaret, daughter of Sir Giles Ardency 
by whom he had four fons, William his heir ; Richard; Robert; 
and John* 

William, married Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Francis^ 
and dy ing in 1594, was fucceeded by 

Ralph, his fon, who married Margaret, daughter of Thomas 
Poyntz, £fq* by which match the Greviles have a right of quar^ 
terittg the arms of Poyntx, Bardolph, Mallet, Clanebow, and 
A^n. He had a fon 

John, who, on the death of Sir Tliomas Grevrle, alias Cook- 
fey, fucceeded* He married Jane, daughter of Sir Humphrey 
Forfter, and had Sir £dward, his heir ; and Robert, who left 
cmly two daughtetit, Dorothy, wife to Edward Morgan, Efq* 
and Annie, wife to Thomas Nbvil, Efq. 

Sir Edward, the eldeft, married Anne, daughter of John 
Denton, Eio. by whom he -had four fons. Sir John, his lieir. 
Sir Fulk, Thomas, and Edward; of whom the two laft died 
unmarried* Sir John died Nov* 2C> 1548, leaving by Elliza- 
beth) daughter of John Spencer, Efq. a fon Sir Edward, who 
married the daughter of William Wellington, by whom he had 
an only fon, Lodowick, who left an onlv fon Sir Edward, who 
married Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas Bromley, by whom he 
had two daughters. 

Sir Fulk, iecond fon of Sir E3ward, married Elizabeth, grand- 
daugliter, and^ at length fole heir to Robert, Lord Willonghby 
of Brooke, and dying in Nov. 15 $9) left three fons and four 
daughters; Mary, married to William Harris, Efq.-— Eleanor, 
to Sir John Conway.— dtharine, to Giles Ready Elq. — 61anch| 
who died unmarried. The fons were, Sir Fulk, his heir ; Ro- 
bert, of whom hereafter; and Sir Edward. 

Sir Fulk, ^who fucceeded, dying in 1606, left by Anne, 
daughter of Ralph Xcvil, Earl of Weftmoreland, l-^ulk, his 


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heir ; and a daughter Margaret, married to Sir Richard Vctney, 
"Whereby his defcendants obtained the title of Lord WiLi.oucit»* 
BY of Brooke. 

(ift Lord.) Sir Fulk, her brother, obtained of Jamps L a 
grant of thecaftle of Warwick, and was created Baron Brooke, 
with iimitatjon to his kinfinan Robert, fon of Fulk Cj revile; 
but by one Haywood, in 1621, was ftabbed in -firooke-faoQlb^ 
Holborn, of which he died, leaving no ifTue. 

We now return to Robert, fecond fon of Sir Fulk. He had 
Folk, his heir, who hadiiTue a daughter' Dorothy, married to Sir 
Arthur Hcfilrige ; and 

(2d Lord.) RoBSRT, his heir, wlio fuccceded his kiofman 
as Lord Brooke, purfuant to the limitation in the patent. He 
married Catharine, daugliter of Francis Ruflcl, the 4th Earl 
of Bedford, and left hvc fons; of whom Edward, the third* 
and Algernon, the fourth, died unmarried. 

(3d Lord.) Francis, the eldeft, fucceedcd his father, and 
dying unmarried, 

' (4thLotd.) RoDiiRT, the fecond, became heir ; and marry- 
ihgAnne, daughter of John Dodington, Efq. by her had fix 
fons, wlio aU died young; and two daughters ; Anne, married 
lir/lto William, the fourth Earl of Kingilon, and afterwards to 
William Picrepoint, Lfq. and Dodington to Charles Montagu, 
the firfl Duke of Manchefter; hut having no ifiiie male, and 
dying Feb. 17, 1677, the honour dcfcendedto 

' (5th Lord*) FuLK, the fifth and youngeft brother. He mar- 
ried Sarah, daughter of Thomas Dafhwood, Efq, Alderman of 
London, and had four fons and feven daughters; Catharine, 
Anne, Elizabeth, Sarah, Marv, Diana, and Hauietta ; of whom, 
the latter was n^arried to Sir James Long ; Elizabeth, the third, 
married Francis North, the ieconfl Lord Guilford ; ami Catha- 
rine, the eldeft, married iirft to Wrtotheily Baptiii Noel, Earl 
of Gainfborough, and. next to John Sheffield, Duke of fiuck- 
ingham; the other four died unmarried. Of the fons, who' wete, 
Francis, Algernon, Dodington, and Robert ; the two latter died 
unmarried; Algernon married Mary, daughter of the L*ord Ar- 
thur Somerfet, by whom he hM one fon Fulk Grevile, Eli), 
and two daughters; and their father dying on the 22d of S» 
17 10, and 

P'rancis, his eldeft fon, dying eleven days before him, left 
ifltae by Anne Wilmot, daughter of John, Earl of Rocheiler, 
two fons, and two daughters ; Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; 
and Catharine, married to Charles Egerton, Efq. Of the fons, 

(6th Lord.) Fulk, the eldeft, fucceeded his grandfather, but 
dying in February following, unmarried, 

(7th Ix>rd«) William, his brother, became heir* He mar- 
ried Mary, daughter of Henry Thynne, Efq. and by her, 
who died March 1720, had three fons> William and Fulk, who 

2 died 

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wliodted tn&Qts; and th^ax fiither dying July 28, 1727, wal 
fucceeded by 

(xft Earl.) FitANi2t8y his only furviving foO) born 17 iq,* 
who^ on the 7th oC July^ ^74&f was advanced to the dignity ot 
Earl Brooke of Warwick*Caftle; and the late Earl of Warwick 
dying without iffiie miUf his Lordfliip was created Earl o£ 
Warwick, Nov. 27, 1759* ^e, Mav 16, 174^, married EIi« 
zabeth, cddeft daughter of Archibala Hamilton, fon of the 
Duke of Hamilton, by whom (who outlived his Lordfliip, and . 
married (econdly General Clarke) he had George, the p^ent 
£arl.r-^harles-rrancis, born May 12, 1749.— flobert<«Fulke^ 
born Feb. 3, 1751, a Captain in the Firft Regiment of Foot- 
Guards.— Louifa-Augufla, born April 24, 1 74^, married April 
^3) ^770, William Churchill, of Hanbury, E^q. and has ilTue. t 
—Frances-Elizabeth, bom May 11, 1744, married July ijp 
1764, to the late Sir Harry Harpur, Bart* who died Feb. 7^ 
1789, by whom flie had iilue, Charlotte -Mary, born July 6> 
1745, married Aug. 14, 1762, to the prefent Earl of Gallo- 
way, and died Mav 3, i763.-**Ifabella, boril March i, 17489 
who died the fame aay«^Anne, born Aug. 26, 1760, died May 
2^11783. 'HisLordihipdeceadng July 6, 1773, was fucceeded • 
by his fon. 

(2d Earl.) George, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Lord Brooke of Beauchamp^s-^ur^ 
ill the county of Warwick, Jan. 9^ 1620^ 18 James I« Earl 
Brooke of Warwick Caftle, July 7, 1746, 20 Gaorgo IL and ^ 
Earl of the county of Warwick, Nov. 27, 1759* ' 

Arms.1 SaSlgf on a crofs, within a border ingrailedy •r, five 
pellets of the firll. [Plate XVIL] , ' 

Crest.} In a ducal coronet, ^r, a fwan, with wings expand* • 
ed, argent ; bea|jced, fiiU» 

Supporters.] Two fwans, ardent; beaked and membere4» 
fiih!e; and ducal ly gorged, cfm 

Motto.] f^ix ta ntfira voc9» I can ftarce call thefe things 
our own. 

Chief Seats,] At Warwick^Caftle, in Warwickfliirei and 
At Richmond, in the county of Surry. \ . 

i . 


npHE Right Hon. JOHN HOBART, Earl <tf BUCKING- 
^ HAMSHLRE, Lord Mobart, Baron Hobart of Blicklingi 
and Baronet; born 1722; fucceeded his father John, the late 
Earl, Sept. 22, 1756. He.married, July 15, 1761, Mary-Anne) 
daughter of Sir Thomas Drury, Bart, by Imt (who died Dec. 3CV 
1769) he had iflue, Henrietta, born April 7, 1762, married^ 
Vou I. T March 

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Marck 1780, Almar Lowry Corry, Efiij. of Tyrone, Ih frt- 
land, fmcc created Baron Belmore ot that kingdom. — Caroline, 
'born Veh, 24, 1767. — Sophia, born April 5, 1768, marricJ, 
Feb. 4, 1789, Lord Valetort, cldcft fon of the Earl of tdg?- 
combe. His Lordfliip married, fccondlv, Sept. 24, 1770, Ca- 
roline, daughter of William Conolly, FAq, by whom lie h^* 
had iffiic, John, horn Aug. 30, I773> died Dec. 1775. — Henrv- 
Philip, born Feb, 11, 1771;, and died 1 cb. 15, 1776. — Cicoige, 
born April 2, 1777, died 30, 1778. — Amelia. 

Thomas Hohart, of Leyhani, m Norfolk, Elq. having two 
fons, William and James ; the eldefl fucceedcd him. 

Sir James, tiis younger Ion, married Margaret, dauglitcr of 
Peter Kaunton, I-lq. and hiul two Tons and one daughter. Of 
the fons, who were Sir VVakcr and Miles, the eldeft who fuc- 
ceeded, married, lirli, Anne, daughter of Sir Henry Heyden; 
fecondly, a daughter of John RatcUff, Lord Fitzwaher, and 
filler to Robert, Earl of Suflex. 

MiLE5^, the fecond fon of Sir James, marrying Eleanor, 
daughter of john Blenerhaflet, had two Tons, Thomas and 
John ; Th')mas married Audery, daughter of William Hare, 
Efq. by whom lie had Sir Miles, and 

(ift Bart.) Sir H£NRY, wlio, in 161 1, was created a Baronet, 
and mndc Lord Chief Ju/Vice of the Common Pleas. He mar- 
ried Dorothy, daughter of Sir Robert Bell, and had twelve fons 
arid four daughters, Dorothy. — Mary. — Elizabeth, married to 

John Liflc, Efq. — Frances, married to Hcwet, Efq. Of 

the fons. Sir Miles, the lecond, married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
■John Peyton, and had Sir John, his heir; and Alice, married 
to John Jcrmy, Efc;. 

(ad Bart.) Sir jonN married, firft, Philippa, daughter of Ro- 
bert Sidney, i-nl of Lcicellcr, and, fecondly, Frances, daugh- 
ter of John, the tirft Earl of Bridgewater; but, leaving no id'ue 
male, the title and eftate defcendcd to his nephew, 

(3d Bart.) Sir Jofik, fon of his brother Sir Miles Flobart. 
He married Mary, daughter of John Hampden, Efq. and widow 
of Colonel Hammond, and had three fons, Henry, John, and 
Thomas; and two daughters; Philippa, married to Sir Charles 
Pyc; and Mary, who died unmarried. I'hoinas, the youngcll 
fon, died unmarried ; John, the iecond, who died Nov, 7, 17549 
Was a Brigadier-(jcneral ; and 

(4tb Bart.) Sir Henry, the eldell:, who was (lain in a duel 
hy Oliver Le Neve, Efq. in 1697, and left ifTue by a daughter of 
Sir John Mavnard, John, his heir; and three daughters, Hen- 
rietta, Catharine, and Dorothy. The latter died urnnarried. 
The fecond was married to Lieutenant-General Charles ChurcbiiJ. 
The eldeft to Charles, Earl of SuH'olki and, icgondlj, to the 
Jbioki* Georfc Berkeley. 

(ift EarL) 

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Earl.) John, in May, 1728, was created Lord Hobart, 
arid Earl oi Backinghamlhue in Aiigull, 1746. He married, 
firft, fudith, daughter ot Robert BritifFe, Efq. and by her (who 
died the ytli of ^'eb. 1727) had three Ions; flenry, who died 
an intant. — [ohn, the prclent Earl. — Robert, who died in M:iy, 
1733, Alio five daughters; of whom Doiothy only is livings 
and was married on the 2 ill oi Odlobcr, 1752, to Sir Charles 
Hotham, who has taken the name ot I hompfon, by whom fhc 
has ilfuc. F eb. lO, 1 7 28, his Lord ill ip married, fecondly, Eli- 
7.abeth, iiilerto Robert i^ri li:o\v, Elq. by whom (who died Sept* 
12, 1762) he liad two Ions ; C^corgc, married in May, 1707, 
to A 1 bin a, daughter of Lord Verc Bertie, fon of Robert, the 
^rii Duke of Aiicaller, by whom he has had ifTue, i. George, 
who died young. 2. Robert, born 1760. 3. George Vers, 
born 1761. 4* Albina, born 1759, roi^^T't-d, July 14, 1784, 
Mr. Cumberland. 5. Henrietta- Anna-Barbara, married, May 
fi8, 1789, Mr. Sullivai^ of Rjtchin's-Park, Bucks. 6. Char- 
lotte, married alfo, on May 28, 1789? Mr. Dilbrovvc, of Wal- 
ton-upon-Trent, Derbyfhirc. — His other ion, Henry, married 
July 176 I, Anne-Margaret, daughter of John Briflow, Efq. by 
whom (whodicd J uly 12, iySS) he had iflue, i. Anne-Cat'narnie, ' 
marriea, Sept. 23, 1784, Montague Wilkinfon, Efq. of Little 
Bookhain, in Surrv. 2. Maria-Anne, married to Capt. Erazer, 
by whom llie has ilfue. 3. Leonora, unmarried. 4. Henry. Her 
Ladyfliip deeealL^l after the Earl, Sept. 12, 1 762 ; and his Lord- 
fliip dying Sept. 22, 1756, was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, 

(2d Earl.) John, now Earl of BuckmghamAiire. 

Creations.] Created l^aron Hobart, May 28, 1728; and 
Earl of Duckinghamfhire, Sept. 6, 1746. 

Arm S.J SciIjIc, a ftai of eight rays, or, between two planehcs, 
ermine. [Pkite XV IE] 

Crest*] On a wreath, a bull pafTant, party-per-pale, ^Ji^/* 
and gu/esy all bezanty, and a ring in his nofe, or» 

Supporters*] On the dexter fide, a ftag; on the finiiler, a 
talbot; both proper, reguardant, each having a radiant collar 
and line, or. 

Motto.] AuHar preuofd faelu The founder makes it moje 

CaifiT S;iAT«] At Blickling^ inthecoUuty of Norfolk* 

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[ ^7«^ ] 


^pHT. Right Hon. WILLIAM FITZ-WILLI AM, K.:j] 
Fl i Z WTLLIAM, Vircmnt Milton, Lord Fftz-William, 
and Barop. cf Aiiiton in England; al To Earl Fi rz-WiLL I a 
Vifr uiit Milton^ and Baron Fua^William of Liiicr, or L.i^ar<i, 
in Ireland. 

For tlie acco^jnt of this family, we refer to the Peerage of 
Jrelandy under the title of Eari FlTZ-WiLLiAji* 
See Arms, Plate XVllL 


THUR HERBERT, Earl of POWYS, Vifcount Ludlow, 
Lord Herbert of Cherbnry, Baron Powys of Powys-Caftlc, and 
^ron Herbert of Chcrbury and Ludlow; born July 7, '75St 
ioccecded his father, the late Earl, Sept. 11, 1772. 

Sir William ap Thomns of Ragland-Caftle had iflue, %V51- 
'liam.— Sir Richard Herbert. — Elizabeth. W iHiam, the eldelk 
fon, on the 27th of May, the 8th of Edward VL was advanced 
to the title of Earl of Pembroke. He married Anne, filler to 
Walter Devereux, Lord Ferrars of Chartley, and had iHue, 
William, who fucceeded to the Earldom of Pembroke ; but King 
iEdward being defirous to digatfy his fon Prince Edward with 
the title of Earl of Pembroke, procured a refignatlon of it^ and 
In lieu thereof created him Earl of Huntingdon, July 4, the 
iQth of his reign. He married Mary, d:uighter of Richard 
Woodvile, Earl Rivers, faty whom he had Eliz^abeth his only 
daughter and heir, married to Charles Somerfet, Earl of Wor- 
^^eftcr. The other children of William, Fnrl of Pembroke, 
•were Sir Walter»-^Sir Cieorgc. — Philip. — Cccilie, married to 
Lord Circyftocke.— -Maud, to Henry, the 4th E. rl of Northtun* 
bt r! lad. — Catharine, to George, the 2d Earl of Kmt. — Annc^ 
to John Grey, Lord Powis.— -Ifabel, to Sir Tho. Cookfey*~ 
AIargaret,-firft to Thomas Talbot, Vifcount Liflo; and 2dly, 
to Sir Henry Brodingham. The <aid Earl had iflue by Maud 

Shis concubine) daughter of Adam ap Hon tl Graunt, Richard, 
rom whom the prefcnt Earl of PEMBROKE, and the late Mar* 
quis of POWIS, defcended. 

Sir Richard Herbert, brother to Willinm, Earl of Pembroke, 
married Margaret, filler to Sir Rice ap Thomas, by whom he 
had three fons.— William.— -Richard, — Thomas. 
^ Rr;hard the 2d fon, left iflue by Anue, daughter of Sir 
I>aTicl ap Ettion ap Leuellin Vaughan* 


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E A R L o F P O W Y S. 

Edward hislicir, who married Elizabeth, daughter of Mat • 
thew Priccy Efq. by whom he had iflue three font and fivedaugk- 

tcrs.-— Mary. — Cathai i iic. Anne.-—-Jaiie»-— Bridget. 1 he 

fons were Ricliard. — Matthew, anceftor to the prefent Earl of 
POWYS Charles. 

Rich a rs^ the cideft fon, married Magdakn, daughter of Sir 
Richard Newport, and by her, who afterwards married Sir Johi| 
Danvcrs;, had feven Tons, and three daughters ; Elizabeth, mar- 
ried to Stir Heory Jones.— -Margaret, to John Vaughan, Erc^. — 
Frances, to Sir John Brown« The fons were, Edward. — Ri- 
chard. — William.—- Charles. — George*— Sir Henry. — 1 homat. 

( I ft Lord.) Edward, the eldeft, was created Lord Herbert of 
Caftle-Iiland in Ireland, 31!^ of Dec. 2Cth ot James I. and on 
the 7th of May, 5 Car. I. was created Lord Herbert ofCherbury^ 
He married Mary, daughter of Sir William Herbert. By this 
lady he had Richard, his heir; Edward, and Beatrix, who di€4 

(ad JLord.) RicHAl|.D, fecondLord Herbert. He died May 13* 
1655; and having married Mary, daughter of John, the firft 
Earl of Bridgewater, had iffue four fons ; I.dward his fucceflbr, 
— John, who died young.— Henry, who fucceeded his brother 
Edward* — Thomas, who died unmarried ; alfo four daughters; 
Frances, married to Wiiliam Brown, Efq. — Florence, to Ri- 
chard Herbert*— Arabella. — Alice, married to Paul Burrard^ 


(3d Lord.) Edward, their eldeft brother> married firfl Anne, 
daughter of Sir Thomas Myddleton ; Hecondly, Elizabethf 
daug liter of George Chandos; but died without i£ue, Dec. 9^ 
1678, and was fucceeded by 

(4th Lord.) Henry, his brother, who married Cafrharine^ 
daughter of Francis, the iiri); Earl of Bradford! but dying with* 
put iflue April 21, 169 1, we now return to 

Sir Henry, 6th brother to Edward, created Lord Herbert^' 
^'ho left ilTue by Elizabeth, daughterof Sir Robert Offley, 

(5th Lord.) Henry, who died Jan. 22, 1709, leaving iflue 
by Anne, daughterof Alderman Rainfcy, of London. 

(6th Lord.) Henry, his heir, who, on Dec. 12, 1709, mar- 
ried M iry, fifter to Jolin, Earl of Portfmoutb; and dying with^ 
out ilTwem April, 1738, we now return to 

Matthew Herbert, fecond fon of Edward, grandfather of 
Edward, firft Lord Herbert; who having married Anne, daugh- 
ter of Charles Fox, Efq. had Fr:inci<?, his heir, who raarricd> 
firft, Dorothy, daughter of Richard Parry, Biftiopof St. Afapb» 
by whom he had no iflue; 2dly, a daughter of Garton| 
£irq. by whom he had iflue, Richard Herbert, who married Flo- 
rence, daughter of Richard, the fecond Lord Ilerbert, by whom 
he left two fons; Francis, the eldeft, married Mifs Mary Baugh, 

apd had two fons, Henry ^d Foliat, who both died nvithouc 

T 3 iffuej 


iSuc; and two daughterSi Mary, who married Frederick Corn- 
wall, Efq. and Arabella. George, the youngeft Ton of Richard 
Herbert and Florence, the daughter of Lord Herbert, married 
Mifs Frances Newton, by whom he had Francii, and feveral 
other childrcHt 

Francis, the eldcft, marrying Dorothy, daughter of John 
Oldbury, and dying Feb. 27, 17199 left iiTue £ve foos, Henry* 
Arthur* — ^Richard, who died May 16, 1754.— F^cis, who 
4ied in 1730^ nmnarried. — Herbert and John, who both died 
in 17 199 unmarried; and three daughters, Urania, married to 
Coulfpn Fpllow$, Efq. — Dorothv, to John Harris, Efq. and 
4i64 June I, I7S9* — Florence died in 1720. 

(ift Earl.) Henry-Arthur, their eldefl brother, was created 
Jjord Herbert of Cherbury, Vifcount Ludlow, and Earl of 
Powys. He married, March 30, 1751, Barbara, on I v daugh- 
ter of Edward Herbert, brother to William, the lafl Marquis 
of Powys, by whom he had George-Edward-Henry-Arthur, 
the prcfent Earl. — Georgina-Amelia, born Jan. 10, 1752, died 
young. — Ai^gufta, born Sept. 18, 1753, .d^^d young.-— Barbara, 
bom O^. Of 1 7 57 J died young. — Henrittta-Antonia, bora 
Sept. 3, i75o> married. May 7, 1784, to Lord Clive. His Lord^ 
ihip deceahngSept. 14, 1772, was fucceedcd by his fon, 

(id Earl.) G£OR.p£-£DWA&]>-H£KiLy-A&THUR, the prefent 

Creations.] Baron Herbert of Cherbury, in the county of 
Salop, Dec. 21, 1743; Baron Powys of Powys-Caftle, Vifcount 
Ludlo^, and Earl of Powys-Caftle, the 27th of May, 1748 ; 
and on the 7th of O^ober, 1749, Baron Herbert of Cherbury 
* ipd Ludlow. 

Akms.] Party-per-palc, azure :ind guff three lions rampant, 
argent ; armed and iangued, or, [Plate XVIIL] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a wyvern, with wings expanded, 
x/rr/, holding in l^is mouth a ^niuer hand, cpuped at the whft, 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide a lion, argent, femee of 
rpfes, armed and Inngi^ed, guics. And on the finifter iidc, 4 
lion, azure; (cmce of ficurs -de-ljs, or. 

Motto.] Fortitufline iff prudcntia. By fortitude and pru- 
dence. And fomctimcs, Ung fe fn viray. 1 will ferve one« 

Chief Seats.] At ?owv< caftlc, in Montgomeryihire ; and 
fji Pakley-Park, in SJiropihirc, 


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t m ] 


npHE Right Hon. GEORGE WYNDHAM, Evl of EGRE- 
MOUT, Baron of Cockermouth, and Baronet » borif 
]>ecember 7, 17519 and fucceeded his father^ the late Earl^ Aug, 
21, 1763. 

This noble Lord derives his dcfcent from Ailwardiis> an emi- 
nent Sji^xon, Who> foon after the Norman Conqueil, being pof- 
fefled of lands at Wymondham> now called Wyiidhani, in the 
county of Norfolk, afiumed his furname from thence* 

Sir John Wyndham, who in the ad of Hepry VIL was 
beheaded on Tower-hill, married firft, Margaret, daughter of 
John, the firft Duke of Norfolk, by whom h^ had Sir Thomas. 
—Edward. — George.— Anne, married to Thomas Radclific, 
Efq.— Elizabeth, marri^ firft, to Francis Calthorpe, and fe« 
condly, to Sir John Culpepper. — Dorothy.— -Frances. His 
fecoitd wife was Eleanor, daughter of Norman Waihbdprn, Efq* 
and widow of Richard Scrope, Efq. by whom be had only one 
fon, Francis. 

Sir Thomas, the eldeft fon, married ftrft, Eleanor, daughter 
of Sir Henry Scroope, by whom he had iiTue Sir Edmund ; Sir 
John, anceftor of the Earl of Egremont; and tl\|ree daughters ; 
Margaret, married to Sir Andrew Lnttrell ; Mary, to Sir Eraf- 
musPafton; and Elizabeth. He married, fecondly, Elizabeth, 
daughter of Sir Henry Wcntworth, by whom he had Sir 

Sir Edmund, the eldeft fon, married Sufan, daughter of Sir 
Roger Townlhend, and had three fons and two daughters; Jane, 
married firft to John Pope, Efq. and fecondly to Humphrey 
Coningftjy, Efq. The fons were Roger, who died without ifluc. 
—Francis. — Thomas, who died unmarried, Dec. 20, 1599. 
We now icCurn to 

Sir John Wyndham, who bv marriage with Elizabeth, 
daughter of |ohn Sydenham, of Orchard, in the county of 
Somcrfet, Kl(j. had that eflate, and it now retains the name of 
Orchard Wyndham. He had ifluc, John. — Edmund, who 
married Mary, (laughter of Richard Chamberlain, Efq, and 
licul feveral children. Sir Hugh, his 4th fon, was created a 
Baronet, Auguit 4, 1641. He married Mary, daughter of 
CliiUlopher Alanlon, EI4. and kavijig only daiic^btrrs, tlie 
title became cxtin6t. Sir Thomas elder brother ot Si: Hugh, 
married Elizabeth, daughter ot Richard Coiuiigihy, Lh^. and 
had feveral children. 

John, the eldeft fon of the faid Sir John, died in his father's 
lifc-tiinc. He marrjcd Elprencc, duu^i^tcj: oi John "VV adliam, 

T 4 i-fij. 

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Efq. faunder of Wadham- College in Oxford, by whom he had 
one (on. 

Sir John, who died in 1645. He married Joan, daughter of 
Sir Henry Portman, by whom he had nine font and fix daugh- 
ters; Henry^ his eldell: Ton, fucceeded him. — John died un- 
married. — Thomas died April 5, — Humphrey.— Sir 
Hugh«—Sir Wadham.— George, died unmarried.-- ^ir Gtmfg^ 
-—Francis, who died unman ied* His daughters were, Joaa, 
wife of John GifFord.— Margaret, wife of John Courtenay.— - 
Florence, wife of John Harris, Efa. — Rachel, wife of Thomas 
Moore, Efq.— -Margery, wife of TnomasCarew, £fq.*-»Anne, 
wife of Sir John Strode. 

JoiiTT, the cldeft furviving fon, married Catharine, daughter 
of Robert Hopton, Efq. He died in 1649, leaving Sir William 
Wyndham, bis heir ; Thomas ; and three other fons, who died 
unmarritd ; alfo four daughter's; Florence, wife to Sir John 
Mallet. — Mary, wife to William Okeden, Efq.— Amie, wife 
to Anthony Bullen, £fq.<~>-Catharine, married, Arft, to John 
Spccot, Efq. and afterwards to John Tanner, £fq. 

Sir William Windham was created a Baronet the 13th of 
Charles II. and died in 1683. By Frances his wife, daughter of 
Anthony Hungerford, Efq. he had John, William, and Hugh, 
who all died unmarried. — Sir Edward, who fucceeded him. — 
Rachel, married firft to Sir George Speke, and afterwards to 
Richard Mufgrave, Efq. — Elizabeth, married to Thomas Earl, 
£fq. — Frances, to Nathaniel Palmer, Elq. — ^Joan, to William 
Carey, Efq. 

Sir Edward Wyndham, Bart, married Catharine, daughter 
• l>f Sir William Levifottf Gower, hy whom he had Sir William 
W yndham ; and one diiughter Jane, married to Sir Richard 


SirWiLtiAM, his fucceflbr, died June 17, 1740. He married 
fulyai, t708, Catharine Seymour, fecond daughter of Charley 
i>uke of Somepfet, by whom he had three fons and two daugh* 
ters ; Sir Charles, his fucceflbr, late Earl of Egremont. — Percy 
Obrien, who inherited the eftate of Henry Obrien, Earl of. 
Thomondj who married Elizabeth, his mother's elde ft fifter, and 
topk the name dnd arms of Obrien, and on the 30th of No- 
vember, 1756, was created Baron of Ibrican, and Earl of Tho« 
mond in Ireland, and died unmarried, July ai, 1774, — William, 
horn Jan. 19, 1719> died an infant. — Catharine, born Dec. 18, 
J716, who died unmarried in April 1734. — Elizabeth, married 
in 1749 to George Grenville, Efq. brother to the Earl Temple^ 
and died Dec. 5, 1769, leaving illue, George, the prefent Mar- 
quis of Bttckipgham, and other children. Sir William's fecond 
Lady was Maria-Catharina, daughter of Mynheer Peter de 

Jongbe/^f Uirediti in Holland, reU^ of WiUiam, Mar^k 

. d by Google 


of BUnM>r4, by which laft wife he had no iiHie^ anB flie died 
Sept. 1779. 

(ift Earl.) Aloeenon, Duke of Somerfet, was created Earl 
of Kgremont and Baron of Cockermotith, Odlober 18, i749> 
with limitKion of thofe honours to his Tiephew, Sir Charles 
Wyndhaniy and his brother Percy; and his Grace dying on 
the 7th of February, i750, was lucceeded in the faid titles by 
the faid 

(2d Earl.) Charles, late Earl of Egrcmont, born Augufl 
19, 1710. He fucceedcd his father as a Baronetj June 17, 1740. 
On March 12, I75i> he inarricrd Alicia-.Maria, dau<^ iter of 
George, Lord Car})ciitcr, ot hchind, by whom he had ijcorge^ 

the prclent Earl. i\ rrv-C'liarlcs, born Sept. 23, 1757. — - 

Charles-William, born UcL 8^ 1760, la the Army.— Wiliiaai- 
Frederick, born April 7, 1763, m >i ried, July 21, 1784, Mils 
Hai lortl, (late Mrs. Morris) naturul daughter to the iale Lord 
Baltimore, by whom he had a fon born Aug. 30, 1785.-— Eli/.A- 
betli-AJ tcia-Maria, born November 29, 1752, married July 15, 
J 77 I, to the Hoii. Henry Herbert, of Hampfhire, and has ifliie, * 
—Frances, born July 9, 1755, married Aug. 29, 1 776, to 
Charles, tide It fon of Lord Romney, and has ifiue. — Chariottev 
Catharine, born Sept. 5, JJ^^, died young. The Counteis, 
their mother, was mairicd, lecondly, July 8, 1767, to Count 
Bruhl. His Lordihip died Aug. 21, 1763, and was fucceed« 
ed by 

(3d Earl.) (ii OKGE, his eldell: fon, now Earl of Egnemont. 

Creation's.] Created Baron of Cockermouth, and Earl of 
Egremont, both in the county of Cumberland, the i8th of Oc- 
tober, 1749, 23 George II. 

Arms.] Jzmc, a chevron bctwc^ three lions heads, erafed^ 
or. [Plate XVlIL] 

Crkst.] a lion^s head, erafcd, within a fetterlock, or, 

SuiM'OR i EKs.] On the dexter fide, a lion rampant, a'zure^ 
winged invcrtedly, or; on the finiiler iidc, a gryphoHi argcn^^ 
gutte de fang. 

McvTTO.I Auhon droit: To the beft right. 

Chikk Sf ATs.l At Orchard-VVyndham in Some rfetil lire ; 
at Pet worth, m the county of Suffex; and at Wre£l-Caillej \w 


and Vifcount HARCOURT, Vifcount Nuncham, Baron 
Harcoiirt; hicceedcd Siinon, thelatcEarl, Sept. 16, 1777. His 

iK>j:dil^ip boji^ Aug. i» 1736^ pad oiar ried ^|>t* 96^ 1765, 

a Id 

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to Elizabeth, daughter -of Lord Vernon, (by his third Lady^ 
Martha, fiftei of Simon, late Earl Harcourt) by whom he has 
no iflue. 

This family is defcended firom the illuflr'rous houfe of the 
* Harcourts in Normandy, who took their title from a place o£ 
* the fame name within that Duchy, and flourifhed there long be-» 
fore the Conqueft* 

Sir William Harcourt married Jane, daughter of Richard^ 
Lotd Grey of Codnor, and had two fons; Sir Richard, who 
married Joan, daughter of Sir William Shareiliull, and died In 
137 I. — Sir Thomas married Alice, daughter of John, Lord Grejy 
pf Rothcrfield, widow of Sir John de Botetourt, and had Tho- 
mas, his heir, who married two wives; iirfl, Joan, daughter of 
Sir Robert Fraunceys, and had iflue. Sir Robert, who married 
]^largaret, daughter of Sir John Byron,, and had Sir John, his 
heir, who, by Anne, his wife, daughter of John Morris, had 
ifliie, Robert Harcourt, who married Agnes, daughter of Tho- 
in^ Lymerick, and had a fon, John, who died in his life-time; 
jund four daughters, his co-heirs* Sir Thomas Harcourt^ by 
Elizabeth, his fecond wife, had 

Sir Simon Harcourt, Knt. who married, firft, Eleanor, 
daughter of Sir Robert Lawkner, by whom he had John; and 
by his fecond wife, Edith, daughter of Thomas St. Clere, £fq. 
and widow of Miles Stapyl^on, Efq. had a fon Chriftopher, 
who marrying Joan, daughter and heir of the above-mentioned 
Miles .Stapylton, had iQiie, Sir Simon Harcourt, who married 
Agn^s, daughter of Thomas Darel, Efq. and had two fons. Sir 
Johtti and Edward ; and a daughter Florence, married to Robcgrt 
Cotefmore, Efq* 

Sir John, the eldeft fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Wil- 
liam Barentyne, and had feven fons and nine daughters, ^naon, 
his eldeft fon, married, fir(l, Mary, daugh^r of Sir Edward 
Afton ; Uid, fecpndly, Grace, daughter of Humphry Fitzher^ 
b^, Efq, widow of William Robinfon, Efq* and, thirdly, 
Jane, filler to Sir John Spencer* By his two laft wives he had 
no iflue; but by his firft he had fix fons ; Walter, John, Robert, 
•Edward, Williain, ^nd Fr;mcis; and two daughters ; Jane, mar- 
ried tQ John Grey, Efq* and Elizabeth, to Richard Chaoibc»r- 
lain, £u]. He was fucceeded by his eldeft fon, Sir Walter, 
who, by Dorothy, daughter of William Robinfon, Efq* above 
mentioned, had two fons, Robert and Michael; and three dancli- 
ters; Grace, who died young ; Elizabeth, married to SirWil- 
liani Effex; and £lizabeth| 

Robert, his heir, married, firft, Elizabeth, daughter of John 
Fitzherbcrt, Efq* and, fecondly, Frances, daughter of Gefferey 
Vere, and had mv|e. Sir Simon**^Francis, who died unmarried. 
— Vere, who married Lucy, folc daughter of Sir Roger Thorn- 
toiij (hree fouSj Y^iUian}^ ^iq;i00| ^d Benjamin. Sir 

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^ Robert had alfo three daughters; Elizabeth, who died an infiints 
Jane^ married to Henry Wroughton; and Dorothy, to Thomas 
Chetwynd, Efij. 

Sir biMON, cldeft Ton of Robert, married Anne, daughter of 
William^ Lord Pagft, and by her, who married, fecondly. Sir 
William Waller, had a fon. 

Sir Philip, who died in April, 1688, and left iflue by Annc^ 
daughter of thefaid Sir William Waller, a fon, 

{i£t Vifcount.) Sir Simon, who was, on 06h 18, 17 10, 
' made Keeper of the Great Seal, and created Lord Harcoiirt. la 
1 72 1, he was created Vifcount Harcourt ; but died on the 29th 
Ot" July, 1727. 

'i his noble Lord had three wives; tirft, Rebecca, d^raghter of 
Thomas Clark, Efq. (and widow of Sir Samuel Afiry) by whom 
he had three fons and two daughters; Anne, married to John 
Barlow, ECq. of Pembrake&ire, and died Nov* 1733.— ^ArabeU 
la, fecond daughter, was married to Herbert Aubery, Efq. 
ijhe fons were, Simon, Philip, and Walter, of whom the two 
latter died young* His Lordlhip's fecond wife was Elizabeth, 
daughter ox Ro&rt Spencer, Efq. by whom he had no liTue; 
nor 1^ his third wife, who was Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Tho«» 
mas Vernon, and relidl of Sir John Walter. 

SiMOK, the eldeft fon, married Elizabeth, iifter to Sir John 
Evelyn, Bart, of Walton, in Surry ; which Lady died April 6, 
1760. His Lord/hip dying in 1720, left a fon, Simon, and four 
daughters^ Elizabeth, who died unmarried. Sept* 28, 1765; 
Mary and Anne, who died young; and Martha, married in 
April, 1744, to George- Venables Vernon, now Lord Vernon, 
and has iffue ; among wliom is the Lady of the prefent Earl 
Harcourt, her coufin. 

(ifl Earl.) Simon fucceedcd his grandfather, and was, on 
Dec. I, 1749, created V lie junt Nuncham, and Earl Hfircourt. 
His Lordfhip married, Od. 1735, Rebecca, daughter and heirels 
of Charles ] Ikis, of Pipewell Abbey, in Northamptonfliire, 
Efq. !)v wliicli [..idy? who died J.m, 16, 1765, he had iflue two 
Hons and two chiughrers, viz. Creo rot -Simon, the prefent Earl. 
—William, born, March 20, 1742 3, a Lieutenant-Colonel in 
the aniiv, married, Sept. 3, 1778, Nhirv, daughter of William 
Danby, \). D. and widow of Thomas Lockhart, Elq. — Eliza- 
beth, born Jan. 18, 1739, and iiuirried, June ?.o, 1763, to Sir 
William Lee, Bart, and has iilue. — Anne, born in June, 1741, 
who died Aug. 1746. The Earl being unfortunately drowned 
in a well in his own park, Sep^. 16, I777| was iuccccdcd by 
eldcfl fon, 

(2d Earl.) George^Simok, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.) Baron, Sept. 3, 1711; Vifcount Harcourt, 
Jnly 24, 1721; Viscount Nui^ehW^ Wi4 EfU:} o.f Jiarcourt, 
Dec. I, 1 740/ 

^ ' Arms.] 

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Arms.] Gulcsj two bars, or. [Plate XVIIL] 
Crest.] In a ducal coronet^ a peacock clofe, proper. 
Supporters.] Two lions, or, each gorged with two hmg 

gcmcis, guics* 

iVioTTO.] Le hon temps viendra. Good times will come. 
Chief Seats.] At Stanton -Harcoart^ Cokethropi and Nht* 
aeham> all in the county of Oxford. 


Earl ot HARTFORD, Vifcount Beauchamp, Lord Con- 
way, Baron of Ragley, in England ; and Baron CONWAY, 
of Killaitagh, in Ireland ; and a Knight of the Garter; born in 
17 19, fucceeded his father, Francis, as Lord Conway, Febru- 
ary 4, 1732, and was created Vifrotint Beauchamp, and Earl 
©f Hertford, Aiiguft 3, 1 750. His Lordfliip married, May 29, 
1741, Ifabclla Fitz-Roy, fccond daughter of Charles, late Duke 
of Grafton, by whom, who died Nov. 10, 1781, he has ifTuey 
Francis, Vifcount Rcjiuchamp, born Feb. 12, 1742-3, married 
firft, Feb. 4, 1768, \o Alicia, daughter of the late Lord 
Windfor (which Lady died Feb. 11, 1772) by whom he had ifliie 
one daughter, Alicin, hoi n July 30, 1771? who died foon after* 
He married, fccondly, iMay 29, 1 7 76, ifabella-Anhc, daughter 
of the late Lord Vifcount Irwin, born June 10, 1759, whom 
he has iffue a fon, francis-Charics, born iViarch 11, J777.— 
Anne, horn Aug. i, 1744, married^ Feb. 15, 1766, Charles, 
Earl of Droghcda, and has iflue.— -Henry, born Dec. 15, 1746, 
a Captain in the Royal Navy, married, April 2, 1786, Horatio- 
Anne, daughter of the Duchefs of Glouceftcr, by her firll huf- 
hnnd, the Earl of Waldcgravc. — Sarah-Frances, born Sept. 27, 
1747, married, June 3, 1766, to Robert Stewart, now Lord 
Londonderry, and died July 18, 1-770, leaving a fon, Robert. — 
Robert, born Dec. 20, 1748, an Officer in the army, married, 

June 15, 177^) Elizabeth, daughter of Peter Del me, Efq. and 
las iflne, Elizabeth, Henry, and Frances. — Gertrude, bom 
0<5^. 9, 1750, married, Feb. 10, 1772, Vifcount Villiers, now 
Earl of Grandifon, in Ireland, and died in 1782, leaving iflue, 
Frances, born Dec. 4, 175TJ married. May 22, 1775, Henry, 
Jate Earl of Lincoln, eUicIl fon of the Duke of Nev. caftic, who 
flied, leaving ilTue by this Lady, a fon, that died foon after.— 
Eli'/.abeth, born March 3, 1754.1P— Ifabella-Rachael, born Dec. 
25, i75<;, married, 06^. 19 1 735, George Hatton, Efq. of the 
county of WcKford. — Edward, born May 11, 1757, Canon of 
Chriit-Church, Ox lord, wh^ dUd Sept. 12^. i78j»-««Hu^ born 


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April a9, 1/59, an Officer in the navy. — Willisun, born OcL 
3, 1760. — George, born July 21, 1763. 

T- he (lefcent of this family may be found under the t ilc of 
IDvike of Somerfet ; Sir Edward Seymour marrying to liis tccund 
wife, l.ctiiia, daughter of Francis I-^opham, oi J.iuL ore, in tht; 
county of Wilts, Efq. by her liad lix ions, oF whoni Ptjpham, 
the eldch , took the iurnamc and arms of Conv,ay, on account 
ot ail clialc given to him and his brother Fr.iii . by Ldward 
Conway, Karl ot Conway, whom he aduptcJ jus heirs; but 
the faid Pophani being killed 111 a duel by Cohinrl Kirk, 

(ift Lord.) F RANcis, his brother, born IViay 28, iGjg^ 
fucceeded, and by Queen Anne was created n Peer. He mar- 
ried firil, February 17, 1703, ?\ l.n a- liwle, vlaughtcr of Lau- 
rence, Earl of Roclielier, and bv ! who died Jan. 25, 1709, 
had four daughters; Lctitia, born Otl. 17, 1704, who died ua- 
marrictl, in 1723. — Mary, bocn Aug. 1705, married to Nicho- 
las Price, Eicj. bv whom ilic left ifTue. — H nrictta, born 1706, 
who died unmarried May 10, 1771. — Catharine, born 1708, who 
died unmarried, June 14, 1737. Jane, liis fecond wife, was 
daughter of Mr. Bowdon, ol iJrogheda, in Ireland, by whom, 
who died February 13, 1715-16, he liad iffue a Ion, Edward, 
who died an infant, in 1710; and a daughter, jane, who died 
unmarried, May 5, 1749 ; but taking, in |uly 1718, to his third 
wife, Charlotte, dauglitcr to Sir John Shorter, uf London, Mer- 
chant, by her had Idue four fons, and three daughters ; Francis, 
now Earl of Hertford. — Henry Seymour-Con\s ay, born 1720, 
married, Dec. 19, 1747, Carolina, daughter oT John, Duke of 
Argyl, widow -of Charles, the late Earl of Aylelbury, by whom 
he had a daughter, Anne, born Nov, 8, 1748, who married, 
June 14, 1764, John Darner, eldeft fon of Lord Milton, and wiis. 
left his widow, in 1778. — The two other fons died infants. — 
Anne, married March 10, 1755, John Harris, Efq. and died 
March ?.4, 1744? without iflue. — Arabella, died young. — Char- 
lotte, burn July 22, 1717, died Sept. following. H's Lady 
furvWing him, died the 12th of February, 1734. Lord- 
ihip died in Ireland, Feb. 4, 1732, and was fucceeded bv 

(ill Earl.) Francis, his eldeft fon, the prel'cnt Lari, who 
was created Vilconnt Eeauchamp and Karl of Hertford, with, 
remainder for want of iifue male to Henry his brother. 

Creatioxs.J Lord Conway of Ragley, in tlic county of 
Warwick; and LordCon\\av ot Kilialtagh, In the county of 
Antrim, In Ireland, March 17, 1703 ; Vifcount Be^uchamp, of 
Hache, and Earl of Hertford, Aug, 3, 1750. 

Arms.] Quarterly, and fourth, yio^/^, on a bend cottized, 
a'genty a role between too annulets, gulcs^ for Conway ; fe- 
cond and third quarters are quarterly, viz, firft and fourth, or, 
on a pile, guUs^ between fix fleurs-de-lis, as. three lions pafTant 
guardant> 0r, being a coat of augmeatation ; fecond and tlilrd. 

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rulis; two Irings cojoined in lure> pr^ for Seymovn fPlate 

Crest.] On a wreath the iMft of a Moor, fidefacedi coapedy 
fraper^ and wreathed about the tediples, ar^cf^^/ atrd «xf(r#* 

Supporters.] Two MOors, each wreathed as the creflv 
holding in their exterior hands a fliield, azure, garmfhedy or ; 
the deXter charged with the fon in its glory, the other with i. 
crefcent, argtnt. 

Motto.] j^nimo et fide. By faith and love. 

Chief Se ats.] At Sandwell, in the county of Glouceftcr } 
l aplow, in Jjucki; Raglcy, ia Warwickftiire ; and Lifburne, 
in liclaad. 


THE Ri^ht Honourable FRANCIS NORTH, Earl of 
GUILl ORD, Lord North and Uuilfoid, bom April 15, 
1704, and fucccccicd his father ii^i 1729, as Lor^l Cjuiltord; Odt. 
31, 1734, he fncccLnlctl to the title oi Lord Nortli, by the death 
of William, Lord North and Cirey ; and on Miirch 8, 1752, 
was created Earl of Guilford; His LordOiip married junc 16, 
17285 Lucy, d uighrcr of George, K.u l of Halifax, by w hich 
Ladv, who d'.v-d May 7, I7^4i he luuc, one fun Frederick, 
the prtfcnt Lord North, huia Apiil 13, 1732; wlio, on the 
20th of May, 1756, was married to Anne, daughter and fole 
heir of George Spoke, Ellj. of Dillington, in Soincrict, by 
iR^hom he. has iilue, 1. George Auguftus, bom Sept. 11, 1 7 57, 
married Sept. 30, 1785, Mils Hobart, by whom he has a fon, 
horn July 12, 170O. 2. 1: lancii, born Dec. 25, 176 1, died 
June 8, 1780, 3. Catharinc-Anne, born Feb. 16, 1760, mar- 
ried Sept. 27, 1789, by John-Sylvefter Douglas, Efq. 4. Anne, 
born Jan. 8, 1764. 5. Frederick, born 1 eb. 7, 1766. Char- 
lotte, born Dec. 17)0. Dudley, born May 31, 1777? died 
1779. '^^^^ married fecondly, fan. 1736, £lizabcth, daui^h- 
ter of Sir Arthur Kaye, and relio^ of (ieorge. Lord Vifcount 
LewiJliam, eldcft fon of William, Earl of Dartmouth, by whom, 
who died April 21, T 745. he had ifTue, Louifa, born March 13, 
1737, married Oct. 8, 1761, John Peto Verney, Lord Wil- 
loughby de Broke, by whom flic has iflue. — Frauci*;, horn Feb. 
14, t7':;9, died June 24, 1745. — Augullus-Francis, bom Feb. i, 

1740, died AuiTull 24, 1745, — Brown low, D. D, born July 17, 

1741, the preltnt Bilhop of W irKlicftcr, who married Jan, 17, 

1771, Henrietta, daughter and co-hcirefs of Bannifter, 

PTq, by whom he has ifTuc, 1. Henrietta, born November 20, 
177 1. 2. Francib, horn Dec. 17, 1772. 3. Louifa, bom 
1774* 4* Lucy, born 1775. i< EIi:^l>ethy born in 1776. 6. 


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Brownlow^ born i778«-*Ouirlotte» bom Dec. 26, 17439 died 
March a, 1748. And his fecond Lady dying April 21, 1745, 
his Lordihip married 3dly, June 13, 1751, Catharine, daugh- 
ter of Sir Robert Furnefe^ and reli^ of Lewis- Watfon, Earl 
of Rocktnghani} whkh Lady died Without iflue^ December 17, 

This kioble Earl is defcended from Roger North» Efq. who 
died in the lOth of Edw. IV. and left by Anne, daughter of 

John Harcourt, Efq. a daughter Elleny married to John Par- 
:er, £iq. and Thomas, his heir» who died the loth of - Henry 
VII. leaving two fon$» Thomas; and Roger, who married 
Chrlftian, daughter of Richard Warcup, and dying in 1509, left 
two dlioghtcrs ; Joan, married to William Wilkinfbn, Efi^. and 
Alice, to Thomas Burnet, Efq. and a fon 

(til Lord North*) Sir Edward North, who was advanced 
to the dignity of a Baron. He married firlV, Alice, daughter 
of Oliver Squire, Efq. and Wd two fons, Sir Roger, and Sir 
Thonias, and two daughters, of whom ChrifHan married to 
'William, the third Earl of Worcefter ; and Mary to Henry 
Scroop. He married fecondly, Margaret, daughter of Richard 
Butler, widow firft of Andrew Fraunces, Efq. fecondly, of Ro- 
liert Chartfey, Efq. and thirdly, of Sir David Brooke, by whom 
he had no iflue. Sir Thomas, his fecond fon, married firfl, 
Elizabeth, daughter of Colwell, and widow ^of Rich- 
ard Rich, Efq. but fhe dying without ifliie, he married fecondly, 
the widow of Dr« Bridgewater ; by whom he had Edwai^, who 
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Wren. 

(9.d Lord North.) Sir Roc er, the eldeflfon, in 1564, fuc- 
ceeded his father, and died Dec. 3, 1600. He married Winifred, 
daughter of Robert, the firfl Lord Rich, widow of Sir Henry 
Dudley, and had two fons, Sir John, and Sir Henry ; and a 
daughter Mary, who died unmarried* Sir Henry, the younger 
fon, married Mary, daughter of Sir Richard Knevit, Efq. and 
had two fons, i. ^r Roger ; and 2. Sir Henry. 

Sir John, the eldeft .Ton, died in the life-time of his father, 

June 5) 1597* He married Dorothy, daughter of Sir Valentine 
)ale, and had iflue, Dudley. — Sir John North.— Roger.— 
Gilberts— Elizabeth, married to William Horfey, Efq.— Mary, 
to Sir Francis Coningfby. 

(3(1 Lord North.) Ijudley, the eldefl fon, fucceeded his 

S'andfather; and marrying Frances, daughter of Sir John 
rocket, left two fons, Uudiey and John, and two daughters ; 
Elizabeth, who died unmarried ; and Dorothy, married to Rich- 
ard, Lord Dacres, of the South. Of the fons, 

(4th Lord North.\ Dudley theeldeft, died June 24, 1627. 
Me married Anne, daughter of Sir Charles Montagu, and by 
her, who died in 1680, had fourteen children, of whom fix fons 
and four daughters lived to maturity; Mary, married to Sir 


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William Sprlngi^Aniie^ to Roliert Fol^w^Elizabetlii firft CD 
Sir Robert Wileman, and fecondly, to williaoiy Earl of Yas-» 
mottth*-*— Chriftian, to Sir George Wynieve* The Tons wcrc^ 
Charles^ Francis, Sir Dudley, John, Montagu, and Roger; cfae 
jth married a daughter of Sir Rohert Geers ; John died Mailer 
of Trinity«Collcgc, in Cambridge ; Sir Dudley was a mercliant 
in London, and feated at Glenbam-hall, in ou^Tolk^ and mar- 
ried Anne, daughter of Sir Robert Cann, widow of Sir Robert 
Gunning, and by her was htht^ of another Dxidley North, 
who married Catharine, daughter of Elihu Yale^ £fq. and 
dying on the 4th of Feb. 1730, by her left two fone; Dudley, 
oiarried to Barbara Herbert, daugluer of Thomas, the 8th Earl 
of Pembroke, who had a daughter, married July 19, 1737, to 
Nicholas Herbert, Ef<). uncle to the Earl of Pembroke; Roger ; 
ftod two daughters; Anne; and Mary, the wife of Sir Henry 

(5th Lord*North, and ift Lord Grey.) Charles, the ei** 
deft of the {aid fix fons, married Catharine, daughter of WU- 
liam,^ Lord Grey of Wark, Widow of Sir Edward Moflcy^ and 
was fummoned to Parliament, by the title of Lord Grcjf, the 
a5th of Charles II* and had iflue two fons, 

(6th Lord Nonh, and ai Lord Grey.) Wizxiam, Lord 
NORTH and GREY ; and Charles, who died unmarried ; hut 
William married Mary - Margraretta, daughter of Mondeur 
Elmeet, and dying without iffue, the title of Lord Grey was 
extindk ; his Lady married Patrick, Lord Elibank. 

(ift Lord Guilford.) Francis, the I'econd fon of Dudley, 
the fourth Lord, was, on Dec. 12, 1682, made Lord Keeper 
of the Groat Seal, and was, in 1(^83, created Lord Guilford, and 
died on the 5ih ot Sept. 1685. He married Frances Pope, 
daughter of Thomas, Karl of Down, and had three fons, Francis, 
his heir. — Charles, who died on Lhc icth ot December, 1714, 
unmarried. — Pope, who viicJ an infant; and iwo daughters; 
Anne, who died unmarried; and i ranccs, who lUcd an infant. 

( 2(i i.ord Guilford.) Francis fuccecded his iarhcr. He married 
hiiiy i cb. 2^, i6q5, I'dizabeth, thud daughter of Fulk Grevile, 
the nfth Lord inuaki, and by her, who died in he had no 

idue ; 2dlv, Alice, daui^hter and co-heir of Sii John lh c'.\ n- 
low, oy whom lie had tliree fons, and one daughter ; Francis, 
now Kari. — Ihownlow and Peregrine, who both died infants; 
and .\liCC9 who died unmarried. His Lordfuip died 06L 17^ 

(7th Lord North, 3d Lord Guilford, ift Earl of Guilford.) 
Francis fuccecded his father as Lord Guiifordj and was cre- 
ated Earl of Guilford, in 17 52. 

C»^tA^ IONS.] Baron North of Kirtling, in the county of 
Cambridge, by writ of fumoioas tp Failiament^ Feb. 17^ 

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I553, ^' Baron Guilford, by letters patent, Sept* 

27, 1683, 25 Car, II, and Earl of Guilford, March 8, IJS^* 

Arms.] Jzurcy a lion paflant, or, between tlirec fleui«-d€* 
lis, ardent. [Plate XVIII.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a dragon's head erafed, ^^/^, fcale^ 
ducally gorged and chained or. 

Supporters.] Two dragons, fcaled, ducally gorged and 
chained, or, winp;ed, fal/ie. 

Motto.] yf«/wo (5* Jic/c, By faith and courage. And alfa. 
La Vdriut: £ji la JcuU yioblejjc* Virtue is the foul 01 nobility. 

CiHLF Seats.] At Kirtlage, in Cambridgefliire ; at DurdanSj 
in Surry i and at Wroxton-Abby, in Oxfordihire. 


'PHE Right Honourable CHARLES CORiWALLIS, 
Earl CORNWALLIS, Vifcount Broome, Lord Corn- 
wallis of Eye; and Baronet; born Dec, 31, .1738, and fuc- 
ceeded his father, the late Earl, June 23, 1762. He married 
July 14, 1768, jemima Tulekins, daughter of James Jones, 
Ef4. by whom (who died Feb. 14, 1779) ifTue, Mary, 

born Jvily 28, 1769, married Nov. 25, Captain Singleton, of the 
Guards.— Charles, Vifc. Broome, born Ocl. 22, I774« 

Of this tamily, which hath long been of good repute, waj 
John Cornwallis, who in 1377, the ift of Richard II. was She- 
riff of London, and had a fou John, who fuccecded him, and 
marrying Philippe, daughter of Robert Buxton, of Suffolk, 
Efq. fettled at Broome, which Hill continues the chief reHdeacc 
of this family. He was fucceeded in 1436, by 

Thomas, his Ion, who married the daughter and co-heir to 
Edward Tyrrel, and by her had a Ton William, who marrying 
Elizabeth, daughter of John Stamford, by her had Sir Joim, 
aiul Thomas, who was Archdeacon of Norwich. Sir John, 
who fucceeded in 1520, married Mary, daughter of Edward 
Syliard, Efq. and by her had Sir Thomas, his heir, who mar- 
ried Anne, daughter of Sir John Jernegan, and had ifTne Sir 
William, who married firft, Lucy, daughter of John Nevil, 
Lord Latimer, and had Thomas, who died without ifTue ; and 
four daughters ; and Sir William, their father, marrying to his 
fecond w ife, Jane, daughtei' of Henry-Hercules Mewtas^ £fq* 
by her had 

('I ft Lord.) Frederick, his heir, who by King Charles IL 
Was created a Baron. By Elizabeth, his lirft wife, daughter of 
Sir John Alhburnham, he had three fons, Charles, his heir. — 
Frederick.— George ; and a daughter, Henrietta - Maria, who 
^ed unmarried; and, ty his fecond wife^ Elizabethj daughter 

Vol, L U 

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•f Sir Henry CroftS) he had a daughter Jane^ who was fflarriel 

to William Dim comb. 

(3d Lord.) Charles^ who in 1661 fuccecdcd, married M^r* 

farct, daughter of Thomas Playfted, Efq. and died in 1673* 
le had iflue, Frederick. — Nathaniel, who both died infants.— 
Charlesy his heir.— Frederick, who died without ilTuc— Wil-^ 
liam^'who died unmarried. — Thomas, who died in Dec. 1731, 
without iflue.-— James, who died an infant.— George, who died 
at Turin. — Anne*— Elizabeth*— Uecirietta-^aria, who ail died 

(3d Lord.) Charles, married to his firft wife Elizabcthf 
eidefl daughter of Sir Stephen Fox, and by her had four Tons l 
and by his fccond (whom he married in 1688) who was Anne, 
Duchefs of Monmouth and Buccleugh) widow of James, Duke 
of Monmouth^ he bad one fon, George, who died young ; and 
two daughters ; Anne, who died young; and Ifabeiia, who died 
in 1748. The fons, by the firft wife, were, 

(4th Lord.) Charles, William, James, and John; the el« 
de^ fucceeded his father ; and he marrying June i, 1690, Char - 
lotte, daughter of Richard Butler, Earl of Arran, bv her had 
nine fons and three daughters; Charles, the late Lul, bom 
March 29, I700,— James, born Sept* 16, 1701, died May 28, 
1727, in the navy. — Stephen, bom Dec. 23, 1703, married Mrs* 
Pearfon, and died in May 1743. — John, Imni Dec, 23, 1706, 
died June 9, 1768, having married Sarah, daughter of the ReY* 
Hugh Dale, by whom he had iflue, i* John, who died young* 
Urn Charlotte, who died young. 3. Mary, who died young« 
4» Sarah, Vnarricd to the Rev. Mr* Earl. — Richard, born Sept. 
1.7, 1708, died in I cb. 1741, unmarried*— Edward, born Feb. 
aa, 1713? married March 17, 1753, M»'^rv, daughter of Charley 
late Vikrount Townfhend, by his fecona wife Dorothy, filler to 
Sir Robert Waipole, £rft Earl of Orford, who died without 
ilTuc, Dec» 29, 1776; and he died Jan, 14, 1776, Governor of. 
Gibraltar, and a (jcneral in the army. — Frederick, (a twin 
with Edward) late Archbifhop of Canterbury: He married 
Feb. 8, J759> Caroline, grandaughter of Charles, late Vifcount 
Town/liend, and died March 19, 1783, without iflue. — ^William, 
born May 12, t7i4> dcccafcd unmarried. — Henry, born May 
22, 1715, decealcd unmarried. — Charlotte, died young.— Eliza- 
beth, died an infant.— Mary, died unmarried in July 1 756. His 
t^rdililp died Jan* 19, 1722, and was fucceeded by his eldeft 

* (5th Lord, lit Earl.) Charles, born March 29, 1700, who, 
in Nov* 1722* marrying Elizabeth, eldeft daughter of Charles, 
Vifcouttt Tov.nflicnd, by his firA wife, Elizabeth, daughter of 
Thomas, Lord Pclham, by her (who died I\c. I, 1785) had 
ifliic four foils j .CJiarles, now Earl Cornw^llis.— Harry, bom 

&PU io« i749i jtnd difd in April. I76u<^ame9> P. D. bom 

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i^et, 2^, 1743, the piefcnt Bilhop of Litchfield and Coventry, 
married April 30, 1771, Catharine, daughter of Ciilfi idus Manii, 
Efq. oF Kent, by whona he had ifTuc, a fon, born Marcli, 1780. 

William, born Feb, 20, 1744, a Captain in the navy. And 

three daughters; Elizabeth, married in July, 1753, to Bowea 
Southwell, Efq. ot Ireland, coufin to Vifcount Southwell. — ■ 
Charlotte, mnrried April 8, 1756, to the Rev. Sj'j: nrer Madan, 
Clerk, hv whom Ihe has ifluc. — Mary, married Aug. 13, 1769, 
to Samuel Whitbread, Efq. and died Dec. 27 1770. His Lord- 
fhip, on June 30, 1753^ was "created an Earl aad Vifcouat; and 
dying June 23, 1762, was fucceedcd by 

(6th Lord, 2d Earl.) ChARi/fs his lordfhip's fon^ 
Creations.] Baron Cornwalhs of Eve, in Suifolk, by letters 
patent, April 20, 1661, 13 Car. If. Vikount Broome, in the 
county of bu^olk^ and Karl Cornwallisfy June 30^ ^753» ^7 
Geo, II. 

Arms.] Sahky gutte d'eay, on a fefs, argent^ three Cornifli 

choughs, proper, [Plate XIX.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a mount, vert, and thereon a ftag 
lodged, argent, attired, or, having about his neck a garUad of 
laurel, proper^ 

Suppop.TERs.] Two flags attired and gorged, err^^evt. 

Motto. 1 Virtus vinclt inzfidnun. Virtue ovcrcomcth envy. 

Chili Sk at s.] At Broome^ in Sufibik; and at Cuiford-hail^ 
in the lame county* 


'pHE Right Hon. PHILIP YORKE, Earl of HARD- 
* WICKE, Vifcount Royfton, Lord Hardwlckc, Baron 
Hardwicke; horn 1722, fucceeded his father, the late Earl, 
March 6, 1764, He married May 22, 1740, Jemima Camp- 
fctll, Marchio!^e?s (iRj y, only daughter of John, late Earl 
of Breadaihane, by Amabel Grey, eldeft daughter of Henry dc 
Crey, Duke of Kent, by whom he has ifliie, AmabcUa, born 
Jan. 22, 1 751, married July 16, 1772, Alexander, Lord Pol- 
worth, eldeft fon of the Earl of Marchmont of Scotland, who 
was created Lord Hume, of Berwick; but dying without iffue, 
March, 1781, the title became extindl. — Marv -Jemima, born 
f*eb. 9, 1756, married Aug. 17, 1780, the late Lord Grantham^ 
had iffue, and died 06t. 20, 1788, 

Philip, the late Earl, was, on 06^ober 31, 1733, made 
Lord Chief-Juflice of England, created a Baron; and in Feb. 
i737> was made Lord High Chancellor^ and in 17549 created 
^il of Hardwicket 

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ft9»« EARL o» HARD WICKS. 

His Lordfhlp married Margaret, daughter of Charles Cockf 
of Worccller, Efq. and of JVlary, his wife, eldeft fifter to the 
Lord Chancellor Somers, and by her, (who died Sept. qi, 1761) 
he had iirue, Philip, now Earl of Hardwicke. — Charles, born 
1724, appointed Lord Chancellor, on Jan. 17, 1770, and cre- 
ated a Peer, by the title of Baron Morden; but dying fuddenly, 
on the 22(1 of tiie fame month, before his Patent palTed the 
Seal, it did not take cffedl : He married full, May 19, 1 755, Ca- 
tharine, only daughter of the Rev. Dr. Freeman, of Hertford- 
fhirc, and by her, who died July 10, 1759, Philip, bom 
May 29, 1757, married July 24, 1782, Elizabeth, daughter ot 
the late Karl of Balcarras ot Scotland, by whom he liad a fon, 
born April 7, 1784; 2. Margaiet, who died voung ; as did, 
3. Catharine. He married, 2dly, Dec. 30, 1762, AgncUa, 

daughter of Johnfon, Elq. of Eerkhamplkd, Herttord- 

ihire, by whom he had iflue; 4. Charles-Philip, born March 
14, 1764 : and 5. Caroline, born Aug. 29, 1765. — Sir Jofeph, 
a Knight of the Bath, a General in the army, and late Ambafla- 
dor at the Hague, married June 22, 1783, the l^owag- r Baronefs 
cle Boet/elacr, widow of the late Baron dc Bocr/clacr, tormcriy 
£rfl: Noble of the Province of Holland, and was created a Peer 
by the title of ilaron Dover, Sept. 11, 1788. — |ohn, born Aug. 
27, 1728, married Elizabeth, daughter of Reginald Lygon, Eiq. 
of Worccfterfhirc, by whom he has ifTuc, a daughter Jemima, 
horn June i, 1763, married Nov. 18, 1784, to Reginald-Pole 
Carew, Efq. of Anthony, in Cornwall. — James, D. D. the 
prefent Bimop of Ely, tranilated from Glouceftcr, July 21, 
1781, married June 29, 1762, Mary, daughter of Dr. Ifaac 
Madox, Bifhop of Worcefter, hv whom he has iflue, i. Charles, 
born May 14, 1764; 2. Jofeph, born in 1765; 3. James, born 

July 27, 1766; 4. Margaret, born June 11, 1763, married' 
Jay 10, 1,788, the Rev. Mr. Waddington. — Elizabeth, married | 
tp George, late Lord Aofon) and died Dec. 10, 1786. — Marga- 
ret, married June 22, 1749, to Sir Gilbert Heathcotc, Bart, 
of Rutlandihire, and died Aug. 19, 1769* His Lordihip icg^* 
cd this life March 6, 1764, and was fucceeded by ■ 
(2d £arK) Philip, now Earl of Haidwicbe, I 
Creatio>js.J Created Baron Hardwicke, in the county of | 
GlottceAcr, Nov. 23," 1733; ^"^ Vifcount Ro . flon, in the 1 
county of Cambridge, and Earl of Hardwicke, April 2, 1754* | 

Arms.I Jrgtnt^ a faitire, azure, with a bezant in the cenier* 
[Plate XIX.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a lion's head erafed, prop^ri collarej, 
gules'^ charged with n hcziint. 
.•Supporter?,] On the dexter fide, a Hon guard ant,. «r J 
collared, guUfi charged with a bezant. On the finifter fide, 
a Aag, frcptr^ attir^ and unguied^ 0r; and collated iii 

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EARL oiv^.^ARLINGTON. «9j 

Motto.] Mr at^as net nutuas* Neither dedre and fear. 

Chiep Seats.] At Hardwicke^ in the county of GIoih* 
cefter ; at Wimple^ in Cambridgefliire ; and at Wreft-houfe^ 
in Bedfordihire* 



HE Right Honourable HENRY VANE, Earlof DAR« 
LIKGTON, Vifcount and Baron Barnard of Baiiiard- 
Caille, in the Bifhoprick of Durnham ; fucceeded his ^tber, 
Henry, the late Earl, who died March 6, 1758. His Lord- 
ihip was bom 1726, and March io» 1757, .married Margaret^ 
iifter to the Earl of Lonidale, hj whom he had ttwo da ugl iters, 
Grace, born Dec. 3, 1757 ; and Elizabeth, bom April 28, 1759* 
both of whom died young; and a Ton, Henry, Vifcount Barnard, 
born July 27» 1766, married Sept. 19, 1787, Catharine, daugh* 
ter ot the Duke of Bolton, by whom he had a fon, bom Aug. 
17, 1788. 

John Vane, married Joail, daughter and co-heir to Edward 
Hault, and had iiTue two fons, Henry and Richard, from which 
Richard is defcended the prefent Earl of WESTMORELAND; 
and from Henry, the eldeft, defcended Sir Henrv Vane, Knt» 
who left two fons> Henry and George. Henr^, the eidefl, was 
beheaded on Tower-hill, June 14, 1662. 

(iH Lord.) Sir Christofher, his fon, wtts created a Bff-' 
ton, 1609, and dying 06^. 28> 1 723, left bv Elizabeth, daugh- 
ter of Gilbert Holies, Earl of Clare, and nfter to John, Duke 
of Newcaille, two fons, and a daughter, Grace ; befide twb 
fons and three daughters, who all died young. Of the Tons, 
William the youngeft was created Vifcount VANE, in Ireland^ 
now extin^^ ; and 

(2d Lord.) Gilbert, the eldeft, who was Lord Barnard, 
marr) lng Mary, daughter of Morgan Randal, Efq. by her, 
who died on the 4th of Auguft, 1728, had fix fons, and three 
daughters; Henry, who fucceeded him Morgan, who mar- 
ried Margaretta, daughter of Robert Knight, Efq. and ihe dying 
tn May, 1739,106: a fon, Morgan Vane, who on July 4, 1760, 
marrie<l Mtfs Upton ; and fecondly, Mifs Fowler, who died 
July II, 17719 as did her huiband November 1779, without 
tiTue^— Thomas, died unmarried on Feb. 10, i758.---<7ilhert died 
0^.28, 1772. — ^Randel, deceafed.--CharIe8, married Feb. 15, 
1776, Mifs Wood. — Anne, died at Baths March 26, 1736.-^ 
Elizabeth, married in 0€t* 1732, to Sir William Humble, and 
<ied Feb. 22, 1770, aged 57. — Jane, married to Thomas Staun^ 
ton, Ef^. His Lordllxip dying April 27, 1735^ waj»fucceed« 

* (3* 

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^94 y .£ARL F A U C O RB ER G, 

(.^iLord, and ift EarU) Hekry, who married in 1725^ 
Grace) daughter of Charles, late Duke of ClcYeland ; aind hy 
her, who £ed Sept. 29, 1763, bad three fons; Hepry, who 
fttcceeded him*— Fredericky born Jane a6» 17329 itiarried Hen^ 
lietta, fifter to Sir Willtaoi Meredith. — Raby, born Jan. 2> 1 7369 
. married in Aprily 1763, to Mifs Sayer, and died OcL 24, 1769, 
and his Lady in June, 1789. Alfo three daughters; Anne^ 
marri^ firfl to Charles Hope Weir, Efq. brother tot John, fe- 
cond Earl of Hopetoun, by whom (he had ifliie^ two fons, and 
£rom whom flie ^as divorced ; and married fecondly, to George 
Monfon, Efq. fon of John, Lord Monfon, who died in 1 7 7 7, and 
his Lady in 1776, in the Eaft Indies.-— Mary, married in 
1752, to Ralph Carr, Efq. and diedApril 11, i78i.-r-Henrictta, 
horn Dec* '26, 1758, and die4 unmarried March 1758* His 
Lordihip dying March 6, 1758, was fucceeded by his ddeft 

(4th Lord, and 2d Earl.) Hbkry, the preient EarL 
^ CuEi^TioNs.] Baron Barnard, July 8, 1699^ William IIL 
Vifcount Barnard^ and Earl Darlington, April 3, 1754, 27 
. Geo. IL 

Arms.] jizurty three finifter gavintlets, ^r. [Plate XIX.] 

Crest.] A dexter hand in armour, couped at the wrift, /rstr 
fefy holding a fword, argent ; hilt and pomel, er* 
' SuPFORTBRS.]] On the dexter fide, a gryphon, argent ; on 
the finifter an antelope, or^ each gorged in a plain collar, ^aturt. 
Ilie' dexter charged with tbrec left-hand gauntlets, the other 
with three martlets, sr. 

MOTTO.1 f^ec umire mc timlde. Neither rafli nor fearful. 

Chief ^at*] At Raby-caftic, iix the Bilhoprick of Dnr- 


BERG, Vifcount Bclafyfe, and Baron Fauconberg; and Ba- 
ronet ; one of the Lords of His Majefty's Bed-chamber, Lord 
Lieutenant of the North-Riding of York/hire, and Colonel of 
the North-Riding regiment of foot, raifed the i8th of Nov, 
1779; fucceeded his fatlicr, the late Earl, in February, 1744. 
His Lord Ihip was born April 13, 1742, and married May 29, 
1766, Charlotte, only daughter of the late Sir Maithew Laji^b, 
Bart, and fifccr to Lord Vifcount Mclburnc, by whom he has 
iiTr.c, Charlotte, born 10, 1767. — Anne, born Dec. 27, 
3767. — Elizabeth, born J.iii. 17, 176(}, married April 23, 1789, 
B: rn ird - Edward Howard, Efq. prctuinpiivc heir to the prc- 
i«aL ljukc of isoiiolk. — Henrietta, born April ziy 1776. 

, "This 

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7lils family is defcended from Bellasivs, aNoman Knight^ 

who came into England with William the Conqueror, and w^s 

commander in his army. 

Sir William Bellaffiie piarried Margaret, daughter of Sir 

Nichols Fairfitx, and bad feveral fons and daught^ri* 

died the 13th of April, 1604* 

(zft Bart.) Sir Henry, the eldeft fon, fucceeded; and on 

the 2 2d of May, t6ii> 9 Jac. I* was created a Baronet. 

marri^ Urfula, daughter of Sir Thomas Fairfax, and by her 

had two daughters ; Dorothy, married to Sir Conyers d^Arcy ; 

Mary^ to Sir William Lifter ; and 

(ift Vifcount.) Thomas, his heir, who having been ad-t 

Tanced to the dignity of Baron FauconberK> 3d Charles !• was 
afterwards created Yiicount Fauconberg. He married Barbaraj, 

daughter of Sir Henry Cholmondelev, and had two fons, Hen«« 
ry, and John ; and five daughters ; Kiaigaret, was married to 
Sir Edward Ofbome.— -Mary, to John Lord d*Arcy. — Barban^ 
to Sir Henry Slingfby — Urfula, to Sir Walter Vavafour.-P. 
Frances, to Sir Thomas Ingram* John, the youngeft fon, in 
the 20th qf Charley I. was created Lord Bela(Vfe» He married, 
firft, Jane, daughter and heir to Sir Robert Boteler, by whom 
he had a foo. Sir Henry ; and a daughter, Marv, married tot 
Robert, Vifcount Dunbar. His fecond wife was Anne, daugh<% 
ter of Sir Robert Crane ; and his third wife was Anne, daugh- 
ter of John, the fifth Marquis of Winchefter, by whom he had 
three fons and nine daughters ; the fons, and five of the daugh* 
ters died in their infancy. Honora, married to George Ne-*> 
vil, the tenth Lord Abergaveny. — Barbara, to John Webb, and 
died March 28, iy4o.--%atharine, to John Talbot, £fi|«-^ 
Ifabella, to Thomas Stpn^, Efo. Henry, by the firft wHe^ fuc- 
ceeding his. father, married firft,' Roserfa, daughter of Francit 
Rogers, £fq. fecondly, Sufan, daughter of Sir William Ar* 
mine (created Baronefs Belafyfe, 1674, 26 Charles IL during 
her IJfe) by whom he had Henry, his heir; who married Anne 
Brudenel, fifter to George, the third Earl of Cardigan ; but 
dying without iflue^ his honour became extind ; and flie mar- 
ried fecondly, Charles, 'firft Duke of Richmond. We now n^. • 
turn to Henry, elder brother tct John, the firft Lord Bela- 
fyfe, whidi 

Henry, dying before his fiither> left ifibe by Grace, daugh% 
te^ of Sir Thoma^ Barton, fbut fons and four daughters 2 
Grace, married to Geoige Saunderfon, Vifc. Caftleton.— -Frann 
ces, to Sir Henry Tones.— Arabella, to Sir William Frankland*,. 
^Barbara, to Walter Strickland^ Ef^. And of the (ons, who 
were Thomfts, Henry, Sir Rowland, and John; the latter died 
ypung ; the fecond died in his £^her's ii£e - time ; 9nd the 

•i4cftr • ^ 


(2(1 Vifcount.) Thomas, in 1652, fuccccJed his grandfa- 
ther; and April 9, 1601, was created Eail of Fauconbcrg. 
He married to his firft wife Mildred, daughter of Nicholas 
Saunderion, Vifcount Caftlcton; and to his fecond, Mary, 
daughter of Oliver Cromwell; and dying on the 3 ill of Dec. 
J 700, without illue male, the title of Earl ceafed, and that o£ 
JBaron nnd Vifcount was continued. 

Sir Rowland, who was brotlior to the Eirl, marrying Anne, 
cldeft daughter, and at length ink heir to Janits Davenport, 
Efq. by her had four fons; and two daughters, Anne, and 
Mary. Of the fons, who were Thomas, HcTirv, John, r^nd 
Rowhnd; the latter marri* <1 Frances, daughter oi ChriilophcT 
Koper, Lord Teynham ; and the eldcfl, 

(3d Vifcount.) Thomas, fv cceeded his uncle in the titles 
of Baron and Vifcount l auccnhcrg. He married Bridget, 
daughter of Sir John Gage, and by her, who died in Nov, 
J 7 32, had four fons and three daughters; Mary, married to 
John Pitt, Efq, brother to the Earl of Londonderry, in Irc- 
laod; Anne and Penelope, both deceafed young. And of the 
ibus, who wore Thomas ; Henry, and Rowland, who died in- 
fants; and Rowland^ who died unmarried, April 1768. The 

(4th Vifcount, I ft Earl.) Thomas, who was born April 27, 
1699, on the 26th of November, 1718, fucceedcd his father ; 
and in 1756, was created an Earl. On AuguA 5, 1726, he 
xnirried Catharine^ daughter of John fiectham of Rowingten^ 
in the county of Warwick, and by her, who died May 30, 1760, 
had ifiiie Tnomas, who died an infant ; another Thomas, born 
tunc 29, 1740, died in 1750. — Henry, the prcfent Earl. And 
four daughters ; Catharine; who died Jan* 12, 1788. — Barbara, 
snarried in April, 1752, to George Barnwell, Efq. brother to 
Vifcount Kingiland, and died 1701. — ^Mary, married July 23^ 
1776, Thomas Eyres of Haffop, in Derby, Efq.— Anne, mar- 
ried April 20f 1701, to Francis Talbot, brother to the Earl of 
Shrew fbury, and died in 1768, leaving iiTue. And his Lordfhip 
deceafmg February 4, ^774, was fucceeded by his third and only 
furvi ving fon, 

(ad Earl.) Henry, the prcfent 'RarU 

Crkatiok!^.] Created Baron, May 259 1627; Vifcount) Jan^ 
31, 1684; and Earl, June 15, 1756. * 

Arms.] Quarterly, firft and fourth, ar^iftt; a chevron, 
gules^ between three fleurs-de-lis, azure l fecond and third, ar* 

Sent, a pale ingrailed between two pallets plain. /^^/p* fPUte 

Crest.] On a wTeath, a Hon conchant, guardant, azure* 
Supporters.] On the <kzter fide, a buck holding in hisL 

mouth a branch of oak fnided, all proper i on the iinifter an 

unicorn^ azure^ armed^ crefted, and unguled, or* 


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Motto.] Bomu ^ bdU affcz. Ciood and liandfomc enough. 
Chief SiiATs.] At New borough-hall, ia Yorkiluic^ An4a| 
Sutton, in Clicilure, 


WAYS, Eail oi ILCHESTER, Eord llchcfler and Sta^ 
vordale, Baron Strangways of Woodf 

Rediynch; born July 27, 1747, and luccccdcd his father, the 
late Earl, Sept. 29, 1776. He married Aug. 20, 1772, Mary- 
TTherefa, daughter of Staiuhili Clrady, Eiq. by whoiii he lias 
had two daii.;hrers, Eliznheth-Therela, born Nov. 23, 1773; 
^nd Mary-Liicy ; and one ion, John, Lord bCavoidaie, who died 
April 9, 1777. 

William Fox, of Farley, !n Wilts, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Thomas Pavvy, by whom he Eft two fons, John 
the eldell, by Elizabeth, daughter of Henry Smai L, had fohn, 
his ehlefl fon (who left an only fon Stephen, who died in 169c), 
unmarried) and four (laiigliici ^ ; Mary, married to Edward 
Thornberrow ; Eli/.ab«. ih, lo "1 homas Dunkley ; Margaret, tt» 
Sackville Whittle ; and Jane, to Richard Ridge. 

Sir Stephen, the youngcit fon, in i^^^i, married Elizaheth, 
the only daughter of Mr. William Whittle, by whom he had 
feven fons, and three ii uiphters; all which fons died young, 
excepting Charles, who married Elizabeth, only daughter of 
William Trollop, by whom he had no iffue, and died in 1713. 
Of the three daughters, Margaret, died young. — Elizabeth, was 
married in 1673, Charles, Lord Cornwallis. — Jane, was mar- 
ried in 1685, to George, Earl of Northampton, and died in 
1 721. Sir Stephen Fox married fecondly, in 1703, Chrilfian, 
daughter of the Rev. Mr. Charles Hope, by whom he had four 
cli-iklren ; two fon:^, and two daughters; one of whom died 
young, by .m accitlental fall from a window ; and Charlotte, 
the other fifier, was married to Edward Digby, fon of Wil- 
liam, Lord Digby; Henry, the youngeft fon, wa* created Lord 

(ifl: Lord and Earl.) Stephen, the cldefl furvlving fon of 
Sir Stephen, was created Baron of llcbcfaT, in Some rfetfh ire, 
and Baton Strangvvays, of W ooiiiord Strangways, in Doriet- 
fliire. May 11, 1741, 14 •Geo. 11. and Lord Ilchefler of Sta- 
vordalc, and Baron of Redlynch, in the county of Somerfet, 
with remainder to Henry Fox, his brother, Jan. 3, 1747, 20 
Geo. II. and was created Earl of llchefter, June 5, 1756. He 
married in March 1736, Elizabeth, only daughter and helrcfs 

Thomas Strangways Horner, of Weils, in the county of 

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^merlet} £fq. and took the name of Strangways* He bad ifTu^ 
three Tons and fix daughters, viz. Heniy«^homas, the prcfenic 
Jiarl.— Stephen Digby-Fox, born Dec. 3,. 2751, in the Army* 
f— Charlei-Rcdlynch, born April 27, 1761, married, Aug. 2, 
1787, Jane, daughter of the Rev* Dr. Haines. — Safannah*Sa- 
rah-Lo\iif^> born Feb. i, 17439 married, Mardi 7, 1764, to , 
William Obrien, Efq.--^harlottc-Eli7abcth, born March xi, 
1744, and died in* 1755* — ^Juliana-Judith, bora July 16, 1745^ 
iied April 24, i749« — Lucy, born Dec. 15, 1748, married. 
Oft. 1, 177 1 > Col. Stephen Digby^ brother to Lord Digby, by * 
whom fhe had ifiue, and died Aug. 1*787. — Chrlftian-Harict- 
Carolina, born Jan. 3, 1750, having married, Nov. 7, 1770, 
Col. John Dyke Ackland, eldeft fon of Sir Thomas Dyke Ack- 
land, Bart, who died before his father, Nov. 15, 1778, had 
three daughters; and a fon John, born at New-York, Fcbw 
1778, and was the late Baronet, but died April, 1785. — Frances- 
Muriel, born Aug. 12, 1755, married, Aug. 24, 1777, to Sir 
Valentine-Richard Qpin. Bart, of Ircbiid. I lis LprtUkip iie- 
Ceailng, Sept. 29, 1776, was fuccccded by his foa 

(ad Enrl.) Henry- Thomas, the prefenr Earl. 

Great ION S.J £arl of Il^heiler^ June 5, 1756^ t% a| 

Atim?."^ Krmtnc, on a chevron, nxure^ three foxes hcad«^ 
crafed, or; and in acantoii, nzurcy a fleur-de-lis, or. [Plate XIX.J 

Crkst.J On ^ chapeavb azun, turac4 up^, a mim, a fox, fe- 
jant, rr. 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a fox, erm'^^n frcttcc, ; 
on a collar, dovetail, azure, three fleurs-dc-Iis ot ihc jccofidm Oa 
the finifler fide, a fox, proper, collared in like inauncr. 

Motto.] Fair fans "lire. To a(5t without boalling. 

^Jtii£F S£AT.] At Redlynchi near Bruton, in Somerfetlhire^ 


LA WAR, Vifcount Cantalupe, Baron De La War, and 
Lord Weft; born July 28, 1758, and fuccecded his brother, 

Jan. 1783. He married, April 22, 1782, Mifs Lyeli, of 
burnc, in Lincolniliirc, by whom he has a <iau|;htier, born Aug* 
^9, 1788. 

Sir Thomas dc Weft, in the 17th of Edward IL fcri?cd in 

Parliament as one of the Knights of the county of Warwick; 
^ncl in the i6th of Edward 111. he had fujnuions tQ Parl^au^^ent^ 
among rhe Peers ot llic ivcahn. 

He married Eleanor, daughter and licir to Sir Joha. Canta- 
lupe, ^id by her Ik: Sir Thvmas de Weft, who i^arricd Altce^ 

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EARL D£ LA WAR. i9f 

Iftrc to Lucy Fitc-Herbert, was fucceeded by Sir ThcmSn 
his fon t who married Joan, daughter of Roger, Lord Do La 
V^ar, ao4 was father of another Sir Thomas, who in X40j[, fuC'^ 
ceedcd htm, and died without iffiie* 

( i ft Lord.) Sir Reoikald, his brother, became heir, and 
of Hen* VI. was fummoned. to Parliament as Lord De La War* 
^ He married Margaret, daughjter of Robert Thosdey, and left 
iflue, a daughter, '^Uzabcth^ niarrifd to ^illiam. Earl of Not* 
ttngham; and 

(2d Lord.) Richard, his heir, who died March xo^ xfiiioC 
Edwajrd IV* leaving ifliie by Catharine, d^\3^hter Ckf Robert;^ 
Lord Hiingexford, a fon and heir, 

(34 Lord.) Tbomas, who married, firft^ Elizabeth^ filler to 
John Mortimer, and had iflue, two. fons and four daughten ; 
Iccondly, Eleanor, daughter of Sir Roger Copley, by whom 
he had three fons ; Owen, George, a^d Leonard ; and threo s 
daughters; Anne, married to Sir Anthony St. Amand«~Barbara9 
to Sir John OuilfonL-^rCatharine. Of the daughters by the 
£rft wi^, Dorothy was married to Sir Henry Owen.-^]uiza« 
beth, \o Charles, £af 1 of Worcefter*— Anne, to Thomas, Lord 
CUnton«-«-£leanor, to Sir Edward GuUfonl* An4 o( th^ fons^ 
William died without ifliie; and 

(4th Lord.) Thomas, the eldeft, fucceeded his father ; but. 
dying 061. 9, 1554, without ifiue, Williain, jfon of his brother 
George, became his heic- 

(5th Lord.) William, who fucceeded Hii( i^inde, marrying 
If Uzabeth, daughter of Thomas Strange, by her had a daughter 
jane, married to Sir Richard Wenman.* t 
(6th Lord.) Thomas, his fon, married Anne, daughter of 
Sir Francis Knolles, and by her had two fons and fix daughters, * 
Lucy, Catharine, Eleanor, Anne, Penelope, and Elizabeth; the 
eldeft was married to Henry Ludlow, Efq. Eleanor to Sir Wil- 
liam Savage ; Anne, to John Pellet, El'q. and Penelope, to 
Herbcic Pelham, Eftj.. And of the Ions, who were ilubertand 
Thomas ; the eldcll, 

(7th Lord.) Robert, marrying Elizabeth, daughter of Sir 
Henry Cock, Kiit. and dying without ifTue, 

(8th Lord.) IhiOMAs, his brother, became heir, and married 
Cicely, daughter of Sir Thomas Shirlcv, and liad Henry, his • 
h^'ir, ..lulfix. daughters ; Jane, Llizabetii, Aane, Cicely, Lucy^ 
and C.i;harine; and the laid 

Loid.) IIlnky, marrving Ifnbel, daughter of Sir Tho-^ 
mas Edmonds, by her had a iori, Chnrlt^, and two daughters; 
1 ii.-uhcth, married to Francis Biulgii, Efcj. and Mary, to the 
Kcv. Mr. Orme; and 

(10th Lord.) Charles, their brother, lucceeding his father, 
^nd tnliing to wife, Anne, daughter of John Wild, Efq. by 
bcr ha4 three Tons and two daughters. Cicely, who was mar- 

Uiyiii^ed by Googlc 


istd to Dr* Beau, Biihop of Hereford; and Aima-Sopliiji, 
who died iminarried. And of the fons^ who were Charley 
Horatio^ and John ; the fecond died unmarried ; and the cideil^ 
(iith Lord.) Charles^ fucceeded his father; but dyiog 
without iifuey 

(lath Lord.) John, his brother, became his heir; and dying 
on the 26th of May, 1723, left tiTue by Margaret, daughter of 
Jolin Freeman, of London, merchant, John, his fuccefibr; and 
a daughter^ £tizabet4i, who, inAuguf>, 1724, was married to 
Thomas Diggcs, late of Chilham-Caftle, in Kenty £(q« and 
bad two fons, Weft and Dudley, 

(13th Lord, id Earl.) John, who fncceeded his father, was 
born April 4, 1693, and was created Vifcount Cantalupe, and 
Earl Dc LeWar« In 1721, marrying Charlotte Maccarty, 
daughter of Donagh, Earl of Clancarty; by her, who died 
Feb. 7, 1745, hadilTuc, John, his fucceflbf*^Henrietta'-Cect' 
, lia, bom 1730, and married, in 1763, to Gen. Johnfon.^ 
Charlotte, bom Sept, 2, 1725, died young. — Diana, bom in 
'1731, married Nov. 9, 1756, to General Clavering, and died 
in May, 1776,— <5eoTge-Auguftus, bom in 1733, who, on Vcb. 
24, 1764, married Mary Grey, daughter of the Earl of Stam- 
ford, (who died March i, 1783) and he died in 1776, without 
iffuc. His Lordfhip, in June, 1744, married to his fecond witc, 
the Dowager J.ady Abergavenny, who died in July, 1748, leav- 
ing no iilue. His Lordiliip dcccaling on Marcii 16, 1766, was 
fuccpc^icd by 

(iilEari.) John, luscldcfl. fon,born in 1729, m.irricd, Aug. S, 
17^6, Mary, daughter of Lieut. Gen. [ohn Whynyard, by wlioni 
(wiiociicd 06t. 27, 1 7 8^"; lie luid ilTvK ; W 1 1 1 i;\m-Auc^iftus llie late 
Earl, born in 1757, who di^d 1783. — John-Richuid, ihe prefent 
Karl, born ]uiy 28, 1758, an officer in the army. — I'rjnccs, 
born Sept. 24, 1759, unmarried, junc 17, 1777.— 

Thomas-HoUcs, born Sept. 27, 1760, died Feb. 22, 1772. — 
Charlotte, born Dec. 13, 1761. — George, born Dec. 31, 1762, 
and died in 1777. — Auguftus, born 1764, died yovng. — Septi- 
mus-Henry, born Nov. 11, J7^5« — Amelia, died in March 
1770. — (Tcotgina, married, Nov, 23, 1782, Edward Perry 
Buckley, J dq. Hi$ Lordlhip died Nov. 22, 1777, and was iuc- 
cccdcd by his fon, 

('3d £arl.)W iLLiAM-Ai^GUSTUs, born April 24, 1757, who 
dying unmarried, in January, 1783, was fucccedcd by hi&nex^ 

(4th Karl.) JOTiN-RicH ARD, the prcfent Earl* 
Creation:.*! U.iron L'e La War, by writ, June 8, 1294; 
iBaron W ell, F ebruary 25, 1342; Vifcount and Earl, Marcl^ 
21, 1761. 

Arms.] jirgciitf a fcfs dapceUe, fable [Ploic XIX.l 

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. £.A Kh o» R A D N O lU 301 

CREsT.]*Tn a ducal co;.oaet, or, a gr^phoa'ii bead, azure ^ 
cars and beak of the 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a wolf, coward, iii\^£}tti 
his plain collar, or. On the finil^er fide, a cockatrice ot the 
Jec9ndy his wings difplayed, guki and or* 

Motto.] Jour dc ma vie. The day of my life* 

Chief Seat.J At Boiderwood^ Hants* 


Earl of RADNOR, Vifcount Folkeftone, Baron ot Long- 
ford, in Wilts, and Baron PleydcU-Bouveric, of Colefliill, in 
Berks ; and Baronet; born March 4, 1750, fucceeded his father,- 
William, the late Earl, Jan. 28, 1776. He married, Jan. 23, 
1777, Anne, daughter of the late Lord Fcverlham, by whom 
he has illue, Mary- Anne, born April 23, 1778. — William, 
Viicount Folkeftone, born Mav 11, 1779. — Duncombc, born 
]\ine 26, 1780. — Laurence, borti Aug. 6, i78i» — Harriet^ bora 
j^pt. I, I 782. — A fon, born Nov. 12, 1785. 

The firlt of tl/is family, who fettled in England, was Lau* 
rcnce dcs Bouverics, a younger Ton of Lf Sicur des Bo uv cries, 
ot the Chateau des Bouvencs, near Lifle in Flanders. He had » 
an only Ton, Edward, who died in 1625 ; who alfo had a fon, 
Kdwnrd, born in 162 1, an eminent Turkey merchant in Lon- 
dop., who acquired a great fortune, and w'lofe eldcf! fon, Wil- 
liam, was created a Baronet, Feb. 19, 17 13. He married, firH:, 
Mnrv, daughter of James Edwards, Efq. His fecond wife was 
Atinc, daughter of David Urry, Efq. by whom he had three 
fons and two daughters, who furvived him, viz. Sir Edward, 
his fucceflbr, — Sir Jacob, who fucceeded his brother, and 
changed his name by a6l of Parliament, from Des Bouvcries to 
Bouverle. — Chriftopher, who died unmarried*— *Jane, married to ^ 
John Allen-FulfejTy Efq. died Jan. io> i74a.»Anne, died 17719 

Sir William died May 19, 17 17, and his Lady June 5, 1739. 
Sir Edward married Mary, daughter of John Smith, J^fq. and 
dying without iiTue, in Nov, 1736, was fucceeded by his only 

(ift Vifcount.) Sir Jacob Bouverie, who was created Baron 
of Longford, in the county of Wilts, and Vifcount Folkeftone^ 
in Kent, June 29, 1747. He married, firft, Mary, daughter 
of Bartholomew Clarke, Efq. by whom, who died Nov. 16, 
^?39> William, the late Earl. — Mary, bom April 

171^6) dtod in 1720. — Jacob, born April 3, 172.7, died 
Match ii».J72t'-^BiirtbaloiDeV9 bora April 16^ 1728, died 
.VI March 


Uiyiiized by Googlc 

161 iAkL 0^ RADl^dili; 

March 6j I74i» — Anne, born 061. 7, 1725, married, Jaii. 5f| 
1761, Rev. George Talbot, brother ot" the late Earl Talbot, 
by whom he had ilTuc, George Talbot; Efq. and other children. 
— Mary, born Ocl. 2, 1730, married Mar. 16, 1 759, Anthony, 
late Earl of Shait iLury, and has ifluc— Henrietta, horn 061. 2, 
i73i,dic'Ji Dec, i3tollowing. — Charlotte, horn Nov. 11, 175-, 
married, June 30, 1788, Mr. Cirant, of White Waltham, Eerks. 
- — Edward, born Jan. 18, 1734, 'li-'d infant. — Henrietta, 
born 1736, married, July 12, 1775, wSir James Til ucy T^ong, 
Bart, of Wilts, and died Nov. 13, 1777. — Edwarvl, born Sept. 
5, 1738, married, June 30, 17^4, Hf^nrictta^ only daughter of 
bir Evcrard Fawkncr, Krt. and has iffue. His Lordfliip mar- 
ried, fccondly, in April 1741, Kfi/.ahcth, eldeft daughter of Ro- 
bert, late Lord Romney, by whom, who died Sept. 25, 1782^ 
he has had two fons, Jacob, born June 4, 1742, \frho died Feb. 
4» I74S> Philip, born 061. 8, 1745, who, agreeable to the will 
of Mrs. Jane Allen, fiAer and co-heir of John Allen-Pnfey, 
dcccafed, by his Majeily's permifRon, took the name and afe of 
the arms of Pufey, on April 3, 1781. His LordHiip de|)arted 
thi» life on Feb. 17^ X76i» and was fuccecded by his eldeft 

(2d Vifcount, ift Earl.) William Pleydell-BouVeri% 
born Feb. 26, X725> and on Sept. 28, 1765, was created Baron 
Bleydell-Bouverie of Coleiliill, Berks, and Earl of Radnor; 
and in default of ilTue, the title of £arl of Radnor, to the heirs 
male of Jacobj Vifcount Folkcllone, deceafed. He martied 
£rft, Jan. 14, 1748, Henrietta, only child of Sir Mark-Stcwart 
Pieydell, of Coleihill, in fierks, £art. who left biseftate to his^ 
Lordfhip, diredting each perfon enjoying the fame to ufe the 
name of Pleydell-Bouverie. By this Lady, who died May 29^ 
175O) he had iflue^ Jacob, the prefent Earl. He married fc- 
condly, Sept. 5, 1751, Rebecca, daughter of John Alleync, of 
Barbadoes, Efq. by which Lady, who died May 4, 1764, he had 
ifliie; William-Henry, born 061. 30, 175*, married, Aug. 14^ 
1777, Bridget Douglas, daughter of James, Earl of Morton, 
and has iffue; i. William-John, born Nov. 23, 1778. 2. Eli- 
zabeth, born 06k. I, 1780. 3. Charles-Henry. 4. Adangh- 
'ter, born March i, I786» — ^Bartholomew, born 061. 29, l7S3t 
married, March 9, 1779, Mary Wyndham, daughter of James 
£verard Arundell, brother to Lord Amndell of Wardour, and 
has UTue; i. Anne-Maria, born Dec* 9, 1779* 2. Henry- 
James, born April 17, 1781.— *Younge, born April 16, 1759, 
died young. — ^Edward, born Sept. 20, 1760; married. May 249 

1782, Catharine, daughter of the Earl of Dunmore, by whom^ 
who died July 7, 1781, he had George-Edward, born Feb. ii^ 

1783. He married adly, Dec. 20, 1785, MifsOgle, fecood (faugh;- 
ter of the late Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle.-<-Mary-Henriett^ 
an4 Henrietta-Mary^ twins^ bornJuni|20^ iJSh iafiuMs. 

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EARL SP£NC£R« .30^ 

^ married^ July 22, 1^6$^ bis third wife, Anne, daughter of 
Sir Thomas Hales, Bart, and widow of Anthony, Lord Fever- 
^am, mother of the prefent fiarPs Lady, and by her had UTue^ 
Mary-Elizabeth, horn May 25, 1766, and died July following* 
^^arollne, who died Apfil 12, 1772* And his Lordiliip de- 
ceafine, Jan. 28, 1776, was fucceeded by hisfon, 
(2aEarL) Jacob, the prefent £arL 

CuEATiOMs.] Created Baron Feb. 19, 17 14; and Baron of 
Longford in the county of Wilts; alfo Vifcount Folkeftone ia 
the county of Kent, June 29, 1747 ; Baron Pleydell-Boaverie^ 
ofColeihill, Berks, and Earl of Radnor, Sept. 28, 1765. 

Arms.J Quarterly, firft and fourth, party-per-fefs, ar, aiiil 
*rf««/, an eagle difplayed, with two heads, Ja6/fy for Bouverie^ 
by Engliih grant ; ilcoiid and third, ^w/^j, a bend, vaire^ being 
the original arms of Des Bouveries. [Plate XX.] 

C&EST.I On a wreath, a demi-^agle difplayed, /Me; beaked 
ind ducalfy gorged, or; on his breail a crofs croilet, argent* . 

Supporters.! On each fide, an eagle reguardant,72?^/^,gorgedi 
with a ducal coronet, charged on the breafk with a crofs croilet^ 

Motto.] P atria cara, cerkr Ubertas* My conntry is dear^ 
but my Liberty is dearer. 
Chief Seat.] At Longford^ near Salifbury, in Wiltihire. 


SPENCER, Vifcount Spencer and Althorpe, and Baroil 
Spencer of Althorpe, in the county of Northampton, born Sept* 
^> I75^> fucceeded his father John, the late Earl, 0<5. 31, 1783, 
married, March 5, 1781, Livinia, daughter of Lord Lncan of 
Ireland, by whom he has ifTue, a fon, born May 6, l782«-^Aiid 
Another fon, bom 0<5l. 19, 1789. 

John Spencer, the father of the firft Earl, was the fourth fon 
of Charles, Earl of Sunderland, by Anne Churchill, fecond 
daughter and co-heirefs of John, the great Duke of Malborough, 
[See Spencer, Duke of Marlborough.] He wns married, Feb. 
14, 1734, to Cieorgina-Caiolina, third daugliter of the late 
Earl oi Granville, aiid by her ifTue; John, lateEarl Spencer. 
•^Diana, born May, 1735, who c'icd in 1741. John Spencer, 
dying June 20, 1746, his widow married, May 1, X 750, Wil- 
liam, late Earl Cowpcr, and died Aug. 19, 1780. 

fill Earl.) JOHK Spencer, who was created Vifcount Spencer, 
J^na Baron of Althorpe, April 3, I761; and was advanced ta 
the dignities of Vifcount Althorpe and Earl Spencer, Xov. 

il^j^ boiu Dec* i8| 1734^ ;iiarned| Deejay, 17^5, Georgiana^ 
^ daughter 

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daughter of Stephen PoiiU/, Eit|. of Berkfliire, by vv honi he l.^fx 
ifTuc ; Georgiaaa, born ]\u\c 9, HSly "^^ifiicd, June 6, i774» 
William, the prefent Dnkc of 1 )cvorijhire, and has iffue. — - 
Gcorge-Jolm, the prcfc-iu luirl,— Hem tta-Fiances, born June 
16, 1761, n-'.a: ::cd, Nov. 23, 1780, Lord Dnncannon, Ion of 
the Karl of Befborough uf Ireland, and has iiruc. — Charlotte, 
torn Aug. 26, 1765, died Oct. 9, 1766. — Louifa, born April 
4, 1 769, died April 24, following. His Lordlliip, dying Oci* 
ji, 1783, was lucceeded by his only fon, 

(id Karl.) George- John, the prcfcnt Earl. 

Creations.] Vifcount Spencer, and Baron of Althorpe^ 
April 3, 1761, and advanced to the dignities of Vifcount Al- 
thorpe and Earl Spencer, Nov. i, 1765. 

Arms.] Quarterly, the firft grand quarter ; quarterly, ftrgenM 
2J\d gu/csy in the fecond and third, a fret, or: over all a bend 
/abky charged with three efchallops, argent^ for Spencer ; fo- 
cond and third grand quarter, fal/e^ a lion rampant, argent, 
in a canton of the lafl, a crofs. gules, for Churchill* fPUte 

Ckest,} Out of the ducal coronet, or, a gryphon's-head, be- 
tween two wings, argcnty collared gemclly, gules* 

Supporters.] Chi the dexter Sde^ a gryphon, per-fefs» rr« 
wnetnAernnnoisi and on the finifler, a wyvern, ermine^ their 
wings ered, each gorged with a coHar fleury counterfleury and 
chained) fablcy and on the collars three eichallops, argenu 

MoTTOtl. Dku defend k droit, God defends the right. 

Chi£P Seats.] At Althorpe, Northamptonfhire; and at 
"Wimbledon and Batcerfca^ Surry. 


nrWR Right Hon. JOHN PITT, Earl of CHATHAM, 
Vifcount Pitt, of Burton-Pynfent, in the county of So- 
merfet; fucceeded his father, the late Earl, May 11, 177S, 
born Sept. 10, 1756, niarrie<i^ July 9, 1783, Mary-Elizabeth, 
daug)iter of the prefent Vifcount Sydney. 

Thomas Pitt, Efq. grandfather of the late Earl of Chatham, 
married Jane, daughter of James Innes Efq. of Reidhall, in 
Scotland, by whom he had iiTue; Robert, father of the late 
Earl of Chatham* — Thomas, created Earl of Londonderry, in 
Ireland, who married Frances, daughter of Robert Ridgeway, 
Earl of Londonderry, by whom he had two fons and a daughter; 
1. Thomas. 2. Ridgeway, who both fucceeded to the EarU 
dom, and both dying unmarried, the title became extind. 3. 
Lucy married Pierce Meyrick, of Bodorgan in Anfflefea, Efq. 
^John^ married Mary> Gms of Thomas^ vifcouatTaaconberg,' 

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luid diftd without iinie«^Li]cy, married JameSi Earl Stanhope. 
^Eflex, married Charles Cholniondeley, of Vaie-Royal^ Efq. 

Robert Pitt» father of the lateEad> died May 2o> 1727, 
having married Harriot) fifterto John> Earl of Grandifon^ by 
whom (who died Odt* 21, 173^) he had liTue; Thomas, who was 
Lord Warden of the Stannaries, and Steward of the Dtichy of 
Cornwall ; he married Chridian, daughter of Sir Thomas Ly t* 
tleton, by whom he had iflue^ i* Thomas, the prefent Lord Ca- 
melford. 2. Amelia, married to William Spry, L* L. D> 3* 
ChriiVian, married to Thomas Saunders, £fq« — ^William, late 
Earl of Chatham, — Harriot, married to Sir William Corhet^ 
Bart. — Catharine, married to Rohert Needham, Efq.— Afine^ 
who died Odb. 1789. — EIiKabeth, married to the late John Han- 
nam, Efq. and died Feb. 14, 1770.— Mary, died unmarriei^ 
Dec. 7, 1787. 

William, the late and firfl Earl, was born Nov. 15, 1708^5 
and created July 30, 1766, Vifcount Pitt, and Earl of Chatham^ 
for his unrivalled abilities, and the cmineu!: fervices !ic had done 
the nation* His Lordlliip married, 061. 16, 1754, Hefter, only 
daughter of Richard Grenville, Efq. fifter to the late EaA 
Temple, and by hcv Ladyfhip (who is Baronefs Chatham in her 
own right) hadiiTue; John, the prefent Earl. — William, bom 
May 28, 1759> preftnt Chancellor of the Exchequer.— 
James-Charles, born April 24, 1761, died 1780. — Hefter, born 
Odober 18, 1755, married, December 19, 1774, Charles, the 
prefent Earl Stanhope, and died July 18, 1780. — Harriot, 
Dorn April 14, 1758, married, Sept, 23, 1785, the Hon. Mr» 
Elliot, fon of the prefent Lord Elliot, and died in child-bed, 
Sept. 249 1786, leaving ifTue a daughter. His Lordihip died 
May II, 1778, and was buried in Wellmtnfter Abbey, at the 
public's expence; and the Parliament, as a tribute due to hia 
merit, fettled 4000L per ann. on the male heir, as annexed to 
the title. He was fncceeded by 

(2d Earl.) John, the prefent Earl. 

Creations.] Created Viicount Pitt, and Earl of Chatham^ 
July 30, 1766. 

Arms.] Sabk, a fefs clicque, or and ii»vre, between three 
bezants of the fecond. [Plate XX.] 

Cr£st. a crane, proper^ beaked and membered, or, holding 
up his right foot upon an anchor erc(f^, proper^ 

Supporters.] On the dexter fide, a lion guardant, ardent, 
charged on the right flioulder ith a bezant* • On the Anifter, a 
tuck attired, gorjged and chained, cr. 

Motto.] Bemgno numtne, 13 y God's bleflTiiig. 

Chief SEATs.]^t Htycsb K«nt; ^nd at, Burton-jfynfei^tf 
mSomcufetlhirc. . . ■ , ' 4. . , 

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I 306 ] 


^HE Right Hon. HENRY BATHimST, Earl BA- 
• THURST, Baron Bathurft of Battkldon, and Baron 
Apfley ; born May 2, 1714, was created Lord Apfley, Jan. 
177 1, and fuccccded his father as Earl Bathurft, Sept. 16, 1775. 
His Lordiliip married, flrA, Sept. 10, 1754, Anne, daughter and 

heir of ^James, Eiq. widow of Charles Philips, Efq. who died 

Feb. 8, 1750, without iflue; and he married lecondly, in June, 
1759, Ti ij)huiia, daughter of 1 liomas Scawen, Efq. of Korth- 
amptonihuc, by whom he has iflue ; Henry, Lord Apfley, bora 
May 22, 1762, married April i, 1789, Georgiana, daughter of 
George Lennox, hrotlicr to the Dukeof Riclimond. — Triplicna, 
bornOdl. 23, 1760. — Catharine, born June 14, 1764.— Sclina- 
EsDtitia, horn ]iinc 3, 1766. — Suiaanah, born Feb. 3, 1768*— 
* Apfley, borri Oct, 14, 1769. 

This family was originally leatcJ wl a place called Biitl.r. r il, 
near Rattle- Abbey, in Suflcx, and was pofTeflcd ot cftmc^ 
in Kent. Lawrence Bathurft left ifTue, three funs ; tJward.— 
Robert. — John, Edward the eldcil, had liFue, Lancelot, who 
lived in the reign of Queen Elizabeth, and married Judith, 
daughter of Richard Randolph, Efq. and had ilTuc four fons ; of 
whom, George, the youngcft, in 1610, married Elizabeth, 
daughter of Edward Villiers, Efq. and by her had twelve fons 
and four daughters. Of the fons, Ralph was Dean of Wells, 
and died Tune 14, 1704; Villiers, died in 171 1; Mofcs and 
Henry al(o lived to an advanced age, and leaving no iiTue male ; 
and feveral of the other brothers dying, the eilate detolved to 
the heirs of 

Sir Benjamin, the youngeft, who died on the 27th of April 
1704. He married Frances, daughter of Sir Allen Apfley, by 
whom he bad three fons and a daughter, viz. Allen, the eldeil 
fon, the late Lord.-^Peter, the fecond fon, married to Leonora- 
Maria, daughter and heirefs of Charles How, of Gritworth, 
in the county of Northampton, Efq. by whom he had Leonora, 
married to I/r« George Macaul^; and Frances, married to Mr* 
Cooper; he died in 1768; havmg, on the death of his Lady, 
married lecondly, Selina Shirley, elded daughter of Robert, £arl 
Ferrers, by bis fecond wife, by whom he Bad five fons and ten 
daughters; whereof SeHna, the eldeft, married in 1748, Ar* 
thur, Lgrd Ranchgh ; and fecondlv, to Sir John Elwiit, Bm 
Henrietta, to the Hon« William "fracy; Anne, to tlie Rev. 
Robert Thtftlethwayte ; Catharine, to Sir MicKael Malcolm, 
Bart. Charlotte to Joihua Langton,- Efq; -and died in July, 
1 7 cj ; Elizabeth, to Sir Thomas Frederick, Bart* and£ed x ith 
#f Sc^t* 1764; Stances, to Anthony Duncombe, late Lord 


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t^everfliam, and died in child-bed of a daughter, Nov. 21, 1757 % 
L-ouifa, to George Bvaro, Efq. Mary, to the Rev. Mr. Yalden; 
Marga.ret, unmarried. Of the fons, Peter, the etdeft, married 
Elisabeth, daughter of Evelyn^ Efq, Benjamin Bathuril, 
the youneeft fon, married the daughter and co-hetrefs of Henry 
Poolcj of Kemble, in Wiltfliirey who died in child-M, i730f 
having had twenty-one children^ whereof feven furvivcd her ; 
of whom ThomaSy the eldeft fon, married, Aug* 24, 1749, 
Mifs Anne Fazakerly ; Pool, fecond fon, marriM MiDt Ariiie 
Halket ; Anne, the eideft daughter, married Charles Bragge, 
Elb. Sufanna, married Powell Snele, Efq. Finetta, died unmar-^ 
Tied in 2762 ; and Catharine, married the Rer* Charles Cooti^ 
3Dean of Kiifenora, in Ireland. He married 1 742, to his fecond 
wife, Miis Brodrick, onlv daughter of Dr« Brodrick; and died 
in i767^Anne, marriea to lienry Pye, of Farringdon,, ia 
Berkihire, Efq. 

(id Lord and Earl.) Allen, the eideft fori, was created 
Lord Bathurft, Dec. 31,1711, and Earl Bathutft, Aug. 12, 1772* 
He married in 1704, Catharine, daughter and heirefs of Sir 
Peter Apflcy, Knt. by which Lady, who died June 9, 1768, he 
had tfTue four fons and five daughters, viz. Benjamin, boni 
Aug. 12, 17 1 1, married, Nov. 26, 1732, Elizabetii, daughter 
of Charles, late Earl of Aylefbury, Who died Nov. 12, t^^If 
and her hufband died, Jan. 17, 1767, without iflue, — Henry, 
the prefent Earl. — John, bom in 1728, died uilmarried. May 
^> 1777.— Alien, born O^* 1729, took Holy Orders, and 
died unmarried, Aug. 22, 1767. — Frances, born July, 1708, 
married Aug. 6} l73i> to William Woodhoufe, Efq. who died 
in March, 1735* ohe married fecondly, to James Whit/hed, 
tfq. — Catharine, bom November 12, 1709, married in April, 
'737> to Henry - Reginald Courtenay, Efq. uncle to the 
late Vifcount Courtenay, and died January 7, 1783, leaving 
iflue. — Jane, bomin^ i7i7> married in April, 1744, John Bul- 
ler, Efq. of Cornwall, by whom (he had the prefent Judge 
Bullcr, and four other children. — Leonora, born 17 18, mar« 
rici?, Sept. 1752, to the latr (Tcneral Edward Urmfton. — • 
Anne, born 1722, married, April ij, 1752, the Reverend Dr. 
T^enfon. And his Loidihip dcccaiing. Sept* l6> 1775> was 
fucccedcd by his fon, 

(2<1 Kari.) Henry, the prefent Earl. 

Cri.atioxs.] Baron Bathurft, Dee. -^i, T711; Lord Apllcy, 
Jan. 22, 1771; anil Earl fiathurft, Aug. 12, 1772. 

Ar MS.] Sahlc^ two bars, ttmlm'^ in chief three dtoiTes, pattee, 
cr. [Plate XX.] 

Crest.] On a wreath, a dexter arm, in mail, embovvecj^ 
.and holding a club with ipikes, all proper, 

SuppoRi LRs.] Two ftags, argent y each gorged with a collar 
^cmcl, ermins% 

X 2 * MoTXo.l 

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jot tARt ct AYLESBtJRY. 

_ ■ 

Motto.] Tun ta few Keep tliy failh. 

Chief Seats.] Ar Rulkms, in the couDty of Bucks; and 
at CiicQOcftcCy in CilouceAerihire. « 


THE Right Hon. WILLS HILL, Earl of HILLSBO- 
ROUGH, and Vifcount Fairford, in England; and Mar* 
quis of Downihire, in Ireland. 

For an account of tliis family fee Marquis of Downcshibx,